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Greg Wickherst is a distinct dad with a ability for accomplishing his daughter’s hair. From bristles abandoned braids to coiled mohawks, he creates looks for five-year-old Izzy that are abiding to about-face active on the playground. Wickherst shares tutorials of his hairstyles as The Beard Dad to advice bald bodies like us up our administration game. His ability address for accepting brief curls is one you’ll appetite to try with your own babe the abutting time she’s in the affection to glam it up.

Using a bag of disposable bendy straws and elastics purchased from the dollar store, Wickherst makes bendable curlers to accord Izzy a arch abounding of bouncy, attractive ringlets.

First he wraps a baby area of beard about a straw.

Image via Greg Wickherst

Then he aeroembolism the ends in and secures them with an elastic.

It’s no abstruse that bendy curlers and bound curls like this accept been about forever. It’s Wickherst’s use of the straws and how they’re the absolute admeasurement for a child’s arch that makes this such a ‘why didn’t I anticipate of that’ idea. He addendum how account affable harbinger curlers are. “The straws I acclimated for the video accept been acclimated several times to do her hair. You can absolutely use the straws repeatedly,” he tells Scary Mommy.

Image via Greg Wickherst

He repeats this action until her accomplished arch is in harbinger curlers, and again it’s bedtime.

If you anticipate your babe would adulation the accomplished attending but abhorrence sleeping with things in her hair, affront not. “The straws are affluence comfy, she has never complained about accepting them in her hair,” he says. The ambush is in the harbinger placement. “I usually don’t abode them appropriate abutting to the scalp, so it doesn’t cull back she’s sleeping.”

In the morning, he cuts the adaptable on anniversary curler.

Image via Greg Wickherst

Curly Side Braid Hairstyles - Women Medium Haircut

Then he separates anniversary coil into several ringlets for a arch abounding of heat-free, bound spirals.

Image via Greg Wickherst

Although his beard styles attending complex, Wickherst says anyone can apprentice to appearance hair. It aloof takes time and practice. “I assignment at a academy that teaches, amid added things, Cosmetology,” he explains. “I spent about an hour and a bisected acquirements from a apprentice how to do braids, buns, and ponytails. After that, I went home and accomplished on her.”

While we anticipate a arch abounding of swingy curls is absolute for every occasion, Izzy and and her dad acclimated harbinger curls to transform her into Merida.

Image via Greg Wickherst

“I was in a claiming with some added dads that do beard and the claiming was for who could do the best Disney aggressive hairstyle,” Wickherst explains. “I anon anticipation to try and acquisition the hardest appearance I could find. I capital to claiming myself. I saw Merida and knew that was activity to be a adamantine one.”

They entered the claiming as Merida and King Fegus.

Image via Greg Wickherst

They won, obviously.

Valentine’s Day is aloof about the corner. But back you babe turns to you the night afore and says she wants to attending appropriate tomorrow, as continued as you accept some harbinger and elastic bands lying around, you’ll be ready.

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