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Bo Derek has attempted to accord the MOST aloof acknowledgment to Kim Kardashian West's braids controversy.

The key chat there is "attempted." As you absolutely know, Keeks was put on bang for crediting her contempo braided hairstyle to the 61-year-old actress, as she abundantly donned the attending in the 1979 blur 10.

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Of course, as the hairstyle is commonly beat by atramentous women and men, it didn't booty continued for amusing media users to allege Mrs. West of "cultural appropriation." In an attack to broadcast the situation, Miz Derek took to Cheep and wrote:

Hey! It’s aloof a hairstyle that I wore in the cine "10" @KimKardashian calls it the Bo Derek because she affected my arrangement of braids. I affected it from Ann-Margret’s advancement accompanist from her Vegas Sho. And we all affected Queen Nofretari. I achievement Her Royal Highness is flattered. pic.twitter.com/UuQkh8VKOi— Bo Derek (@boderek) January 31, 2018

We're abject account this. You can acquaint she's aggravating so adamantine to be politically correct, while additionally answer Kim's snafu.

Not to mention, we agnosticism admirers are captivated with Bo dubbing the historically acclaimed Fulani braids as "just a hairstyle." Thus, it isn't hasty that abounding accept shut bottomward Derek's aegis online:

So anybody on this cilia who is white and thinks the braids are admirable and aloof hair. Remember that back a POC walks into your abode of application for an account or if hired, to work, that there bigger be annihilation said about their hair. Mmmk!— Joslyn aka Diva (@divachronicles_) February 1, 2018

appropriation bifold time. pic.twitter.com/Y4CBnU9U9W— ♋️мєяι¢α💟 (@Thuglife_juicy) February 1, 2018

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pic.twitter.com/XFiRFhewyi— King Natles (@natnatles) February 1, 2018

I’m abashed how you claiming a hairstyle that came from atramentous culture.. pic.twitter.com/zvZhHCgzCK— Bre (@BreannaHalstead) February 1, 2018

I haven’t heard a chat from her in years lol why she accessible her aperture for THIS— mikasa ackerman (@MalikaNgozi) February 1, 2018

Lady, hush.— JenniferRoseNYC (@JenniferRoseNYC) February 1, 2018

This booty is pic.twitter.com/qqPUPh4srt— Caress! (@Camofojo) February 1, 2018

Hey @boderek pic.twitter.com/v5TAUFenl7— Serena Powell (@_serenaxmarie) February 1, 2018

We're abiding Kim appreciates Bo's support, but we're assertive the industry vet is blame herself for accepting involved. Smh.

[Image via Instagram/WENN.]

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