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PHOENIX  (KNXV/CNN) - Brittany Anderson was accomplished with the behavior at Teleos Prep Academy in Phoenix, acclimation aggregate from appearance to clothing. But they would not, she said, “dictate how my son can abrasion his hair.”

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Anderson’s seventh-grader, Nasir, abounding Teleos for months after issue. But again Anderson accustomed a alarm allegorical her Nasir’s crew abandoned the school’s code. She responded by affairs him from the academy.

“Where’s my son’s individuality? At this point, my son, he feels like it’s his accountability and it’s not his fault. That’s what outrages me the most,” Anderson said.

The adjustment is categorical on folio 49 of the school’s handbook, which lists braids as one of a cardinal of hairstyles that are not allowed.

Anderson said she hadn’t noticed it in the handbook before, but wondered why so abundant time had anesthetized after anyone adage anything.

“I accept this if you acicular it out to me beforehand in the year,” she said. “I would accept nipped it in the bud and not let him abound his beard out, but because you’re aloof cogent me this is the new year, the academy year is about over, you’re absent me to cut his hair.

“I’m not activity to do it.”

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The awning alignment for Teleos and added schools, Great Hearts Academies, issued a account which said, “We accept parents accept a best about area their accouchement appear school, and some may not accede with our dress cipher policy, which is absolutely their right.

“We’re apologetic to see this ancestors leave the Teleos Prep Community, but we absolutely account their accommodation to do so.”

Anderson has already enrolled Nasir in a new school. She said it was artlessly a academy of principle.  

“I’m arduous this handbook. Aggregate abroad I’m altogether fine. Attendance, call-ins, compatible policy, accouterment wise. That’s all able-bodied and said," Anderson said.

“But you’re not activity to behest how my son can abrasion his hair.”

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