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In the San Bernardino, Calif., cutting that dead 14 people, law administration admiral alleged Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook terrorists. The aforementioned was accurate in Orlando, Fla., area Omar Mateen dead 49 bodies at a nightclub.

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But in Charleston, S.C., area Dylann Roof murdered nine African-Americans at a historically atramentous church, law administration did not characterization him a terrorist. The aforementioned was accurate in Las Vegas, area Stephen Paddock dead 58 bodies at a concert.

Under the law, aation is a violent, bent act advised to alarm civilians and governments for an ideological, political or religious purpose. In this case, we accept yet to see affirmation that the attacks in Texas were politically motivated, admitting absolutely there has been suion that there was ancestral acrimony because the aboriginal two victims were African-American.

Anne Barnard, Beirut Bureau Chief: The words “terrorist” and “terrorism” are ambiguous because there is no accepted accord on what they mean. Thus, the accommodation to characterization an advance or antagonist “terrorist” is about consistently at atomic partly a political judgment.

Contradictions and debates abound over which groups governments account as aator and which they don’t. Some examples: The United States’ capital accomplice adjoin the Islamic Accompaniment in Syria is a Kurdish militia listed as aator by a ytical NATO ally, Turkey. Hezbollah, which is listed as a aator aculation by the United States government, is additionally a political affair represented in Lebanon’s Parliament. And some groups altercate that back a government advisedly bombs civilians, that too suld be alleged terrorism.

It strikes me that in media advantage in general, “terrorism” is generally acclimated as if it were a ogue for “Islamist aator violence.” That grates on me: Aation — whatever your alive ogue is — is a metd, not an ideology. It’s a adjustment that could be used, and has been acclimated in history, to added a advanced spectrum of altered ideologies.

For these reasons, I try to abstain application the agreement aator and aation at all, unless they are central citation marks or accredit to a government’s accommodation to abode a aculation on its appointed aator list.

During all these years of angry with w to awning violence, I accept begin it added absolute and advisory to artlessly call absolutely what the advance was — w it was done, w abounding bodies it killed, whether there is a accepted or doubtable motive — rather than characterization it aator or not. What’s best important is what abomination was committed and what its appulse was.

Why do you (and added outlets) aculate apropos to Draylen Mason as a man? He was a 17-year-old boy or teen. Calling him a man somew feels like an accomplishment to attenuate bodies to his loss. — Anne, Spokane, Wash.

Marc Lacey, Civic Editor: I accede with you that, at the age of 17, Draylen Mason was a child, a teenager, one w had a able approaching as a musician, as we acclaimed here. There were two instances in which we referred to him as a man. Both were afterwards updated. I acknowledge your adopting this issue.

He is not the victim! Back a POC is the victim they are advised far worse than this “ly boy” wm we are advantageous didn’t annihilate added bodies with his bombs. Imagine if he was Muslim. — Tyrone Dockery

When it’s a white kid, we are quick to bandy out the “misguided” or “severely disturbed” or whatever bond to their brainy accompaniment — TBunkNasty

Why are you angle over backwards to try and concoct an angel of this evil, abrrent killer? Asking neighbors, friends, ancestors for their biased, inaccurate, or advocate opinions of the gesic and his motives does annihilation except insult the acceptable bodies he KILLED. — Bruce, Seattle

Marc Lacey, Civic Editor: I accede with readers on this point — that the alone victims in this adventure are the ones Mark Conditt dead and injured. He is not a victim.

After such events, we journalists address profiles of the perpetrators of such attacks as we try to accept their backgrounds and what may accept motivated them. Here’s one such allotment we did on Omar Mateen and addition on Dylann Roof.

We wrote of Micah Johnson, w dead bristles badge admiral and blood-soaked seven others in Dallas in 2016: “There was a time back he was accepted as a accommodating adolescent man — a approved at his abbey and a affable attendance on a tree-lined, suburban, multicultural artery in a adjacency alleged Camelot. He grew up to serve his country in Afghanistan.” He was African-American.

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When it comes to Mark Conditt, we’ll abide adver on what motivated these abominable acts and we’ll allotment what we find. I accept not a ache of accord for him, and readers are adapted that our advantage suld not leave the consequence he was victimized.

Why did you highlight this adviser as “nerdy” and advancing from a “ly family” in a tweet? Do these things accomplish him beneath of a murderer? Do you see w this reads as, screams of white privilege. — Regina Reichert, Detroit

Cynthia Collins, Amusing Media Editor: As a practice, we use Twitter to highlight new capacity as they appear on acceptance that are continuing to develop.

People had been actively gluttonous updates on the Austin investigation. Our commodity had aloof been adapted to accommodate interviews with the suspect’s neighbors. We tweeted quotes from one of these interviews to allotment addition aspect of our arising contour of the suspect.

We connected to accommodate added updates over the aing few urs to this cheep in an accomplishment to accommodate added context.

However, we bound heard from aghast readers w believed we corrective an ever affectionate account of the doubtable in this tweet. I allotment this belief.

We apparently suldn’t accept appear a cheep anecdotic w the suspect’s neighbors and aeon beheld him afterwards additionally accouterment the actual and all-important adverse that he is doubtable of killing Antny Stephan House and Draylen Mason, and alarmingly abasing others.

The amusing and brainy accompaniment of the perpetrator are in actuality important as they advice to explain w addition w may ume as actomed as you and I, would one day deathwatch up and accomplish what we appearance as baffling acts.

However, it defies all argumentation and rules out all objectivity to abandon this ancillary of the argument/narrative back you are ambidextrous with a brainwashed, deranged Muslim radical.

All terrorists are the aforementioned in my eye, and they suld be in castigation too. — Ramadan Duadu, Dublin

Anne Barnard, Beirut Bureau Chief: This too has its answer in the Middle East. We do try our best to burrow into the stories, perspectives and contexts of both victims and perpetrators. It’s not consistently possible, because of admission issues. But at the aforementioned time, in the media in accepted there is a activating in which the added bombings appear in a place, the added they appear to ume accepted and not newsworthy, a affair that “just happens over there” (unless that abode is the United States or Europe). This distorts the actuality that the all-inclusive majority of victims of Islamist aator abandon are Muslims.

The war in Syria now gets such little absorption that bodies in the arena generally ask: Does the West ane it’s O.K. for us to go through this? Do we not calculation as abounding humans?

After a access of bombings in mostly Muslim countries about the world, I talked with Michel Kilo, a Syrian dissident, in Paris. He was apude wearily over his coffee at a Left Bank cafe, wondering: Area was the all-around outrage?

Where was the access that came afterwards the aforementioned aator groups unleashed abrrence in Brussels and in Paris? In a allegedly globalized world, do nonwhites, non-Christians and non-Westerners calculation as absolutely human?

I accept one of our jobs as journalists is to authenticate the accepted altruism of bodies wse lives may on the apparent attending actual altered from one another, to access every animal actuality as an alone and to amut every activity as appropriately admired and interesting. It’s an ideal that we can’t consistently alive up to, but we charge ignment against abnormally as we attack to ability an accretion and added orted all-around audience.

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Why did you delay so continued — 20 canicule and 10 canicule appropriately — to broadcast profiles of the African-American victims of the bombings? — Joel Charny, Washington

Marc Lacey, Civic Editor: We appear advice on the victims in Austin as anon as we aggregate it. The correspondents igned to this adventure went added than already to the victims’ families to try to acquaint added complete acceptance about them.

In anniversary case, the families were too traumatized, understandably, to let us in. We wrote what we could from the sidelines. We abide committed to advancing this, because the adventure of such a accident is never over. Actuality is one allotment on tse w died.

I apprehend that adver on pieces like the March 22 “A Bomber’s Rampage Exposes Ancestral Fault Lines” commodity takes appreciably added time than accepting quotes from neighbors and clmates, but you MUST accede what acceptable tse accessible quotes do. Do they acquaint us annihilation we charge to know, or are you aloof aggravating to get annihilation out in adjustment to booty advantage of the account cycle? — Garrett Bridger Gilmore, Continued Beach, Calif.

I absolutely don’t affliction what the bomber’s bbies were, or what his grandmother anion of him, or whether he was “quiet.” I appee to apperceive back and area he was radicalized. I appee to apperceive w he abstruse to accomplish able killing machines and w he was able to access genitalia and accelerate the aboriginal few bombs about undetected. If that advice is still unavailable, conceivably run 100 percent beneath animal absorption acceptance on his adolescence and wait, or bigger yet, investigate. — Anna Holmes, Seattle

Marc Lacey, Civic Editor: With an accident of this magnitude, with after-effects so rrific, The Times fabricated the accommodation to accord four correspondents in Austin and four others in New York one ignment: Acquisition out annihilation accessible about this perpetrator and advice us accept w he could accept committed these abrrent acts.

We fanned out through his neighborod, scol, worksite and anywhere abroad we could identify, aggravating to allocution to anyone we could acquisition w knew him. We appear aggregate we learned, as we abstruse it. A adventure that was co at aboriginal was broadcast as we went along, bushing in new capacity as we abstruse them.

We’re still alive to accept this perpetrator, and as we apprentice more, we’ll canyon it along. I can ure you that there is no accomplishment underway to portray him as annihilation added than what he is, a murderer.

I accept apparent pictures of Mark Conditt with the albino beard he had at the time. And captivation an advance rifle. Why hasn’t that one been used? — David B. Owens, Chicago

The ptographs acclimated to appearance suspects is one of the means that can appearance ancestral bias. For example, alike in this appeal for questions, a Facebook pto of Mark Conditt is acclimated rather than an angel from video surveillance. In comparison, it is accepted to see mug sts back dissing bodies of color. How does The Times appraise pto cices and is this array of ancestral bent accurately considered? — Alison, Apex, N.C.

Crista Chapman, Civic Pto Editor: The pto of the doubtable that we appear was the alone one that was accepted at the time by the wire casework that we subscribe to. We were clumsy to apart affirm added ptos that allegedly swed Mark Conditt captivation an advance rifle, including the pto referenced by the reader.

There were additionally no badge mug sts accessible of Mr. Conditt because he had not ahead been arrested.

We did after broadcast surveillance video screensts of Mr. Conditt at the FedEx area back the ptos were fabricated available.

What is your plan to appoint and advance added bodies of blush and non-Christian reporters? — Emily Peterson, Oakland, Calif.

What controls do you accept in abode to ysis for absolute bias? How abounding bodies of blush do you accept in supervisory/editorial positions? — Kate E, Central New York

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Carolyn Ryan, Assistant Managing Editor: We accept aggressively pushed to recruit added bodies of color, and aftermost year, added than a third of our newsroom hires were bodies of color, and 60 percent were women. We accept additionally alien changes to our account and hiring action to accomplish abiding we are selecting bodies from a orted basin of candidates and application an account action that has been developed to annihilate bias.

We’ve additionally broadcast our beat to underrepresented groups, partnering with organizations committed to ortment in technology (e.g. Code2040), journalism (e.g. Civic Association of Atramentous Journalists) and media (e.g. The Emma Bowen Foundation). And every year, we run a Student Journalism Insute that provides training for orted groups of academy acceptance absorbed in advancing a career in journalism.

Anne Barnard, Beirut Bureau Chief: As a adopted contributor in the Middle East, I see immediate w important it is that The Times abide to alter its adver and alteration s. We charge to reflect not alone the architecture of our amount admirers in the United States but additionally the communities we awning by including added bodies with the adapted accent abilities and cultural literacy.

This is important for the accuracy, candor and affluence of our journalism. The aforementioned is accurate of the charge to alter bodies in the best powerful, controlling positions at The Times.

Honestly to alike ask this catechism [“How do you see ancestral and religious bent arena out in account coverage?”] is a absurdity as if you cannot see the autograph on the wall. Atramentous and Muslim bodies accept said this for years. To ask this is like you accept not been advantageous attention. How do we see it comedy out? Accessible your eyes. — Hannah Drake

Hanna Ingber, Clairvoyant Center’s Editorial Director: Thank you for your comment. I see w it came above that way and do accept area you’re advancing from.

We arrive readers to abide questions and comments because we appee to be added transparent, and we accept it’s important to accept an accessible chat with our readers about these issues. We are alert to our readers’ acknowledgment and concerns, and we appee our admirers to apperceive that.

In responding to the clairvoyant submissions, our journalists foed on questions accompanying to our Austin coverage. But abounding of our readers airish important and anxious questions that went far above the Austin story. Questions affected on advantage of accomplished account contest by The Times, media advantage from orted account organizations and alike ancestral and religious bigotry in ociation as a wle.

While we don’t accept answers for abounding of these questions, they are account all of us cerebration about and befitting in our apperception activity forward. Actuality is a selection.

It’s about absent for account media to use adulatory images of bodies of blush in abomination reporting, alike if that being is innocent or the victim. — R. A. Rodriguez

The advantage is ABSOLUTELY altered for White Christian attackers. Had the Austin aator been Muslim, there would accept been civic hysteria. It’s a bifold accepted and charge be alleged out every time. — Hesham Haballa, Chicago

Trayvon Martin was murdered by an over-excited wannabe aegis bouncer because he was atramentous and walking through the neighborod, but somew the NYT had to acquaint us all that he’d had aation at academy for pot. The ptos of him that were acquaint weren’t the smiling, affable sort, like the one acquaint of Mark Conditt, but was of him in a odie, aggravating to attending tough. — Laura Kenney, Traverse City, Mich.

You actually accept harder hitting profiles of atramentous annihilation victims than of white Christian consecutive killers. — Dylan Brady, Eugene, Ore.

I generally see advantage of aated abyss w are Muslim accommodate reactions from the baton or ociates of their religious community. It is not generally asked of Christian acceptance leaders w the sins of their congregant reflect on the aggregation or Christians at large. — Angelo M. Pinto, Audubon, N.J.

Whenever any array of aculation annihilation is perpetuated by addition from the “other” category, the absolute ociation is abject imilate the accessible appointment with alone one apprehension — own it and repent.— Nish Patel, Boston

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