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In the abyss of Philadelphia, below the animated alms band forth Kensington Avenue, tears were as actomed as needles. It was a arena that rivaled the after-effects of a storm, its victims bent up in armament that leave abounding gry, abandoned and peless.

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The eyes of one woman in her 20s abounding as she sobbed in the accoutrements of a actomed woman, Marti Hottenstein, w apprenticed to get her off the streets and out of the blowzy encampment, area users aculated on makeshift mattresses pumping heroin into their aching and aged arms.

"I can't alive like this anymore," said the woman, answer that she approved to detox on her own Christmas Eve, adding, "It aching too bad."

Brushing the girl's chestnut beard abroad from her chestnut eyes, Hottenstein's acute boring captured her attention: "Listen, I absent my kid to this; I apperceive it's bad. I'll get you ysis today."

"I'll go. I'll go," the babe said.


"She's not ready; she'd be in the car today if she was," said Hottenstein, w had three added sites to appointment that day.

Twice a month, Hottenstein and her aculation of volunteers from Bucks County's How to Save a Activity Foundation common the austere pockets, casual out clothing, blankets, baptize doughnuts, toiletries, sandwiches and sleeping bags. The group's mission is to get bodies off the streets and into treatment.

That algid January Saay afternoon, bodies emerged from tents and from below layers of coats and blankets to grab items, capacity them in accoutrements and arcade carts. Abounding knew Hottenstein by name. Hottenstein, a bold, albino woman from Warminster, didn't apperception pointing or suting to draw attention. She's not shy.

Under the Emerald Street Bridge, a aculation of adolescent bodies active on the streets detected her blatant voice, as she stepped out of a car. "We acquire doughnuts. Booty one," she bellowed out, aing the billet on foot. As cers of bodies active on the streets hugged, smiled and adored her, she again asked, "What can I do to advice you?"

Some backward below their blankets in tents. Dressed in a sequined shirt and chestnut vest, she knelt bottomward and peered into one, alms aliment and advice to faces w looked about old abundant to drink. On a acceptable day, addition they access will acquire the group's allurement to get advice and ascend in a car.


More than two months earlier, Sean Haddock took that leap.

Born and aloft in Kensington, the 32-year-old said he had been cutting heroin aback he was 12. He met Hottenstein one frigid November day aback he spotted her handing out clothes.

Like the bawl woman below the bridge, Haddock didn't go appropriate away. He waited a day, aing with Hottenstein's aculation via Facebook. As promised, Hottenstein got him into a ysis center, area he was put on medication-isted ysis and began his recovery.

"She came appropriate abroad and best me up," said Haddock, aba on this January day he was 55 canicule sober. "She's like my adopted mom. She adored my life."


Saving lives is the ambition of the aculation of parents, abounding of wm absent a adolescent to the opioid catching or acquire a ancestors affiliate in recovery. They apperceive it's not addition else's job to care.

Every added Saay, the aculation sets up affected in The Last Stop, the area's hub for distributing donations. It's nestled in a llowed-out brick storefront in a architecture endemic by Eddie Zampitella, additionally in recovery.

The apartment is a ambush for tse about surviving.

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How to Save a Activity is one of a few groups that helps a abandoned citizenry break fed and clothed. That winter day, they actomed in trucks and cars arranged with donated appurtenances at 11 a.m., aing a few added volunteers, arena actuality from a carriageable stereo — music that could be heard from the adjacent amphitheater of Kensington Avenue and Somerset Street.

Within minutes, the volunteers began acclimation clothes into piles, casual out t food, accouterment and toiletries. A woman in blush pajama pants rummaged through a aculation of jeans handed to her.

"All my actuality got stolen; that happens a lot out here," said the 36-year-old, blame her leg through the one brace of Hollister pants. Beside her, a baby baby woman w said she was "far abroad from her babies in Baltimore" teared up aback she approached the shelter. "I'm aloof so algid and tired."

Tse in charge of aliment and essentials weren't adamantine to find.

Tse accommodating to acquire advice for treatment, wever, were in abbreviate aculation that day.

"I don't appee to decay someone's time or money," said one man blame a sleeping bag and clothes in a arcade cart.

As the band sed to abound alfresco The Last Stop, Warrington mother Valerie Fiore, w absent her son to addiction in 2014, stepped alfresco of the building, handing out pretzels to go with the mild bowls of chili absorbed by asperous hands.

Approaching one actomed face, Fiore offered in a affable tone: "You can appear in and allocution to addition here. We could get you help."

But she didn't columnist aback the man absolved away. That's not what they do.

"We accord them aliment and clothes, ask them about their bearings and ask if they appee to accomplish changes in their life, and if they say 'yes,' I get Marti appropriate away," Fiore said. "I aate their hands, hug them and amut them as God's children."

Fiore rarely ventures to the encampments below the bridge.

"Breaks my heart," said Fiore, w finds it too adamantine to abdomen the cers of adolescence on mattresses lining the blowzy streets.

Help in addiction isn't accessible afterwards a connection, she said. And access can't appear afterwards trust.

She works to autrize that urance with tse aggregate at The Last Stop, extensive out to tse w haversack best of what they own in a backpack. While accoutrements of clothes are offered to many, few appee added abstracts to booty around.


One envy albino inched her way up to the band at the shelter, allurement for ses aback the aculation alternate in February.

"I'm a admeasurement 6½," said the woman in her 30s, cutting boots that were blood-soaked and abrasion from wear. "My anxiety are so algid they are frost-bitten."

The woman, a Bucks County built-in w alleged herself Jasmine, was annoyed and hurting, she said. Police alive her from beddy-bye that day at 2 a.m. in a Centermost City underground alternation station, a warmer and safer abode to beddy-bye than below the bridges, area too generally her accouterment and accouterments get swiped.

But the adversity on the streets — the beddy-bye deprivation, affiliated ache and cutting pains in her anxiety — anemic in allegory to the affliction of withdrawal, she said.

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"The abandonment is rrible; feels like my abdomen are breaking apart," said Jasmine, aba that she uses to feel normal, and no best feels high.

After added than 18 months active on the streets, her accomplished life, she said, seems about imaginary. She exists in a apple that couldn't be added from the approaching she envisioned, she said.

"I acquire three degrees," she said. "Two years ago, I was autritative $30 an ur. I had a career and a abode — I absent everything."

Approaching Jasmine with a basin of this visit's offering, shepherd's pie, Lisa LaTerza asked, "Hungry, ney?"

Jasmine accepted, alms a "thank you" and they exchanged pieces of their story. LaTerza, of Upper Southampton, didn't acquire to apprehend that Jasmine had a master's amount to see that she was smart.

"There's advice out there; you are so account it," said LaTerza, w was blessed to apprehend that Jasmine talks circadian with her mother.

LaTerza knows that the ache can grab a autrity of anyone, admitting intelligence and success. Thanks to advice offered by Hottenstein's group, LaTerza's son Matt Freda got the ysis he bare — in the abbreviate window of time he was accessible to it, she said.

"I was planning his funeral, but miracles do happen," LaTerza told Jasmine. "This is not your destiny."

LaTerza knows the window of befalling to get addition advice and into ysis isn't consistently open. That day, tugh, Jasmine wasn't extensive for help. She bare boots and article balmy to wear. She was handed a chrism sweater. Afore leaving, LaTerza said, "I'll adjure for you."


Prayer is the cement that bonds this aculation of parents together, and helps them cope with the challenges of addiction that bedeviled themselves or their accouchement in the past.

As allotment of the Kensington ritual, Mike Foley, a minister, gathers Hottenstein and the aculation in a ataxia to bang off that day's beat effort. Volunteers bound accoutrements in a amphitheater as the Hatboro ancestor of three gave the day's blessing, and again like a drillmaster prepping players afore a big game, added: "Let us accomplish a difference. Let's do this."

Grateful for his own accretion from a biologic addiction, Foley accomplished out to Hottenstein's aculation in 2012 to accord $1,000.

"It was abundant to advice one actuality get into a ysis centermost for seven days," he said.

When he heard Hottenstein fabricated trips to Kensington, he offered his time, his orange Jeep and his prayers.

"It's a admirable affair to blow someone's activity with a sandwich and a bag of chips," said Foley. "Some bodies won't appee to do it; they adeptness see bedraggled iniduals, but they are not; they are admiring angels that we suld affliction for. I acquire been actomed the adeptness to adjure and cry with them and say, 'You can do it. You are admired no amount what.'"

Foley, belden to God for his recovery, said he is there to ability out, accord achievement and appearance others pe.


Hope was article advance Kathy Waters was accident the night she aboriginal affiliated with Hottenstein about three years ago.

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At the time, her son Antny agreed to get advice from his heroin addiction — a footfall that Waters feared would never happen. Yet she sat arrant absurdly in her car alfresco the emergency allowance at a Philadelphia spital because doctors angry him away. Best of the ysis centers she alleged didn't acquire beds and the ones that did wouldn't booty her insurance. She jumped on Facebook, argumentation for addition in her basic ociation to advice her afore the affliction of her son's abandonment pushed him aback into using.

Hottenstein's name came up.

"That was on a Friday, and by Sunday, my son was in treatment; and afterwards seven canicule aback they capital to absolution him, Marti got on the buzz and hled them and he got 20 added days," Waters said. "She's a miracle, and aback the day she helped my son, I haven't larboard her side."


Srtly afterwards she actomed in Kensington, Hottenstein skipped bottomward Somerset Street as a man she has been aggravating to advice trailed abaft her, blame a arcade barrow of aggregate he owned.

"It's 'Marti Gras' time," said Hottenstein, suting on her bi-weekly expedition to a bend bazaar for ice chrism and cafeteria sandwiches. Her skipping, she said, is advised "to appearance them you can acquire fun afterwards actuality high."

From a block away, a woman in a ablaze amethyst shirt ran over, the two pom-poms on her affiliate hat bouncing as she accepted Hottenstein.

"I adulation her," said the brunette, w accepted to Hottenstein that she had relapsed recently. It was Hottenstein's aculation that ertive her to get treatment.

Like abounding users w appear from the suburbs, the 32-year-old said she didn't get her aboriginal aftertaste of opioids on the streets surrounding her. The Warrington built-in got absorbed to painkillers in the "posh suburbs of Buckingham."

"Kids had so abundant money and annihilation to do," said the woman, w like many, angry to heroin aback the cardinal of pills she bare to get aerial got too pricey.

As she sed cookies-and-cream ice chrism into her mouth, she watched as Hottenstein encouraged the man she bought a bologna sandwich for to seek help.

"When you are bottomward actuality and ane there is no one abroad on your side, you see her accomplishing things for absolute strangers, and it's a admirable thing," she said.


The woman said she knew Hottenstein's history and what brought How to Save a Activity to the streets of Kensington.

Hottenstein created the foundation afterwards her son Karl died of a biologic balance in October 2006. Karl was denied ysis at an in-patient facility. He died of an balance six weeks later, a anniversary afterwards his mother's wedding.

She's been alive to get adolescence off the streets for 11 years.

Her success belief — tse she has guided into abiding accretion — are fathers, mothers, sons, daughters w now are planning weddings, ablution abutment groups, accessory scol, according to the volunteers w acquire witnessed her work.

"I do this for the adulation of my son, God and all the bodies w don't feel loved," Hottenstein said. "I apperceive there is achievement ... Look at me. I ane aing with bodies is a allowance that God has actomed me through the afterlife of my son and to accommodated bodies area they are afterwards any expectation. I appear actuality as I am, a burst mother, but alive alike admitting I'm burst and weak, I acquire a able God that can break through this accomplished affair and that's w the adulation comes out. By me casual it on, it allows me to adulation and heal."

The woman in the amethyst shirt was one of added than a tusand bodies she's helped through her foundation and access with ysis and rehabilitation centers beyond the region.

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Tugh the woman relapsed, Hottenstein isn't giving up pe.

Relapses are allotment of the disease, and Hottenstein — a accountant the and accretion specialist — knows there are altered paths of accretion for altered people.

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