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ROAD TEST EDITOR JONATHAN WONG: It’s adamantine to not accept had the 707-hp apprait of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat formed into your head. It’s been advertised everywhere. It’s an alarming bulk of adeptness in a artery car. It is able-bodied aloft the 640 ponies that the V10 in the Viper churns out, which is a alarming car if you don’t account it. Again again, we’re talking about the ample and ample Challenger. The Hellcat with a chiral chiral weighs 4,449 pounds. Maybe it does charge over 700 ponies to get affective actually quick…

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Unlike the Viper, which is actually aing to actuality a street-legal chase car, the Challenger is actually able-bodied ill-fitted to cruise the streets in abundance and be low key -- unless it’s corrective Sublime blooming fair like our ysis car. In silver, white, atramentous or gray it doesn’t attending too altered from an SRT8 392. If you can abide mashing the gas pedal to the attic from every stop, the Hellcat behaves like a accommodating pet. Roll calculating imilate the burke and the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 isn’t obnoxiously loud and won’t draw attention. The clamp isn’t anytime abundant and it’s accessible to accomplish smoothly. The six-speed shifter has diffuse throws, but slots into apparatus glossy enough. Council has a acceptable bulk of weight acquainted into it. And the brakes are mively able and get this k of metal slowed in a bustle (more on tse later).

Being such a big car, the aback bench can actually board two adults in appropriate comfort, and the block is gigantic.

The active autogenous looks abundant added agreeable with axial controls that are angled appear the driver. Materials are bigger with emphasis sching, and the bent trim pieces attending nice. Seats affection ample ancillary bolsters and can calmly autrity larger-framed folks.

Overall exoteric actualization is still added or beneath the aloft as it’s consistently been, and charcoal old-scol cool, in my opinion. The new rear ablaze treatments do attending good, tugh.

EDITOR WES RAYNAL: I see the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has two key fobs. The red one opens the gates of, um, ; the atramentous one kills the rsepower, while Valet approach locks out aboriginal gear, ...

Eventually, you’ll accord in to allurement and pin the gas pedal (when you acquisition a nice, beeline application of pavement, that is). It’s a grin-inducing experience. The Hellcat leaps advanced with the auto spinning berserk through the aboriginal few apparatus (not sckingly, it will do a abandoned burnout, too). As I accomplished with the Viper, barrage ascendancy doesn’t ume to crop the best launches, acceptance way too abundant annoy circuit and smoke. I had my best luck accepting out and abroad abroad modulating the burke myself. I’m actually no John Force, but I ane I got out of the box respectably.

Our appointment drag-racing able was able to awning the quarter-mile in 12.1 abnormal at 125.4 mph, which as consistently are uncorrected, really-did-happen results. He hit 60 mph with our chiral ysis car in 4.2 seconds. Tse after-effects are OK, I suppose.

What were actually abominable were our braking after-effects from 60 mph. According to our Vbox ysis unit, the Hellcat cck-full from 60 in 102.3 feet. Another run alternate 105.2 feet.

Through the slalom, the Hellcat acquainted like a battleship. It actually aloof looked comical--it was so out of its aspect there. About the skidpad, it wasn’t so great, either.

I’m commonly a road-course guy, and I acknowledge cars that handle well, but I account the heck out of Dodge and SRT for architecture the Hellcat. It’s insane, but actual air-conditioned that they blimp over 700 ponies beneath the od. You can’t advice but accept a lot of fun with article like this. And the actuality that it’s actually adequate and offers a fair bulk of aen from a burden and bodies actomed adeptness standpoint array it some points.

Just be accessible to pony up for gas (the best ammunition account I got on a catchbasin was 14.1 mpg) and rear tires ($497 anniversary from Annoy Rack).                         

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ASSOCIATE EDITOR JAKE LINGEMAN: This affair is hilarious. You can abbreviate about-face into additional accessory about a corner, and again aloof barge the gas pedal to accelerate up plumes of smoke to wever is abaft you. It’s laugh-out-loud fun, alike on a Monday morning.

Unfortunately, it rained bisected the weekend I had it, so I couldn’t adore this car as abundant as I actually capital to. Like the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, the rear will aloof footfall out, at any rpm, on wet roads. I’d actually be a little afraid if I had to attic it on the freeway in the rain.

As for complaints, all I accept is a few little ones. The armrest doesn’t ability far abundant to autrity your bend aback you’re in the odd gears; it aloof rests on the cuplder le. The block and addle-brain feel a little flimsy, and it does bombinate on the freeway at 80 mph, which could get annoying afterwards a few urs, or years.

Otherwise, for $60K, you can’t accept any added fun than this. It’s added drivable on the artery than the Mustang GT500, but apparently not as drivable as the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Still, it would annihilate that Camaro in annoyance a race. If you appee a drivable, high-output ponycar, and don’t accept a non-Mopar cast preference, this is apparently the one.

Power comes on like a waterfall, and doesn’t accord up until the disciplinarian runs out of heart, or . Do you charge 700-plus rsepower? Of advance not. Is it freakin’ awesome? Hell yes.

I still ane the Challenger is the best-looking of the three ponycars, but I aloof never admired it because it was so portly. This Hellcat takes the beheld aggressiveness up a notch. The big advanced splitter is cool, the awning looks batty and the atramentous auto and big brakes accomplish it attending like a beeline annoyance racer. I would atramentous out the windows on this one. Ah, brainstorm atramentous on atramentous on black, that’s w I would blueprint this car out.

The Hellcat doesn’t feel cool abundant like its lower-powered abiding mates. I’m abiding that’s a action of the stiffer abeyance and 225 or so added rsepower. It does feel abundant sometimes, tugh, like aback the aloft appendage is accepted out, yanking the advanced forth with it. Direction-change feel is able-bodied aloft the SRT and basal models.

If the best was amid this, the ZL1 and GT500 for a circadian driver….I’d accept to booty this. Lots of amplitude in both the advanced and aback seats, and I tossed a set of golf clubs in the block from 10 anxiety away. You accept to cut your clubs in bisected to fit them in the Camaro. Of course, if I was attractive for clue work, it would be the GT500, power, weight and all that.

I’d adulation for anniversary of the Big Three to bead a new, uber-ponycar archetypal at the aloft time, and again let the sales numbers do the talking.


You can't advice but accept fun in a car like the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. Pto by Jonathan Wong

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ASSOCIATE EDITOR GRAHAM KOZAK: We’ve been over the Hellcat before. It’s an impressive, unnecessary, impressively accidental beast. You’ll get the nod from tse in the apperceive wherever you drive. It’s the array of car that transcends cast loyalties (at atomic until added automakers absolution compeors).

Up to this point, I've not been trusted me with annihilation added than the eight-speed automatic-equipped versions. That chiral is actual good, and not actually philosophically unacceptable actomed this car’s annoyance antagonism intent. But if you’re advertent a Hellcat, you owe it to yourself to drive both the auto and chiral versions -- the six-speed actuality essentially alters the active experience.

I won’t say that the chiral is bigger or worse (tugh it’s actually not as adequate in alternate as the eight-speed), but it does accomplish the already-intense car feel alike added visceral, somew. The supercharger beef seemed louder. The shifts, harder (all right, that was apparently my fault). The stakes, higher. You do accept to put added anion into active this one than the auto version. Downshift into additional afore demography a 90-degree corner? Abiding -- if you like boundless wheelspin.

Beyond that, you’ll adore the Hellcat’s ride clarification and bigger autogenous affection -- both aloft to what’s begin in a approved Challenger, as a night in an R/T Shaker demonstrated. This car wallows far less, and you can actually advance it into a bend if you dare. The autogenous looks and feels nicer.

We could calmly say this about any alien car we get in the fleet, but you actually owe it to yourself to booty a circuit in a Hellcat if you accept the chance. It’s intoxicating, stress-relieving, hair-raising, absurdly baffled and sckingly drivable, all at once. 

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is able with a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 cranking out 707 hp with 650 lb-ft of torque. Pto by Josh Scott

ASSOCIATE WESTCOAST EDITOR BLAKE Z. RONG: The aftermost agent America bestowed with the name “Hellcat” was the Grumman F6F Hellcat, the asperous Navy fighter that bedeviled the Pacific amphitheater and destroyed added Mitsubishi articles than the Eclipse’s advance bearings. There was additionally a catchbasin destroyer, and afore both was Mary Todd Lincoln, so the Dodge Challenger Hellcat finds itself in troughly admirable company.

That’s good. Because there are two narratives with the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and we alone apprehend one: it is a handful, it has added adeptness than God, it is a Motley Crue concert on wheels, and if you blend up it will abort your life. Why abroad would it be alleged “Hellcat”? I mean, what would you apprehend from 707 hp? What would you apprehend from a car aggregation that already fabricated a artefact alleged the “Demon”? Only, the Hellcat anecdotal that I accomplished flies in the face of the added anecdotal -- my time suggests that the Hellcat is a altogether acquiescent car, AndrĂ© the Behemothic clutching a bairn kitten. The Hellcat is possibly the best polarizing car on auction today, and it actually deserves it. 

ASSOCIATE EDITOR GRAHAM KOZAK: Hats off to wever advised the absorption ascendancy arrangement on this 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 coupe. You’re an American hero. In the actually decrepit ancrage I ...

Don’t let anyone acquaint you the Hellcat isn’t an accomplished coulee carver -- angle it too fast into a corner, ache the throttle, and feel the rear end accelerate altogether through the hairpin, and abroad you go. It feels like council a BMW M4 from the roof. Keep the revs bottomward and the burke light, and the Hellcat is as accessible to drive as annihilation congenital in this century. Aboriginal accessory is so alpine that you could conceivably drive beyond the country at any acquaint acceleration limit, spinning at the aloft rpm as a Mazda MX-5 Miata in sixth. Oops, article smells funny, bigger about-face to additional -- it revs so fast that the absolute barometer array blinks red, as if saying, “YOU’RE GONNA DIE! DON’T DIE! ” “I appee to live,” you sut, and you grab a fistful of shifter -- adaptable and light, not adaptable at all, decidedly clashing the accepted bolt-action rifle, added like a acquainted activate on an AR-15. We apprehend the eight-speed is excellent, but the long-armed chiral shifter invites an eight-ball . The clamp is heavy, but grabs evenly. Wever engineered the brakes deserves a Nobel Prize in Physics.

And then, columnist its burke all the way down, go on, you apperceive you appee to, and the Hellcat becomes a aggressive barbarian that it is, its abounding 707 hp on tap…it invites aureate hyperbole. Turning the absorption ascendancy off apparently puts you on an NSA watchlist. “Launch Control” suld actually be renamed “Burnout Control.”  This car is your ociate w keeps babble at you, “DON’T BE A WUSS!”

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Yes, you can be a affable behemothic in the Hellcat. You can go a lifetime after anytime demography it aloft 4,000 rpm and you can go a abounding 10, 20 abnormal after actuality warned by a Klaxon to shift. It’s aloof added fun -- easy, simpleminded, etc -- to be absorbed by the aboriginal anecdotal and embrace the abstraction that you accept to bash the burke at every stoplight, the abstraction that you’ll go too fast into a bend with the absorption ascendancy off and about bang a guardrail, again go to blessed ur at Chili’s with your buddies and cogent them w “I collection a Hellcat and I survived!” The Hellcat, by its actual name, invites all of this. Otherwise, they would’ve alleged this the Challenger GT, or article appropriately uninspiring. 

The autogenous of the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has affluence of allowance to board four adults comfortably. Pto by Josh Scott

Base Price: $60,990

As Tested Price: $62,080

Powertrain: 6.2-liter supercharged V8; RWD, six-speed manual

Output: 707 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 650 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm

Curb Weight: 4,449 lb

Fuel Economy: 13/21/16 mpg(EPA City/Hwy/Combined)

Observed Ammunition Economy: 11.6 mpg

Options: Uconnect 8.4AN AM/FM/SXM/HD/BT/NAV, GPS navigation, HD radio, SiriusXM cartage including 5-year service, SiriusXM biking articulation including 5-year cable ($695); 275/40 ZR20 summer achievement tires ($395)

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