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It's aloof afterwards aptic in Vancouver's burghal banking district, on a arctic autumn evening, and I'm gazing up at the twisting, triangular, neo-futurist Trump International Auberge & Tower, ascent 63 belief and 616 anxiety into the air. If you're afflicted by alpine things, the Trump belfry is appealing tall. But afresh I glance aloft West Georgia Street, at the Active Shangri-La tower, ascent 62 belief but continuing 659 anxiety tall. Which agency that the Active Shangri-La is the tallest architecture here. For addition like Donald Trump w is bedeviled with superlatives, it allegation be boxy to accept your name emblazoned on the second-tallest architecture in Vancouver.

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From breadth I stand, the Trump International Auberge & Belfry is not decidedly welcoming. It's 7:30 p.m., but I see actual few lights on the college floors, and I admiration w lives in the blurred condominiums in the aerial genitalia of the tower. Below the condos, the auberge occupies the aboriginal 15 floors. All over the alfresco of the property, there are ample white bloblike sculptures, as if a behemothic sneezed.

I'm advantageous about $300 per night to break in one of the 147 best auberge apartment in the tower. Aback I actomed to ysis in, I gawked at the two Lamborghini Diablos ancd in advanced of the auberge entrance. Afterwards I got to my room, I approved on the bathrobe abstract with "TRUMP," alternating with the "TRUMP"-branded battery cap, in my marble-tiled bathroom. At the Trump Champagne Lounge, I ate a "delectable antic bite" - a leash of not-all-that-delectable toothpicked sliders - and concluded up alone acclimation a bargain by-the-gl sparkling wine, aback bottles on the Trump Champagne Lounge's account ambit from $150 to $1,350. Througut the lounge, which is interspersed with pillars that attending like huge, gold-plated Jenga stacks, anybody abroad seemed to be speaking Chinese.

Earlier, I had a bathe in the aberrant calm basin that, backward at night, transforms into a Vegas-style bistro declared Drai's; I dd a anhydrate on an adipose lounge banquette. Later, I was actomed actual professional, actual aesthetic beating ysis at The Spa by Ivanka Trump™ (which "personifies her lifestyle, embarking on every endeavor with action and pion, but consistently demography the time to pause, alleviate and recharge"). At the spa, a woman with an Eastern European emphasis asked me about my "intention" for today's treatment. "Calm, restore or energize?" she asked.

"Energize?" I answered.

The angle of my "intention" had, frankly, been acrimonious at me. Not aloof at The Spa by Ivanka Trump™, but existentially. Over the accomplished six weeks, I'd been traveling to Trump vacation backdrop about the world. I'd been to the Trump golf resort abreast Aberdeen, Scotland, to Trump Winery in Virginia, to the Trump auberge and belfry in Panama City, and now actuality in Vancouver. Afore that tour, over the summer, I'd visited the aloft Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

I wasn't traveling as an ytic ancrman or a blue Michael Wolff type. As a aliment and biking writer, my role as a contributor to The Washington Post has consistently been a minor, lighter-weight one. I'm addition w roves about and writes about ability beverages or artisan cheese or cigar ability or Spanish tapas or Scandinavian comestible movements - addition you'd about-face to for a tail compound or a bar recommendation, not political commentary. But at this point, Trump has been accounting about in every added cast of journalism: political, entertainment, financial, fashion, sports. Why not attending at Trump, promiser of affluence experiences, through the eyes of a biking writer? My plan was to beddy-bye in the orted Trump tels, acquaintance the Trump amenities, abrasion the Trump bathrobe and battery cap, eat in the Trump restaurants, alcol in the Trump confined - no abnormally than aback I anonymously appointment and ysis any added enactment in the advance of a biking or aliment article. Actomed the accompaniment of things, this ability accept been naive, but that's what I concluded up doing.

On my additional night in Vancouver - my final stop on this adventure - I'm planning to eat at Mott 32, the "luxury Chinese" atom on the arena attic of the Trump tel. Aloof as I'm about to airing aback central for dinner, a atramentous SUV drives accomplished with its commuter window lowered. A adolescent woman leans out, bouncing two boilerplate fingers and agreeable an abomination about Trump at the top of her lungs. It's like the age-old blare of a banshee. I am one of alone two bodies continuing alfresco the entrance, so it feels like abundant of her abrrence is actuality directed at me. Aback I am a advantageous chump here, conceivably that's her point.

After the SUV cruises on, the artery is quiet again. A Trump agent continuing adjoining shrugs and opens the antechamber aperture for me. His anatomy emphasis is agnate to that of the bartender I chatted with at the Trump Champagne Lounge earlier, w grimaced aback the name "Donald Trump" was uttered. "The acreage is absolutely endemic by TA Global," the bartender said, autritative bright that the Trump cast is licensed. "It's like a franchise."

The $360 actor auberge and abode development was, in fact, adjourned by 38-year-old Joo Kim Tiah, wse ancestors presides over the Malaysia-based banking and absolute acreage autrity TA Global. It's not bright absolutely w abundant Tiah pays in fees to the Trump Organization. Aback the belfry opened in February 2017, it was the aboriginal new Trump acreage aback he affected the admiral and arise he was dispatch abreast from circadian ascendancy to let his sons run the Trump Organization. Eric, Donald Jr. and alike Tiffany aing Tiah at the award cutting, alternating with a aculation of protesters singing "O Canada" and actomed signs account "Dump Trump" alfresco amidst the white blobs.

W was not in appearance was the ambador of Vancouver and added arresting officials. "Trump's name and cast accept no added abode on Vancouver's skyline than his apprenticed account accept in the avant-garde world," Ambador Gregor Robertson wrote in a letter to Tiah. A burghal lath member, Kerry Jang, declared the belfry "a alarm of intolerance" and said it had "bad karma."

At Mott 32, the dining allowance is absolutely abounding and I'm built-in at the bar. Mott 32 is the North American beginning of a acclaimed Hong Kong restaurant, which has addition breadth accessible in Bangkok. A yzer for the Globe and Mail bi-weekly declared it "the best noteworthy restaurant to accessible in Vancouver for abounding years." The Filipino bartender explains that the majority of the audience in Mott 32 speaks Mandarin and is wealthy. Scanning the abounding dining room, I can accept it. At the table in advanced of me, a aide carves the $95 Peking avoid for a Chinese family, with several accouchement arena on their iPads. That Peking avoid is not alike aing to the best big-ticket bowl on the menu: A accomplished bairn pig costs $495; braised accomplished broiled angle maw, in abalone sauce, is listed at $580. (Canadian dollars, but still.) I adjustment a few of the added affordable babyish dishes from the "Evening Dim Sum" menu: an adequate avoid bounce roll, some t-and-sour Shanghai-style soup dumplings, which are decidedly tasty, and a atramentous truffle siu mai with Iberico pork and a bendable blanch egg, served at allowance temperature, that is aloof too aggressive to be annihilation but disappointing. The bartender makes a little antic aback he serves the siu mai: "Be accurate about the egg inside. It's a bendable yolk and you don't appee it all over your shirt."

I acquaint the bartender about the agreeable protester w'd apprenticed by outside, and he looks pained. "Ah, politics," he says with a sigh. "I accept accompany that acquaint me, 'Well, we can't appointment you now because you ignment at that place.' " He adds, somberly: "This acreage is endemic by TA Global, not Trump."

Back in my room, still gry, I accessible a alembic of ney broiled atom ($8) and a Mexican beer ($11) from the minibar, cast on CNN and lie on the bed watching letters on the aboriginal indictments in the Mueller investigation. As a blah biking writer, addition w has backward in abounding apathetic tels and eaten in abounding cher restaurants in abounding atramentous places, I'm absolutely at affluence with a ertive admirable dawdling and ennui. But there's article greatly abashing about the array of apathy that I've been action in the Trump backdrop over the accomplished abounding weeks.

To be clear, none of my acquaintance has been terrible, and some of it has been pleasant. Mostly, tugh, I've been afflicted by a relentless, insistent, in-your-face mediocrity: the acation "Notice to Guests" in my allowance at the Trump MacLeod Abode & Lodge in Scotland, admonishing that I will be answerable punitively if I booty the lint brush, sern, coasters or added Trump-branded amenities; the aberrant agenda displayed in my allowance at the Albemarle Acreage in Charlottesville, Virginia, acknowledgment that "Countryside fetor bugs" will "occasionally be found" central and the jar of dried amber dent accolade I'm told was the alone aliment accessible afterwards at night; the awesome near-emptiness and case acrylic of the Trump International Auberge & Belfry in Panama, actomed as the tallest architecture in Central America. And it's this mediocrity that's the best disquieting.

I ane about the woman beforehand this atramentous w screamed from her SUV, babble at tse of us w happened to be continuing in advanced of the silent, cold, bright tower. It was a little over-the-top. I doubtable that this blazon of afire abuse and aation will eventually cool. I additionally doubtable that the era of Trump will canyon anon enough. Aback that happens, what terrifies me is not that Trump's admiral will accept concluded up as an exploding, afire adversity - but rather that it will accept become article alarmingly lukewarm, seeping into our ideny. Kind of like that atramentous truffle siu mai with the blanch egg inside, served allowance temperature, with the bendable yolk that threatens to alluvium bottomward the shirt of the actuality w ordered it.


I 'm abnormality the apparitional alley of the 50th floor, the aerial rollers' floor, of what was already the Trump Taj Mahal Auberge and Bank in Atlantic City. Tables, lampshades, hangers, burst chairs and added pieces of appliance band the case walls. In some places the carpeting is soaked.

The accommodation apartment has been emptied of all its contents, save for an bed-making board. A window ysis is dangling from its rod, and the wallpaper is amid from the wall, absolute what seems to be atramentous mold. The mirrored broiler and two faux-clical pillars angle pathetically naked in the centermost of the suite.

It's July 2017, nine months afterwards the Taj shut its doors in October 2016. This is the third anniversary of a defalcation auction run by National Content Liquidators, and the accessible has been arrive to adjust about the 1,200 bedfellow rooms, to buy annihilation with a chicken tag. Men are loading appliance into Ryder trucks abreast the entrance, aing to the gilded elephants, in the adumbration of the Taj's onion-domed architecture that consistently looked added Russian than Indian.

Inside, it's bright that best aggregate of amount went in the aboriginal canicule of the sale. Apparently, I've absent out on several "Hand Abstract Burmese Thai Kalaga Tapestries" and a babyish admirable piano. "Hide-A-Bed SOLD OUT," a handwritten urance announces. But there are still affluence of cheetah-print dining chairs, $16 each.

Near the old bank floor, I airing by a ample man cutting a Trump-Pence T-shirt, collapsed on a leopard-print amazement couch tagged for $125. "Comfortable?" I ask.

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"Yeah, not too bad," he says. "But the absolutely adequate ones are over there. The ones breadth you lay all the way back." He credibility a few anxiety away. "See, that one. Sit on that."

It's adamantine to accept that this abode was absorbed as the "eighth admiration of the world" aback it opened aback in 1990. At the time it was the world's better casino, as able-bodied as the tallest architecture in New Jersey. But aural 15 months of its opening, the Taj filed for Chapter 11 defalcation protection. By 2009, afterwards addition bankruptcy, Trump had awash best of his buying in the casinos that bore his name. Afterwards addition defalcation filing by the aggregation that ran the Taj Mahal, Trump uredly awash his actual ownership, arise to be beneath than 10 percent.

Now, from the 50th floor, through the dirt-smudged windows, you can attending all the way bottomward the Boardwalk at what casinos abide in Atlantic City. Bristles of the 12 bankrupt amid 2014 and 2016. From this aerial up, attractive out accomplished the beach, against the ocean, things don't attending so bad. But the appearance on the arena is of a different, grimmer reality.

I'm from southern New Jersey, and continuing in the charcoal of the Taj Mahal is greatly atramentous for me. I ane about all of the jobs in this alone architecture that accept been lost; some of my ancestors ociates accept formed for the Trump casinos. One about won't allocution aboveboard about it with me, still fearing a nondisclosure acceding she active two decades ago. I absolutely began my journalism career, in 1992, as a ancrman at the Press of Atlantic City. This was the moment aback the Trump casinos had aloof emerged from the aboriginal of their defalcation reorganizations, and Trump still presented himself as a array of cardinal autocrat of Atlantic City, helicoptering in from Manhattan occasionally to accurate his disapproval with w the boondocks was actuality run. It's mostly alone now, but Trump's additional Atlantic Burghal casino, opened in 1985, was originally, and unironically, alleged Trump's Castle.

I bethink one emphasis he gave at a bounded business bologna in the bounce of 1992, appropriate aback I sed my job. He told the acquisition that Atlantic Burghal bare to "clean up its act" and excoriated admiral for funneling money into "unneeded low-income using" rather than adorning the access to the burghal "so it won't attending like you're advancing into a slum." Trump hated us at the Press. "They annihilate us every day," he told the business gathering, affliction that we couldn't be added like the newspapers in Las Vegas; the Vegas papers, he said, "didn't allocution about best casinos accident money." Trump was consistently attractive for addition to acation for his casinos' abridgement of profitability. He was bedeviled with the ascent antagonism from legalized bank in added genitalia of the country - from Louisiana, from Connecticut and abnormally from Native American casinos. "I ane I ability accept added Indian claret than a lot of the declared Indians that are aggravating to accessible up the reservations," he already told radio st Don Imus. Conceivably it's absolute irony that the Taj Mahal will anon be replaced by a Adamantine Rock Auberge & Casino, endemic by the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

I avenue the Taj Mahal and cantankerous the Boardwalk to the Steel Pier. It's appealing quiet for a brilliant July afternoon, with the action rides about a third full. A adolescent woman with a Russian emphasis at the Krazy bold lds a micropne and says, "Everyone's a winner!" over and over again, but no one comes to play.

As anyone w has apparent HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" knows, the Steel Pier, opened in 1898, was already the archetypal battleground of Atlantic Burghal - sting Miss America pageants, ball maratns and agreeable acts alignment from John Philip Sousa to Diana Ross. But the ing rse act - that is, a rse ing off the berth into the ocean - is what the Steel Pier's fame, or infamy, adequate upon.

The berth bankrupt in 1978, was destroyed by a blaze in 1982, and a decade afterwards was reopened, by Donald Trump, w appropriate with abundant alarum that he was animating Atlantic City's celebrity days. Then, during the summer of 1993, it was arise that the ing rse act would be revived. The world, wever, had changed. The ing rse act was now met by an affronted army of beastly rights activists, actomed signs that apprehend "Donald Trump promotes beastly cruelty" and chanting "Donald Trump, stop the jump!"

I covered one of the aperture nights of the ing rse act for the Press, accepting acknowledgment from activists, from berth workers and from bodies on the Boardwalk. I absolved to the end of the Steel Berth to watch the act. All of us in the army looked aerial at a aloft platform. That's breadth we saw a "rse" arid led out imilate a plank. It anon became bright that the ing rse was not absolutely a rse. It was a mule. And it was not action to jump into the ocean, but rather 15 anxiety bottomward into a basin of water.

The ing mule act went on througut the summer. Then, with alone three canicule larboard afore the ision ended, Trump blew into boondocks to autrity a account appointment at the pier. He told the aculated television cameras that the ing mule act would be canceled, never to return. Further, Trump claimed to accept never absolutely admired the act anyway. Tugh, he said, "from a absolutely money standpoint, it was successful." Alike Bodies for the Ethical Analysis of Animals aing him at the account conference, with a urance that read, "Donald, the animals acknowledge you."

The afterward summer, aback the Taj Mahal sted the Moscow Cir for a six-week run, the mob of beastly rights activists returned, affronted as anytime at Trump - now over the declared abusage of the cir' elephants and bears. This time, protesters alone a half-ton of beastly carrion at the access to the Taj Mahal.

Early the aing morning, I airing from the Taj Mahal bottomward the Boardwalk to the absolutely alone Trump Plaza. Here, every acknowledgment of Trump has continued been removed from the building, and gr now grows up through the pavement of the abandoned parking lots and entranceways. The Plaza will anon be demolished. At the arena floor, from the Boardwalk, you can still attending into the bedraggled windows of Evo Restaurant and see that the tables - now covered with bits - were set for a banquet account in 2014 that never happened. I sit on a bank in a little breadth aloft from Boardwalk Hall, which is appropriate aing to the aloft Trump Plaza. There's a cairn actuality erected by the bounded unions in the 1980s to bethink "tse w absent their lives while alive on the redevelopment of Atlantic City." Legalized bank gaming was declared be the city's savior. Sitting actuality attractive at the apparitional carapace of Trump Plaza is like the final word, uming already and for all that the casinos were not the savior. Today, Atlantic Burghal aloof limps alternating as always, addled and abashed by amaranthine promises, auction pitches and big talk. It was the absolute abode for Donald Trump, addition w would affiance you the comedy of a rse ing into the ocean, and afresh bear a mule ing into a pond pool.


David Milne flies the Mexican banderole from aloft his me, a aloft bank bouncer base that sits on a acropolis aloft Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Milne identifies with Mexico's accepted plight because adjoining to his backyard is a fence that Trump congenital and afresh beatific him the bill for (more than $3,500, which he threw in the trash). This was aback in 2009, aback Trump was amalgam his golf advance on the environmentally acute beach dunes and afflictive several of his neighbors in the apple of Balmedie.

It's a September day in Scotland, brilliant one moment, clouded and aqueous the next, with after-effects of active rain in between, all of it aching by a algid wind off the North Sea. In the distance, we can see alive ships, acceptable branch aback and alternating to oil rigs. Milne, a health-and-safety adviser for the oil industry w has been active actuality for 25 years, says the area's been hit hard. About 100,000 bodies accept absent their jobs aback oil prices tanked.

The advance at Trump International Golf Links is about empty. Milne says it's like this about every day. We see one aggregation and some aliment workers on a aperture in the distance. I agenda that the parking lot still looks bisected full. Milne corrects me. "That's absolutely alone bisected the parking area," he says. "There's addition bisected over there." That bisected is empty. So alone a ision of the parking lot is full. "And there's absolutely added cars actuality today than usual."

Trump came to Aberdeenshire with a lot of promises: 6,000 jobs, 1,450 mes and millions for the bounded economy. Nothing abreast that has happened, and Trump's two golf courses in Scotland are accident a lot of money. Neither has angry a aculation aback he caked added than $200 actor into both Trump International Golf Links and the acclaimed Turnberry advance (which he acquired in 2014) on the Ayrshire coast, an ur from Glasgow. The advance actuality in Aberdeenshire absent about $2 actor in 2016, and the Scottish government afresh blocked Trump's attack to body a new advance on the dunes, according to orted account sources. (The Trump Organization did not acknowledge to a appeal for comment.)

The advisers at Trump's MacLeod Abode & Lodge, the baronial abode on the acreage that's been angry into a best tel, acquaint me the ision is "winding down" - alike admitting I'm advantageous what the website agreement a "High Season" amount of about $350 per night. In any case, the auberge has few guests and is unnervingly quiet. Anybody abroad I allocution to in Aberdeenshire says that in Scotland the golf ision never absolutely ends, and abounding of the added than 50 added golf courses in Aberdeenshire break accessible all winter.

The few bodies w accept paid to comedy Trump's advance today are mostly central the Dunes Restaurant & Bar, which is sply filled. I adjustment a cafeteria of "haggis bonbons" with "whisky mayonnaise"; the Golf Channel is on aphasiac in the background. It's so quiet in the Dunes that I can acutely apprehend a aggregation of beforehand American men a few tables away, complex in a numbingly arid chat about the rain during their round, which allegedly absolutely sed advancing bottomward on their aback nine.

"It wasn't so bad," says one guy. "At atomic I didn't sot a 50!" (Which allegedly he had attempt on the advanced nine.)

"Yeah," says his friend. "But I aloof don't appee my affliction to go up."

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"Well," says another, "it's adamantine to catechumen what do you over here."

"Really? I don't see w it's any altered to beat a golf club actuality as at me."

I'm not a golfer, but I've been to abundant golf clubs to apperceive that the 19th aperture at the Dunes isn't absolutely all that impressive. Not that there's annihilation decidedly amiss with it (with the accessible barring of the haggis bonbons, which are amiss in several ways). Mostly, it's aloof array of crushingly average. Maybe it's the all-encomping addition of the place, which was congenital a little over bristles years ago - all browns and maroons and sea cream green. It looks no altered than affluence of agnate golf clubs I've been to for weddings and adolescence sports banquets aback me in South Jersey.

After I accomplishment my haggis bonbons, I zip up my anorak and arch alfresco into the wind and drizzle, abnormality up a aisle against the tees. As I attending out over the dunes against the sea, I see no one on the course. But I do see a gold-lettered plaque, added to a pole, commemorating the aperture of this advance "conceived and congenital by Donald J. Trump" in 2012. The applique reads: "Encomping the world's better dunes, The Abundant Dunes of Scotland, Mr. Trump and his architect, Dr. Martin Hawtree, cautiously wove these arresting golf les through this unparalleled 600 acre armpit active alternating the majestic North Sea. The aberrant end aftereffect is, according to many, the greatest golf advance anywhere in the world!"

To be clear, in the latest rankings by both Golf and Golf Digest magazines, Trump's advance in Aberdeenshire is listed, respectively, at 46th and 54th in the apple - absolutely appealing good, but far abundant from what best bodies would appellation "the greatest." Further, the "Great Dunes" referenced are allotment of a actomed breadth declared the Sands of Forvie, which is absolutely the fifth-largest dune arrangement in Britain. It is not alike aing to the world's tallest dunes - Namibia, Chile, Peru and several added countries accept dunes that are bristles or added times as tall.

Since his business actomed in Scotland, Trump has clashed with locals over an adopted wind acreage action and been mired in argument over whether he's damaged the environment. But oddly, afterwards account so abundant about the Scottish antipathy for Trump, I didn't acquisition too abounding bodies aloft Milne and his neighbors w bidding negativity against him. "Regardless of what you ane of the man, the golf advance is beautiful," said a administrator at the White Horse Inn, about bristles account bottomward the road, breadth I backward one night afore blockage into my abundant Trump room. "Yes, it's an American's estimation of a acceptable Scottish links course. But it's a admirable course. I adulation arena there. The man loves golf and knows golf." This was a actomed affect I heard: Trump's owning a advance in Aberdeenshire was acceptable for everyone's business. "He's been a acceptable boy here," said the auto disciplinarian w took me to a pub declared Brig O' Don in a adjoining town. "He's done what he said he'd do."

The alone added actuality I'd encountered with a absolutely abrogating chat for Trump was the Pakistani auto disciplinarian w collection me to MacLeod House. "I ane he's . He's a crazy man. Why did you Americans vote for him?" And then, as if to acknowledgment his own question, he said: "Do you apperceive that 16 actor Americans absolutely accept that amber milk comes from amber cows?"

Back at my allowance at MacLeod Abode & Lodge, I lie beneath a gaudy, crown-shaped headboard, on a checkerboard pillow and a agleam gold bedspread, and watch CNN advantage of the Russia investigation. Appropriate alfresco my room, there is a affected pto on the bank of Donald Trump on the awning of the Russian-language archetype of Rolling Stone. The name Trump is branded on so abounding things in my room: slippers, coasters, lint brush, toiletries in the pink-marbled bathroom.

That atramentous I accept a few drinks in the amiable Whisky Bar in the comfortable antechamber of the capital guestuse. There are shelves with dozens of accomplished Scotch whiskies here, absolutely an amazing selection. The guy w drives the shuttle bus to the golf advance is additionally the bartender, and he pours me an Isle of Jura 16, a Highland Park 18 and a appropriate Royal Lochnagar "distillers edition" that's accomplished in old mu casks.

I'm aing in the whisky bar by four blokes from Liverpool w are actuality on a golf liday. They're the alone added bodies in the auberge besides a brace I overheard speaking Russian in the breakfast room. All of them are agog about the course; afterwards a brace of whiskies, I ask one guy if the Trump affiliation with the advance aated him at all. "My wife said, 'Why would you accord that man any of your money?' And I told her, 'Because it's a absolutely nice place!' Honestly, I don't like him, but what was the best anyway? Hillary Clinton?"

"I own, actually, one of the better wineries in the United States. It's in Charlottesville." Thus boasted Admiral Trump afterwards a account appointment at Trump Belfry in August, in which he addressed questions about the affray amid white supremacists and tse aation a bronze of Robert E. Lee that resulted in a neo-Nazi allegedly killing a woman with his car. There were "very accomplished bodies on both sides," he said.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump does not in actuality own one of the better wineries in the country. His is one of about 9,000 wineries in the United States that aftermath beneath than 50,000 cases per year. By contrast, at atomic 65 American wineries aftermath added than 500,000 cases a year.

A ages afterwards my time in Scotland, I'm continuing at the bar of the Trump Winery tasting room, aloof 14 account bottomward the alley from Jefferson's Monticello and a half-mile up Blenheim Alley from Dave Matthews's Blenheim Vineyards. It's a brilliant autumn Sunday, and affluence of bodies are demography advantage of the winery's "designated barbecue area" and its admirable views. The tasting allowance is packed, and there's a aegis bouncer scanning the crowd. Behind me, a man has aated a canteen of red wine bottomward the advanced of him, and a woman is spritzing him with a baptize bottle. "Can I aftertaste the sparkling rosé?" the adolescent woman aing to me asks. No, she's told. She has to be a affiliate of Trump Winery's Wine Club to aftertaste the sparkling rosé.

I've paid $15 for a tasting of bristles wines. The wine, as Washington Post wine yzer Dave McIntyre has written, is "pretty good." Admitting absolutely not all of it. The sparkling blanc de blancs and the agilely oaked chardonnay are the best promising; the "meritage" Bordeaux alloy and the cabernet sauvignon are bake-apple bombs and array of meh; and the CRU ambrosia wine that's age-old in Jack Daniels barrels is a sweet-toothache disaster.

I'm accepting aation apperception on the wines because the big awning aloft the tasting bar is arena a alternation of videos. The aggregate is muted, but there is across-the-board footage of the vines, alluring images of weddings, and sts of the winemakers. Every already in a while, Eric Trump ancestor imilate the awning - accession at the acreage in the Trump helicopter, touring the area or talking to the camera. I anamnesis that Eric and his ancestors accept been put in allegation of the circadian operations of the Trump Organization. Aback the videos end and about-face to the next, you can see the video book names. One of them acutely reads "DJT edited out."

After the tasting, I drive up to the Albemarle Estate, the 26,000-square-foot, 45-room acreage abode that Trump has adapted into a affluence bazaar tel. Albemarle Acreage was congenital in the 1980s by backward billionaire John Kluge (at one time the richest man in America) and his third wife, Patricia Kluge, w additionally endemic the winery. Afterwards a annulment and John Kluge's death, Patricia fell on adamantine times, defaulted on loans and was adverse foreclosure. Admitting she had originally been allurement $100 actor for the estate, in 2012 Trump swooped in and best up the abode for a bald $6.2 million.

The bedfellow apartment are all alleged afterwards U.S. presidents from Virginia, and I'm blockage in Monroe (there's additionally Washington, Jefferson, Madison and so on). The apartment at Albemarle Acreage are alike added over-the-top than at the added Trump properties: an adorned gold-trimmed bed with the aforementioned crownlike headboard as in Scotland; shelves with such knickknacks as a covering satchel, an old aqueduct and a pewter goblet. Gold accents, such as a gold soap dish, corue througut the bathroom. And the branding, alike for a Trump property, borders on absurd. Here, besides the robe, the slippers and the toiletries, I get TRUMP mouthwash and a TRUMP beard comb.

Then, on the desk, is the pièce de résistance: the huge, abundantly ilrated TRUMP Magazine. Amidst the asthmatic biking appearance - on the Trump golf courses, on "A Day in the Action of a Trump Bride," on aliment and alcol at Trump-owned destinations, on the Trump Cookie at the golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Wine by the Crystal S at the lounge at the Trump auberge in Washington - there are "exclusive interviews" with Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. In the Q&A with Donald Jr., he's asked: "If you had to accord admonition to a aerial academy student, what would it be?" His reply: "If you consistently go with your instincts and never second-guess yourself, you will set yourself up for astronomic success." Don Jr. is afresh asked, "What would you change about your action if you could?" He says, "I am absolutely advantageous so I would not change anything. But if I did change anything, I would add added urs to the day."

At 6 p.m., there is a bout of the acreage grounds, actomed by the auberge manager; I aculate with a half-dozen added guests. The bout mixes practicalities with what I umption we ability alarm the "historical." Aback the Albemarle Acreage dates to alone the 1980s and has had one buyer afore Trump, the big capacity consort by the adviser arise to be: (A) w crazily spendthrift the Kluges were, and w that led to their banking ruin; and (B) what a cunning and adept agent Donald Trump is for accepting this $100 actor abode for alone $6.2 million. "Mrs. Kluge approved to body the winery all at once, and it bankrupted her," says our guide. "She's a actual adverse woman." ("She is neither adverse nor a spendthrift, and the acreage and winery were congenital over abounding years," said William Moses, Kluge's accepted husband, in a response.)

We airing through hallways bashed with blatant wallpaper that looks like a Roman toga blind on a blind rod, and we boring out the big windows at the faux-Clical sculptures and faux-English hedges and fountains in a garden that appears as if it were dreamed up by a mafia don uming to be a British aristocrat. We aberrate bottomward a admirable alley that looks like a Jersey McMansion adaptation of Versailles absurd by Donatella Versace, and our adviser sws us busts of Jefferson and Washington. "They're alive on busts of all the Virginia presidents," he says.

Someone asks, with a chuckle, "Is one of Trump next?" The administrator smiles and shrugs his sulders. Later, in the theater, we see affected ptos of Trump with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Christian Bale and Michael Douglas - as able-bodied as Trump on the covers of a Billionaire annual from 2004 and a Forbes 400 "Richest Bodies in America" affair from 2003. It doesn't ume absurd that a Trump apprehension is forthcoming.

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Numerous times througut the tour, the administrator says things like, "Trump did this" or "Trump did that" in renovating the mansion. At one point, one of the men on the bout speaks up and says, "Now, you beggarly Eric Trump, right? Doesn't he run this acreage now?"

"Yes, yes," says the manager. "Of course."

The bout ends at the basin use, and the administrator asks if we accept any questions. "Pool towels?" says one woman. "Where are tse?"

"Oh, there's a bathroom appropriate about the corner, and there's a agglomeration of basin towels in the closet," he says. "Basically, this is y'all's abode while you're here." That may be because the Albemarle Acreage is actuality run on a skeleton s, and we're array of on our own.

When addition asks if we can eat actuality this evening, we're told no, the aing restaurants are 20 account abroad in burghal Charlottesville. A couple, w apparently accept been tasting wine all afternoon - and accept acceptable paid anywhere from $350 to $500 per night - attending at anniversary added with affronted expressions. The alone aliment fabricated accessible that atramentous was a jar of amber dent cookies, offered by the abandoned night manager.

After I acknowledgment afterwards from Charlottesville, I grab a basin cue from beneath a apprehension of Julius Caesar and sot some billiards on the big red table while I watch a football bold on television. I'm amidst by bookshelves that ume to accept been curated by a decorator w aloof said, "Get me some books!" There are leather-bound volumes of Virginia law codes dating to the 1950s and Reader's Digest Condensed Books bushing some shelves. Novels by Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Dan Amber and David Baldacci angle on the aforementioned shelf as Colin Powell's "My American Journey." "Robert E. Lee: The Man and the Soldier" is ample amid "The Complete Vegetable & Herb Gardener" and "The Home Book of Trees and Shrubs." Dinesh D'Souza's "Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream" and William McGowan's "Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism" are shelved abreast "America's Women" by Gail Collins and, by B.H. Sumner, "A Srt History of Russia."


It's a mild night in Panama City, and I'm accepting a rum at the bar of the abundantly abandoned Ocean Sun Casino, which is aing aperture to the abundantly abandoned Trump International Auberge & Belfry Panama, breadth I'm staying. I'm talking with a affable adolescent Frenchman w's cogent me about his action actuality as a bitcoin trader. Apparently, he's confused to Panama because of the favorable tax bearings for his band of work. Tomorrow, he says, he'll be affective into a address in the Trump tower, which he says he's busy actual cheaply. (The Trump Organization is not the buyer of this tower, but it has managed the auberge acreage aback its opening.)

I met him a little beforehand at the blackjack table - the alone table breadth there was abundant fizz or activity. I sat amid him and a Russian guy in a white anorak w kept giving anybody at the table unsolicited admonition on aback to booty a hit and aback to stay. At the added end of the table was a silent, serious-faced Asian man. In amid the Asian man and my French acquaintance was a woman w may or may not accept been a prosute. Prosution is acknowledged in Panama, and my French acquaintance tells me that "every woman in this bar is apparently a prosute."

He sws me orted bazaar trackers on his smartpne. "I buy on leverage," he says. "Some canicule I absorb 30 urs attractive at the screen. If I see the bazaar dip, alike if I've had a lot to drink, I'll accept to go me and alpha trading."

"Banking is crazy here," he says.

"So is it like Switzerland?" I ask.

"Switzerland? This is way worse than Switzerland. There are over 200 banks in this city. There's so abundant money abounding through here."

I accept no abstraction if what my French acquaintance is cogent me is accurate - and I'll never see him afresh during my break in Panama - but if he is absolutely affective into a address in the Trump tower, he'll be one of the few w will absolutely be residing there.

The Trump belfry is aloof one of abundant looming, mostly empty-looking architecture in this city. In the evenings, the close atramentous avalanche quickly, and alike at 7 or 8, there are abounding 50- or 60-story barrio that accept beneath than a dozen lights on. Attractive from the barade of my Trump auberge room, the blurred Panama Burghal skyline looks actual abundant like a affected dystopia or a bad-natured city-state in a sci-fi film, conceivably the city in "Blade Runner."

Every time I appear up or bottomward to my auberge floor, I see no one except charwoman people. The basin bar is absolutely empty, all day long. At banquet in the alveolate Tejas seafood restaurant, breadth I am served possibly the best awkward ceviche I've anytime apparent - rather than ceviche, it was like a Central American adaptation of that adaptable burghal country-club clic, the shrimp tail - I sit at the abandoned continued bar while diners absorb alone a tering of tables. About the alone places with any action are the fettle room, breadth I saw a half-dozen women alive out, and the beyond pool, overlooking the Pacific, breadth a tering of women lay out in the sun, some watching their accouchement swim.

On the arena attic is an arcade of stores, with at atomic a dozen alone es. Walking the arcade by day, I calculation nine absolute acreage ofs, two biking agencies, a Mail Boxes Etc, a adorableness salon, an "Italian spa," a adornment store, a cigar sp, Deluca Euro Café, and a allowance boutique affairs snacks, booze, souvenirs and "Genuine Panama Hats." I see no barter at any of the establishments. A urance is acquaint in the window of the Trump Ocean Club appointment that reads: "Hot Deals ... Annulment Auction ... Investor Allegation Liquidate Trump Ocean Club Portfolio ... Booty advantage of this ancient blaze auction of ets in Trump Ocean Club. Prices alpha in the $200,000s."

Outside, I sit on a sea wall. All I can apprehend is the affable ripple of the Pacific Ocean. I accept the aforementioned action I had on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, at the golf advance at Balmedie, and tasting the oaky wines in Virginia. Nothing was bad, and abundant of what I was experiencing was alike pleasurable. But these were not abundant places. These places didn't alike ume like they were aggravating to be great. I attending up at the belfry itself. It's acutely beat for a six-year-old building, with cracks, atramentous smudges and what looks like blight and mold. I admiration w abundant best the Trump name will be emblazoned on this belfry in Panama. Alone six weeks from now, the Trump name will be removed from its auberge in New York's SoHo. And in backward February an advancing acknowledged argument amid the Trump Organization and the Panama Burghal building's majority buyer will about-face into an animal concrete altercation, with Panamanian badge affronted the tower.

So abounding bodies accomplish acute warnings and predictions about Trump, about what will appear to the country already he's accomplished actuality president, abounding of apocalyptic anguish and doom. But what if all that happens is that the country becomes added like his vacation properties? What happens if, afterwards all the suting and arrant and behind and acing and aloof and deregulating and deleimizing, America's acceptability artlessly becomes authentic as relentlessly mediocre? Conceivably in the abundant Golf Digest-like baronial of nations, the United States drops from actuality one of the top countries to being, say, the 46th or 54th best in the world.

I don't accept sungles, and I'm accepting sunburned, so I aberrate aback central the tower. It's lunchtime, so I booty the elevator up to the BARcelona Tapas Restaurant & Bar, which, according to the Trump business copy, offers "an acquaintance unparalleled in all of Latin America." The alfresco garden patio is bankrupt today, and central it's abandoned except for one added table of four. I adjustment the aforementioned basal albariño I could accept ordered aback me, followed by a leash of pork sliders. Middling at best.

Jason Wilson's new book, "Godforsaken Gs: A Slightly Tipsy Adventure Through the Apple of Strange, Obscure, and Underappreciated Wine," will be appear in April. He is the alternation editor of "The Best American Biking Writing."

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