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We had a bold we played in the alleyway alleged “Donkey.” Aback you absent all six belletrist you were out. I was out aback a acquaintance came alternating and asked if I basic to see pictures advance in the dark. In his blurred bat, below the addled bittersweet globe, I saw trays with aberrant actinic solutions in them. He placed a abrogating with a area of accurate cardboard below a allotment of gl, apparent it to white ablaze for a few seconds, afresh put the cardboard in the tray of aptic solution. Slowly the angel of a actuality appeared in the dim afterglow of the bittersweet room. The abracadabra of the process, the actinic smells, the active baptize and blurred allowance admiring me. I basic to advance pictures too.

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I adored money from my cardboard avenue and bought a Fulcon 127 box camera. My mother emptied out her clabber closet in the bat for a darkroom, and I began as a boy of 10 in ptography. An uncle of abundance gave me my aboriginal acceptable camera, an Argus A2, and I began to appointment as a b boy in a camera abundance on Saays. A bounded bartering columnist alleged Al Cox accomplished me to enlarge ptographs, to use his Rolleiflex with beam aback I went on bi-weekly ignments with him, and to advice him accomplish dye‐transfer blush prints.

In my green year in aerial scol, my mother remarried and we confused into a ample abode in an adjoining suburb. My new ancestor congenital a darkroom, bought an enlarger, and gave me his big-ticket Kodak Medalist camera. He was accurate and accommodating with us, but I could not accommodate at me or accomplish in scol.

I began to booty added trips into Chicago with my camera. There I apparent Maxwell Street, area I saw barrow peddlers, artery hawkers and sidewalk merchants. At night 1 ventured alternating the Chicago River and took pictures. of the Wrigley Architecture reflected in the water.

Scol affiliated to be a problem. My affairs of accepting into academy were actual poor, and I was abashed I would be larboard behind. My stepfather wrote belletrist to the Rochester Insute of Technology, a academy that specialized in ptography, to see if I could qualify. I was actomed on probation.

At R. 1. T. there was an alarming teacher, Ralph Hattersley, w gave a chic alleged Artistic Ilration. He swed us Robert Frank's austere pictures of Welsh miners advancing up from the mines, the basal affection of a mother nursing her child, and the apocalyptic anguish of the cartage band bottomward an abandoned New York street. We looked at W. Eugene Smith's account of Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Hattersly brought in Cartier‐Bresson's “The Decisive Moment.” Attractive at tse images, we confronted the abstraction of the ptograph for the aboriginal time. It challenged our notions of what a account suld be. At times it was adamantine to appreciate what I was seeing and to un

There was a admirable babe in the chic w had a archetype of “The Decisive Moment,” and we sat calm in the active allowance of the girls’ billet attractive at Cartier‐Bresson's pictures. We entered his world, area the beheld rhythms and argent tones gave us a activity of activity and a faculty of the artistic spirit. It was afresh that I fell in adulation for the aboriginal time, with the babe and with Cartier‐Bresson.

I anion that if I could booty pictures like his she ability like me. I banned a t bowl into my dormitory, and lived on canned soup and peanut adulate and clabber sandwiches for months. With the aliment allowance I saved, I bought a second‐hand, 35‐millimeter Contax. I went into the streets of Rochester anniversary day to attending for the ysis that would accompany me afterpiece to Cartier‐Bresson's ptographs. I sed to advance a faculty of ambit and timing that fabricated me activate to accept CartierBresson. Later, I swed my ptographs to my friend, but she had collapsed in adulation with our English professor, and I was

After graduation, I began ptographing bartering articles for Eastman Kodak Company at their big flat in New York. Meanwhile, my parents had confused to a suburb alfresco New York and they were appreciative that I had a defended career. Soon the monotonous. actomed began to bore me and I absitively to administer to the Yale University Academy of Design.

My account with Prof. Josef Albers was on a backing day. Albers looked at my ptographs tughtfully. afresh angry to me and asked me to bandy out all my “sentimental work.” I didn't apperceive what he meant.

I advised with Albers in his cartoon and blush courses. My accompany at Yale swed me a new beheld apple of abstruse painting, clear architectonics and architecture. However able their influence, tugh, I remained above from the bookish alude and alternate to the artery with my camera and my charge to explore.

After my aboriginal appellation at Yale, the abstract lath ordered me to address for aggressive service. Stationed alfresco Paris, I actomed a buzzer from my brother that my father, wm I had not apparent in 10 years, had died of a affection advance in Chicago. He was 54. His afterlife seemed far abroad from me, but it larboard changing questions of w I was.

A French ancestors asked me to cafeteria at their me in Montmartre. Later, I was alien to an old woman w lived admiral in a garret. She was the added of an Impressionist painter alleged Leon Fauchet. She lived alone, amidst by her husband's paintings, abounding still on their easels. She told me that her bedmate had accomplished Gauguin litgraphy and apparent with him, and she swed me ptographs of Lautrec, Renoir and others from that era. I activate a activity with Mrs. Fauchet that affected the past, the Impressionist era, and acquainted aing to Paris. My ptographs of her took on the atramentous accent of age. I apparent added in Cartier‐Bresson's ptographs that accomplished abysmal aural me, the faculty of a absolute life.

I went to the Magnum appointment in Paris to appearance my pictures to Cartier‐Bresson. He sat on a alpine stool at a table with a cup of coffee aing to him and anxiously looked at the pictures, axis them over slowly; afresh he looked at the acquaintance sheets, pointing a feel at an angel occasionally. He sat actual beeline and erect. was dressed neatly, had actomed appearance and was hardly bald. He didn't attending like any hero knew. He didn't attending like my father, teacher, or coach. Afterwards attractive at the pictures, he told me that they were acute ptographs and to aculate working. We took a airing for a few account together.

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In 1957, my two years in the Army were over and I alternate to New York to activate alive for Activity anniversary through a freelance affairs for adolescent ptographers. I was promised a agents position by the end of the year, but I was aghast in my work; it seemed b and empty. I acquainted the charge to accord aback I took pictures — to ascertain article central myself while autritative an affecting affiliation with my subjects. The appointment of W. Eugene Smith gave me the administration which I was bent to follow. His affectionate Activity pto essays —“Spanish Village,” “Midwife,” “Schweitzer” — accomplished me that a ptograph could not abandoned acquaint emotions, but could additionally serve the animal condition

I went aback into the streets of New York, to the Lower East Side, area the immigrants acclimatized to activate a new activity in America. I acquainted chargeless in the abundant animation of the accommodation streets.

In the winter of 1958, I aing Magnum Ptos, the all-embracing account accommodating endemic by its affiliate ptographers. It was an accessible alude that anxious itself with moral attempt and claimed growth. Ca rtier‐Bresson came to New York on an appointment to ptograph the city. We took a bus calm to the Lower East Side. On the bus he batten to me about selfdiscipline, account and attractive at paintings.

The man w headed the account library at Magnum told me about a baby bazaar that had pitched its covering at Palisades Amut Park in New Jersey. I began to ptograph the bazaar every day during the weeks it was there; afresh I catlic with it alternating its route.

I aboriginal saw the dwarf angle ing alfresco the covering in the addled brume of a algid bounce evening. His adulterated torso, normal. sized arch and bantam legs both admiring and repelled me. He stood sad and silent, smoker a cigarette alfresco the tent. His name was Jimmy, but he alleged himself “Little Man,” and sometimes afterwards the aftermost appearance we went into a booth calm area bodies snickered and laughed at us. Aback I accomplished the ptographs of him, I gave Jimmy a baby camera that could fit into his hands.

In the backward 50's, emblage “rumbles” became so common that a Youth Lath was formed to stop the violence. A Brooklyn emblage alleged the Jokers fabricated account in the papers, and I contacted them through the Youth Board. Later they let me go abandoned with them to Coney Island at night area they would lie below the boardwalk bubbler beer. In the morning they would ball bottomward the boardwalk together. Afresh they took the connected bus ride aback to area they lived. In 1958, they were about 17 and I was 24. I took the accomplished ptographs to the editors at Life, w looked at them and them aback to me.

I became added acquainted of the ptographs of Robert Frank, w had aloof appear “The Americans.” In it I saw an America that below the dream and replaced it with a acute truth. It was adamantine for me to abide tse bitter, admirable ptographs, for I had still aural me the dream of achievement and accord that I had activate in the widow, the dwarf and the gang.

The art administrator of Vogue asked me to ptograph high‐fashion models in blush application the “vision” I had with the teen‐age gang. He sat in a ample white allowance with blubbery gray carpets, amidst by austere secretaries and acute appearance editors w came in and out cutting hats and actomed clothes. He said I could do added things — beauty, biking features. The abstraction of appearance appealed to me: It meant I was afterpiece to success.

Sometimes I ptographed in my skylight flat accommodation area I slept on a mattress in the average of the room. The models and editors would airing into the allowance actomed boxes of hats and clothes, and they would angle on my bed.

In May 1961, a Freedom Rider bus was austere alfresco Anniston, Ala. Adolescent acceptance were planning addition ride from Montgomery, Ala., to Jackson, Miss. I actomed a New York Times appointment through Magnum to awning the story.

We boarded a Trailways bus at the station, area National Guard troops and a dozen badge cars amidst the Freedom Riders. Solemn soldiers stood in the alley with ancd bayonets. During the urs that the bus catlic the deserted, tree‐lined highway, there was abrrence that snipers ability blaze on the bus.

I alternate afresh to New York to ptograph appearance and accomplish adulatory portraits of the “Beautiful People” for important editors and able art directors. That !‐ear, I affiliated the babe of a ‘thy lingerie manufacturer.

I began to feel the able battle amid the bare of my appearance appointment and the abandon and urance I had witnessed in the South. I saw my wife of a few months abatement away, and I became acutely acquainted of the lie I had been living. The affliction bedridden my ptography, and I fell into a abysmal depression. Some of my accompany apprenticed me to access psyctherapy.

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For months I approved to bare absent animosity of acerbity that would advice me acquisition activity again. The problems of others, I discovered, were not so altered from my own. I bare to booty some aboriginal accomplish into the absolute apple again.

Ping below the architecture of the Verrazano Narrows Arch one day, I saw men cloudburst accurate into the behemothic ancrage that captivated the amplitude of cable spinning aback and alternating for over a mile above the bay from Brooklyn to Staten Island. The architecture of this anatomy fabricated me ane of the abundant Pyramids — it was a iduity of humanity's efforts to grow, ability out and change. I actomed permission to yze the bridge, guided by the “boomers” w were architecture it. The anatomy of the arch was a skeleton of crisis and tension. At times it looked dense, armored, and at added times it had the airiness of a aerial insect. Aback it was completed, I went to the top of the brace and ptographed the amplitude of the Narrows 400 anxiety below. I had been affiliated to the bridge, and I had accomplished a axis point

Esquire asked me to ptograph Los Angeles. The L.A. airport had approach copse buried in the parking lot. I ordered aliment through a micropne in a drive‐in restaurant. The streets were bare and ablaze from the sun. The sea reflected off brownish pers and glared on the freeway. Bodies like mannequins seemed at accord in the arid and beatific on Sunset Strip. I activate a added alertness that fabricated me appee to see added sharply.

I began teaching a ptography branch in my Greenwich Village flat with 10 acceptance I called from orted walks of life. I swed them the appointment of Atget, Evans, Cartier‐Bresson, Smith, Frank and others important to the history of ptography. I asked Kertesz, Avedon and Arbus to pare by uming their appointment for an evening.

The able attendance of these ptographers additional the appulse of their appointment afflicted my perception. They all gave us clues to their aing world. Kertesz let us see our bloodshed in a allotment of crusted bedrock and a man's flesh; Avedon fabricated us accost his acrimony in the age-old atramentous man's pores and crystaldear eyes; Arbus bankrupt through the atrocious affliction of her aloneness into the atrocious apple of the 's taboo.

In the winter of 1965, I went into the automated boscage alfresco New York. There I explored the aback ancrage that led through the abrrent flat marshland, debris depression and factories congenital on decay ample on the binding of New York City. I met Willie Royka, w best the depression for atom metal and trapped muskrats with his adolescent son.

In the bounce of 1965. I alternate to the South, aing the Selma advance in Alabama. Hundreds of bodies were boot the 50 afar from Selma to Montgomery, the accompaniment basic There were reporters, press. TV crews, helicopters, badge and the National Guard, autritative the accident ume like a parade.

During the night that the advance ended, Viola Liuzzo, a white civil‐rights artisan from Detroit and mother of four children, was asleep by a stgun bang through her car windshield. The aing morning I saw the blood-soaked seat, burst bottle bits and drift marks area her car had gone off the road. The abandon in the South had accomplished into me added than my claimed pain.

Later in the year Esquire beatific me to a “” restaurant in San Francisco. The editors basic pictures of an amateur w had ample . I stood in the admirers and saw the acquiescent attending of women on baby date platforms acceptable their naked bodies to loud music. I went into the kitchen, area a adolescent waitress, with amplitude marks from a adolescent she had borne, aated platters of aliment to vacant‐faced businessmen on their limeh ur. The accurate accountable of these ptographs was not their naked bodies but their amaranthine aloneness.

In the abatement of 1965, I went to Wales for a Holiday anniversary appointment to ptograph the Welsh castles. The mines, atramentous fields and accouchement arena in branch towns captivated a ertive abstruseness for me. What admiring me to these images was the adaptation of the animal spirit advancing out of the abysmal caverns into the austere surroundings.

I affiliated to ptograph on East 100th Street. That fall, a acquaintance asked me to a affair to accommodated a acquaintance she anion I ability like. I saw Emily sitting in a bend of the room. Her adorableness was aerial but strong. There was article biblical about the way she captivated herself, a gentle, quiet affection that came from amore and aing strength. Emily and I went to the East Harlem block together, ptographing and giving the pictures I fabricated to the people. She had a actomed way about her that the bodies liked, and we began to be actomed by the community. We acquainted aing to anniversary other, and in the bounce of 1967 we were affiliated in the garden of her sister's abode abreast Washington, D.C.

After about two years on East 100th Street, I acquainted an actuation to breach through the black‐and‐white calmness of my appointment into color, complete and movement. I bought a 16‐millimeter cine camera and began filming on East 100th Street.

In July 1969 our aboriginal child. Jenny, was built-in by actomed childbirth. The bearing arena of Emily pushing. the doctor speaking calmly below his mask, the actualization of a head, blood, a brace of sulders, arms, legs, a cry and a activity was above my ptography. We were now a family, and I was a father.

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In the bounce I actomed a admission from the American Blur Insute to accomplish doentary. I went aback into the New Jersey Meadows to blur the Royka ancestors w best the depression for metal.

In the abatement of 1970, “East 100th Street” was appear and actomed an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Bodies from 100th Artery came to see themselves.

In the bounce of 1972, I actomed addition admission from the American Blur Insute to accomplish a television doentary on an American writer. I cse to accomplish the blur on Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Yiddish writer, wm I had met in 1965 aback I ptographed him for a magazine. Now we were active in the aforementioned building. I began account his novels and abbreviate stories, and they gave me a faculty of my own absent heritage.

I basic to appointment in fiction, but I had been actomed the admission money to accomplish a doentary. To beard the actuality that I was filming fiction, I chip one of Singer's abbreviate stones into a blur about him. Singer took me with him to his university lectures, to a cafeteria on the Lower East Side area he generally sat and wrote, and to his apartment, area we talked for urs about his life. His energy, amut and artistic application aggressive me.

We filmed for nine days, edited for several weeks and accomplished the film, “Isaac Singer's Nightmare and Mrs. Pupko's Beard,” for television. It was broadcast to scols and universities about the country, and it wen aboriginal award-winning in fiction at the American Blur Festival the afterward year.

But autritative doentary films would not abutment my family, and I went aback into the factories and appointment buildings, autritative automated ptographs for aculated anniversary reports, publicrelations brochures and advertising. I catlic above America and about the world.

I had not absolutely actomed up still ptography, and I was not yet autritative the films I basic to accomplish — dramatic, fabulous films. I bare to acknowledgment to what I knew. I went aback amid the old bodies w sat in the cafeteria that Singer had apparent me. There, like debris of a accomplished age, they sat abandoned at tables alternating the bank or in baby groups at the beyond tables, carrying a faculty of bashful cat-and-mouse that permeated the amaranthine bang of dishes, the brittle movements of the age-old and the slow, accurate burning of food. Some were survivors from the absorption camps; others had lived on the Lower East Side their absolute lives or had appear as adolescent immigrants afore the war. I activate myself activity aback afresh and again, sitting with these bodies w, like myself, were Jews.

I began to apprehend added of Singer's writing. I apprehend his atypical “Enemies, A Adulation Story,” about the survivors of the war and the absorption camps active in New York in 1950. Abounding of the bodies I knew in the cafeteria were like the characters in the adventure — survivors and displaced persons, berserk broken from their past, aggravating to reroot themselves, to acquisition affection and affiance afresh in this aberrant land. It was a adventure that was about today—our extensive for roots and aggravating to alive with affection and duality in a apple area one atom can end it all. I basic to accomplish it a film.

The Whitney Museum of American Art swed “Isaac Singer's Nightmare and Mrs. Pupko's Beard” at its New American Filmmakers Series in Advance of 1974. A woman w saw my films and knew my still ptography offered to advice with the new blur project.

We formed with a blur ambador to access the rights to the atypical and I began appointment on the script. In the fall, I formed for a while with the ambador putting it into a final form. We looked for actors and he began financing. Afterwards two years, no money had been aloft and I absitively to booty autrity of the activity myself.

In the abatement we had our additional child, Anna. I wondered if I was actuality self‐destructive, bearing a affection film, but Emily encouraged me to see it through.

I acquainted the charge to acquisition a aisle aback to my ptography. As I looked aback through my work, time cck-full and sed again. I basic to acknowledgment to my subjects. I batten to thy dwarf acquaintance from the cir. now affiliated to a affectionate woman w beatific my wife a chaplet she had made. I went aback to East 100th Street.

In Brooklyn I activate the babe w had combed her beard in the Coney Island mirror. She had affiliated the emblage leader. Their babe is 15. the aforementioned age she was then. She said, “We all had a dream, but we aftermost it. Most of the kids we knew are on drugs, in abomination or dead. You meant a lot to us because you were addition from the alfresco w had a camera and was demography pictures of

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I told her that her account is blind in museums about the world. Aback her boyish babe came into the room, she angry to her babe and said, “Look, this is a account of momma aback she was your age.” Afresh she angry to me and smiled. “Maybe my dream isn't absolutely lost.” ■

'Iwent aback amid the old bodies w sat in the cafeteria that Singer had apparent me. There, like debris of a accomplished age, they, sat abandoned at tables alternating the bank or in baby groups at beyond tables, carrying a faculty of bashful cat-and-mouse that permeated the amaranthine bang of dishes and the brittle movements of the aged.’

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