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In the accomplished several years, the beard extension, wigs and hair-piece articulation of the industry has apparent accelerated growth, one aen it actuality added actomed and beneath anathema amid consumers. Audience accept become beneath bashful about the chat surrounding beard accident and beard thinning, seeing this cl as hair-fashion, as adjoin to aloof hair-loss camouflagers.

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And that uptick in the HAIR cl is alone continuing to increase. According to ysis conducted by MODERN SALON, 71% of addendum professionals see business growing alike added this year.

Extension casework are fueled by actualization (trends in blush and length) and action (hair loss, thinning, a admiration for volume). The majority of audience get extensions for fashion, but about as abounding appee them due to beard accident and beard abrasion concerns. If you are attractive to abound your addendum business, it’s capital to fo on both catalysts.

Of course, you best absolutely suld be attractive to yze your own extension, wigs and arrangement business! 57% of respondents in our ysis abstraction see extensions as added acceptable than added casework they offer.

About one-third of stylists administer extensions on one or added audience per week, wever, added stylists are accepting complex in extensions, with 38% of professionals accepting offered to audience for three years or less. Earlier adopters accept backward with the segment, with 22% of stylists accepting added than 10 years’ acquaintance with extensions.

So what’s endlessly you? Well, according to our survey, a few things.

When salon professionals were asked “what hair-loss artefact categories are you best ured affairs in the salon?” Alone 43% of respondents said extensions. But, back asked what would set them up for success, added than bisected said apprenticeship about their options, including brands, adapter metds, actual and more.

About one-third of salon pros said they would get added complex if “more of my audience were absorbed or asked about beard accident ucts.”

We are activity to deep-e into arrest whatever is endlessly you from ablution a booming addendum business. MODERN asked experts from added than 20 brands to allotment their tips and techniques from orted questions or situations you may be faced with.

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Armed with this knowledge, stylists can admonition audience accomplish their dream beard through salon casework or retail solutions. From the consultation, to blush matching, for the best arrangement for specific applicant scenarios, get accessible for beard extension, wig and arrangement 101.

Why are hair-extension casework so acceptable for stylists and salons?“Hair extensions are a tom specialty that is baffled over time,” says Kristina Barricelli, beard extensions able w works with Hairdo. “Anything that is tom and a specialty specifically, there is a college allegation for a stylist’s time in the adorableness industry. It's additionally a affluence account and audience are accommodating to pay a exceptional for that.”

What are some means salons and stylists can bazaar their beard addendum services? How do they about-face an absolute applicant into a beard addendum client?“I begin the best able way for me is to accept beard extensions on-hand in my salon,” says Beau Dieda, addendum specialist and The Beard Sp Brand Ambador. “The applicant can see and feel the beard that is displayed so it automatically ss the chat afterwards me as the stylist accepting to advance it on them. Already my audience ask about beard extensions, it opens the aperture to brainwash them on all the allowances beard extensions can provide.

“With several types of extensions on the market, there is a band-aid for every woman out there. Some women accept ertive aation areas, decidedly on the abandon of the head. I about advance appliance the extensions to admonition ample in these aation areas. So abounding women attempt with this and their faces ablaze up back they see the aberration fabricated with aloof a few extensions added.

“My admonition would be to booty The Beard Sp’s Addendum Master Cl to apprentice all the altered means you can adapt a band-aid for every client!  Simply alive what’s activity to ignment and administration this with your audience is the best way to bazaar addendum services.”

Please explain to our readers the best way to blush beard extensions, including tips and tricks, best practices, and w they can apprentice more. “Coloring extensions is adequately accessible but aloof takes backbone and affluence of time,” says Nanci Lee, Abundant Lengths USA Sr. Design Team Director and National Educator. “Before you blush the extensions, with your applicant in your armchair booty a baby allotment of the swatch beard and lay it adjoin her arch on the top and in the breadth you are activity to lengthen. Abundant Lengths comes in added than 60 shades, so it is attenuate you will charge to blush the extensions. We acclaim allotment two to three colors or added and alternating them in the appliance for a actomed and seamless blend. If you still charge to change the tone, aces the extensions that are aing to but hardly lighter than the adapted color. Consistently booty a ysis fiber to accomplish abiding you are annoyed with the results. We accept begin with our Abundant Lengths Extensions that they angular on the air-conditioned ancillary back colored. If you charge an ashier tone, use a aloof color, if you charge them warm, aim the blush you administer hardly warmer than you want. Consistently over-saturate the hair, alive the blush in able-bodied to abstain amalgamation on the extensions. Appliance semi, demi or 10 aggregate blush on the extensions works well. To abstain damage, you don’t appee to lift or achromatize the addendum hair.  Because addendum beard is advised and frequently absolute with a bolt dye, it responds abnormally than your client’s hair.”

What is the best way to bout beard extensions to a client’s absolute beard color?“A acceptable or bad blush bout can accomplish or breach your addendum service,” says Katherine Lewis, Bellami advance drillmaster and stylist. “First things first, get your lighting on point! Actomed lighting (but not direct) and a admixture of florescent is the best to blush bout in. Fo alone on the ends of the beard and not the base. The ends are what you are extending and blending. And don’t be abashed of appliance added than aloof one color—really advance these extensions to actualize depth, ambit and actomed contrast. This will accomplish your ignment attending big-ticket and luxe.”

How can stylists add artistic blush afterwards abating hair? "Fashion colors are actuality to stay, that's for sure, but not anybody wants to lighten, or is able to lighten, their beard in adjustment to advance actualization colors.” says Haley Garber, Platinum Seamless Social Brand Ambador. “This is area extensions accomplish a great option! You get actualization blush with no accident and no fading. It's a win-win situation. Another benefit is w bound you can add actualization blush to beard no amount what their actomed blush is! Both tape-ins and blow ins are abundant for this, and with Platinum Seamless you can accept either."

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What beard accessory solutions are there for audience w don’t appee maintenance?“HUW Pro Clip-ins are versatile and tomizable,” says Nanci Lee, Abundant Lengths USA Sr. Design Team Director and National Educator. “You can volumize, amplify or add blush to your audience beard with actual low maintenance. It is recommended that HUW Pro is awash as a account and not a retail item. For example, let’s say you accept a applicant with abrasion beard on the sides. Her stylist can accept the best blush from our bout book, tom blush and cut the clip-in beard if necessary, and actualization the applicant w to abode them in her hair. The applicant can again adjudge back and area she would like to abrasion them depending on her time.”

What beard accessory solutions are there for audience w don’t appee maintenance? “When audience appee beard enhancements that don’t crave a lot of maintenance, I acclaim clip-on beard pieces, such as House of European Beard Clip-On Top Allotment with Bangs,” says Doris Yu, buyer and arch stylist for Hairart Salon in West Hollywood. “This is abnormally acceptable for women w accept abrasion beard genitalia and charge a little added aggregate on top, attenuated in with the blow of their hair.  They blow on to absolute beard with a few clips already sewn into the beard allotment and again are unclipped and removed at the end of the day.  It’s ablaze and adequate to wear. “House of European Beard clip-on pieces are all fabricated appliance 100% Virgin European beard and are accessible in a advanced array of colors which you can adapt by aba highlights, low-lights or a ablaze anatomy wave, again actualization as usual.  Because it is animal hair, all it would crave is a approved sulfate-free absterge and conditioner, again dry appliance low calefaction and abundance in a zip bag or bolt pouch.”

Long, admirable beard is accessible acknowledgment to extensions, but what if a applicant is attractive for a able style? What can adorableness pros acquaint audience w are abashed about the versatility of their actualization back cutting extensions?

“The allowances of extensions are for breadth and fullness, but it can additionally extend into acclimation blush or cuts,” says Mickey Colon Jr., Advance Artist and Educator, Hotheads Beard Extensions. “We action four altered lengths for what is bare to accomplish the adapted look. Versatility is fabricated accessible by able appliance and education. Hotheads has a specific adjustment and adjustment to acquiesce up-styling to be an accessible process. Braided styles and top knots are some of our favorites, abnormally with the trend is of distressed, apart looks actuality in style. Styling the beard in curls is one of my admired looks, as I ignment a lot with artlessly coiled hair. I adulation to actor the arrangement of the client’s actomed hair. It is all about the admeasurement of the adamant and the administration of crimper as to what you will achieve.”

What makes for a acknowledged addendum appointment and a blessed client?“The key to a acknowledged addendum appointment is compionate your guest’s beard goals and free w extensions can best fit their lifestyle,” says Marcelle Bauman, Luxia Artiss educator. “As addendum stylists, we are breaking bottomward what can about be a alarming action into a adequate and barefaced account of guidelines for addendum success. Abounding audience ambition to accept the adequate beard of their dreams but accept questions about w extensions and their aliment will fit into their actomed lifestyle. Will they be comfortable? Will they accident my actomed hair? How continued will they last? By laying out the background and including our applicant in the process, our bedfellow can blow ured that their beard is actuality taken affliction of and they can be aflame about uredly accepting the attending they’ve consistently wanted.”

What blazon of applicant suld accede wigs or hairpieces?“Celebrating 20 years of alms the Raquel Welch Collection, I am consistently abashed by audience that aloof appee an another attending and not alone get their beard colored, cut, and styled –they end up purchasing a wig,” says Anne Kelley, buyer of A.K.’s Beard Studio, Grand Junction, Colorado. “It aloof happened this weekend, a applicant that has been disturbing growing her beard out from an abrupt spa/salon appointment on a vacation purchased a bob-length-style wig and a best actualization because she capital the attending NOW! Barriers accept been burst with all ages absent ertive styles and colors in an instant, and as we apperceive strands of beard can alone abound so fast and be black from one hue to the aing afterwards compromise! I accept consistently had wigs on affectation for retail and that creates an actual sales for tse actualization clients, but it additionally relaxes the medical charge applicant anon back they accessible the aperture to the salon. Medical charge for beard accident solutions in the salon apple abominably grows and grows, be it illness, medication, abusage of extensions application, blush mishaps, and of advance some audience accept no beard so they are comforted as they access as well.”

How can extensionists actualize the best acquaintance for a first-time client?“Extensions can absolutely transform your applicant in a way that a cut or a blush sometimes can’t,” says Alex Pardo, co-owner Aesthetic Beard Co and TruMatch expert. “You can accord a new applicant the beard of her dreams, or the beard she couldn’t abound herself, and it can absolutely change their life! The best way to accept a applicant feel adequate is to explain the action of installing, aliment in salon and at me, and autritative abiding you acknowledgment all of their questions to the best of your knowledge. Also, uming them your portfolio can admonition abundance them with the process. Already they see that you apperceive what you’re doing, they become cool adequate with the action and urance you as a professional.”

Hair abrasion is such a acute topic. How suld stylists access the accountable of abrasion beard afterwards behind their clients?“The aboriginal affair that comes to apperception back I see this catechism is what are the audience cerebration or feeling?” says Bernard Ory, National Director of Apprenticeship for SHE Beard USA. “Are they aated by it? Do they alike apprehend there is a solution? Are they ashamed to ask? Do they ane accepting added beard will attending aberrant or old ancient like the wigs and toupees of the past? Is it too expensive? While some are actomed with the solutions available, abounding audience are absent to the actuality that they could acutely advance their actualization with aloof a little added hair. Don’t be abashed to allocution to them about it! There is an adapted and able way to altercate the affair with your clients.

New srt wavy human hair full lace bob wig with bangs peruvian ...

“S with the solution. Stylists accept had amazing success by implementing this simple, non-threatening strategy. Try allurement this catechism to every abrasion applicant for a week: How would you feel about autritative your beard a little thicker? Do it with a big smile and while comatose your arch yes. Afterwards all, best bodies appee thicker hair! Keep it simple and able but try not to use industry agreement like beard extensions or beard replacement. Instead, call the account that you recommend. This avoids any abrogating prejudices that the applicant may accept from antecedent misinformation. For example, if your applicant has abrasion beard on the top of the arch call the band-aid this way: ‘I can administer a thin, bark like film that has injected beard that appears to be growing anon from your attic already it is applied! Let me actualization you this abbreviate video about it.’ If the applicant is attenuate on the abandon conceivably access the band-aid in this way: ‘I can add aloof a few strands of animal beard to your absolute beard and that will accomplish an absurd difference.’ The fo is to accomplish the chump feel comfortable, foed and aflame about accessible solutions while aspersing the embarrment that about accompanies beard loss.

How suld stylists access the accountable of abrasion beard afterwards behind clients?“As the fastest growing cl in the able beard affliction industry additional alone to beard color, we charge to apperceive the facts and be able to adviser our guests to the best solutions for their needs,” says Tina McIntosh, International Beard Addendum Educator for Hairvisions. “We abstruse a continued time ago to never action up a botheration afterwards alms solutions through articles and casework during the consultation. The aforementioned lds accurate in the thinning-hair market. Watch for tse affairs cues and accept to the descriptors your bedfellow puts out there for you

“Vitamin D deficiency,  iron absence and a apathetic thyroid are accepted affidavit for beard thinning. As we are not doctors, it is our job and my charge to acquaint this to our guests and acclaim options. Get them to acquaint you their adventure and consistently action articles acclamation the problem. I accomplish it my job not alone to action tse solutions but additionally chase up at consecutive visits.  “I about accelerate my guests to specialty professionals.  Even if your salon is not departmentalized, it’s difficult to apperceive aggregate about everything. If the affair is out of your ambit of knowledge, acquisition trusted ets and accomplice up with them. Triclogy clinics and beard backup studios about are so specialized in acceptable bodies with their hair-loss needs, they are not absorbed in accepting cuts and colors. It’s acceptable you will augment anniversary added new business and abound together.”

How can hairpieces, wigs and extensions admonition audience with abrasion beard or medically induced loss? “The allowances of beard extensions, hairpieces and wigs are multifaceted,” says Hannah Burnett, architect of American Hairlines. “Hair extensions can be acclimated to add length, aggregate or array to accomplished or abrasion hair. For men or women experiencing added accelerating beard accident that beard extensions will not be able to conceal, top of the arch integrations, abounding or fractional beard backup would be a bigger band-aid for them. A wig can additionally be the absolute bout for anyone activity through chemo treatments, experiencing astringent alopecia, trictillomania or added added accelerating beard accident disorders. Whether it be acting or continued term, hairpieces, wigs and beard extensions accomplish the applicant attending and feel their best no amount the bearings they are facing. The appulse is far added than aloof physical. It can additionally acutely admonition them with their self-esteem, aplomb and brainy well-being.”

How can extensions or hairpieces be acclimated to actualize the apparition of layers afterwards commitment? How can extensions be acclimated to actualize volume?“Just like Hairtalk extensions can actualize blush furnishings afterwards chemicals, we can now actualize layers afterwards shears,” says Alicia Iannone, Master Drillmaster for Hairtalk Extensions. “If your applicant is acquisitive a 21” look, you can administer that breadth aboriginal for a few rows, again as you ignment up the head, add in our 17” extensions to actualize seamless layers afterwards accepting to cut them in. By aculation orted lengths you can actualize a beautifully layered apparition in no time!”

Bridal audience are a actomed fit for beard extensions. Any admonition on w stylists can get special-occasion audience absorbed in beard extensions for their big day?“When dissing your client’s dream bells beard style, ask them to actualization you some of their afflatus pictures,” says Alyssa Romero, Halocouture Master Educator. “This is a acceptable time to point out that creating continued abounding styles or complicated up-dos requires extensions to accomplish the attending they want. An Original HALO, Layered HALO, Fall and Tape-In Extensions are all absolute solutions.”

For added on this segment, and folio afterwards folio of agreeable and ysis surrounding the category, appointment modernsalon.com/hairplus. And, for a abounding HAIR immersion, appear the HAIR Summit in Atlanta this September. Get added advice at hairplussummit.com.

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