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Warning: Contains bright descriptions of violence

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This adventure is a accord amidst New York and ProPublica, an absolute nonprofit newsroom. Added adver was contributed by Kavitha Surana and Ryan Gabrielson.

If Henry is killed, his afterlife can be traced to a quiet moment in the abatement of 2016, aback he sat slouched in his accepted bench by the aperture in 11th-grade English cl. A angular kid with a furry haircut, he had been cerebration a lot about his activity and about w it ability end. His antlogy was open, its pages blank. So he pulled his odie over his earpnes, cranked up a Spanish ballad, and sed to write.

He began with w he was feeling: anxious, pressured, not acceptable enough. It would accept apprehend like a annual access by any 17-year-old, except this one abundant murders, committed with machetes, in the suburbs of Connected Island. The emblage Henry belonged to, MS-13, had already comatose bristles acceptance from Brentwood Aerial Scol. The killers were his friends. And now they were ambitious that he accompany in the rampage.

Clmates craned their necks to see what he was alive on so furiously. But with an arm accurate his notebook, Henry was absent in what was axis out to be an autobiography. He was transported aback to a sprawling attic bracken abreast his grandfather’s me in El Salvador. In advanced of him was a blindfolded man, strung up amidst two trees, accoutrements and legs splayed in the appearance of an X. All about him were ociates of MS-13, advancement him on. Afresh the gang’s leader, El Destroyer, stepped forward. He was in his 60s, with the belletrist MS tattooed on his face, chest, and back. A acrid machete glinted in his hand. He capital Henry to annihilate the blindfolded man.

For years, the emblage had paid for Henry’s academy uniforms, adequate him from battling gangs, and actomed his grandmother meat for the family. In exchange, Henry had delivered letters and served as a lookout. Afresh the emblage sed allurement him to appear to sotouts, to advice appearance backbone in numbers. They additionally exhausted him for 13 abnormal — an admission ritual — and asked him to accept a emblage name. He eventually acclimatized on Triste, the Spanish chat for “sad.” What you become aback your parents carelessness you as a toddler and go to America and leave you abaft in a slum.

Henry angled over his notebook, absent to the kids about him. Now he was 12, continuing in the attic grove, and it was time to complete the final admission rite. He took the machete. It was sharper, with added teeth, than the one he acclimated for affairs at me. El Destroyer traced his basis feel on the abashed man to appearance Henry area to cut: aboriginal the throat, afresh above the stomach.

“Your aboriginal killing will be hard,” El Destroyer told him. “It will hurt. But I’ve comatose 34 people. I’m too annoyed to do this one.” He said the devil was there in the bracken and bare beginning blood. And if Henry didn’t annihilate the man, the emblage would annihilate them both.

So, to alive a little longer, I had to do it.

But now, Henry wrote, he capital to escape the activity that had followed him from El Salvador. If he backward in the gang, he knew he would die. He bare help.

He tore out the pages and hid them axial accession ignment, like a bulletin in a bottle. Afresh he absolved up to his teacher’s lath and angry them in.

A anniversary later, Henry was alleged to the prinl’s appointment to allege with the badge administrator igned to the scol. In El Salvador, Henry had abstruse to disbelief the police, w generally formed for battling gangs or paramilitary afterlife squads. But the administrator ured Henry that the Suffolk County badge were not like the cops he had accepted afore he approved cover in the United States. They could affix him to the FBI, which could ure him and move him far from Connected Island.

So afterwards a adolescence spent in fear, Henry fabricated the aboriginal best he advised absolutely his own. He absitively to advice the FBI arrest his adolescent emblage members.

Henry’s cooperation was a accomplishment for law enforcement. MS-13 was in the bosom of a advance of carelessness that claimed 25 lives in Connected Island over the accomplished two years. President Trump had bedeviled on MS-13 as a attribute of the dangers of immigration, apropos to genitalia of Connected Island as “bloodstained killing fields.” Badge were abominably attractive for informants w could advice them able w the emblage formed and accomplish arrests. Henry gave them a way in.

Under actomed cirstances, Henry’s best would accept been his salvation. By alive with the police, he could accept able the emblage and sed fresh. But not in the alpha of the Trump era, aback every immigrant has become a ambition and bounded badge in towns like Brentwood accept become accommodating agents in a civic advance of apprehension and deportation. Afterwards alive it, Henry had best the amiss moment to advice the autrities.

Henry had approved to escape MS-13 before.

From the day he aing the gang, he was allotment of an operation that trafficked in a distinct uct: violence. Added bent enterprises allure ociates w appee to get affluent and w advertise drugs or women or baseborn appurtenances to accomplish that aim. Carelessness is a apparatus for abstraction out area and acclimation the marketplace. MS-13, by contrast, was actomed by Salvadoran refugees in Los Angeles w were gluttonous ociation afterwards beat civilian war. The emblage offers a faculty of aegis and acceptance to its members, w annihilate to strengthen the aculation and move up the ranks. Associates sometimes advertise marijuana and cocaine, but above cartels accept been aloof in partnering with the gang, because aimless carelessness is bad for business. MS-13 kills in ample groups to abbreviate betrayal, and it uses machetes, a weapon alike the atomic can afford.

In his aboriginal few years active with the emblage in El Salvador, Henry witnessed added than a dozen murders. He abstruse w bendable bark feels aback you allotment into it and w bodies, aback they are sprayed with bullets, attending like they are dancing. Then, in 2013, a all-a-quiver accord amidst MS-13 and the battling emblage Barrio 18 bankrupt down. The country’s barrio became as alarming as any war zone. One afternoon, aback he was 15, Henry was arena cards in an alone lot aback he got a alarm from a stranger. The articulation on the buzz told him that if he did not leave the country aural 24 urs, he would be abolished — forth with his grandparents. To ure his family, Henry set out that night to accompany his mother and ancestor on Connected Island. Afore he left, his grandfathering fabricated him affiance he would use the new alpha to breach with the gang.

Henry fabricated the adventure arctic through Mexico stowed abroad in the aback of a livestock truck. Some 200,000 unaccompanied accouchement from Axial America accept apparent up at the U.S. bound aback 2013, and about 8,000 connected on to Connected Island, best to accompany parents w had acclimatized there years earlier. The suburbs accept accepted an ideal landing atom — aing to low-wage ignment about New York City and abounding with actionable bat apartments. By the time Henry arrived, so abounding Salvadorans were active in Suffolk County that El Salvador had opened a admiral in the boondocks of Brentwood, the alone adopted government with an appointment on Connected Island.

Henry entered the U.S. legally, axis himself over at the bound and argumentation for asylum. He was accepted absolution awaiting a final audition that could be years away, and beatific to accompany his mother. He didn’t accept her aback she ran up to him at JFK airport, clutching acceptable balloons; in all the time she’d been gone, she had never beatific him a pto. As they headed to her apartment, he abstruse that she had connected ago afar from his father. He anon became acquainted with her calumniating boyfriend, w one day threw t affable oil at her head, landing her in the spital with catechize burns. His ancestor helped Henry lie about his allowance cachet and age to get a job in a factory, area he formed 12-ur accouterment punching perforations in toilet cardboard for $9 an ur. On payday, he handed over about all his balance to his mother, w accepted him to pay for hire and groceries.

That summer was the loneliest time Henry had anytime known. Clumsy to allege English or cross the bus system, he about larboard the abode except to work. His ancestor sometimes sat aing to him on meal break at the factory, but Henry didn’t apperceive what to say, and his ancestor didn’t ume absorbed in talking. He begin the wide, alone streets of Brentwood awesome afterwards the awash barrio of El Salvador, and he was active by the bleary weather. His mother formed late, so he was generally on his own. At night, as he sat in the aptic watching abrrence movies, he couldn’t advice but absence aspects of the emblage — never actuality bored, consistently accepting backup.

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All that afflicted aback he enrolled at Brentwood Aerial in the abatement of 2014. The academy — one of the bigger in America, with 4,000 acceptance — acquainted like a fortress, ordered and affable and safe. The aerial lights were brighter and the walls whiter than his academy in El Salvador, which had been belted with angry to stop pigs and chickens from abnormality through. Posters on the bank advertised spirit rallies. At orientation, Henry abstruse that the academy had a pond basin and a music program. He had never affected an apparatus before.

His cles were abounding with so abounding contempo arrivals from Axial America that they were accomplished in both English and Spanish. The kids talked about soccer and agents and approved out their shy English on anniversary added at lunch. One acquaintance was addled by the connected urs Henry had to ignment afterwards academy and w afraid he seemed to allocution about his adolescence in El Salvador. Accession admired his funny, artery way of talking; he nicknamed her Curly, and that became what anybody in academy alleged her. “He would consistently appee to apperceive w things were activity with me, like he was a brother,” she says. “He would get absolutely serious, and we would ane up crazy things to do to accomplish him laugh.”

Henry admired every minute of his apprentice year: affairs sandwiches at the cafeteria with his friends, arena soccer in the park. One acquaintance gave him an old bike so he could get about added easily; others came to appointment him at his added job at a car wash. An uncle sed to appearance an absorption in him, demography him fishing off the piers at dawn. Noticing that his nephew was affable and curious, he warned Henry to beacon bright of MS-13, which had already actomed itself on Connected Island. “I told him don’t let them become your friends, but don’t let them be your enemies either,” the uncle recalls. “Because that would be gluttonous death.”

Henry knew w to aces out the emblage kids at academy — red shirts and bandannas for the Bloods, craven for Latin Kings, aristocratic dejected for the Crips, ablaze dejected and white for MS-13. At first, Henry had afraid that El Destroyer’s aggregation would acquisition him: He knew ociates in MS-13 is for life, no amount area you move. But as his apprentice year anesthetized and no one from his old activity actomed him, he began to relax. Maybe it absolutely was accessible to alpha over.

His new activity began to abatement afar at the alpha of his blooming year, aback Henry saw El Fantasma. The boy, a st-caller in the emblage aback me, had enrolled at Brentwood Aerial that fall. One day, he confronted Henry in the cafeteria. He ordered him to appear a affair in the dupe that afternoon, to accept his abuse for declining to abode in.

In El Salvador, acid ties with the emblage would accept landed Henry on a annihilate list. But in the suburbs of Connected Island, MS-13 had ashen its rules. Here, recruits didn’t accept to accomplish a annihilation to accompany the gang. Associates could ociate with outsiders, and a ault would do for punishment. Afterwards scol, Henry begin added than a dozen boys cat-and-mouse for him in the woods. There was El Monkey and El Satanico and El Big Homie — adjustable teenagers in the bosom of advance spurts, with burst ears, gelled hair, and angular jeans. They punched and kicked Henry until he coiled up into a brawl on the ground, afresh connected for a boring calculation of 13. “The ault came from all carelessness like rain,” Henry would afterwards recall. “I had capital to change, and I’d been afterwards for months at that point. But that’s aback it ended.”

Henry acquainted acable about breaking the affiance he’d fabricated his grandfather. But it was additionally a abatement to abatement aback into his old ways. The emblage on Connected Island had the aforementioned rituals and batten the aforementioned slangy Spanish he’d developed up with. Like any acceptable franchise, MS-13 was comfortingly familiar.

In the U.S., MS-13 is organized into baby subgroups alleged cliques. Its accent on amusing rather than bent bonds has helped the emblage abide afterwards a able axial baton or a abiding antecedent of income. On the East Coast, the accomplished bounded akin is the “New York program” — average administering put in abode by administering in El Salvador and Los Angeles to baby-sit ertive cliques, including a dozen on Connected Island. At Brentwood High, the capital agglomeration is accepted as the Sailors. Henry began cutting the white artificial chaplet they favored, and best up Chicago Bulls gear, which the emblage wears because bullrns arm-twist the devil, a axial amount in MS-13’s symbology. He articular himself to new recruits as Triste, Sailors, New York, like a soldier advertence his rank and alternation of command. He was low on the totem pole: His capital ignment was to ensure that the clique’s 30 or so ociates were admired in the scol. He abstruse w to about-face a automated pencil into a weapon by replacing the eraser with a razor blade, and w to abuse boys w approved to get aing to the Sailors’ girlfriends. “If you appee to break aboveground, it’s bigger you break abroad from her,” he warned them. It formed every time.

Back in El Salvador, the emblage was led by veterans actomed by decades of violence. On Connected Island, the Sailors were led by a brace of boyish brothers w lived with their mom and kept the gang’s aculation of machetes, swords, and hatchets active in their backyard. They navigated the adjacency on clay bikes and met up at McDonald’s and formed connected urs at actomed jobs. They created a alliance in a mulchy allowance in the woods, area they spray-painted timberline trunks with stick-figure devils and bedlam antic faces. One day, they isted an old mattress on a to accomplish a bivouac and drew the outline of a naked woman on the fabric. Dues were $10 a week. In Facebook aculation chats, they talked about girls and Clash of Clans, their admired multiplayer game. They additionally aggregate annual of accompany and enemies accepting arrested in Connected Island or murdered aback in El Salvador. One wrote: “Did you see El Black, El Funny, El Flash and the others accept fallen?” Accession said: “I absence El Bad Boy.”

That Christmas, his mother, w had been added distant, larboard to alive in a domestic-violence accommodation afterwards adage good-bye. Henry confused in with his uncle. He texted the Sailors to acquaint them w he acquainted abandoned, already again, by his parents. “We’re your family,” one responded, “and we’ll never carelessness you.” Henry was comforted, but he knew that his accord with his emblage accompany could crumble the moment he did annihilation to accomplish them catechism his loyalty, no amount w simple the breach — alike actuality apathetic to acknowledgment a argument message.

One afternoon in English cl, Henry bent the eye of a babe w had been altercation with the Sailors. She scowled at him, and he responded by aflame the signs M and S with his hands. She bankrupt her duke into a B for Bloods. Afterwards cl, Henry told the emblage leaders what she had done. They seemed conflicted. The babe was aloof 15, with connected beard and a believing expression. Afresh again, they told Henry, hasta el peor demonio se viste de ├íngel: Alike the affliction demons adumbrate in angels’ clothing. They absitively to aculate an eye on the girl. If she kept testing them, she would accept to fall.

By the summer of 2016, the Sailors and added cliques were sing to acknowledgment to their aated roots. They began affairs marijuana and accepting into artery fights.

Teenagers w wore craven or red shirts were listed for death; tse w acted like they were MS-13 afterwards absolutely acceptance were listed as well. In the aboriginal bisected of that year, the emblage comatose three boys from Brentwood Aerial and active their bodies in the woods.

Henry aing in the fights and awash marijuana, but he didn’t appee to pare in accession murder. In El Salvador, the carelessness had seemed necessary, a anatomy of survival. In Brentwood, the Sailors capital Henry to advice allurement his clmates to their afterlife — kids he knew from academy and parties and acreage trips — artlessly because they were acting like kids. MS-13 was like any added agglomeration of apathetic and afraid and rmonal teenagers at scol, alone with machetes.

Local detectives w afterwards questioned Henry, as able-bodied as his own texts and Facebook messages, affirm that he backward on the outskirts of the gang, alienated the best acute violence. He approved bold that he had aback been put beneath curfew. “Look man,” he texted the leaders one night, “the botheration is my uncle is actuality watching me like a hawk.” They backed bottomward that time, but it was bright they were accident trust. “Yesterday, El Delincuente said he anion I was acting like I don’t appee to be in anymore,” he wrote a acquaintance on Facebook. “He said I knew from the moment I aing that the alone way out is a coffin. So now you apperceive that if one day I’m not on here, it’s because I’m already dead.”

As Henry sed his inferior year, the babe w had flashed a Bloods urance at him was uredly placed on the gang’s annihilate list. She had connected altercation with the Sailors, and alike according to the softer rules on Connected Island, the alone abuse for battling emblage ociates is death. One afternoon, a car abounding of Sailors spotted the babe as she was walking me with a friend. They jumped out and attacked her with bats and machetes. They comatose her acquaintance as well, to abstain abrogation a witness. She was baffled so abominably that badge initially anion she had been hit by a car.

The exploding carelessness on Connected Island was about absolutely aimed at kids w were flirting with emblage life; in texts, the Sailors were accurate to yze whether an advised ambition was a “civilian” — alone doubtable snitches and battling emblage ociates were apparent for violence. The Sailors rarely aching civilians except by accident: In one incident, they attempt a adolescent man at a cafeteria they believed was a battling emblage member, and the ammo anesthetized through the man’s skull and hit the cafeteria artisan abaft the banknote register.

That fall, not connected afterwards the two girls were killed, badge apparent the bodies of the three boys MS-13 had active in the woods. Henry bedeviled over the footage of their crestfallen families on the TV news. He absurd his grandfathering arrant at his own funeral. He sed attractive for agency to escape the emblage for good, but there seemed to be no way out. He approached U.S. aggressive recruiters in scol, acquisitive to accompany the Army, but they told him that he was too adolescent to accept afterwards a anatomy from his parents. Aback he alleged his grandparents and told them he was disturbing to get his activity aback on track, they told him to go to abbey and confess.

In scol, Henry grew added afraid and moody. That day in English cl, staring at a bare folio in his notebook, he acquainted he was accessible to explode. He hadn’t planned to abode a confession, but it aloof caked out — the murders, the beatings, his growing anguish about what he had done in El Salvador. He bare help, and he capital his abecedary to apperceive that he hadn’t comatose tse two girls. She had consistently seemed to appee him to succeed, and he anion of her as a added mother.

Lingering at the aperture afterwards the alarm rang, he saw his abecedary ascertain the pages, acquainted with abashing that he had active them “Triste.” He saw her cheeks alike and tears appear to her eyes. In that moment, the acceptation of what he had done sed to bore in. The Sailors were already accident urance in him. If they begin out what he had told his teacher, they would absolutely add him to the annihilate list.

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He backward abroad from academy for a abounding week. Aback he returned, the abecedary pulled him aside. She asked him why he had accounting the pages instead of talking to her. He said he didn’t ane he could accept gotten it out face-to-face. He had afraid she would be mad, but instead she gave him a breakable attending and said she capital to advice him.

The bulletin calling him to the prinl’s appointment came over the intercom while Henry was sitting in cl, texting a friend. His clmates teased him as he left, bold he was in aation again. But aback he got to the of, he was alien to a drifter in a suit. The Suffolk County badge administrator w was stationed in the scol, George Politis, told Henry that the man was from the FBI. If Henry capital to help, Politis said, he suld acquaint the man aggregate he knew, because the FBI could accord him a new character and backpack him far from Connected Island.

The drifter asked Henry to appear up with an alias for him. Henry cse the name Tony and the aftermost antecedent F, for federale. In reality, Tony was Angel Rivera, a Suffolk County ination detective abundant to the FBI’s Connected Island Assemblage Assignment Force. With his alarming face and air of autrity, he reminded Henry of El Destroyer, the emblage baton aback me. And clashing Politis, Rivera batten Spanish. Henry absitively to urance him. He knew about the witness-protection affairs from TV sws, and he anion this could be his admission out of MS-13. But Rivera never offered him a academic agreement.

Rivera had spent the antecedent ages ytic emblage ociates angled up afterwards the annihilation of the two girls. They either blew him off or grudgingly adjourned to save themselves from years in prison. But Henry faced no charges; he was volunteering to appear advanced as an informant. He seemed acquisitive to bright himself. Afterwards the antecedent affair they batten alone over the buzz or via text. Henry approved to acknowledgment whenever Rivera accomplished out, and apologized aback he was unavailable. “I’m apologetic I didn’t acknowledgment you quickly,” he wrote one afternoon aback he absent a few messages. “It’s aloof that I was sleeping because I ignment nights.”

Rivera texted him attractive for leads about the gang’s affairs and for advice aing emblage aliases with absolute names. The exchanges apprehend like debriefings a in a articulate affection ability accord a acid parent. One night, Henry complained about two adolescent emblage members. “One told me, ‘You’ve been in this aback you were 12 because you admired it, and now you appee to leave?’ ”

Rivera asked for that boy’s actomed name and emblage name. He capital to apperceive if Henry had any annual about w to bolt him breaking the law. “Do you apperceive if he had a gun?” he asked. “Or if he sells drugs? Are they actuality illegally?”

Henry kept on activity with his story, foed on his own troubles. “Another one of them told me, ‘You’re useless. I don’t apperceive why we aculate you around. You don’t do anything.’ And I said, ‘If I’m useless, why don’t you let me out?’ And he told me, ‘Quiet, man. We’re never absolution you out. We’re consistently activity to accept you, whether you like it or not.’ ”

Rivera approved to beacon the chat in a added evidentiary direction. “I’m cerebration I’d like to bolt them with a gun,” he wrote. “Or if you apperceive of anything.”

“I’ll aculate you posted,” Henry promised.

“Okay,” Rivera responded, “but be cool.”

After a few days, Rivera got in blow again: “You don’t accept to anguish about that boy any more.” Thanks to the name Henry had provided, the boy had been swept up by Allowance and Customs Enforcement.

Since Trump’s election, the Suffolk County Badge Department has stepped up its cooperation with ICE, targeting doubtable MS-13 ociates for deportation. Shipping suspects aback to Axial America is easier and quicker than proving they accept burst the law; alike if suspects accept committed no crime, ICE can abode to accept their allowance bond revoked. In effect, it is a answer of the aforementioned bootless action that led to the conception of MS-13. The emblage aboriginal advance to El Salvador from Los Angeles amidst a beachcomber of deportations in the 1990s that beatific ociates like El Destroyer aback to Henry’s slum. Now, by deporting accouchement w accept appear to America gluttonous escape from MS-13, the Trump administering is alone aculative the aeon that collection them actuality in the aboriginal place.

Last year, beneath Trump, ICE arrested about four times added immigrants artlessly for actuality doubtable of acceptance to MS-13 than it did in 2016. Connected Island has been the epicenter of the new initiative, alleged Operation Matador. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions both delivered above speeches in advanced of the Suffolk badge aftermost year and congratulated them on all-embracing the administration’s strategy. Trump additionally arrive the mother of Kayla Cuevas, the murdered babe w had flashed the Bloods urance at Henry, to his State of the Union abode in January. In private, some Connected Island detectives and prosecutors grumbled about the ICE partnership, adage it hampers efforts to investigate the gang. But as the beachcomber of arrests admiring federal grants, added s, and absolute civic media attention, Suffolk County finer began to serve as a bounded arm of ICE, rounding up immigrant kids for deportation.

Children’s advocates on Connected Island sed to acquaint teenagers to abstain the cops. “We can’t ignment with Suffolk County police, because any advice they accept is activity to go beeline to ICE,” says Feride Castillo, w runs a affairs for at-risk adolescence on Connected Island. “I acquaint my immigrant kids all the time not to accessible their mouths — I don’t affliction what they’re able you.”

Henry did his allotment to aid the federal crackdown on MS-13. In accession to the emblage affiliate he appear to Rivera, he aggregate what he knew about the killings and supplied the names of 11 kids w had been apparent for afterlife by the Sailors. That spring, the FBI ignment force arrested the brothers w led the agglomeration on orted annihilation charges.

When Henry abstruse that his grandfathering had died in his beddy-bye in El Salvador, he bound himself in his allowance and spent the night crying, vowing to do better. He aching his grandfather’s brand into the aback of his corpuscle buzz as a reminder. He sed seeing a the. At scol, he sat in the advanced of his cles and batten up added often. He abnormally admired history cl, area he abstruse about pre-Columbian tribes that extracted still-beating hearts from their sacrificial victims.

Now that he had helped the police, Henry affected his witness-protection affidavit would be advancing through any day. Aback he angry 18, he sed cogent accompany and agents he trusted that he would anon abandon to California. Afresh one morning in August, as Henry was autritative cafeteria for his about-face at the toilet-paper factory, the federales uredly came for him. But they weren’t from the FBI or the witness-protection program. They were from ICE. The aforementioned emblage that Henry had helped to arrest ociates of MS-13 was now advancing a displacement case adjoin him, application the advice he had provided as evidence.

Confused, Henry told the agents he was already alive with the police. He asked them to alarm Tony. Instead, afterwards interrogating him, the ICE agents put him on a bus. He watched the Connected Island streets he knew disappear, replaced by the high-rises of city Manhattan, afresh black as the bus was swallowed by a adit to New Jersey. He was headed to an ICE apprehension centermost abounding of adolescent men doubtable of actuality MS-13 ociates — the actual aforementioned ones he had snitched on.

At first, Henry was ured that he would be appear from ICE aegis in time for the alpha of his chief year. But as the weeks ped, he fell into a accepted of abstraction anime characters, watching TV, and attractive advanced to the canicule aback craven was served in the jail’s cafeteria.

One night, as Henry sat in the TV allowance watching a absoluteness appearance about ambitious Miami rappers, a half-dozen MS-13 ociates absolved up to him, led by a Brentwood Aerial apprentice w had actomed himself as the gang’s baton on the ward. The boy alleged him Triste and accepted to see his apprehension memo.

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Every bedfellow angled up in ICE’s anti-gang raids is actomed a announcement answer why the government has called him as a affiliate of MS-13. Best are abbreviate and ue. They annual things like academy suspensions, Facebook posts, and statements by bearding informants. Henry’s announcement is so specific that it amounts to a active confession. It lists the capacity that Henry confided to George Politis, the scol’s badge ofr. It quotes his annual of the annihilation he committed aback in El Salvador. And best ing, it reveals that he abreast on the Sailors to the Suffolk County police. “The accountable told SCPD that he has afresh had acquaintance with the afterward accepted MS-13 members,” the announcement says, adver the names of El Fantasma and accession Sailor. Instead of attention his character as an informant, the badge and ICE had finer active his afterlife warrant.

“He’s screwed,” says John Oliva, a retired affiliate of the FBI’s Connected Island Assemblage Assignment Force w saw Henry’s memo. “At the end of the day, that kid is activity to become a statistic. If he capital out, he suld accept aloof confused to accession town, lived in a bat accommodation with ten added people, and sed alive his way out.”

The MS-13 ociates w were bound up with Henry doubtable that he had been an informant. The alone way to bright his name and save his life, the boy from Brentwood warned him, was to aftermath his apprehension memo. For weeks, Henry approved to put them off. He told them he was cat-and-mouse for his advocate to accelerate it, but that wasn’t aboveboard for long. Aback the boys sed advancing about to his bed at night to ask about the memo, he active up to ignment an brief about-face in the kitchen, bubbler anemic coffee to break alive until morning, afresh lying on his bed during the day aggravating to abatement asleep. Every day he waited for the advance to come. Assemblage ociates in the bastille commonly got into aated fights, splattering the attic with claret until they were burst up by guards accepted as tortugas, because their billowing helmets and abundant armor fabricated them attending like turtles.

Finally, sitting cross-legged on his applesauce with a allotment of cardboard about thicker than a tissue, Henry already afresh absitively to autr a appeal for help. This time he addressed it to his lawyer, Bryan Johnson, allurement him to put calm a affected announcement he could appearance the gang.

“I aloof charge a certificate adage I was questioned by the FBI but didn’t acquaint them anything,” Henry wrote. “The ociates actuality accept said that if I don’t appearance them my memo, they’ll apperceive I’m a rat, and that will be the end of me. They’ll green-light the t.”

He concluded with an apology. “Forgive w bad my autography is. It’s aloof that I feel actual afraid appropriate now.”

Johnson was ashamed by the letter. He couldn’t actualize a affected announcement for Henry, but there was a advenious he could get him out of ICE aegis by ambrosial to a federal court. The government has a affairs that gives blooming cards to bodies with bent annal w abet with investigators. It is abnormally advised for immigrants w ability be comatose aback me. Henry could qualify, but he would charge addition from law administering to affirm that his advice had been valuable.

Johnson texted Rivera, allurement him to allotment what he knew at Henry’s cover hearing, which is slated for April 5. Rivera texted aback the names of two boys that Henry had helped get arrested. But he banned to testify, citation affair for his own safety. “My job doesn’t acquiesce me to do that,” he wrote, “especially in my bearings actuality an adversary of MS-13 and several ertive iniduals confined for murder.” The federal prosecutor administering the annihilation cases involving the Sailors additionally beneath to abetment in Henry’s defense, as did Politis.

The best to about-face an adviser like Henry over to ICE has after-effects far above his alone case. If emblage ociates can’t accept aegis in barter for advancing advanced with information, badge will accept about no agency to access the alone apple of MS-13. Academy admiral w angry Henry over to the autrities were affronted aback they abstruse he had been trapped in a no-man’s-land amidst the emblage and the law. “They absolutely were demography advantage of what he had to offer,” says Robert Feliciano, the arch of the Suffolk County academy board. “You can’t aloof do that and afresh bead him.”

Tse w ignment to get kids out of gangs answer that concern. “Anyone in MS-13 w sees what’s activity on with this guy, they’re not activity to appee to allocution to the cops,” says Bob DeSena, architect of the Council for Unity, one of the bigger gang-intervention programs in New York. “The one affair you never do — the aftermost affair the badge appee to do — is accelerate a bulletin that if you abet with the police, you’re not activity to get aegis and no one is activity to appear allege up for you. Rivera, if he wasn’t abounding of s**t, suld aces up the buzz and say, ‘Look, this guy helped us.’ ”

In fact, it appears that Henry’s case was amiss at about every footfall forth the way. Anybody complex places the acation on addition else. The academy says it was appropriate by law to acquaint the badge that Henry was in danger. The police, w told ICE about Henry, acation the Feds for aggravating to deport him. The FBI says that Rivera wasn’t clearly a affiliate of the ignment force, alike admitting he was alive out of the bureau’s of. And ICE says that it didn’t apperceive that Henry was an informant. It acknowledges, wever, that creating apprehension memos for kids like Henry puts their lives at risk, and it has absitively to end the practice. “That announcement was not advised for accessible consumption,” says Rachael Yong Yow, an ICE spokesperson. “You do these memos, and afresh commodity like this happens.”

One of the emblage ociates that Henry angry over to Rivera, meanwhile, has been appear by ICE. Clashing Henry, he did not accept to actuality a affiliate of MS-13, and ICE was clumsy to prove it. All told, a ision of the 200 immigrants angled up in ICE’s anti-gang operation on Connected Island aftermost year accept been appear because of bereft evidence. So Henry is apparent for afterlife and slated for deportation, while the emblage ociates he helped his abettor ambition go free.

“Just for accepting talked, all this is happening,” Henry says. “They were allurement for help, and I gave them all these names. So w am I here?”

Sitting above from me in ICE tody, Henry still looks like a boy. His orange jumpsuit pools at his feet, and he has stenciled henry on his shirtsleeve in graffiti-style writing. He’s still accepting active threats from the boys w appee to see his ICE memo. The added day, a adolescent emblage affiliate told him the administering were sending killers from Los Angeles to booty affliction of a doubtable annex in New York. Accession said he had afresh acclimated a machete to carve a doubtable informant’s aperture into a abominable smile, afresh active the anatomy abreast the Brentwood alternation tracks.

Henry describes the best appalling moments of his activity in a flat, hyperdetailed way, as if he were watching a cine and address the plot. Like abounding accouchement w accept witnessed alarming events, his apperception has recorded the atomic details, but there are huge gaps in the affecting content. One day, he tells me about seeing the emblage inate a bedraggled cop in El Salvador w had tattooed the logo of a battling emblage on his close lip. “They were suting, ‘This is what happens aback you ignment with punks from the added gang.’ You could see the bullets activity into his chest, his stomach, his arms.” Aback I ask w the killing fabricated him feel, he responds by artful the cardinal of bullets he anion had accursed afar the victim’s body: 235.

Talking about his memories absolutely seems to affluence Henry’s fears as he imagines what will appear next. If he is deported, anyone w takes him in would be putting themselves at risk. Aback in El Salvador, he watched emblage ociates pale out the mes of doubtable traitors, afresh annihilate their brothers and cousins aback they stepped outside. Alike if he is accepted cover and allotment to Brentwood, the emblage will acceptable annihilate him unless he gets advice relocating.

As he waits in the awash jail, amidst by emblage ociates w appee to annihilate him, Henry sometimes lies on his bed with his face hidden and cries. He imagines himself strung up in the aforementioned sprawling attic bracken area he comatose the abashed man. He has bound that he will not beg or try to arrangement as he has apparent others do. “Sometimes I feel like a allotment of cord actuality pulled from both ends,” he says. “Sometimes, I ane it would be bigger to be comatose than to accept done the things I’ve done. I apperceive it would be bigger never to accept talked to anyone.”

Sometimes, tugh, Henry tries to brainstorm a bigger approaching for himself. “If addition out there absitively to get complex and accord me a advenious to alpha a new life,” he says, “I would not decay it.” He pictures himself admission from aerial academy and active by the ocean and fishing off a berth with accouchement of his own. His grandmother would alive nearby, so she could adhere out with his kids. He would ignment in construction. Or maybe he would accompany the Army and get to biking the world. Whatever gets him abroad from the gang, and the federales, and allows him to alive a little longer.

*This commodity appears in the April 2, 2018, affair of New York Magazine. Subscribe Now!

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