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When Steve Presser closes his best toy and change store, it will mark added than aloof a accident for Northeast Ohio’s collectors. A little allotment of our accomplished dies with it as well.

James Bigley II

Sunday, April 01, 2018

It’s adamantine to aculate up with Steve Presser. The 60-year-old buyer of Big Fun weaves in and out of the aisles at the Cleveland Heights toy store. Cutting a consciousness-expanding paisley shirt and ablaze dejected acquainted pants, he’s a Waldo affective through a ablaze apple of whirligigs, magician’s tricks and best toys.

Part Pee-wee Herman and allotment Willy Wonka, he stops briefly at the advanced adverse to align boxes of bonbon cigarettes amidst a cafe of Red Hots, Lemonheads and white and amethyst accoutrements of Big League Chew. 

Presser again contest accomplished a 7-foot-tall case awash with dreds of Apple Angry Federation activity figures. There’s a shirtless Hulk Hogan with bloodied kneecaps and the Undertaker adopting his ancr over a battery of aging Nature Boy Ric Flairs.

Around the corner, he pes a 7 1/2-foot-long USS FLAGG Aircraft Carrier — a 1985 G.I. Joe comedy set beat with added than 50 aggressive men, a rogue Tyrannosaurus rex and abeyant fighter jets — afore unlocking a bottle case adherent absolutely to Star Wars figurines, with a shelf abounding of Darth Vaders armed with tiny red lightsabers.

It’s as if all the joy and activity of adolescence has been awash into a 3,400-square-foot Coventry Alley storefront. 

But afterwards 27 years in business, it’s advancing to an end. In aboriginal February, Presser appear on Facebook that Big Fun was closing May 1. Aback the doors accessible today at 11 a.m., aggregate is actuality awash at 50 percent off. All of it.

Before Presser gets to a bag of bagels and chrism cheese for a quick bite, the buzz rings. So he whirls around, accomplished a coffer of greeting cards and into his of, to abode the addition on speaker.

“Big Fun!” he yells.

“I’m attractive for a Superman,” says a middle-aged woman, her southern emphasis peful and high-pitched. “It’s a adamantine plastic, and he’s about 32 inches tall.”

Presser knows absolutely what she’s talking about.

“Unfortunately, we do not acquire that one,” he says.

“Do you acquire any adamantine artificial Supermen?” she persists.

“Just actual small, like 3 inches,” he says, shrugging his sulders.

The buzz has been campanology about consistently aback the announcement. The Facebook post, which actomed about 2,300 shares and aloof as abounding cast overnight, created a sckwave of anxious barter and acquisitive profiteers.

Some of them are already aculated alfresco on the Coventry Alley sidewalk. 

Nick Mayor, the aboriginal of the dred or so bodies in line, aculating through the night from Chicago and acquaint up alfresco with a carriageable boiler at 8 a.m. The 32-year-old is co-owner of Bric-A-Brac Annal & Collectibles, a punk-rock best toy abundance in the advancing Avondale neighborod. 

Behind him, Sanford Clark, a 47-year-old ancestor of two, is acquisitive to affirmation a Mego Star Trek USS Enterprise arch with its four figurines. The South Euclid citizen has had his eye on the 1975 comedy set for about four years. With the abrupt discount, Clark pes to about-face a accession by affairs the $200 set at a sci-fi convention. But he additionally recognizes Big Fun as added than aloof a store.

“What would you pay to go aback in time to a moment of authentic joy and bliss?” Clark asks. “That’s what one of these toys is for the bodies w absolutely appee them.”

For the aftermost bristles years, Clark and his wife acquire appear to Big Fun for stocking stuffers at Christmastime. The boutique has additionally been a abode to bandage with his 14-year-old son, Maxwell. 

They came actuality to acquirement their aboriginal pride banderole aback Maxwell appear he was two years ago. And afterwards the two binge-watched episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clark calm toys from the accepted ’90s appearance for his son. 

“What they’re accomplishing is affairs a cruise aback through their childod,” Clark says.

Yet, this is the age of Amazon, iPnes and Xbox, in which online purchases access at your doorstep and accompany abide your timeline. Amazon alike opened a Seattle accessibility abundance beforehand this year that operates afterwards a animal cashier. Instead, barter grab what they appee and are electronically answerable for what they booty out the door. 

Big Fun is aloof the adverse — a stop-action abundance in a 4K video world. 

“It’s the island of misfit toys,” Presser says.

With 15 account afore the doors open, Presser stands ertive at the centermost of his abundance beneath the aboriginal lath paint-chipped urance from aback he aboriginal opened beyond the artery in 1991. Aback asked w he’s feeling, he takes a abysmal animation and balances his black-rimmed gles on his baldheaded head. Easily on his hips, he takes a moment to hinge and think.

“A acceptable burial — if there is such a affair — is breadth you beam and you cry,” he says. “That’s what I’ll do today.”

At 3 years old, Presser would ample his pockets with dust and anhesis them in compatible rows on his windowsill. By age 5, he confused on to insects. He bolter for cos and chrysalises in aboriginal bounce about Belvoir Elementary Academy in University Heights, and angry the amplitude amidst his bedchamber awning and storm windows into a nursery.

“The moths and collywobbles would bear and they were in their own little actomed setting,” says Presser, excitedly. “I’d let them apart in my allowance and try to bolt them.”

Presser’s allure with things is a appropriate he thinks best collectors share. “We’re affectionate of arbitrary people,” he says.

His father, an Army adept and buyer of Ajax Charwoman Co., and his mother Beverly, a agent at Bonnie’s Goubaud accouterment store, accurate a artistic ambiance in their Claver Alley me. 

Presser recalls the adjacency as a breastwork of Americana, breadth there were two or three kids in every abode forth the filigree streets abaft John Carroll University.

“We had the admirable adolescence of arena amateur in the street, in the advanced yards, backyards, in the dupe — wherever we could acquisition it,” he says.

At night, they watched the arbitrary TV comedies of the 1960s — Mister Ed, The Munsters, The Addams Ancestors and The Flying Nun. That affectionate of accomplishments paved the way to important acquaint about the bulk of family, ociation and adroitness aloft all added things.

“My ancestor accomplished me: Never be a bully, never acquire anybody w is a bully,” says Presser, w extends the ignment into all aspects of life. “Bullies can be aculated businesses. My ancestor absolutely fabricated it clear: Look out for the underdog.”

By the time he actomed a bachelor’s bulk in atude from the University of Michigan in 1980, Presser had sed accession banana books and baseball cards. He wore best apparel purchased from the About New Boutique in Cleveland Heights.


Altugh he had ped to accompany a alum bulk at the University of California, Berkeley, Presser alternate to Cleveland afterwards six months to be afterpiece to family. 

He got a job with the Parents Volunteer Association, an average affliction ability for developmentally disabled adults. He additionally rekindled a blaze with a aloft friend, Cleveland Heights artisan Debbie Apple.

Always a bit mischievous, Presser was consistently ytic for the aing agleam bedrock or absorbing co. 

“I had an astonishing bulk of energy,” he says. “I didn’t stop accomplishing things.”

On a cruise to appointment Debbie’s accompany in Chicago, the brace was encouraged to appointment Goodies, a 700-square-foot toy abundance on the city’s North Side. Aback Presser absolved in, he apparent an adorable but actomed place. 

From floor-to-ceiling, in bottle cases, on lath shelves, in baskets and boxes, the boutique was beat with neon lights and carney toys, Wonder Woman figurines, Superman Pez dispensers, bobbleheads and artificial aliens.

“My accomplished anatomy fired,” says Presser. “I was overwhelmed, because on the walls and on the shelves and in the cases were different toys I admired I had.”

Lightheaded, Presser sat on the arena with his arch in his easily until the owner, aloft Shaker Heights citizen Ted Frankel, asked if he was OK. 

He was too OK, Presser replied. It was the best admirable abode he had anytime seen. 

The two men anon addled up a friendship. Presser larboard that day with a bag abounding of items, including a babyish celluloid babyish on the end of a stick, the affectionate a barker would beachcomber at a carnival to draw in tomers.

“It was like the aboriginal time I watched The Wizard of Oz on the big screen, and it went from atramentous and white to color,” says Presser. “It was amazing.”

It’s three account afterwards aperture time on Friday for the big sell-off, and the doors are still locked. Two registers are abreast to go, but there’s a botheration with the Wi-Fi connection. Presser and his advisers can’t get the additional acclaim agenda clairvoyant to work. They’ll acquire to accomplish old scol.

Three runners booty their posts about the abundance armed with amber accoutrements and sharpies to accelerate the activity already barter enter. 

Sheena, a abbreviate babe with dejected hair, stands beside the wrestlers, adhering to a coffee cup. Ben, a full-time agent for about 15 years, leans over the advanced adverse in a blithely black Rasta cap. Gary Pearlman, bigger accepted as archimage and Guinness Apple Record balloon maker Dr. U.R. Awesome, is perched abreast the entrance.

“We’ve got the accomplished Manson ancestors actuality today,” he suts, laughing.

Presser, afterwards autritative his rounds, notices one of the workers is missing. He yells out from the back, “Where’s Allen?”

“He’s in the ter,” Ben calls out accidentally afterwards appropriation his head.

“He’s in the ter, wonderful,” mutters Presser, arise a smile. “Guys, I’m activity to accessible up!” On cue, the accessory radio begins to comedy Tammi Terrell’s active 1966-rendition of “Two Can Acquire A Party” as Presser walks against the door.

W needs the babble of a affair crowd?

W needs the annal angry up loud?

Presser unlocks the aperture and swings it open, accoutrements ample in the 15-degree air.

“Welcome to Big Fun’s afterpiece sale,” he yells. “Come on in!”

When we’re together, I’m like a calamus amphibian in the air.

I don’t affliction breadth we’re going, as continued as you are there.

Mayor, the aboriginal in line, leaves his carriageable boiler in his car and grabs a babyish basket, branch against the activity abstracts in the back. Clark grabs a binet from abaft him and veers appropriate against the angry figurines and the 1984 Voltron sets.

“Thank you, everybody!” suts Presser, adhering tomers, afraid anniversary hand.

He lds the aperture accessible for four account until the aftermost chump is in. He again weaves through the allowance like a ablaze dejected lightning bolt amidst a flury of apathetic sppers. 

They aation for him: How abundant are the tin cafeteria boxes on the accomplished shelves? Will he change his apperception about the Pee-wee Herman Schwinn bike replica abeyant over the advanced adverse with a not-for-sale sticker on it? What about the dust-covered Gonzo babyish angled over the Big Fun urance — is it for sale, too?

Nearby, Clark emerges from the aback afterwards the Star Trek comedy set. Addition bought it afore him a few canicule afore the final auction kicked off. Two years ago, he got his son into watching Star Trek: The Aing Generation.

“You know,” he says, shrugging, eyes downcast. “It’s the end.”

You can feel the cerude in the way barter angle in bandage for the aing several urs, in the way they aculate advancing in the aperture with eyes wide, mouths agape. 

You can see it on the faces of earlier folks, accoutrements ample over their active extensive for the Hawk Weird-ohs 1960s burlesque racers and the millennials aggregate about the bottle case abounding with video bold systems.

It sws in the face of a teenager, w asks Presser if he can appear in and advice him array his aculating of 1,000 G.I. Joe abstracts tucked abroad in the bat. Presser easily him his card. If he comes in aing week, he can advice out in barter for a toy.

“Are you the video bold guy?” addition calls out at Presser from the aback of the crowd.

“What a joke,” he responds with a glottal laugh, now aback at the centermost of the room. “Of all the bodies in the absolute store, I apperceive the least.”

But he gets abaft the video bold adverse anyway, demography anniversary chump as they come.

“My ,” says Presser, afterwards a few minutes. “You’d ane I was giving article away.”

After he and Debbie married, they confused into an accommodation on Euclid Heights Boulevard. For seven years, he formed as a stockbroker, cutting a accouterment and tie to ignment every day. But while colleagues were adequate active midday lunches, Presser scoured the Sun Press for acreage and barn sales. 

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Twice a year, he and Debbie alternate to Goodies and aculated accoutrements of best toy purchases into their car. Frankel’s abundance offered Presser the affectionate of joy and cornball absolution his aculated job couldn’t. 

The abstraction of aperture his own boutique had been axis like a Sit ’n Spin in his arch for best of the 1980s. Aback he uredly told Frankel about it, his coach offered a account of distributors, best toy conventions and wareuses breadth Presser could abound his collection. 

“You were absolutely out abundance ting and aggravating to bare fun, agrarian things,” says Frankel. “It was the advenious of award article and award things no one abroad wanted.”

Early on, Presser apparent Yankee Trader on Aerial Artery in Columbus. The 55,000-square-foot affair and change boutique captivated doubtful treasures. Its bristles belief of retail and barn amplitude were abounding with Mickey Mantle pencil sets, John F. Kennedy Halloween masks, Batman cowls and so abundant more.

“You go on this journey, this archaeological dig, acquisitive to acquisition your King Tut,” says Presser. “Sometimes you acquisition some burst dishes and sometimes you acquisition pottery.”

On one trip, Presser and Frankel begin bags of 1950s Davy Crockett adjournment watches abaft a babyish copy coffer that had been erected afterwards a aberration storm tore through one of Yankee Trader’s windows.

From that one purchase, Presser fabricated abundant to urance a charter and clean a  1,700-square-foot storefront on Coventry Road’s bandage of apart endemic babyish businesses. Afterwards testing a babyish pop-up boutique on the bend and finalizing renovations on the new digs, he opened Big Fun April 1, 1991.

Presser aated a accession of toys and gag gifts, but all with a nod to Cleveland’s past. He purchased ablaze accessories from Higbee’s downtown, bottle cases from Taddeo’s Jewelers in Little Italy, and agenda catalogs from the Cleveland Public Library to autrity his cards, marbles and different wares. 

Even the attic was complete from the alone maple lanes of Kinsman-Lee Bowling Alley in Shaker Heights. 

For Presser, it was beneath about the accessories and added about the experience. He created the affectionate of abode he had consistently captivated babyish — one that admired family, aerial the ociation and broadened the artistic mind.

“It’s aloof a cruise in there,” says Debbie. “All of a sudden, whatever your problems are, they’re larboard out the aperture and you’re aloof in this wonderland.”

A pto from the admirable aperture still hangs aloft Presser’s desk. In the picture, he’s still got hair, admitting thinning, and wears a advanced grin. He’s continuing aing to his father, w came out of retirement to run the chiral register. They’re both cutting ablaze red shirts, apprenticed in the sp, with Big Fun splashed beyond their chests.

“We capital to transform people’s lives aloof by walking through the door,” Presser says. “When they left, they acquainted bigger than aback they absolved in. It was allowance the apple one little allotment at a time.”

When asked, he won’t accord specific sales or accession figures. He’s overwhelmingly optimistic, absolutely sometimes to a fault, and doesn’t like to allocution about failure.

He says during the aboriginal few years Big Fun’s business was booming, with sales accretion 20 percent every year. But things sed cone-shaped off in the backward 2000s. With accretion hire and abbreviating abundance visits, the economics aloof didn’t ignment anymore.

“Initially it was big box food that dead us, like Walmart,” he says. “Then it became this affair alleged the internet. And again it became what is now our better foe: Amazon.”

A abundance like Big Fun suld accomplish in a adjacency such as Cleveland Heights’ Coventry Village, which thrives off its counterculture vibe and mom-and-pop sps. 

Yet Presser has apparent basal cartage acutely decline, alike in a adjacency breadth 49 apart endemic businesses abide aural a quarter-mile radius.

The accident of Big Fun will acquire its own bread-and-er ripples as well. 

“I’ve apparent things that never formed and things that formed abundant for awhile, but none of them anytime had the draw that Steve and Big Fun has,” says Tommy Fello, w has endemic Tommy’s Restaurant in the commune for 47 years. “Unfortunately, I don’t apperceive w you alter that draw.”

Outside of the anniversary season, Big Fun has abundantly become a cruise bottomward anamnesis lane, a atom alone collectors common on a approved base for resale opportunities — and alike then, a deluge of compeors now abide online with a simple bang of a on.

“You can acquire whatever you want, and it’s absolutely affectionate of antibacterial the accomplished purpose and acquaintance of the store,” says Debbie. “There’s no added t.”

On a macro-level, the toy industry as a accomplished has been in abatement for years. FAO Inc., ancestor aggregation to FAO Schwarz and Zany Brainy, filed for defalcation aegis alert in 2003 afore affairs its flagship abundance on Fifth Avenue and added ets for $20 million. By 2009, the Fifth Avenue store, fabricated acclaimed by Tom Hanks’ Walking Piano arena in Big, had bankrupt its doors.

And aftermost year, Toys R Us — which already controlled 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. retail toy bazaar — filed for bankruptcy, announcement the cease of 180 food nationwide.

James Gilmore, a retail adviser and istant at Case Western Reserve University, says the abatement is due to a structural about-face in w we ascertain the acquaintance of fun. 

Exploration and advenious acquire been independent to the admeasurement of a screen. And yet, that aforementioned technology expands the acquaintance to billions of bodies online common in an instant. Taken together, it has attenuated our faculty of in-person entertainment. 

Just about aggregate Big Fun sells can now be begin on Amazon and eBay. To survive, Presser would acquire to check his business model.

“The actuality is, the acquaintance is what’s valued, and you could go in Big Fun and acquire bulk afterwards alike purchasing a thing,” says Gilmore. “You allegation to acquisition a way to commercialize that time, to allegation absolutely for that time like advantageous a fee to go to Walt Disney World.”  

It agency sting altogether parties for a exceptional or charging visitors to appearance attenuate finds like they would for a architecture exhibit. 

But that’s not Presser’s style. 

Even aback he relocated to his accepted atom in 2005, Presser saw the befalling as a advenious to body on the apple he was creating afterwards arty on his tomers. 

He angled the admeasurement of his abundance and in graffiti artists to actualize a chicken brick alley on the accurate attic and amusing creatures on the beam tiles. 

He brought in a archimage to absorb kids while their parents browsed. He sed creating Cleveland-centric bandage T-shirts and put up a coffer of political gag gifts.

“I sed out as a toy store,” says Presser. “I had to advance into what became a administration store.”

When times were boxy and bills bare to be paid, he awash items on eBay, about sparingly. “I could acquire aloof bankrupt my abundance and done all eBay,” he says. “I would acquire fabricated a lot added money.” 

But that’s not his way. “I like people, I like stores,” says Presser. “I like the interactions.” 

Altugh they’ve aback closed, he’s opened added Big Fun food in Lakewood and on Ohio State University’s campus (his business accomplice still runs a breadth in Columbus’ Abbreviate North neighborod). Aftermost May, afterwards accepting bags of never-worn best accouterment pieces from the ’50s to the ’80s, he opened a Coventry Alley pop-up sp. It bankrupt in February too. 

But of all the ancillary quests Presser has undertaken, the best cogent happened in 1996 aback he purchased two best animate booth cars from New Jersey. 

Mane Concept. MEGA

He planned to accompany them to Cleveland, clean them and add to the Big Fun brand.

“My constant dream is to accompany bodies together,” he says. “Diners were a abode breadth bodies went to accommodated and talk, sit at the adverse and sot the breeze.”

But the activity adjourned afore it could booty off. The antecedent affairs were put on autrity for about four years aback a architect banned to bear one of the booth cars and accepted added money. According to several accessories in The Plain Dealer, Presser and his wife had to use their me as accessory for coffer loans and adopted $625,000 from the burghal of Cleveland Heights to accomplishment renovations.

By the time Dottie’s Booth opened on Lee Alley in September 2002 with coin-operated mini-jukeboxes, handcrafted all-overs and burgers, Presser was pond in hype.

“We opened to abundant opla,” he says. “We had continued lines. Bodies admired it.”

But architecture the acquaintance wasn’t enough. The activity amount Presser $2 million.

“It’s one of the sad things in business,” says Presser. “You can be as active as possible, but if you’re not autritative money, what acceptable is it?”

One year later, Presser appear they’d acquire to shut bottomward the booth aloof nine canicule afore Christmas.

“The diners are acutely a asperous point in my life, because I accomplished the accomplished highs and the everyman lows from it,” says Presser. “The diners sapped aggregate out of me.”

So the ociation rallied at Big Fun. Aloof 48 urs afore Christmas Eve, an bearding Cleveland Heights citizen organized a beam mob and added than 200 bodies swed up on the sidewalk to abandoned the shelves of “every aftermost ing-pig-key chain, lunchbox, banana book, refrigerator allurement and tasteless novelty,” according to The Plain Dealer.

When Presser opened the doors at 11 a.m., it was like dispatch into George Bailey’s ses in It’s A Admirable Life. For every sale, Presser rang a argent bell, giving abroad sheriff’s medals to anybody w stood in line. It apparent the better affairs day in Big Fun’s history and actomed him to pay the advisers from the booth and set aggregate straight.

“I went to the top of the mountain,” says Presser. “It was one of the toughest climbs of all time. I put my banderole at the top of the abundance and unfortunately, a wind access blew me bottomward the added ancillary of the abundance and I got hurt.

“But,” he says, smiling, “I climbed the abundance and that in itself was successful.”

Entering his Payne Avenue barn is like bottomward into a abandoned tomb. The lights beam on automatically like age-old torches as he walks accomplished them, dimly lighting a babyish aisle of accurate steps. 

When he alcove the bottom, Presser opens a red aperture and pushes it accessible to a acutely aptic void. For a moment, he disappears into the aptic attractive for the ablaze switch. Aback it’s flipped, he chuckles and rubs the aback of his baldheaded head.

“This is allowance No. 1,” he says, ysis the land. “This is 30 years of my accession of being I bought accurately for the abundance I was activity to create.”

He’s got Colonel Sanders bread banks, cardboard ice chrism sandwich boxes from the 1950s, hip decals from the 1960s, blooming wax Mold-A-Rama elephants fabricated from best coin-operated vacuum-sealed machines. 

A abandoned Terminator 2 T-1000 amount sits on top of a emblage of boxes, askance at the neck.

“There’s a ton of being in actuality that candidly doesn’t accomplish sense,” says Presser, dazed.

He again walks accomplished a embly of dust-covered lath amateur and through a aperture into a 6,000-square-foot breadth of the bat breadth dreds of boxes are aculated high.

In one corner, balsa copse airplanes blow alongside tiny tin elephants benumbed bicycles. Boxes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels parts, and He-Man dolls blow alongside boxes of artificial babyish babyish legs and bags of miniature saucepans captivation artificial over-easy eggs. 

The containers are intermittently disconnected by mannequins erupting from the bits cutting T-shirts that read, “Greetings from Cleveland with a belfry that’s terminal overlooking a basin that’s Erie.”

“This alter came out of Warren, Ohio,” he says, acrimonious it up and casting it aside.

“I bought these in Barberton, Ohio,” he says, captivation up a set of yellowed Twilight Zone mini-comic strips.

The account is so absorbing it’s accessible to discount that Presser isn’t aloof — not really. He’s on a mission.

“I promised this adolescent girl, w’s such a sweetheart, that I had this one book,” he says, duke on his chin. “But I don’t see it.”

She’s 16 years old and her ancestor died aftermost summer. She came into the abundance aftermost anniversary and asked if Presser had added of the Ren and Stimpy books she acclimated to apprehend with her ancestor while he was still alive.

As Presser makes his circuit — accomplished a box of best charwoman supplies, a aloof Davy Crocket watch on a shelf and a emblage of Kristy McNicl posters from 1978 — he walks against a hardly darker breadth of the bat breadth abandoned boxes that already captivated Ataris and Nintendos sit on shelves covered in dust. 

He pauses, swivels on his heels and turns around. There, additional box bottomward from the top, beneath a mannequin cutting a George W. Bush mask, he spots them — an absolute box of Ren and Stimpy books.

Presser stomps his feet, suting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” You’d ane he aloof begin gold in his own catacombs.

That activity — the activity of discovery, the authentic contentment of giving addition a complete moment of unhinged joy — is what’s active him to advertise off aggregate from the wareuse. He’s alike pushed aback Big Fun’s closing date to aboriginal June to accomplish it happen. 

If he’s successful, he’ll be accessible by the accomplished and accessible for the aing adventure.

He’s not accessible to advertise absolutely what that is aloof yet. But he’s not ancd on retirement either. No amount what abstraction he conjures in his Technicolor brain, at atomic one aspect of Big Fun will alive on. 

“I like autritative bodies feel happy,” he says, walking against the exit.  

Story: James Bigley II

Art: Casey Rearick

Editor: Steve Gleydura

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