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99. Cleveland Browns: Joe Scbert, Linebacker, Wisconsin. Scbert was a active back, urance and acknowledgment man in aerial scol. Despite some behemothic numbers (he rushed for over 1,400 yards and 23 touchdowns as a aerial academy senior), top recruiters were unimpressed, and Scbert planned to airing on at University of North Dakota. He went berserk at a Wisconsin basal all-star game, wever, accepting 145 advantageous yards, intercepting a canyon and breaking up two others, and abiding kicks. University of Wisconsin was like, “Oh, that Joe Scbert,” and offered him a sclarship.

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Instead of acceptable a arresting adaptation of Carson Wentz, Scbert had a advantageous career at Wisconsin, with 13.5 career sacks and 35.5 tackles for a loss. He’s not an NFL-caliber sack specialist off the edge, but Scbert uses his calmly able-bodied aback disengaging from blocks, knows what he is accomplishing in abbreviate breadth advantage and is a solid-if-not-explosive athlete. 

You can see the basis of a rebuilt Browns aegis advancing calm in Emmanuel Ogbah, Carl Nib and Scbert. It's an arresting alloy of athleticism and compeiveness. Grade: B

100. Oakland Raiders: Connor Cook, Quarterback, Michigan State. Bleacher Report proudly presents Mike Tanier’s Deadly Authentic Quarterback Comparisons for Connor Cook:

Jargon-Free Scouting Nuts: Cook is moderately talented, technically complete and can attending ablaze during t streaks, and he has had amazing success at a high-level program. But Cook is additionally inconsistent and carries the alarming aroma of a kid w doesn’t get it. Some of that aroma may be draft-rumor abuse (skipping the Chief Bowl does not achieve you a war criminal, and the accomplished “rotating aggregation captains” affairs at Michigan Accompaniment ss to complete like the ignment of a advice advisor on a adeptness cruise aback you dig abysmal into Cook’s background), but Cook may not accept the atude to storm into a affected and appropriate a sing job.

Of course, Cook won't be abduction any sing jobs in Oakland any time soon. This is a aces from the "always be developing a quarterback" scol. I'm not abiding the Raiders are so ample above their agenda that they can get adroit with aboriginal fourth-round picks, but afresh again, Matt McGloin is Derek Carr's accepted backup, so why not avoid off any catastrophes? Grade: C

101. Dallas Cowboys: Charles Tapper, Arresting End, Oklama. Tapper looked like a approaching first-round aces aback he recorded 5.5 sacks as a green in 2013. His embly biconcave in 2014, but while he rebounded for seven sacks and 10 tackles for a accident aftermost year, Tapper looks added like a beachcomber apostle and gap-plugger than a abeyant star. Tapper is blubbery and able but abandoned has a straight-line p-rush move. He additionally ancestor out of his atude too aerial too often. Tapper’s compeiveness and acquaintance are pluses, and he can fit as a run apostle on the edge. A charge aces as the Cowboys try to get bigger and added on the arresting line. Grade: C

102: San Diego Chargers: Joshua Perry, Linebacker, Ohio State. Finally, a linebacker w looks like a linebacker: 250 pounds, blubbery thighs and glutes, a thudding comedy style. Perry isn’t the apostle you appee block Rob Gronkowski in man coverage, but someone’s gotta do the bedraggled ignment of arresting active plays amid the tackles.

Perry was additionally one of the combine’s best articulate over-sharers. Here’s what he had to say about his anew baldheaded head, for example:

So, I got a little haircut. Got it for two reasons: aboriginal reason—I was aloof accepting affectionate of annoyed of accepting hair, and so one day, I went to the abundance and got some clippers and beautician and I aloof cut it off. And the added reason, I accept a thing—I'm not too dupe of barbers. I don't appee to accept a absolutely abominable haircut, so I didn't appee to accept to delay like eight weeks to get aback to Columbus to get a beginning cut, so I just went advanced and baldheaded it all off.

So Perry doesn’t like beard or bad haircuts and additionally saw Sweeney Todd already too often. And also, he may not be acquainted of the actuality there are barbers alfresco of Ohio. At any rate, speaking as a man in his 40s, no one suld anytime be “kind of annoyed of accepting hair.”

Anyway, Perry makes up for abridgement of authentic acceleration and activity by diagnosing plays bound and arrest as able-bodied as any apostle in this abstract cl. A acceptable fit for a 3-4 team. Grade: B

103. Jacksonville Jaguars: Sheldon Day, Arresting Tackle, Notre Dame. Hey, we still accept some top-rated arresting tackles on the board! That bureau Bleacher Report proudly presents Big Uglies: A 2016 Acreage Guide. Don’t try to acquaint one aberrant autogenous lineman from addition afterwards it! Actuality are Day's basics:

Day is a grab-‘n’-go amateur as a 3-tech arresting tackle. There are a lot of them in this abstract cl. Get ‘em while they’re available! Grade: A

104. Baltimore Ravens: Tavon Young, Cornerback, Temple: The Temple-Notre Dame bold provided a acceptable snapst of Young’s strengths and weaknesses. Young affiliated up adjoin Irish speedster Will Fuller all afternoon. Fuller angled bristles pes for 46 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown came afterwards Young (in breadth coverage) anesthetized Fuller off to a safety, and best of the added yards came on a awning p. Young batted a canyon to a istant abreast the ambition band for an interception and defensed addition abysmal canyon by outjumping Fuller. Overall, this was a absolute acceptable bold for Young.

On the downside, Young got flagged for canyon arrest already and captivation addition time. As a baby cornerback with a addiction to clamp and grab, his adeptness to (mostly) abrogate Fuller does not construe into an adeptness to contain, say, Antonio Brown.

While he may never be able to bout up with top NFL receivers, Young’s acquaintance and quick reactions achieve him an accomplished breadth defender, and he has the activity and accretion acceleration to t abysmal threats bottomward the field. Young isn’t a boss mite but is concrete abundant to bear a jam and blanket up a ball-carrier at the knees. He gets aerial marks for brainy conduct and the adeptness to absolve off accepting burned. A accessible amateur on a aggregation that consistently needs advice in the secondary. Grade: B 

105. Kansas City Chiefs: Parker Ehinger, Guard-Tackle, Cincinnati. Aback you see a lumpy, semi-athletic but acute and able abrrent lineman w alike has red beard for heaven's sake, you aloof absolve and say, "Typical Andy Reid autogenous lineman." Guess the Chiefs are demography addition year off from annoying about their abridgement of advanced receivers.  Grade: C-

106. Kansas City Chiefs: Eric Murray, Cornerback, Minnesota. A nickel bend and appropriate teams terror. The Chiefs accept roles for players like Murray in their secondary, which uses the dime amalgamation added than best teams. Acceptable player. Guess the Chiefs are absolutely demography addition year off from annoying about their abridgement of advanced receivers. Grade: C

107. Baltimore Ravens: Chris Moore, Advanced Receiver, Cincinnati. Moore is a big, blubbery receiver w wasn't absolute uctive: His career aerial in receptions was 45 in 2013. He averaged 19.3 yards per accession in his career, but I am not abiding the big-play adequacy will access up with him. A Ravens-type receiver, admitting the Ravens accept not been all that abundant at developing receivers. He looks a tiny bit like Torrey Smith if you squint. Grade: C-

108. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ryan Smith, Cornerback, North Carolina Central. Smith ran a 4.47 40 at the amalgamate and did able-bodied abundant in drills to advance his way into the abstract picture. He was a abeyance corner, playmaker and absorbing acknowledgment man in the MEAC, a weaker appointment alike by FCS standards. A acceptable athlete/good mindset project. With Vernon Hargreaves as the brilliant of the abstract chic in the Bucs secondary, they can acquiesce to action and be a little adorning now. Grade: B

109. New York Giants: B.J. Goodson, Alfresco Linebacker, Clemson. Goodson is a poor man’s Reggie Ragland. He’s stout amid the tackles, can command the aegis and can achieve plays aback the brawl gets into his breadth of control. But Goodson is apathetic in pursuit. Unlike Ragland, he isn’t able at diagnosing a comedy and application apprehension to get a jump on the brawl and affected his limitations in bottom speed.

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Goodson will be of bound use on 3rd-and-long, but coaches will adulation his backbone and accomplishment and will accord him every advenious to contribute. The Giants are aggravating to economize at linebacker afresh (tugh they appeared to be targeting Leonard Floyd in the aboriginal round); Goodson isn't a complete player, but he's not some abandoned from added teams' convenance squads, either. Grade: B-

110. Los Angeles Rams: Tyler Higbee, Bound End, Western Kentucky. Oh look, the Rams fabricated addition pick! And on NFL Network, all of Jared Goff's approaching receivers helped achieve the pick! Oh wait, tse were the Minions from Deable Me. Easy mistake.

Well, here's a charge pick. Higbee was Brandon Doughty’s motion bound end on a Hilltoppers aggregation that threw for about 6 abundance yards aftermost year. Higbee angled 38 pes. He’s tall, well-built, quick-footed and catches the brawl well. It’s adamantine to acquaint breadth affiliated of antagonism ends and NFL abeyant ss aback a baby affairs gets its calmly on some Doughty-Higbee-level apude and ss arena pitch-and-catch. But this is a anemic bound end era, so why not abstract a big, fast kid w can bolt and see what happens? Grade: C

111. Detroit Lions: Miles Killebrew, Safety, Southern Utah. Killebrew is one of about 80 players in this abstract chic w draws comparisons to Deone Bucannon. Every big safety/small-quick linebacker is Bucannon the way every alpine cornerback is Richard Sherman and every srt, white advanced receiver is Wes Welker.

Except that best aren’t. Killebrew draws babble reviews for his arbiter tackling, but aback I watched him adjoin Sam Houston State, Corey Avery accursed appropriate through Killebrew several times. Avery is a abundant aback for the Big Sky Conference, but he isn’t Todd Gurley. Killebrew is able-bodied and aggressive, but he maxes out as a appropriate teamer and bank defender, not a guy w changes the way coordinators band up the defense. Grade: C-

112. New England Patriots: Malcolm Mitc, Advanced Receiver, Georgia. Mitc wrote a children’s book led The Magician’s Hat. He self-published the book with his own money. His website to advance the book (and added initiatives) contains no acknowledgment of the actuality Mitc is a moderately acclaimed academy football star. There isn’t alike a bi-weekly or a Georgia "G." That’s because the NCAA forbids academy players from application their football acclaim for self-promotion. Why, if the NCAA let Mitc point out his cachet as an amateur to achieve his book added ambrosial to boys w could account from account a account about the adeptness of the imagination, the aing affair you know, academy athletes everywhere would be scrawling out children’s tales to get begrimed rich. The accomplished adored abstraction of “amateurism” the NCAA has auiously safeguarded for ancestors would be crushed!

Anyway, Mitc now gets to be allotment of the chargeless market. Hooray! He’s a tall, high-effort receiver w had a able uming at the Chief Bowl. Mitc has abundant p-catching abilities and will the brawl abroad from a apostle in a bound area. He’s fast and active abundant to advance into a control receiver and has the ignment habits to stick on appropriate teams.

I like Mitc but get the consequence that the Patriots aloof abstract receivers in mid-rounds so they can get baffled out for jobs by their selections in astern rounds. Grade: B

113. Chicago Bears: Nick Kwiatkoski, Linebacker, West Virginia. Kwiatkoski is a grinder at central linebacker w will apparently apply on a between-the-tackles role, while free-agent accession Danny Trevathan plays a added gangling advantage role. We're accession at the point of the abstract breadth high-effort role players alpha to become absolutely appealing. Grade: B-

114. Cleveland Browns: Ricardo Louis, Advanced Receiver, Auburn. Amalgamate bedrock brilliant with abeyant big-play capability. There is a lot of big-play band to adulation if you attending accomplished lots of axiological errors. This is a acceptable "gamble" aces for a aggregation that already has Corey Coleman in its aback pocket. Grade: B

115. Atlanta Falcons: De'Vondre Campbell, Linebacker, Minnesota. A authentic p-rusher blazon with abundant athleticism. Dan Quinn may see Campbell in a situational role. You can absolutely see the Falcons about-face their aegis into article smaller, quicker, beneath acceptable and added explosive. Grade: B

116. Indianapolis Colts: Han Ridgeway, Arresting Tackle, Texas. Finally, a Colts aces I absolutely like.

Ridgeway plays mostly at adenoids tackle, admitting he slid out to arresting end in some 3-4 fronts. He’s a amplitude g and double-team-muncher with aloof abundant activity and block-shedding adeptness to get from one ancillary of the besom closet to the other. Ridgeway has battled acrimonious injuries for abundant of his career; he looked inconsistent and weary at times in 2015, but a accept abrasion bound him.

Ridgeway’s above linemate Malcom Brown was a astern first-round aces for the Patriots aftermost year. Ridgeway adeptness accept aing him if not for the injuries and the amazing abyss and affection of this accouterment cl. Grade: A

117. Los Angeles Rams: Pharoh Cooper, Advanced Receiver, South Carolina. If there are two things I accept a weakness for, it’s a) age-old Egyptian being and b) Games aperture receivers. I adulation pyramids, hieroglyphics, cartouches, obelisks, chariots drowning in the Red Sea and such, and I was a huge fan of Ace Sanders (personal problems bedridden his NFL career) and Bruce Ellington (on the 49ers aftermost year, poor guy) aback they were the boxy little South Carolina aperture specialists.

So I am agreeable to adulation Pharoh Cooper, cool spelling and all. Except Cooper is not as quick as Ellington or as adamant as Sanders. He ran lots of screens, reverses, adeptness pes and quick hitches at South Carolina and approved an adeptness to sit in zones to bolt abbreviate pes and juke some defenders with the brawl in his hands. But he offered absolute little aback he was added than 10 yards downfield. He’s like Tavon Austin, but a step-and-a-half too slow.

Cooper is able-bodied and has a tough-guy personality (he played arresting aback aboriginal in his career), so he could stick as an advantageous appropriate teamer w can achieve a little article as a acknowledgment man or fifth receiver. But if you attending at his receiving/rushing embly and ahead you are accepting a Randall Cobb type, you are in denial.

Get it? The Nile? Hahahaha! I adulation a acceptable Egyptian joke. And I am actuality all weekend, folks! Grade: C-

118. New York Jets: Juston Burris, Cornerback, North Carolina State. Burris is tall, strong, acute and reliable, but he's not a aqueous acceleration demon. He may be added of a nickel urance than a authentic cornerback. A safe best at a position that absent Antonio Cromartie and is consistently one King Midas dream abroad from added Darrelle Revis issues. Grade: B-

119. Houston Texans: Tyler Ervin, Active Back, San Jose State. Ervin was fun to watch during Chief Bowl practices. He’s so baby that he looked like a little kid w chased his dog imilate the field. But already the drills sed, Ervin angled aggregate in sight, hit les with ascendancy and took on defenders in p-protection drills with aggregate he had and abandoned got splattered above their windshields occasionally.

Ervin alternate kickoffs at San Jose Accompaniment and will charge that versatility at the NFL level: He’s aloof too baby to stick as annihilation but a returner and situational runner. That's all the Texans need, tugh. With all their new playmakers on offense, the Texans are activity to either win 12 amateur or get anybody fired. I am apude adjoin the former. Grade: B

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120. New Orleans Saints: David Onyemata, Arresting Tackle, University of Manitoba. Accidental black Saints arresting carbon No. 2,043B: The Saints actomed 129.8 hasty yards per bold aftermost ision (31st) in the NFL and 4.9 yards per hasty attempt. If any aggregation had to go ytic for apude in Canada, it was the Saints.

Onyemata was built-in in Nigeria and confused to Winnipeg as a teenager. He played football for the aboriginal time at any affiliated four years ago aback he absolved on at University of Manitoba. He’s now one of the best Canadian academy affairs in decades.

Onyemata is a actomed 300-pounder with accomplished bottom acceleration and crabbed quickness. He excels in following and aback abolition zone-stretch blazon runs. He’s a adversary w plays to the whistle. On the downside, Onyemata’s p-rush abilities are raw, and he played at a affiliated almost affiliated to Division II at the best, but with altered rules and strategies.

Onyemata has accessible upside but may charge a year as the seventh lineman or on the convenance squad. Grade: C

121. Minnesota Vikings: Willie Beavers, Abrrent Tackle, Western Michigan. Beavers is one of abounding solid adorning accouterment affairs from abate programs in this year’s draft. He got through Michigan Accompaniment and Ohio Accompaniment aftermost year (lots of Shilique Calun and Joey Bosa) with abandoned one sack allowed. He’s athletic, advancing and a acceptable block finisher. Beavers can get baffled with technique, wever, and will both acquiesce too abounding canyon pressures and autrity aback the activity gets rough. He’s a advantageous adorning pick. Grade: B

122. Cincinnati Bengals: Andrew Billings, Arresting Tackle, Baylor. With so abounding accomplished arresting accouterment affairs in this year’s abstract cl, Bleacher Report proudly presents (probably for the aftermost time) Big Uglies: A 2016 Acreage Guide. Don’t try to acquaint one aberrant autogenous lineman from addition afterwards it! Actuality is Billings' breakdown:

Billings was my top-rated amateur in this year’s arresting accouterment cl. So yeah, I adulation this pick. Grade: A

123. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jerald Hawkins, Abrrent Tackle, LSU. Hawkins had an animal bold adjoin Alabama in 2015: two sacks allowed, two added quarterback hits. Mistakes can snowball on Hawkins; he played able-bodied for best of the Alabama game, but afterwards giving up a sack on a stunt, he wasn’t the aforementioned player. (Hawkins additionally angled an actionable canyon already the Alabama bold got out of duke and LSU players were basically active for their lives. In fairness, it was a accomplished catch.)

Hawkins’ address is all over the place. Sometimes he’s a waist- and lunger w can get rocked by bigger defenders. Added times, he sets appropriately and gets the best from his backbone and quickness. His ault auto and achievement acceptance is additionally inconsistent.

Hawkins is a high-upside aces because of his athleticism and flashes of potential. If that Alabama bold is any indication, he could additionally be a weapon on tackle-eligible ambush plays at the ambition line. Grade: C

124. Chicago Bears: Deon Bush, Safety, Miami. Bush is a big hitter with a good-character acceptability w can accord on appropriate teams appropriate away. He’s best aback advancing the band of collapsed or dispatch up to achieve tackles underneath. In coverage, Bush is a little bit of a come-off guy with abecedarian able and acceptance skills; alike slower receivers will get accessible on him in man advantage because he does not ahead canyon patterns. Grade: C

125. Indianapolis Colts: Antonio Morrison, Linebacker, Florida. Morrison was arrested in 2013 for barking at a badge dog. Watching the video of the arrest will either affirm or blast all of your perceptions about w American ociation operates.

Morrison got arrested for punching a bouncer a ages earlier, so he doesn’t absolutely absorb all his chargeless time ptocopying hymnals. He additionally has a continued and ambiguous abrasion history. But he’s one of the best advancing defenders in the nation, a big hitter with acceptable athleticism and instincts.

Witut the arrests and injuries, Morrison would be a second- or third-round pick. Alike with the issues, he could still surprise. There’s added to Morrison’s bold than aloof bark. (Sorry). Grade: B

126. Kansas City Chiefs: Demar Robinson, Advanced Receiver, Florida. Mar Robinson’s nephew. Uncle Mar had a huge year for the Bears in 1999 (84 catches for 1,400 yards), afresh as about for years as a big, reliable control receiver. Demar sws flashes of outstanding abeyant but has been abeyant four times by two apprenticeship ss for bootless biologic tests and such. Extreme high-risk amateur w needs to crank the adeptness up at atomic one abounding level. The Chiefs agents has a acceptable acceptability with high-risk guys, and heaven knows the Chiefs charge a advanced receiver. Robinson could be a abduct if Andy Reid, Jeremy Maclin and others amount him out. Grade: B

127. Chicago Bears: Deiondre' Hall, Cornerback, Northern Iowa. Hall is 6'2", and his accoutrements are so continued that he can apple-pie the barade gutters with both anxiety collapsed on the ground. His bold is about length: Hall can bolt pes abroad from his anatomy (four career pick-sixes) or bat abroad a canyon that appears to be three yards above a human’s reach.

Hall’s bottom acceleration is ordinary, and his turn-and-run abilities are annihilation special. He’s compeive, but he takes poor angles aback advancing plays and ends up ing at a lot of ankles. Hall performed able-bodied abundant at the Chief Bowl to arti NFL types. If annihilation else, he would be the ideal apostle adjoin Dez Bryant on red-zone achromatize routes. The aftermost few Bears selections accept acquainted a little underwhelming, but I like Hall's upside, and I like the abstraction of imilation drafting the aegis this year and about-face the roster. Grade: B

128. Arizona Cardinals: Evan Boehm, Center, Missouri. Best centers are the atomic impressive-looking guys on the abrrent line. Boehm is a 310-pound catchbasin with biceps that attending like they were created by CGI. He’s additionally abiding and experienced, with 52 ss in four years, and he’s acceptable at both punching his apostle off the band and latching on afterwards cartoon a captivation penalty. On the downside, Boehm runs like a cleanup toy, and quicker arresting tackles are activity to abstract accomplished him at times. Boehm may fit best as a advancement center-guard, admitting authentic backbone and application could achieve him a appropriate autogenous ser. I don't see A.Q. Shipley as accepting a strangleld on the centermost position or Evan Mathis arena at a aerial affiliated above this year. Grade: B

129. Cleveland Browns: Derrick Kindred, Safety, TCU. Boxy little guided missile and appropriate teams intimidator. Kindred absent a agglomeration of tackles in the accessible acreage and may be one of tse Big 12 defenders bigger ill-fitted to arena wide-open artery brawl than sing in the NFL.

You accept apparently heard this elsewhere, but trading bottomward in the NFL abstract is an ytics principle. The abstraction is that the abstract is so accidental that you are bigger off aloof accepting added pulls on the aperture apparatus than continuing pat and demography your seven appointed pulls. I don’t ahead it’s an adage that’s 100 percent, universally authentic (anyone w believes in 100 percent universally authentic axioms doesn’t absolutely accept the abstraction abaft ytics), but you can see w it impacted Patriots abstract strategies in accomplished years, and w a aggregation like the Ravens uses a agnate abstraction aback aculating compensatory picks.

Everything the Browns do amiss from now on will be abrrent on ytics. (What they do appropriate will be actomed to Hue Jackson.) Whatever your animosity about whether absolute research, argumentation and anion can advice multimillion-dollar organizations succeed, you charge accept that a) the Browns bare so abounding bodies that the added picks, the merrier and b) alike an Atlantic City granny at the penny slots has had added luck than the Browns in contempo drafts. Grade: C

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130. Baltimore Ravens: Alex Lewis, Abrrent Tackle, Nebraska. Lewis is big, almost able-bodied and becoming Bookish All-Big Ten ceremoniousness in 2014, so he is no dummy. He additionally has baggage: a fight amid his alteration out of Colorado, an online ber adjoin Nebraska fans, acerb kiss-blowing to the army afterwards the ber and addition loss. Lewis may be a little adolescent (ranting on the Internet is appealing abundant our civic pastime, afterwards all), may adore arena the WWE heel or may be Richie Incognito afterwards the top-tier strength. With Ronnie Stanley as the aboriginal accouterment in the adorning pipeline, Lewis will accept to prove himself. But the upside is there. Grade: C

131. Green Bay Packers: Blake Martinez, Linebacker, Stanford. Martinez is smart, gangling and uctive, accepting registered 240 tackles and four interceptions in two seasons as a amateur for the Cardinal. He’s a Cover 2 blazon best ill-fitted to comedy abaft two blubbery slabs of arresting tackle, yze the comedy and breeze to the ball. The Packers don't comedy a Cover 2, of course, but they are attractive for central linebackers w excel in coverage. Martinez and third-round aces Kyler Fackrell are two altered types of central linebackers, which may be absolutely the point. Grade: B

132. Baltimore Ravens: Willie Henry, Arresting Tackle, Michigan. Merry Ozzie Newsome Christmas, everyone! The compensatory picks are in the stockings by the fire!

Henry’s bristles best plays per bold emblage up with annihilation on Sheldon Rankins’ or Robert Nkemdiche’s broil reel. Henry sometimes bursts from his stance, slides alluringly abroad from his acquaintance on an central move or stunt, hustles with hasty activity to the ball-carrier or quarterback, and delivers a thud.

It’s Henry’s added 30-50 plays per bold that are so frustrating. He about leaves the band of collapsed with his waist angled and his arch down; this is not what coaches call as “good football position.” Cut blocks were a connected antecedent of abruptness and frustration. If Henry jumped offsides one added time (or leapt imilate the top of a aculation like Jimmy Superfly Snuka off the top braiding again, like he did adjoin Michigan State), Jim Harbaugh adeptness accept concluded up in an asylum.

If you fo on what Henry does able-bodied and amount you can get tse bristles acceptable snaps as a circling amateur aboriginal in his career, Henry is a heck of a adorning project.

This is such an Ozzie Newsome aces that Ozzie charge accept been amut aback he fabricated it: a major-upside amateur at a tough-to-fill position for the amount of not advantageous a veteran. Grade: A-

133. San Francisco 49ers: Rashard Robinson, Cornerback, LSU. Robinson is a accomplished amateur with lots of bookish problems and a acknowledged one. He sat out the 2015 ision due to a abuse of aggregation rules. Article tells me that Robinson is not the affectionate of kid w is activity to become besties with Chip Kelly. Grade: D

134. Baltimore Ravens: Kenneth Dixon, Active Back, Louisiana Tech. Dixon is my admired anion in this cl. His activity and accepting abilities bound off the awning aback you watch his tape. He was one of the stars of Chief Bowl week. He comes above in interviews as a guy you would appoint as an intern. Dixon is about amid Gio Bernard and Warrick Dunn on the all-purpose-back scale.

Dixon’s bigger srtcoming may be that he is too dedicated. He fumbled 13 times in three seasons, about aggressive for added yards instead of activity to the ground. Dixon additionally has a angular anatomy and will get banged up if he tries to lower his accept at the end of every run at the NFL affiliated the way he did at college.

Tse are quibbles or calmly correctable flaws. Dixon is activity to be a heck of a board aback for the Ravens. Don’t be afraid if he grows bound into a 15-20 blow role. As usual, Ozzie Newsome is crushing the compensatory process. Grade: A

135. Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott, Quarterback, Mississippi State. Bleacher Report proudly presents Mike Tanier’s Deadly Authentic Quarterback Comparisons for Dak Prescott:

Jargon-Free Scouting Nuts: Prescott is the best quarterback in this abstract at account defenses, autritative band calls, blockage bottomward to accessory receivers and added brainy aspects of the job. He runs adequately able-bodied and makes throws on the run, but the added time he spends in the abridged aggravating to advance authentic pes downfield, the added aation Prescott gets into. Ahead of Prescott like a 30-year-old artisan w actomed in the abstract instead of chargeless agency. His upside is limited, but he could get the Cowboys through a four-game emergency as a amateur and has the abeyant to be a able amateur on a aggregation that surrounds him with goodies.

Prescott and the Cowboys are a acceptable fit. The Cowboys get a advancement w can autrity bottomward the acropolis if Tony Romo's accept disintegrates, and they are architecture an breach that can be run at a aerial affiliated by a exciting babysitter blazon if Prescott cannot advance into article more. Grade: A-

136. Denver Broncos: Devontae Booker, Active Back, Utah. Booker is a common runner. He is quick to the le, has some curtailment adeptness and about takes every inch the aegis gives him. There is not a lot of lateral-motion nonsense in his game. Booker catches the brawl calmly and had a activating role in the Utes casual game. He can get apprenticed astern as a canyon protector, but he stays amid the apostle and the quarterback.

All that is missing from Booker’s bold is size, afire acceleration and sizzle. He will sometimes jump-cut, circuit or breach tackles in the accessible field, but he lacks top-tier adeptness and explosion. Booker is additionally a 23-year-old JUCO transfer, so what you see is what you get athletically.

Booker is agnate to Charles Sims of the Buccaneers, w is putting calm a accomplished career as a change-up and third-down aback abaft Doug Martin. This is your basal rock-solid committee-back alternative during the compensatory lightning round. Grade: B

137. Green Bay Packers: Dean Lowry, Arresting End, Northwestern. A high-energy-system fit in the Packers' 3-4 defense. May be a little reach-y here. Pick: C-

138. Cleveland Browns: Seth Devalve, Bound End, Princeton. A beefed-up Ivy League receiver projected as a bound end. This is a anemic bound end cl, but there are bigger affairs at bound end in the Ivy League, let abandoned above the nation. Grade: D

139. Buffalo Bills: Cardale Jones, Quarterback, Ohio State. Bleacher Report proudly presents Mike Tanier’s Deadly Authentic Quarterback Comparisons for Cardale Jones:

Jargon-Free Scouting Nuts: Jones is a big, strong-armed, almost adaptable quarterback with aloof a tering of career ss and a abecedarian compionate of the quarterback position. Afterwards demography the NCAA by storm astern in the 2014 season, Jones spent 2015 accepting yanked into and out of the sing calendar while arch one of the best accomplished teams in academy football history. Achieve Jones your aperture day ser, and you’ll get two or three amazing clutter plays, four or bristles turnovers and lots of scared-rabbit impersonations in the pocket.

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This is a acceptable aces if Jones will be actomed a abounding year to advance and will be amidst by coaches w will deliver attention and fundamentals instead of throwing him imilate the acreage and ured him to be a playmaker. Oh wait, this is a Rex Ryan team. Grade: C-

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15 Gorgeous Gray Hair Styles | Blonde bobs, Bobs and Blondes

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15 Gorgeous Gray Hair Styles | Blonde bobs, Bobs and Blondes
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15 Gorgeous Gray Hair Styles | Blonde bobs, Bobs and Blondes
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