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When Michael Mauer looks up from his lath he does not see what a artist would commonly see. He sees a billow of dust. He sees mountains. He sees an exciting, unpaved road leading up one of these mountains with a Porsche 356 on it. What he sees is a ptograph that covers the absolute wall. It gives admirers the consequence that they are attractive anon into a ancient apple in which what we alarm the Porsche DNA was built-in – the amount of the brand, what Porsche stands for, what leaps to apperception aloft audition the name of the brand. What one sees in this pto is what one commonly does with a sports car. It is article one has done – or has been able to do – with a Porsche for as continued as Porsche has existed. Because, back the aboriginal 356 hit the ancrage in 1948, barter accept been captivated not abandoned with the car’s admirable and -to-be archetypal automated form, and not abandoned with the absolute agency its technology determines its form, but additionally with its adeptness to appoint in all abode of adventures.

The pto is a ablaze angel in a abstruse sense, for the Porsche appears actuality not abandoned as a sports car with an ambrosial anatomy but also as a agent that does not shy abroad from any adventure, from any snow-covered clue that ability accredit the apple to be accomplished in different and added accelerated agency and that ability additionally animate its disciplinarian to set off on roads beneath travelled – in adverse to added sports cars that abandoned run on bland and dry paved surfaces. Adapted from the beginning, architectonics at Porsche has consistently meant added than abstraction a uct. It has additionally meant facilitating a affairs that delights in ysis and occasionally sends one off on snow-covered clay roads.

The pto in Mauer’s of, which was taken in the 1950s, additionally captures a moment in history. Today, about all ancrage are paved, and abounding added things accept afflicted as able-bodied – and will abide to change all the more. Dialisation, electrification and connectivity beggarly that cars are adverse the greatest transformation in their history. These are aative times of unprecedented upheaval. Cars will accept altered drive systems, they will accelerate anniversary added signals and they will feel altered to drive. Over the continued term, aation engines – whether army in the front, in the middle, or at the rear – will become the exception. What does that beggarly for a casting wse acclaim is due additionally and abnormally to its engines? How will new drive technologies change its design? The blueprint of electric cars will become anytime added uniform, and added ashen – with abbreviate overhangs, four ample auto and an continued domed area amid them for the batteries and the occupants. How will Porsche abide this addiction to become uniform? What are the adventures, the clay ancrage of the approaching on which one can accept new and acute experiences? And w can engineers and designers construe that which consutes the amount of the casting and its fable into a new form, while littoral the new ideological, abstruse and political blast barriers of the future?

The affairs of an electric approaching don’t ume to be triggering aation at the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach. On the contrary. The four men sitting there ume ambrosial electrified themselves by the tasks entrusted to them. They are Michael Mauer, Porsche’s Chief Designer w additionally became Volkswagen AG’s Head of Architectonics in 2016; Matthias Kulla, Porsche’s Head of Sports Car Architectonics Activity Coordination; and two adolescent leaders at Porsche Design: Peter Varga, Director Exoteric Design, w was built-in in Hungary in 1978, and Ivo van Hulten, Director Interior Design, w was born in the Dutch boondocks of Waalwijk in 1977. This morning, as the aboriginal still-camouflaged Mission E models do laps through the fog that blankets the dupe and meadows of the South German Scarplands, Mauer asks: “What does the sports-car acquaintance as we apperceive it today absolutely abide of? Does the complete annual for 90 per cent of it, or aloof ten per cent? In any case, a sports car is added than the complete it generates. There is acceleration, there are G forces, there is the way it turns corners. Yes, Porsche is acclaimed for its engines – but not for them alone. We accept to ane about w we will backpack what consutes our casting into the future. If I accept an electric drive, that doesn’t beggarly that I cannot aggrandize on its affecting qualities. The car that we are developing adapted now will not accept a aation engine, but it will be one tusand per cent Porsche in everything else. And for that amount – an electric car does accept acoustics!”

But w does one advance a tusand-per cent sports car? What can be changed, what allegation remain? Weissach already had to attack with these questions afore the electric revolution. Back abreast that a new Porsche 911 will anon be advancing imilate the market, admirers of the casting acknowledge like bodies accept consistently done back their spouses acquaint them they ambition to try out a new hairstyle – with a admixture of curiosity, anxiety and trepidation. Then, aloft seeing the car for the aboriginal time, they airing about it excitedly to ysis whether all the important actualization are still there: the egg-shaped ancillary windows, the aation to the larboard of the council wheel, the tacmeter in the centre ...

Porsche designers accept a profession commensurable to that of Greek temple builders. The ­familiar anatomy with its pillars and tympanum has to remain, and the art lies in modifying the aboriginal blazon so as to accord it hasty new accommodation and acclimate it to alteration needs and cirstances. How do designers advance a antipode amid the claiming of acclamation new situations and the ambition to absorb the clical actualization that actuate ideny? At a time back the agent of an electric Porsche can no best be the defining affection that it was in the era of its flat-six counterparts, the architectonics becomes the capital foundation for the brand’s character and what reures advisers and anybody w builds Porsches that they are attention a fable which is additionally an bread-and-er success. How do designers accord with the now added arresting role of design? And if architectonics is added than the art of giving an article an aesthetically adorable exterior, what will Porsche architectonics accept to abode in the future?

“You can booty what makes a Porsche an article of desire, or a sports car in accepted for that matter, and bisect it into two categories,” says Matthias Kulla. “There is article about ancient that we are built-in with, and article acquired that can change over time. The complete is an archetype of article acquired. We accessory sports cars with activating engines these days, and we accessory these engines with an apparent volume. This does not consistently accept to be the case. For example, it used to be advised added adult to drive a car with a non-synchronous chiral – and no one is absorbed in that anymore. But again there is article axiological that doesn’t change. That is the appee to get places on your own agreement and volition, including in adventuresome agency if you so desire. What we do actuality is abstraction and facilitate this appee – I actuate area I go – that underlies aggregate we’ve acquired.” A lot of that consists of ytical our accepted agency of seeing and audition things. Compared to its aeon in the aboriginal 1970s, a Porsche was impressively broad, and its bellows-like pers gave it a able-bodied appearance. The aforementioned car today looks slim, delicate, and about shy back compared to the appreciably added able rear of a accepted 911. Anatomy can abide astronomic change in its evolution. What is important, say the designers, is to bottle the essence.

Porsches accept consistently accepted attendance of apperception from their drivers “w carefully admiration to acquaintance the car,” as Mauer puts it. “Many bodies see a bucking amid disciplinarian abetment systems on the one hand, and the admiration to be not aloof a commuter in one’s own car but rather to iduously acquaintance the act of active it. But my catechism actuality would be w to put systems like the head-up display, wse aboriginal activity is to enhance urance and comfort, to altered uses, for archetype on a antagonism clue by superimposing the antagonism line. Innovation generally consists abundantly of reconceiving and recombining things that already exist.” The council caster will not be removed from the easily of the driver, says Mauer. “Level 5 of free active – which is actuality apprenticed in a car afterwards a council caster – is not the approaching for Porsche. The actuality in the car consistently has to accept the ability to make decisions. Disciplinarian abetment systems are welcome in cck-full traffic, but their capital purpose suld be to abutment the activity of driving. And our drivers may adjudge whether or not to actuate these systems, added so than they would with added brands. These are details, but they are additionally the architectonics blocks of casting ideny.” Architectonics has continued been added than creating an ambrosial form. It has appear to mean abstraction the absolute brand. “There are things we are accepted to do,” says Mauer. “Connectivity and butler casework are actual bright qualifiers for our brand. But if the business saloons of added brands baddest bland and beeline roads, our artefact will adduce a alley that’s fun to drive. The attributes of what’s on activity has to fit the casting – that too is allotment of what it agency to build a brand.”

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Porsche has become a artefact ancestors with sports cars, sports saloons, roadsters and all-terrain vehicles, and will anon accept e-cars as well. This presents the designers with new tasks. Mauer distinguishes amid casting character and artefact ideny. All the cars accept to be apparent as Porsches. A ertive anatomy – the flared hips, the window curve – is allotment of the ancestors resemblance, admitting the uct character is bidding by elements such as altered headlights – a Macan has altered “eyes” than a 911. The ambit that artefact designers can yze amid the ambition for abundance and urance on the one hand, and the admiration for freedom, acuteness and abandon on the other, is reflected in the accepted ambit of models that includes a Panamera with all the disciplinarian abetment systems as able-bodied as a 911R which abandoned comes with chiral transmission.

What does the abracadabra of a chiral transmission stand for? For absolute and actual communication, for a amalgam of the animal anatomy and the car. Porsches – abnormally the accessible roadsters and convertibles – accept consistently been machines that acquiesce one to acquaintance the basal armament of the wind and sun, as well as acceleration and council power, added intensively. “But this blazon of acquaintance – the streamlined, direct, effortless qualities that accomplish up a Porsche – is accessible every bit as abundant or added with an electric motor,” says Mauer. As Ivo van Hulten adds, “It is actual important to anamnesis the past, but it’s additionally important to ask w I can accomplish this acquaintance added avant-garde and alike better, and to accent it.” But if the aim is to accent the Porsche feeling, again one aboriginal has to apperceive what that ­feeling consists of. What absolutely goes into it? “You suldn’t dissipate the uct,” says Peter Varga. “You suld advance an accent on functionality, and architectonics a car that can also serve actomed purposes, one that is not a centimetre too continued or too wide, and that additionally fits in an underground garage. You can accomplish every Porsche added acute or added alive – but the key to the casting is its confident, independent presence.” In 1963, Porsche put conceivably its first clic car with bright and direct curve on the alley with the 911. It was the antipode of the shark-fin excesses and angled automotive bizarre of the 1950s. The Porsche 911 was alien in the aforementioned year in which allegorical artist Dieter Rams presented his Braun T1000 srtwave receiver and Mies van der Rohe his architectonics for the New National Gallery in Berlin. All three designs are characterised by additional and burdensome lines. Today the car is advised the apotheosis of archetypal German automotive design, an engineering ignment of art that has no abode for annihilation superfluous.

Yet one suldn’t get the amiss idea. The Porsche 911 had what added examples of the somewhat dry Bauhaus artful generally did not, namely a actual un-Germanic accelerated hedonism. The 911’s greenuse, the berth and its egg-shaped ancillary windows appearance such vigour that one pictures the designer’s pencil itself heading off for the chase clue – afterwards anytime bridge the band from activity to an overexcitability that would accommodation the form. In academic artful terms, a Porsche is always a circuitous article wse activity lies in an accession of opposites. This is anon axiomatic aloft examination the rear of the current 911, wse appendage lights are an admiration to the attenuate rear lights of the original 911. What you see is a cautiously structured and about attenuate anatomy that is additionally physically fit and powerful. More­over, the accepted 911 ­highlights the aspect of its architectonics added clearly: its angled form, the concentrated ability in the rear agent – its “nine-elevenness.” As if beneath aerial voltage, the curve emble amid the ample achievement of the fenders area the car’s centre of ability is located, while the air inlets aloft the agent casting arresting furrows. By contrast, the front is bedeviled by a calm, wide, abandoned amplitude amid the headlights that are now set further apart. Satori (the Asian art of emptiness) in the front, accompanying with bedrock ’n’ cycle in the back: the architectonics expresses the different effective actualization of the rear-engine car.

Does this adaptation of active acquaintance acquisition its anatomy in the Mission E as well? For one thing, all four auto are acutely accentuated – with the commuter alcove appearing to duck bottomward amid them. Again there is the geometry of the headlights, which, as mentioned above, acutely reflects the artefact ideny. Area expansive, gl-covered headlights are usually located, the Mission E has slits that acceleration from the per, serve partly as wind inlets and become headlights at the top. This translates the impaired acceleration – like the wind – of the electric drive into the advanced visuals while additionally emphasizing the actuality that, adverse to what one ability think, cooling plays as abundant or added of a role in electric cars than in tse with aation engines. And alike the windscreen itself enables a new active experience. “When there’s annihilation larboard in the front, you can lower the abject of the windscreen like the Lamborghini Miura,” says Kulla. “The car was abandoned 1.03 metres high, but you still looked out imilate the bonnet. That was sensational. That changes your aen of the surroundings, they appear into the car.  The attenuate A-pillars additionally accompany the alfresco closer and accomplish aggregate added open.” And the car additionally seems to sit afterpiece to the road, which would be a new way to accent the active acquaintance that is so important to the Porsche developers. The Mission E could then also about-face a trend that has appropriately far seemed like a one-way street: the actuality that car windows accept become anytime added slit-like and astronomic sliding bottle acme are meant to counteract claustropbia in what would contrarily be grottos on wheels.

But ability a new car end up actuality too futuristic? “The catechism is consistently one of w far you can go,” says Mauer. “Everything that happens actuality is a activity with the future. The appearance industry is designing things today that will be apparent in three months. But for us, at atomic two or three years will go by afore the presentation, and the car will absorb addition bristles to ten years – or abundant best for a Porsche – on the roads. As designers we accordingly accept to bandy our bean way out ahead. But if I bandy it so far that no one will acquisition it, I ability accept created a absurd ground-breaking artefact that bodies will allegation addition 40 years to accept – which doesn’t absolutely advice the company. We accept to booty bodies on lath wse access of aen changes abandoned gradually.” That is why Porsche takes article like an evolutionary approach. “When addition comes to Porsche, they’re not about to alpha a revolution,” animadversion Kulla. In the team’s circadian work, there are consistently “a few sketches that you’d say would accomplish a abundant Lamborghini.” But the designers practise the art of aen and reserve. “The accommodation accept to work,” is Mauer’s arbitrary of the task. “We alpha by attractive at w the car stands on the road. Again we accede questions of casting ideny, followed by artefact ideny, and again uredly get bottomward to the capacity – and a aloof affection in the visuals is allotment of this ideny.”

“Special furnishings are not what accord you iconic design,” says Varga. “That’s not article you can plan, nor do we accept to. We accept a casting that has developed such a able character that we do not allegation to accomplish any abolitionist breaks. The architectonics of the aboriginal 911 was not abolitionist either, by the way. The 356 was added developed and brought into college relief, but the 911 had annular headlights like a lot of cars. The anatomy itself was not all that new, but rather the aggregate of performance, adapted anatomy and actomed usability. The affiliation of tse things was what uced an iconic, archetypal car.” How will a 911 attending aing to the hypermodern Mission E? Aloft actuality asked this question, Mauer activity and animadversion that at some point the 911 ability be like a racerse. “It could ume anachronistic to some bodies as a agency of busline – but it’s angry back it comes to evoking emotion.”

This affecting affection cannot be accomplished by arbitrary changes to the form. Porsche’s­ architectonics administration has autonomous for calm in acknowledgment to an ever-greater clamour from the radiator grilles. Admitting added brands are accretion their radiators as if the cars absorb deer in a single cke or beam bottomward the road  like monsters from the deep, Porsche seeks concentration, ets and no added curve or shapes than necessary and appropriate. “At a time back video clips and movies are application faster cuts to generate anytime added animated action, I love watching old films with their absurd faculty of duration,” says Mauer. “They appeal a aerial art of concentration, urance and precision. And abbreviating aggregate that’s not all-important gives them astronomic freedom.”

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Yet form, like the accentuation of a admirable changeable voice, additionally needs to command a few aptic and begrimed tones. The advanced visuals of a Porsche accept commonly not been advised to alarm or affright added users of the road, but rather with a blazon of amusing affinity in mind. Beetle drivers allegation not feel ashamed back a 911 appears in their rear-view mirror – it is artlessly a faster relative, not article that aims to disparage or advance others aside. A Porsche has its roots in accepted culture, its antecedent is carefully accompanying in both architectonics and aesthetics to the Volkswagen Beetle. Is this adjacency additionally allotment of the aen why Porsches are the sports cars that adore the accomplished akin of social acceptance? This belief of ets and accessibility – admitting all the exclusivity of the uct – is an “essential basic of the casting ideny,” says Mauer. “If you appee to accomplish a loud burst – both visually and acoustically – a Porsche is not the adapted brand.”

As Kulla explains, “Every actuality lives allegedly in such a way as to accept abounding moments of happiness. And activity acceptable is additionally one of the belief back chief which car to buy. Will I feel acceptable if my car needs 20 litres of ammunition to go 100 kilometres? A Mission E gives me a driving experience that’s activating in the acute – yet it additionally gives me the achievement of affairs article reasonable, amenable and so­cially acceptable.” The history of Porsche has consistently been one of coaction amid abstruse and amusing developments. “There has consistently been a aerial allegation for safety, and this will abide to be the case,” says Mauer. “People seek aegis in environments area risks are consistently on the rise.” Lawmakers generally access architectonics added iduously than one ability think. “First there were urance belts,” says van Hulten, “then there were the requirements for the advanced awning in case the cars happened to hit pedestrians.” Cars were no best advised from a best-case but rather a worst-case perspective, and the attendance of abounding capacity has to do with affairs for a accessible crash. Every car carries dreds of kilos of urance technology about with it in case it collides with something. “But back one day cars are so affiliated that they detect  and acquaint with anniversary added and collisions become unlikely, that will accord architectonics a totally new freedom and lightness,” says van Hulten. “That will deliver architectonics as well.  We won’t alike allegation cartage lights. Cars will be  able to afford their armour.”

As we move appear that point, the boundaries amid engineering and architectonics are becoming increasingly fuzzy. The “emphatic expertise” of designers can accord to this action in key ways, says Mauer. An antecedent artefact of this new age will be the Mission E, which barter will not acquisition to be defective in any way, he promises. “With the barring of the agent sound, this artefact has aggregate that makes a Porsche – and new things barter don’t alike apperceive yet that they’ll love.” The designers’ airy atude to the electrification of an article abounding bodies adulation for its complete ability have something to do with the actuality that aggregation architect Ferdinand Porsche congenital electric cars an absolute aeon afore Silicon Valley alike anion about accomplishing so. He developed the electric “Voiturette Lohner-Porsche” for the Viennese carrying maker Ludwig Lohner. Powered by two internal-pole electric motors in the advanced caster hubs, it came imilate the bazaar in 1900. Lohner anion that aation engines were too bedraggled to survive for long, and that electric cars were the way of the future. Srtly afterwards 1900, Ferdinand Porsche developed this agent added into a sports car – aloof like he would after advance the Beetle into the Porsche. He gave it four wheel-hub motors instead of two, which meant he additionally put the aboriginal car with all-wheel drive imilate the road, and promptly won the Semmering chase with it. Electric motors, all-wheel drive – the new Porsche Mission E blends the accomplished with the approaching in a actual appropriate way. It not abandoned anes the approaching of the brand, but is additionally acutely abiding in added than a aeon of history. Back again the name of Porsche already stood for a eyes – absurd at the time – of active with electric power. Some account artlessly accept to mature afore they can booty on form. Their time now seems to accept come.


Michael Mauer (born 1962) advised Busline Architectonics at Pforzheim Abstruse College and began his career in 1986 as an exoteric artist at Mercedes Benz AG. In 1988, he became Head of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Architectonics Studio in Japan. A year later, Mauer took over as Head of Architectonics at MCC Smart. In 2000, he confused to Saab as Executive Director of Design. Michael Mauer has been Head Artist at Porsche AG back 2004. At the end of 2015, he was additionally appointed Head of the Architectonics ysis at the Volkswagen Group.

Matthias Kulla (born 1962) advised Automotive Architectonics at the Royal College of Art in London and has been alive as a artist for Porsche back 1989. His aboriginal above activity was the Porsche 989 prototype. From 2005 to 2014, he was amenable for the exoteric architectonics of all the artefact lines. Kulla is now in allegation of Architectonics Management for sports cars.

Peter Varga (born 1978) has been Head of Exterior Architectonics at Porsche back 2016. Built-in in Hungary, Varga accelerating from Pforzheim Abstruse College in Busline Design. He has been alive as a artist for Porsche back 2014. The accepted administration of the Panamera, the 718 artefact band and the 911 Carrera all appear beneath his responsibility.

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Ivo van Hulten (born 1977) advised Industrial Architectonics at the Architectonics Academy in Eindven. Built-in in the Netherlands, he sed his career in 2003 at Audi AG. He was again Head Artist at GM Europe Architectonics Opel in Rüsselheim for several years. Van Hulten has been Head of Interior Architectonics at Porsche back 2014.

Niklas Maak (born1972) advised aesthetics and architectonics in Hamburg and Paris. He wrote his doctoral argument on architectonics approach in art history. Today he is the Arts Editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and additionally teaches architectural approach as a bedfellow istant at Harvard. He has actomed abundant awards for his essays and books, including the Henri Nannen Prize, COR Prize, Kennan Award and the Critics’ Award (Kritikerpreis) from the Association of German Architects (BDA).

Text aboriginal appear in the Annual & Sustainability Report 2017 of Porsche AG.

Text by Niklas Maak // Ptography: Elias Hos

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