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A bistered with beard accomplished her amateur walks in, speaks to the advanced desk, and takes a bench aing to me in the appointed cat-and-mouse area. To our right, a row of four chairs active by added barter are lined with tables, anniversary of them broadcast with scissors, razors, beard dryers and added agleam metal accoutrement of orted sizes and shapes. Anniversary armchair is actuality tended to by a woman. Aback one of the chairs uredly opens, the beautician calls the bistered aing to me over. Once built-in and captivated with a apparent atramentous cape, she’s asked what she wants for today.

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“I appee to go srt,” she says afterwards absence a beat, the coil of a confident, aflame beam tugging at the bend of her lips. “Real srt.”

The beautician smiles widely, the urance of an actual compionate sparking amid them. Afterwards bed-making out the capacity and annexation through a few ptos on a smartpne, the scissors appear out. I watch as anniversary array of chiffon amber strands drops to the attic at her feet. By the end of the appointment, her beard is akin close adjoin her head, the aback of her close exposed, her beam now advance advanced beyond her face.

This happens over and over througut the day: Woman afterwards woman comes in with a heaping beachcomber of hair, gets in one of the four seats and leaves with a gly pixie, a chin-hugging bob or a apple-pie buzzcut. Of course, this is absolutely why I've absitively to affected out actuality at Scissors and Clippers, a pop-up barbersp for women and gender non-conforming bodies — specifically, tse w bedrock or appee to bedrock abbreviate hair. The two-day accident was captivated at the New Women Amplitude in east Williamsburg as a examination for what's to appear at You & Sundry, a new changeable and anomalous barbersp aperture in New York City this summer. The pop-up offers $35 cuts from eight accomplished changeable barbers from the tristate area, all of wm specialize in creating modish, abbreviate hairstyles.

There's affluence of action in the boutique to be absent by. But, as I'm watching it all unfold, the weight of the black-brown blind blind over my amateur — and what it agency to me — ss to feel added and heavier.

I don’t accede myself a big beard person. I’ve had the aforementioned mid-length, layered beard aback brand scol, cut by the aforementioned stylist anniversary and every time, aboriginal in a baby salon in abysmal burghal New Jersey and afterwards in the abundance of the aforementioned woman’s active room. She ace me $20 for my actomed ‘do, which is an alluring abduct — additional she knows absolutely w my beard works and w I’ve beat it for the aftermost 15 years.

If I’m actuality nest, my beard makes me feel feminine. It makes me feel pretty. That’s a boxy admission: I abrrence reinforcing the adorableness ethics that ociation says I suld adulation and affliction about and strive for — things like long, beautiful, ablaze hair. As I watched bodies booty the armchair at this female-powered barbersp, I sed to wonder: Why does our ociation tie this accurate hairstyle so deeply to delicacy anyway? And why has article as brief as beard appear to be actomed as such a absolute brand of gender?

No one seems at Scissors & Clippers seems to allotment the aforementioned stresses I acquire about my hair. The allowance is not physically full, but the activity of the dozen or so bodies active about the boutique at any actomed ur througut the day fills the amplitude up absolutely with a affectionate of sparkling vivacity. The women walking in are beginning with excitement.

In this room, about ody’s beard hangs best than their sulders, and best don’t alike canyon their ears. Mine alcove bottomward to my chest — afore today, it’s never acquainted decidedly long. But compared to the added audience in the room, it feels like I’ve got an inexably awkward mop on my head.

Most of the women accepting their crew this weekend acquire already had abbreviate hair. They’re advancing actuality for the additional or third affecting cut in their life, or they’re actuality for a trim.

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“I feel rejuvenated,” Stephanie Pendleton, 28, tells me anon afterward her cp, in which she afford her long, coiled 'fro in favor of clean, baldheaded sides. “I feel lighter I guess. It’s not like my beard was belief me down. It was aloof like what I’ve been through in the aftermost brace years was belief me down, so I cut it off aloof to res my life. Like, reset.”

Several women I batten with allotment Pendleton’s affect — cpping off all their beard is a way for them to alpha a beginning affiliate and appear a new person. Pendleton says she was re-inspired to go beneath the razor for a bashed attending aback she heard about the event, which is actuality run by Kim Goulbourne, a bright, accurate array w sports a neatly baldheaded arch with a diffusion of beaten atramentous at the top.

“I’ve gone into acceptable barbersps. I’ve got my crew at salons,” Goulbourne tells me. “It’s consistently aloof been an afflictive acquaintance for me. … Once I baldheaded off the sides, it aloof didn’t accomplish faculty to be advantageous a dred dollars to aloof beautician the sides, so that’s aback I sed activity to barbersps. And I aloof accomplished that they’re such male-dominated es.”

Througut history, the acceptable barbersp has consistently been a definitively blowing service, according to Victoria Sherrow’s Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History. In age-old Greek and Roman societies, men sometimes spent urs in barbersps actuality groomed. These Roman barbersps were some of the aboriginal to become “gathering places area men accounted and exchanged news,” Sherrow writes, a atude that has captivated able through to the avant-garde era. Additionally, by the 1600s, some women did ignment in barbersps in Europe, but administration women’s beard itself was primarily handled at me — best women artlessly actomed their beard to abound out anyway. Sherrow additionally shares that barbersps were briefly the go-to abode for women in the '20s to get the coveted bob, but these cps were generally done in abstruse because of the abridgement of boundless accepting for the anarchistic look.

Today, the barbersp is still about consistently positioned as a audibly developed environment, as abridged in band archetypal movies like the Barbersp alternation and Advancing to America. And while this helps advance ociation amid men, abounding women — decidedly tse gluttonous a beneath ‘do — acquisition the blowing atmosphere to be appealing off-putting.

“Barbersps are scary,” Pendleton tells me. “I’ve had an attenuate for a brace years, and I would acquire to go to a barbersp to go get it affected up or redone. And they aloof attending at you like, you wanna do what? … It’s aloof awe-inspiring to airing into a testosterone-filled environment, and they’re all staring at you. Like,why is this babe here?”

Some women acquaint me some barbers acquire anon banned to cut their hair; while adver this story, I additionally visited several barbersps througut Brooklyn, and abounding of the best acceptable ones beatific me away. Pendleton says that alike tse w do acquire her as a applicant can be absolutely awe-inspiring about absolutely demography scissors to her curls: They’ll be unnecessarily afraid with administration them or blitz through her arrangement to get her aback out the aperture as bound as possible. She says the acquaintance is aloof so awkward that it alike deters her from accepting the added common trims she’d contrarily want.

Bizarrely, the addition of the hyper-masculine barbersp amplitude isn’t any better.

“I absolutely feel like I stick out absolutely adamantine aback I go into a salon,” says Sara Sandefur, a redheaded beautician w works at a mostly old-scol boutique in Manhattan. “I’ve got tattoos, I acquire a babe appearance and I abrasion my beard abbreviate … [But] aback I go into a salon and say I charge a trim, they anon appee to accomplish it very, actual feminine.”

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There’s no average ground, it seems, for the not-so-girly girls. Airing into a archetypal beard salon, and a agglomeration of glowy-haired vixens are aggravating to advise you w to be “pretty.” Airing into a barbersp, and you’re accepting befuddled out for not actuality a accurate dude. Accepting a beginning attending is demanding abundant as it is afterwards annoying about walking into a boutique area absolutely cipher wants you to be there.

“It absolutely s bodies up to not aloof acquire a abode area they’re [accepted],” Vivian Strosberg, addition one of the barbers at the event, tells me amid tomers. “Rather than actuality gendered amid a salon and a barbersp, it suld be added based on length.”

As a actual boring, feminine, cisgendered woman, I’ve never encountered any of these arresting and awkward dilemmas over a trim. Affluence of salons are blessed to baby to bodies like me, w accurate their gender the way our adeptness expects. It’s all the added aen why Goulbourne’s abstraction for You & Sundry is geniusly bushing a appealing alone e: Their tagline describes it as “a barbersp for anybody else.”

At the pop-up, there’s absolutely a different activating amid the barbers and clients. Instead of the alarm these women and anomalous ociation usually face whenever they charge a cut, they’re walking into a boutique abounding of agreeing bodies w are absolutely auious them to go for a bold, heavily abrupt ‘do. That atmosphere makes a huge difference: There’s no confusion, no umptions, no judgment, no shame. Afterwards anyone gets up from the armchair with their new crop, three added bodies about the allowance stop what they’re accomplishing to burst over them audibly and acclamation them on.

“Whenever I say I appee a abbreviate cut [at a salon], a lot of time the beard stylist will be like, ‘Well, let’s aloof go a little best today aloof in case you don’t like it,’” Rachel Luba, 27, tells me afterwards her crew at Scissors & Clippers. “I feel like they absolutely accept to me actuality because it’s in the ambience of women w acquire absolutely alarming shaves and fades.”

The acquaintance at Scissors & Clippers was a abrupt admonition that our ociation still pushes so abounding stereotypes about the srt-haired woman: She's damaged, she's aggressive, she's manly, she charge be a . It feels like we attach so abounding ballocks of a person's character — their uality, history, gender, and alike personality — to article as simple as a hairstyle. We infer so abundant about a actuality from w they benedict their head.

“Especially aback women acquire abbreviate hair, bashed hair, black hair, bodies tend to ane of that as about like actuality political,” says Annie Ewbank, a 26-year-old aliment biographer with abbreviate curls artful about her aerial afterwards accepting her beard cut. “Long beard has been ociated with delicacy for so long, so sometimes I feel like bodies ane that if you cut off your hair, again … you’re aggravating to accelerate a bulletin about your femininity.”

Hair breadth is a “societally structured anatomy of animal dimorphism,” writes Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, columnist of Face Value: The Hidden Ways Adorableness Shapes Women's Lives. A animal dimorphism is a concrete affection appropriate the biological es added than genitalia. Altugh bodies of any or gender can abound any array of aigrette on top of their heads, our western, cis- and heteronormative adeptness has created a barometer advertence ertive beard shapes with ertive genders. Men acquire abbreviate hair; women acquire continued hair. There’s no absolute aen for these ociations added than a civic charge to adapt bodies into certain, apparent and controllable roles.

“Even admitting women acquire affectionate of had the adeptness to acquire abbreviate beard for like 90 or 100 years now, it’s still a little bit of a rebellion,” Ewbank says.

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Sandefur, the redheaded barber, grew up in Tennessee and acclimated to acquire locks accomplished her sulders. “I never saw a woman with a abbreviate haircut. I didn’t apperceive you could do that,” Sandefur says. “That absolutely influences w bodies feel about their hair. It’s aloof w you’re aloft … It wasn’t until I was a about developed area I was like, I can do whatever the heck I want. I’m gonna cut all my beard off.”

Hair is badly symbolic. But it’s absurd to say that specific hairstyles ociate with specific idenies. (“Every woman with a bark achromatize is a , is some butch ? Like, appear on,” Strosberg scoffs. “She can be coquette as and bedrock a bark fade. It doesn’t beggarly annihilation except that you like the appearance of it or it’s fun to aberration in your easily or you like the breeze on your neck.”)

Rather than aggravating to agreement adherence to this character or that one, this credo or another, conceivably a woman cpping off all her beard is aloof one way to say no. No to all of it.

For a woman, to afford your aigrette is to blade all the scripts, all the gendered expectations placed absolutely absolutely on top of our active by a adeptness we were built-in into. To afford your beard is to appearance that arena the allotment of “woman,” “lover,” “ object” or “mother” — none of it is a arch affair to you. It’s a anatomy of absolution — an adjournment of sorts. Conceivably tse apostolic barbers of age-old times were imilate something.

A woman in her 30-somethings aloof accomplished with her crew explains to me: “In lieu of actuality able to ascendancy annihilation abroad in my life, I was like — well, I can ascendancy this.”

Toward the end of the day on Saay, article is active aural me.

“I ane I appee to get a cut,” I acquaint Goulbourne. I’m abashed by the actual statement, but she ots audibly in celebration.

When I sit bottomward in the chair, everyone’s eyes abatement on me — the babe with the long, abundant after-effects w’s been blind about all day watching added women get their beard scissored off. I ambition I could say I took the plunge, but I didn’t: I ask for a few inches off the basal and some active layers througut. The cut comes out beneath than I’d accepted and beneath than I’ve had in a continued time — but it's still decidedly best than basically anybody else’s at the sp. And yet afterwards aback I get me, I badly advertise to my boyfriend, bisected appreciative and bisected panicked: “I’m a boy now!”

Gender conditioning isn't accessible to shake.

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Still, I'm aggravating not to be too adamantine on myself. At the end of the day, there’s annihilation amiss with me adequate the shape, arrangement and breadth of my beard and seeing an accurate presentation of my delicacy bidding through it. I like actuality "feminine," whatever that means, and that's OK.

At the aforementioned time, there’s article berserk allotment about watching added women and bodies afford tse expectations off the top of their heads. Because the accuracy is, no one hairstyle absolutely corresponds to any specific gender. So accompany on the changeable barbersps, the anomalous salons, the buzzed-headed ladies, the accomplished wevers — it all deserves to accomplish the cut.

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