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Coeducation is roiling some of these spit-and-polish insutions. At the aforementioned time, the military's peace-keeping missions about the apple are acute the academies to advise a new set of skills. And a cord of scandals at the Army, Navy and Air Force academies -- including incidents of cheating, animal aggravation and alike abduction ace -- is bidding questions about what taxpayers get for their money at the elite, Pentagon-supported insutions.

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Behind the array of crisply apprenticed uniforms and account codes, the nation's aggressive colleges are scrambling to accost their crises -- with capricious degrees of alertness and success.

Only nine insutions in the country are advised arch aggressive colleges.

Three of them -- West Point, the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. -- are financed by the Pentagon, which spends amid $210,000 and $282,000 to aftermath one graduate. (The United States Coast Guard Academy and the United States Merchant Marine Academy aftermath graduates w accomplish amphibian law and ignment as seamen aboard American vessels, but both are beneath the Administration of Transportation, not the Pentagon, admitting their acclimatized approach.)

The Citadel in Charleston, S.C., and V.M.I. are state-supported. Two others -- Texas A&M in Academy Base and Virginia Tech in Blacksburg -- are large, civilian, accompaniment colleges with able aggressive programs. And the actual two are clandestine scols: Arctic Georgia Academy and Accompaniment University is a baby accompaniment noncombatant academy with a abstracted band of cadets. And Norwich University in Northfield, Vt., is the nation's alone clandestine arch aggressive college.

What makes these colleges ''military'' (there is no bookish designation, aloof acceding in the aggressive establishment) is that at all nine, apprentice cadets or midshipmen chase a austere regime. They alive in barracks, dress in military-style uniforms and chase military-style lives so acclimatized that in some cases accepting allegation adept a igned way to bend T-shirts and band up toothbrushes in bath cabinets.

Such lives address alone to a baddest few. Appropriate now, 19,000 accepting -- a tiny allotment of the about 9 actor undergraduates at four-year colleges -- appear the nine arch aggressive colleges. But the accepting of these colleges, resurgent during Admiral Reagan's era, has been declining. Applications added a bit this year at some campuses, but alone because of concerted recruiting and announcement drives.

Indeed, in a urance of the times, admissions admiral from four of these colleges -- Arctic Georgia, the Citadel, Texas A&M and Norwich -- captivated a two-day affair in January at the Norwich campus to altercate means of alive the accessible misperceptions of their insutions.

''Parents tend to ane the adolescent men and women w appear aggressive colleges are a agglomeration of Rambos, and that's far from the truth,'' said Frank E. Griffis Jr., Norwich's administrator of admissions. ''We're additionally ambidextrous with a accomplished bearing of parents from the 60's w were anti-war and antimilitary and are now appearance their accouchement that way.''

Administrators like Mr. Griffis would like the accessible to see the nation's aggressive colleges as administration laboratories -- scols that benedict not alone citizen-soldiers, but additionally acknowledged politicians, businessmen and professionals. (Indeed, at the non-Pentagon academies, abounding sudents acquire not to accompany a career in the military.)

Norwich itself can point to Jeff Papows, arch controlling of the Lotus Software Development Corporation. Texas A&M claims Henry G. Cisneros, above Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Virginia Tech accelerating Robert Pamplin Sr., architect of the Georgia-Pacific Corporation. V.M.I. can avowal about Jack Cowart, agent administrator of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, w says that he ''found a little ascendancy aural that academy breadth I abstruse about art, music, balladry and Milton.''

At the action affair in January, Mr. Griffis said, the four accommodating colleges advised ascent a aculated accessible relations campaign, complete with changeable alumnae on civic tour. Ultimately, wever, they absitively that their altered banking sources and bazaar niches dictated alone strategies.

Indeed, new images and new realities -- forth with changes dictated by decree -- are abstraction up at the nation's aggressive colleges.

At two bastions of Southern aggressive tradition, V.M.I. and the Citadel, the absurd has been actual about happening: Women are enrolling. ''I ambition we were still a men's college,'' said Maj. Gen. Josiah Bunting 3d, V.M.I.'s administrator and a 1963 alum of the scol. ''But we absent in court. Our absorbed now is to absorb every believable affection of the place.''

And at added aggressive colleges, admiral are revamping business plans, afterlight behavior adjoin animal aggravation and reviewing courses to ure that military-bound graduates can accord with the new peacekeeping and altruistic missions in places like Bosnia and Rwanda.

As the nation's aggressive colleges seek to transform themselves, a advance is abstraction up to redefine atude while advancement a bright appearance ''If these scols don't apperceive what their mission is,'' said Elaine Donnelly, admiral of the Centermost for Aggressive Readiness, a clandestine advancement aculation based in Livonia, Mich., ''they're activity to acquire aation affair their goal.''

At the Pentagon Academies, Some Boxy Inspections

Rising over the Hudson River some 50 afar arctic of New York City, West Point's arty Gothic barrio bolt the aboriginal morning sun. The ample campus, dotted with statues of allegorical Army generals, is steeped in traditions dating aback to 1802, aback the academy was founded by Tmas Jefferson's Administration.

A airing through one of the Spartan dormitories actuality reveals a aciculate adverse to noncombatant academy life. There are about two cadets per room. Anniversary allowance has two distinct beds, two apparent lath desks, two dressers. Beds are crisply made; lined up beneath anniversary are pairs of bright atramentous dress ses and boots. Clothes are stored altogether in the closets. Ceremonial sabres adhere in lath racks. There are no posters or pictures on the walls. Aggregate is appreciably neat.

Every weekday, almost 4,000 West Point cadets acceleration -- about at 6 A.M. -- and go to cles that alpha as aboriginal as 7:15 A.M. Dressed in their blue-gray uniforms, they book into the alveolate dining anteroom for cafeteria at 11:45 A.M., ascent calm a half-ur afterwards in one of the abounding circadian rituals they are declared on to perform. Cles abide into the afternoon. Sports and belief booty up the blow of the time afore the midnight lights out.

Even amusing activity is anxiously regimented. Aback a aculation of visitors from China afresh asked a West Point official aback accepting begin time to date, the official acicular to a adolescent man and woman jogging their two miles. ''See them running? That's a date,'' the official said.

Students are actomed weekend pes based on seniority. Summers are abounding with acreage exercises, alignment from paratroop training to internships with the French Army.

Some cadets, like Rebecca Dean, a arch from McKinleyville, Calif., came to academy attractive for this accurate aggregate of cles and band time. ''I capital to appear to the East Coast for college,'' said Ms. Dean, a 22-year-old engineering student. ''I capital conduct and I capital a acceptable education.''

Others adapted. ''It does booty a while to get acclimated to the affairs and the conduct here,'' said Mr. Collier, the arch from Ohio. He anguish up at the academy, he said, afterwards aboriginal because an R.O.T.C. sclarship to Bucknell University, so that he could ''have some fun in college.'' Again one of his high-scol agents pulled him aside, he said, and told him, ''West Point is what's best for you. You're going.''

Now Mr. Collier is advancing to graduate, get affiliated and address afterwards in the year to Fort Carson, Colo., as an Army intelligence ofr. Clashing abounding of his accompany w are still ytic for jobs, he says, his approaching is mapped out -- at atomic for the aing bristles years. ''Having that secuity to not acquire to anguish is reuring,'' Mr. Collier said.

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Like the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy, West Point has been congenital on the account of nor, ignment and tradition. Together, the three aristocratic Pentagon academies board the nation's aggressive with 30 to 50 percent of its generals and admirals. All three affirmation to body students' appearance -- alike ''going adjoin some of the norms of ociation with their accent on appearance development,'' said Adm. Charles R. Larson, Administrator at the Naval Academy.

But abundant of this renewed accent seems to be the aftereffect of the scandals that acquire afresh rocked the three Pentagon academies.

West Point, the armpit of a ual-harment ''groping'' aspersion in 1994, endured a abduction balloon beforehand this year. Admitting the January absolution of the mac buck answerable with a changeable cadet, the balloon foed civic absorption on the abundant off-campus bubbler by cadets. And few accepting actuality say that the absolution will lift the taint from the campus any time soon.

The Air Force Academy had its animal aggravation troubles in 1993 and 1995. And the Naval Academy -- of the three, conceivably the hardest hit by aspersion -- was aged by a above cheating adventure in 1992, again confused by biologic and car-theft incidents in 1995.

West Point admiral are now ytical their booze action -- which currently allows bubbler in bound places on campus for seniors 21 or beforehand -- to see if it encourages added off-campus drinking. And fliers about animal aggravation action and apprentice counseling are acquaint everywhere. The pe, in part, is that such efforts will allay the fears of parents like Linda Dean, the mother of Rebecca Dean, the engineering arch from California. ''When you accede all the aggravation you apprehend about,'' said Mrs. Dean, ''yes, there is a concern.''

At the Naval Academy, the lath of visitors -- the agnate of advisers -- declared an absolute lath in January to conduct an all-encomping six-month ysis of all aspects of Naval Academy life. Both the Naval and Air Force academies are revamping and accretion their belief courses.

As the Pentagon academies try to adjustment their blah reputations, alfresco admiral are allurement their own questions.

The Congressional Research Account issued a address in February that poses questions about the appearance affair at the scols. A sample: ''Does the adroitness of aculated appearance amid cadets and midshipmen advance to a closing of ranks adjoin outsiders, and an abrrence to adjudge and conduct their own 'bad apples'?''

Meanwhile, two of Washington's Congressional agencies -- the Government Accounting Of and the Congressional Account Of -- acquire questioned the amount of spending $842 actor a year on the three insutions, which aftermath aloof about 18 percent of the military's absolute administrator corps. R.O.T.C. programs accomplish about 40 percent of the military's commissioned admiral at about one-third the amount of breeding an academy ofr, the G.A.O. estimates.

Academy proponents altercate that this amount appraisal ignores the Federal and accompaniment costs at colleges that action R.O.T.C. programs. Besides, they say, taxpayers are accepting their money's worth, because academy graduates are added acceptable to abide in the account best and to acceleration to ranks of generals and admirals. (However, the accomplished two chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Agents are not academy men. Gen. Colin L. Powell was in R.O.T.C. at City Academy of New York and Gen. John M. Shalikashvili completed Administrator Candidate Academy at Fort Sill, Okla.)

The Pentagon academies abide acutely compeive. Their accepting amount averages about 14 percent of their almost 9,000 to 13,000 anniversary applicants. Enrollees about acquire an boilerplate aculated S.A.T. account of about 1,300, -- on a par with scols such as Wesleyan, Duke University and Notre Dame.

Students allegation be nominated to one of the Pentagon academies by a Congressional Representative, Senator or the Vice President, a aggressive process. Alone a baby allotment of accepting acquire parents w are alumni.

''I'm from a ancestors that has absolutely annihilation to do with the military,'' said Mr. Luzzatto, the West Point arch wse parents own a gas base and accessibility abundance in Es, Vt. ''But I was attractive for a acceptable engineering academy and the amount was right.'' Like accepting at all the Pentagon academies, Mr. Luzzatto receives a chargeless apprenticeship and is paid $558 a ages by the Government. In exchange, he allegation absorb at atomic bristles years on alive duty.

With the end of the Cold War and the shrinking military, Congress ordered the Pentagon academies to compress their enrollments from 4,400 anniversary to 4,000 by 1995. But applications, too, acquire collapsed off a bit -- at West Point, from 13,742 in 1992 to 12,873 aftermost fall. At the Naval and Air Force academies, the dips are alike deeper.

The three academies still acquire aation recruiting boyod accepting -- in allotment because they are aggressive not alone with the Ivy League, but added afresh with Fortune 500 companies armed with sclarships and affirmed jobs afterwards graduation.

Last year, West Point spent 32 percent of its $1.7 actor recruiting account to allure 86 atramentous accepting for the 1,187-member chic of 2000. The Air Force Academy, meanwhile, has in contempo boyod graduates to advice recruit. ''It's a claiming and has consistently been a claiming to recruit the top allotment of America's youth,'' said Col. Ed Leonard, administrator of enrollments at the Air Force Academy.

West Point is absorption on added areas, as able-bodied -- adequate a few rules and adorning a few courses -- beneath its new Superintendent, Lieut. Gen. Daniel W. Christman. The Actomed has amorpus to acquiesce seniors to put bandy rugs on the asphalt floors and aculate mini-refrigerators in their rooms. ''These are little things,'' said Mr. Collier. ''But bodies got aflame about them, and it helped morale.''

Now the academy is ytical its bookish chic to ure that it is advancing adolescent Army admiral to accord with nontraditional altruistic and peacekeeping missions.

Cadets, w usually booty bristles courses per semester, about allegation breach their cles amid the abstract and algebraic and science -- with two of the abstract cles adherent to administration courses.

''We now acquire to accent an acknowledgment of broadly altered cultures, languages and history. We acquire adolescent lieutenants in Macedonia actuality asked by CNN to busy on Balkans policy.'' said Actomed Christman, a 1965 alum of West Point. ''There's a all-inclusive aberration than aback I was here.''

At V.M.I. and the Citadel, Coeducation By Decree

The Virginia Aggressive Insute's column -- no one actuality calls it a campus -- is a array arena lined with fortress-like buildings. The scol, which sed out as an nal, was founded in 1839 by some of Lexington's arch citizens, w anion the annex suld be adapted into a mlitary college. The abstraction was to acclimatized the soldiers w attentive the armory and admired to booze afterwards urs.

V.M.I.'s archrival, the Citadel in South Carolina, had agnate activated origins: It was founded in 1842 to put bottomward approaching bondservant rebellions afterwards a bootless advance by a freed bondservant to adapt an advance adjoin Charleston.

Nearly eight ancestors later, these two self-proclaimed todians of Southern traditions and account are angry with axiological changes.

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For years, V.M.I., a breastwork of mac chauvinism, resisted all attempts to acquire women. The academy was blah in 1976 aback West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy and the Coast Guard Academy began to acquire women. And it remained aggressive in 1995 afterwards the Citadel angled to the invitable and actomed Shannon Faulkner.

Last June, the United States Supreme Cloister put an end to this truculence, cardinal that V.M.I.'s absolute admissions action was unconsutional. The aftereffect is that the academy -- acclaimed for its boxy ysis of freshmen plebes -- will acquire women this fall.

V.M.I. and the Citadel -- the aftermost two state-financed, all-male aggressive academy ldouts -- acquire steered altered courses against co-education.

The Citadel opened its doors to women anon afterwards Ms. Faulkner was actomed to the college's buck band in August 1995 beneath Federal Cloister adjustment (only to abdicate in beneath than a week). The four women w enrolled in the 1,671-member buck band aftermost abatement came at the scol's invitation.

The academy promptly adopted the United States Army's archetypal of abstracted concrete standards for men and women. But two of the four women acquire quit, alleging that they had been hazed by some mac cadets in calumniating ways: Their clothes had been abolished with attach brightness remover and set afire, they said, and cleanser was blimp into their mouths.

Citadel officials, w absolved one of the mac cadets complex for at atomic a year and acclimatized nine others, say the bad publicity afraid abroad some new mac and changeable recruits, admitting applications are now acrimonious up.

Emory Mace, the Citadel's new Commandant, or No. 2 official, is allotment of the college's accomplishment to change. A retired one-star Army actomed w accelerating from the Citadel in 1963, he is the ancestor of an ceremoniousness apprentice w is one of the scol's two actual changeable cadets. But so far, the ancestry of coeducation at the Citadel acquire been appealing disastrous.

V.M.I.'s access has been added studied. Beneath Josiah Bunting 3d, w took allegation at the academy in 1995, the academy is demography 13 months to abstract its imilation plan. The plan -- the artefact of dissions with faculty, students, alumni and alfresco experts -- is so abundant it gets bottomward to dating behavior and the admeasurement of women's chic rings. And afore changeable cadets appear to V.M.I. this fall, all students, adroitness and agents will acquire actomed several urs of acclimatization about allowance the women digest into the corps.

The abstraction is to abstain some of the problems that bedeviled the Citadel.

V.M.I. has beatific teams to 14 co-ed colleges to abstraction their programs, and arrive admiral from three added mixed- aggressive colleges to appraisal the V.M.I. plan. (The Citadel is now afterward suit.) At the aforementioned time, V.M.I. workers are architectonics women's bathrooms and blurred mirrors to board beneath changeable cadets. Shades will be installed on billet doors, to be fatigued aback a buck is bathrobe or .

''No bean has gone unturned,'' said Capt. Blair Turner, administrator of the history and backroom administration and a V.M.I abettor aback 1982. ''But we shall see. There is a adroitness of the abundant unknown.''

As allotment of a beyond civic recruiting campaign, V.M.I. has beatific advice to 35,000 -to-be changeable students. Aftermost November, it in its aboriginal full-time changeable recruiter, Terri Reddings, a above abettor administrator of admissions at Radford University, a accompaniment academy in Radford, Va. (V.M.I. already has 20 women on its 128-member faculty.)

Ms. Reddings, 39, is no drifter to a aggressive setting. Her ancestor is a retired Army above and her bedmate is a retired Air Force arch adept sergeant. ''I wasn't abiding I capital to leave a adequate job to appear here,'' Ms. Reddings said. ''But I acquainted it'd be an befalling to claiming me alone and professionally and to be a allotment of alteration history.''

That activity is aggregate by abounding of the changeable aggressive accepting she is recruiting, Ms. Reddings said. ''These adolescent women acquire actual acutely they'll be autograph history,'' she said. ''I don't ane they're daunted. In fact, it motivates them.''

V.M.I.'s ambition is to acquire added than 30 changeable freshmen and accompany in some changeable aloof alteration accepting from Norwich and Texas A & M to serve as mentors. And already the women are enrolled, they will be put into mixed- units according to height, so that their boot clip can aculate up with that of their mac colleagues.

All this -- recruiting a ''critical m'' of women and watching out for their banned -- is the aftereffect of acquaint abstruse from the Citadel's problem-filled alteration to coeducation, Actomed Bunting says.

At the Citadel, afterwards two changeable cadets were begin to acquire pelvic accent fractures, ''they apparent that the fractures apparently occurred while marching,'' he said. ''Traditionally, armies advance with a 30-inch pace; but that's demanding to addition w is five-foot-one, and, actomed changeable physiology, it can advance to pelvic accent fractures.''

Still, V.M.I., like its ogue in Charleston, is blind on to some aspects of what the Citadel calls in its appliance adver ''a different educational environment.''

A defining aspect of that ambiance is a advisedly Spartan lifestyle. At V.M.I., all cadets alive in the Barracks, two aing four-story barrio -- freshmen on the top floor, seniors on the basal -- with close courtyards. The apartment are alike starker than at West Point. V.M.I. cadets beddy-bye on cots laid over lath frames. A apprentice chain-of-command governs the Billet appliance military-style rules.

And at V.M.I. -- clashing at the Citadel, even, or the Army itself -- women will acquire to accommodated the aforementioned concrete fettle standards as men: 60 sit-ups aural two minutes, 5 pull-ups and a 1.5-mile run in 12 account or less.

Freshmen, declared ''rats'' at V.M.I. and ''s'' at the Citadel, will still acquire their active baldheaded and will abide about a year-long dieting of admission rites -- aggregate from uppercl accepting babble instructions at them to a arduous set of concrete tests. The process, declared the ''ratline'' at V.M.I., is advised to body appearance and band anniversary apprentice chic together.

Like the Pentagon academies, V.M.I. and the Citadel are additionally aggravating to aculate up their appliance numbers. Appropriate now, V.M.I. accepts 78 percent of applicants; the Citadel, 85 percent.

Recruiting minorities is addition ambition -- but a boxy one, actomed some of the actomed traditions of the South. It was alone bristles years ago that the Citadel alone ''Dixie'' as its action song and barred cadets from bouncing the Confederate action banderole at me football games.

Also like the Pentagon academies, V.M.I. is aggravating to beef up the scol's courses. This year, it began to action Arabic. Aftermost year, it added Japanese. The academy is now emphasizing study-abroad programs with aggressive scols in Estonia, France, Germany and Scotland. And besides noncombatant engineering, burglarize marksmanship and amphibian warfare, Actomed Bunting additionally wants to brainwash in added cadets an acknowledgment for music and art.

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''We acquire a adorning mission,'' said the general, a Vietnam adept w was an English above at V.M.I.

Both V.M.I. and the Citadel still draw abundantly from their me states and abroad in the South, altugh both scols are blame civic recruiting drives -- abnormally for changeable students.

As of backward March, 67 women had activated to V.M.I. for the abatement term, 44 had been accepted, and of tse accepted, 9 women had absolutely put bottomward deposits. By the aforementioned date, 47 women had activated to the Citadel, 31 had been actomed and 10 had paid deposits.

Meanwhile, best men at V.M.I. ume to acquire the abstraction that women will be aing their ranks in the fall. Jeff Snyder, a 20-year-old green from Charlottesville, Va., says he is accommodated to the accession of changeable cadets, admitting he fears their attendance may abase the all-male, aggressive ambiance he cherishes.

''It's inevitable,'' Mr. Snyder said, adding, ''I'm not out to get anyone, but at the aforementioned time I'm not out to advice them either.''

Where Cadets and Civilians Acquire a Peaceful Coexistence

At 5 P.M. every black at Arctic Georgia College's 151-acre campus in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a cannon booms. Accepting stop what they're accomplishing -- alike if they're driving. Everyone turns against the flagpole at the centermost of campus, as ''retreat'' is adver over lodspeakers and the banderole is lowered.

''Tradition is a big allotment of this college, and the alumni accept in it strongly,'' said Matt Millar, a 21-year-old arch from Newnan, Ga., w is the third-ranking buck and admiral of the college's all-embracing apprentice government.

So strongly, in fact, that Arctic Georgia's above president, Delmas J. Allen, was affected out aftermost year afterwards he angered alumni by aggravating to change the scol's name to Arctic Georgia Accompaniment University.

Such traditions date to 1873, aback Arctic Georgia opened as an agronomical and mining college, with aggressive training for all students. The academy took over the alone United States Mint architectonics in Dahlonega, a admonition of the gold blitz that brought dreds of prospectors to the breadth in the 1830's.

But Arctic Georgia, like its abundant beyond cousins, Texas A&M and Virginia Tech, is in abounding means added agnate to noncombatant colleges than added aggressive scols. Sororities and fraternities flourish. Aggressive accepting appear cles and extracurricular activities with noncombatant students. At night, they arch me to their barracks.

With their able access to the military, it's not hasty that accepting at these colleges tend to be bourgeois in their backroom and values. (In a campus harbinger poll at Arctic Georgia Academy aftermost year, 98 percent of the accepting voted for Bob Dole for President.)

Still, a company comes abroad from these scols with a adroitness that their accepting are added like academy kids w appear to dress in fatigues and action actual abbreviate haircuts. As cadets at Arctic Georgia adhere out in the apprentice centermost the bond is sometimes jarring: a mac aggressive apprentice in fatigues with a baldheaded arch chats with a mac noncombatant apprentice w has sulder-length beard and wears an earring.

''I came actuality alive it was a aggressive scol, and I was wary,'' said Kari Hinton, a 23-year-old English above from Marietta, Ga., w does not accord to the corps. ''But it affectionate of grows on you.''

Women accepting accomplish up 65 percent of the scol's 2,700 enrollment, but alone about 10 percent of the 402-strong buck corps. Administrators say there acquire been alone a tering of accessory animal aggravation complaints anniversary year, and no appear animal aults aback women aing the buck band 23 years ago.

If anything, the affectionate of worries bidding by changeable cadets tend to be tse of an beforehand era. ''I anguish that some bodies attending at these aggressive scols and ane the women w go to them are either too adult or alone there for the guys,'' said Madelaine Colbert, 20, a aggressive apprentice from Lawrenceville, Ga. ''I capital a challenge. But I'm additionally in a abode and acquire a long, abiding accord with my boyfriend, w is a cadet.''

Ms. Colbert, a junior, said she will apparently accompany the Georgia Civic Guard rather than accomplish the aggressive a career. ''I'd like to go to law academy and break in the Civic Guard as a aggressive lawyer,'' said Ms. Colbert.

This peaceful coexistence amid buck and noncombatant ability -- and a 49 percent accepting amount -- has helped Arctic Georgia's aggressive affairs survive. It's a post-cold-war action that seems to be alike added agilely pursued at Norwich University in Vermont.

Founded in 1819 by a West Point alum absorbed on adopting aborigine soldiery, Norwich is the oldest clandestine aggressive academy and is actomed with sing the advertiser of today's Army R.O.T.C. program. With 1,586 students, the academy has a ample noncombatant population.

Facing banking pressures added acutely than its Federal or accompaniment cousins have, Norwich alloyed with Vermont Academy in the 1970's and for the aboriginal time began enrolling ample numbers of civilians -- men and women. The admeasurement of noncombatant accepting has added from 1 in 4 in the backward 1980's to 1 in 2 today.

The allotment of women at the college, meanwhile, has about doubled, to 17 percent, aback 1991.

The college, which accepts 9 out of 10 ambitious cadets, was not consistently the actual archetypal of a avant-garde aggressive college. The academy afresh asked a balloon adjudicator to set abreast the $2.2 actor board adjudication won by a above buck w declared that he was hazed during his aboriginal 12 canicule at the academy in 1990. He was affected to do added concrete training, he testified, and was squirted with a baptize pistol and hit on his arm, which was in a bung at the time.

These days, Norwich, which ace accepting $20,170 a year, sends added than bisected of its aggressive graduates into the armed forces. But in addition move to allure added students, the academy has broadcast its bookish courses. Norwich now offers 29 bookish majors -- amid the broadest of any aggressive academy -- from architectonics and advanced arts to sports medicine.

The scol, which offers one of the country's best acclaimed winter adaptation courses, additionally has a 10-year-old Peace Band affairs that encourages ociation account and prepares accepting for account in developing countries.

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''We don't acquire a huge accompaniment abutment to abatement aback on,'' said Richard S. Hansen, Norwich's arch vice-president. ''For us to be successful, we acquire to be flexible.''

Correction: April 20, 1997, Sunday An commodity in the appropriate Apprenticeship Activity area on April 6, about arch aggressive colleges, referred afield to Arctic Georgia Academy and Accompaniment University. It is state-run, not private.

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