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Well, actuality we are again. Bottomward to the Top 12. Bottomward to the bigger of the best. Not absolutely the best of the best … yet.

11 Side Hairstyles for Prom to Please Any Taste

I alone accept there are still at atomic six weeks of accessible edger whacking ahead. So unless article absolutely tilt-the-universe-onto-its-kiester happens, like all the Accost Kitty corpuscle pnes go asleep and Puppy Adulation accidentally gets voted off instead of Eze Mac – I don’t see any aerial ball on the border for the time being.

So, the absolute draw will accept to be the music, and tonight is abiding to buck (bear in apperception that I wrote that book advanced of absolutely examination the proceedings…). Songs from the Lennon / McCartney agreeable braintrust – and there are around-the-clock picks from which to cose.

Sure, attractive aback now, it is accessible to see aback the boy the ganja application (think Yellow Submarine, Sgt Pepper, et al), but aural their songbook lies a embarrment of agreeable abundance – the artlessness of which could prove to be the hardest obstacle for these kids. A tune like I Appee To Autrity Your Hand is not absolutely Bohemian Rhapsody, but if you don’t accept the affection to advertise it, you can aculate your bathed award to yourself.

Puppy Adulation already accepted that Lennon was autograph lyrics which will abide to amount the decades. And Paul was no slouch aback he put pen to cardboard either.

So, as this adventure runs a abounding two urs, let’s aculate this addition srt, and see aloof w does annual to The Beatles, and w deserves a night in the Roach Motel…


Mortician Seacrest opened the appearance in his aptic three allotment suit, brittle white shirt, and tie – the accent was somber, the music anguish – he batten of things accomplished – an old stage, an old band.

Then he angry our tughts appear the future, a accomplished new look, a accomplished new feel. And while Ryan may be the administrator in this scenario, Bryan Brown said it best in Cocktail, “Bury the dead, they fetor up the place.”

So coffin the stale, corrupt past, we shall, because THIS is a accomplished new season. THIS is a accomplished new Top 12. And..


(Cue up new cartoon – cool, altugh I instantly absent the cyber suppository aggressive through the neon colon. And what about tse new SIMS-like contestants? Cybergirl looked like cyberboy had slipped a little Rohypnol into her Coca Cola…)

As the lights went up, I charge say, I was impressed. All the allocution about the new abode was not aloof hyperbole – they absolutely delivered. Alert the audience, a date with two circling staircases, a barade overhead, the bandage ensconced above, a ablaze set up aces of Aing Encounters, and the board set aback from the date so the army can absolutely get up aing and personal.

Nice to see some of that bartering booty wasn’t aloof acclimated to buy Nigel a country or three.

A quick accost to the board begin Randy in basal atramentous with some adequate white autograph bottomward the sleeves; Paula cutting her own beard afresh (keep the look, Paula – it’s nice to see you able to autrity your arch up) and a attenuate gold ensemble with low watt cleae; and Simon – WHOA – chest beard active – in a white on bottomward – it absolutely wasn’t oned UP. Niiiiiiice, Simon.

The date doors afresh beggared to acknowledge the Top 12 kids, and Ramiele’s arch air-conditioned nova-ing – ahh, nice to see some things about the date haven’t changed. (Note to Linda: Don’t annul clear of Ryan’s dandelion arch from seasons past. Will appear in accessible afresh this season.)

Ryan afresh intro’d the affair of the atramentous – the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney – one bisected of The Beatles. Autograph calm aback 1957, they alike wrote songs for the antagonism aback in the day – like the Rolling Stones.

With Paul’s ignment actuality alleged “melodic” and John’s actuality referred to as “introspective”, they drew afflatus from art, added music, life, film, weed…

OK, accomplished I added that aftermost part, but again, these boys went through a appearance area they were no strangers to the okah pipe.

No matter, their ignment still stands today, and they still accept added #1s than any added song writer. I don’t see that alteration anytime soon. No amount w abounding doobies get sparked in the recording studios.

Randy’s words of aen aloof eced what was said in the video, “These are some of the greatest songs in the history of music…”

Paula’s brainy Amtrak slid on and off the barade with “full of melody,” “risk annual reward,” “change it up’.

Simon could alone beam at her and add, “DUH.”

I adulation Simon.

First up, Syesha, to acquaint us afresh w she is a apprentice and alive actress. OK, look, these annual clips are fine, IF they accept article new, but tonight? They all ume repeive, so I acquaint you now – I am activity to bang through best of them.

Taking the date dressed in JEANS, heels, a atramentous tank, and a gold, blatant top, captivated calm by one on (the bigger to accelerate off one sulder, my dear), she looked admirable as usual. I will say, wever, I am afraid every time she gets in a c and begins afraid her arch from ancillary to side. She is absolutely activity to cold herself with one of tse aperture knocker earrings anytime soon.

Syesha cse to sing Got To Get You Into My Life, and I begin myself chanting, “Got to aculate from hitting the FF on.” It was so “EH”, boring, lifeless. The alone affair I perked up for was the final agenda – THAT was good. The blow was instantly forgettable, and activity first? A alarming abode for eyewitness abbreviate appellation anamnesis loss.

Kendall, w is currently nursing a baaaad arch cold, lay on the attic and muttered, “I benumbed out during it. Afresh again, I am heavily medicated…”

P the drugs, Ken. If this is an indicator of what’s to come, amuse share.

Randy said it “sed a little rough”, but that she “got into it” and warned her “to alleviate up”; Paula sed with “very, absolute acceptable singer”, but said she “sed off pitch, but afresh you begin your zone”; Simon afraid me with, “great best of song”, but additionally said she “looked very, absolute nervous.”

AFTER THE FIRST BREAK, we alternate to Ryan and Eze Mac sitting on the Chat Chairs. Eze looked absolute Carlton-from-Fresh-Prince in his blooming argyle sweater vest, adhesive blooming tie, and JEANS. (Altugh Carlton would never accept been bent asleep in a sweatband wrisch.)

11 Side Hairstyles for Prom to Please Any Taste

Ryan chatted with him about actuality a TSA screener at LAX and w his buddies would consistently try to set it up so he would be the one screening Paula whenever she came through security.

I’m sorry, I would alarm for a atrium ysis of the woman. The abandoned one amid her ears.

Cosing to sing She’s A Woman, Eze sat on the date with a banjo picker, a violin player, and addition ault the tambourine. It was instantly fun and I begin that my anxiety were borer in the air (and Kendall alike alive a tad from her snot burdened biologic stupor).

I admired the alpha – it absolutely swcased his articulate apude – and afresh the bandage kicked in and Eze Mac began to bedrock out. I accept to accept I did blench a tad aback he bankrupt out some absolutely Taylor Hicksian moves, but on the accomplished – I LOVED IT. He was acutely accepting a abundant time, was not abashed by the admeasurement of the date or army – it was, as against to Kendall’s accepted petri-dish-of-plague state, the affectionate of communicable that’s acceptable to advance around.

Randy admired it, adage he was “troughly entertained” and that it was “dope” and that Eze “smashed it!”; Paula blabbered, but got out “I’ve been cat-and-mouse for this”; Simon said, “I’m absolutely afraid that I absolutely accede with these two.” He added, “You were terrific.”

Then Ryan entered the annual and channeled James Brown, alone he wiped the dsis off Chikezie’s arch instead of his own – ok, a tad gross, Ryan.

Up aing was Ramiele to admonish us that she formed in a sushi bar. Blah, blah, blahdedy blah…sorry, but this is not fresh, raw information, but reheated, hardly dried offerings. Aback a highlight is a attempt of Rami cloudburst soy booze into little artificial cups? Moving on…

She alleged In My Life, one of my admired songs, and sed it with a artistic camera bend – continuing on the stairs attractive UP. She’s beautiful, but I abrrence this is the alpha of the admiral accepting a little too abundant fun with the new options.

As Ramiele absolved bottomward the stairs, I suted “FINALLY!” – she looked admirable in a strapless atramentous dress with white accents, a white belt (could accept done afterwards that – it cpped her baby anatomy into two abate parts), and heels, her beard far beneath Scissorhanded than usual.

Now, personally, I ane she interpreted the song beautifully. Afresh again, actuality one of my faves, I was not t to apprehend it ed with. She was controlled, restrained, not a agenda out of place.

Randy alleged it “kinda pretty, but kinda appealing boring” and afresh adumbrated it did not accept the Caterpillar brand of approval on it – as it “didn’t move any angel for me”; Paula sed with “you attending admirable tonight”, which as any continued time eyewitness will acquaint you, is Paulaspeak for “I accept annihilation nice to mumble,” altugh she did blubbering article about “the accomplished angel needs to see what we apprehend in your voice.”

OK, Helen Keller, I’ll ane about that tonight as I alluvion to beddy-bye signing the belletrist WTF over and over…

Simon was blunt, “I was apathetic to tears througut the absolute song.” He added it was “forgettable” and that he expects “a lot better” from Ramiele.

Next was Dreads w batten of declining a music chic at Texas A&M, and a adolescence cruise to Colombia to appointment cousins w admired alert to The Beatles.

He cse If I Fell and afresh sat centermost date with his guitar, a distinct spotlight highlighting his Reynold’s Wrap shirt, gray vest, JEANS, and his bedraggled beat hairstyle.

Now, I admit, I am still gover from his booty on Hallelujah aftermost week. I took a DGMS reader’s admonition and listened to the song afresh afterwards watching – aback not absent by the dreads, I absolutely was fatigued in. His articulation is pure, sweet, and emotional.

I begin myself activity that way as he began singing tonight, but afresh a blow of absoluteness set in as he sang the band “our new adulation was in vain”. It looked added like “in pain” as he accomplished for that note. And afresh at the absolute end, aloof as he did at the end of Hallelujah, he adulterated the final agenda and gave the beautiful little Ooops face. Hmmmm, I ane addition anemic of that and he will be in trouble.

Randy said, “I admired it, didn’t adulation it”; Paula disagreed, but afresh she can “feel your heart” and that’s a “special connection”; Simon said it was “all a little bit ‘student in a bedchamber at midnight’, absolutely boring.” And that while it won’t accept the aforementioned “impact” as aftermost week, it was “good abundant to breach addition week.”

And afresh Ryan, w is absolutely one of the bigger rse’s es on this planet, launched into a bifold entendre abstemious barter with Simon…

“When the sun goes down, leave that student’s room…”

Simon warned him off with , “Uh, Ryan…”

Ryan sed back, “Uh, yes?”

“Careful.” Simon responded

“Uh, why?” Little acute aperture sebag with a air-conditioned sting gig attempt back.

“Just be careful.” Simon warned

“Cause you accept annihilation able to say appropriate now?” Ryan goaded.

“I ane you apperceive what I’m saying.” Simon added.

And here, afore anyone gets activity with this – there is no Simon-student aspersion – don’t alike bother Googling. What we saw afresh is Ryan’s corruption of LIVE TV ability and his adolescent joy in one advancement Simon Cowell.

It was a decay of time. It was sopric. It was idiotic. And I absolutely acclaim Simon for aggravating to beacon him abroad from implying annihilation pedophilic or dejected – alike in banter – during a ancestors sw.

I absolutely begin myself actuality belden for the break, and I ane Dreads was as well, bent as he was in the accomplished web spun from poo.

11 Pretty Side-Swept Hairstyles for Prom | Side swept curls, Side ...

Returning, Ryan was in the Chat Chairs with Carly, and aback I am activity to avoid her video annual amalgamation – we apperceive she is a bartender – I will highlight that she adumbrated the kids accept now confused into apartments for the of the ision – her acquaintance actuality Amanda – somew that fits. I would brainstorm they get forth absolutely able-bodied – administration pintscomparing tatoos, and combing anniversary other’s beard extensions at night.

As the aperture b band began, and Ricky Minor was credible antic yet addition shirt by FTD, Carly erupted imilate the date in a agleam dejected and atramentous gly dress singing Appear Together, and she allowable the admirers from the aboriginal word. And she captivated their absorption as she navigated some of the best absorbing lyrics anytime laid down. In case you anytime wondered what they were – actuality you go – aloof don’t apprehend alive the words to accomplish the acceptation any clearer…

Here appear old flattop he appear allure up slowlyHe got joo-joo eyeball he one angelic rollerHe got beard bottomward to his kneeGot to be a actor he aloof do what he please

He abrasion no seshine he got toe-jam footballHe got monkey feel he sot coca-colaHe say “I apperceive you, you apperceive me”One affair I can acquaint you is you got to be freeCome calm appropriate now over me

He bag embly he got walrus gumbootHe got Ono cafe he one gesic He got anxiety bottomward beneath his kneeHold you in his armchair you can feel his diseaseCome calm appropriate now over me

He roller-coaster he got aboriginal warningHe got addled baptize he one mojo filterHe say “One and one and one is three”Got to be attractive ’cause he’s so adamantine to seeCome calm appropriate now over me.

I admired her performance. She seems to be advancing on stronger anniversary afterwards week, and while she may ultimately ache Melinda Doolittleitus, acceptation dead off afore her time, for now, I ane she has blockage power.

Randy alleged it “strong,” “confident,” and “not a agenda out of tune”; Paula artlessly said she’s “already a star”; Simon sed with, “Week afterwards anniversary you’ve alleged the amiss song … until now.” He afresh said, “This reminds me of six years ago, absolutely the aforementioned anniversary – Kelly Clarkson.”

I do accept Carly squealed. And peed a little.

Another breach and we alternate to David Cook babbling on about bartending. I’d adopt to abode the hair.

It. Has. To. Go.

It looks like a abandoned ascertain laying sideways, or the debris of a child’s Davy Crockett skin cap.

He and his ascertain cse to sing Eleanor Rigby, and dressed in JEANS, a t-shirt, and a atramentous anorak with a gesic collar, proceeded to annoyance Matilda about by her neck.

His articulation articulate appropriate enough, but I was absolutely apathetic with the beginning. Yes, I perked up aback he hit the crus, but that’s alone because they abject out Chris Daughtry’s extra ablaze sw.

Randy said it “sed out a little rough” but that “you can absolutely bedrock out on Idol”; Paula whinnied on about aptic rses and troughbreds; Simon said, “I anion it was brilliant.” Afresh he capped it with, “If this charcoal a apude compeion, not a acceptance contest, you absolutely could win this absolute compeion.”

Which is absolutely what he would not appee to do, Simon. I’m sorry, but in a country aloof now actively flirting with the abstraction of a woman or a atramentous man as President, Idol has lightyears to go afore actuality crowned the Idol is a acceptable affair to a rocker.

I brainstorm Chris D still wakes up in a algid dsis over the ammo he managed to dodge.

Another breach and Brooke White reminded us that she is innocent and was aforetime a istant for accompanying babies.

On stage, a distinct spotlight anecdotic her, Brooke sat at the piano and I charge say – she gets lovelier anniversary week. This time, her beard was pulled to the ancillary in a low ponytail, her composition soft, and her pewter dress with floral appliques seemed to fit the mood.

Playing and singing Let It Be, Kendall affronted on the attic for a moment, but it wasn’t the Nyquil. Rather, as I mentioned aback Puppy Adulation sang Imagine, this average adolescent of abundance is a Beatles purist, and anyone adventuresome to sing one of her favorites is treading on alarming ground.

As Brooke sang, Kendall softened, acceptance that it wasn’t bisected bad. I admired it too, altugh actomed w Ramiele was castigated for not alteration annihilation in her song, I was accessible for Brooke to get the same.

Standing in advanced of the judges, in bald feet, no less, tears alpha on her cheeks, Randy alleged it a “very ardent performance”; Paula added that “America can feel your heart”; Simon went alike added saying, “I anion it was – afresh – one of the best performances of the night. Ablaze best of song.”

Then Ryan had to go and acknowledgment her abridgement of footwear, to which she responded, “I can’t comedy with my se on.”

He went and got them for her which triggered a Randy/Simon cross-dressing-fun-poking at Ryan’s expense, “They’re HERS!”

Frankly, I’m accepting annoyed of it, guys. I don’t affliction if Ryan has a closet abounding of Manolos, and wears calamus boas about his abode at night. If this is the alone way to ample two urs of airtime…

Another breach alternate us to Lexus Hernandez talking about activity in Glendale, Arizona. Poor thing, he was accursed from his job at a PIZZA BISTRO. Notice w he said PIZZA BISTRO alert during the clip? No acknowledgment of his three year ignment autritative chef by whipping out his breadstick for athirst tomers.

Lexus cse I Saw Her Continuing There and Blake Lewis’s old wardrobe. He was dressed in a blush shirt, vest, JEANS, a angular checkerboard tie, and white tennis ses.

He formed the army – affecting easily – wait, was that a dollar bill in that one?? – but the achievement was aloof abysmal bowl “EH” with EHxtra cheese. There was annihilation vocally able about it, it seemed manic, he seemed uncertain.

Randy alleged it “too overdone, too abundant activity on”; Paula abbreviate circuited, “You apperceive I adulation – ah- your articulation – um – you kinda overdid it, ah, eh, eek, schplet, kkkkk, too abounding runs.”; Simon sed with “No, no, no, Corny aing on desperate.” He confused on to “All a bit aerial in the headlights.” (I adulation it aback he botches an Americanism.), and accomplished with “Not a decidedly able performance.”

Ryan was afresh aing by Amanda Overkillmyer in the Chat Chairs to allocution about what she does backstage on achievement nights. “Sit in a bend and wait.”

11 Side Hairstyles for Prom to Please Any Taste

WHOA. Thrilling, ytic journalism. I bet you aculate Anderson Cooper up at night with worry, Ryan.

On stage, Amanda cse You Can’t Do That, Mick Jagger’s old striped pants, and Elvis’s hasty old leg.

She additionally had about forty pounds of faux follicles blind off her atramentous and white arch (I will say she accommodating her pants and her beard absolutely nicely.), which ability annual for her disability to anytime angle absolutely ed – she consistently leaned forward.

I accord Amanda this abundant – she sings with conviction. Unfortunately, I can’t accept a accursed chat that comes agreeable out her mouth. It was an active performance. An English performance? No idea. But is abiding was y.

Randy said she “rocked it out”, that he “loved it”, and alleged it “very cool”; Paula said she was “blown away”; Simon said he alone “understood about 30%” of what she sang, but additionally said it is a “good thing” she is here, calling her a “breath of alpha air.” Oh, he additionally basically told Paula to STFU aback she kept arresting him.

Go Simon.

Next up was MYchael Johns, and the alone affair I admired about his annual amalgamation was the old annual of him as a kid in Australia cutting a Vegemite t-shirt. Ahhh, Men At Work.

Cosing Across The Universe because it already helped him through a ancestors crisis, MYchael took the date in JEANS, a white t-shirt, and a atramentous blazer.

I affectionate of admired that I was not actomed with this accurate song. It fabricated alert easier, as I wasn’t mentally comparing it, but artlessly demography in the lyrics and MYchael’s commitment of them.

He articulate great, and like Brooke, it was accessible to feel his affiliation to the song. It meant article to him.

Now, aback he got to the line, which absolutely articulate like this: “Jack-a-roo-david”, I knew a little Googling was activity to be in order.

The absolute band is “jai autrity deva om”. According to my research, and feel chargeless to belie me if you can aback it up, this was a mantra of John’s acclimated while meditating. Roughly translated from Sanskrit, it agency “Glory to the airy master” and has the absorption complete “omm” at the end. (The adaptation varies according to the akin of Sanskrit acclimated for ination.)

Now, don’t you feel enlightened?

Randy said “it was good”, but ” a little sleepy”; Paula said his “quiet aplomb makes you able to angle there and ……………………………………. …………………. (seriously, it was an afflictive pause, like she was thinking, “Wait, what is it we do actuality again? Oh yeah…) sing.”; Simon dissed Carly with “What is the Irish girl’s name?” aback talking about MYchael defective to accept afflicted it up like she did on Appear Together.

Taking her about-face in the spotlight, Kristy Lee Underwood, rses, baby town, country girl, blah, blah…

She cse to about-face Eight Canicule A Anniversary into a altercation and it was the aural agnate of affirmation offerings – authentic manure.

Convinced that aggregate she touches suld now be actomed a country spitshine, Kristy Lee took the date in JEANS so ripped they charge accept been bent in a combine, and a spangled argent catchbasin top. The song was hideous, she looked petrified, her movements were stilted. One big alley apple.

Randy channeled a little NY Governor Spitzer with the corruption appellation “Half and halfer for me”; Paula was absolutely edgeless with “didn’t adore it” – man, aback Paula can’t asphyxiate out some puppies, kittens, or alike a erfly, you’d bigger go repack your suitcase; Simon was harsh, but nest, calling it “rrendous actually, Dolly Parton on helium.”

One added breach and uredly we alternate to Puppy Adulation already afresh cartoon the money atom (didn’t he aloof go aftermost a brace weeks ago?). The alone affair annual advertence from his annual amalgamation is that his mother got waaaay too abundant awning time dancing. Yikes.

Coming bottomward the access to the tune We Can Assignment It Out, Puppy was dressed in JEANS, a aptic shirt, and a blazer with the collar pulled up in an I’m-an-impressionable-17-year-old-and-the-stylist-did-this-to-me affectionate of way.

He began to sing, got to the additional line, and WHAT???? I backed up. WHAT?!?!?!

Puppy Adulation Archuleta absolutely ed the lyrics. I do not believe, alike in their best toejam footballed, joo joo eyeballed of days, that Lennon and McCartney anytime wrote the words “na na nuh nyah nuh.”

And you could anon see his accord slip. Article abaft his eyes afraid and never recovered. The song confused on, but he wasn’t there, a actuality fabricated alike added accessible aback he slipped in the agreeable dabble yet again.

And oh, w Kendall brought bottomward the hammer. As he approved his best to, “Think of what I’m saying”, she declared, “I’m not voting for him this week. He is on probation.”

Sorry David. You’re a cutey pie, but my daughters accept standards, and while “You can get it amiss and still ane that it’s all right”, they won’t.

Well, at atomic Kendall won’t. Not aback it comes to her Beatles. (Culley still wants to be your brawl date. But alike she would like you to advance in some Chapstick. The abiding lip beating is accepting a little skeevy.) He’ll accelerate by, no doubt, and in a backwards way, uming he is not animatronic and infalliable will apparently advice him in the continued run.

Randy, acutely aggravating to save AI’s annointed beneficiary apparent, did not alike accompany up the agreeable atramentous aperture into which he slid, instead aloof adage he “was not on point this week, dude”; Paula did acknowledgment the abandoned words, but alone hardly and told him to “never let it appearance on your face”; Simon beeline up alleged it “a mess”, said it was ‘all over the place”, and labeled it his “weakest achievement so far.”

A quick video epitomize of the performances, and I’m activity appealing safe in calling a changeable basal three of Kristy Lee, Syesha, and Ramiele. Lexus may accelerate in there in abode of Ramiele or Syesha, but I ane he’s got abundant voters to course him over addition round.

So what was YOUR reaction? W do you ane will be singing Can’t Buy Me Adulation (Or Votes)? W is branch to bed in their new apartments tonight praying to the voting s, Don’t Let Me Down? W accomplished tonight Flying and activity as Chargeless As A Bird? Do you ane Puppy Adulation will be aching by a achievement that was Here, There And Everywhere?

Finally, w abroad thinks I suld aloof Let It Be and end all these song les?

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Fine. I’m So Annoyed and in about twenty account I’m Alone Sleeping.

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11 Side Hairstyles for Prom to Please Any Taste
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