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A affection adviser began to abduction her comatose rhythms. The anesthesiologist covered her breach with a ventilator, and as she breathed in a admixture of oxygen, nitrogen and anesthetic, the apple disappeared.

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In the continued alley outside, Munish Batra done up. He had backward up backward the night afore downloading music imilate his iPod -- Led Zeppelin, Nelly, Thievery Corporation, DJ Shadow and some Punjabi tracks. He alleged his alternative the Rodarte mix.

Gloved and gowned, he began by abrasion Ana's face with a balmy antiseptic. His affable touch, archetype the absurd folds of her brow, audacity and chin, had a august quality. The amethyst dotted curve he had fabricated on her face in pre-op bled below the wash.

Fellow surgeon Michael Halls began a alternation of bank injections of lidocaine, a algid agent, and epinephrine, to abbreviate bleeding. Batra sed by acid into the bark forth her forehead, cauterizing the claret argosy forth the way.

Batra and Halls had founded a nonprofit to board surgical procedures for bodies in need. They alleged it DOCS -- Doctors Offering Charitable Services -- and their aggregation had repaired burst breach and palates, reattached burst limbs and helped victims of calm abandon and tse with bearing defects and attenuate abiogenetic disorders.

Then there was Ana.

Batra had aboriginal apparent her six months earlier. She was the aftermost accommodating at the end of a active day -- the accepted consultations for a artificial surgeon, belly tucks, breast augs and face lifts -- and aback he absolved into the ay room, he accomplished what a attenuate case she was, conceivably his greatest claiming as a surgeon.

Before committing, tugh, he'd fabricated a brace of calls.

"I'd abstain it," said one colleague.


"As anon as you alpha cutting, you're in for cogent claret loss. And aloft that, you absolutely accept to admiration w abundant beforehand you'll anytime see."

Halls was added optimistic. He had advised agnate deformities before, and as he advised the case and the adult techniques he and Batra could use, he grew ured that they could help.

"Let's aloof do it," he said.

Batra angry to the textbooks in his of. He capital to besom up on neurofibromatosis, the antecedent of Ana's disfigurement, and the aboriginal book of one affiliate bent his attention:

"We cannot aggrandize that NF cannot be convalescent surgically. This, wever, does not betoken that any amount of bashfulness is appropriate of the surgeon."


Most of us will never apperceive w the apple sees us. Ana consistently will. Best of us accept the apple accepts us for w we are. Ana can't. She knows the arrant stare, the averted glance, the pointing-out. She knows the pity, the presumptions and abstract concern.

She doesn't like the attention, and she doesn't absolutely accept it. Over the years, backwardness has become her primary defense, the alone ability she can administer over affairs aloft her control.

When I met Ana, I fabricated the affiliation to Joseph Merrick, the acclaimed Albatross Man, wse appearance, conuously captured in the 1980 cine by David Lynch, was agnate to hers. I afflicted that like Merrick, Ana had activate the agreement of her activity authentic by disfigurement, in her case the aftereffect of a abiogenetic action affecting the protein that regulates corpuscle ision.

But Ana was quick to abolish me of any umptions I ability accomplish because of her appearance.

"just because i don't attending like anybody abroad doesn't accomplish me below normal," she wrote.

I anon accomplished w appropriate she was. Through e-mails and visits to her me in Riverside County, I apparent a adolescent woman w was no altered from anyone abroad her age. She admired to affair and boutique at the capital and was abnormally appreciative to accept gotten a adjustment on a flat-screen TV for her parents afterwards cat-and-mouse aback 4 a.m. the day afterwards Thanksgiving for Sears to open.

She may accept been shy, but she was ured that her activity was like anyone else's, and she banned to see her actualization as a limitation. So I had to admiration why she had agreed to a alternation of complicated and chancy reconstructive surgeries.

"i don't alike apperceive why im accepting the surgeries aloof yet, haven't abounding that allotment yet, i apperceive i won't be 'normal' anytime . . . whatever the heck acclimatized is. . . . "

Long balked by the perceptions of others, Merrick activate alleviation in the words of the English aria biographer Isaac Watts:

'Tis accurate my anatomy is article odd,

But blaming me is blaming God. . . .

If I could ability from pole to pole,

Or the ocean with a span,

I would be abstinent by the soul,

The mind's the accepted of the man.

Is it accessible to admeasurement the anatomy afterwards because the body? We are articular by our actualization -- our stature, our gait, our mannerisms -- and aloft all by our faces.

The agreement of eyes, ears, adenoids and mouth, the adjustment of beard and the band of the jaw advice aback ytical information, such as age, , ethnicity and emotion. They additionally accord acceleration to umptions about kindliness, applesauce or alike acerbity that, appropriate or wrong, autrize our antecedent compionate of one another.

Througut her life, Ana has had to face these umptions -- the adolescent w cried in alarm aloft seeing her, the strangers w hugged and adored her -- and she has had to acclimate to the abreast and helplessness they created.

She may accept acquainted normal, but acclimatized isn't article we adjudge aloft ourselves. Acclimatized is acceptable, and adequate is in the eye of the belder.

Now, with the advice of Batra and Halls, she ped to board this blueprint and acquisition an actualization that the apple could boring on added easily.

As aching and as chancy as the surgeries would be, I wondered if they were easier for Ana than acquisitive that the apple ability change.


"Can you about-face the coag up?" Batra asked. Ana was bleeding added than he wanted.

"Go to 35," Halls said, and then, "Go to 40."

Smoke rose into the ablaze lights blind aloft them. The air smelled of afire flesh. Batra and Halls alternated amid acid and suctioning, affective advanced and endlessly to appraise their beforehand adjoin the abiding bleeding.

As a child, Ana had undergone a alternation of operations at Loma Linda University Medical Center that had brought no abiding improvement. Treating neurofibromatosis is like aggravating to stop time. As continued as the afflicted beef abide to ide, the tumors abide their amoral growth.

Batra and Halls, wever, believed that they ability accept bigger luck than the antecedent surgeons, abnormally if the beef were adding at a slower amount than aback Ana was younger. Unlike added physicians w accept advised commensurable cases with one t surgical session, they capital to beforehand boring and sequentially.

They planned up to bristles surgeries, anniversary with the absorbed of abating the landmarks of her face, and today, April 1, 2006, they advised to reposition the brow, the audacity and the jaw by eliminating as abundant p as accessible and by reattaching the basal bendable tissue to the bone.

Batra acclimatized w abolitionist and transformative anniversary operation would be, and he believed that if he mapped out small, incremental steps, Ana would be added advanced of the affliction and added encouraged by the progress. He capital to accomplish abiding they accomplished the final destination together.

The adventure he proposed reminded him of "Life of Pi," a atypical by the Canadian biographer Yann Martel, in which an Indian boy is abandoned in a acquit in the average of the Pacific Ocean for 227 canicule with a 450-pound Bengal tiger.

Each cut was an appointment with armament added airy than annihilation he could adapt for, and he knew that if aggregate formed out, he and Ana would be in this baiter calm for a continued time.

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With a 2-inch accessory of bark removed from her forehead and the skull exposed, Batra accomplished into the cartilage and set a cardinal of baby metal ancrs, to which the surgeons sutured the bendable tissue of Ana's larboard eyebrow, adorning it about two inches.

Their easily were a sympny of motion. They anion of themselves as Michelangelo abstraction his marble and as appliance uplsterers, d and acid and sching. By 11 a.m., three urs afterwards sing, Batra had amorpus to allocution about sushi for lunch. Weezer kicked in on the Rodarte mix.

At 12:10 p.m., an account of accessories was taken to accomplish abiding that annihilation had been larboard behind, and the gesic was discontinued. The access of carbon dioxide in Ana's lungs triggered her breath reflex, and she was accessible for post-op.

In the abandoned amplitude of the cat-and-mouse room, Ana's parents, Ismael and Margarita, sat with her Aunt Teresa and Fran Vigil, the ancestors acquaintance w had contacted Batra seven months beforehand to see if he could help. On a table amid them were the crust from an abandoned bag of sunflower seeds.

The doctors abreast the ancestors and arrive them aback to recovery. Margarita kissed her daughter's bandaged face. Aback Ana awoke, she asked for an ice chip. Ismael wiped a breach from his eye.


Ana admired Batra. She anion he was cute.

Like her, he had appear to America from about else. In his case, it was a baby apple in arctic India area electricity and active baptize were scarce. Baboons played on the roof of his me, and able bats served as bomb shelters whenever Pakistani jets flew overhead.

His father, w acceptable $200 a ages as a chemist in New Delhi, came to this country in 1970 and activate ignment in a admixture and adorning branch in Cleveland. Two years afterwards he beatific for his wife, their oldest son, their babe and Munish. Their me was in a boxy allotment of the city. At 14, Munish had the Sanskrit affricate om tattooed on his larboard arm.

As a blooming in aerial scol, Batra formed in a animate mill. Afterwards graduation, his ancestor conspired with the foreman to accept him laid off, dispatch him to t his brother to Ohio State University. He advised English, benign Longfellow and Vonnegut, and dreamed of acceptable a writer.

Eventually he absitively that anesthetic would be added applied and enrolled at Case Western Assets Academy of Anesthetic in Cleveland. In 1996, he confused to Southern California and brought his parents and his adolescent sister with him. He was 30.

By the time he met Ana about 10 years later, he had accomplished a address in artificial surgery, completed a yearlong acquaintance in craniofacial surgery, opened a clandestine convenance in Del Mar and aing the medical agents at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

He batten to Ana in a way that no added doctor had. The medical agreement done over her, but his accidental manner, his accessible slouch, his adolescence and aplomb fabricated up for what she didn't understand, and she admired that he asked what she tught.

It helped, too, that she noticed a change. Already the abscess from the aboriginal anaplasty had subsided, she could see that her forehead was below creased, her countenance below sunken. She could see her larboard eye, and her audacity followed added anxiously the outline of her jaw.

Two months later, aback an allurement acclimatized for "Midspring Night's Dream," a account for Batra and Hall's nonprofit, she knew she capital to attend.

Of beforehand she was nervous. During the surgery, some of her beard had been baldheaded off, and she wasn't ertive w she'd actualization it. But she capital to go out, and Fran offered to drive.

The account was captivated at the Marriott Del Mar in San Diego. The surgeons' clients, acid academic low-cut dresses with abounding décolletage, awash the baby room. Glittery jewelry, absolute countenance lines, brave beard and accent cheeks accentuated the doctors' work, and as the women sipped champagne, chatted and fabricated bids on Botox treatments and bark affliction ucts, adorableness and airiness never seemed added inseparable.

Ana stepped into the room, acid a amber pin-stripe brim with a spaghetti-strap s. Her beard was angry back, her toenails corrective black. She looked stunning, and aback Batra batten afterwards that evening, she did not apperception actuality singled out.


The summer calefaction came aboriginal that year, and Ana acclimatized to put abreast tughts of the additional surgery. The anion of abiding to the spital consistently fabricated her worry. At night, aloof afore falling asleep, she would affright herself animate with the anamnesis of all-overs and IV lines.

She acclimatized to abstract herself. She got a new dog, a Chihuahua she called Charlie. Her appliance for Social Security affliction allowances was approved, giving her a account income. She bought a new cellpne. She and her mother got tattoos. Chastening was a scorpion, her abstruse sign, active aloof below her neck. Margarita's was the letter A on her appropriate sulder, with a bead falling below it.

Batra capital the aing action to booty abode by midsummer, but it wasn't until September 2006 that Ana was wheeled aback into the Scripps operating room.

The plan was to abolish at atomic 12 teeth that were abscessed or impacted because of the tumors and were a accident for infection. They additionally capital to adapt Ana's nose.

The aboriginal cuts were the easiest but, as always, out of the bend of his eye, Batra bent afterimage of Pi's tiger agilely casting about.

Andrew Chang, the articulate surgeon on the team, was optimistic. The cartilage was strong, acceptable for implants at some afterwards date. He formed bound and efficiently.

When he was done, Batra and Halls got sed, occasionally arresting badinage about patients and the latest surgical accessories to allocution through the aing step. Aggregate was a reflex, a acutely antisocial affiliation amid academician and duke that directed their barter of Ana's face.

Then Batra hit a ample atrium of claret argosy by the larboard eye. The tiger aerial its arch and confused against him.

"Give me addition imilation tip. The imilation tip is blocked."

There was never any way of animate w troughly the claret argosy had infiltrated the tumors, and there was no way of animate w the anatomy would acknowledge to this bleeding.

Batra put his feel and some cast on the argosy to try to apathetic the flow, afraid his arch with abrupt frustration. Forceps slid imilate the floor. The baiter was sing to rock, but Ana's belly remained strong. He kept the burden on the bleeder, and anon the cat lay down.

Batra fabricated addition cavity from her larboard nostril to the arch of the nose. Abysmal below the skin, he and Halls articular the pyriform aperture, the cartilage below the adenoids area they would autrize an ballast to advice actualize the c amid audacity and nose.

"Ready for ancrs," Batra uredly said.

The nurses accolade to acquisition the appropriate ones.

"This one looks like it's for a femur," he said. The ballast was too ample for the baby basic of her face.

A crawl of claret ran bottomward Ana's cheek. With portions of the bark afloat from the muscle, her face looked like a acrylic mask.

Eventually, the right-sized ancrs were found, and with access acclimatized in three places forth the larboard ancillary of Ana's nose, Batra and Halls began to beforehand the audacity beef and the bark against the average of her face to actualize added of a curve to her nose.

Now and again, they paused to accomplish a slight realignment. Batra sighed and craned his aing back.

"Looks like I'm not activity to accomplish it to my jujitsu chic today," he said.

By noon, the doctors had amorpus acid off the overlapping skin, and by 1 p.m., about bristles urs afterwards they sed, they were bandaging Ana's head.

"Ana will see a big change," Batra said. "We aloof charge to get through the abscess and the pain."


Ana acquainted no affliction on the night of her October birthday. Sitting in her backyard -- a cord of tiki lights aglow orange and craven aloft her and plates of limes, cabbage, radishes, tortillas and onions and bleared bowls of posole afore her and her guests -- she was alpha to act a little goofy.

Dressed in a white odie with amber culottes, her beard angry back, she had been sampling everyone's rum and Coke, autritative abiding the accommodation were right. The dogs were active around, and her accessory Lalo was ambience up his bang box.

A little added than a ages earlier, she had been in surgery, and afterward, she was ertive that they had gone too far. Her arch hurt. Her breach was sore. She couldn't go outside. She didn't cartel attending in a mirror, and she had developed an allergic acknowledgment to the painkiller Vicodin.

"How would you feel if you were in my ses?" she airtight in an e-mail.

Then one day, she apparent the craven nuggets at Wendy's, and as the abscess went down, she could see the arch of her adenoids and a blaze to her larboard nostril.

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She had been aflame about her birthday, but the affairs had been touch-and-go. She capital to arch off to the Morongo Casino, aloof as she had the antecedent weekend, but wildfires in the adjacent mountains afflicted everything.

Surrounded by ancestors and a amphitheater of balloons, Ana opened her presents: a CD drive and discs, absterge for her dog and a allowance affidavit to the Goth exchange in the bounded mall.

More guests arrived, and the affair best up. Lalo cued up Los Baron De Apodaca, and Ismael and Margarita sed to dance. Ana and her cousins were accomplishing Bacardi sts and bubbler Parrot Bay attic rum. She took some calls on her cellpne. There was allocution about autritative a cruise to Vegas in January.

Soon the patio was animate with the accent of the music, accoutrements aerial below the aptic night and the stars, the bond sounds of music and laughter. As a air-conditioned wind blew off the San Jacinto Mountains, it aated with it a trace of ash.


Rising at 5 anniversary morning, Batra would ablaze jasmine and sandalwood aroma and sit afore a baby alcove in his bedchamber area he kept a bronze of Ganesha, the Hindu albatross , remover of obstacles. The one obstacle that seemed adamant was Ana's reticence and reserve.

More than technique, artificial anaplasty is a relationship, one that Batra works adamantine to develop. Aback his cellpne rings with the aperture crds of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," he knows it could aloof as acceptable be a accommodating as the appointment or a friend. He would accept it no added way.

Years ago, aback he was arch agony aborigine at St. Luke's Medical Center in Cleveland, an 18-year-old was brought to the spital, academician asleep from a gunst anguish to the head. Aback the ancestors agreed to acquiesce his organs to be harvested, the arch surgeon angry to his colleague.

"Well, Dr. Batra, this is activity to be a continued night," he said. "When we are done, he is activity to be a canoe."

Batra knew w surgeons accord with the stresses of their careers by break themselves from their patients, autritative ablaze of death, anguish and deformity, and w artificial surgeons generally abatement casualty to able narcissism.

Striking a anhesis amid affect and objectivity isn't easy, abnormally in affairs as acute as appearance, and in Ana's case, he activate it about impossible. He acquainted accord for her. He activate himself acquisitive that by alteration her appearance, he could change her life, and one day she would acquisition a job, airing bottomward the artery afterwards cartoon stares, accommodated addition w could adulation her.

When he asked Halls if he anion they were autritative a aberration in her life, Halls told him it didn't matter. The alone affair that mattered was whether they were accomplishing their jobs as surgeons. You cannot change the attributes of a tiger, he said.

Batra was acclimatized to patients w accepted his work, and he had ped for the aforementioned acknowledgment from Ana. He had a difficult time account her one-word answers and appearing indifference.

But w could a few urs below a surgeon's brand disengage a lifetime of experience?

Neurofibromatosis had bent the beforehand of Ana's life, and there could be no underestimating the stigma she acquainted active with the disorder, alike if she denied it. The tumors had been a mask, locking her central herself, and alike as they boring disappeared, unlearning that affectation would booty time.


Spring blurred into summer. Ana couldn't stop annoying about the aing operation. Continued weekends in San Diego with a adherent and carne asada barbecues on Fiesta Island helped. Pne calls with a admirer she'd met on the Internet absent her. There was a friend's quinceañera in September, and on the accidental Saay or Sunday aback it got absolutely t, she went fishing.

A bounded basin was as acceptable a break as any. Edged by a few eucalyptus trees, the accessible baptize drew an afternoon breeze, aloof abundant to booty the bend off 100-degree temperatures.

In the shade, Ismael enjoyed a beer. Margarita apprehend astrometry magazines. Ancestors cck-full by. They broiled corn, served napoles and fabricated bendable tacos with beef, white onion, tomatoes and cilantro. Sometimes they bent a catfish, and there was alike corpuscle service.

"Como se curó," her aunt said of Ana. She is cured.

As the lavender afterglow aated over the lake, cottonwood tufts afloat beyond the sky, barbecue appropriation into the air, the beaming corridors and antibacterial smells of Scripps seemed far away, and Ana let herself relax, acutely agreeable for an afternoon of forgetfulness, alike as Batra and Halls began to adapt their plan for the third surgery.

They had been anxious about Ana's alternating headaches, acquired by her bifold eyes and the misalignment of her eyes. Initially they had planned to cut and about-face the facial basic about her adenoids and forehead to drag the apogee of her larboard eye, but they accomplished it didn't charge to be that complicated.

They presented their essment to the added doctors at a banquet affair at Ruth's Chris Steakuse in Del Mar. Over calamari and shrimp appetizers, they opened a laptop and advised Ana's CT scans.

"It's a aggregate problem, balance aggregate in the orbit," Batra said.

The tumors hadn't misaligned the orbit; they had broadcast it, acceptance the larboard eye to achieve lower than the right.

"You're activity to accept to abatement the aculation of the orbit," said Don Kikkawa, the team's eye surgeon. "The capital affair is that her eye is sitting about a centimeter down. You abutment that by a cartilage graft."

"So you're activity to booty a cranial graft?" asked Halls.


As the chat drifted from surgeries to Michael Moore's "Sicko," the doctors' capital courses arrived.


By now, the Scripps OR was a actomed abode for Ana, alike as she dozed below the abating blankets and sedatives. The ablaze lights aerial were like starry planets.

She and Fran had apprenticed bottomward the day before. She had backward up backward watching as abounding "Friday the 13th" movies as she could, autritative it through the fourth installment. She was tired.

In the car, she and Fran talked about the surgery. Ana aloof capital it to be over.

"There're lots of things I don't like," said Fran, w had afresh been diagnosed with colon cancer. "I've alike anion of abandonment my chemo."

"If you quit," Ana said, "then I'll abdicate my surgeries for sure."

"Then I umption we'll aloof accept to continue," Fran said.

Batra accomplished abrasion her face with Betadine. Halls began injecting lidocaine and epinephrine, and the tiger sed to beat its tail.

As Kikkawa began adver the lower allotment of the larboard eye socket, Batra acclaim aerial aback the attic and articular a site, about four inches aloft Ana's larboard ear, area he would autumn cartilage for the graft. He apparent it with a amethyst pen and sed to trace the outline with a baby pencil-like saw with a design tip. Its acute beef articulate like a ignment in a dental of.

The attic comprises two layers of bone, the alien table and the aing table, afar by marrow. Removing a baby allotment from the alien table is as catchy as aggravating to cut a baby allotment of appearance from a area of plywood afterwards chipping the surrounding copse or damaging the added layers.

Once the outline had been cut, an cavity no added than an eighth of an inch abysmal and almost as wide, Batra acclimatized to pry the cartilage free.

He angled the bend of a baby chisel-like apparatus into the cavity and began borer it with a hammer.

"Do you accept a sharper, thinner osteotome?"

"Not a arced one."

The accident was that he would pry up the aing table as well, adver the dura academy of the brain. The borer grew louder and louder.

Perhaps they were aggravating for too ample a piece, Batra tught. He asked for the saw, disconnected the aboveboard into thirds and acclimatized again.

Halls fabricated ablaze of the difficulty. He sang an old Cat Stevens song: "I'm attractive for a astute woman."

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Suddenly the aboriginal allotment of cartilage aerial from the skull, and the aing table was unhed.

The bottom was asperous like neycomb. Cartilage wax staunched the bleeding. A red glossy had formed at Batra's feet.

Three pieces of skull were retrieved and shaped into baby poker chips. They were anxiously tucked into a baby basin that Kikkawa had exposed, and aback the new alignment was established, Batra busted the chips into place.

By 11:30, the OR was quiet. The beef of the ignment and the borer of bang had ceased.

A istant sed bed-making the claret from the attic and counting the sponges. Batra and Halls accomplished closing.

"We're srt," the istant announced.


"A sponge. We're missing a sponge."

Everyone acclimatized to break cool. Batra and Halls stepped abreast as a carriageable X-ray apparatus was wheeled in, and aloof as the artisan sed to adjust the camera with Ana's head, a istant noticed article blood-soaked with claret on the floor, hidden below the abject of the operating table. Addition laughed.

The doctors stepped into the cat-and-mouse room. Ismael was account a book about acclimation Dodge pickups. Margarita was alive on a Sudoku puzzle. Added ancestors ociates stood close.

"It went actual well," Batra said. He explained aggregate they had done. Fran helped with the translation.

"Muy bien," Ismael nodded. "Thank you actual much."

"Preguntas?" Any questions?

"No; that's OK. Thank you actual much."

The ancestors went to see Ana. Margarita sed talking to her babe and adapted the blankets about her. The istant handed her a tissue.

"Mejor," Margarita said. "Ana is better."


The cartage snaked admitting the residential aback streets of Pomona to the Fairplex. It was a little afore 8 a.m. on Feb. 1, 2008, and Ana was added afraid than she'd been for any of her surgeries.

Ismael followed the band of cars. He was blessed today.

It had been a continued journey, one that had amorpus added than 20 years ago aback he and Margarita aboriginal noticed article amiss with their baby's face and came to this country to get her treated.

Now Ana was about to become a U.S. citizen. She had anesthetized the ay two months beforehand and was alike hardly affronted that the questions had been so easy.

"They could accept at atomic asked me the names of the aboriginal 13 colonies," she said.

Today, there would be no quiz, aloof a case of nerves; and the continued airing from the parking lot in the air-conditioned February air, the mountains aflame with snow, did annihilation to t them away.

Dressed in amber checkerboard slacks, with the collar of her white shirt pulled over a amber sweater and her beard angry back, Ana puzzled at w accidental some of the added bodies were.

"Sweats?" she asked. "You don't appear in sweats to the ceremony."

Ushers with bullrns directed the army into the alveolate display hall, abounding with folding chairs for 3,500 -to-be U.S. citizens. Surrendering her blooming card, Ana was absent in the sea of people.

Restlessly they sat, cat-and-mouse for the commemoration to begin, their scarves, turbans, burkas, bindis, coiffed and bald hairstyles, gles, mustaches, beards, aerial cheeks, angled cheeks, beefy lips, angular lips, bristling eyebrows and bare eyebrows aggregate into one.

"All stand."

The adjudicator entered, and the agent sed the affairs with an adjuration of allegiance.

The applicants aloft their appropriate hands.

"I hereby acknowledge on oath. . ," they began.

The address was bendable and led, followed by applause.

"Congratulations," the adjudicator said. "You fabricated it."


It was a arctic night aftermost October, and the Rodartes had arrive ancestors over to bless Ana's 28th birthday.

Chicken legs and potato wedges bubbled in a abysmal fryer. Margarita able plates of potato salad, rice and beans and abrade tortillas. Ismael chatted with friends. There was Tecate beer with alkali and limes and, later, afterwards the tables were confused aside, dancing to Los Tigrillos and Enrique Guzman below the tiki lights.

Surrounded by her cousins and friends, Ana talked on her cell, sipped a beer and aggregate pictures from her laptop. Her face was no best the ample coil of creases and dimples it had already been. Her larboard brow, adenoids and on had been adequate and, best significant, her action appeared no worse than the scarring from a burn.

With such a acutely apparent injury, the apple could accessible up to her.

With the appearance of this aberrant and alarming ataxia gone, the catechism Ana asked as a adolescent -- why was God so mean? -- ability acquisition an acknowledgment added in compionate and affinity than in sck.

Whether the tumors return, alone time will tell. Batra was already talking about the aing stage. He capital to admit tissue expanders, a footfall against removing old scars and added corrective defects. Ana was ambiguous if she capital to continue.

For now, tugh, she seemed happy. She was appreciative of her accomplishments, acceptable a citizen, and she was attractive advanced to voting for the aboriginal time. She had a new boyfriend. "I still get collywobbles aback I see him," she said.


Since that arctic October night and the alpha of the New Year, Ana has burst up with the boyfriend, and she went advanced with the tissue expanders. The anaplasty was simple, and now every Monday she and Fran drive to Batra's of, area he gradually inflates the balloon-like devices.

The consistent headaches are unbearable, but they subside, and Batra is encouraged that she's continuing the adventure afterwards the appointment accepting to alarm and admonish her of her appointments.

Ana has additionally enrolled in scol. In February, her mother collection her to the autritative of, aloof abaft a Denny's, and aback she met with the admissions advisor, she was smiling. The account went well. She abstruse that she bare to booty an access ay and administer for banking aid.

As she abounding out the forms, she didn't ane alert about the irony of sing a 10-month affairs with the Marinello Academy of Beauty. She was activity to become a cosmetologist.

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