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They were the stars of New York Burghal nightlife in the backward ‘80s and aboriginal ‘90s with their abandoned looks and antics, accompanying arresting abrrence into the hearts of parents beyond the country. The Club Kids – the aboriginal ‘influencers,’ really, afore the appearance of amusing media – not abandoned graced the ball floors of allegorical nightclubs and stared out from appearance and ociation pages; they additionally boastful their biologic use, gender alteration and beat affairs on allocution sws and in interviews that fabricated Middle America recoil.

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The Club Kids began with an aboriginal bulk of nightlife players such as Michael Alig and James St. James, adolescent bodies - generally about new to New York - agog to accomplish their appulse on the burghal and the club scene. They became paid promoters for orted venues, cartoon in barter acquisitive to affair with the fast-growing aculation of over-the-top club personalities. The Club Kids eventually would accommodate several 'generations,' as 'king' of the Club Kids Michael Alig explains, as the amphitheater widened - admitting abounding of the originals still accept aerial standards about w absolutely adapted the moniker. 

Their heyday was abruptly cut srt, wever, aback Alig, a built-in of Indiana, and his acquaintance Robert ‘Freeze’ Riggs pleaded acable to ination in 1997 in the killing and anatomization of their adolescent Club Kid Andre ‘Angel’ Melendez. He was dead in the men’s Manhattan accommodation and kept in the bathtub for about a anniversary afore Alig cpped up his body, buried it in a attache and the brace threw the victim into the Hudson River.

Riggs was paroled in 2010 and Alig was arise from bastille in 2014. While the aloft has led a quiet life, advancing academia, Alig has alternate to the New York club scene. Their aloft embly accept gone on to accompany a ambit of endeavors in orted altered fields.

‘We’re all approaching superstars - if not now,’ Club Kid Richie Affluent said in one abominable account on Phil Donahue’s television allocution appearance in 1993.

Now, 20 years afterwards the sentencing of Alig and Riggs, DailyMail.com catches up with Club Kids to see aloof w clear-sighted Richie Rich's adventurous announcement was – or wasn’t.

The Club Kids emerged in the backward 1980s/early 1990s, decorating themselves with abandoned apparel and architecture as they took New York Burghal nightlife by storm

Club 'King' Michael Alig, right, and Jenny 'Jenny Talia' Dembrow were two of the best apparent names amid the Club Kids

Desi Monster - absolute name Desi Santiago - was actomed for his camp beard in the aculation of Club Kids that affective every advenious to go on television and sck admirers with their lifestyle

The Club Kids began to breach afterwards Michael Alig and his acquaintance  Robert 'Freeze' Riggs pleaded acable to killing and dismembering adolescent Kid Andre 'Angel' Melendez, pictured


While Alig was in bastille – spending time in aloof bonds for connected biologic use afore eventually accepting apple-pie – he was immortalized added in pop ability by the blur Affair Monster, in which he was played by amateur Macauley Culkin. A doentary was fabricated of the aforementioned name – Affair Monster: The Scentary, which is currently filming a sequel, and accession doentary about Alig’s life, Glory Daze, is alive on Netflix.

Now, afterwards actuality arise in 2014, 52-year-old Alig has stepped aback into the New York Burghal nightlife, sting a account affair alleged Abuse on the Lower East Side with adolescent aloft Club Kid and DJ Keoki. He says he tries not to apprehend abrogating acknowledgment online about his re-emergence on the scene, and the account affair absolutely angry out to be rather accidental – landing him a chargeless four-bedroom attic in Paterson, New Jersey.

‘One night at Outrage, this man approaches me; it turns out that he’s a multi-billionaire,’ Alig tells DailyMail.com. ‘I don’t apperceive w this happens in my life, but I’ve had a alternation of actual rich, white, heteroual men – affectionate of ancestor abstracts – arise in and aloof affectionate of booty affliction of me, for some reason.

‘It charge be article in my DNA, in my personality, that I’m gluttonous these bodies out, because I never absolutely had a ancestor … so that charge be what it is, because it’s too abundant of a coincidence, because it’s like the fifth one in my life,’ he says. ‘But he came up to me, and Affair Monster is his admired movie, and his wife’s, too.’

This businessman, Alig says, owns acreage in Paterson and is converting abounding wareuses into lofts.

‘He offered me a admirable four-bedroom, 20-foot beam loft, which is area I’m active now for free, if I would move actuality and affectionate of advance the boondocks as like an artisan ascendancy and allure my artisan accompany to arise actuality and maybe alive here,’ Alig tells DailyMail.com. ‘And actualize like a ociation of artistic bodies that will affectionate of … be a counter-effect to the ghetto-type of crisis aspect to Paterson. So that’s affectionate of what I’m accomplishing … affectionate of like a agent for Paterson.’

He is painting in the attic as he speaks, alive on a account of accession aloft Club Kid, James St. James. Artwork is article he got into in prison, encouraged by Rob ‘Freeze’ Riggs; the two were initially placed in the aforementioned correctional facility. Art, he says, ‘saved my life.’

‘It gave me an aperture in prison, and it gave me a new anatomy of a acquirement source,’ says Alig, w sells the paintings via his website and has an accessible exhibition in Los Angeles in October. He’s additionally accounting a book but says that absorbed publishers accept it suld be breach into two abstracted parts.

‘There’s my autobiography, which is alleged Aligula, and afresh there’s a book of the Club Kids as a subculture, putting the Club Kids as a subculture into ambience with added subcultures like … yuppies and disco and all these, affectionate of seeing area they came from – area the Club Kids came from, why they came to be, what they were about. It’s a added bookish affectionate of book.

'So tse two books are what came out of my book, and I charge to abstracted them, and it’s actual difficult to abstracted them, because it’s affectionate of like amid Siamese twins. You accept to be actual careful,’ he tells DailyMail.com. 

He’s additionally alive on a Club Kids ‘social register.’

He explains: 'When you buy a Warl book or painting, if the Warl foundation hasn’t actomed that it’s an aboriginal Warl, you’re out of luck. It’s not a Warl … the Club Kids annals is array of like that. If you’re not in the Club Kids amusing register, you will not be advised a Club Kid. There has been a lot of b****ing and abuse about w’s gonna be in the register.’

Altugh he sometimes confers with added aloft Kids, he says: ‘I’m the one w decides. I am the acreage of Andy Warl.’

Michael Alig, pictured larboard at the Tunnel in 1994, went to bastille three years afterwards afterwards argumentation acable to killing Andre 'Angel' Melendez; he was arise in 2014 and now lives in New Jersey, area he foes on painting and autograph (right)

Alig, now 52, resides in Paterson, New Jersey and is alive on books, paintings, a accouterment band and a agreeable about his life

Alig, right, at then-popular NYC bistro The Apple in August 1988, with Keoki, a adolescent Club Kid and DJ wse account affair on the Lower East Side is currently sted by Alig

He says the Club Kids arena absolutely grew out of a acknowledgment to the AIDS crisis, aback bodies were scared, not activity out to nightclubs and it ‘was apocalyptic, really.’

‘There’s annihilation added atramentous and chilling than seeing a behemothic mega club advised for so abounding bodies with aloof a tering of bodies in it,’ he says. ‘It looked like the end of the world, really.

‘People were actual scared, but on the added hand, they were actual abundant affectionate of nihilistic. They were like, “Well, if it’s all over, afresh we ability as able-bodied affair and do drugs and accept fun.” So the Club Kids came out of that.’

He adds: ‘It was added about the beheld and aloof bathrobe in a awe-inspiring way. We were additionally affectionate of a aggregate of two subcultures. We were a aggregate of yuppies and punks, because punks would dress up in these crazy apparel and then, aback you’d attending at them, they’d say, “Why are you attractive at me?” The Club Kids would dress up and, aback you looked at them, they’d say, “Now you can pay me $100.”

‘We had this money, affectionate of banking end allotment that was actual yuppie, so it was a actual ‘80s thing. The ‘80s were all about clubbing, so it makes sense. We were the new punks but with an eye arise autritative money.’

He says: ‘We were amusing media afore amusing media … we were like a concrete animal adaptation of amusing media’ – creating parties and looks and account that would go viral, but through agency such as chat of mouth, afterwards the internet.

He says he still keeps in blow with best of the Club Kids.

‘It was, and has remained, like a family,’ he tells DailyMail.com ‘When ancestors ociates get in aation or do brainless things, you don’t abandon them; you let them apperceive w you feel about what they did and you can’t do that afresh … But afresh you acceptable them aback into the family, because that’s what a ancestors does. So that’s what the Club Kids accept done, about to a one.

‘There are a brace – and aback I say a couple, I beggarly absolutely two or three – w accept not actomed me back, but you apperceive what? They don’t ambition me ill, they aloof don’t appee to be ociated.

‘I accept that. I did a abrrent thing,’ he says.

He has not been in acquaintance with Rob ‘Freeze’ Riggs, wever, for added than a decade. Riggs was arise in 2010.

‘Weirdly enough, we haven’t talked, and I don’t apperceive why that is,’ Alig tells DailyMail.com ‘I don’t apperceive if it’s aloof a coincidence, or he’s aloof done his own thing; so accept I. I’m abiding every already in a while, he charge think, “Hmmm – I admiration what Michael’s doing,” because I do.

‘It’s like affectionate of, w’s activity to accomplish the aboriginal move? It will be one of us; we will do it eventually, because we both accept annihilation but adulation for anniversary other,’ he says. ‘It’s not that we don’t appee to allocution to anniversary other. Afterwards not aing with accession for a connected time, that aboriginal affiliation is a little uncomfortable, alike if you like the actuality – abnormally if you like the person. You’re afraid about what they’re activity to think.

‘That’s the aen I haven’t done it – and additionally aloof because of all the things I’m alive on. It’s like I never accept a chargeless second,’ he says.

In accession to his book, affair announcement and ‘painting like a madman,’ Alig says he’s accommodating on a agreeable about his activity and alive on a accouterment line, Skroddleface, that will accompaniment his art projects. Filming is additionally underway for the doentary Affair Monster 2, which follows his activity afterwards prison.


Riggs began advancing a bulk while in prison, acceptable a ysis accessory with the Bard Bastille Initiative, a affairs alms academy coursework to prisoners in bristles New York prisons. He transferred to John Jay Academy of Criminal Justice at the Burghal University of New York and, in January 2012, accelerating Summa Laude with a Bachelors Bulk in Urban Anthropology and M Incarceration. He actomed several fellowships, was on the Dean’s List and was actomed to the Ph.D. affairs in Sociology at NYU with a five-year Henry McCracken Fellowship.

Robert 'Freeze' Riggs, center, was a acquaintance of Michael Alig and was additionally bedevilled to bastille afterward the abominable killing of Angel Melendez

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Riggs, right, went to bastille afterwards the killing Melendez, left; Riggs was arise in 2010 and has aback entered the apple of academy; he accelerating from John Jay Academy of Criminal Justice and actomed a acquaintance to abstraction for his Ph.D. in Sociology at New York University

He said he was entering alum academy ‘with the ambition of administering an ethnography of a New York Burghal adjacency with a aerial bulk of confined residents.’

During his time at NYU, he co-autd affidavit that accommodate ‘Moving the Needle on Justice Reform: A Report on the American Justice Summit 2014,’ ‘The U.S. War on Drugs and Latina/o Communities’ and ‘Reflections on insutional aals ignment and aals crossing: Prison, chargeless society, and captive reentry,’ and ‘Is Child to Adult as Victim is to Criminal? Amusing Policy and Street-based Sex Assignment in the USA.’


The arresting affliction Amanda Lepore continues to bath New York and all-embracing nightlife with her own cast of artificial surgeried, heavily-sculpted character. Conceivably added than best of the Club Kids, she connected to chase the affairs in the club arena limelight.

She tells DailyMail.com that actuality a Club Kid was ‘w I became acclaimed and abide to do what I do today.’

‘I am continuously appointed to arise and accomplish at clubs all over the apple – as able-bodied as festivals, appearance sws, etc.’

She’s currently at the Diana Anniversary in Oslo and, aback she returns, will be in the Marco Marco appearance for Appearance Anniversary in New York and will be actualization at DragCon.

‘I accept additionally been in the flat for the accomplished few months, and accept been alive on music that suld be arise aural the aing few months,’ she tells DailyMail.com. She has dabbled in music before, absolution a 2005 antlogy and recording a 2007 club song with adolescent aloft Club Kid Larry Tee alleged ‘My P***y (Is Famous).

Lepore has additionally done campaigns for Mac Cosmetics and Armani Jeans, and nightlife columnist Michael Musto – w anxiously accurate the Club Kids’ antics during their prime – has alleged her ‘the missing articulation amid old New York and the accepted bulge of transgender as.’

Earlier this year she arise her memoir, Doll Parts, created with her columnist Tmas Flannery Jr and abounding with abounding of her iconic ptographs – taken by David LaChapelle and Marco Ovando, aloof to name a few. Her publisher, Judith Regan, told The New York Times: ‘I capital it because of the artificial surgery. It’s extreme.

‘And afresh you sit bottomward and allocution to her and it’s a lifetime of drama.’

Lepore, left, with amateur Rip Taylor, center, and Alig, right, pictured in 1995 at New York club Limelight, which was used in a aloft church

Lepore, pictured in an undated pto, says that actuality a Club Kid was 'w I became acclaimed and abide to do what I do today’

Lepore, additional from right, at The Dom Perignon Vintage Trinity Launch Affair in New York Burghal in June 2017; she has remained a athletic on the nightlife arena aback her Club Kids days

Lepore, accession for the Activity Ball in Vienna, Austria, in June 2017, is abundantly accessible about her all-encomping artificial anaplasty and arise a book this year blue-blooded Doll Parts

Lepore, w lives at Auberge 17 in the Gramercy adjacency of Manhattan, is abundantly accessible about her all-encomping artificial surgery; she’s alike had her ribs access to accomplish her waist smaller.

‘A lot of bodies ane that I’m absorbed to artificial surgery,’ she says on her website. ‘But the accuracy is, if I’m absorbed to anything, it’s beauty. If you arise to be adolescent and transgender, afresh you’re acclimated to bodies actuality abrrent arise you aback all you appee to do is exist. Through all the aberration in my life, there was abandoned one affair I could control: myself.

‘On the outside, obviously, but on the axial too. I foed on not absolution added people’s opinions accept any aftereffect on me whatsoever, and that’s w I’ve lived my activity anytime since.’

Still, wever, her capital athletic is her attendance on the nightlife circuit; she gets paid to arise at and st parties all over the world. She generally appears at risqué and abominable New York club The Box, as able-bodied as the Museum of Sex – both of which are approved haunts of the ‘international albino bombs,’ as she calls herself on Twitter.

She tells DailyMail.com: ‘A archetypal day includes advancing for accessible appearances, performances, etc – alive on my apparel and accessories (stoning them with Swarovski crystals)’ as able-bodied as ‘getting my beard and nails done and activity to yoga. Demography affliction of my mind, anatomy and soul.’

Of her old emblage of Club Kids, she says: ‘Everyone is accomplishing their own thing, but it’s consistently so abundant aback I run into the Club Kids that I originated with. I am belden for tse days.’


Jenny – actomed as Jenny Talia – was one of the best apparent faces of the Club Kid era, with her signature baldheaded head, brindled cheeks and arresting features. She actomed on the Phil Donahue set with a full-face covering mask, a agrarian atramentous wig arising from below it, and laughed aback the st asked whether she was drug-free. She was additionally the youngest of the group, immersing herself in the NYC nightlife at aloof 15.

Now she’s committed herself in a wlly altered way to adolescent bodies – alarming them not with her alien behavior and appearance faculty but with her charge to ociation service.

She is currently the accessory controlling administrator of The Lower Eastside Girls Club, which encourages adolescent girls in the underprivileged adjacency to ability their abounding potential, alms aggregate from appearance and music studios to a science lab and planetarium.

‘I went from one club to another,’ she told The Standard annual beforehand this summer.

It was absolutely a about-face from her bistro days, but the aloft Club Queen said she knew it was time for her to get out of the arena aback things began to unravel.

‘I went on a bottomward spiral, but article affectionate of kept me from absolutely activity into the abyss,’ she said, citation her parents as that extenuative grace.

‘I did not appee to demolish them, you don’t appee to die, altugh it could accept happened. I fabricated a amateur mistakes.’

She added: ‘I was actual egoistic for so abounding years, and I aloof bare article abroad to fo on.’ 

Jenny 'Jenny Talia' Dembrow - actomed for her brindled cheeks - was one of the youngest of the Club Kids, aing the arena aback she was aloof 15 years old

Dembrow attends The Lower Eastside Girls Club Spring Fling at the Bowery Auberge in May 2016; she has committed her activity to allowance adolescent women through the organization

Dembrow, additional from larboard in the advanced row, is now a mother of two and says that abounding of her Club Kid aeon are additionally 'doing some absolutely astounding things'

Now a mother of two, the 41-year-old foes abundant of her activity on the club, which has additionally provided Quinceanera and Sweet 16 celebrations – complete with chargeless gowns – for girls w didn’t accept the befalling to bandy their own parties.

Jenny said abounding of the partints are wlly blind of her aloft Club Kid incarnation.

‘They aloof ane I’m the absurd adult of the Girls Club,’ she told The Standard. ‘Soon I’m activity to accept chaplet in my audacity piercings like an old adorned lady.’

Of her time at the centermost of the Club Kids apple – some ociates of which she still counts amid her accompany - she said: ‘Now that I’m 41, I don’t ane it was aloof active exuberance. I ane … it was absolutely appealing spectacular.’

She said: ‘I attending at the bodies from that era, and there are the ones that didn’t accomplish it or aloof fabricated some absolutely adverse decisions causing them to blast and burn, and afresh there were tse that rose aloft it. Whatever didn’t annihilate them fabricated them wiser and added apprenticed and they are accomplishing some absolutely astounding things.’


St. James arise his aboriginal book, Disco Bloodbath, in 1999, which served as the afflatus for the blur Affair Monster, starring Macauley Culkin and Seth Green - w played St. James. His additional book, Freak Sw, was arise in 2007 and chronicles the acquaintance of a aerial academy annoyance queen. That book, too, has been fabricated into a cine directed by Trudie Styler and starring Alex Lawther, Bette Midler, Laverne Cox and Abigail Breslin. It fabricated its anniversary admission beforehand this year and has been best up for administration by IFC.

St. James larboard New York for Los Angeles 20 years ago, and he has fabricated appearances on America’s Aing Top Model. He writes consistently for the WOW Report, the website for embly aggregation Apple of Admiration – announcement aloof this anniversary about celebrities Ed Skrein, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Caitlyn Jenner. He additionally has a webseries with the Apple of Admiration approach WOWPresents alleged Transformations: with James St. James.

 'I was accepting older, I was alive in an of, I wasn't activity out, but I still capital to affix with the kids,' St. James tells DailyMail.com. 'I still capital to be allotment of it somew - so it was a absolutely abundant way to accompany in annoyance queens, club kids and performers and architecture artists and the adorableness movers and shakers  and aloof array of brainstorm about in their heads.

'Transformations, for me, is my breach - it's like I can get dolled up in club kid, wacky-doodle-do outfits, afterwards accepting to absolutely go to the club. So to me, it's the best of both worlds. 

'If I go out, I don't apperceive anyone - "W's that old man? Why is he talking to me?"' action the 51-year-old. 'I feel actual out of place.' 

His activity is absolutely altered from the gluttonous Club Kids days, and he sees his approaching now not in New York but in California, area he has lived for the accomplished two decades.

St. James, left, with Riggs, center, pictured in 1995 at Tunnel; he has larboard his clubbing canicule abaft but still gets to dress up for his webseries Transformations

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A Los Angeles citizen for the accomplished 20 years, St. James says he had to get out of New York and reinvent himself afterward the killing of Melendez

St. James wrote a book about his Club Kids acquaintance that was angry into a blur alleged Affair Monster starring Macauley Culkin, center, and Chloe Sevigny, left

'I came out actuality because I had to, afterwards ... all that happened,' he tells DailyMail.com, referencing the the after-effects of the killing. 'I aloof bare a breach and I bare to reinvent myself - and I came out actuality and all of a abrupt it aloof array of became allotment of my life. It aloof became my life, and I didn't anytime apprehend to be a Los Angeleno, a Hollywood person, but I umption I am - and it's 20 years now, and I adulation it.'

He says he enjoys watching the avant-garde apotheosis of beautiful adolescent bodies ertive nightlife - alike if it's from afar.

'I feel like you don't accept to go out,' he tells DailyMail.com. 'I sit at me on Saay night and aloof watch what's accident in clubs about the world. But with the kids, it seems like this bearing of club kids that are in New York appropriate now - and I don't ane they alarm themselves "club kids" - they're artists and annoyance queens and banausic banausic ... but tse are club kids.'

He adds: 'There's absolutely a lot of really, absolutely aces bodies accomplishing absolutely aces looks, and I ane the affair is, aback we sed, we were aloof like kids arena in Halloween costumes. It was appealing rough. And it's admired the old iPod: every generation, it gets a little sleeker. It gets a little added refined, a little added polished, a little added glamorous. These kids today, accepting the YouTube architecture tutorials and RuPaul's Annoyance Chase and everything, they are so alluring and so able and so abandoned ...I adulation them. 

'I'm consistently in awe of the things that I see, what's activity on in New York appropriate now, the kids and the architecture and the annoyance queens and the style. It's fabulous.'

He says he feels that Freak Sw, the blur based on his book about a aerial academy annoyance queen, is actuality arise at a decidedly pertinent time.

'I wrote the book 10 years ago, but it feels added accordant now, because of all the LGBT anti-bullying things that are activity on in ociation that weren't alike dissed aback in 2007,' he tells DailyMail.com.  

He’ll be actualization afterwards this ages at RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2017, and will be seeing Alig while in boondocks for added filming of Affair Monster 2.


The legendarily abrasive and baroque attendant connected alive in clubs until 2013 – but now says: ‘You couldn’t pay me to go to a nightclub.’

Kenny, originally from a baby boondocks in Ireland and now in his 50s, tells DailyMail.com: ‘I had abandonment at the alpha in that I anion that was my ideny, and I had to breach that – because it was absolutely a affected ideny. I had admired myself in some way by actuality allotment of it and now I’ve array of access that down, and I’m accomplishing what absolutely suld be advancing out, which is my art.’

His art involves creating active sets, bathrobe himself appropriately and demography self-portraits which can be beheld on his website, kennykennyptos.com.

‘It’s absolutely important for me; I’m abundant older, I’m in my 50s, so if I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it,’ he says. ‘I ane it’s admired for me, and I ane it’s adage article about bodies like me, about gender, about cogent yourself in a actual accurate way.’

Kenny Kenny, from a baby boondocks in County Cavan, Ireland, was heavily complex in the London club arena afore he came to New York Burghal in the mid-1980s 

Kenny, pictured with Amanda Lepore, was actomed for bathrobe up and acceptable a acceptability as a baroque but abrasive bistro doorman

Kenny, pictured in a self-portrait, is currently advancing his own art by creating active sets in his West Village accommodation and costuming himself accordingly

Kenny says now 'you couldn't pay me to go to a nightclub' and, aback he larboard the nightlife arena in 2013, he 'had abandonment at the alpha in that I anion that was my ideny'

He says his art is 'saying article about bodies like me, about gender, about cogent yourself in a actual accurate way’

Kenny and Amanda Lepore affectation in Accent in the 1990s; he says that, afterwards the Melendez killing, it 'was a actual aptic time' and 'ody capital to apperceive us'

He access imilate the New York nightlife arena afterward a ignment in London, which he says got too wild.

'I came actuality and I absolutely approved to be acceptable for as connected as I could; afresh I aloof accomplished I acquainted abiding here,' he tells DailyMail.com. 'I got aback into the club scene. I twas affectionate of an accident; I'm actomed for bathrobe up ... so bodies capital me for doors. Afresh I became a promoter.' 

Of the Club Kids scene, he says: 'It sed out as a actual affectionate of positive, "let's-express-ourselves, we're a gang, we're all together, it's fun. It sed out actual slow; I was apprehensive whether it was activity to last.'

The access of Michael Alig, says Kenny - w describes the aator as 'very driven, actual charming, actual likeable' - was what spurred on the Club Kids' fame and popularity.

Reconciling that persona with the abomination Alig committed, he says, is 'very adamantine to array of get your arch around.'

He adds that the aeon afterwards the killing 'was a actual aptic time, I didn't apperceive what was activity to arise ... Nobody capital to apperceive us. I didn't ane I'd anytime get a job again.'

He did, wever, get in by Activity nightclub, admitting he could see the arena was absolutely changing.

'Models were now acceptable the celebrities, and celebrities were celebrities' rather than baroque ambit characters,' he tells DailyMail.com. 'The accomplished aisle of what was New York had changed. What Andy Warl would've acicular at and said "It's fabulous" was no added ... the outcast bit had changed, and it was all about models and it was all about actual abundant fashion.'  

Now, Kenny says, he spends best of his time alive in his West Village accommodation and describes himself as ‘very reclusive.’

‘I accept aing friends, like maybe three or four aing accompany and a baby bigger amphitheater that I go to banquet with sometimes – but I’m absolutely not what bodies would ane I am,’ he says. ‘People ane I’m this amusing erfly because I was in the clubs for so long, and I knew so abounding people, but I’m absolutely absolutely – I don’t apperceive if it’s alienated added than I like to be abandoned to do my art and … introspection.’

He’s still in blow with some of the Club Kids, citation his account abnormally for Kabuki and Desi Santiago, but says: ‘I’m actual grounded. I don’t like bull. I ability be eccentric, but I abandoned aculate in blow with bodies that I ane are real. If somebody’s up their own a**, I aloof can’t.’


Ernie, now 55 and married, has been alive as a burghal New York account ancrman for the accomplished 18 years and advancing added projects – publishing a book aftermost year, for example, with ptos of all the parties he abounding in 2016 blue-blooded ’69 Hangovers.’ He’s in approved acquaintance with Alig, w initially lived with him afterwards he got out of jail, and the two st a YouTube appearance alleged Pee-ew. Ernie says he appropriate the abstraction because Alig was generally affronted with w his ‘messages were actuality conveyed’ by account outlets afterward his well-publicized release.

‘I appropriate to him, why don’t we aloof alpha vlogging and about-face it into a sw?’ Ernie tells DailyMail.com. ‘That was one reason. The added was aback he was active with me afterwards prison, we’d generally aloof be sitting and accepting breakfast and cogent anniversary added belief and bedlam to the point area tears were advancing out of our eyes. We anion we suld put these conversations on YouTube, because bodies would adore them and ane they’re funny. It seems that bodies accept been both amused and entertained. I ambition we fabricated money from it.

‘I can’t accept we’ve been accomplishing this appearance for three years and we haven’t dead anniversary other,’ he says, with no trace of irony.

Ernie, pictured larboard in 1991 and appropriate in July, has arise a book of ptos and says he is alive on another; he calls the abstraction of Club Kids a 'media ax'

Ernie is additionally alive on accession book, which he says he’ll activate casting aing week, featuring costumes, ptographs and belief from the Club Kid arena – which, he says, was a anxiously able phenomenon.

‘I do bethink accepting conversations with Michael Alig area we were talking about perpetrating media axes on the public,’ he says. ‘One of the media axes that he suld we suld perpetrate was this abstraction of Club Kids – that they’re consistently crazy, bodies w go out, decadent, they get paid to party, they don’t accept day jobs … Some of it was myth; I about consistently did accept a day job, alike admitting I went on TV and affected I didn’t accept a day job.

‘We didn’t necessarily ane that it was activity to be a huge thing, but we were actual advised in creating letters that would aggravate media at the time – and at the time, it aloof so happened to be the acceleration of all these daytime TV allocution sws, area they were affectionate of affianced in this accoutrements chase of sck value, area anniversary appearance capital to do article a little added agrarian than the added sw. And it opened the absolute aperture for the Club Kids to crawl through, be crazy, abet all this admirers disapproval and outrage. And we milked it.’


Cidy has become a acknowledged and admired artist, with his aboriginal exhibition, The Believers, uming at MASS MOCA in 2007, and his aboriginal abandoned appearance in New York City, the Protective Motif, in 2010. Afterward his Club Kids years, he formed as an exhibition administrator at 303 Arcade in Chelsea, afresh confused to London, area he teamed up with his friend, extra Anita Pallenberg, to aftermath and abbey an exhibition for accession alternate friend, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, in 2004.

Cidy says the all-embracing arcade arena in the backward 90s and aboriginal Noughties was ‘very exciting’and he travelled extensively.

‘I was about ambuscade out and convalescent from the agony of the Club Kids fallout, and aggravating to alteration into adultod,’ he tells DailyMail.com. ‘I had cck-full autritative my own work, which had been axial to my character as a Club Kid.’

He says his 2007 and 2010 exhibitions ‘represented a accomplishment of my character as an artist, so were actual appropriate moments.’

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He says his ignment has absolutely been afflicted by his Club Kids days.

‘What I abstruse from actuality a Club Kid was this angle of “living axial of the work,”’ he tells DailyMail.com. ‘In adjustment for the ignment to be absolutely authentic, the artisan has to accomplish that commitment. Otherwise, they are aloof a technician.’

Cidy, pictured during his Club Kids days, says he had to 'recover from the agony of the Club Kids fallout' and had to accost his character as an artist

Now based in Brooklyn, Cidy has won acclamation for his jewelry, portraits and murals, and says he is a 'bit of a beatnik at heart'

He has won acclamation for his jewelry, portraits and murals and is currently alive on a alternation of corrective murals for interiors. He aloof accomplished one for a attic in Norfolk, Virginia, and the aing is appointed for a me in Marfa, Texas.

Cidy still keeps in blow with the ‘core group’ of Club Kids ‘to capricious degrees, mostly through amusing media. We accept reunions every so often, like a banquet or article of that nature,’ he says, accordant that he would accede them to be the ‘original influencers.’

‘This accomplished angle of “Lifestyle Character as Brand” was absolutely articulate by the Club Kids,’ he says. ‘You could see this in our appearances on television sws, promotional tours, trading cards and annual editorials. We, rather obnoxiously, answer ourselves as articles and were eventually featured in affiliation with beyond brands.

‘Jenny Talia modeled in Calvin Klein and Jean Paul Gaultier advers, Kabuki was on the aerodrome for Thierry Mugler and I was accomplishing commercials for Cuervo Gold Tequila and autritative appearances in orted music videos.

‘But it’s important to agenda that the clic of “influencer” has been in actuality througut history,’ he says, citation examples such as Edie Sedgwick.

And his affairs has absolutely afflicted aback their pop ability peak, says Walt, w calls himself ‘a bit of a beatnik at heart’.

‘I rarely go out these canicule to nightclubs,’ he tells DailyMail.com. ‘I am added foed on contest like architecture fairs, openings, gym activity and parks and recreation.’

Based in Axial Brooklyn, he spends ‘a lot of time alive abandoned and developing things in the studio.

‘Studio activity can be absolutely solitary, but I adverse that with a lot of time outdoors,’ he says. ‘I bike, skate, ascend trees, comedy Frisbee and go to the bank frequently.’

In a nod aback to his Club Kids heyday, wever, the Walt Cidy Flat has aloof arise a new bodice architecture for abatement featuring a account of his Waltpaper apotheosis in 1991 by columnist Michael Fazakerley.


Richie Rich, pictured in an undated pto from the Club Kids' heyday, describes himself on Twitter as 'Celebrity appearance artisan - television personality - amateur - bulk skater'

Rich and accomplice Trevor Rains advised the now-defunct accouterment band Heatherette; he fabricated account in 2013 for absence out on a $1,700 auberge  bill in Times Square

Despite his television anion that he and his accompany would become ‘superstars,’ Richie Affluent has not absolutely taken the apple by storm aback his Club Kid canicule of notoriety. He describes himself on Twitter as ‘Celebrity appearance artisan – television personality – amateur – bulk skater.’ 

He and accomplice Trevor Rains advised the aloft accouterment band Heatherette from 1999 until 2008, bathrobe celebrities that included Paris Hilton and Gwen Stefani, afore Richie Affluent angled out on his own with Poplux. Beforehand this year he reappeared on the appearance scene, uming Popoganda by Richie Affluent at New York Appearance Anniversary in February followed by Affluent by Richie Affluent at Los Angeles Appearance Week.

In June, he put on a Summer Trend Appearance Appearance … at a Bloomingdales in San Francisco, a burghal area the California built-in seems to be spending a huge bulk of time.

He fabricated account in 2013, aback he was arrested afterwards absence out on a $1,700 bill afterwards spending three nights at the Times Square Westin. The aforementioned year, he about denied rumors that he was meless. 


Desi, w is still based in New York Burghal but works internationally, has begin success as a artistic designer, beheld artist, set artisan and apparel designer. He says that the Club Kid aeon ‘set the accent for the blow of my life.’

‘I was actomed to absolutely ad-lib w I was and what I capital to create,’ he tells DailyMail.com. ‘And aback that point, I’ve been able to absolutely actualize my own path.’

A his accomplishments, he did The Atramentous Lords during Art Basel Miami in 2012, transforming an absolute auberge into a sculpture. He additionally admired accomplishing the Cartier Precious Garage accession in Milan this year – calling it ‘a absolutely abundant accord with a affluence cast that absolutely admired my eyes and was accomplished to the accomplished degree.’

Like abounding of the added Club Kids, he says he still keeps up with a lot of the emblage via amusing media.

‘We all aculate in tune with what anybody abroad is doing,’ he says. ‘Really blessed to see that they are all advancing in their corresponding endeavors.’

He calls them ‘perhaps exceptionable influencers’ in their day, noting: ‘Today, influencers are approved afterwards – aback then, we weren’t consistently acceptable at added people’s events.’

And the Club Kids phenomenon, he believes, ‘won’t anytime arise again.’

‘Social media has absolutely afflicted that mural adjoin that doesn’t beggarly there aren’t acceptable parties – New York consistently has abundant actuality happening,’ he tells DailyMail.com. ‘There is consistently accession bearing of bodies w are accomplishing artistic things and bearing new stars. I like to abide acquainted of that.’

Santiago, at 18 years old in 1991, says amusing media has afflicted the mural and he believes a Club Kids abnormality 'won't anytime arise again'

He has begin success as a artistic designer, beheld artist, set artisan and apparel designer, claiming the Club Kid aeon ‘set the accent for the blow of my life’

He’s still complex in the nightlife arena himself, occasionally sting Battle Hymn – a account Chelsea late-night LGBTQ affair adulatory the '80s and '90s – with aerialist and personality Lady, ‘wm I acclaim for affairs me out of my nightlife reclusion,’ Desi says.

‘Battle Hymn, by the way, has absolutely evoked the activity of the old NY to me,’ he says. ‘It’s a absolutely across-the-board affair with abundant music and no atude.’

Aside from that, Desi says he is accommodating with Spike Jonze on a set architecture for New York Appearance Anniversary 2017 and would like to yze added ignment in film, conceivably alike directing.


Now affiliated and agreeable his time amid New York Burghal and upstate New York, Kabuki has gone on to become a celebrated, in-demand architecture artist. His projects accept included a Pico-inspired adorableness sot for Harper’s Bazaar US which was bisected architecture and bisected masks – ‘masks that I fabricated to abduction the attending of cubism,’ he tells DailyMail.com.

He’s done a awning sot for W annual with Rihanna with a ‘new booty on affiliated makeup,’ which he credibility out as one of his admired projects to date.

‘My best admired acquaintance was alive with Michael Jackson on Ebony and L’uomo Vogue sots. He was lovely,’ Kabuki says.

He attributes abundant of his success to his acquaintance with the Club Kids.

‘As a Club Kid, I had to accomplish article out of annihilation and put calm complete looks,’ he tells DailyMail.com. ‘Ever aspect (makeup, hair, costume) had to comedy off of one accession – acceptable training for the acuteness aback it comes to cerebration on the atom for ptosots and appearance sws.’

Despite that, wever, he says: ‘I don’t ane that aback afresh anyone was cerebration about area it would get them professionally. It was fun activity on the allocution sws like Joan Rivers or Geraldo or seeing your pto in the newspaper. However, I went to clubs because it seemed like a decay of active in NYC if I didn’t acquaintance the Fellini-esque night life.’

He says he still keeps in blow with some of his contemporaries, such as Kenny Kenny, ‘wse faculty of appearance I’ve consistently admired.

‘He’s never cck-full actuality a active ignment of art,’ he tells DailyMail.com.

Kabuki’s activity now, he says, is ‘reasonably active best of the time with traveling and prepping for pto or video sots, appropriate now in accurate as Appearance Anniversary looms on the rizon. In my bottomward time I like to ignment on my paintings – I accept a book accessible on Blurb.com – and restore my faculty of calm.’

Kabuki, pictured during his Club Kids days, says 'it seemed like a decay of active in NYC if I didn’t acquaintance the Fellini-esque night life’

He is now a world-renowned architecture artisan w has formed with Rihanna and Michael Jackson and attributes abundant of his success to actuality a Club Kid, because he had to 'had to accomplish article out of annihilation and put calm complete looks'

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