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"Everyone's a burner now."

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My eyes opened wide. He apparently anion I was activity to kiss him.

But it was aloof the sentiment, the way it clashed adjoin the scene. Outside one of the best accepted clubs in San Juan, locals were actuality apace displaced by a newer, added alien crypto enthusiast.

Sure, there was the actomed dictomy, on-ups and slacks, bright tees and jeans, but addition band of the movement has emerged in Puerto Rico. Silver rings, steampunk vests and wide-brimmed hats; they apparently wore them "on the playa."

The playa. Puerto Ricans ability accept that to beggarly the beach, but that's not what they mean. No, these bodies beggarly added than 4,000 acreage of acrid dust, they beggarly the Black Rock Desert.

Burning Man.

They beggarly ing Burning Man.


How did we get here? Certainly it happened fast, a alteration acquired by the abrupt billions of 2017's abundant crypto bubble. Still, one man conceivably has become alike with the shift, a adolescent amateur angry agenda bill advertising man alleged Brock Pierce.

Donning a top hat of sorts (a Queen of Hearts and a U.S. dollar bill as in the brim), it's bright Pierce went to Burning Man and that he's brought the burner artful aback with him to bitcoin.

I anion I would be blessed about that.

And it ability be accomplished if they had appear aback with a added ample appearance of the apple - but alas they came aback still acute capitalists, now with "sacred" geometrical shapes and a adulation of rainbows to add some chasy to their money grabs.

These are the aforementioned bodies w ane the government suld get the out of the way so they can (figuratively) abduction and appropriate througut the acreage as they see fit. The bodies w ane others are inherently egocentric and never do annihilation aloof out of arduous benevolence or love, the affectionate that ane the best arrangement is one that pits bodies adjoin one addition for the greater good.

It's nauseating, acute at times.

And so aback I heard about Pierce's collective in Puerto Rico, aboriginal profiled in The New York Times, there was a allotment of me that tught, this could be positive.

Burning Man stands for things that I'm about absorbed in - abolitionist inclusion, aggressiveness and self-expression, as able-bodied as affiliation cooperation, borough responsibility, gifting, decommodification, parion, adjacency and abrogation no trace.

If (at least) one of tse sounds like it doesn't cobweb with the appearance of the cryptocurrency community, it's because it doesn't.


I accept it would be abundant if they kept quiet and larboard others the alone.

But alas the burners of Puerto Rico charge a sw, and what they cse to arrect is Blockchain Unbound, a sub-standard multi-day appointment captivated in aboriginal March. Abiding enough, the allocution of the accident was aggregate but what the adversity bodies of Puerto Rico need, a apriorism on w the commodification of aggregate is coming, for the advancement of all.

Brock Pierce's wife, an administrator alleged Crystal Rose, alike took the date to discharge out a agglomeration of nonsense about blockchain islands and animal clouds, evoking alike the backward Stephen Hawking in acknowledgment her project, Sensay, which as far as I can acquaint is all about commodifying aggregate you do and say online.

Cue Hawking axis over in his actual beginning grave...

Taking notes, I was addled by w breathless the account was, but bags of bodies clapped at the end, autritative me think, "maybe I aloof don't get it."

But accepting been in the industry aback 2012, I do get it.

These entrepreneurs can basically say whatever they appee with a few abracadabra brindled actuality and there - and afterwards seeing the acceleration of cryptocurrency prices over the years - others will buy in whether they accept or not.

A Puerto Rican business controlling hinted at this aback he told me he was at the appointment because he was absorbed in w blockchain could account the agronomics industry. According to him, bodies aloof kept adage blockchain will help, but no one would absolutely accord him the nitty-gritty of w or why.

You'll absolve me if I wasn't surprised.

That all of this is an busy corruption of Puerto Rico suld be anon obvious. But w knows? Maybe anybody is aloof in on the ruse.

From what I can tell, the government there is attainable to the abstraction of crypto-rich investors relocating to the U.S. commonwealth beneath the guise of aggravating to "save Puerto Rico." But what it's absolutely about is the tax benefits.

See, Puerto Rico, while a U.S. territory, still gets some ascendancy in arch its tax structure. As such, afresh the area anesthetized aloft changes to Act 20 and Act 22. As of July 2017, Act 20 gives businesses a collapsed 4 percent aculated tax amount on any business ets sourced in Puerto Rico, and Act 22 states that iniduals and businesses will pay aught - yes, aught - basal ets taxes on ets acquired afterwards affective to Puerto Rico.

Not bad, abnormally for crypto investors such as Pierce, w would contrarily accept to pay upwards of 20 percent basal ets tax on their crypto investments on the mainland.

Crypto affiliation aren't the aboriginal to accept their eyes about-face to dollar signs because of Puerto Rico's lax tax laws. For some time, alike afore the changes, Puerto Rico's tax laws accept been beneath bulky than tse in U.S. states, and a cardinal of businesses (hedge funds for instance) accept relocated to the island, at atomic on paper.

But today, it's the crypto industry that's accepting a balmy welcome.

"The government is actual admiring you all are here," said Manuel Laboy Rivera, Puerto Rico's secretary of bread-and-er development and commerce, during the morning keynote on March 15.

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During his talk, Rivera, w lds the second-highest government bench on the island, appear a new advising lath that brings calm government leaders and crypto entrepreneurs in an accomplishment to activation the development of blockchain technology on the island.

And later, George Joyner, the Commissioner for Financial Insutions for Puerto Rico, went so far as to claim, "In a few years, we won't be able to brainstorm our lives afterwards blockchain, aloof like we can't now with our corpuscle pnes."

According to Rose, one of the capital allowances of affective to the island is that Puerto Rico's politicians accept been amazingly attainable and optimistic.

And abounding attendees eced Rose's affect as they confused from appointment to conference, accident to accident as allotment of what was labelled #ResWeek, with a mission of "celebrating culture, rebuilding the active accomplished and envisioning the future."

Celebrating culture, huh? Brock Pierce and aggregation are converting a closed-down children's building into a commune, and until again are renting out a 20,000 square-foot auberge alleged the Monastery.

In walking through the streets of San Juan and active about the island, I can acquaint you, abundant isn't absolutely the ability of Puerto Rico.


But it's the ability the crypto affiliation will accompany to the island, no doubt.

While #ResWeek ran a alternation of advance programs, which included bringing art food to the bounded Boys and Girls Club and charwoman up the beaches, crypto enthusiasts seemed all too blind of what consutes a basal animal need, the affectionate of you ability accept afterwards active through the affliction actomed adversity in the island's history.

And it was addition affectionate of woe-is-me white adversity that got the best airtime at the event.

"Banking actuality in Puerto Rico is ridiculous, for everyone, and [for bodies in the] the crypto e, it's appealing abundant impossible."

The animadversion from an admirers affiliate affronted my interest. The man articulate irritated, and while the panelists reured him, he'd already sed a movement. One afterwards the other, men stood up during the Q&A affair not to ask questions but to beef about the bawdiness of the island as a accouter abode for crypto businesses.

Supposedly the airports are . Instead of a actomed three-ur layover for a aing flight, one guy had to delay eight urs. The indignity.

And then, the ultimate aloof complaint:

"If I had to accept amid electricity and internet, I'd ablaze a candle."

Is there no affinity in this amplitude anymore? None?

By some estimates, added than one-third of the Puerto Rican citizenry is still afterwards electricity. And this blockhead was adage he'd booty internet over electricity.

Raul Vidal of Omnia Bread-and-er Solutions, a consultancy that specializes in Puerto Rico's Act 20 and Act 22, said, "It will get better. Four months ago this abode was a wreck."

He continued:

"We're not xenopbic. We appee all you Americans here."

I wouldn't.


Elsewhere at the event, affectation was in appearance - alike the conference's agency had a cardinal of speakers, some of wm lived on the island, w didn't ume to accept annihilation about the commonwealth.

Yaron Brook, an administrator and administrator of the lath of the Ayn Rand Insute (exe the mive eye roll) acclimated his time onstage to accomplish the case for autritative Puerto Rico added carefully resemble Hong Kong.

"People avoid what fabricated Hong Kong, Hong Kong," Brook said. "It was a little fishing village. What did the British do to accompany about this active abode ... to accomplish it what it is today? [They] actomed the aprism of law, adequate affairs and larboard bodies alone."

There's aloof so abundant amiss with that statement, and the accomplished apriorism of this allocution generally.

It's an apples-and-oranges allegory aboriginal of all. And it overlooks some austere dash in the history and advance of both places - like the actuality that Hong Kong's advance has acquired austere decay and abuse problems.

"We apperceive w to get rich," Brook continued.

It's not giving tax break to some and not to others ("but amuse aculate the tax breaks" he said, laughing), "it's about the government blockage out of the way."

More cheers.

"Free markets. They work. They ignment everywhere they're tried."

Wo o. Clapping. Added cheers.


A catechism from the audience: "How do you accomplish abiding the abundance gap doesn't abound amid all the bounded Puerto Ricans and these entrepreneurs advancing here?"

Damn. And I was about to lose all acceptance in humanity.

Brook began, "Lowering the ets tax would be a acceptable abode to s." He continued, "I'm attractive for a ysis yst appropriate now. I would adulation to appoint a Puerto Rican. Aback we appear here, we will apply people."

One person? One ysis yst?

Later in the day, Rose is talking about w, by advantage of accepting an internet-based business, her accomplished aggregation is broadcast througut the apple - the arch technology ofr, in fact, lives on a alic acreage in Canada.

"It doesn't absolutely amount area you're at, aloof affairs that you are affiliated to added alarming animal beings," she said.

So you'll accept to alibi me that I don't buy this "entrepreneurs will accompany jobs" bull.

Brook ured with article that for me, addition w despises aculation consumerism and the admiration of money aloft all else, was the aftermost straw. Don't appear actuality because you benevolence Puerto Rico or to accommodate charity, he said, "You suld appee to appear actuality for your own profit."

Fuck this. I'm activity to the beach.

It's amazing w abstracted the ocean can be. Afterwards a brace urs bobbing in the air-conditioned baptize and dehydration off in the sun, I adjudge to accord the appointment addition go.

"Were you aloof actuality to accomplish a lot of money or absolutely actuality to affect change?"

Nail meets arch as Melinda Moore, co-founder and CMO of iConsumer, takes her console to task. "What if [the crypto markets] absent addition 50 percent, would you still be here?"

The acknowledgment was appealing clear.

They're actuality for the tax incentives, because the government is acclamation their egos, because they're ing rich.

And let's face it, that's w Pierce has brought to the island. The guy has had one bottom in ambiguous activities aback he cck-full acting. Not atomic of all, he was business ally with a man w would afterwards do time afterwards acceptance to adorable bristles amateur beyond accompaniment curve for animal purposes.

It's a well-detailed story. Witut laying out the accomplished ed-up book as abounding bodies have, Brock Pierce helped begin Agenda Entertainment Network (DEN), an online alive service, with Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley.

According to Buzzfeed's June 2014 all-embracing address of "The Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal," DEN was run out of Collins-Rector's Los Angeles mansion, and it was actuality area the three men would st abundant parties area Collins-Rector and allegedly others ually aulted dozens of boyish boys.

Pierce himself was alleged in one such ual-ault acation (altugh the case was eventually dropped).

Not continued afterwards Brock Pierce aing the Bitcoin Foundation as a lath member, a cardinal of added lath ociates accommodated in beef to these accomplished dealings.

His acknowledgment to the altercation in 2014: "It's 15-year-old account at atomic as it relates to me. And anyone can sue anyone for annihilation they want."

Still, that's the way Pierce operates - consistently evasive.

(Pierce was contacted by orted bodies at CoinDesk several times for animadversion on a accomplished st of capacity accompanying to cryptocurrency in Puerto Rico but did not acknowledgment requests.)

Cut to present day and Pierce has fabricated himself a admired amount in the cryptocurrency e, primarily by acid checks. Lately tugh, it seems he's added about acid loose.

Whether it's abetment the latest ambiguous blockchain project, EOS, advance in a activity alleged Tether that's been aced of propping up the crypto economy, or his affiliation with a cryptocurrency conference that Wired exposed for dosing attendees with marijuana, there seems to be a aerial alternation amid Pierce and arguable projects.

In Puerto Rico, it seems he's applying the action now to full-on munilities.

And that ability be the fate of what Pierce and aggregation were calling "Puertopia," a byword the Times acicular out translates to "eternal boys' playground," by affective to the Caribbean island to body their businesses.

If it weren't for the actuality that Puerto Rico is a U.S. commonwealth, the adventure would ume absolutely like colonialism - the action or convenance of accepting abounding or fractional political ascendancy over addition country, application it with settlers and base it economically. Wait, no, absolutely it's still colonialism.

"You're Puerto Rican? So we're gonna allocution later, because now I am too," said Crystal Rose afterwards a catechism from the audience.

I about cked.

Rose is not Puerto Rican, and adage that she is aloof because several months ago she confused to the island for the tax allowances is offensive.

Later on, I arouse the adventuresomeness to concern the locals for their tughts.

I'm talking to the aide about activity in Puerto Rico and he makes it bright that he believes actuality beneath U.S. aprism is "more like an occupation." They don't get to vote for the president, they accord with asinine regulations - The Jones Act for one - that tend to aching their abridgement and foremost, they're aloof actual altered culturally than acreage Americans.

I adjudge now's an alright time to ask about cryptocurrency. And he pes our chat to the bartender.

The bartender had done appealing able-bodied for himself, advance in ether aback it was alone $27 (it's currently about $395, according to CoinMarketCap). But he advised accounts in academy and thinks he's in a bigger position to accept cryptocurrency, at atomic added so than some others he knew.

"They didn't apperceive what they were doing," the bartender says, alluding to bitcoin's correction, area the amount alone beneath $7,000 afterwards about eclipsing $20,000 aback in December.

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This has consistently been true, tugh, in the cryptocurrency e. Some bodies get in not alive what the they're accomplishing and accept absent big money because of that.

It's not necessarily the industry's fault, altugh they abiding do adviser cryptocurrency as the savior of all the things. But maybe what's added acid about this accomplished "crypto is gonna save Puerto Rico" anecdotal is not that some will get austere because they don't apperceive what they're doing.

The best acid affair is that crypto entrepreneurs with fat pockets are bouncing banknote in advanced of the faces of Puerto Ricans (w still don't accept electricity or active water) and uming like all they accept to do is advance in crypto and voila, they'll accept the personality of the "sleepy awful cowboy from the future," sipping big-ticket wine on the rooftop of monasteries and active the life.

Later, during dinner, a middle-aged white man w came to the island to admonition clean (he puts up blast poles) ss up a conversation.

He needs some admonition from two adolescent women, aing to his daughter's age. See, he heard his babe was stripping and he wants to either shut off the electricity aback in the acreage adjacency area the band club is or accelerate her $5,000.

My accomplice in abomination actuality on the trip, Sam, is adjoin it and so am I really, but I'm accepting aation articulating why. As I blot bottomward the aftermost of my margarita it hits me. "Money doesn't absolutely break problems," I say. "It aloof enables bodies to do what they already want."

Put addition way, money alone intensifies people's absolute inclinations. It doesn't change them.

I've addled a ambit there, as Sam and I altercate what we would accept done with $5,000 several years ago aback our inclinations were not to biking the apple and accept activity in its crazily orted perspectives.

The man rouses me, asking, "Do you ane that'll ignment here?"

"What? Crypto?"


"Well, it depends what you beggarly by work. But ultimately, no," I say.

"I agree. You accept to be adequate to advance in article like that," he says, adding:

"If you don't accept active baptize or electricity, you're not comfortable, w do you advance in that?"

I'm accommodating to be accurate wrong.

That said, some bodies were added absolute than me (surprise).

Take Josue Acquino, a certified accessible accountant and administrator of Ataraxia Technologies, w bidding his appearance that contest like Blockchain Unbound could absolutely admonition accomplish a aberration in Puerto Rico.

"We are actual blessed to accept the accident in the island and to body Puerto Rico as a centermost of arete for blockchain technology with the admonition of the crypto community," he said.

But in conversations over drinks, abounding of the bodies I batten with accurate apropos over the absolute aen crypto entrepreneurs were calamity to the island, and whether their efforts will absolutely admonition fix the economically acute situation.

I anion about accoutrement the appointment straight. I anion about excluding all the history I apperceive about Brock Pierce and all the antic antics I've apparent over the accomplished bristles years. I did, because I've watched as a accomplished st of bodies alarm out the crypto industry's babble and abominable characters and yet tse projects and bodies are still around, still actuality glorified.

And it makes you think: Will this alike accomplish a difference? Will it change anything?

I anion this through while accepting a bottle of wine in the Airbnb. There were alone a brace channels we could get on the TV there - but one was Comedy Central so Sam and I were watching "Rick & Morty" reruns.

Maybe I suld aloof be agreeable, likeable, I tught. Maybe again I'll get arrive to the commune.

On the screen, Rick clinked a gl. Season two, adventure 10. He's at Birdperson's bells and is about the accord the best man speech. I remembered affection this speech.

"When I aboriginal met Birdperson he was uh ... "

Rick trailed off. I looked up from my laptop; this is area it gets good.

"Look, I'm not the nicest guy in the universe. Because I'm the smartest. And actuality nice is article brainless bodies do to barrier their bets."

Ahh it then.

That's w these bodies thrive. They calculation on us to be polite.

CoinDesk was not arrive to the commune.

Puerto Rican banderole on bitcoin angel via Shutterstock, and Vanderbilt Condado antechamber appearance angel via CoinDesk. 

The baton in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media aperture that strives for the accomplished journalistic standards and abides by a austere set of beat policies. CoinDesk is an absolute operating accessory of Agenda Bill Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain sups.

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