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Bethany Cummings, performs as Bar Client (L), Caitlyn Rose, performs as Bar Client (2ndFL), Emily Wong, performs as Ariel Moore (2ndFR), Sofia Contal, performs as Rusty (R), during Colonel By Secondary Scol's Cappies embly of Footloose, on March 2nd, 2018, Utku Özen / Ottawa Citizen apprentice ptographer

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Sw #7: FootlooseWhere: Colonel By Secondary ScolDirector: Greg Crossett


Anna DevlinCritic, St. Mother Teresa Aerial Scol

Anna Devlin Jana Chytilova / Canada Capital Cappies

Kick off your Sunday ses! Colonel By Secondary Scol’s upbeat arrangement of Footloose resounded with the bulletin of award joy in life.

Footloose the Agreeable follows the aforementioned adventure as the 1984 film, developed through songs such as “The Babe Gets Around,” “Holding Out For a Hero,” and, of course, the toe-tapping clic: “Footloose.” Aback Ren McCormack, a Chicago-bred teen, moves to a baby town, he is abashed to acquisition that the townspeople never ball — by adjustment of law. Along with Ariel Moore and Willard Hewitt, Ren rouses the boondocks from their b existence. The ociation charge appear to agreement with a accomplished tragedy and embrace the ablaze ancillary of activity — and what bigger way than dancing?

Jesse Nasmith and Emily Wong took centre date as Ren McCormack and Ariel Moore. Jesse Nasmith allowable the amplitude with adventurous ball moves, and portrayed the ured newcomer with activated facial expressions. Emily Wong embodied the aggressive w seeks out bad boys in every frown and beard toss. She additionally grasped the altruism of her appearance with sincerity, whether arguing with her parents or administration a ardent adventurous moment.

As Willard, Tip Finless aboveboard strutted the stage, and swed catching activity in “Mama Says,” a amusing affidavit to his mother’s academician advice. Petra Ginther’s adorable vocals in “Can You Acquisition It in Your Heart” brought Vi Moore’s affecting accountability to ablaze with authenticity. Ginther’s nuanced uming througut the agreeable was stirring.

While the ’80s are acclaimed for big sound, big hair, and big fashion, Colonel By additionally swcased a big cast. In songs like “Still Rockin’,” the abundant advancement dancers had their genitalia bound in. Ariel Moore’s leash of accompany — Rusty, Urleen, and Wendy Jo — were amusing as portrayed by Sofia Contal, Rianna Persaud, and Ava Crossett, respectively.

The abstruse victories of Footloose included set, costuming, and makeup. The multi-levelled set that continued into the breadth about the date fabricated allowance for affluence of action, and laid the foundation for the animated ball numbers. Costuming and architecture was capital to set the emphasis in the ’80s. The blatant jackets on dancers could acquire been out of Aback to the Future, and the bright-green eye adumbration on adolescence orted with the gly buns on the adults. Overall, the abstruse departments set the tone.

Ending with a pop of confetti, Colonel By Secondary Scol’s Footloose was a abating admonition of youthfulness.

Tip Finless, performs as Willard Hewitt (L), Jesse Nasmith, performs as Ren McCormack (R), during Colonel By Secondary Scol’s Cappies embly of Footloose, on March 2nd, 2018. Utku Özen / Ottawa Citizen apprentice ptographer

Evelyn Ashworth Lead Critic, All Saints Aerial Scol

Evelyn Ashworth Jana Chytilova / Canada Capital Cappies

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What happens aback you mix eighties pop bedrock with affably alienated teens? Footloose, a agreeable rousingly performed by Colonel By Secondary Scol. Mixing the calmness of growing up and actinic anthems with ease, Colonel By’s accomplished casting and aggregation delivered a active performance.

Footloose is the quintessential adventure of burghal boy Ren McCormack angry for the appropriate to dance, amid added things, in his new me of biased Bomont. Premiering in 1984, the blur Footloose was met with ytical acclaim, and the ular song charcoal able-bodied accepted today. Walter Bobbie and Dean Pitchford’s agreeable adjustment (with lyrics and music from Dean Pitchford and Tom Snow respectively) debuted on Broadway in 1998. The adventure begins a few years afterwards a adverse blow took the lives of four Bomont teens. Reverend Shaw Moore, one of the victims’ fathers, pushed for laws prohibiting dancing and music, to ure the town’s youth. Newcomer Ren McCormack disturbs the accord by battling these laws, abundant to the Reverend’s distaste, and arti of his babe Ariel. With the abutment of his chief cl, Ren charge argue the boondocks board to amend the law and advice them affected their grief.

Jesse Nasmith’s absorbing achievement as alienated Ren McCormack was complete with cautiously accomplished able and aerial energy. Nasmith navigated the facets of his appearance with counterbalanced affection and sarcasm. As Ren’s endearingly awkward pal Willard Hewitt, Tip Finless delivered a layered portrayal. Finless maintained a southern emphasis alike aback singing, and orted a affable atude with amorous retaliations in aegis of his friends. The brace generated action as they dissed girls and dancing at length. Their comedic interactions complemented scenes afterwards affairs fo from added characters.

Emily Wong as angry preacher’s babe Ariel brought accurate complication to an contrarily simple role. Wong orted aplomb as she argued with her ancestor with vulnerability as she appear her brother’s afterlife to Ren. Her date attendance and agreeable facial expressions angled out a solid performance. Ariel’s trusted confidantes Rusty and Urleen were alluringly portrayed by Sofia Contal and Rianna Persaud respectively. Their able vocals were swcased in “Somebody’s Eyes” and “Holding Out For a Hero”.

Petra Ginther captured the aspect of preacher’s wife Vi Moore. Ginther’s ertive animality and articulate backbone added to her arrangement of “Learning to be Silent”. Opposing her was Zachary Galvani as adamant Reverend Shaw Moore. His ascetic facial expressions and controlled acrimony appropriately added the acuteness of his scenes.

Costumes, advised by Jenna Reid and Adeola Egbeyemi, were applicable to the story, time aeon and upbeat attributes of the sw. Urbanites in burghal Chicago were adorned in neon spandex and scrunchies; wever, in bourgeois Bomont, skirts and sweaters were sported by best changeable casting members. Ren’s puffer vest, alone tie and aerial acme were comically aing with Willard’s checkerboard shirt, overalls and cowboy boots. Ariel’s handmade brawl dress flowed accurately and was accurate to the film, as was Ren’s red clothing jacket.

Angela Petrakos and Josephine Ding advised an intricate and able set. Scaffolding provided addition bank to the stage, and corrective panels were swapped to actualize stained-gl windows, a academy gym, the Shaw’s me and orted added locales. Smaller items such as the almanac player, blast and bake-apple basin completed the ambience.

Altugh ball has absolutely afflicted aback the eighties, one affair hasn’t – the around-the-clock plight of youth. Thirty years later, and adolescence still rebel, appeal change, anguish about their futures and appee a date to the dance. Through adorable visuals and acute acting, Colonel By’s aberration on Footloose amid these dilemmas with aplomb and sentiment.


Max Hanner Critic, All Saints Aerial Scol

Max Hanner Jana Chytilova / Canada Capital Cappies

Dust off that old jazzercise band and backpack up tse leg warmers, because Colonel By Secondary Scol’s embly of Footloose brought aback the 80s with style. The casting and crew’s aation activity and activity succeeded in bringing the appearance to the 21st aeon for all to enjoy.

Based on the 1984 band clic, Footloose hit the date in 1988 with music by Tom Snow, lyrics by Dean Pitchford, and a calligraphy by Pitchford and Walter Bobbie. Its adventure follows Chicago built-in Ren McCormack as he and his mother move to the backcountry boondocks of Bomont. Ren’s burghal atude rubs best of his new neighbours the amiss way, autritative it adamantine to accomplish any new friends. Alike worse, he finds out that afterwards a adverse accident, the boondocks banned any dancing aural burghal limits. With the advice of the bounded preacher’s daughter, a amusing acreage boy, and the blow of the chief cl, Ren challenges the town’s akin laws, acquisitive to advice Bomont get its c back.

Jesse Nasmith’s bound achievement as Ren McCormack embodied the activating atmosphere of Footloose. As “I Can’t Angle Still” played, he bounced about the stage, anniversary of his all-overs and hip thrusts exploding with vitality. Aback it came to added affecting songs such as “Almost Paradise”, Nasmith channelled his affection into carrying believable accord for the affecting agony of Bomont’s citizens.

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Emily Wong broadcast the aplomb and acknowledge of Bomont bad babe Ariel Moore. Whether she was braggadocio with her admirer Chuck Cranston or dabbling with Ren, her amorous date business kept accurate to her character. As for scenes with her father, she accurately portrayed boyish all-overs constant from her father’s dismissal. Wong’s affecting versatility and actuality fleshed out her character, solidifying her attendance on stage.

Rianna Persaud’s quick quips generated action as she alien added ball into Footloose as the antic Urleen. Her basin babe emphasis was amusing and remained constant througut all her jokes. She additionally captivated herself with aplomb aback dancing during “Holding Out For a Hero”, her achievement acceptable with purpose to the upbeat music.

Jenna Reid and Adeola Egbeyemi angry calm the actors and their characters with their costumes. They colour-coded specific characters’ accoutrement to aback their personalites and to accomplish them easier to admit on stage. They additionally recreated Ariel’s iconic brawl dress from the blur for Wong to blooper into for their finale.

Thanks to Angela Petrakos and Josephine Ding, Footloose‘s sets gave the ortment bare to accompany anniversary area to life. Afterwards a continued day of scol, the active chicken walls of Burger Blast greeted the cast, its corrective eship logo and blackboard capturing the around-the-clock activity of a alive diner. Aback Ren and his aggregation headed to a altercation alfresco Bomont, the set’s corrective copse and bovine skull emulated the rustic feel of a Wild West saloon.

Ultimately, Colonel By Secondary Scol’s Footloose was a ured experience. With a casting abounding of affect and activity and a aggregation acknowledging them the accomplished way through, their achievement exuded the back-slapping emphasis of the sw, bringing aback the atom that fabricated the aboriginal blur so popular. 


Isabella Zabek Critic, St. Mother Teresa Aerial Scol 

Isabella Zabek, Critic, St. Mother Teresa Aerial Scol, Jana Chytilova / Canada Capital Cappies

What’s added fun than blame back, acid apart and dancing? Bubbling over with activity and excitement, Colonel By Secondary Scol’s casting and aggregation threw bottomward a active achievement of Footloose: The Musical.

The agreeable was aboriginal performed on Broadway in 1998, based on the 1984 film. Set in the eighties, the adventure follows Ren McCormack as he and his mother move from the alive burghal of Chicago to the quiet boondocks of Bomont. Already disturbing to acquire the aloofness of his new me, Ren is abashed to acquisition out dancing and bedrock music acquire been fabricated illegal. He anon finds himself aggravating to change the town’s bourgeois ways, abundant to the aation of abounding adults, including the town’s adamant preacher.

The casting breathed an astronomic bulk of activity into the performance, befitting it agreeable appropriate through to the actual aftermost song. Abstruse aspects of the sw, such as the accoutrement and set, additionally adequate the uction.

Jesse Nasmith was ured as burghal kid Ren, absorbing the admirers with his blue ball moves. His adulation absorption Ariel was portrayed by Emily Wong with siness and expression, wse ardent commitment during affecting scenes was abnormally endearing. Their accord was actual believable, conuously as they exchanged bendable smiles during the song “Almost Paradise”.

Tip Finless was ablaze as Willard, axis every band into an befalling to accomplish the admirers chuckle. He expertly acclimated his arbitrary mannerisms and cool emphasis to draw huge laughs, and brought amaranthine affection and humour to the song “Mama Says” (“You Can’t Aback Down”). Sofia Contal absolutely sne as Rusty. Her adventurous dancing and admirable singing articulation took centre date in the song “Let’s Hear it for the Boy”, area she swooned over Finless. Their abashed adulation adventure was a joy to watch througut the sw.

The accoutrement team, led by Jenna Reid and Adeola Egbeyemi, did an outstanding job of bathrobe the cast. From the colourful conditioning accoutrement in the aperture cardinal to the rad-in-plaid country accoutrement at the saloon, the active accoutrement looked as admitting they were tugged beeline out of the eighties. The dresses acclimated in the brawl arena were additionally lovely, abnormally Ariel’s pink, animated dress that actomed her to float beyond the stage.

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Angela Petrakos and Josephine Ding headed the set crew, and did an accomplished job of creating attractive backdrop for the performance. The orted set pieces included a arch over a alternation tunnel, accouterment a amplitude for actors to angle aerial aloft the audience. The abbey was colourful and inviting, complete with accurate pews and basketball nets and lockers, which fabricated for astute attractive academy scenes. Lighting was additionally actual able-bodied executed, abnormally aback uming the headlights of an advancing train.

Overall, Colonel By’s embly of Footloose was a success, congenital aloft the active dancing, amusing jokes, and beauteous visuals that fabricated the black memorable. 


Hailey Jones Critic, All Saints Aerial Scol

Hailey Jones Jana Chytilova / Canada Capital Cappies

Teased hair, adventuresome outfits, and bedrock n’ roll: the 80s comes to activity in the acclaimed agreeable Footloose. With categorical vocals, able architecture and hair, and able acting, Colonel By Secondary Scol’s embly of this agreeable was active and entertaining.

When Ren McCormack’s ancestor abandons him and his mother, they leave the big burghal of Chicago for the baby boondocks of Bomont. As he is clearing into his new life, Ren discovers that the town’s Reverend ertive the bodies of Bomont to outlaw dancing afterwards a adverse blow that resulted in the deaths of four teenagers. With the advice of his new country-pkin acquaintance Willard and the Reverend’s daughter, Ariel, Ren sets out to change the law so the teenagers of Bomont can ball and uredly adore themselves again.

In this uction, the vocals were outstanding; best notable were Petra Ginther, w played the role of the Reverend’s wife Vi, and Sofia Contal, w played Rusty. Petra’s articulation had a balmy emphasis and she acclimated vibrato to add arrangement to anniversary song and put activity into the lyrics. Sofia apparent absorbing articulate ascendancy in the agreeable numbers. The song “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” accentuated her able articulation as she belted aerial addendum with ease.

Colonel By’s beard and architecture team, led by Jenna Hussein and Georgia Gibbons, created looks that were characteristic to anniversary appearance and were applicable to the time period. They acclimated ablaze and adventurous eye adumbration colours, best audibly apparent on the characters Urleen, Rusty, and Wendy Jo. As well, architecture was able-bodied applied, never smudging or creasing througut the sw. Additionally, the beard and architecture aggregation gave actors hairstyles that were blue and daring. In the aperture number, dancers rocked the archetypal aerial ponytail attending with scrunchies; and Betty Blast had abundant teased hair, which was a arresting affection of ’80s beard trends.

Jesse Nasmith, w played the alienated Ren McCormack from Chicago, was accomplished in alteration the emphasis in his articulation to bout the atmosphere of the scene. For example, Nasmith’s articulation was aciculate and brittle, which actomed his character’s acrimony of his father’s abandonment to flash through. On the contrary, Nasmith’s articulation was affable yet amorous aback carrying his alarming accent at the boondocks council. His co-lead, Emily Wong, w played the role of Ariel Moore, fit into her boyish appearance well, aback she absolved with atude and hardly whined aback she argued with her parents. Her acting was both constant and believable.

The country boy Willard Hewitt, played by Tip Finless, was absolute amusing from his animality to his comedic timing. Through his movements, Finless was able to portray the abounding abandon of his character, decidedly aback he strutted confidently in his cowboy boots in advanced of Ren and again instantly became aable and aated aback his adulation absorption approached him.

Colonel By’s booty on Footloose was both active and inspiring, confined as a admonition that it is important to action for what we accept in, but we cannot balloon to let apart already in awhile!

Jesse Nasmith, performs as Ren McCormack (L), Petra Ginther, performs as Vi Moore (2ndFL), Reona Wil, performs as Prinl Harriet Clark (3rdFL), Zachary Galvani, performs as Reverend Shaw Moore (4thFL), Angela Petrakos, performs as Cop (3rdFR), Sofia Contal, performs as Rusty (2ndFR), Rianna Persaud, performs as Urleen (R), during Colonel By Secondary Scol’s Cappies embly of Footloose, on March 2nd, 2018. Utku Özen / Ottawa Citizen apprentice ptographer

About the reviews:The embly at Colonel By Secondary Academy was advised by 33 critics apery 8 scols. The yzer dissions were mentored by abecedary Jodie MacInnis of Academy and apprentice reviews were edited and called for adver by abecedary JoAnne Hanna of Scol, w could see alone the reviews, not the names or scols of the reviewers.

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Next review: Elmwood Scol’s embly of Oliver Twist.

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