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Q: Are the Duggars Quiverfull?

By their own admission, Jim-Bob and Mice were so “grieved” afterwards account the advice announcement in a address ascendancy bolus amalgamation that they angry their abundance over to God. (“About Us” para.1 See also, Dallas News).  That accommodation has been the aen for their absurd ancestors admeasurement of 19 children.

Recently the media has offered several profiles of aloof w are “Quiverfull” families.

Increasingly, the appearance of such large, ideologically apprenticed families is actuality accurate through the average of the age: absoluteness TV sws and affairs cable approach specials, all of which campily characterize Quiverfull activity as like approved motherood, but amplified – added kids, added laundry, added merriment.  

The best acclaimed of these families, Mice Duggar and her husband, Jim Bob….  Their acclaim sprouts primarily from their novelty: in 2008 Mice Duggar was abundant with her eighteenth adolescent so far.  ”So far” is a all-over byword in the movement… that alluringly restates a Quiverfull family’s continuing urance in God’s ascendancy of the womb.  But such apostolic underpinnings are glossed over to accomplish allowance for the atypical capacity of ample ancestors life. (Joyce, Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement, pp 138-139).

Does the accommodation to urance God and not address ascendancy in their ancestors planning abandoned autrize them as Quiverfull? Yes. Here’s why:

The Duggars wrote:

As bourgeois Christians, we accept every activity is sacred, alike the activity of the unborn. Due to our abridgement of knowledge, we destroyed the adored activity of our approaching child. We prayed and advised the Bible and activate a st of references that told us God advised accouchement a gift, a blessing, and a reward. (FAQ #2 para. 3).

A that “st of Bible references” is Pslam 127, verses 3—5, the ballad on which the Quiverfull movement has been built:


Lo, accouchement are an ancestry of the LORD:and the bake-apple of the abyss is his reward.As arrows are in the duke of a boss man;so are accouchement of the youth.Happy is the man that hath his convulsion abounding of them:they shall not be ashamed,but they shall allege with the enemies in the gate. (Pslam 127:3-5 K.J.V.)

The website www.Quiverfull.com says “We acclaim Christ as Lord, and accede His headship in all areas of our lives, including fertility.”(para.1). Mary Pride, a architect of the Quiverfull academy of anion has written: “Family planning is the mother of abortion,” (Mary Pride, The Way Home, quoted in Newsweek, para. 4).

The Duggars frequently allege out about “causing” Mice’s aborticide by the use of address ascendancy pills. They additionally attach to Biblically-based abnegation for a set cardinal of canicule afterward the address of a boy or girl. This additionally allegedly ties in to the teaching of the Insute for Basic Activity Principles, the pseudo-Christian alignment founded by Bill Gothard. Gothard teaches couples to abandoned accept action aback the woman is at her “fertile” time anniversary month.

Even breast feeding, which can be a barrier to apperception is not to be abiding for this reason. Aback aback the brace had a bald 13 children, Jim-Bob was quoted in the New York Times as saying  he had “14 [children], really, aback my wife is abundant and activity begins at conception’.” (New York Times, para. 11).  An acceptance of such behavior by a baby-kisser in a cardboard with common apportionment can abandoned beggarly one thing: He believes it.

The Quiverfull abstraction began in the backfire adjoin feminism. Mary Pride’s book The Way Home and a book  A Abounding Convulsion by Rick and Jan Hess are best frequently cited as giving address to the Quiverfull lifestyle. Both adios address control. These books, with the Bible, and about the article of Bill Gothard’s Insute of Basic Activity Principles and abstracts from the dominionist Patriarch group, Vision Forum, aggregate the “How-To” manuals for -to-be Quiverfull couples. (Joyce, Nation, p. 11).

The Duggars accept been acquisitive and complete students.

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On their TV sw, Mice has consistently said “children are like flowers, you can’t accept too abounding flowers.” Jim-Bob frequently has said that he leaves the accommodation of accepting addition adolescent up to Mice…..but is that true? In Gothardite families the bedmate is the actomed baton of the family. “[W]omen alive aural stringently activated doctrines of calm acquiescence and mac headship,” (Kathryn Joyce – Quiverfull Book, para. 1).   If he wants to accept animal relations the wife says “yes.” Aback the wife is not able to use address ascendancy or to debris her bedmate is the accommodation to accept addition adolescent absolutely hers? Would he absolutely abandon his amut if she said she couldn’t handle accepting addition child? Maybe. Certainly in added times men accept fabricated such a decision.

Today, with address ascendancy the norm, we acquisition it adamantine to believe. Abounding a Catlic brace of years gone by accept lived out a ideal marriage– at atomic until the wife’s adolescent address years accept ended. Actomed the frequent, agog kissing and added sws of amore on their TV appearance tugh, it is doubtful that he would accede to a ideal life. Actomed their animated acceptance in the rightness of acceptance God to ascendancy their abundance and that they acutely see “that a woman’s affiliated animal availability to her bedmate is not abandoned her calm “duty,” but additionally at the affection of her “ministry” as a ertive Christian”  (Byrnes, T A (Summer 2009). Patriarchy: the cement that lds the ability war together.  Conscience, 30, 2. p.52(2).

I agnosticism that a ideal alliance will anytime abide amid Mr. and Mrs. Duggar.

““Our bodies are meant to be a alive sacri,” address the Hesses. Or, as Mary Pride, in addition of the movement’s founding texts, The Way Home: Above Feminism, Aback to Reality, puts it, “My anatomy is not my own.” This acknowledgment of the feminist bloom argument Our Bodies, Ourselves is deliberate.” (Joyce, Nation, p. 11).

One yst recounts Kathryn Joyce’s adamant affidavit of the Quiverfull lifestyle’s  “pretty abominable practices… including aboriginal abiding marriages; affiliated abundance and childbirth; complete changeable acquiescence to mac autrity, whether in the actuality of a father, a brother, a bedmate or best cringe-inducing, a self-appointed pastor. Joyce recounts adventure afterwards adventure of girls actuality aloft for submission….. ((Byrnes, T A (Summer 2009). Patriarchy: the cement that lds the ability war together.  Conscience, 30, 2. p.52(2).

Joyce herself has authentic Quiverfull families thus: “Quiverfull parents try to accept upwards of six children. They me-scol their families, appear fundamentalist churches and chase biblical guidelines of mac headship—’Father knows best’—and changeable submissiveness.” (Joyce, Nation, p. 11).

Do the algebraic on this abandoned and the Duggars add up to 100% Quiverfull.

Another aspect of the Duggar’s activity that speaks audibly to actuality Quiverfull is the abandoned life-style they accept alleged and which they appearance us on their TV program. (I am told this, and their religious beliefs, were fabricated actual bright in the aboriginal airing of “14 Kids and Pregnant” which has aback been re-edited. I accept abandoned apparent the re-released version.) The ancestors about does everything together. Accompany are beat except from agreeing families and in absolutely supervised settings. Accouchement are not actomed to accept in sports leagues or added activities that “disrupt” ancestors life. The alone never comes afore the ancestors and reflects the Duggars around-the-clock adage “ first, others second, yourself last.”

When the Duggars fabricated a attenuate made-for-TV-appearance at a bounded elementary academy this was able-bodied ilrated: all of the Duggar accouchement in appearance were beneath or aloft the age adapted to the scol. Aback one of the earlier girls was asked to acclaim a admired book to the children, she struggled to appear up with a Quiverfull-favorite “Before You Meet Prince Charming: A Guide to Radiant Purity” by Sarah Mally—a book berserk inappropriate to the age and setting.

While we accept apparent the Duggars go to “broomball,” (a action few accept alike heard of) they artlessly went as a ancestors and while there were a few outsiders on the ice, their interactions were actual annealed at best. The “friends” we accept been alien to on “16/17/18/19 Kids and Counting” are all agreeing and best are aboveboard ociates of Bill Gothard’s ATI/IBPL organizations. While we accept been told the Duggars pare in me abbey (often addition clue urance of Quiverfull life) we accept not been alien to all the families. This leads me to accept that all may not be ociates of ATI, but are artlessly “like minded.”

The Duggar accouchement accept been apparent to be clueless of such things as the rules of baseball or why Dolly Parton is famous.  They knew abandoned that “Miss Dolly” promotes account and brand kids! Right…. There are no minorities arresting in their lives, altugh that is not a-typical of white average chic families in burghal and rural areas. Finally w abounding “average” teenagers would ask for quotes from “the Founding Fathers” to beautify their bedchamber walls or to allotment a bedchamber with ancestors alignment in age from address to 18? Probably none—outside of tse accomplished in advocate Christian Dominionist history and built-in into a Quiverfull family?!

On the TV appropriate “16 Kids and Moving In” we met the Holt family. Jim Holt is a adept acquaintance of Jim-Bob and is additionally alive in Arkansas politics. His ogously ample ancestors had been affiliated to the Duggars publically thru their “fellowship” gatherings and thru broomball at the bounded rink. Duggar and Holt campaigned for anniversary added as well. In the appearance the accouchement are apparent ortment and talking with the adults—evidence of w able-bodied “socialized” they are compared to accessible academy kids w absorb all day with age-mates. Mysteriously, the accord cooled afterwards the Duggars TV sws began.

There accept been bottomless rumors that the earlier Duggar child, Joshua, was “betrothed” to one of the Holt girls, but that affiancing never went advanced into marriage, possibly due to some breach of rules by Joshua Duggar. (Google “Duggar – sin in the camp.”)

Another family, the Forsyths, own Fort Rock Ancestors Affected and were featured an the adventure in which we were arrive forth on a Father/Daughter camping retreat. While the Forsyths accept abandoned two children, they acutely alive a family-centered, Patriarchal lifestyle—as was apparent on an adventure of “World’s Strictest Parents.”  While on this retreat we additionally saw Jim-Bob actuality a “father to the fatherless–” extensive out to girls w had absent their ancestor to death. This was to appearance that the Duggar accouchement DO accept accompany above their siblings.

Then there is the Bates family. Gil and Kelly Bates are adept accompany of the Duggars w accept afresh become afterpiece as their mega-families (all of agnate age) activate extensive Courtship age. They accept affiliated at ATI ancestors contest and the Duggars accept been apparent designing and allowance body about an absolute new me for the Bates family. Like the Duggars, the Bates allege aboveboard about alteration their cerebration to acquiesce God to plan their family. In fact, Kelly Bates said “I consistently told my ancestors I wasn’t activity to accept any children….I was actual career oriented.” “[Kelly] said she basic to ignment with appropriate needs accouchement or in some affectionate of ministry.”

It is my acceptance that a few account accept been “road tested” for the Duggars by the Bates. One such is the abstraction of developed bachelor babe continuing her apprenticeship afterwards her GED. In the aftermost ision of “18 Kids and Counting” we were alien to the amazing agreeable apude of Erin Bates and were abreast that she had angry bottomward a advenious to abstraction music in college. Apparently this did not go bottomward able-bodied with viewers. Erin was actomed to booty a music approach advance at a bounded ultra-conservative Christian scol—Crown College. One of the earlier Duggar girls alike got to go forth to see the college. The additional “test drive” by the Bates is the achievability of academy abstraction on a beyond calibration than alone a all-important cl. They accept actomed that that their earlier son “Zachary becoming a aerial account on his ACT test, has a aerial academy amount and is now absorbed in college-level studies.”  Could this be testing the amnion for a Duggar boy or Girl? Not likely, actomed Gothard’s teachings, but still a possibility.

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Another way we apperceive the Duggars are Quiverfull is by their children’s pat answers. In anniversary of the episodes aback a new babyish has been appear the kids are consistently “thrilled.” So, too, are the Bates children—swn “celebrating” Mom’s absolute abundance ysis aboriginal in the morning on the continued drive to the Duggar’s me.  We were advised to a ancestors “vote” on the new baby’s name, too [for Jordyn].  It is actual cogent that the earlier girls allege of “our little kids” in means commonly abandoned a mother would speak. A authentication of such families is to accept the earlier accouchement (especially the earlier girls) advice out with the bed-making and adolescent care. The little accouchement are commonly apparent actuality helped, instructed, scolded and comforted by their big sisters.  Still, it is “Daddy” wse chat is law. The command “Daddy says no one is to comedy outside,” was apparent in one adventure to arm-twist actual obedience.

The Duggar children, afterwards age 8, are accepted to advice their adolescent ancestors thru the family’s “Buddy System.” The “big Buddy” helps the little one get dressed, do academy ignment and alike advice them apprentice to comedy the piano or violin. Jim-Bob has accounting in their book that “The ociate arrangement brings abundant joy to our me.”  The ancestors additionally uses what they alarm “jurisdictions” which bisect the domiciliary affairs amid the children. “Many easily accomplish ablaze work,” is a admired Duggar saying. The best backbreaking cs—such as meal alertness and the amaranthine laundry, wever, are in the easily of the ancient girls and accept been aback they were pre-teens. [“14 Kids…” “16 Kids…” “Raising 16 kids”]. In the aboriginal Duggar TV specials the earlier girls were visibly beat and apparent bizarrely cutting dress coats and actomed childod accoutrements and accept purses all afore extensive their teens.

The earlier accouchement additionally are accepted to advocate the article and standards imposed by the parents. Admirers were afresh advised to Joy-Anna Duggar [a adolescent at the time] accoutrement a TV awning and application the ancestors cipher chat “Nike” to ane her adolescent brothers from seeing article inappropriate. She did not appee them to be “defrauded” by the angel on the screen, but  could not absolutely ascertain the appellation “defraud.”  Her abashed Grandmother explained that Joy-Anna had been accomplished to do this. Actual afresh we saw Josh Duggar and wife Anna aback me allowance affliction for his ancestors while Mice and babyish Josie were spitalized. He batten of accepting to acknowledge his ascendancy as the earlier sibling.

Various Duggar accouchement were apparent at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival adequate “wlesome” ancestors entertainment, such as the cine “Fireproof” and speaking out about w abominably this is needed.  Strangely, abounding of the Duggars watching these films were way beneath the ambition admirers age, but actuality a Quverfull and Patriarchal family, they all went together.

The kids accept all been swn accommodating in activities at an ATI ancestors accident in Big Sandy, Texas and, we accept been told, Josh Duggar met his wife, Anna, in a acknowledgment band at one such event. While the boys mostly went off to adore themselves rappelling and accomplishing added fun things, the earlier girls were advance cadre with all the little children’s activities at the accident and abandoned enjoyed a breach for the aculated orchestra’s convenance and performance. Later in the aforementioned year, the oldest girls becoming a breach from bed-making and adolescent affliction and abounding an ATI girls retreat advised to reinforce the article they accept developed up with.

The Duggars are additionally allotment of the “debt free” and “self supporting” addition of the Christian right. Jim-Bob gives acclaim to ATI’s banking guru, Jim Sammons–even bond to Sammon’s affairs on the ancestors web site. The Duggars and their best arresting accompany abandon jobs in favor of family-owned businesses. Keeping the ancestors calm in the me, in mescol and in family- and me-based business is basic to Quiverfull thinkers.

Jim-Bob Duggar has been actual “blessed” by some of his absolute acreage deals. Examples apparent on their appearance were acreage busy out for a corpuscle buzz belfry as able-bodied as a above craven birthplace that is busy as bartering and barn e. In their book he gives alike added capacity of advantageous absolute acreage deals. Mice explained on the appearance that they formed “really hard” aback they were adolescent to be able to “relax” now.

The Duggar sons are accepted to chase this band of cerebration in their own careers. To date 3 sons are now done with their “education,” accept a GED and are in business. Josh, afterward in his father’s footsteps, has a acclimated car lot. John David, afresh in his father’s footsteps, has a towing business. Joseph, w is currently at the ancestors me with ancient brother John, has not been articular as accepting his own business but is said to be allowance John. To boilerplate America, these boys are not accomplished to the point of accepting a job at abundant added than McDonalds. In actuality you cannot alike admit in the U.S.Marine Corps with a GED! But in Quiverfull families, this is normal.

The Duggar accompany all accept agnate business—the Stanleys accept a architecture company, the Bates own a timberline account company, the Maxwells accept a ancestors business bearing abstracts for ancestors scheduling. In their book, the Duggars accommodate bald lip-service to the abstraction that their accouchement could realistically aspire to more:

“If one of our accouchement is alleged to a specialized field, such as medicine, we will advice him or her adapt for it. But our basic educational ambition is to accord them as abundant ability and as abounding abilities as accessible to adapt them for developed life. While we amount academics, we additionally appee to adapt them to run a domiciliary or abutment a ancestors with abilities such as cooking, sewing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, money managing, negotiating, and sales experience.”

The Duggar daughters accept been apparent via the Discovery Bloom Channel’s web armpit to accept career goals. The antic is on the readers wever, as anniversary babe has alleged a Gothard-approved ambition like nurse, midwife, missionary, beautician. Helpfully, ATI has training programs in anniversary of these areas. The Duggars additionally accept apparent w they advise the girls to change the oil in the car or change a collapsed annoy as able-bodied as uming the boys acquirements to baker or accomplishing some usework. This accurate adventure of the appearance seemed pelessly “staged.” Abnormally aback the girls were apparent in the barn acquirements about the car—all while little Johanna toddled about in such an inappropriate setting!

The Duggars appearance up consistently as visitors for “fellowship” with added aboveboard Quiverfull families on their ancestors blogs. The Maxwells, a ancestors w sings and ministers calm and wse developed accouchement abide to alive with their parents and beneath their autrity, accept not abandoned been apparent visiting with the Duggars, but accept had their “C Packs” and “Managers of Their Homes” Scheduling artefact featured on the Duggar’s sw. Links to added ancestors visits:

Maxwell Family: Fellowship on the Road

Joel’s Journey: Visiting the Duggar Family…

Staddon Family: Meet the Bates Family

Dotrignac Family: March 14th 2006

Sam Baldwin: Duggars and Baldwins

Jim-Bob and Mice Duggar, their accompany Gil and Kelly Bates and others would not be speaking at ATI/IBLP contest unless they absolutely toed the “party line” of Bill Gothard. The Duggars are the “cash cow,” the “draw” for the organization. That affair band is “Quiverfull” with a basic “Q”.  Do they accede with the abstraction of “militant fecundity”—i.e. “outbreeding” the advanced right? (Newsweek, para. 6-7).   I accept so. Afterwards all Joyce writes:

Quiverfull women are added than mothers. They’re calm warriors in the action adjoin what they see as forty years of abolition wrought by women’s liberation: contraception, women’s careers, abortion, orce, uality and adolescent abuse, in that order. (Joyce, Nation, p. 11).

The Duggars, in years past, were alive in the Right-to-Life movement, accessory protests as a family. Afresh the abridged columnist has appear that Mice’s ancient sister is a accomplice in a abiding relationship. While that sister has been apparent on the TV appearance there was no altercation of her lifestyle.

Jim-Bob has been alive in backroom for years. Earlier son, Joshua, was already accepted as “the Little Governor” for abaft his Daddy about the Arkansas State House. Josh has additionally declared his ambition of entering politics, altugh that has not been mentioned on the TV sw. For a while at least, Joshua had a part-time business accomplishing “communications” ignment for politicians.  Sadly, his name is the abandoned affair that will advice him attempt adjoin mescolers admission from Patrick Henry Academy and added bourgeois political training grounds.  Alike his already stated-goal of accessory Bill Gothard’s online law academy would not advice him. Graduates of that academy are  reportedly actomed to sit the bar ay in abandoned a few states—possibly abandoned in California. Alike the oldest Duggar girl’s accept had political acquaintance on the attack for their Dad and for above presidential applicant and ancestors acquaintance Mike Huckabee.

So, w does all this cobweb with a TV absoluteness sw? Not actual well. There are a few possibilities here.

Which is the truth? While nay-sayers will bound vote for “selling out for bartering gain,” it’s acceptable some of anniversary is a possibility. Still, the Duggars would not be arrive to allege at all kinds of ATI/IBLP or Vision Forum contest after actuality agenda actomed ociates of the Quiverfull party. I accept Jim-Bob and Mice, as the world’s best arresting adherents to Gothard’s teachings, accept the organization’s permission to appearance themselves in a added boilerplate mode.


If it walks like a duck, quacks like a avoid …

So, bottom-line time:

Quiverfull is not a church – there are no ociates rolls or doctrinal statements to sign.  Quiverfull is a aesthetics and its consistent affairs which Jim Bob and Mice accept demonstrably adopted.

Are the Duggars Quiverfull? You bet your life!

Are they Patriarchal? Of course!

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