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South Korean Admiral Moon Jae-in is greeted by his supporters in Goyang, May 4, 2017. (AP Pto / Lee Jin-man)

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On May 7, 2017, two canicule afore Moon Jae-in’s celebrated acclamation as South Korea’s president, I interviewed the above human-rights advocate afterwards he batten to a advance emblage in Gju, the automated burghal in Korea’s southwest acclaimed for its 1980 citizens’ insurgence adjoin a US-backed aggressive government.

Moon had aloof apprenticed to 2,000 auious supporters aggregate in advanced of the city’s accelerated abuse base to “raise my articulation loudly” to ensure that Seoul was in the advance in any address with Arctic Korea. This was a advertence to Admiral Donald Trump, wse ascent address adjoin Arctic Korea was alarming Korean voters and had aloft tensions in Asia to a baking point.

As we sat bottomward to allocution in the stationmaster’s of, I asked Moon about the pundits and admiral in Washington w were acatory about his acceding to abide the “Sunshine Policy” of his accelerating predecessors, Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun. Was Moon anxious about predictions that his laser fo on urance and chat with Arctic Korean baton Kim Jong-un would actualize fissures with the Trump administering and aate up the US-South Korean alliance?

His acknowledgment was an absolute no. “I don’t agree,” Moon said, his face breaking into a advanced smile. “To break the Arctic Korea nuclear botheration is in both our actomed interests. If South Korea takes an alive role, that would be accessible to the United States and would abate the US burden.” Trump, he said, “would additionally ache with my abstraction and accept me on this issue.”

What I witnessed in that account was the alpha of Moon’s months-long accomplishment to appropriate ascendancy over the Korea crisis and about-face it into a accord activity that would ensure that the Korean bodies were adequate from the beginning of a additional annihilative war. Today, it’s bright that his activity has paid off—big time—with one of the better political reversals in the history of US adopted policy: Trump’s momentous decision—after months of amazing confrontation—to accommodated face to face with the baton of Arctic Korea, an aberrant footfall for a sitting US president.

“Moon Jae-in has not abandoned taken the lead, he’s taken the advance and run with it in a actual absorbing way. He has handled this brilliantly.” —Joseph DeTrani, above CIA yst

Moon’s words that day aftermost bounce were “prophetic and appropriate on the mark, and he’s done absolutely what he said,” says Joseph DeTrani, a above CIA yst w was a US agent for the “Six-Party Talks” during the Bush administration. Looking back, in an account with The Nation, at the contest that led up to Trump’s accommodation to accommodated with Kim, DeTrani said that “Moon Jae-in has not abandoned taken the lead, he’s taken the advance and run with it in a actual absorbing way. He has handled this brilliantly.”

Trump and Carnality Admiral Mike Pence, of course, affirmation that Moon’s success is due to the US “maximum pressure” advance of aggressive threats and sanctions. But that abandoned would not accept brought Kim to the table, says Suzanne DiMaggio, a accomplished adjudicator with the New America Foundation w has been affair with Arctic Korean diplomats consistently in what’s alleged the “Track II” process. “The added above bureau is the adept abundant appropriation and finessing done by Admiral Moon and his colleagues to get us to this point,” she said.

The contours of Moon’s celebration became bright on March 8, aback Cg Eui-yong, his civic aegis adviser, appear on alive television at the White House that Trump had actomed an invitation—conveyed by Arctic Korea through Moon’s embly during two canicule of address in Pyongyang—to accommodated with Kim ancient in May.

As anecdotal by Cg to the aggregate reporters, Kim Jong-un told South Korea that “he is committed to denuclearization. He apprenticed that Arctic Korea will burden from any added nuclear or missile tests. He understands that the actomed collective aggressive contest amid the Republic of Korea and the United States allegation continue. And he bidding his alacrity to accommodated Admiral Trump as anon as possible.” Both South and Arctic Korea were afraid by w bound Trump actomed the invitation, according to bodies w accept talked to both governments.

South Korean Adopted Minister Kang Kyung-wha affirmed Kim’s promises during a appointment to Washington this week. Kim Jong-un “has actomed his word” on dissing denuclearization, she told Face the Nation aftermost Sunday. “This is the aboriginal time that the words came anon from the Arctic Korean absolute baton himself, and that has never been done before.”

In the end, the accord is actual abundant forth the ambit of the “freeze for freeze” proposals—outlined in these pages aftermost fall—in which the Arctic would autrize the atmosphere for talks by suspending its nuclear and missile tests in barter for a adjournment or ascent bottomward of the US-South Korea aggressive contest that Kim Jong-un had denounced as a blackmail to Arctic Korea’s ascendancy and had acclimated to absolve his nuclear program.

The Trump administration, wever, rejects any angle that it has actomed such a swap. Aloof afterwards the acme was announced, CIA administrator Mike Pompeo said that Washington had fabricated no concessions to get the meeting, pointing to the actuality Kim has “allowed us to abide our contest on the peninsula, article that’s been fought over for decades.”

That’s true, as Kim’s guarantees confirmed. But South Korean admiral accept been adage for weeks that the contest will be scaled bottomward this year and won’t accommodate best of the cardinal weapons deployed in the past, such as B-1B bombers or nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and his South Korean counterpart, Song Young-moo, appear that the aboriginal exercises, alleged Foal Eagle, will activate April 1, but they didn’t absolution any accommodation about timing or w abounding troops will be mobilized.

Instead, Korean officials, speaking on accomplishments in South Korea, accepted that the contest will be low-key: According to AP, there are “no actual address to accompany in American cardinal ets.” This is acutely a concession, admitting Pompeo’s abnegation and the aberrant decisions by US media not to address the Korean caveats (the adverse amid US and South Korean advantage of the contest is striking).

 On Wednesday, meanwhile, Arctic Korea uredly actomed what it alleged “a urance of change” in US-North Korean relations, advertence it to “the affecting atmosphere for adaptation [that] has been created in relations amid the arctic and the south of Korea,” according to official statements quoted in NK News. The US press, in contrast, has confused on from the Trump-Kim summit, with alike the accepted advancing cir blockage quiet. That’s larboard the South Korean media to awning the after-effects of the amazing activity advance in Northeast Asia.

There were several axis credibility in Moon’s adventure to abode South Korea, as he has said, “in the driver’s seat.” One came aftermost August, aback he bluntly warned Trump adjoin embarking on a unilateral aggressive bang adjoin Arctic Korea, which he and best Koreans apperceive would anon wreak calamity on the south and througut the peninsula. “No one shall booty a aggressive activity on the Korean Peninsula afterwards South Korean consent,” he said in an affecting statement.

The added came aftermost December, afterwards Arctic Korea activated its additional hydrogen bomb and auiously launched a Hwasong-15 rocket, its best able so far, an ICBM able of hitting targets in the United States. That month, Kim declared that Arctic Korea had completed its “state nuclear force.” He again anesthetized chat through his diplomats that this meant that Arctic Korea was accessible to stop its testing altogether, alike afore it had succeeded in applicable a nuclear warhead to a missile able of re-entry into the atmosphere and hitting a target.

“Now [the Arctic Koreans] can appear to the table with best negotiating strength, so the timing for urance now makes complete sense.” —Suzanne DiMaggio, US “Track II” negotiator

“The absorbing affair is, they cck-full abbreviate of commutual an ICBM and a reliable thermo-nuclear warhead,” says Leon Sigal, a above Accompaniment Department official and beat biographer for The New York Times w wrote a history of the 1994 nuclear crisis alleged Disarming Strangers: Nuclear Address with Arctic Korea. In the accord they’ve agreed to, he said in an interview, “they’ve actomed us a abeyance of their nuclear and missile programs, which is not atomic because they were on the bend of having” a reliable nuclear weapon system, he says. “We got something, and they got something.”

Kim’s acknowledgment “was a cogent accomplishment in their eyes,” DiMaggio told me. “Now they can appear to the table with best negotiating strength, so the timing for urance now makes complete sense.”

The final footfall came aback the Trump administering alone its preconditions for talks, which had included a abeyance of testing and a above-mentioned allegation to denuclearize. That was appear abreast and again about anon afore Moon’s Olympic diplomacy, said Sigal, w, like DiMaggio, has been a key amateur in Track II talks with Arctic Korea.  “They were accessible [to talk] aback we alone our preconditions,” he said.

The accord for a acme was declared to be closed by a affair in Seoul amid Carnality Admiral Mike Pence and his admiral with Kim Yo-jong, Kim’s sister, during the Olympics. But Pence’s awkward and aloof behavior ertive the Arctic to abolish two urs afore it was to begin. Later, Ivanka Trump was accompanied in a cruise to Seoul by Allison Hooker, the administrator of Korean address at the Civic Aegis Council, but a appointed affair amid Hooker and a Arctic Korean agent never materialized. “That was a absent befalling on both fronts,” said Sigal. 

After this, of course, came Moon Jae-in’s amazing address with Kim Jong-un’s embly in Seoul, and the acceding in Pyongyang for Moon and Kim to autrity the third intra-Korean acme in April at the accord apple of Panmunjom, to be followed by the aberrant acme amid Kim and Trump. Moon’s approval apprait amid South Koreans is now aerial at 74 percent, “thanks to absolute angle of his administering of relations with Arctic Korea,” the Yonhap Account Bureau reports.

To be sure, the aftereffect of any Trump-Kim acme is far from ertive and will crave an aberrant arrangement of ysis if Arctic Korea does in actuality accede to eventually accord up its nuclear weapons in barter for a normal, and peaceful, accord with the United States. “That’s a abrupt abundance to climb,” above Secretary of Defense William Perry, w led US negotiations with Arctic Korea in the 1990s, told a Washington appointment aftermost week.

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But DeTrani, w was a nonproliferation able for the CIA and was complex in ysis procedures during the Six-Party Talks, believes such a arrangement is absolutely accessible if the United States and Arctic Korea can accede that monitors would accept admission to nuclear facilities, including the scientists and technologists alive in them, as able-bodied as weapons sites that accept not been clearly declared. “I absolutely accept that if you could get all tse pieces calm for Arctic Korea, actomed what’s activity on with aerial ay capabilities and so on, I would ane we would apparently be able to do a acceptable job,” he told me.

Last week, Admiral Trump appeared to bandy a monkey bend into the negotiating activity aback he accursed Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson, w had been in allegation of the administration’s adept access to Arctic Korea, and replaced him with the added advancing Pompeo. On March 11, alike afore the about-face was announced, Pompeo accepted that Trump “has adumbrated he’s able to go accept an antecedent altercation on this abundantly important affair and we’re advancing for that time.”

But the CIA chief’s urances were not abundant for the media, which reacted to the antecedent account of a Trump-Kim acme with abrrence and disbelief. Afterwards uredly accepting acclimated to the abstraction that Trump was committed and was going, reporters became bedeviled about the actuality that, a anniversary afterwards Cg’s momentous adver at the White House, Arctic Korea had yet to acknowledge about to the offer.

The “silence,” the Times speculated, citation Jung Park, a above CIA yst at the Brookings Insution, has “raised suions” amid experts as to whether Kim “really fabricated the offer.” That meme was anon again on MSNBC, area Arctic Korea missile yst Jeffrey Lewis told news-st Chris Hayes that he was apprehensive about South Korea’s urances because they were fabricated at a  “boozy” affair in Pyongyang amid Moon’s embly and Kim Jong-un.

Sigal, w has all-encomping contacts on both abandon of the DMZ, attributed Arctic Korea’s accessible blackout in allotment to the cease of the “New York channel” this ages aback Joseph Yun, the US agent w has been arch low-level US talks with Pyongyang through its UN Mission in New York, abruptly accommodated from his post. The Arctic Koreans “haven’t accepted their position because we haven’t beatific a bright bulletin to them of our absorbed through the working-level New York access or any added official mutual channel,” Sigal said. Beyond that, “the columnist has been absolutely aloof in the negotiating ancillary of the story,” he added. “They adulation the war story.”

DiMaggio, for her part, doubted that Admiral Moon would accident his acceptability and admiral on a apocryphal affiance he had not accepted with his arctic counterparts. “My faculty of w the South Koreans are aing this is they are actuality absolutely alert and disciplined,” she told me. “I don’t ane they would broadcast any letters that didn’t absolutely happen.”

“One affair I accept is if the administering would move advanced with talks and handle them poorly, and again advertise them as a failure.” —Suzanne DiMaggio

On the added hand, she was anxious that Pompeo’s acclivity to secretary of accompaniment could arresting that Trump’s impulses will be actomed abounding rein as he prepares to accommodated with Kim, and could put Moon’s anxiously planned adept abrrent at risk. “It’s bright he’s agnostic of any adept approach,” she said.

“That, aculated with his abridgement of negotiating experience, credibility to what I would alarm asperous amnion ahead. As the nation’s arch diplomat, she added, Pompeo will face a “steep acquirements curve, abnormally aback you yze him to his ogue in Pyongyang,” Arctic Korean Adopted Minister Ri Yong-, “w is a actual acclimatized agent and a US able with years of experience.”

DiMaggio, w was acutely complex as an eyewitness at the US talks with Iran over its nuclear program, said the abridgement of acquaintance could aching as the talks proceed. “One affair I accept is if the administering would move advanced with talks and handle them poorly, and again advertise them as a failure. That could potentially accessible the way to a aggressive activity afterwards address is accounted a bootless proposition. That book absolutely worries me.”

Meanwhile, ertive of Arctic Korea’s seriousness, the Moon government is bound ambience up the foreign-policy accoutrement for negotiations and acclimation accompanying talks on absolute the collision with China, Japan, and Russia. In addition, Arctic Korea beatific Adopted Minister Ri this anniversary to Sweden, which represents US interests in Pyongyang, and a additional agent to Finland to accommodated with a aculation of above US and South Korean admiral (Finland’s government said Wednesday the talks were “constructive.”) There was belief that Ri’s talks in Sweden could advance to Arctic Korea’s absolution of three Americans still captivated in prison, but by mid-week that had yet to happen.

Looking aback over the accomplished year, Pompeo’s actualization as Trump’s key amateur in Arctic Korean address seems inevitable—in allotment because he has already been arena that role for months.

In 2017, about a anniversary afterwards Moon was affidavit in as president, the CIA set up a Korea Mission Centermost that integrates admiral from beyond the bureau to “bring their ability and adroitness to buck adjoin the Arctic Korea target” (intelligence contractors like CACI are alive recruiting to ample the spots). Unusually for a CIA center, it has been adequately accessible in its work, with Pompeo and the top embly of the centermost actualization as speakers at accessible events, including an bookish appointment in Washington aftermost October. In contrast, Tillerson batten little in accessible about Korea, except in abrupt interviews with the press.

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Pompeo additionally “became added alive in the CIA’s Daily Briefs area he’s alone conference the president,” said DeTrani, the above intelligence ofr. “So I ane it makes eminent faculty that he would be the point being on what is activity on with Arctic Korea.” Moreover, aback the talks get to a date area ysis of a testing adjournment and added accomplish is required, US intelligence ets controlled by the CIA and the Civic Aegis Bureau will be crucial, he said.

I was ertive that Pompeo was in command on January 23, aback he delivered a accessible accent at the American Enterprise Insute and spent best of his time talking—and answering questions—about Arctic Korea. It was one of the best abundant administering speeches yet on Korea and, to a accurate listener, signaled that the Trump administering had troughly grasped the acceptation of Kim Jong-un’s acceptance that he had completed development of his nuclear address and would no best be testing.

“The ytic aing footfall [for Kim] would be to advance an armory of weapons” that would accept “the accommodation to bear from orted firings of these missiles simultaneously,” Pompeo said. “That’s the actual mission set that Admiral Trump has directed the government to amount out a way to accomplish abiding it never occurs.” He added: “The admiral is absorbed on carrying this band-aid through adept means. It is the fo.”

In what had to be a anxiously controlled leak, aftermost Friday the Times accepted that Pompeo has been in aing acquaintance with Arctic Korea “through a access that runs amid the C.I.A. and its Arctic Korean counterpart, the Assay General Bureau,” which combines the country’s appalling intelligence and appropriate forces.

Pompeo, the Times said, is additionally alive carefully with Suh Hoon, the administrator of South Korea’s Civic Intelligence Service (NIS), w was in Pyongyang with Cg Eui-yong, the civic aegis adviser. As a agent NIS administrator beforehand in the century, Suh lent important abutment to the Sunshine Policy and helped organize, with Arctic Korean intelligence, the antecedent summits in 2000 and 2007 (Moon was in Pyongyang for the aftermost one, as Admiral Roh’s arch of s).

Suh’s ogue and primary st in Pyongyang was Kim Yong-cl, a carnality administrator of the Central Committee of Arctic Korea’s cardinal Workers’ Affair and the above arch of the spy bureau w now oversees Pyongyang’s accord with South Korea. He was additionally Kim Jong-un’s agent in Pyeongchang for the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and, best significantly, was the official w told Moon that the Arctic was accommodating to accept alongside negotiations with the United States.

“He’s a [Workers’] affair guy, and has done some bad things in the past,” says Sigal, apropos to Kim Yong-cl. According to the South Korean government, in 2010 Kim Yong-cl masterminded the advance and biconcave of a South Korean argosy barge that dead 46 sailors and brought North-South relations to an best low (North Korea denied involvement, and some Koreans accept aloft doubts about Kim Yong-cl’s involvement).

Even so, says Sigal, he is one of the best-informed Arctic Koreans on the United States. “People don’t apperceive he was complex with the military-to-military talks with us and the South Koreans” during the Bush administration, said Sigal. “He has a continued history of ability about the US.”

Joel Wit, a above US adjudicator on the 1994 Agreed Framework, told a Monday columnist conference at the US-Korea Insute that the CIA’s access to Arctic Korean intelligence has existed with “ongoing contacts” back 2009,  including visits to Arctic Korea by intelligence admiral in 2012 and in 2014 by James Clapper, the above Administrator of Civic Intelligence.

Kim Yong-cl “has been the capital acquaintance in this access for abundant of the time,” he said. But Wit, w pares with DiMaggio in the Track II talks with Arctic Korean diplomats, cautioned that intelligence channels are “not ideal” and accept “serious drawbacks,” compared with diplomacy. “You can’t aloof accelerate some intelligence ysts off to accommodated with Arctic Koreans and ane that that’s activity to ignment well,” he warned.

Despite the ascendancy of the spies, the negotiators accomplished and present I batten to were all optimistic that Trump could advance a framework for added negotiations, arch bottomward the alley to disarmament talks that would acquiesce Arctic Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

And while they afraid about the abbreviate time amount afore the acme and the abridgement of alertness on the US side, they said there were affluence of accomplished US-North Korean formulations to await on as precedents. They accommodate declarations about denuclearization, account for sovereignty, and bread-and-er and political normalization fabricated accordingly in 1994 and 2000, and the broader Six-Party acknowledgment in 2005.

Most of all, they altercate that Trump has a axiological absorption in testing Arctic Korea’s resolve. “To the admeasurement the Arctic Koreans appee a fundamentally new accord with the United States, they’re able to do things,” Sigal said. “And that’s got to be tested. And the abandoned way to ysis it is, you accomplish offers at the negotiating table, see if they booty them, alive up to your end of the deal, and see if they alive up.”  

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“All these bodies w ane they apperceive what the Arctic Koreans are activity to do,” he ured with a laugh, “have no clue!”

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