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The aerial has some of the finest, shortest, best brittle hairs—they don’t alarm them babyish hairs for nothing—yet it’s additionally breadth abounding women do the best damaging styling. We glossy our edges bottomward with gel, complect them back, flatiron them into submission, and besom the hell out of them. All of this heavy-handed administration puts the aerial at accident for absorption alopecia.

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Traction alopecia is a blazon of beard accident breadth the beard thins out afterwards abiding accent on the beard follicle, and it’s best accepted about the advanced hairline. It’s estimated that one third of African-American women accept absorption alopecia, from styles and administration techniques that put a lot of burden on the hair, like cutting bound braids or extensions, putting cogent calefaction on the hairline, accepting actinic relaxers, installing a weave, again application bound blot rollers, and abrasion already brittle hairs. However, absorption alopecia isn't aloof belted to atramentous women. Other habits that can account it accommodate affairs beard aback deeply into updos or ponytails, and cutting headbands deeply in the aforementioned abode every day.

Even if you anticipate you accept a advantageous administration accepted that avoids hot accoutrement or relies on careful styles like wigs, you could still be putting your delicate, babyish hairs at risk. Amy McMichael, M.D., dermatologist and administrator of the dermatology administration at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, says alike cutting a beard blanket every night can account absorption alopecia because it rubs adjoin the advanced hairline. The key actuality is repetition: Absorption alopecia takes authority back you echo these bound styles and acrid beard habits after giving your beard a rest.

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If you tend to do a lot of these administration sins (and, let’s be honest, we all accept our ponytail weeks), there are several aboriginal admonishing signs to attending out for, and accomplish that you can booty to advice assure your babyish hairs afore it’s too late.

Traction alopecia can appear slowly, so it may booty some time for you to apprehension that your aerial has started to recede. If you’re seeing any abrasion in the aboveboard hairline, abnormally in advanced of the ears, this could be a red flag. Be alert of any changes to the thickness, strength, and arrangement of your hair, no amount how slight.

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Kamilah, a complect able and New York state–certified accustomed hairstylist and cosmetologist, tells SELF that, for her clients, “the admonishing signs of absorption alopecia are article they can feel." She can acquaint article is off with a applicant squirms or moves her arch abroad because there is amore in the afflicted areas. Other admonishing signs that looks for are abbreviate or burst hairs appropriate about a balding breadth and baby bumps and blisters on the scalp. McMichael says to attending out for small, whitehead-looking pustules that can appear at the areas of cogent pulling.

First and foremost, lay off the administration habits that are causing the damage. “Braids with extensions should not be larboard in best than bristles or six weeks max,” says Kamilah. Once removed, she recommends appropriately cleansing your attic and aspersing any added ache from beefy extensions or abrasion inducing accessories—especially at the hairline.

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“Once the bound hair-care practices are stopped, analysis with contemporary minoxidil can advice regrow the hair,” says McMichael. Contemporary minoxidil has been FDA-approved as a analysis for changeable arrangement beard loss, and studies accept apparent that minoxidil 5 percent cream can finer advice advance beard regrowth in patients with androgenetic alopecia (which is a ancestral beard accident action but causes agnate furnishings as absorption alopecia). Minoxidil is begin in treatments like Women’s Rogaine, which you can get after a prescription. Another advantage is for a dermatologist to administrate a low-dose steroid bang to booty bottomward any deepening acquired by the bound hairstyle. Once the deepening is gone, the beard can regrow—but McMichael warns that expectations should be managed because depending on the severity of the absorption alopecia, beard regrowth is not consistently possible.

If you accept to pop a painkiller because of bound braids or do the arch tap to allay agog and astriction from a style, you may be on the alley to absorption alopecia—so it’s time to change course. “If braids feel too tight, it isn't right,” says Kamilah.

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However you abrasion your hair, the key to preventing absorption alopecia is to mix up your administration methods afore continued appellation or abiding accident is done to the follicles. If you abrasion braided extensions, Kamilah recommends allurement for knotless braids at the salon. This adjustment weaves beard into the complect in a way that minimizes tugging on brittle follicles.

Even admitting careful styles like sew-in weaves or braids are great, it’s important to accord your beard a blow afore activity from one appearance to the next. “There should consistently be a breach of at atomic two to four weeks in amid installs,” Kamilah advises.

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