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Matt Damon and Paul Greengr had such a abrrent time autritative The Bourne Ultimatum they vowed to abdicate the series. So why did they change their minds?

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The British filmmaker Paul Greengr and the Hollywood blur ablaze Matt Damon are sitting in a apartment at the Corinthia auberge in axial London talking about the aperture arena of their new film, a able-bodied activity in the punishingly belly appearance for which the brace accept become justly celebrated.

“We attempt that scene, that aboriginal fight, on the aboriginal day and it was like, we’re accomplishing this,” recalls Damon. “It won’t be said that we came to aces up a paycheque. We’re activity to accord it actually aggregate we have.”

Fifteen years ago, aback Damon had aloof angry 30, he active up to accomplish an arresting abstruseness based on a Robert Ludlum atypical about a abstruse accomplished gesic adversity from absent-mindedness and in the ancr of an appearance crisis.

He had aloof done several films, including “All the Pretty Horses” and “The Legend of Bagger Vance”, which had angry out to be box-of flops. There were problems with the thriller. It was captivated aback from release. There were resots and the alteration activity was abounding and lengthy. Seldom acceptable signs. But in the accident “The Bourne Ideny” was pacey, atmospheric and it seemed to bang an complete ambit in the ambiguous canicule of the post-9/11 era.

It was a one-off film. Damon had not active up for another. But attributable to accepted demand, as they say, addition was made, and afresh another, and a alternation was built-in that so far has taken added than $1.2 billion (Dh4.4 billion) at the box of.

A abundant accord of that money was generated by a affiliation that Damon went on to anatomy with Greengr. A ancient announcer w co-wrote the beauteous exposé of the abstruse services, “Spycatcher”, with Peter Wright, Greengr was accepted in British television for abrasive realist dramas such as “Bloody Sunday”.

But he was an alien affection in Hollywood. On the face of it, giving him a $75-million account was article of a gamble. Yet “The Bourne Supremacy” accepted that Jason Bourne was a modern-day battling to that added JB — James Bond — alone tougher, added afflicted and actually airy about whether his martini was annoyed or stirred.

The brace reunited a brace of years afterwards for “The Bourne Ultimatum”, which was a mive accepted hit. These films were tense, bawdy and psyclogically dark. Together, they created a all-around admirers of adherent fans. With their amazing activity scenes and taut, abreast aghast capital character, they set a new accepted in activity films to which the 007 franchise, with a muscled-up Daniel Craig, acquainted accountable to respond.

But by the time the $442-million-grossing “Ultimatum” hit the screens in 2007, both Damon and Greengr acquainted the ball had run its course. As Greengr afterwards put it: “I apparent in my affection I didn’t accept addition one in me.” Damon was alike added conclusive: “We accept ridden that rse as far as we can,” he said. “For me, I affectionate of feel the adventure that we set out to acquaint has now been told.”

However, Hollywood abrs a vacuum, decidedly aback it comes to awful advantageous franchises, and Universal, the flat that endemic the rights to Ludlum’s character, had to aftermath a Bourne cine or lose its option.

So a fourth blur was made, “The Bourne Legacy”, that adverse to the le’s complete affiance didn’t affection Jason Bourne or the actor, Damon, w played him. Instead, the advance appearance was alleged Aaron Cross and was played by Jeremy Renner, but contrarily the arti activating was so agnate as to accomplish you about balloon that Aaron wasn’t Jason.

It was a little as if a James Bond had appear out with the advance appearance as 006. Altugh it did OK at the box of, it was a brace of dred actor dollars bottomward on its predecessor. Nevertheless, Damon remained ertive that he wasn’t activity to do addition Bourne unless Greengr directed and Greengr was appropriately ertive that he wasn’t activity to accomplish addition one.

But this is the movies and aback addition makes a complete account like that, you aloof apperceive the aing arena will appearance them accomplishing the opposite. So actuality we now are with a new Jason Bourne blur called, with Ronseal-like literalism, “Jason Bourne”. And actuality are Greengr and Damon sitting aback with a attending of satisfaction, a boxy job completed, alert to me apprehend out all their accomplished quotes about not accomplishing addition Bourne film. What happened to their antecedent atude of no going back?

“Shall I acknowledgment that one?” asks Greengr w, in his atramentous T-shirt and continued argent hair, has the attending of a man w is about to adore an continued aeon of relaxation.

“Sure,” says Damon.

“Well, all that was true,” Greengr says.

“Yeah,” says Damon, aback agog to dent in. “I appetence to aloof say that at the time I said that, that was true.”

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Greengr explains that it was Damon and his editor, Christopher Rouse, w co-wrote the calligraphy for “Jason Bourne” with Greengr, w abiding him that there was a blur to be made. What afflicted Greengr’s apperception was the realisation that the apple had changed. The beforehand films aimed to be accordant to the all-around absoluteness of the time in which they were made, in particular, the “war on terror”.

He anion a new absoluteness could be reflected in a new Bourne film. So we see a Julian Assange-type appearance and a Facebook-type aggregation and the post-Edward Snowden apple of super-hackers and autritative surveillance.

But that still leaves the catechism of Bourne himself. The apple may accept changed, but has he? We aftermost saw him accepting recovered his anamnesis and learnt the abounding accuracy of w he was and what he had done. Surely he wasn’t activity to accept a accomplished added appearance crisis? How abounding times could he balloon w he was?

“Yes, you couldn’t bluff on that idea,” says Greengr. “I bethink attractive at the affiche for ‘Ultimatum’ at Oxford Cir tube. It said, ‘I remember. I bethink everything.’ And I tught, ‘Well, I’m done. He remembers everything. That’s it.’”

“You said,” recalls Damon, “‘The additional you apprehend him say, “I don’t remember”, that’s [expletive], I’m not accomplishing that again.’”

“So it had to be article he did bethink but he doesn’t understand. It’s like the old ‘Guardian’ advert,” says Greengr, apropos to the acclaimed 1986 ad in which a baldheaded looks like he’s a aggressor but turns out to be a saviour.

Both men are agog “Guardian” readers and the bi-weekly appearance acutely in “The Bourne Ultimatum”. Indeed, altugh we had bound time for our interview, Greengr and Damon seemed added absorbed at aboriginal in dissing the plight of the “Guardian” in an age of chargeless internet content. It was all I could do to get them aback on to the accountable of the film.

Damon is a actomed communicator. I watched him for a while afore our account sed, chatting to a cardinal of bodies from the blur company. Andy Murray had aloof that moment won Wimbledon and he told them an chestnut about Murray’s clothier that was done in a way that was actual abundant “we’re all aloof actomed guys cutting the breeze”.

Obviously, a big allotment of his on-screen address is a affectionate of acute normality. It’s a deceptively actomed affectionate of agreeableness — not amply acrid like George C or youthfully alarming like Leonardo DiCaprio — but he has the adeptness to binding an acute book in a recognisably animal condition.

It’s that blueprint that fabricated “The Martian” ignment so well, bringing addition apple aback bottomward to Earth. And it’s one of the things that prevents Bourne from appearing like aloof a tight-lipped killing machine.

But if Damon trades on an everyman accessibility, there’s annihilation actomed about the demands appropriate to get in appearance for the role of Jason Bourne.

“Oh, oh,” says Damon, now attractive a little beneath b than Bourne’s fat-free super-being, with a afflicted expression. “It was actually a altered experience. Paul said aboriginal on, ‘Look, if we accessible the blur and in the aboriginal anatomy of ‘Jason Bourne’ we see your face and you attending like you’ve lived able-bodied these accomplished 10 years, we do not accept a movie. You accept to attending like you’ve suffered. And the alone way to do that is to suffer.”

That adversity meant two 90-minute high-intensity gym sessions every day for 10 weeks activity into the sot. And he could eat alone vegetables and protein for months on end.

“Brutal,” nods Greengr. “It was a account of intent. Sadly, he had to accomplish it.”

They both access out laughing. There’s acutely a lot of alternate account and cool amid them. I ask them what they like about animate calm and there’s a pause.

“Silence,” says Damon, attractive beyond at Greengr.

“No,” replies the director. “I’ll acquaint you. Autritative a film, every blur is a big gamble, ample or small. The added that you do it, the added you’re acquainted of that. Relationships of urance and account are adamantine to find. We hadn’t formed calm in some years and afresh we came aback on and aback there was that activity that as a filmmaker you’re not on your own. You can appear on set some canicule and feel, ‘I don’t apperceive about this’. The anxieties are actual profound. That’s why it’s such a demanding undertaking. Aback you’ve got addition like Matt w’s activity to advertise it for you, w’s activity to be ablaze and is committed, the activity of empowerment is so intense. And love. He’s a absurd man to accomplish a blur with. And we’ve been in the trenches before. We’ve been in the centermost [expletive] that it’s accessible to be in on a blur set.”

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They both allege of the acquaintance of autritative “The Bourne Ultimatum” like war veterans abandoning a decidedly atoning campaign. The problem, which angry out to accept a continued afterlife, was that they were animate on an fractional script.

Damon explains: “You alpha aggravating to sot the being you ane does ignment while aggravating to fix the added stuff. It agency a abbreviate day of filming is 12 urs. On top of that, you’re activity out to banquet and writing. We had a conversation, I’ll never forget, in Madrid. It was three or four in the morning. We were continuing in this artery and we attending at anniversary added and go, ‘We’re in the amiss country. There’s annihilation abroad we can sot here’.”

They were animate with an amateurish calligraphy because Tony Gilroy, w wrote the aboriginal two Bourne films, had allegedly done a accord for the third blur in which he alone had to abide a aboriginal abstract of the screenplay. And there was no after-service or added debate.

The bearings larboard a absinthian aftertaste with Greengr and Damon. Some years later, aback Gilroy wrote and directed “The Bourne Legacy”, Damon gave an account in which he tore into him. He aced Gilroy of demography a “boatload” of money and handing in an “unreadable” script. “I mean,” he said, “I could put this affair up on eBay and it would be bold over for that dude. It’s terrible. It’s actually embarring.”

It’s not done in Hollywood for the apude to diss the apude and Damon is actually not the blazon to breach the rule. As one top ambador asked at the time, what happened that fabricated “the nicest guy in boondocks draft his stack”?

Damon bound issued an apology, acknowledgment that his animosity had been aching and he was amiss to allege about because it was “stupid and amateurish and aloof affectionate of [expletive] of me”.

But it was a complete episode. Obviously, abaft Damon’s usually amiable exterior, article about Gilroy had actually got up his nose.

So aback I ask them what they anion of Gilroy’s “Legacy”, starring Renner, there’s a abundant abeyance afore Greengr turns to Damon and says with animate laughter: “Do you appetence to booty that one?”

Damon is unfered, aback on calligraphy and able to present a appropriately adept acknowledgment with what sounds like complete humility. “I ane in retrospect,” he says, “I accept actual acutely why anybody did what anybody did.”

He goes on about the bind that anybody was in and w the best acknowledgment accessible was Gilroy’s. I advance that it adulterated the abstention of the idea, accepting addition quasi-Bourne active about ault the applesauce out of everyone. He doesn’t disagree but it’s not a affair he’s atrocious to get into in depth. So is this added rogue ex-government abettor set to continue?

They don’t know, they say, which sounds to my aerial like: not aloof yet. Both of them are ertive that they are actually in accord with the studio. If there was anytime a altercation with the suits, they are now durably aback on the ancillary of Hollywood.

Greengr in accurate wants to allay what he sees as the allegory of Hollywood admiral accepting complex area they’re unwanted. Instead, he argues, that is a abundant added accepted acquaintance in Britain.

“The abstraction that they access that affair in a top-down way is the exact reverse,” he says. “That’s the botheration with TV over actuality [in the UK]. The admiral over actuality are way, way too empowered. The boilerplate director’s acquaintance in British television is to get addendum in an e-mail from addition w they’ve never alike met cogent them in the best minute detail what to do. I’m animated I don’t ignment in TV over actuality because I wouldn’t be able to cope. I’d abatement out with them all.”

With this the fourth Bourne — or fifth if you accommodate “Legacy” — Damon and Greengr were bent to abstain the accent that saw them through “Ultimatum”.

“The affair about autritative these films,” explains Greengr, “is that they’re not like a actomed film. With a autrization movie, it’s got to about-face the auto of the industry and the flat has to accept them. So you alpha with a absolution date. They say we’re activity to accomplish a new Bourne blur and it comes out summer of X. Afresh they alpha on a calligraphy and consistently the calligraphy is not accessible in time.”

To get about this, Greengr and Rouse wrote the calligraphy afore filming sed on “Jason Bourne”. It’s fair to say that they didn’t booty the Quentin Tarantino access to dialogue. Damon speaks beneath in this blur than he has done in any added Bourne movie. He makes Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti westerns ume actually loquacious.

It calls for a accurate affectionate of acting that isn’t acutely expressive. I ask Damon what it’s like animate on a blur for months on end aback your capital alternation with added actors iting them.

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“Well, I’ve done it three times. In the aboriginal movie, the Marie Kreutz appearance [Bourne’s girlfriend, played by Franka Potente) is still alive, so Bourne has a aural lath and he’s added abashed about w he is and a lot added chatty. Once she dies in the aboriginal act of the additional movie, it’s actually a actual abandoned character. And we talked about that mostly on the additional one. I bethink Tony autograph me an e-mail saying, ‘You do realise what this means? You do realise you’re not activity to allocution in this movie.’ I said, ‘No, I love that’.”

He says that this time about Greengr alleged him afterwards attractive at the accomplished cine and told him he alone had about 25 curve in the accomplished thing.

Greengr, wever, believes that Damon packs a lot of activity into his non-verbal acting. “I ane what makes a Bourne cine is the abandon and the set pieces,” he says, “but there’s a amazing bulk of emotionality in the character.”

He brand to adduce the archetype of the arena at the end of “The Bourne Supremacy” in which Bourne goes to see the babe of two bodies he had dead while beneath the drugged-up access of a abstruse US counter-intelligence mission.

“When you ane about that from an acting point of view, the hypothesis that he’s got to go to this adolescent woman wse parents he murdered and he’s got to say ‘I’m sorry’, and he’s got to do it in a way that you buy that he agency it, but [he’s] additionally got to do it so that you feel Bourne’s pain. You’ve got to advertise two things that are actually adverse but are accurate and that’s abundantly hard. And I ane you actually do feel his abashment and answerability but you absolutely accept he’s genuine. Alike admitting it’s absolutely preposterous.”

Damon activity at the abstraction of it. “The being w’s actually suffered the accident is the girl! And he’s activity there cogent her w bad he feels about it.”

“But you don’t feel that,” says Greengr. “There’s a colloquial to these films in agreement of the acting that is actually hard, because it is a acute reality, it isn’t complete life, but it’s got to feel emotionally truthful. Aback I ane of a Bourne movie, clashing the added franchises alongside it in the summer, it feels to me it has to accept that combination. I appetence to ane we appearance the antagonism a apple-pie brace of heels. I ane our activity is inventive, cooler.”

The activity in “Jason Bourne” is absolutely inventive, but it additionally feels a little too large, like that of added summer blockbusters, alone bigger filmed, added realistic. Greengr rejects the hypothesis but there is a faculty that up adjoin the CGI of superheroes, there is a charge to accomplish Bourne all-powerful and the action overblown.

Some of the cerebral complication has been absent and with it some of the astriction that fabricated the beforehand films so compelling. However, you faculty that the admirers will lap it up. And it will alone serve to access the appetence for a follow-up. Interestingly, witut autritative it too obvious, Greengr has corrective the alternation out of the bend it was trapped in.

“That was one of the pleasures of it,” says Greengr, “making the autrization alive 10 years afterwards and giving it possibilities afterwards it activity like a b ending.”

So does that beggarly they’ll accomplish addition one together?

“Paul consistently says that the affliction time to ask that catechism is appropriate afterwards you’ve fabricated one,” replies Damon.

“I’m not activity to accomplish the aberration of adage ‘never’, like I did before,” says Greengr. “But I’m not activity to be sitting around. I’ve got added films to make.”

He wants to blur a new adaptation of “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, but he’s not abiding yet if that’s activity ahead. Damon has already fabricated addition film, with Alexander Payne, writer-director of “Sideways” and “The Descendants”, a amusing banter he describes as “the complete opposite” of Bourne.

Damon is 45 now. How abundant best can he abide the age-reversing administration of bifold gym stints and acute diets?

“My umption is it will be a while afore we’ll alike get about to accomplishing addition one. They ability reboot me afore I bow out,” says Damon.

Greengr seems to appraise the idea. “It’s got to continue,” he says.

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Like a antecedent activity hero, Bourne will be back.

–Guardian News & Media Ltd

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