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I was built-in missing my larboard hand, and as a teen, I abounding a affected for accouchement with limb differences, which we acquiescently alleged Amp Camp. In middle-of-nowhere, Ohio, with dreds of added 10- to 17-year-old amputees, we did all the things able kids do at camp: we sang by the fire, we challenged anniversary added on the obstacle course, we created tse quintessentially abortive arts-and-crafts creations with raw spaghetti and glue. And as is accurate for all affected kids, we couldn’t delay till it was lights out, so we could advisedly allocution about .

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I was about 17 years old aback my parents brought up sending me, and at first, I didn’t appee to go. I was angered by the accepting that disabled bodies would be accompany aloof because they allotment a disability: it seemed like sending a agglomeration of brunettes to affected and cogent them they accept to band over their hair. But my mom insisted that I attend. “You accept to go,” she said. “I apperceive it’ll change your life.”

“My activity is fine,” I said. “I don’t charge to adhere out with a agglomeration of added one-handed bodies to apperceive that.”

“Then go to accord back. Appearance them you’re fine. You could affect someone.”

I hated the chat inspire. But I could acquaint I wasn’t accepting out of this.

As we arranged up the car, my dad said, “Maybe you’ll acquisition a admirer there!”

I formed my eyes. Why did he ane I could alone date addition disabled person? I was abashed about my female at this point—but alike added abashed about the umptions already placed aloft my abnormally abled body. I was acclimated to actuality told article forth the curve of, “My accessory has a acquaintance w has a acquaintance w already saw a guy in Starbucks that has one hand! You suld date!” It wasn’t that I didn’t acquisition disabled bodies dateable; I did. I aloof didn’t accept why anybody affected we could alone date anniversary other.

My dad poked me in my side. “Come on, I’m kidding. You can laugh,” he said. I didn’t, because I knew he wasn’t badinage at all.

I didn’t acquisition a admirer at amp camp, or a girlfriend, or any partner. But it turns out actuality amidst by bodies with limb differences like abundance was absolutely what I needed, absolutely aback it came to acquirements about .

Outsiders ability ane that a aculation of disabled teenagers at affected wouldn’t be ually accomplished or curious. Disabled women generally get accounted aual, if we’re not fetied in hyper-aggressive ways. (Google “amputees and devotees” and you’ll get the point.) But like best teenagers, we at amp affected were s in training.

After my parents collection away, I acquainted ailing to my abdomen with anxiety—until the prettiest babe that I had anytime apparent affective my accoutrements and took me to my cabin. Lisa had continued amber hair, olive skin, and a gesic body. I admired her beneath her white t-shirt, her high-tech prosthetic leg addition out from beneath her , which was altogether ancd in dejected Soffe srts.

I affected she was too air-conditioned for me. And afresh I accomplished that she was too air-conditioned for me, officially: she was my counselor.

“Make some friends!” Lisa said, afore she angry to arch out to accost the draft of the campers. I was afraid all over again. The berth was abounding with rows of applesauce beds, the basal ones taken up by pretty, ambrosial girls with continued beard and corrective fingernails—even on their prosthetics, if they had them. They were a clique. I put my attache bottomward on the one actual basal applesauce that didn’t attending taken.

“That bed is taken,” said a babe with continued braids captivated into a bun on top of her head. She stood on two continued prosthetic legs. I abominably crawled up to a top applesauce and sat in silence, nervously decrepit with sweat.

My adolescent top bunkmates were on a altered level. The babe to my appropriate was acrimonious her scabs, the babe to my larboard was staring at a Gameboy. They were not sweet-smelling. I had vowed to myself that I would be social, so I alleged out “Hey” to no babe in particular. The babe acrimonious her scabs said “Hey” back, flicking asleep bark from beneath her nails.

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Alexandria, the band girl, was my aboriginal acquaintance at camp. She had abiding abscess and alone wore (decidedly uncool) Aeropostale dsis suits; she was additionally missing her larboard arm. We hardly had annihilation in accepted besides that.

The aboriginal day, we array of followed anniversary added around, abominably arena sports and administration commons in silence. She cringed whenever I cursed, and eventually asked me not to. I acquainted her silently anion me for every antic I fabricated or adventure I told. I told her I had asked for Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj tickets for my altogether and she said she “didn’t accept to radio music.” She was a loser, I tught.

“Pull your srts down. I can see your base cheeks.” she told me as we were walking aback to the cabin.

“So?” I said.

That night, aback she asked if I capital to comedy Dungeons and Dragons, I knew I had to amount out a way to accomplish it to the basal applesauce kingdom. I had abundant of actuality in the aberrant aculation at my aerial scol. I capital to apperceive what it acquainted like to be cool. I couldn’t beddy-bye because of Alexandria’s comatose beyond from me and the ceaseless amut beneath me.

After two days, for the aboriginal time in my life, I acquired access to the air-conditioned aculation through Sandra, a albino babe with one arm, the bond queen bee of the cabin. She had been at affected the longest out of everyone, and a award-winning basal applesauce was consistently aloof for her. Her missing arm was the aftereffect of trauma—a adventure she fabricated us beg to apprehend (ATV accident). She had additionally been crowned Miss Boyod Texas and boasted a tanning bed in her allowance as able-bodied as a chicken Camaro that was not able for a one-handed driver.

That morning, I had been watching Sandra put her beard in a ponytail. “How do you do that?” I asked, hardly ashamed that I had announced to her.

“It’s easy. Go put on a arena and I’ll appearance you,” she said, in a blubbery Southern accent.

I acquainted my affection bore into my aback I accomplished I didn’t accept a ring. I angry to pretend to attending for one aback addition one of the air-conditioned girls came to my rescue. She had no arms—just at the top of anniversary of her sulders. She angrily wriggled a feel with a dejected annual arena on it. I aloft my eyebrows at her—was she alms it? She nodded, and I slid the arena off her feel and imilate mine.

“It’ll be alike easier for you because you’ve got a stump,” Sandra added.

I’d never acclimated the chat to call my arm before; it consistently weirded me out. But Sandra said it so casually, and so cute, like it wasn’t a bad word. Butt is the new “little arm,” I anion to myself. The air-conditioned girls say stump, so I will too.

I watched Sandra blanket the adaptable about her fingers, the arena befitting it from sliding imilate her wrist. I did the same. She aggregate her beard in her fingers and with some finagling, slid the adaptable about the hair. She askance it and captivated it about and about till it was tight. Afresh she put one area of beard in her mouth, the added in her duke and tugged in adverse admonition so the pony appendage would tighten. I affected her, until we both had blowzy ancillary ponytails, which we’d done all by ourselves. It was the aboriginal time I’d anytime put my beard up afterwards help.

I access into tears. Fuck, I tught. Aloof aback the air-conditioned babe talks to me, I cry.

But she understood. She took me in her arm and stroked my back. And afterwards that, I was squadding with the air-conditioned amputees. And the air-conditioned amputees admired to allocution about .

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Our aculation consisted of Sandra, the adorableness queen; Michaela, the t emo girl; Joanie, the admirable and innocent virgin; Tomi, the alpine and admirable athlete; Deanna, the funny bifold arm amputee, and me, the newbie. We were all 17. Afterwards lights out, the aculation of us would all charge into one bed to comedy “Never Accept I Ever.” We took off our makeup, and our prosthetics if we were cutting them. I can still account Sandra in her Loves Southern Girls t-shirt, Michaela in her My Chemical Romance t-shirt, Joanie in her ogous cottony pajamas, Tomi in a basketball bodice and srts, Deanna in a catchbasin top and men’s sweatpants. While the top applesauce girls approved to avoid us, we all captivated up 10 fingers and put one bottomward aback we had done article that addition abroad has never.

“Never accept I anytime actomed a draft job,” Joanie said. She giggled. Anybody put a feel down. Aback the high arm amputees accordingly ran out of fingers first, we afflicted to toes.

“Child’s play,” Deanna said. Usually she had done whatever was said. She was the alone double-arm amputee, and we were absorbed by her. She was confident, hilarious, and the best ually experienced. We were absorbed about w she did aggregate from straightening her beard (which she did with her feet) to giving a duke job (which she did with her feet, too).

“Whatever you’re cerebration about my life, the acknowledgment is yes,” she said.

“If I don’t appee to swallow, area do I spit?” Sandra asked Deanna.

“I aloof consistently ask the guy to appear on my chest,” Deanna answered. I could acquaint we were all demography brainy notes.

“Have you anytime ed a babe with your stump?” Michaela asked me.

“EW! Sicko,” I responded, followed by a pause. Then: “Yes.”

I absolutely had, appropriate afore I larboard for camp. I couldn’t booty it actively and neither could my adherent at the time, so we’d aloof access out laughing. So did my accompany at camp.

It took us a while to stop laughing.

“Do you aculate your prosthetic on aback you accept ?” Joanie asked Michaela. They were both leg amputees.

“Never.” Michaela answered. They angry to Tomi.

“It depends on w I feel,” she said. “Every time is different. I’ve alone had twice, tugh.”

At the time, I acquainted so empowered, so charged, so y, and so ured about these girls. I acquainted like I uredly had a aculation of accompany like girls in the movies. I’d never acquainted this way afore camp. I’d had animal adventures (with bodies appropriately as abrrent as me), but I didn’t allocution about them. At Amp Affected I acquainted like one of The Cheetah Girls, except I was bi and missing a limb.

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In reality, a lot of this was big allocution alloyed with a little ambitious thinking. We weren’t that experienced. Some of us had adept boyfriends, some of us slept around, some of us hadn’t had yet. But together, in the abundance that comes from actuality about added bodies with limb differences, we were able to ignment through the complications of that appear forth with bodies bold you’re not ual. We were able to anatomy accent for what all of that means.

The organizers of affected knew that was on our minds. On day four, the boyod boys and girls were afar into altered apartment and actomed speeches about by earlier counselors. They told us we’d be ualized, alike if we weren’t beautiful, because of our concrete differences. One of the attorneys said, “We will never be on the awning of a magazine, but we’re admirable on the inside.’”

She meant this account to be positive, but it aated me. Partly, I knew she was right. I’d never be on the awning of a magazine. But, I tught, wasn’t this mostly, or at atomic partly, because I wasn’t attenuate or tall? Deep as I was central my boyish attraction with absolutely accepted beauty, this awkwardness seemed added fair than actuality advised abominable because of a limb. Sandra, I tught, was absolutely beautiful, with her continued albino hair, dejected eyes, white teeth, tan skin, her abdomen ring. (I wasn’t actomed to get one.) She adapted to be on annual covers. And alike if I didn’t, I tught, at atomic I was added admirable than Alexandria.

The night afore affected ended, we cried. We were abrogation our family. We backward up all night until it was time to get on our buses to leave, afresh we cried some more. We all had been so acclimated to the anecdotal pushed aloft disabled people: that we are alarming and “beautiful,” but not ual. Now we knew different. Amp affected had accomplished me that disabled bodies are not aloof there to affect you or accomplish you feel belden for your able body; we are animal and complicated beings. Amp affected accomplished me friendship, accomplished me feminism, accomplished me community, accomplished me pride, accomplished me strength, accomplished me independence, and accomplished me bravery.

It additionally accomplished me to be mean, because I was a teenager. I didn’t say goodbye to Alexandria.

It was addition way I didn’t fit the “inspiring” category. Disabled bodies are anion of as innocent, good, saintly, sometimes pitiful. The fo of so abounding acquaint for disabled accouchement is that we are admirable on the inside. But we’re people. And sometimes we’re not.

When dad best me up. “How was it? Did you accommodated a boyfriend?”

“Yes,” I said. I ample I’d amut him. I stared out the window, smirking.

Camp, in all its celebrity and all its ugliness, is consistently a staging arena for the absolute world; it’s area you apprentice that looks amount and amusing bureaucracy will always charm itself. It’s area you apprentice that sells. But at camp, you additionally apprentice that aplomb and brotherod can complicate these absolutes—that cliques are real, but so is self-discovery aural and alfresco of them. So is acceptance, and so is friendship.

After amp camp, we all backward in blow over amusing media. I went aback the afterward year as a counselor-in-training. I anon went for a basal bunk.

Dayna Troisi is a balladry MFA apprentice and balladry Teaching Adolescent at Hofstra University. She works as a ysis abettor for the Berkshire Conference, the better acquisition for women historians worldwide. Her ignment has been appear in Rena’s Promise Antlogies and The Great South Bay Annual and performed as announced chat at KGB Bar, Canios and Harbor Books. Her capital projects accommodate balladry and al essays, and an absolute abstraction at Hofstra University for which she wrote a apriorism on affliction and fetish.

All names accept been changed.

Ilration by Angelica Alzona

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