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Donald Owens, 30, Riverview Street, was answerable with annexation Monday afternoon afterwards advisers of Giant Eagle said he best up a can of babyish formula, buried it, put it aback on the shelf afresh best it up afresh and buried it and larboard afterwards advantageous for it. Owens reportedly told badge his babe angry 1 year old that day and woke up arrant because she was gry. Badge Chief John Lane said afterwards aback asked that the child’s abundance was arrested into.

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Lori Reese, Sophia Street, appear Kenneth P. Ser, 57, Stagecoach Road, absolved into her me and began arguing with her, throwing beer on her. He fled aback Reese told him she had alleged the police, according to reports. Ser was begin on Minerva Street, reportedly intoxicated, and was answerable with chaotic conduct/intoxication.

An administrator en avenue to aback up added admiral on a cartage stop appear seeing a agent in the circle of Dresden Avenue and West Ninth Artery with several bodies about it. They jumped into the vehicle, which angry larboard imilate Ninth Street, and a cartage stop was accomplished during which the administrator appear the agent smelled acerb of marijuana. Aback the driver, Timothy J. Thrasher, 20, Lincoln Avenue, Wellsville, was asked to footfall from the vehicle, the administrator appear seeing a billowing afraid out of the average animate absolute what appeared to be marijuana. Upon ytical the vehicle, admiral appear award addition billowing central the arm blow and two cans of beer beneath the commuter seat. Thrasher was answerable with prohibitions and control of marijuana.

Mary C. Goehring, Oakland Avenue, appear her ex-boyfriend is abnegation to acknowledgment her agent afterwards accepting it three weeks for repairs, aggressive to bake it. She was brash to allege with the law director.

Witnesses brash admiral a man advance addition man but he beneath to name his ailants. Admiral attempted to locate the man declared by witnesses, to no avail.

While arctic on accompaniment Avenue 11, Travis M. Miller, 25, Martin Street, appear a bee or bug flew into his agent window. Aback he swatted at it, his agent ran off the road, arresting a guardrail and causing it disabling damage. No injuries or citations were reported.

Jun 24, 2016

Ofrs responded at 12:43 Wednesday morning to a Market Artery abode for abode of a man aulting a woman. Robbie McLaughlin told them she capital her boyfriend, Robert J. Reed, 42, East Fourth Street, to leave. He reportedly became antagonistic with ofrs, staring bottomward Captain Darin Morgan and afresh hasty out the aperture and advancing nose-to-nose with Patrolman Shawn Long, charging him until Long had to taken him to the ground. Reed was answerable with chaotic conduct/intoxication.

Paramedics asked for an administrator at St. George Street, breadth they appear accepting administered alert the actomed dosage of Narcan to a man w was still benumbed but breathing. The man was placed on a barrow for carriage but awoke afore placed into the ambulance and asked what was activity on. Told he had overdosed, the man denied it, adage he had aloof been sleeping. He was transported to the emergency room, breadth he beneath ysis and arrested himself out adjoin medical advice.

Michael Defelece, Harding Avenue, appear addition has been putting gr clippings over his fence and into his yard. He said there had been one bag in his backyard then, afterwards his acquaintance cut his gr, there were two bags. Admiral brash the aforementioned acquaintance had been answerable with putting debris and gr cuttings into the dumpster of a bounded business. He was brash to acquaintance the law director.

Jun 20, 2016

Ofrs responded Saay night to a abode of an balance in the 100 block of West Fourth Street, breadth they begin Micheala Reardon, 22, no abode listed, lying in the gr forth the street, alfresco the commuter aperture of a van. She was actuality tended to by neighbors, and a partially loaded syringe was noticed in the gr beside her, according to reports. The disciplinarian of the van, George Stoffel, no age or abode listed, told admiral they were alive from the Hammondsville breadth aback Reardon aback angled over imilate him and he pulled over. According to reports, EMTs administered Narcan, animating Reardon, and while admiral were ytic for her identification, they appear award added biologic accouterments and a billowing absolute white crumb amid her belongings. She was answerable with control of biologic corruption instruments.

Ofrs were alleged to a Market Artery abode Saay afternoon for a woman w overdosed on the decree medication Topamax, which acquired her to become erratic. Lifeteam ambulance responded.

After accepting chat from the canton sheriff’s administration that a 911 alarm had been actomed Saay atramentous from Mayor Ryan Stovall’s of, admiral arrested and begin the appointment bound and no one allegedly inside.

After a addition appear Saay morning a angled and askance stop urance at Broadway and Fifth streets, admiral angled it aback into shape.

Helen Pack, Erie Street, appear Saay morning she believed a changeable abode bedfellow had baseborn items, but an administrator amid the items beneath an end table.

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The emergency allowance agents at East Liverpool Burghal Hospital appear Saay morning a accommodating actuality violent, and admiral stood by while the woman was cared for and calmed down.

Ashley N. Bach, East Fifth Street, appear Friday a allotment of blacktop was befuddled through the window of her vehicle.

Responding to advice that a delinquent adolescent from Franklin Canton was blockage at a Woodland Hills apartment, admiral amid the adolescent and transported him to the badge station.

Children’s Services appear an adventure involving a adolescent at Heights Manor, and the amount is beneath investigation.

A woman appear she had had her grandson for three canicule and that her daughter, the child’s mother, has not provided him with able care. She said he has not been bistro and is not supervised aback in his mother’s care. A archetype of the abode will be beatific to Children’s Services.

Tammy Stansbury, Etruria Street, appear her me and car egged.

Ofrs were brash of a accessible marijuana growing operation in a abode at the rear of the old ABC Carryout and asked the carryout owner, Jaber Omaishat, about the matter. He brash his brother owns the use, and admiral appear he cautiously actomed them to chase inside, breadth a abound light, an asylum fabricated of PVC aqueduct covered with bright plastic, but no plants were found. The amount charcoal beneath investigation.

Jun 18, 2016

Ofrs responded alert Thursday night to a Pennsylvania Avenue abode in acknowledgment to Tyler M. Fickle, 22, of that address, reportedly causing problems. The additional time, at 10:36 p.m., admiral appear Fickle had punched out a window in the abode and was bleeding profusely. He bootless to acknowledge to their commands and admiral had to use a Taser on him. Lifeteam paramedics transported Fickle to the spital for his cuts, and he was answerable with chaotic conduct/intoxication and afraid arrest.

Eugene H. Eastham, 67, Ruth Street, appear he and his roommate, w was not articular in reports, were sitting in the alive allowance Thursday morning aback three bodies dressed in atramentous kicked in the door. All three were armed with what looked like rifles, Eastham told police. They ordered him and his acquaintance to the attic and ransacked drawer, afresh went through Eastham’s pockets and uredly removed money from his wallet afore fleeing.

Brian Miller, Almont Street, appear his abode entered through a window, with several items taken.

Arlene Merritt, Ohio Avenue, appear a backyard mower taken.

Vivian Toler, Walnut Street, appear men she knew bankrupt into her use, attractive for drugs or paraphernalia.

Treva K. Wolfe, Avondale Street, appear at 12:32 p.m. Friday a adolescent cutting a childod at her door, with no adults in sight. The child’s aide alleged badge about two annual afterwards to abode it missing and swed admiral breadth the adolescent able the backyard and w she ancd the problem.

Theda Sanders, St. Clair Avenue, appear hiring a contractor, w was paid $250 three months ago and sed some ignment afresh never completed it and is not answering buzz calls.

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Ofrs begin Lacey Ammon walking on St. Clair Avenue and abstruse she had an outstanding warrant. She gave them a apocryphal name and Social Security cardinal and approved to run aback told she was actuality arrested. Admiral were able to abduction her and booty her into tody.

Postal carrier Crystal Bennett, no age or abode listed, was apathetic by a dog on Ephraim Street. The adventure was appear to the burghal bloom department.

Erica Riggle, Lisbon Street, appear award three affairs on her coffer annual she had not made.

Jill Lawrence, Manor Lane, appear her barn entered, with items taken.

Veronica Adams, 39, St. Clair Avenue, appear actuality aulted by a woman she knows, w addled Adams’ arch off the accurate until she absent consciousness. Adams was brash to see the law administrator about filing charges.

Jun 10, 2016

Ofrs responded to Green Lane for a aation and begin Tonya Neville and Douglas Pridemore, 46, with Neville arrant and adage she was aflutter for her life. Neville told admiral that she and Pridemore had been arguing all day over him absent money to buy able cocaine aback he affective her by the hair, putting a knife to her throat and punching her in the face. She said he threw the knife aback he saw headlights aing and said he threatened to accept “his boy” from Cleveland annihilate her. Pridemore was answerable with calm violence.

Responding to a aation call, admiral saw Justin S. Schneider, 25, Dunn Road, walking on East Ninth Artery and begin he had alive warrants. While he was actuality patted down, admiral appear award a able smoker aqueduct in Schneider’s pocket. He was answerable with control of biologic paraphernalia.

Jun 9, 2016

Responding Tuesday to St. George and West Seventh streets for a fight, admiral begin several bodies in the street. Jacob Lynch, 23, St. George Street, and Luke Beatty, no age or abode listed, said they had been angry but all was now OK. As Beatty sed to airing away, Lynch reportedly got into his face and threatened to advance him and kept up the behavior admitting actuality warned by ofrs. He was answerable with chaotic conduct/intoxication.

William F. Ring, Montana Avenue alternate me Tuesday afternoon to acquisition addition had entered aback he larboard at 7 a.m. and took several items. Missing were several pieces of jewelry, old abridged knives and watches, a Samsung book and Track pne. There was no urance of affected entry, with Ring adver he had larboard the aperture unlocked.

Jun 5, 2016

Sherry J. Smith, 52, East 4th Street, was answerable Wednesday afternoon with annexation afterwards reportedly concealing two bottles of Kool Aid in the advanced abridged of her overalls. The Kool Aid was admired at $6.44.

Courtney Gardner, Minerva Street, appear abiding me to acquisition the aback aperture continuing accessible and the bedchamber ransacked, with three items taken.

Donald Jones and a Mr. Burgess, both of Dresden Avenue, anniversary appear accident to their vehicles’ windows by accepting allegedly been attempt with BBs.

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A woman alleged to abode an adventure that occurred in 1997, with no added capacity reported.

Matt Bowling, Ohio Avenue, appear a gray pit balderdash had attacked his dog, cogent badge the aftermost time this dog was loose, it dead his added dog. The dog administrator was notified, and Bowling was brash to see the law administrator about filing charges.

Ofrs were asked to do a abundance ysis on accouchement residing on Charles Street, w reportedly never go alfresco and are never clothed. They batten with the father, w said his accouchement go to accent ysis at the YMCA and they are fine. There were toys in the yard. Admiral brash him Children’s Services may do a chase up.

Columbiana-Metropolitan Housing Autrity advisers appear award a 48-year-old addressee asleep in her apartment. The coroner and badge are attempting to locate her family.

Connie Balch, Williams Avenue, appear her me entered and abundant domiciliary items taken.

Melissa Geer, Virginia Street, appear she busy her abode to a mac acquaintance and alternate a year afterwards to retrieve the blow of her belongings. She begin two adornment boxes missing, one of which independent her grandmother’s rings. The accepted addressee denied demography the items.

Jun 4, 2016

Members of the canton Biologic Task Force, Special Acknowledgment Team, Sheriff’s Administration and burghal badge administration accomplished a chase accreditation at 687 Green Lane Wednesday afternoon. As ociates of the SRT entered the alley, they encountered a man articular as Cole Sloan, 22, Green Lane, and ordered him to the ground. He fled into an adjoining abode breadth he was begin ambuscade abaft a couch. An SRT affiliate appear Sloan had what appeared to be marijuana bits over the advanced of his shirt. According to reports, Sloan not afterward ofrs’ commands acquired them “great concern” about his abeyant actions. He was answerable with obstructing official business.

The buyer of an accommodation architecture on Lincoln Avenue alleged to abode several bodies application drugs in a bath accessible to all tenants. Admiral actomed to acquisition the bath aperture closed, adage they could apprehend several bodies inside. An administrator agape on the aperture and was told by a man central he was urinating but the administrator appear actuality able to see through the partially bankrupt aperture and seeing a man injecting his arm with a hypodermic needle. He agape afresh and the aperture was opened, but aback the bodies central accomplished it was a badge administrator knocking, Tmas Barton, 32, reportedly threw article into the bathtub. Admiral recovered two hypodermic all-overs from the bathtub. Barton and two others in the bath were beatific on their way, with Barton brash he will be answerable with control of biologic paraphernalia.

Jun 1, 2016

Ofrs were alleged Friday to a Dresden Avenue me breadth a man and woman were heard suting at anniversary other, the man reportedly aggressive to annihilate the woman. Afterwards several annual of animadversion on the aperture with no response, admiral acclimated a adhesive block to aperture the door. They searched and begin Wendell S. Beatty, 27, ambuscade in a addled crawle in the bat, according to reports. He had orted outstanding warrants from orted agencies and was taken into tody. His adherent was unharmed.

Amy L. Corak, 36, Lincoln Avenue, appear actuality aulted by a man she knows and was brash to see the law director. The aing day, admiral saw the aforementioned man she had aced arguing with Corak and told him to leave or be arrested.

James W. Larkins, Lisbon Street, appear a subcontractor bootless to admonish him he planned to abolish three inches of accurate from a aperture in advanced of his me. Larkins appear award adhesive bits on his Jeep, which was scratched.

Shanice N. Tmpson, Wilbert Avenue, appear addition entered her me and took 32-inch and 40-inch televisions, bold systems, children’s accouterment and backyard chairs.

Darrel H. Locke, Vine Street, appear the annexation of money from his father’s coffer account.

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Vanessa L. Schreffler, Northside Street, appear a aegis altercation with her daughter, w swed up to booty her child, altugh Schreffler has tody. She provided badge with the able cloister affidavit proving this, according to reports. Admiral said she additionally aloft addition affair and was told she needs to acquaintance Children’s Services anon and that the adolescent suld not go with its mother until the amount is investigated.

Responding to letters of a agent ancd adjoin the breeze of traffic, admiral appear a penger, Cielynn Newlun, 39, no abode listed, had an outstanding accreditation for biologic accouterments and was taken into tody.

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