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This commodity contains added Accessible Player One spoilers than a Nintendo Player’s Guide walkthrough.

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Ready Player One is out in theaters, and admirers are basking in all of its easter egg celebrity aloof in time for the appropriately timed three-day weekend. While Steven Spielberg was able to animate a artistic atom into the blur that actomed it to angle on added than abandoned authentic nostalgia, there is no abstinent that the absolute angle of Ernest Cline’s atypical and the consecutive Spielberg blockbuster is its affluence of cine references, video bold easter eggs, and pop ability mages to all things ‘80s (and in the film’s case, ‘90s too). The blur ability be set in 2045, but it’s acceptable to apperceive that the approaching is aloof as bedeviled with Gen-X and Millennial ability as we are today!

In that vein, we actuality at Den of Beatnik will attack the fool’s ignment of aculation every distinct nod, sutout, and blithesome beam to alarmist ability that has been blimp into the absolute seams of this unapologetically aberrant cine (*NOTE: Cine and not the book). Granted it will be about absurd to get them all in the aboriginal p, so if you apprehension that we absent anything, let us apperceive in the comments area below, or bawl at me on Twitter, and we’ll advance correct.

 Witut added ado, imilate the advertence guide! Also, aloof a head’s up, actomed the sprawling attributes of the film, we are aculation the easter eggs by mediums, characters, and added approximate separations that will advance to some overlap, but will pefully accomplish this easier for you to abstract (especially if you’re attractive for article in particular). Now get out your amber bunnies, because we’re about to accept an easter egg t!

- In the aperture montage of what you can do in the OASIS, the aboriginal absolute admiration appears to be Batman aggressive Mount Everest. But not aloof any Batman… it’s Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton archetypal of 1989! (For added superhero cine references afterwards this point, amuse annal bottomward to the superhero cine reference's subsection. Your eyes will acknowledge us later.)

- During the aperture montage, amid the avatars bushing up the OASIS aperture terminals Z traverses is the aboriginal RoboCop from 1987.

- Additionally during this sequence, commenter David Thiel spotted the Cyclops from Ray Harryhausen's The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958).

- Aback we accommodated Aech on Planet Doom, he* is apparent announcement Freedy Krueger into amplitude brand coins. To be specific the Freddy Krueger aboriginal played by Robert Englund in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

*(We shall afterward accredit to Aech in the OASIS as “he,” and in the absolute apple as “she,” as the appearance seems to appee to be approached in both realities.)

- Additionally apparent accepting gutted on Planet Doom is a cameoing avatar as Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies.

- Aback James Halliday and Ogden Morrow are alien via anamnesis in a columnist conference, the film’s soundtrack plays Tears for Fear’s “Everybody Wants to Rule the World,” which was memorably acclimated in the TV cine Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999), which for Apple cultists and computer belief junkies is the adopted biopic on Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Bill Gates. This is absurd to be a accompaniment as a bi-weekly abridgement in Wade’s van asks if Halliday is “Bigger Than Jobs?”

- Added appropriately for the era this cine evokes, it was acclimated acutely in 1985's Absolute Genius starring Val Kilmer.

- Not abandoned is Halliday’s basic eyes of his burial in a Brilliant Trek themed church, but his casket is absolutely the exact aloft one (complete with abate markings) that Spock is jettisoned into abeyance in from Brilliant Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Altugh personally, we were sad the blur did not charm the novel’s adaptation of this scene, in which Halliday presides over his own burial (both as anatomy and parishioner) from a agenda amut of the set of Heathers (1988). A adolescent Winona Ryder and Christian Slater were additionally in attendance.

- Halliday’s OASIS alter-ego Anorak looks uely wizard-y, like Merlin or Gandalf. However, the way the blur animates his abounding atramentous apparel in the blur seems carefully evocative of w Don Bluth drew such apparel on Nicodemus in The Secret of NIMH (1982). It suld be acclaimed Bluth and Spielberg afterwards partnered for An American Tail (1986) and The Land Afore Time (1988).

- Parzival’s agent of best is acutely Marty McFly’s DeLorean from Aback to the Future, admitting it has been retrofitted to accommodate the red-light barbecue scanner from Knight Rider (1982). In the book, it additionally has the Gstbusters (1984) attribute spray-painted on the door, but alas Sony allegation not accept capital to contribute. This is additionally the sole BTTF reference in this area (just so you apperceive we aren't crazy!). For the rest, amuse annal bottomward to the Back to the Future subsection.

- As if you bare to be told, that is the queen Tyrannosaurus Rex from Spielberg’s absolute own Juric Park disturbing up the track.

- King Kong is additionally accomplishing mive accident to the track, but while we acknowledge this Spielbergian accession to one of his heroes, Merian C. Cooper (the half-crazed charlatan w uced the 1933 masterpiece), the Kong architecture walks on his duke and best resembles Peter Jackson’s Kong from the 2005 remake. Spielberg teamed with Jackson for 2011’s The Adventures of Tintin.

- Additionally on the t clue is a neon, diized argent cup, which is a replica of the silvercup acclimated at the end of the aboriginal Highlander blur from 1986. This was brought to our absorption by commenter Chris Procter. Additionally fun fact, in the book, Art3mis' admired blur is Highlander.

- Additionally during the race, we aculate that the OASIS’ New York cine amphitheater is screening Jack Slater III, which is the activity cine franchise-within-an-action-movie activate axial Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Activity Hero (1993). Ane of it like a blurred The Purple Rose of Cairo for boyod boys and meatheads alike.

- Aback we are alien to Aech’s worksp, we are actomed a aberrant afflict of references. And the cine stuff, alone, includes the Iron Behemothic (obviously); the U.S.S. Sulaco bead address from James Cameron's Aliens; the Eagle 5 amplitude RV from Space (1987); an ED-209 from RoboCop; the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986); and the Extravehicular Activity Pod from 2001: A Amplitude Odyssey (1968).

- The XI clothing commercials addictive Wade Watts in the Stacks feels like a subtler answer of the backbreaking commercialization of Coke and Eastern business in Ridley Scott’s Brand Runner (1982).

- Not absolutely a reference, but Ralph Ineson is his absolute own easter egg for anyone w saw 2016’s adept The Witch. Seriously, Hollywood appoint this man more, and if you’ve apparent The Witch, see it again!

- In Halliday’s agenda amut of a anamnesis about himself and Og, he leaves a mive adumbration about activity “backward as fast as you can, absolutely put the pedal to the brand like Bill and Ted.” This is acutely a best gnarly advertence to the timey-wimey Bill & Ted’s Excellent Chance (1989).

- Aloft advertent the Copper Key, Anorak/Halliday refers to Z as “padawan.” This is a nod to w Jedi accredit to apprentices in the Brilliant Wars prequel trilogy. See George, at atomic Steven isn’t blank them!

- The Holy Hand Grenade is aboriginal seeded for its amazing third act acknowledgment aback Z and Aech go spping. This is acutely the weapon of best for the best pious (and rabbit-infested) of knights from Monty Pytn and the Holy Grail (1975).

- The aboriginal avatar to abase over “rock star” Parzival is addition dressed as Michael Keaton’s Beetlejuice about 1988. Check out the video bold area to ascertain some of the others.

- Art3mis* became the beatnik collection of anybody (of every gender) aback she terrifies Z by accepting a chestburster from Alien (1979) abort her Goro suit. She additionally allegation be a fan of that franchise, actomed her weapon of best that is appear later…

*(From this point on we’ll mostly accredit to “Art3mis” as “Artemis,” because that cardinal is ridiculous. And to be fair, Arty agrees in the Ready Player One novel.)

- The adulation of Halliday and Og’s lives, Karen Underwood, goes by Kira aback she meets Halliday. This is her admiration to a appearance in The Dark Crystal (1982).

- Z refers to Kira as Halliday’s “rosebud.” This is a advertence a little alfresco the wheeluse of Ernest Cline’s bowling alleyway arcade novel, but appropriate in befitting with Spielberg w is calling aback to Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941).

- Aback Nolan Sorrento aboriginal approaches I-R0k, he accomplish out of a comatose martian address from the archetypal War of the Worlds about 1953. Acknowledgment be to commenter Jon Sleeper for actuality eagle-eyed, there.

- Aech additionally has a affiche from the aboriginal Mel Gibson-starring Mad Max (1979) in his barn as Z gets accessible for his big date.

- Aech additionally has a urance that says “Cocktail & Dreams” in neon, aloof like the one in the abrrent Tom Cruise movie, Cocktail (1988).

- Parzival's accouterments of best is that of Peter Weller's appellation appearance from The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Aloft the Eighth Dimension, a absolutely bonkers 1984 blur that additionally starred Jeff Goldblum, Ellen Barkin, John Lithgow, and Christopher Lloyd. If you haven't apparent it, do so. Depending on w you ask, it's allotment of a aggregate cosmos with John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China.

*Also a fun actuality our contributor Delia Harrington acicular out is that Ernest Cline's aboriginal blueprint calligraphy (before he went on to address Fanboys) was an advised aftereffect to Buckaroo Banzai. It was apprehend by Harry Knowles w helped best Cline as a writer. (Knowles additionally is actomed as addition w helped apprehend aboriginal drafts of teh atypical Accessible Player One in the book.)

- During Z and Arty’s candied (and visually stunning) dance, Wade goes the abounding cine beatnik and selects the song “Stayin’ Alive” from Saay Night Fever (1977). And he completes the admirable debility of it with the bubble disco brawl attic that John Travolta already huffed across.

- Already IOI crashes the party, Arty reveals her weapon of best that she uses througut the film, an M41A Beating Rifle that Sigourney Weaver fabricated so bad in James Cameron’s Aliens (1986).

- Nolan Sorrento’s aboriginal pot-sweetener to accompany Wade Watts to IOI is the affiance he’d get to fly Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon.

- Nolan aing pledges to about-face all the scols on Ludus (the OASIS’ educational planet that plays a aloft role in the book) into replicas of the aerial scols from John Hughes’ The Breakfast Club (1985) and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. However, Z tries to blooper Nolan up by allotment the aerial academy from Fast Times at Ridgemont Aerial (1982) and the academy in Animal House (1978).

- Aback attractive at the films James Halliday might’ve put on to “seduce” Kira, amiss cices accommodate The Fly (1986) and Say Annihilation (1989). So apparently these were VHS tapes in the ‘90s actomed the differing years?

- The appropriate best is of course, amazingly, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980). See Accessible Player One and The Shining annex beneath for a complete deconstruction of this arrangement in the film.

- Additionally amid the cine posters of added films Halliday watched that anniversary is Fireser (1984), which starred Spielberg angel Drew Barrymore. It additionally must've meant Halliday was on a Stephen King bang that week. Acknowledgment to @thegeekflux for spotting this one!

- The Overlook Amphitheater axial the OASIS additionally has a Acknowledgment of the Jedi (1983) poster, so it’s not all Kubrickian bottomward there…

- The abracadabra spell casting on the orb controlled by Sorrento and I-R0k is absolutely the exact aloft spell Merlin acclimated to transform Uther into the visage of his adversary in John Boorman's Excalibur (1981). It was alleged "Charm of Making" in that movie, and it actomed Uther to booty his foe's wife and in the activity ancestor the adolescent w would become King Arthur. Actomed that Z's name is a behemothic adulation letter to that blur (chech out the Parzival area for more), that makes this added cool. Also, acknowledgment to commenters Wil Dalphin and Tom Stephens for bringing this to our attention.

- During the final third of the film, we ascertain the fate of the OASIS depends on your ability with an Atari 2600. If you aces the amiss game, into the ice you go, which feels like it could be a nod to the “banishment” apparent in The Dark Knight Rises (2012), as Spielberg is a articulate adherent of Christopher Nolan and tse Batman movies. In that vein…

- While IOI fools are demography afresh arctic splashes, Parzival and Daito autrity Nolan earnest in a simulation-within-a-simulation. And Daito’s all-black clothing and silencer-adorned gun seems carefully evocative of the dream-within-a-dream iconography of Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010).

- Similarly, aback Wade leaves Sorrento’s faux-of, he rips off his face to acknowledge he’s absolutely Parzival in a beheld carefully evocative of Mission: Absurd (1996) and its abounding sequels.

- Faux-Daito additionally seems to accord a clue he is not really, able-bodied real, actomed a aglow amber burnish in his eyes, which seems like a sly nod to the admonition urance of replicants in the aboriginal Brand Runner.

12 Anime-Male Hairstyles by OrangeNuke on DeviantArt

- Aloft the absolute OASIS axis on Sorrento, the scene-stealing I-R0k quotes It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) at the exact amiss time to addition w is acutely a Mr. Potter type: “No man is a abortion w has friends.”

- Aback Z leads his avatars into absolute battle, he goes the abounding John Cusack and lds a boombox aloft his head, altugh with a abundant added metal song than the acquiescently annoying "In Your Eyes" that Cusack plays to win his ex aback at the end of Say Anything. (The cine that Halliday maybe additionally suld accept put on for Kira, instead of The Shining.)

- During the third act uber-video bold activity the absolute cine is baseborn by “IT’S FUCKING CHUCKY!” And if you allegation me to explain that evil, -haired adulterated babyish is from Child’s Comedy (1988), like what are you alike accomplishing here?

- Cine sutouts during that activity accommodate the acknowledgment of Arty’s beating rifle; Aech activity the abounding Iron Behemothic (w has a abundant bigger role in the cine than the book); the Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader from Aliens; some ED-209s; and the cine designs from the contempo Michael Bay-uced Teenage Aberrant Ninja Turtles. (Alas 1990’s TMNT live-action designs would accept been way acknowledgment and added fitting). We’ve additionally heard Spielberg complaining a Gremlin got into a anatomy address of ILM, so we brainstorm they’re in actuality somewhere. Check out the Amateur and Misc. area for added cameos.

- Addition additionally at the end actuality is aation a Glaive from Krull (1983), a five-sided brilliant that additionally acts like a boomarang aloft occasion.

- Nolan Sorrento pulls the ultimate move and turns into Mechazilla from Godzilla vs. Mechazilla (1974). Alike cooler, it appearance Akira Iube’s “Godzilla March” affair from Godzilla (1954).

- Daito answers by activity Gundam in acknowledgment (see Misc. for more), but his accession is heralded by the amazing adornment of Mal Reynolds’ Serenity, a Firefly-cl barge from Joss Whedon’s all-too abrupt Firefly (2002) TV alternation and afterwards 2005 film, Serenity.

- Aback Iron Behemothic goes down, he dies like a champ, a la Arnie’s T-800 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991).

- Monty Pytn’s Holy Hand Grenade does its God-given duty!

- Halliday’s acknowledged fake-out with Parzival feels, accidentally or not, like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Spielberg’s third Indy chance area you had to accept wisely amid absolute grails and affected ones.

- The abundance and faux-egg aloft its bat in this fakeout allowance is additionally evocative of the abundance accession in the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin (1992), complete with a ruby-shaped egg that beckons the monkey Abu to his almost-doom. But as Disney didn’t ume to comedy brawl with WB on this, it is ue.

- Amid babyish Halliday’s decorations are statues of Godzilla and Robby the Robot, the closing actuality from the affecting Forbidden Planet (1956), which is a blur that had a abstruse aftereffect on Spielberg.

- Robby the Apprentice sws up afresh as a life-sized bronze in Wade and Samantha's collapsed at the end of the movie.

- I accept adolescent Halliday’s computer is an IMSAI 8080, which is the computer Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy use to about alpha a thermonuclear war in the underrated WarGames (1983), a cine which played a abundant aloft role in the book.

Yes, this gets its own subsection. And if you appee added detail about the accent of The Shining and Kubrick to Spielberg (as able-bodied as why King hates the movie), you can bang over actuality to apprehend it for yourself.

-Before they alike access the Overlook Hotel, our baby Aerial Five is fabricated to alarming the rrors to appear acknowledgment to Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind’s unforgettably alarming score.

- Spielberg anxiously recreates the set of the Overlook Hotel’s admirable lobby, complete with a typewriter that repeats verbatim, “All Work and no comedy makes Jack a addled boy.” However, it takes on the appearance of a key, a Jade Key to be specific, as against to the odd shapes in the film.

- Aech is absorbed to his appearing doom by a bouncing ball, which belongs to the Grady twins, apparitional girls that allure absurd accouchement to appear comedy with them.

- This additionally leads Aech to about be belted in the river of claret that pours from the elevator, as Sy Duvall additionally apparent the adamantine way in The Shining’s climax.

- The account that Aech tears of the Overlook Hotel with Halliday and Kira at the centermost is the apparitional pto that is the final attempt of The Shining, which admitting its baffling then-modern ambience of 1980, it still appearance Jack Niclson’s advocate partying with the asleep in 1921 (where Halliday and Kira are standing).

- Allowance 237 appearance a apparition that attacked adolescent Danny Torrance, and like with Aech, it additionally seduces his ancestor as a attractive adolescent woman afore axis into a ashen old woman (altugh she does not try to annihilate him with an axe). Additionally acclaim for the blur acquainted that Aech brand women, as best m-marketed blockbusters shy abroad from LGBTQ characters.

- Aech is attacked by an axe to the door, but afore he gets a “Here’s Johnny” (or Jack Niclson), he is afresh alone axial the albino admiration that Jack Torrance dies block Danny in. He escapes through the freezer that is additionally area Danny and Wendy tie up a deranged Jack beforehand in the film.

- Aback Aech comes out of the freezer, you can additionally see Danny’s iconic bike in the background.

As ahead mentioned, there is so abundant adulation for this Robert Zemeckis film, which was controlling uced by Steven Spielberg, that we acquainted it aces of its own subsection.

- Afresh Parzival's agent of best is the DeLorean from Back to the Future with a KITT upgrade. It additionally comes complete with a non-functioning alteration capacitor.

- As Parzival and Aech are dissing Halliday, I accept I spotted an avatar dressed as affected Doc Brown from the final arena of Back to the Future (1985).

- Afore Wade Watts aboriginal enters the OASIS onscreen, we attestant some ambiguous artefact adjustment of a bombinate carrying Pizza Hut to a Stacks neighbor. As abandoned as this is, we additionally doubtable it could be a sly nod to agnate sci-fi affairs in Back to the Approaching Allotment II (1989), in which Marty McFly’s ancestors in the extensive approaching of 2015 dines on baby packets of grow-able Pizza Hut pies.

- Afore Artemis signs out of Aech's barn during her aboriginal affair with Z, she calls our hero “McFly” in advertence to his sweet, timey-wimey ride. It's an ambrosial urance of amore and adapted airs all at once.

- In the aloft arcade scene, the “Zemeckis Cube” captures Parzival’s eye, which is a nod to Spielberg’s buddy, Robert Zemeckis, the administrator of Back to the Future (Spielberg uced it). Combined with the Rubik’s Cube this antiquity has an alarming affection Doc Brown would accept of.

- Aback Parzival uses the Zemeckis Cube to about-face OASIS time by 60 seconds, artisan Alan Silvestri is able to breach out some of his timeless Back to the Future theme.

- Aback Z puts bottomward the pen, Halliday takes him to his past in a amut of his adolescence bedroom, which is actomed a agreeable stinger by Silvestri, w uses his synthesizer answer from Back to the Future.

- Aback Samantha interupts her near-kiss with Wade to sut, "Oh !," as able-bodied as aback F-Nara punches Nolan in the face, Silvesteri uses the aloft agreeable stinger to denote a moment of sck or admiration that he uses in all the Aback to the Approaching films.

- As Parzival is accepting accessible for his date with Artemis, he’s air-conditioned in Aech’s agenda den, which comes with an awesome poster of “Re-elect Mayor ‘Goldie’ Wilson” from Back to the Future. Hell yeah, we smiled at this one!

Still with us? Good. Because we’re aloof accepting to the meat and potatoes of a cine about a behemothic alternate video bold world…

- The aboriginal branded IP we see in the film, aloft Pizza Hut, we accept is an absolute OASIS apple committed to recreating Minecraft the bold that has taken Generation Z by storm.

- On the racetrack for the aboriginal key, the Street Fighter appearance Ryu makes the aboriginal of several cameos.

- Aback Artemis quizzes Z about what Halliday’s admired ballista was, he is quick to name-check GoldenEye, the 1997 Nintendo 64 video bold that is the basic of abounding a Millennial’s childod. Additionally appropriate credibility to both avatars for alive his admired multiplayer appearance was Oddjob while arena in “Slaps Only” approach (no weapons).

- Parzival additionally reveals that Halliday’s admired antagonism bold was Turbo, a 1981 arcade access by Sega.

- Additionally in Aech's garage, via @thegeekflux, is the tail chiffonier adaptation of Pac-Man.

- Rick (y admirer of the aunt played by Ralph Ineson) has modeled his avatar afterwards Jim Raynor from StarCraft (1998), as per Twitter user @FeanorToro.

- In the aboriginal agenda anamnesis to Halliday and Og, Halliday is cutting his patented Amplitude Invaders t-shirt, a nod to the allegorical 1978 arcade game.

- Halliday additionally tells Og in this arena that one affair that is absolute is Asteroids, a 1981 arcade game.

- There is a affiche of arcade bold Galaga (1979) in Halliday and Og’s breakroom.

- Amid the “accessories” at the OASIS boutique that Z and Aech yze is a Street Fighter abundance area Ryu turns up again.

- There is additionally a Halo add-on that lets you become Master Chief from the archetypal 2001 video game.

- Afterwards the “Beetlejuice” avatar spots Parzival in his bedrock brilliant moment, Jill Valentine in her antic tube top accouterments from 1999’s Resident Angry 3: Nemesis (perfect for angry virus-carrying zombies) sws up to additionally gawk.

- As Arty and Z are affair at the archives, the aboriginal video bold Lara Croft of Tomb Raider glory walks by, as per Paulo Bastos.

12 Male Hairstyles by LazyCatSleepsDaily on DeviantArt | Art ...

- Luckily, Z is adored by Arty, admitting in that exact moment she appears to be Goro, the four-armed warrior from Mortal Kombat (1992). And Goro seems to be accepting a case of indigestion.

- Amid Z's apparel changes afore his big date with Artemis, there is a sbutle nod to Donkey Kong as the accouterments he tries on has a "DK" logo on the back.

- Aback Nolan is aggravating to abduct Wade, amid added things he claims he brand to comedy Robotron, a multidirectional-soter for Atari 2600 from 1982.

- Amid the Atari 2600 amateur name-dropped by IOI as adverse with Halliday’s final claiming are Centipede, Pitfall, and “all three” Swordquests. Added key ones include Berzerk, notable for its avant-garde admiration architecture and the me of gaming's best belled acquainted smiley face, Angry Otto, and Defender, which had one of the coolest eship designs in aboriginal gaming.

- In real-life, Daito’s OASIS rig comes with a Mortal Kombat pin.

- Amid the cameoing avatars in the final battle, we additionally spotted iconic bold characters like Big Daddy from BioSck (2007), C-Li from Street Fighter II (1991), characters from the new accepted next-gen first-person soter, Overwatch (2016), and a fleet of Halo -kickers.

- Additionally commenter Niko Sama best up Ccobo from Final Fantasy II (1991) and StarCraft marines from StarCraft (1998).

- At one point it looks like not the Teenage Aberrant Ninja Turtles, but the Battletoads are arch a charge. Battletoads abiding may ume like a TMNT ripoff, but they were mainly accepted as the protagonists of an abnormally difficult 1991 NES game. We wrote added about them here.

- Additionally amid all this craziness, Twitter user @therealmcKay22 noticed that Artemis uses a lancer from Gears of War (2006).

- Similarly, @misterredpants spotted that Parzival acclimated the abuse gun from Quake (1996) in this scene. 

- During Parzival and Nolan Sorrento’s y throwdown, Z absolutely drops a “hadouken” on him. Ryu would be proud.

- Afore Sorrento blasts I-R0k’s ten years of upgrades to , he calls application the cataclyst “a camper move.” Which in gamer ogue is affiliated to saying, “bad sport,” aback it refers to newbies w comedy online soters and aloof affected out in a hard-to-reach atom abreast resing ammo or weapons.

- During the final chase, Aech jokes she is “practicing my Mario Kart” aback IOI algae activate aggravating to run her van off the road. This is a reference, to well, the accurate greatest racer autrization of all-time, no?

- As the cine highlights to a affected degree, the aboriginal video bold easter egg was in Chance (1979), an Atari 2600 access advised by Warren Robinett, w included a accurate egg far abroad from the game’s axial quest. If you apparent it tugh, you’d be greeted by Warren Robinett’s absolute name, (which the Atari administrator banned to acclaim in the bold at the time).

- Adolescent James Halliday appears to be arena a Colecovision arrangement in his room. Anyone apperceive what bold he's playing, tugh? Able-bodied according to commenter Paul Imboden, we now apperceive it is a bold alleged Gorf (1981).

- Axial Halliday's bedchamber is additionally an old academy affiche for the aboriginal Pac-Man game.

- Halliday’s final words to Wade of “thank you for arena my game” are a admired atude amid game-makers. It was best affected by Super Mario 64 (1996) aback Mario himself says, “Thank you a-so abundant for arena my game” at the end of the closing credits. Too bad Halliday didn’t activity Z some cake!

- In the final arena with a affluent and blessed Wade and Samantha, you can see a Revenge from Mars (1999) pinball bold abaft them. Why they would accommodate Revenge from Mars and not its always aloft 1995 predecessor, Attack From Mars, will accept to abide a mystery.

- As aloft the aboriginal avatar we see as a above-mentioned IP is Batman… Michael Keaton’s Batman from 1989 to be specific.

- That is additionally Adam West’s archetypal Lincoln Futura (1955) as the Batmobile convertible during the film’s aperture race. He collection it in the backward 1960s affected archetypal TV alternation and 1966's Batman: The Movie.

- Twitter user @Number_6 has acicular out that Artemis' bike has the logo for The Greatest American Hero, a brief superhero television series, which ran on ABC from 1981 to 1983.

- Aback Artemis and Parzival are testing anniversary added on aberrant Halliday trivia knowledge, Z drops that the backward Halliday’s admired adduce was from Superman: The Movie (1978). And to be fair, it is an amazing et of banana wisdom, adulation of Gene Hackman’s Lex Lutr: “Some bodies can read War and Peace and appear abroad cerebration it’s a simple chance story; others can apprehend the capacity on a chewing gum adhesive and alleviate the secrets of the universe.”

- Wade Watts reveals his ancestor gave him an alliterative name to amateur superheroes like Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Bruce Banner (the Hulk). Fun fact: amateur Tye Sheridan additionally plays Scott Summers, aka the aberrant superhero Cyclops, in the accepted X-Men movies.

- Aback Arty gives Z Clark Kent gles, they’re not aloof any all-encomping Superman reference, but one accurately taken from Christopher Reeve’s frames in Superman: The Movie. As are the ambiguous plaid, ‘70s clothing clothes options she offers for him to peruse, and that accurate slicked bottomward hairstyle.

- At the Absent Globe brawl party, a couple’s avatars are cloyingly modeled afterwards the Joker and Harley Quinn.

- In the absolute world, 11-year-old Sto is antic a varsity anorak that looks a lot like the ones activate in Smallville in Superman III (1983).

- About in the Stacks, there is a tagger w is a big fan of Boyod Titans aback one of the burghal artworks is of the DC appearance Raven.

- During Parzial's alarm to action, we absolutely see the aback profiles of avatars dressed as Catwoman and a capeless Batman.

- During the y final act throwdown, S is absolutely present for the fireworks.

- Addition came accessible for the war by bathrobe as Batgirl too, admitting we abandoned see her briefly afore the beam of the cataclyst incinerates anybody in sight.

-The IOI researcher ofs accommodate aback issues of DC Comics Presents.

- The blur defiantly begins to the sounds of Van Halen's “Jump” afore the algid accessible alike fades imilate an image.

- At the alpha of the film, abreast the time we see RoboCop, addition avatar runs by dressed as Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes.

- Additionally in this arrangement is an avatar dressed as Hello Kitty! (Thanks to commenter Erin Grady Brown for pointing this one out!)

- Aech is alien accepting credibility by actuality a bad on Planet Doom, which is a advertence to a asleep bedrock in the Drule Empire on the Voltron animation alternation (1984-1985).

- It feels like abundant of James Halliday is additionally somewhat based on Dana Carvey's Garth from iconic aboriginal '90s SNL account and absurd blockbuster, Wayne's World. You know, by way of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (with a admixture of Willy Wonka).

- Halliday is generally apparent cutting a Simon pin. Simon was a Milton Bradley cyberbanking anamnesis game, a multi-colored, lights-and-sounds "Simon says" that was a hasty bulk of fun, and as abundant an figure of the 1980s as the Rubik's Cube.

- The dejected Bigfoot barter that Aech drives is the aboriginal monster truck, and one that was replicated on endless pieces of 1980s commodity at the acme of that camp craze.

- Amid the t cars is afresh the Mach Five from the Japanese anime Speed Racer (1966-1968).

- Parzival’s DeLorean has KITT’s red-eyed barbecue scanner from the David Helff cheese-clic, Knight Rider (1982-1986).

- Commenters Erin Grady Brown additionally bent Stephen King's Christine in this scene. Additionally Erin and Twitter user @Number_6 bent the van from The A-Team is additionally in this scene. 

- In the lead-up to the t Joan Jett's “I Hate Myself for Loving You” rocks on.

- While adver a few of James Halliday's admired things, Z reveals his admired bite aliment is Hot Pockets, and his admired restaurant is Chucky Cheese. Which because he was a developed man is... interesting.

- Aback Z and Arty are testing anniversary added on aberrant Halliday knowledge, Parzival says Halliday's admired song was the Buggles' “Video Killed the Radio Star” (there's no accounting for taste, eh?) and his admired music video was aha's “Take On Me.” And in the latter's case, he has a point...

- Aech’s barn includes laser accoutrements and eships from Battlestar: Galactica (1978-1979). There is added of that in Aech’s own subsection.

- It appears that all of the Doritos accoutrements in the cine use the best 1980s logo and bag design.

- I-R0k attempts to “compliment” Nolan Sorrento by adage “you never lick;” he aloof bites bottomward to the centermost of a Tootsie Pop. Like that commercial. You apperceive THAT commercial…

Cool Anime Hairstyles For Guys – Hairstyle of Nowdays

- As Aech taunts Z for absorbed about Arty, the Temptation's “Just My Imagination” cautiously plays in the background. 

- I-R0k is alien accomplishing a “Poor Yorick” accepted with a Steam Jailbait Pirate’s skull, which is a hardly added artful advertence to Act V of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

- Speaking of Hamlet, the bistro that Arty invites Z to is alleged “the Absent Globe,” a subtler nod to the aboriginal act of the Bard’s masterwork. This is the appellation the eponymous Danish prince uses to affront at his cloister and surroundings, implying they are absent with cr ball while affairs of importance, like amends for his father’s murdered gst, go ignored.

- While accepting accessible to affair at the Absent Globe, Parzival tries on a alternation of apparel that he and Aech accurately reject, like Michael Jackson’s red “Thriller” outfit, Prince's "Purple Rain" get-up*, a generic-looking Mohawk, and a white Duran Duran accouterment that addition abroad will accept to absolutely identify.

* Acknowledgment to commenter Janne Nyyssonen for pointing out this one!

- As Z enters the Absent Globe New Order's “Blue Monday” adds some antagonistic style. Later, aback we accommodated Arty in the absolute world, she's cutting a Joy Division shirt. Joy Division is the bandage that eventually morphed into New Order.

- At the Absent Globe, all the automatic bartenders are cutting the antic hats from Devo's abominable "Whip It" music video.

- Nolan’s accord with the Devil activity includes the affirmation he enjoys bubbler Tab. Aloof appropriate there, Z suld’ve accepted Nolan wasn’t on the level, because Tab is disgusting.

- Aback Aech has his/her adorned amused by a apparitional girl, she asks “am I actuality punked?” This advertence the abominable Ashton Kutcher/MTV series, Punk’d (2003-2007).

- Amid IOI’s ysis abstracts is a archetype of the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1978).

- Nolan Sorrento’s clandestine rig includes the complete Nancy Drew abstruseness book series. Don’t judge.

- Axial Sorrento and I-R0k's orb of ability is a D-20 dice. Dungeons & Dragons admirers apperceive what's up with that, including our baby commenter Tom Stephens w brought it to our attention.

- During Parzival's big accent aloft the OASIS, his drone-camera is what appears to be a absolutely bewitched Abracadabra 8-Ball. You apperceive tse asinine toys that "could acquaint the future" and kids acclimated to adulation afore smartpnes?

- Z's final alarm to accoutrements is Twisted Sister's “We're Not Gonna Booty It.” Hell yeah!

- During the final battle, commenter Erin Grady Brown agreeably spotted He-Man! Now the attempt on Planet Doom can absolutely be legendary!

- To activity Mechazilla, Daito umes the adaptable ill-fitted anatomy of an RX-78-2 Gundam from the iconic Japanese anime Adaptable Clothing Gundam (1979). However, I abandoned would accept recommended he’d alleged Heero Yuy’s Wing Zero from Gundam Wing (1996) if he capital to absolutely bones Mechazilla.

- Aback Artemis puts bottomward Nolan Sorrento (for a minute) and Mechazilla (for the count), she does so with a Madball. These were briefly accepted grossout toys for adolescent boys in the mid-'80s, which like all fads of that decade sed a video bold and anon lived Saay morning animation series. I accept the Madball acclimated was "Dust Brain," but amuse absolute me if I'm wrong.

- Both Aech in real-life and a affiche in Halliday’s agenda adolescence bedchamber includes Rush’s 2112 antlogy cover. 2112 ancillary one is a bizarre, futuristic/dystopian sci-fi bedrock epic. You can see why these characters are fans.

- Acutely arresting in adolescent James' allowance is a vintage Dungeons & Dragons poster. That, forth with the Rush 2112 poster, were accepted affair for anxious '80s nerds.

- Additionally arresting on the aback bank of Halliday's bedchamber is the antlogy awning of Devo's Freedom of Cice. Acknowledgment be to Peter J. Daley Jr. for bringing that to our attention!

- We apprehend of "the gold mines of Gygax." Gary Gygax was the artisan of Dungeons & Dragons.

- At one point, Apparition Halliday additionally briefly lds a toy (don't ask us the year or model) of the Apprentice from Lost in Amplitude (1965-1968). He was affectionate of like Robby's knockoff, but abundant added cuddily, cousin. (Thanks to commenter Eric Sharpe for reminding us of this!)

- There's a gesic Masters of the Cosmos tin lunchbox in Wade's hideout, too.

- Additionally Twitter user @Yeedi_Dinsuar makes an absorbing point that Halliday's egg is a nod to the aureate berry (or egg) in the anime Brand Art Online. While I'm not abiding myself, adjudicator for yourself by attractive at the egg here.

- Additionally during the absolute end, commenter Erin Grady Brown spotted the Brilliant Trek weapon Bat'leth abreast the aloft Robby the Apprentice in Wade and Samantha's alarmist nirvana me.

- While we're on the accountable of toys, Aech keeps lots of them in his lair. There are models of the aboriginal Battlestar Galactica, the Nostromo from Alien, Cygnus (from Disney’s The Atramentous Hole) and they mention (but we do not see) the Harkonnen Bead Address a toy that was advertised by LJN as allotment of their camp Dune line, but which never absolutely came out.

We additionally anion it ability be aces deconstructing anniversary appearance and what they accompany to the table, in case the aloft references can ume boundless or daunting.

- Again, “Art3mis” suld be alleged “Artemis” because, at atomic per the book area Samantha abandoned conceded putting the character “3” in her avatar's name, because “Artemis” was already taken aback she created her avatar.

- Artemis as a name is in advertence to Greek belief area Artemis is Goddess of the Hunt. Further, admirers of Wonder Woman ability like to apperceive that Artemis was conflated with “Diana” as one dess in Roman mytlogy.

- Arty’s weapon of best througut the blur is an M41A Beating Rifle from James Cameron’s Aliens (1986).

- In the absolute world, Samantha’s affectation has a Batman sticker on it.

- There's some graffiti in Samantha's HQ that looks like a nod to seminal 1980s graffiti artist, Keith Haring.

- A altogether acceptable abode is to alpha with Parzival himself. As we’ll detail added later, his name is acutely a comedy on Percival, the affiliate of King Arthur’s annular tabled knights w, according to some versions of the myth, is the one w activate the Holy Grail. However, this adaptation is best affected in alarmist ability by John Boorman’s 1981, abundant metal bandage clic, Excalibur. Which for the almanac has a architecture for its ular brand that looks identical to the brand abstract into the aback of Z’s clothes in the OASIS.

-His abandoned gun lster additionally looks cautiously like what Han Solo wore in the original Star Wars trilogy.

- Z’s absolute artful is archetypal mid-‘80s, abundant metal fan.

- There is a Tdercats attribute on Z’s belt buckle, while his gun lster/belt admixture are evocative of Han Solo.

- Parzival's final affectation at the end has a sticker for The Greatest American Hero TV sw. But we're not abiding if this is absolutely Z's appearance or Aech, aback it is her van... (Thanks to Twitter user @Number_6 for award this!)

- In the absolute world, she’s Helen, but she prefers to be aloof a “he” and Aech while logged into the OASIS.

- In the real-world, Aech has a lot of altered best pins on her jacket. We could not bolt them all, but amid the ones we spotted were a archetypal Rocky Horror Picture Appearance (1975) pin and a best '70s Wonder Woman brand of nor. Additionally acknowledgment to commenter Peter J. Daley Jr., we additionally now apperceive that one added of the pins for the bandage Asleep Kennedys.

- Aech absolutely additionally has a Batman affiche in the aback of her truck.

- Additionally acknowledgment to commenter Erin Grady Brown, we additionally apperceive the graffiti on the aback of Aech's barter is absolutely from the Dungeons & Dragons module, "Tomb of Horrors," which was a cardinal arti point in the book.

- And now, all in one place, aggregate we spotted in Aech’s barn and den:

The Iron Giant; laser blaster from the aboriginal Battlestar: Galactica; the U.S.S. Sulaco bead address from Aliens*; the Eagle 5 amplitude RV from Space; the Colonial Viper eship from Battlestar: Galactica; an ED-209 from RoboCop; the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off; the Extravehicular Activity Pod from 2001: A Amplitude Odyssey; an exo-skeleton apprentice from the activated alternation Exosquad; a Tderfighter from the TV alternation Brand Rogers in the 25th Century; and a Swordfish II eship from the anime Cowboy Beebop (1998-1999); the Cocktails & Dreams urance from Cocktail; a Mad Max poster; and an alarming “Re-Elect Mayor ‘Goldie’ Wilson” affiche from Aback to the Future.

- Additionally some added we missed, but commenter Erin Grady Brown best up: Pee-wee Herman's bike from Pee-wee's Big Chance (1985); the TARDIS from Doctor W; a blimp Kermit the Frog; and a political affiche for Wil Wheaton.

*Thank you to commenter Raul Martinez-Orozco for pointing this out.

Numb from your amoroso afflict yet? Yeah, we didn’t ane so. Let us apperceive what we absent or bite me out on Twitter here.

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