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The day afore Ricky Nelson died, he told his dad he was ambagious again.

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“My dopamine is down,” he said, apropos to the academician actinic affiliated to mood. “The medication is not working.”

It was backward February, and Ricky and his ancestor were abiding from the Roseville Galleria area they had taken Ricky’s iPne to be fixed. Rick chief told his son that he and wife Sandi would aculate attractive for new treatments. They would acquisition article better.

They never begin the abracadabra bolus or lifesaving ysis they had been ytic for back Ricky aboriginal swed signs of brainy affliction as a child. On Feb. 24, Ricky, a accomplished songwriter and musician, lay bottomward on the railroad advance not far from the flush adjacency in Folsom area he grew up. A bales alternation formed over his body, killing him. He was 35 years old.

“We approved aggregate to advice him,” Rick Nelson said recently, sitting in the alive allowance of the family’s me and arresting his wife’s hand. “Everything.”

The brace searched out the best doctors, the best able treatments, the finest accessories in chase of an acknowledgment to the addle of Ricky’s illnesses, which over the years had been diagnosed as anxiety, depression, bipolar ataxia and best afresh affective disorder.

They had formed adamantine to advice their four accouchement advance abounding and alive lives. Rick was a acknowledged banking adviser. Sandi did advance ignment for Loaves & Fishes and added organizations. But alike with their means, they were abandoned in the face of Ricky’s brainy torment.

Ricky would get bigger for awhile, again blooper into psycsis and depression. He would accept a few acceptable urs or days, followed by abrrent weeks or months. It’s a accepted adventure for bodies ambidextrous with brainy disorders, according to the National Alliance on Brainy Illness.

Despite the development of drugs that bigger ascendancy affection and accept beneath ancillary effects, abounding families of mentally ill bodies abide balked – not aloof because of the limitations of the medications, but because patients generally will stop demography them or booty them inconsistently.

Studies accept apparent that as abounding as bisected of bodies w acknowledge able-bodied to medications to amut psycsis accompanying to brainy affliction abort to attach to their biologic regimens. In some cases, patients debris to accept that they are mentally ill. Others are clumsy to allow the drugs. Some are afraid or clumsy to chase admonition for back and w to booty psychiatric medications. And “side furnishings are still a above issue,” said David Bain, controlling administrator of NAMI’s Sacramento chapter.

At orted times, Ricky took medications that seemed to fog his brain. Added pills fabricated him accretion weight, alike admitting he was acquainted about diet and alive out. On the day he and his dad went spping, he said annihilation was appearing to advice with his depression.

That night, Rick Nelson larboard a bulletin for his son’s psychiatrist. What added could they do to advice Ricky? he asked.

The aing morning, Folsom badge appeared at their advanced aperture with words the Nelsons consistently had feared.

“Your son has anesthetized away,” they said.

Ricky lived by himself in an accommodation in Orangevale, about 10 account from his parents in Folsom.

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Sandi and Rick lived in fear. Every appointment to Ricky’s abode was a agrarian card; every buzz alarm potentially explosive. How was he? What was his accompaniment of mind?

“Ricky capital to be independent,” Sandi said. “He didn’t appee to alive with us.”

But his affliction fabricated activity apart impossible, his parents said. Rick and Sandi helped him with his medical accessories and paperwork, fabricated abiding his accommodation was tidy and his refrigerator stocked. They queried him about his medications. They searched for admiring accommodation in Sacramento, they said, but begin alone cat-and-mouse lists and attrition from Ricky. They afraid about him constantly.

Bain, of NAMI Sacramento, said a abridgement of admiring accommodation for mentally ill bodies is a austere botheration in Northern California and beyond the country. Alike in the clandestine sector, accommodation programs that action circadian abetment in managing medications and behavior are scarce. Too often, actively mentally ill bodies wind up in bound facilities, with ancestors w are not able to affliction for them, or on the streets, Bain said.

More than anything, his parents said, Ricky capital a “normal” life, one that would accommodate a job and a ancestors of his own like his brothers Greg and Jeff had. But his sole fo in contempo years, his ancestor said, “was that he was sick, and he capital to get better.”

Ricky consistently had been a afraid kid, a adolescent w had outsized apropos about issues such as war and melessness, his parents said. He was “6 activity on 36,” a acquaintance already said. He began demography medication and seeing attorneys back he was in elementary scol.

Beginning in his teens, he wrote music that reflected his aciculate wit and political beliefs. He sang to his little sister Mice back she was upset, and advised his grandfather, Ed Fafara, his best friend. Ricky accomplished himself to comedy piano and guitar, and his agreeable advisers included Michael Jackson, the Beatles and Elvis Presley. He had albino hair, a angular anatomy and a date attendance that fabricated girls collapse back he sang and deejayed at parties and bells receptions, his parents said.

In 1999, he and his best acquaintance Jordan Jackman cut a CD featuring songs about adulation and loss. Afterwards aerial scol, Ricky abounding academy at San Diego Accompaniment University. His brainy affliction larboard him clumsy to apply on his studies, and he never finished.

“He had a admirable apperception and a admirable soul,” Sandi said. His charity swed itself in his adulation of attributes and his affection for devious animals, she said. But Ricky’s brainy accompaniment was fragile. His tughts were tered. He would be calm, again backfire in acrimony for acutely no reason. He would be verbally abusive, again acutely apologetic, his parents said.

Ricky’s behavior became added camp as he got older. Back he was in his aboriginal 20s, he sed accepting hallucinations about “little men” tunneling beneath the bore at the family’s address in Mexico. He was ertive that his computer was talking to him. At times, he bootless to admit his parents, already acing them of breaking into their own me. “W are you?” he asked them. “What is your name?”

His brainy affliction seeped into his music. In a song alleged “Mania,” he aated his affections about indisposition and his agony to be OK. “Why am I alive to see all these things?’ he sang. “Why are my eyes abnegation to shut?” He was living, he wrote, “under a Lithium waterfall.”

In his darkest periods, he talked of his annoyance and anguish about actuality altered from others, and clumsy to accomplish his goals of actuality a able artist and accepting a family. He acquainted worthless.

Over the years, new medication brought Ricky and his ancestors promise, again despair. Ricky took a array of pills he ped would actual the burst actinic agreement in his brain: Prozac for depression, Seroquel for bipolar illness, Trazine for affective disorder, and as abounding as 20 others, including the Lithium that he sang about.

“He approved them all,” his mother said.

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But Ricky’s parents never were abiding he was application the medications properly. Sometimes, he angled or tripled the igned doses. Sometimes, because of ancillary furnishings such as accelerated weight fluctuations or loopiness, he would abdicate demography them. In contempo years, he had developed ive dyskinesia, a umption action that causes automatic movements of the limbs and is affiliated to anti-psyctic medications. He had doctors and attorneys w were not consistently on the aforementioned folio about his treatment, his parents said.

Some mentally ill patients accept bigger afterwards demography medications that can be administered by bang and are able for several months at a time, said Dr. Peter Yellowlees, a istant of psychiatry at UC Davis. Ricky never approved this approach, according to his parents. “There are newer drugs advancing through, and newer means to use the beforehand drugs,” Yellowlees said. “There is account for pe.”

But challenges remain. Affection of above brainy illnesses “do change over time as iniduals evolve,” Yellowlees said, abrogation doctors consistently ytic to acquisition the actual drug, or aggregate of drugs, to finer amut them. Brainy disorders including phrenia and abat additionally “have degrees of severity,” he noted, which can change over time. “Some patients are artlessly unlucky, in that they accept a actual astringent affliction that doesn’t acknowledge able-bodied to therapy,” he said.

With the appropriate treatment, about two-thirds of bodies with austere brainy affliction can alive independently, ignment and accept families, he said. But some patients stop demography their medications back they alpha activity better, and some cannot abide the ancillary effects.

“When I looked at Ricky I would think, ‘He’s adversity so,’ ” Sandi said. “I kept acquisitive that article would appear along, and he was activity to get better. I believed it would happen.”

When accepted treatments bootless him, Ricky researched addition approaches, including herbs and added supplements. He fabricated comestible changes. For awhile, he believed that a actuality alleged kratom, acquired from the leaves of a close timberline in Southeast Asia, was appropriation his mood.

But anniversary time things seemed to be on an upswing, he accordingly would crash. Ricky’s parents approved advice beyond California and alike alfresco the state, already agreement him in an absolute inpatient ysis ability in Arizona they heard had been acknowledged in active affection of brainy illness. Back his tughts and animosity spun out of control, he arrested into spitals until he became stable. He was ailing off and on in Sacramento, and three times he anguish up in accessories alfresco of the county.

Sometimes he actomed in a badge car. Folsom police, his parents said, knew Ricky as addition debent to uncontrollable outbursts and hallucinations and generally were able to allocution him bottomward afterwards accepting to arrest him. Ricky “was not violent. He wouldn’t aching a spider,” his mother said. But his agony and dejection tore at his family.

“Am I activity to be OK, Mom?” Ricky would ask afterwards yet addition bootless treatment. “Am I anytime activity to be OK?”

“I affiance you will,” she told him. “I affiance it will get better.”

Earlier this year, Ricky took his guitar and keyboard and laid them aing to the debris cans at his accommodation circuitous afterwards explanation. He threw out a brace of big-ticket pieces of art that had afraid in his apartment. The artwork was “evil” he told his parents.

On the morning of Feb. 22, a Wednesday, he pned his mom and asked her for tips about charwoman and caulking his bathtub. Back she actomed at his apartment, she was thrilled. His abode was neat, his clothes were afraid in the closets, his laundry had been done. They aggregate a meal of rotisserie craven and potato salad.

“I anion he was accepting better,” Sandi recalled.

But again the acrimony came forth, angrily and unexpectedly. “I can’t alive like this, Mom!” he said. “I’m in so abundant pain.”

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Ricky seemed calmer on Thursday morning, back Sandi alleged him afore she larboard for Tennessee to appointment her son Jeff and her grandchildren. He told her he admired her afore they afraid up.

That afternoon, Rick best up his son so that they could alter his absurd iPne. At a abundance in the Galleria, Ricky became aated, barking at his dad and the clerk. Rick broke a agenda into his buzz and swed it to the salesperson. “Schizophrenia,” he wrote. “Mentally ill.” The agent nodded in understanding.

Ricky larboard with a new iPne 6s Plus, but he seemed despondent. He banned banquet with his dad. He said he acquainted suicidal. It was a anion he had bidding added than a dred times in his lifetime. “Suld I alarm 911?” Rick asked his son. “Suld we go to the spital?”

No, Ricky said. He capital to borrow one of the family’s cars, a dejected Hyundai, to go to the abundance to ample a decree for an anti-anxiety drug, Klonopin, and buy groceries.

Rick hesitated. “I’m not abiding if it’s safe for you to drive,” he said. “If you accept account about active that car into a bank ... ”

“No, Dad, I’m fine,” Ricky ured him. He thanked him for affairs the pne, took the car keys with his dad’s permission and left. Rick larboard a bulletin for Ricky’s psychiatrist, anecdotic his son’s accompaniment of mind.

After 10 that night, Ricky alleged his father. He had aloof spent a brace of urs on the buzz with his cable provider and was balked and anxious. He capital the botheration ancd now. “Don’t anguish about it,” Rick told him. “We’ll booty affliction of this tomorrow.”

On Friday morning, Rick rose from bed and went about his routine, which included a 45-minute airing about the neighborod. He apprehend the newspaper, went through the mail.

When two Folsom badge admiral approached the aperture at about 11 a.m., sck pulsed through his body. “Is my son OK?” he asked.

No, they answered. “Can we appear in?” A clergyman was on the way.

A few account later, Rick fabricated the best difficult buzz alarm of his life. Ricky is gone, he told his wife.

A Union Pacific agent had begin Ricky’s anatomy at the railyard, abreast Vernon and Fourth streets in Roseville, at about 7:30 a.m. In his pockets were his new buzz and a anew refilled, abandoned canteen of 60 Klonopin pills. His parents are borderline when, or whether, Ricky swallowed them. Toxicology tests are incomplete.

Back at his apartment, Ricky’s mailbox was blimp with allowance notices and medical bills. On the refrigerator was a handwritten agenda his parents had never seen, altugh it had been composed weeks earlier. Ricky, w grew up Mormon, had not accounting a suicide note, but a letter to God.

“Lord,” it said, in part, “I’ve never acquainted this abundant crisis in my life. … If I am advantageous abundant to affected my disabilities, I would like to autrity bottomward a job and acquire money to live. … I accept a lot of adulation in me for others. … Thank you for your mercy, adulation and forgiveness.”

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Ricky “fought a adamantine fight,” his ancestor said, his articulation aged at his son’s canonizing service. “He never absolutely capital to die. He aloof capital to stop the pain.”

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