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The retrial of actor Bill Cosby on animal beforehand ace begins Monday in the burghal Philadelphia boondocks of Norristown, Pa. Here’s aggregate you charge to know.

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Why is Cosby actuality approved a additional time?

Cosby’s aboriginal balloon on ace of drugging and ually aulting Andrea Constand, a above Temple University women’s basketball official, concluded in a mistrial on June 17.

Jurors deliberated for 52 urs but said they were pelessly deadlocked. Afterwards the mistrial was declared, Montgomery County, Pa., Commune Advocate Kevin Steele anon appear that he would retry Cosby.

[Mistrial declared in Bill Cosby -ault balloon ]

How will this balloon be adapted from the first?

The appearance of the case was badly adapted by a above administrative accommodation in beforehand of the retrial that will acquiesce bristles antecedent acers to affirm as case witnesses. The cardinal by Steven T. O’Neill, the Montgomery County, Pa., adjudicator administering the case, gives prosecutors a huge aperture to columnist their altercation that Cosby is a consecutive animal aulter.

O’Neill had actomed alone one antecedent acer to affirm at the aboriginal trial. But this time, he was affected by case arguments that a Pennsylvania cloister accommodation issued afterwards his cardinal in the aboriginal case afflicted the actomed mural apropos affidavit from accomplished acers. In that case, a Pennsylvania Supreme Cloister adjudicator referenced a actomed abstraction declared the “doctrine of chances,” which about says that the added times the aforementioned actuality is aced of the aforementioned blazon of abomination beneath the aforementioned cirstances, the beneath acceptable it is that aced was artlessly complex in tse situations.

[Bill Cosby prosecutors account above victory; bristles added women actomed to affirm ]

In the aboriginal trial, the board was called in Pittsburgh because of aegis apropos about pretrial publicity in the Philadelphia area. This time, the aegis did not ask for the board to be called in addition jurisdiction, so the console will be adopted from the aforementioned breadth — Montgomery County, Pa. — area the retrial will be held.

Cosby has new attorneys. His antecedent aegis aggregation was headed by Brian McMonagle, a awful admired Philadelphia aegis advocate w formed the aegis table during a high-octane closing altercation in which he lambasted the media for giving a appointment to 60 women w accept about aced Cosby of harment, animal beforehand or . McMonagle, w at times seemed to affray with Cosby’s accessible relations team, withdrew from the case afterwards the mistrial afterwards explanation.

Cosby’s aegis is now headed by Tmas Mesereau, a acclaimed Los Angeles advocate w won an absolution for pop brilliant Michael Jackson on adolescent aation charges.

What are the bent ace adjoin Cosby?

Cosby is aced of three counts of aggravated dejected beforehand for allegedly drugging and ually aulting Constand at his burghal Philadelphia me in aboriginal 2004. Anniversary calculation carries a best bastille book of 10 years.

Montgomery Canton (Pa.) Adjudicator Steven O'Neill is autritative over Cosby’s ual-ault trial. (Pool/Reuters)

Why are the ace accompanying to alone one woman?

At atomic 60 women accept about aced Cosby of , animal beforehand or animal aggravation amid the 1960s and 2000s. The statutes of limitation accept asleep for best of their cases, preventing the acers from gluttonous bent charges.

Criminal ace were filed adjoin Cosby in the Constand case aloof afore the cessation of Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations.

[Bill Cosby’s acers now cardinal 60. Here’s w they are. ]

W are the accessible key witnesses?

Andrea Constand

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Legal experts say abundant of the case rests on the believability of Cosby’s capital acer. Constand, a above able basketball amateur with an amenable address and a bank of coiled amber hair, testified at the aboriginal balloon in a articulation that absurd with emotion.

Fighting aback tears, she declared w her eyes blurred afterwards the allegorical banana gave her pills. “I told Mr. Cosby that I had aation seeing him,” she told jurors. “I could see two of him.”

Under cross-examination, Constand struggled to explain inconsistencies in her statements to board — including the date of the declared beforehand and whether she maintained acquaintance with Cosby.

Gianna Constand

Andrea Constand’s mother accepted to be a appalling attestant at the aboriginal trial, alms affidavit about a alarm she secretly recorded with Cosby and about added conversations with the man she believes ually aulted her daughter.

She told jurors that Cosby told her in a alarm she did not almanac that “he was apologetic for what he did.”

In a memorable exchange, she brusquely batted abroad a advancement by a aegis advocate that Cosby never accepted to her. “You’re wrong,” Gianna Constand said to aegis co-counsel Angela Agrusa.

The accomplished acers

Prosecutors accept said they will alarm bristles women w adduce they were ually aulted by Cosby amid 1982 and the mid-1990s. The best accepted acer is Janice Dickinson, a above supermodel w has fabricated common and generally affecting television appearances to lay out her affirmation that Cosby benumbed and ually aulted her at a Lake Tae tel. Dickinson says Cosby gave her a dejected bolus that ancd her accoutrements and legs and larboard her unconscious, and that she awoke with a “sharp affliction in her ocks.”

Model Janice Dickinson leaves a 2016 audition about her aspersion acation adjoin Bill Cosby in Los Angeles Superior Court. (Nick Ut/AP)

Dickinson’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, said in an email that the above archetypal is “ready, accommodating and able to affirm candidly about her experience.”

Another acer, Janice Baker-Kinney, was a bartender at Harrah’s Reno. She says she became “fuzzy” and “woozy” afterwards demography two pills at a abode in Reno area Cosby had absorbed her with promises of a affair that never materialized. Heidi Tmas, a archetypal w additionally is slated to testify, says she, too, was benumbed and aulted by Cosby in Reno.

Two added emblage — Chelan Lasha and Lise-Lotte Lublin — say they were benumbed and ually aulted by Cosby in his apartment at a Las Vegas auberge in the mid- to backward 1980s. Lasha says she believes Cosby slipped a biologic into a bottle of Amaretto he gave her. Lublin says Cosby gave her two drinks, adage they would advice “relax” her.

Prosecutors accept signaled that they do not plan to alarm Kelley Johnson, the one antecedent acer w was actomed to affirm at Cosby’s aboriginal trial. Johnson sobbed on the attestant angle while account her acation that Cosby benumbed and ually aulted her at a Los Angeles tel.

Defense attorneys fought to aculate the women from testifying, arguing that their attendance would in aftereffect actualize a alternation of “mini-trials.” Cosby’s attorneys additionally said they would accept adversity advancing to avert adjoin the acations because the allegations are so old that basic annal may not be accessible and key emblage may accept died. Two weeks afore the retrial, Adjudicator O’Neill alone a last-minute address by the aegis to adjournment the balloon to accord the Cosby attorneys added time to adapt a aegis adjoin the allegations of the accomplished acers.

Marguerite "Margo" Jackson

The adventure of Jackson’s accessible affidavit was one of the drifter episodes of Cosby’s aboriginal trial. Jackson is a Temple University bookish adviser w has said that she catlic with the scol’s women’s basketball aggregation while Constand was the squad’s operations manager. Jackson says that Constand told her that she could lie about actuality ually aulted by a celebrity, afresh book a acation and aggregate abundant of a adjustment to alpha a business.

Jackson’s affidavit was blocked by O’Neill during the aboriginal trial, admitting his affidavit for that accommodation were not about disclosed. Cosby’s accessible relations aggregation cited that cardinal while autritative a baking account alfresco the courtuse during board deliberations in the aboriginal trial, acing the adjudicator of defective impartiality.

But, this time, O’Neill fabricated the abruptness accommodation to acquiesce Jackson to affirm at the retrial. Aegis attorneys accept said Jackson’s affidavit is ytical to their efforts to actuate jurors that Constand was motivated by greed.

W will claiming Andrea Constand?

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One of the toughest decisions for the aegis will be chief w will catechize Constand. Because of the aerial attributes of the acations, which accommodate clear references to animal contact, some actomed experts accept it would be astute to accept a woman handle the ytic of Cosby’s capital acer.

In the aboriginal trial, Constand was cross-examined by Agrusa, a arresting Los Angeles advocate wse abridgement of acquaintance in bent trials swed as she fumbled with her addendum and was afresh upbraided by the adjudicator for not afterward able procedures.

Mesereau, Cosby’s beforehand attorney, hasn’t said whether he’ll handle ay of Constand. He could about-face to one of the two activating women on Cosby’s aegis team, anniversary of wm played ample roles in pretrial hearings. Kathleen Bliss is a above federal prosecutor with a advantageous attorneys attendance w warned Adjudicator O’Neill during a audition that she can be “strident” at times. Becky S. James, additionally a above federal prosecutor, is best accepted for her ignment on appeals.

What's the arch affirmation adjoin Cosby?

Cosby gave amazing affidavit in 2005 and 2006 during a acation filed adjoin him by Constand. (The case was eventually acclimatized for an bearding amount.) The Associated Columnist filed a acation in backward 2014 to bare the affidavit and capacity from the abounding degradation were afterwards appear by media outlets, including the New York Times and The Washington Post.

Over the beforehand of four canicule of questioning, Cosby accepted to accepting quaaludes, a able allaying that was already a accepted recreational drug, to accord to women with wm he capital to accept in the 1970s.

[Bill Cosby’s own words accommodate atrocious capacity of his hidden activity ]

Acer Andrea Constand walks forth a alley during deliberations in Bill Cosby's animal beforehand balloon in June 2017. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Cosby additionally testified in sometimes cringe-inducing detail about his animal acquaintance with Constand but characterized it as consensual. In the deposition, Cosby actomed giving pills to Constand but said they were the over-the-counter abrrence medication Benadryl.

In one access of the degradation apparent to the board in Cosby’s aboriginal trial, the amateur declared what was activity through his arch while he batten about the animal appointment with Constand’s mother: “I’m cerebration this is a bedraggled old man with a adolescent girl.”

What are the better weaknesses of the case case?

There appears to be no concrete affirmation to abutment Constand’s allegations. She was not advised by a doctor afterwards the declared incident. She did not acquaintance badge until a year later, and there are several inconsistencies in her statements to board that could be acclimated to attenuate her credibility.

Tugh the bent case was filed aloof afore the cessation of Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, it will be activity to balloon added than 14 years afterwards the declared incident.

In the aboriginal trial, Cosby’s attorneys about army a aegis case, calling alone one attestant — a badge administrator w testified about the actuality of annal that had already been apparent to the jury. In the beforehand up to the retrial, Cosby’s new aggregation of aegis attorneys has adumbrated it will attack to acrylic Constand as “greedy” because she acclimatized a acation adjoin Cosby accompanying to the declared ault. The aegis attorneys accept said that they will aftermath biking annal that appearance Cosby could not accept been at his burghal acreage at the time of the declared beforehand and buzz annal that they achievement will attenuate Constand’s adaptation of events.

Will Cosby testify?

Defendants are not appropriate to testify, and — as accepted — Cosby did not booty the angle in the aboriginal trial. The one abbreviate admonition is that Cosby is acutely accomplished at absorbing audiences, and the aegis could adjudge that the risks of testifying would be outweighed by the allowances of accepting the constant amateur — already accepted as “America’s Dad”— allege anon to the jury. Cosby additionally could acquire accord credibility because he claims to be accurately blind.

W are the capital attorneys players?

Judge Steven T. O’Neill

O’Neill, w has been a Montgomery Canton adjudicator aback 2002, collection the board adamantine in the aboriginal trial, befitting the console at the courtuse for deliberations backward into the night. He can be aloof and communicative with jurors and is debent to whistling audibly as he strolls the courtuse hallways. But he can be aciculate and bitter with attorneys and is accepted for his diffuse and bombastic dissions of alike accessory and acutely apprehensible issues.

He has imposed bound restrictions on the accessible and the media, abnegation to acquiesce reporters and others in the admirers to leave the attorneys — alike for bath break — and return. But he has sometimes been civilian to Cosby, including alms condolences for the afterlife of the comedian’s 44-year-old daughter, Ensa, w afresh died afterwards aggressive branch ailments. In the aboriginal trial, he additionally actomed Cosby’s wife, Camille, to access the attorneys in the average of proceedings, a address continued to about no one else.

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O’Neill’s accommodation to block 12 of the 13 antecedent acers prosecutors had ped to alarm as emblage was one of the key axis credibility in the aboriginal trial. Still, afterwards the mistrial was declared, Cosby’s wife, Camille, issued a baking account calling him “Overtly aloof in accommodating with the commune attorney.”

[Camille Cosby lashes out afterwards mistrial is declared in husband’s case ]

Montgomery Canton Commune Advocate Kevin Steele

Steele, a career prosecutor, swept into appointment in 2015 afterwards an acclamation chase in which the Cosby adventure played a key role. Steele’s adversary in that chase was Bruce Castor, the above commune advocate w had absitively not to arraign Cosby in 2005. Steele acclimated that accommodation to his advantage, active an adver that said Castor “was not attractive out for victims.”

In a baking closing altercation at the aboriginal trial, Steele’s articulation dripped with contemptuousness as he declared w Cosby has accepted to abrogation Constand sleeping on his couch afterwards their animal encounter, and activity to his own bedroom.

“You do what you do to her, and afresh you leave?” Steele said. “You leave her there? No blanket? No nothing? Clothes up about her? C’mon Appear on!”

Lead aegis advocate Tmas Mesereau

Mesereau cuts a arresting amount in the attorneys with his long, blithely white beard that a Post biographer already declared as a “Prince Valiant pageboy.” He’s best accepted for acceptable an absolution in 2005 on adolescent aation ace adjoin pop brilliant Michael Jackson.

Tom Mesereau, advocate for Bill Cosby, checks his buzz afterwards a pretrial audition on March 30. (Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images)

A common television commentator, Mesereau dedicated television brilliant Robert Blake during pretrial hearings in the television star’s annihilation balloon (tugh he withdrew from the case afore it went to trial) and represented boxer Mike Tyson in a animal beforehand ysis that concluded with no ace actuality filed.

Some of Mesereau’s aboriginal moves in the Cosby case accept been controversial. He aced Steele’s aggregation of prosecutorial misconduct, alleging in a broadly covered cloister filing that canton board bootless to acknowledge that they had met with a attestant w ability accept helped Cosby’s aegis in the aboriginal trial. Cosby’s antecedent aegis attorney, Brian McMonagle, refuted that ertion, and Mesereau was affected to airing aback his acation of prosecutorial misconduct.

Where's the ancestors of 'America's Dad?'

Camille Cosby, the comedian’s wife of added than a decade, skipped all of the aboriginal trial, except for the closing aegis argument. She has not played a role in the bent case, but she was deposed at breadth in a civilian aspersion clothing filed adjoin her bedmate by several acers that is still awaiting in Machusetts.

[Camille Cosby: A activity spent bamboozlement a accessible role and a admiration for aloofness ]

Two of Cosby’s accouchement — Ensa and Ennis — are deceased. His two active developed accouchement — Evin and Erinn — did not accomplish appearances at the aboriginal trial. But Erinn did a radio account afore the aboriginal balloon in which she said, “What my ancestor and ancestors accept had to abide these aftermost few years makes me abashed of our country today.”

In a twist, Erinn’s ancestor is now actuality represented by Mesereau, the aforementioned advocate w already represented Tyson, a battle champ Erinn aced of abduction in a abstracted incident. No ace were filed adjoin Tyson afterwards Erinn fabricated accessible acations adjoin him.

[The abandoned adventure of back Bill Cosby’s babe aced Mike Tyson of abduction ]

Keshia Knight Pulliam, the extra w played Cosby’s television babe Rudy Huxtable, appeared for the aperture of the aboriginal trial, walking into the courtuse arm-in-arm with the crumbling comedian. In beforehand of the retrial, Lisa Bonet — w played addition on-screen daughter, Denise Huxtable, on “The Cosby Sw” — said in a much-dissed annual account that she sensed article was awry on the set of the program. “There was no ability on my allotment about his specific actions,” Bonet told Net-a-Porter. “There was aloof energy. And that blazon of sinister, adumbration activity cannot be concealed.”

Once the retrial ends, will that be the end of Cosby's actomed troubles?

Far from it. Cosby has racked up a alternation of victories in civilian cases filed adjoin him by acers. But abounding civilian cases remain. He’s adverse aspersion lawsuits or appeals of aspersion apparel in Machusetts and California, all filed by acers w say their reputations were damaged back Cosby or his embly said they weren’t cogent the truth. He additionally faces a animal array acation in California.

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If Cosby is convicted, the aegis would accept an befalling to appeal. If addition mistrial is declared, the case would not be banned from gluttonous addition trial. But some actomed experts say they’d be absurd to do so.“There does appear a time in every prosecutor’s activity back you say, ‘Holy cow, are we activity to do this again?’” said Lynne Abraham, a above Philadelphia commune attorney.

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