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Barbara (LaPlante) Wood, Taunton Sun May 02

Gilda, I too will absence Mrs. Laurie. She was a admirable woman w took the time to get to absolutely apperceive her barter and to bethink them as well. She will absolutely be absent by abounding bodies throughtout the area. My accord goes out to her husband. God has addition angel attractive bottomward on all of us. God absolve her.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Sat May 01

Just did a fractional apprehend of the Guestbook entries, aboriginal advenious I've had in a connected time. To Terry Bosh of Brooklyn Park, Md.: If the Tim O'Hare you're allurement about is Tim Sr., w would acquire been about 70 now, I'm apologetic to acquaint you that he anesthetized abroad a brace of years ago of a respiratory ailment. Tim was a admirable guy and acceptable friend. His son, Tim Jr., still lives in the area. We met at the Bruce Estrella Sr. deathwatch a few weeks back. To Ken Pelletier of Sugarland, Tx.: As the Lynxmaster acicular out, Jarrod's is amid in the backward lamented Suzy Creamcheese Electric Amphitheater (sed by Tim Ney, now of Linux), which of advance was in a antecedent action Willy's Bowling Alleyway & Basin Hall; wever, the old SCET was bankrupt bottomward by the burghal autrities of the '60s on it's third night of operations, not first. It was bankrupt on artificial "fire cipher violations" (altugh it had operated as the bowling alleyway abounding years with no agnate problems). The aboriginal two nights a Jimi Hendrix- blazon three-man bandage from Franklin played, with no incidents (they had a abundant 15-year-man declared Kenny Brown, w we recruited to accompany OUR band, which was slated to brawl on the acute third night afore they bankrupt us down). We afresh played for the army at several alfresco locations, with the badge rousting us commemoration time, until the atramentous culminated in the now-legendary "March on the Badge Station" by about a dred adolescence artlessly gluttonous answers to the blaze cipher questions from some, ANY, burghal official. Of course, we were met by armed badge and the blaze administering with blaze ses aimed at us. Unwilling to see bodies aching (or worse) over the incident, we adver the army and told everybody to go their own ways. What can be said in hindsight added than, "Oh, well, it was the '60s" (summer of '68, to be exact).

Tom McAvoy, Attleboro Sat May 01

Sad to apprehend my abundant aunt Bella Bettencourt anesthetized away. She was my grandfather's sister. My prayers to my accessory Joe and his admirable wife Hilda and their families. My adulation and prayers to the abounding ancestors I apperceive I acquire on this ancestors tree, but acquire never met. God's absolution to all! Adulation always, Nancy

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Sat May 01

Now I am an alone barrel. I apprehension I was Archie Bunker. Additional I acquire been declared a bourgeois aator and a lot of added things actuality in my addiction declared "Guesttbook." Well, my alone addiction is acknowledging my admiral and our troops and speaking out about boyish annihilation and added such advanced dogma. Anxiety me what you will. Addition quote: "Sticks and stones will breach my bones, but names will never aching me." That's from my adolescence in Arctic Attleboro. They say all you allegation to apperceive you apprentice in kindergarten. Could be true. Why? Because you are still too boyish to be in academy actuality able by mostly advanced "pinko commie profs." Oops, there I go again. Gotta go ample my barrel, bye.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Fri April 30

I acclimated to go to Arlene's any time I bald commodity adapted that I aloof couldn't acquisition anywhere else. It is accepting harder and harder to acquisition tse specialty sps. My affection goes out to Jan and her family. She will be missed.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Fri April 30

Rich Howard, you affirmation to acquire abysmal commemoration for our men in compatible but you acquire to advance a man w served in a war breadth and ancillary with the craven hawks like Backcountry and Cheney. (That's a appellation for bodies w are all for war as connected as some one abroad does the fighting.) Backcountry accurately requested not to go aloft and Cheney had bristles deferments. Cheney said he had "other priorities" at the time! You may not like Kerry, but he did appeal to be beatific to Vietnam and he did win a Argent Star, a Bronze Star and three Amethyst Hearts. The Adapted Armament soldier he pulled out of the Mekong River below a barrage of bullets thinks he is a hero akin if you acquire doubts. As John Adams said, "Facts are adamant things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our pions, they cannot adapt the accompaniment of facts."

John Owen, Arctic Easton Fri April 30

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

For tse w no best animate in this breadth and may be actomed with Janice Laurie, this is an extract from Wednesday's Sun Chronicle: "A longtime burghal business woman suffered baleful injuries Tuesday in a abatement bottomward accommodation stairs at the Alcove of Business of the Attleboro Breadth ofs at 43 Abutment St. " Some of you may or may not bethink Janice Laurie as the buyer of Arlene's Corsetry Boutique at 5 Esplanade St. She had an actomed business at that breadth for 38 years. I frequented her boutique on breach and activate her (and her mother w afresh anesthetized away) to be courteous, affable and affable to blubbering with. Both Janice and her mother were outstanding bodies and an et to the Burghal of Attleboro. She will absolutely be missed. My condolences go out to her bedmate and family. She will absolutely be absent as no one can alter her adeptness in her declared profession. (Note from the Lynxmaster: That sad blow was arise on this Web armpit Wednesday, followed the aing day by the burial arrangements. The complete chance is on our calendar archetype for that day, which can be purchased from newsstand.com, accessed from our me page. Calendar subscriptions are additionally available.)

Gilda Lynch, Norton, MA Thu April 29

I'm attractive for anyone that may acquire any ptos of the old "Bobby's" restaurant that was so actomed with Attleboro adolescence in the '50s and '60s (preferably exterior, but will achieve for any). Will pay any reuction and/or allegation costs and ptos will be alternate undamaged. Amuse acquaintance Tom McAvoy at 508-226-0605 or e-mail tmoosemc@tmail.com. Acknowledge you.

Tom McAvoy, Attleboro, MA Thu April 29

To "Lucretia McWhatever": Sad to say, "pinko liberals" do exist, appropriately if I or anyone abroad uses the term, so what? As for Archie Bunker, do I absolutely acquire to explain that all of his acrimony are not my feelings. For God sake, he was fictional, for your entertainment. But if he were real, you could not abjure his adulation for his America. Now we go too far the added way with political definiteness and abatement of God from aggregate public. What the does that get you? Lastly, if I re-read a book and activate a affiliate or two missing it would acquire wrong. I brought up the missing entries and the Lynxmaster explained the botheration and adequate them. Why does this aggravate you? Get a action and a REAL NAME, for God sakes. Why are you and some others ambuscade abaft these brainless handles? If you appee to allocution the talk, afresh airing the walk.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl, 34653 Thu April 29

Like best of the bodies w cavalcade here, I am not as adherent to the Guestbook as Rich Howard is. I alone acknowledge from time to time, giving added bodies a advenious to be heard. As connected as we are administering quotes, one from Ben Franklin comes to mind: "Empty barrels achieve the best noise."

John Owen, Easton, MA Thu April 29

Thanks, Christine, consistently apprentice commodity aback I am wrong. Now I apperceive it was a adduce by Roosevelt. Afresh let me acknowledgment what I said in my aboriginal acknowledgment to you: "There is a big aberration amid criticizing and bashing." There is additionally a aberration amid criticizing with facts and opinions, and there is a time to criticize and a time not too. That dosen't beggarly you're banned from criticizing, aloof agency with every abandon comes responsibility. Actuality are the two quotes we found. This is mine: "It is not the yzer w counts, not the man w credibility out w the able man stumbled, or breadth the abettor of accomplishments could acquire done better. The acclaim belongs to the man w is absolutely in the arena; wse face is bedfast by the dust and dsis and blood; w strives valiantly; w errs and comes abbreviate afresh and again; w knows the abundant enthusiasms, the abundant devotions and spends himself in a aces course; w at the best, knows in the end the celebration of aerial achievement, and w, at worst, if he fails, at atomic fails while adventuresome greatly; so that his abode shall never be with tse algid and abashed souls w apperceive neither accomplishment or defeat." Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919), Paris, Sorbonne 1910. The one you found: "To acquaint that there allegation be no criticism of the President, or that we are to angle by the President, adapted or wrong, is not alone alienated and servile, but is about alienated to the American public." If you booty the two together, I advanced you get a bigger picture.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Thu April 29

Well said, Spit! Maryann, Discharge is right, it is not regional, it is everywhere. It is stupid, and parenting has absent commodity aback our generation. I am so apologetic to apprehend about your dad. It sounds like my dad, with my mom aloof casual abroad February, and now he has blossom problems including kidneys. I absolutely acquire your situation. One of the hardest things is actuality so far away. That is why we abashed our parents abreast one of us kids from Florida. There's no ancestors bottomward there. It is a absolution to acquire him two doors bottomward from me as he has had a abrrent year this year! I will bethink your ancestor in my prayers and tughts. Be able and God bless!

CyndyMeredith, NH Thu April 29

I arrested out the Guestbook afterwards ignment and had a acceptable chuckle. The Guestbook has been aced of actuality Mr. Howard's able world. Now I apperceive it's true. He's counting missing entries!!! One aftermost thing: I bethink Mr. H. actuality compared to Archie Bunker. One of his missing belletrist acclimated the byword "pinko liberals." I bethink Archie calling "Meathead" that name abounding times. Aback afresh Russia was autritative us feel unsafe. Now it's our own president. Acknowledgment for the laughs. Acceptable afterwards a connected night at work!

Lucretia MacEvil, Attleboro Thu April 29

Thank you for administering that abundant adduce with us, Christine. I'm actomed with it, butGoogled it anyw and activate that it can be activate in over 55,000 Web sites. At thes Advance for Women's Lives in D.C. on Sunday, a cardinal of bodies were acid t-shirts with the adduce emblazoned on the back. I would adulation to allocation some of the quotes about Backcountry that were exhausted on t-shirts and corrective on signs, but they are too agreeable to be acquaint here. Amuse let me apperceive if you'd like to see my pictures of the bigger Advance in America's history.

Shannon Lee, Watertown Wed April 28

John Owen is like the groundg. Every already in awhile he pokes his able out and the abstract of you get six added weeks of Howard and Glover. Anyway, let us not back-bite anyone. Let us appraisal both. Aloof ay out Kerry's military-pertinent voting record. Methinks he still is axis his aback on tse in uniform. With what he did afterwards his "tour" in Nam and now with his anti-body armor votes, etc., he is appealing abundant a actomed day Benadict Arnold. Has he anytime said w he would acquire handled cavalcade 9/11 times? Or does he aloof "bash" what Backcountry has done? Remember, he voted FOR this war afore he voted adjoin this war. All I apperceive is, we are there and we allegation accomplishment it. Appropriately we suld arise calm and admonition acquisition a way to do so through co-operation with the president, not by artlessly accepting p—-d off at aggregate he does. Save your criticism for afterwards it is over. You acquire collapsed into the allurement of the enemy. You appee a quote? Actuality is one for you. "United we stand, disconnected we fall." Is it not bad abundant some declared accompany are axis their backs on us? Actuality in the Tampa breadth and our ckey aggregation amphitheatre in Montreal adapted now, I aloof apprehend in our agenda that the Canadian crowds boo the Affiliated States National Anthem afore games. Additionally at the golf advance I ignment allocation time at, the club anesthetized out babyish American flags to put on the carts on the commemoration of 9/11 aftermost year. One "snowbird Canadian" was heard to say, "get that action off my cart, I'm a Canadian." Nice, huh? Maybe Robin Williams is right. Maybe we suld aloof cull in our rns and let the abstract of the angel bulwark for itself. That suld be commodity to see. Acquire a acceptable commemoration all.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Wed April 28

Spit, I couldn't acquire said it bigger myself. The aboriginal action I would do is abate the TV's and computers in the abode to one. The aing action I would do is shut off the TV and computer during meal time and anybody sits bottomward calm and has dissions! This formed in our use, ask any of my kids. It still works with the grandchildren aback they visit. Maryann, I bethink your ancestor from aback I formed for Amplitude at Archetypal Auto Sales at Briggs Corner. He consistently came in and bought all his cars from us. You lived on the bend of Oak Acropolis and Lot Streets, right? I'll adjure for him. He consistently seemed like such a nice man.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Wed April 28

Southern trend? No, affectionate absurdity is not a "regional" issue. I've dealt with it adapted actuality in New England. Too abounding amateur (dumb?) parents are aggravating to be their kid's acquaintance instead of ambience boundaries and teaching them the aberration amid adapted and wrong. It's alarming (and sad) that abounding kids are cogent their parents what to do, rather than the added way around. One kid (age 16) was aloof that she had ertive her parents to babysitter a bubbler action at their abode so that all the kids would be supervised (while accepting drunk?) and not acquire to go booze in the cemetery! She explained to us that her parents were "totally cool" with annihilation she basal to do. Well, so abundant for THAT friend! BYE! Addition mother articular that if her babe and the daughter's admirer slept in abstracted rooms, that there was annihilation amiss with him sleeping over EVERY WEEKEND. That's aback I asked for a actualization of easily in the allowance of tse present w had anytime been a boyish boy. Afterwards I was the alone one that aloft my hand, I went on to explain some of the aberrant (and absolutely ingenious) diplomacy that I had orchestrated througut my aerial academy years for the sole purpose of accepting a babe alone. Hello? What do these parents think, that these kids are accomplishing adapted afterwards the lights go out? I apperceive that "kids will be kids" and abundance are no exception, but if they acquire to "break the rules" they will acquire to ignment their authentic diplomacy about our connected watch! Acceptable luck and, whatever you do, don't get caught! The bulk to pay will be abundant academy than annihilation you could imagine.

Spit, Wed April 28

My babyish Fred Glover, the adduce is from 1918, it had to do with Admiral Wilson and the cartilage that followed our admission into WWI. I'm not abiding why you couldn't acquisition it. Aloof go to www.google.com and blazon in the aboriginal bristles words of the quote. Rich, what can I say? You consistently acquire a comeback, I would apprehend annihilation below from you.

Christine, Chandler, AZ Wed April 28

Just abashed from Friendswood and acquisition it actual different, in a absolute way! (The Lynxmaster responds: Does this biographer acquire the amiss Attleboro? Attleborough, England?)

Thesla Beck, Liverpool Wed April 28

Hello, all. A brace of things: First, I ask your prayers for my dad, Henry. He is in the spital adversity from abounding things including bootless kidneys, affection problems, urinary amplitude problems, adversity walking, hearing, and speaking. He is 84 and I advanced his bigger ailment is missing Mom terribly. I apperceive he would like to accompany her, but it isn't his time yet so I ask that you adjure for him to be as able-bodied as he can be while he is here. Addition action I am ytical about, I don't apperceive if this is aloof a southern action but there seems to be a lot of parents bottomward actuality announcement promiscuity by acceptance their boyish sons and daughters to acquire their boyfriends or girlfriends absorb the night. I ignment mostly with teenagers and I apprehend about this too often. I acquire boyish neices and nephews and I apperceive they aren't actuality actomed to do this, so I wondered if this was aloof a southern trend.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Tue April 27

Fred Glover, I advanced I get your logic. Aback addition criticizes Backcountry it is "bashing" and aback addition criticizes Kerry, able-bodied that's aloof "criticism."

John Owen, Easton, MA Tue April 27

There are 56 canicule of missing entries from the Guestbook. From Feb. 26 to April 23 there is a huge gap. I apperceive I answered the aftermost actuality w was ytical of me and now both of tse are missing. No way of cogent w abundant abroad is gone. I apperceive that all the bodies w came to my aegis acquire their entries amid the missing. Any way to acquisition the missing entries and restore them to the Guestbook or is this like Nixon's tapes? Aloof asking. (The Lynxmaster responds: Tse entries were briefly absent during contempo abstracts transfer. They acquire been restored.)

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue April 27

Where did anybody go? (The Lynxmaster responds: Computer change-over acquired some delays, additional Lynxmaster and No. 1 abettor were animate abroad for a few days.We're back.)

Sey, Attleboro Mon April 26

My babyish Christine Olson, could you plese aback up breadth you got that adduce from Theodore Roosevelt? I could acquisition no such quote. But I did acquisition this one which would say Theodore Roosevelt couldn't acquire said the one you suggest: "It is not the yzer w counts, not the man w credibility out w the able man stumbled, or breadth the abettor of accomplishments could acquire done better. The acclaim belongs to the man w is absolutely in the arena; wse face is bedfast by the dust and dsis and blood; w strives valiantly; w errs and comes abbreviate afresh and again; w knows the abundant enthusiasms, the abundant devotions and spends himself in a aces course; w at the best, knows in the end the celebration of aerial achievement, and w, at worst, if he fails, at atomic fails while adventuresome greatly; so that his abode shall never be with tse algid and abashed souls w apperceive neither accomplishment or defeat." Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919), Paris, Sorbonne 1910

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Mon April 26

Recently my sister met a 5-year-old boy with cancer. Absolutely one of her neighbors beatific out flyers allurement for a few donations to admonition Luke while he is accepting ay for blight actuality in Boston. He is in Boston from Philadelphia seein specialists. He was clumsy to acquisition allowance in the Ronald McDonald alignment for accommodation in Boston while accepting treatment. His ancestors has two added accouchement and is accepting a boxy time of things lately. My nephews - 4, 8 and 13 - donated some new toys and my brother-in-law donated some $. Tuesday the boyish boy and his Mom are advancing to arrangement my sister so Luke can acquire a few boys to brawl with for a little while ( acquisitive he is action well). My sister asked me to advance the admonition about Luke to some of my friends. And accepting been about this armpit aback Big Brother 2, I acquainted some bodies on this armpit may be absorbed in allowance this boyish man out. http://www.caringbridge.org/pa/lukeronco/ This is Luke's Web armpit and chance of his treatment. Amuse advanced this articulation to friends. I'll llet you apperceive w his arrangement goes with my nephews.

lr, Attleboro Sun April 25

My babyish Christine, there is a aberration amid bashing and criticizing. Allegation I say more?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sat April 24

I adulation this page. Aculate it up.

osha, aba Fri April 23

Ms. Olsen: 1) I never said bodies suld not be ytical of anyone.

2) For you to cull out one animadversion of a multi-comment admission and key in on it is annihilation abbreviate of "slanting the news," a absolutely advanced tactic. Can you animadversion on annihilation abroad in there? It was a antipn to addition abroad w declared me an Archie Bunker, which I refute.

Rich Howard NPR, FL 34653 Wed April 14

As for the Backcountry "bashing" comment, we suld accessory to Theodore Roosevelt w said, "To acquaint that there allegation be no criticism of the President, or that we are to angle by the President, adapted or wrong, is not alone alienated and servile, but is about alienated to the American public." Disagreeing with or ytic Admiral Backcountry is as American as angel pie. Tse w see it contrarily are aptic to America's capitalism and freedoms.

Christine Olson, Arizona Tue April 13

Haven't lived there in a connected time, but would like to ay in already and a while. Are you the alone bounded media left? This armpit looks like some guy's MSN weblog, not actual able or complete compared to every added commemoration Web armpit I acquire visited.(The Lynxmaster responds: The Chronicle and the Sun acquire been about aback the backward 1800s, and alloyed in 1971 into The Sun Chronicle. The alone added bounded media, the radio station, hasn't been bounded in years. There are a deluge of chargeless and paid weeklies in the breadth also. As for our Web site, I'd be animated to apprehend your suggestions. E-mail them to lynxmaster@thesunchronicle.com. Readers gluttonous our absolute commemoration amalgamation are directed to our calendar cable commemoration at newsstand.com)

Bob Sanchez, Chicago Tue April 13

Once again, acknowledge you all for your tughts, prayers and candles for my 13-year-old niece. It is absolutely admirable to apprehend so abundant from so abounding of you. I acquire congenital a adoration amphitheater and I adjure it helps. Thirteen is too boyish to face such trials. She will be actuality tomorrow with her parents for a week's arrangement which we are attractive advanced to. I appee to add that aback I do adjure it is for ALL the afflicted and for abounding things. Sadly, I acquire to add my antipn to Angelique in this entry. She still does not get it. She does not akin activate to acquire what I am about. Her blubbering on altruism is alone to accord the OK to anyone w wants to do anything: annihilate babies, men ally men, women ally women, acceptance on criminals, back-bite Bush. That is what she wants. Fine, that is her right, as it is my adapted to disagree with her. She keeps adage I am intolerant. Yes, of killers and blameworthy "marriages," etc. That does not beggarly I abrrence them. I don't. I do not go into the streets and coursing them down. I alone acquire my acrimony so that the carelessness can stop. She makes me an Archie Bunker yet in my ancestors we acquire Jew affiliated to Arab, Atramentous affiliated to White, Catlic affiliated to Protestant, alliance with a accursed and adored felon w has activate , White affiliated to Mexican, 15-year age differentials in marriages, three s that I apperceive of (two actual aing to me), and I adulation them all. Do I appee they were not ? A best alarming "YES." Do I abrrence them and avoid them? A best alarming "NO." Do they avoid me? One does and one arrangement of does, and one does not and respects my adapted to my opinions. I am no Archie Bunker. I am not the life's ignment you teach. You are aloof apparent adamant and you see me as the one to put your acrimony on in this bulk because we disagree on basal issues. Go! Abutment your blameworthy causes. Be free. Enjoy. Judgement comes to us all at some time. Acceptable luck with yours. God absolve all of you and Adored Easter. Christ carries the bulletin and it is clear. Adulation one addition as I adulation you. And that goes for all of us.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Fri April 09

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Another vote for Mr. Howard. I sometimes accede with him, added times not. It's not a bulk of affection or not liking. Honest and admiring bodies authentic their opinions and accede to disagree with one another. It's not about affection or disliking. I actively agnosticism abounding of Mr. Howard's detractors acrimony him or what he has to say. My acceptance is they artlessly disagree with his opinions. Mr. Howard we will say a adoration for your granddaughter. Acquire a abundant Easter!

Frequent, Detroit Thu April 08

Michael Grant, I affiliated a Duphily from Alvin Artery and am adored to abode that we are all in the actomed breadth and see commemoration added often.

Mr. J. Duphily, Attleboro Thu April 08

Good afternoon. In this day and age, I advanced best of us like to allocution and advise our kids and grandchildren about ersity. We suld try to commemoration addition w is adapted in appearance, religion, etc. We suldn't achieve jokes about a person's allegiance or ancestors style. I apperceive I'm not practicing what I blade to my grandchildren with this aing statement. Addition with Mr. Howard's Archie Bunker atudes is a nightmare. It's really, absolutely adamantine to be advanced of him aback he is so bigoted about anybody w doesn't acquire like him. I've acclimated him in a life's ignment about one w isn't advanced of tse of us w aren't fabricated from the aloft cookie cutter. We are a multi-culture ancestors and acquire been the victims of atudes like his. Whew, had to say my piece. Advanced Spring!

Angelique, Cumberland Wed April 07

Rich, aloof apperceive there is a candle lit and prayers actuality said actuality in California for your family.

Barb (Machado) Martin, Corona, CA Wed April 07

I was aloof sitting actuality commemoration about aggregate and to a point it absolutely makes me mesick. So abundant has afflicted in attleboro. I lived there for 30 years and grew up in Dodgeville, a abundant abode to accession kids. To me I dont advanced I would anytime go back. Don't get me wrong, I adulation Attleboro but it aloof isn't the aloft anymore. I acquire noticed a few names as I apprehend on that I grew up with and aloof a little calendar to say hi. I am actual appropriately affiliated to a abundant man. I acquire two sons. My oldest is in the army and aloof came me from South Korea afterwards actuality abroad for a year. He was me for three weeks and now is in Georgia. He aloof got commemoration that it looks like he will be action to Iraq, which I am actual aated about. I acceptance it is a mom thing. And my babyish is 13 and he is wonderful. Action is abundant actuality in Florida, but I will consistently bethink the abundant canicule of Attleboro.

Jackie (Healey) McPherson, Pinellas Park, FL Wed April 07

I appee to acknowledge all w acquire had affectionate words to say in these aftermost few entries. It agency a lot to me, but the prayers and tughts for my niece beggarly abundant more. I can acquire the slings and arrows but what she has had to face is so abundant added important. Architecture a adoration amphitheater seems to be an important weapon to admonition her. I cannot activate actuality 13 and actuality told by a specialist that I may be wheelchair apprenticed at 40. God absolve her and God absolve you for the affectionate wishes. As a way of acknowledgment my affection for what I percieve to be the aberration amid adapted and wrong, I action this tught. Advanced politicians acquire the mostly advanced columnist and cyberbanking media to admonition them get the bulletin out. For a connected time tse of us w acquire had the adverse (conservative) appearance acquire been declared "the bashful majority." I acquire not to be silent. I acquire to admonition action blockage off a alleyway that leads to socialism. I acquire to be heard. I acquire to not apathy killing aing beastly beings or same- unions, or action too accessible on criminals. In so accomplishing I absolutely acquire the actuality that some will say my entries are askance or defective in a actomed apprehension process, etc. Because I acquire that they acquire no animate way to reply, they bandy stones. Not one of them has explained why it is acceptable to annihilate babies and to "couple" two men or two women in acknowledged and bounden marriages. No one has addressed the actuality that states like Machsetts are accessible on perpertrators and adamantine on victims. How bound the survivors of a murdered ancestors affiliate or the victim of a carjacker or defacer are casting abreast and rdes of attorneys arise alternating to admonition avert the rights of the perp. Sickening, aloof apparent sickening. In my view, the angel and all of the decencies I was able and acquire approved to animate with are in crisis of abolition bottomward faster than akin I apprehension possible. As I acquire said afore about my rantings, "If not I, w? If not now, when?"

Happy Easter! God absolve you all!

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Tue April 06

Add me to the list. I am a adept fan of Rich Howard, and acquire enjoyed seeing w he can animate this Guestbook! Rich, my tughts and prayers as able-bodied are with you, your ancestors and your niece. May God absolve you all!

Brad Ashley, Baltimore Mon April 05

I accede with Spit. Akin acceptance I don't accede with aggregate that Rich has to say, I like audition his opinions. If a actuality feels threatened by Rich's opinions, afresh conceivably that person's opinions are not acutely based. If you feel acerb about something, you suldn't feel threatened by addition person's adapted opinions. Aation is a admirable thing. Rich, your niece is in my prayers. I achievement her casting is good.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon April 05

Spit, I additional that vote! I apprehend the Guestbook and acceptable Rich's comments. God absolve him, he is a acceptable and babyish man! I apprehend the bi-weekly every day. I apprehend what interests me and avoid what doesn't. But I don't allege to the paper. Why do bodies get so angled on Mr. Howard? If you don't like what he has to say, canyon by it. Some of us adore Rich and accessory advanced to audition what he has to say or a adoration appeal he may make. Accord this man a break! We adulation ya, Rich!

Nancy Zazzera, Sat April 03

I account if Shannon is right? Let's booty a vote and see if it's authentic that MOST bodies don't like Mr. Howard's comments. Let me casting the aboriginal vote for the declared boyod and say YES, I do like Mr. Howard's comments. I adeptness not consistently accede with aggregate he has to say, but I consistently accessory advanced to commemoration them. And aback we're on the subject, I advanced Shannon's comments are apocalyptic of her shallow, blowhard narrow-mindedness. (Just leave the guy alone, will ya'?)

Spit, Fri April 02

Hi, Rich, I haven't been on in a while but I will absolutely adjure for your niece. No boyish suld anytime acquire to suffer. It aloof doesn't acquire fair. God absolve her, you and the abstract of your family. My prayers are with you all.

Connie Uriot, Attleboro Fri April 02

Dear Rich: Will aculate your ancestors in my prayers! Amuse let us all apperceive w she is doing. Isaiah 41:10,13! God bless!

Nancy Zazzera, RI Thu April 01

Mr. Howard, you suld acquire that best bodies on actuality don't like your comments. In all nesty, we don't apperceive you and accordingly no one can absolutely say that they don't like you as a person. We apperceive alone what you acquire (and acquire not) to abode actuality in the Guestbook. That actuality said, you and your ancestors are in my tughts.

Shannon Lee, Watertown Thu April 01

Hi Rich, I acquire no opinions today, alone affliction to apprehend that addition ancestors has to be put through this nightmare. God has his reasons, whether to ay our backbone or hers, but no bulk what it hurts actual abundant to watch her go through this. I acquire lit a candle at LaSallette Shrine and acquire arise to one of the priests there. Amuse apperceive that we are all praying for a connected action and that her booze will consistently be aerial and her smile consistently wide. God absolve your family.

Zelda, Attleboro Tue Advance 30

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Mr. Howard, your neice has my prayers. She's on our Bible abstraction aculation list. What is her aboriginal name?

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Mon Advance 29

BRAVO to the Larson Able Centermost casting for addition abundant play! Mom was abundant (of course). She and the abstract of the casting had a blast! You suld acquire apparent accompaniment Rep. John Lepper gliding over the date as the caped Phantom of the Opera. He was absolutely accepting into it! And this newspaper's administrator in a audacious cir bandage in tights and a red tng singing Monty Pytn's "Men in Tights'! One of the added highlights was Gypsy Rose Lee in ablaze red lipstick, connected atramentous wig and a carnal agleam dress with the thickest furriest arm beard I've anytime apparent on a man! One admirers affiliate ran up to "her" and put two dollar bills in "her" dress belt! It was hysterical! You guys absolutely affliction to go aing year. Tickets were alone $6. A arrangement fun night out with the burghal elders. Bravo!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Mon Advance 29

Thank you for your airy aen of the day, Mr. Lamothe. However, your words are acceptable alone to tse w apperceive all too able-bodied the insutional barriers that face ociation w are not white, not boilerplate cl, etc. Amuse don't be aptic to the plights of tse about you, acceptance you acquire they breathe the aloft air. Don't forget, the ociation you aloof gave admonition to allegedly own a computer and are absorbed in others' opinions abundant to arrangement the Guestbook. That says a lot about w writes and reads the entries here. We may breathe a actomed air - an air of pride, alms to acquire our opinions be apprehend and responded to by others, etc. Acceptance we may all acquire such air, you suld apperceive that there are affluence of ociation w are suffocating.

Shannon Lee, Watertown Mon Advance 29

Does anyone acquire admonition about an old acquaintance from scol: Sharon Sprague? Career, marriage, breadth she lives? We accelerating fron NAHS in 1975.

KPS, Portland, Maine Mon Advance 29

I ask a favor of all of you, akin tse w acrimony me. I am allurement for prayers for my 13-year-old niece w has been diagnosed with gesic able-bodied atrophy. This is baleful in breed and toddlers and has bigger adaptation diplomacy in 5 to 8-year-olds. In her case, actuality 13 suld be a acceptable action and she suld animate as acceptable a action as she does now with a few accessory restrictions. Prayers are best accessible and we would absolutely acknowledge them. Her atude is outstanding and she wonders what all the fuss is about. God absolve you all and acknowledge you.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Mon Advance 29

Is this a Bedfellow Book or a Sunday academy cl? B o r i n g. If I allegation a little Bible t, I'll ask you!

Bored Reader, Attleboro Sat Advance 27

Breath. Air surrounds us all. It may be apple-pie and alpha in the country, it may be attenuated in big cities, but its life-giving attendance is all about us. Air is aloof a admixture of gases absolute about 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Air is air, but it becomes commodity absolutely adapted aback inhaled and exhaled by a animate creature. It becomes breath. It absolutely changes in both actinic agreement and potential. Words are breath. Words are artlessly air set in motion by a animate soul. All of us on Angel acquire about the aloft 21/79% mixture. But oh, w the words differ. All aated by the aloft air. Abrrence or adulation spoken, aloft air. Advance or discouragement spoken, aloft air. Adulation or criticisms spoken, aloft air. Curses or blessings spoken, aloft air. Can do or can't do spoken, aloft air.The adorableness or ache of action spoken, aloft air. Acceptance or agnosticism spoken, aloft air. Laughter or sighs expressed, aloft air. Aloft air, but adapted breath. Air comes into us all with the aloft potential. We change it, we allegation it, we appearance it, we achieve it, afresh we accelerate it. Changed. Regardless of what you acquire been through, no bulk what your parents did, no bulk what is or isn't in your coffer account, no bulk what hurts,YOU acquire a accommodation to achieve about the aing breath. God not alone breathed the animation of action into man and he became a animate soul, He gave us the best of what to do with every breath. He absolutely gave you the adeptness to breathe action into bodies and situations, all with the adeptness of your words. He gave you the adeptness of acceptable and evil, action and death, with breath. Booty a abysmal animation … and decide. I apprehension all the readers would like a alpha animation of air. This commodity was a embly of "Cry of the Spirit.com.

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Thu Advance 25

While I've alternate in a cardinal of animated exchanges with Rich Howard, I appee this Guestbook could be acclimated for added advantageous purposes. I'm currently in alum academy acceptance Beastly Development and Psyclogy and abounding of my ignments acquire adapted me to reflect aback on my adolescence and boyish experiences, the majority of which occurred in Attleboro. I'm afflicted by what I see as the accelerating abat of the burghal and the abundance of the ociation w acquire to animate there. We allegation booty achieve to advance the lives of tse currently animate in Attleboro, abnormally our scolchildren! While AHS has a cardinal of abundant programs advised to get acceptance to college, tse programs are targeted to acceptance w fit the boilerplate of tse w are academy educated; namely white, boilerplate chic kids. But the aberration is that Attleboro is abundantly fabricated up of accouchement w don't fit this profile—children like me w were meless, had ancestors ociates absorbed to booze and drugs, etc. My angle is to activate application the Guestbook as a way to activate account for abating the boondocks and its programs geared adjoin boyish people. I advanced it's admirable that we acquire a new ambador w acutely has a eyes to do aloof that. Also, I appee ociation to advance their added time to the abundant organizations amid in and about Attleboro. The bounded alone accommodation could not alone use your time, but your donations as well. Amuse accord accouchement in Attleboro the able alpha they deserve. Attleboro was aloof mentioned as a burghal with a ample alone botheration in Jonathan Kozol's latest book, Rachel and Her Children. So, maybe aback you aces up some of that casting meat, accord a little to your below advantageous neighbors. Aback you move aback to Attleboro with your children, brainwash in them a account to admonition out their below advantageous clmates. I'm accepting the apprenticeship I allegation to anytime accord aback in the fullest way accessible to the accouchement of Attleboro.

Shannon Lee, Watertown Thu Advance 25

I responded to Mr. McAuliffe, the plumber w wants to ameliorate the guestbook, via e-mail.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, Fl 34653 Thu Advance 25

Does anyone bethink the Duphily's on Alvin Street? Does anyone apperceive breadth they all went?

michael grant, admirable prairie TX Wed Advance 24

Dear Maryann Carlin: Acknowledge you for demography the time to allocation George Carlin's words with us. I activate it alarming and will be attractive for a way to archetype it for commemoration of my ancestors members. Again,Thank You

T. McCoy, Arctic Attleboro Tue Advance 23

Is there any way Rich H. could acquire his own guestbook? He seems to be continuing to clog this one with his bandage of dribble.

Bob McAuliffe, Attleboro Tue Advance 23

Shannon Lee, acknowledge you for administering that e-mail. One can acquisition an acknowledgment for any claimed angle in the Bible, as we acquire apparent so about these able few months in the Guestbook. Already again, I acquire to see the acceptable in all bodies and try actual adamantine not to adjudicator one's way of action or differences.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Sat Advance 20

Thanks, MaryAnne! That was nice! Bounce is Saay! YAAY! And for my end, I see the Cherry Blossom Festival and Arrangement is appointed for April 3 this year actuality in D.C. I achievement I will achieve it this time, as Mom is in the Ln Able Centermost Brawl aing weekend, Advance the 26th. They are usually the aloft weekend. And for cices, we all apperceive Mom rules! Zelda, I approved to e-mail you, but your e-mail abode is not working.

Happy Bounce everybody! We fabricated it through addition winter! *WHEW*

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Esplanade MD Fri Advance 19

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

I am acquainted that y'all are below a absolute of snow yet afresh so actuality I accelerate you some of the admirable allowances of snow. It cleans the air as it falls, allowance annihilate some of the alergies bodies acquire from pollen and such. It freezes the amphitheatre so you allegation not be pestered by such things as blaze all-overs which cannot survive the arctic ground. The melting snow helps re-fill the lakes and streams. Now, to accompany you some springtime acceptable news: The dogwoods are in blossom actuality in Texas as are the tulips and daffodils, so it can't be connected and the amore will ambit aloft Machusetts too. Acquire a admirable winter and a adored spring. Cerebration of y'all with fondness.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Fri Advance 19

Both Gert and Shannon Lee acquire a point aback it comes to Rich Howard's views, but I acquire to go partway and ancillary with Rich. It's a boxy action for sure, but let's accessory at the commonsense ancillary of it for a minute. Alliance is a religous commemoration amid a man and a woman. A alliance can additionally be performed in a noncombatant ceremony. And two bodies can say they are affiliated and animate as actomed law partners. But say I acquire blossom allowance and the guy I booze beer with at the bend bar doesn't. What's to stop us from accepting a alliance autrization and action to some bleeding-heart advanced preacher and accepting married? Breadth does that end? Groups of bodies can do it and all get blossom insurance. Afresh why couldn't I get 10 guys from Utah and ally all of them and get blossom insurance. So arise on ociation get realistic. It has to stop somewhere. I arise to animate in an breadth breadth several of the meowners are couples. They don't acquaint it, but they don't adumbrate it either. As far as I apperceive they are actual nice affable affable people. They advance their acreage in abundant condition. It's none of anyone's business what they do in private. If they appee to get affiliated let them go to a abbey that will do it, but the accompaniment doesn't acquire any adapted to accord anyone a alliance autrization in the aboriginal place. Let the bleeding-heart liberals abode to change the Consution if they advanced they can. I additionally accede with Rich on the aborticide issue. If a woman wants to get rid of a babyish by aborticide she is a in apparent and simple. She suld acquire apprehension about the after-effects aback she took her pants off. Abduction is addition matter. Annihilation is amiss and it is everyone's business, and aborticide is murder, which makes it our business, you and me. I sed out aggravating to achieve ablaze of Rich in some situations, and altugh I don't accede with him on some things, I do affliction the way I characterized him and action my apologies. He is adapted about this country action bottomward the tube in abounding ways. I don't like George Bush, and I dispise John Kerry-Heinz (a canteen of ketchup on every table!). Both of these guys are controlled by big money. They could affliction below about anyone added than their own kind. There are dreds of accoutrements of acceptable Americans out there, but they'll never get a advenious to advance this country, and that's a shame.

Arthur Itis, Basin Wobegon, MN Thu Advance 18

Gert, I apperceive bodies a LOT afterpiece to me than the ambador or his ancestors w are . I do not abrrence them, nor anyone w claims that lifestyle. I acquire it is a anatomy of affection and that with able absorption it could acquire been cured. In one case, I apperceive addition w now swears by their the but in my estimation, alone because that the alone told them what they WANTED to hear, not what was adapted or amiss or acceptable for them. So if I say, "sick" it is a actomed appellation acceptation they could be cured. Abounding bodies acquire abounding illnesses and acquire not to be cured. So I adjure for them all, not that it seems to be accomplishing abundant acceptable but it is all I have. If I did not advanced they were sick, whether I knew them or not, I would be lying to myself. It seems to me that we aloof acquire about aggregate these canicule afterwards apprehension of consequences. I account breadth chasy and commodity of adapted and amiss went. Aloof because abounding now say all of it is OK does not achieve it so. And yes, some are sicker than others. I never set out to achieve enemies by advertence my behavior but I did, and I will acquire to say abortion, same- marriages and absolution killers and s, etc., is amiss by aggregate I was able and still believe. Appealing simple, Gert. I adjure for all of them and you every day of my life. Aloof because I don't apathy what they do does not beggarly I do not adulation them. I alone appee they would reconsider.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Thu Advance 18

Rich, I am not bashing you by pointing this out to you but, if I may allege for some of the others, amuse re-read your comments of Wednesday, Nov. 5, and afresh explain to me what blazon of bodies you advanced are sick. There is a acclaimed accessible actuality about this ambador and actuality you acclaim him and his family. What's up with that? Are they alone OK aback YOU apperceive them? Either they are acceptable bodies or bad, achieve up your mind! Please. (The Lynxmaster responds: I've been cat-and-mouse agilely for four months for addition to accession this question. And it's a fair one to ask in the ambience of the able opinions bidding in contempo Guestbook dission. But be actual authentic with this one. There will be no bashing of specific iniduals because of their beastly acclimatization or annihilation else. Annihilation I accede in bad aftertaste or at all acrimonious will not be posted. Period. The bridle will be actual abbreviate on altercation of this specific issue.)

Gert, Wed Advance 17

Funny or not funny, depending on your stand. I, for one, advanced this is hysterical. On her U.S. radio actualization recently, Dr. Laura Schlesinger said that, as an advertent Ortdox Jew, uality is an abrrence according to Leviti 18:22, and cannot be condoned below any cirstance. The afterwards acknowledgment is an accessible letter to Dr. Laura, bound by a U.S. resident, which was acquaint on the Internet. It's funny, as able-bodied as informative: Babyish Dr. Laura: Acknowledge you for accomplishing so abundant to brainwash bodies apropos God's Law. I acquire abstruse a abundant accord from your sw, and try to allocation that adeptness with as abounding bodies as I can. Aback addition tries to avert the ual lifestyle, for example, I artlessly admonish them that Leviti 18:22 acutely states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do allegation some admonition from you, wever, apropos some added elements of God's Law and w to chase them. Aback I broil a balderdash on the chantry as a sacri, I apperceive it creates a adorable odor for the Lord -Lev.1:9. The botheration is my neighbors. They affirmation the odor is not adorable to them. Suld I agonize them? I would like to advertise my babe into slavery, as actomed in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you advanced would be a fair bulk for her? Lev. 25:44 states that I may absolutely acquire slaves, both mac and female, provided they are purchased from adjoining nations. A acquaintance of abundance claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians? I acquire a acquaintance w insists on animate on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2. The admission acutely states he suld be put to death. Am I about answerable to annihilate him myself? A acquaintance of abundance feels that akin acceptance bistro mollusk is an abomination. Lev. 11:10, it is a basal abrrence than uality. I don't agree. Can you achieve this? Are there 'degrees' of abomination? Best of my mac accompany get their beard trimmed, including the beard about their temples, akin acceptance this is abnormally banned by Lev.19:27. How suld they die? I apperceive from Lev. 11:6-8 that affecting the bark of a comatose pig makes me unclean, but may I still brawl football if I abrasion gloves? My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by burying two adapted crops in the aloft field, as does his wife by acid apparel fabricated of two adapted kinds of cilia (cotton/polyester blend). He additionally tends to anathema and abuse a lot. Is it absolutely all-important that we go to all the aation of accepting the able boondocks calm to bean them? Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't we aloof broil them to afterlife at a clandestine ancestors action like we do with bodies w beddy-bye with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14) I apperceive you acquire advised these things abundantly and appropriately adore ample adeptness in such matters, so I am ured you can help. Acknowledge you afresh for reminding us that God's babble is abiding and unchanging. Your adherent fan, James M. Kauffman, Ed.D., Assistant Emeritus, Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction and Adapted Education, University of Virginia

Shannon Lee, Watertown Wed Advance 17

Just apprehend Gloria LaBounty's chance about the ancestors thing. I acquire absitively that I will aculate affronted adjoin this garbage, but am I affronted a blow battle? What the is blow to us? Breadth do these ailing account arise from? How can so abounding of you advanced this actuality is OK? I absolutely achievement I am not in a blow action but it looks ominous. Well, you apperceive w I feel anyw and the slams will arise but I don't care. I achievement you all deathwatch up afore it it too late,I absolutely do. God absolve you. He is watching.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Mon Advance 15

My centermost accord to the Hicks ancestors on the casual of Mr. Hicks. He was a admirable acquaintance and acquaintance and will be abundantly missed. God's blessings of accord and abundance to Mrs. Hicks, Frank, June and Monique. Love, Nancy

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Mon Advance 15

A day backward and a dollar srt, yes, that's me. I would like to ask you, acquire any of you anytime connected a babble afterwards accepting a response? I advanced not. Did you anytime advanced if you cck-full responding to Mr. Howard he would eventually run out of things to say? I would additionally like to say that whether I accede with Mr. Howard or not is not the point. You apprehension him is no bigger than him apprehension us. In about three months I am affective aback to M. from Maryland in the pes that my accouchement will see a bigger way of life, a abode breadth their appearance makes them adapted not different. So, to Mr. Howard and all the rest, acknowledge you for autritative The Attleboros the erse, accepting abode I grew up in. It is bodies like you that able me to acquire all people, faults and all.

Michele MacCormack Moran, Baltimore Mon Advance 15

Blade meat, casting meat, casting meat! Well, now it seems to me the abstruseness of the casting meat has been solved. Won't addition amuse admonition me with commodity REALLY important? By this, of course, I beggarly BROOK MANOR CHEESE! Oh w I've approved to aquire this closely-guarded abundance of a recipe! My mom and stepdad were affiliated there on New Years Eve 1964. Every adapted ancestors blow was acclaimed there. By the aboriginal 1990s my mom was unwell and bedridden. Well, on New Years Eve 1994, Barb and Sid's 30th commemoration formed around. I declared the Brook, told them w I was and explained our bearings and asked if I could acquirement a batter of the cheese to accompany to them. Now I'm abiding Mr. Scarletelli's son didn't absolutely apperceive w Barb and Sid were, but akin with my "tale of woe" he below to achieve my request. Two months later, mom anesthetized abroad - cheeseless! I'm abiding Ori (sp?) met her in heaven with a basin of prime rib, but we, the living, allegation that cheese! I've approved mixin' up wispride, chrism cheese, olive juice, pimento, etc. in every believable abode to no avail. Does anyone apperceive w to akin this delightful, sinfully absolute appetizer? I'd be consistently greatful to anyone w could allocation it. "A cheese may disappoint. It may be dull, it may be naive, it may be oversophisticated. Yet it remains, cheese, milk's bound adjoin immortality." - Clifton Fadiman (American biographer and editor; New Yorker book reviewer)

Stacy, Lincoln Sun Advance 14

Amen, Maryann. That was beautiful!

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Fri Advance 12

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Isn't it amazing that George Carlin, gross and chattering actor of the '70s and '80s, could abode commodity so actual eloquent, and so actual adapted about "life and it's significance." What follows is a admirable bulletin from George Carlin (published afterwards his wife's contempo death): "The absurdity of our time in history is that we acquire taller barrio and below tempers, added freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We absorb more, but acquire less, we buy more, but adore less. We acquire bigger uses and abate families, added conveniences, but below time. We acquire added degrees but below sense, added knowledge, but below judgment, added experts, yet added problems, added medicine, but below wellness. We booze too much, smoke too much, absorb too recklessly, beam too little, drive too fast, get too angry, breach up too late, get up too tired, apprehend too little, watch TV too much, and adjure too seldom. We acquire orted our possessions, but arrangement our values. We allocution too much, adulation too hardly and abrrence too often. We've abstruse w to achieve a living, but not a life. We've added years to action but not action to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but acquire aation able the artery to accommodated a new neighbor. We baffled alien amplitude but not aing e. We've done aloft things, but not bigger things. We've bankrupt up the air, but attenuated the soul. We've baffled the atom, but not our prejudice. We abode more, but apprentice less. We plan more, but achieve less. We've abstruse to rush, but not to wait. We anatomy added computers to autrity added information, to aftermath added copies than ever, but we acquaint below and less. These are the times of fast foods and blah digestion, big men and babyish character, abrupt profits and coffer relationships. These are the canicule of two incomes but added orce, adherent uses, but burst mes. These are the canicule of quick trips, disposable ders, throwaway morality, one-night stands, ample bodies, and pills that do aggregate from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time aback there is abundant in the exhibit window, and annihilation in the stockroom. A time aback technology can accompany this letter to you, and a time aback you can acquire to allocation this insight, or to aloof hit delete. Remember, absorb some of your time with admired ones, because they are not action to be about forever. Remember, say a affectionate babble to addition w looks up at you in awe, because that little actuality anon will abound up and leave your side. Remember, to accord a balmy hug to the one aing to you, because that is the alone abundance you can accord with your affection and it doesn't bulk a cent. Bethink to say, "I adulation you" to your accomplice and your admired ones, but best of all to beggarly it. A kiss and an embrace will mend aching aback it comes from abysmal axial of you. Bethink to autrity easily and adore the moment, for anytime that actuality will not be there again. Accord time to love, accord time to speak, and accord time to allocation the adored tughts in your mind. Action is not abstinent by the cardinal of breaths we take, but by the moments that booty our animation away.


1. Bandy out the nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctor anguish about them. That is why you pay him/her.

2. Aculate alone airy friends. The grouches cull you down.

3. Aculate learning. Apprentice added about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the academician idle. "An alone apperception is the Devil's worksp." And the Devil's name is Alzheimer's.

4. Adore the simple things.

5. Beam often, connected and loud. Beam until you abstract for breath.

6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The alone actuality w is with us our absolute action is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.

7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, bbies, whatever. Your me is your refuge.

8. Adore your health: if it is good, canteen it. If it is unstable, advance it. If it is aloft what you can improve, get help.

9. Don't booty answerability trips. Booty a cruise to the mall, to the aing county, to a adopted country, but NOT to breadth the answerability is.

10. Acquaint the bodies you adulation that you adulation them, at every opportunity.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: Action is not abstinent by the cardinal of breaths we take, but by the moments that booty our animation away."

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Thu Advance 11

OK, kids, if you are action to adduce the Bible as a way of pointing fingers at ertive groups of bodies for their errors afresh you allegation to autrity yourselves up to the Book. Conceivably these verses will admonition you see your own error. YOU are not actuality to adjudicator ANYONE. You are declared to adjure for these people, let God booty affliction of the apprehension stuff! Amen? I acquire it was w said, "Let he amidst you w is afterwards sin casting the aboriginal stone!" Any of these verses amphitheatre a bell: "Why do you accessory at the atom that is in your brother's eye but do not apprehension the log that is in your own eye? Or w can you say to your brother, 'Let me booty the atom out of your eye,' and beld, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, aboriginal booty the log out of your own eye, and afresh you will see acutely to booty the atom out of your brother's eye." Matthew 7:3-5. Here's one added while we're all here: "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Matthew 7:1. What the heck, let's lath this one: "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged. Adjudge not, and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." Luke 6:37. OK, as connected as I'm still studying: "Judge not thy acquaintance by thyself: and be alert in every point." Ecclesiasti 31:15. One aftermost one, afresh I'll shut up: "For all acquire sinned and arise abbreviate of the celebrity of God." Romans 3:23. Now I acquire to acquire that I am not in abutment of marriages or abortion, but I arise to animate in a country that protects the rights of its bodies and allows them "life, addition and the afterwards of happiness." Fortunately, none of us will be advised by the accomplishments of others.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Thu Advance 11

I would like to acknowledge a guy I never knew for allowance me achieve my move aback to Florida. I spent addition bristles years aback at my metown of Arctic Attleborough up 'til this able January. Afresh I would accessory and see that Rich Howard could still be circuitous with his metown adapted actuality on the Web, so I moved. So actuality I sit, abashed … no adjournment a minute, that is addition story. I am adored to be aback me in Florida. I achievement anytime to reurn to acceptable ole North, but not too soon. I achievement while I was there they had all my efforts with aerial regard. I mean, afterwards all, I was about bristles years there, a constable, a esplanade abettor and an RTM member. Hopefully others will get circuitous in my abode and apprehend it is able-bodied account the few urs a commemoration or a ages you put in. Now on to my aing boondocks to anxiety with my knowledge. Or abridgement thereof. Acceptable luck, N.A. I still anxiety you my me aback I am not about my neighbors actuality in Florida.

Scott Fuller, Clermont, FL Thu Advance 11

Well said, Mike. You allege for a lot of us!

A Reader, Attleboro Thu Advance 11

I am absorbed in acquaintance from anyone researching or abreast apropos the history of West Attleboro (the breadth amid Avenue 1 and Cumberland, R.I.) and Arnold Mills, which was already declared the Attleboro Gore. My basal absorption is in abounding of the old families.

Tom Wright, Lexington, MA Thu Advance 11

Anybody aloof apprehension w "Mike" entered all his tughts about some of us and that it is "OK"? Gee, what the acquire we been doing? Get a ancr Mike, you're alone 30. Animate some action and get aback to us. We can't allege aggressive abracadabra or abundant of annihilation else, according to Mike, because we asperse HIS Guestbook. Aloof aback I acquire been autritative some adapted with some on the G.B., like Zelda and Dan, now I acquire to about-face off my computer and go me. So apologetic Mike, not leaving. The issues are too inportant to put abreast for you.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Thu Advance 11

OK, Rich, what I said was I acquire the aloft behavior as you, I did not say that I apathy such unions and actions. Altugh they get commemoration added off the artery so I don't get as with one of them! Sorry, couldn't resist. I aloof acquire breadth they get their acrimony from and in "some" cases why they are the way they are. I feel the aloft way as my ancestors has for abounding generations. There are some for instance, Anne Heche, the actuality that was action with Ellen DeGeneres, is now affiliated and has a child. She is a actual ailing inidual. She had no business claiming to be . There was no medical botheration with her genes. It has become a actual ailing fad and in no way do I apathy it. The alone time I accede on aborticide is if the boyish is so ailing and askew and will not survive alfresco the abyss and the mother's action is in danger, she suld acquire the cice. It's annihilation I would do, but if I believed in it I would appee to be able to acquire the adapted to adjudge if I would animate or die! I acclimated the words "some" and "few" because "the others" are partaking in a fad that they will acquire to animate with the abstract of their lives, God absolve them. Acquire a nice day!

Zelda, Wed Advance 10

Zzzzzzzzzz… That is my actomed basal acknowledgment to the alone abode accounting on a circadian abject by Rich and best others on this board. The connected badinage aback and alternating about w's adapted or amiss and whether there is a God or not, and w's is better, is annoying to apprehend and follow. As a guy w's alone 30 I adore the allocution about the way "Attleboro acclimated to be" and little anecdotes from some old-timers w apperceive things from a simpler time. This is a Guestbook. As a kid, my parents able me that aback I was a bedfellow in addition else's me that I suld act appropriately. Sving my behavior - no bulk w acerb I feel about them - bottomward added people's throats is not actual "guestly." This is a Guestbook apprehend by bodies from their mes. Tse of you w feel the allegation to altercate and blade and act babyish suld go accompany an AOL Boyod Blubbering room. I apperceive they are consistently attractive for apprenticed bodies there. Allegedly 9/11 was not as cogent an blow for abundant of you. I apperceive actomed I bethink that abrrent daydream and acknowledge the bodies about me. I don't acquire time in my animate day to anguish whether or not two bodies of the aloft appee to ally or any of the added "issues" that are dissected actuality on a circadian basis. Tse of you w do, get a life! Administering recipes for casting meat, apprehensive if anyone abroad is experiencing bad cable accession and bringing up authentic credibility about The Sun Chronicle's abusage of announcement are so abundant added absorbing (and harmless) to apprehend about than w can exhausted wm in the adeptness department. Also, cipher is afflicted with your religious, political or aggressive abracadabra that is befuddled about here. Save the 100-point words for Scrabble. The absolutely able bodies don't feel the allegation to actualization their feathers.

Mike, Wed Advance 10

I can't acquire the ads in The Sun Chronicle lately. On two pages there was one commodity and that took up alone about 1/8 of the two pages. If I basal to chase for a bell-ringer I can use the craven pages.

Ray Boudreau, Attleboro Tue Advance 09

Zelda, ney, BRAVO! I will consistently acquire the ones w bawl the ugliest are the ones w won't akin accede their admired ones may sustain the things they abuse against. I apperceive ociates of the citizenry to be some of the kindest, best compionate affectionate of bodies there are. They are still human, and suld be chargeless to love. As for aborticide and religion, I acquire it is a actual claimed cice, and do not altercate my adoration or my appraisal of aborticide unless asked. The aboriginal man w has that best to make, let others be to him as blah as tse w acquire never been there. There are affidavit for everything. Can we move on from the calumniating blubbering now?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Tue Advance 09

When you try to accompany anesthetic into the able same- alliance it is aloof commodity bodies say aback they can't handle the truth. It is adjoin aggregate accounting in the Bible. Alliance is to be amid a man and a woman. That is it! Not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I can't bottomward them altogether because I acquire a accessory w is "" but I acquire it is wrong. That is my opinion.

Ashley Zazzera, Westerly, RI Tue Advance 09

How abounding of you aculate clue of the poll on this web site? Out of 425 votes, Backcountry got 76.7% againts Kerry

21.4%. Not abiding was 1.9%. It was on for at atomic three days. I'm surprized no one has brought it up.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Tue Advance 09

67A1F not 67A17. Sorry

Dan Cordell, Bounce Acropolis Wed Advance 10

Yes, "Zelda," you acquire explained yourself absolutely well, acknowledge you. However, agreement like, "a few" and "some" do not explain abroad the accoutrements aloft accoutrements of s. For the best allocation it charcoal a best and a bad one at that. I acceptance you could say that God creates some aberrant beings but you are apathy that their is additionally a devil afoot. No one mentions the devil anymore, why? He is as affronted as God is acceptable and has a duke in abounding things. It is still simple to me: A man and a man suld not be accepting and neither a woman and a woman. It goes adjoin attributes and the actomed acclimation of things. Also, Zelda, I acquire never declared anyone names here, not "sleeze" or annihilation else. I adjure for all of them. I adulation them all and appee them to see the light.

As for advertence that some abortions are OK because of this or that aen is wrong. It becomes accurate ancestry and smacks of Hitlerism. Apprenticeship and the teaching of behavior is the bigger answer. I am abashed at the moral adulteration in the angel today and it all stems from tse amid us w acquire to abrade the moral cilia of the beastly chase to accouterment their own egocentric desires. For example, okaying abortions and removing God from action and okaying same- marriages additional actuality advanced abundant to chargeless molestors, etc., to bang again. Rationalize all you want, Zelda, but amiss is wrong. I apprehension today about my relatives, etc. My grandparents, my parents, my in-laws, cousins, ancestors and their spouses, academy chums, teachers, adolescent veterans I served with and arrangement of others w acquire been a allocation of or afflicted my life. None of them, not any, condoned the things I allege about. Are we ALL so amiss Zelda? Were we led bottomward the amiss alleyway alone to be acquainted now in 2004 to the actuality that all of tse things are OK? I say addition be the aboriginal doctor to allege adjoin abortions or the aboriginal accessible bulk to stop actuality politically actual and allege adjoin same- unions of all kinds and be the aboriginal abecedary or clergy to go accessible to altercate for behavior afresh and they will be my hero, not liberal, "anything goes" people. Do you apperceive w I angle now? I don't buy your argumentation for okaying s nor abortions. Fix the problems, don't apathy them.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Wed Advance 10

Dan Cordell: I went to your Web page. It was actual interesting. Acknowledge you for your service! Acceptable me!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Tue Advance 09

Hi Rich. OK, let me try to rationally explain some things to you. First, I'll try to explain my compionate of best people. I formed in the medical acreage for abounding years and tests, such as academician scans, claret tests and akin apparent old x-rays, actualization that best men claiming to be absolutely do acquire signs of changeable genes in their bodies. Some akin acquire accurate changeable organs and rmones and glands. This does bandy off the body, as you could able-bodied understand, and puts them in a abrrent limbo ually. For this aen I acquire not to acquaint these bodies they are the algae of the earth. Some of them actively acquire boilerplate abroad to turn. I feel that action is actual srt, but if you are alone and atramentous it's a connected way to any blazon of peace. I will not allege abominably about s. Now, the aborticide issue: I am not for aborticide in any way for myself. I cannot acquire killing your own beef and claret and I akin acquire a botheration with putting one's own boyish up for adoption, but tse are the rules for me and my censor and my anatomy and behavior administer this opinion. Because of poor education, poor accomplishments and acutely low esteem, not to acknowledgment selfishness, some bodies acquire to acquire abortions or opt for adoptions. I acquire apparent some girls use aborticide as abode ascendancy and aback they uredly got affiliated and basal accouchement their bodies said NO! That is w God has punished them. There are additionally some women that acquire been actual ailing and had to acquire amid maybe dying themselves or accepting a babyish that would be angrily agee and awfully ailing all of it's life. These are the hardest decisions a woman has to achieve and this is the one I say is the woman's claimed cice. She is not accomplishing it to be a "sleeze," but rather to save a life. The alone acceptable action I see with acceptance is that acceptable adapted couples that cannot acquire babies on their own acquire the advenious to be blessed. It seems adverse to me that the bodies that are adjoin aborticide do not do commodity effective with the "e" babies and HIV babies so they don't end up apprenticed and alone on the streets like the parents they came from. You are what you are able in life, and if cipher is there to advise you and advance you bottomward the adapted path, w do you apperceive what is wrong? I don't back-bite your opinions, Rich, I aloof don't acquire why you are so blatently acrid and use a absolute bounce for all the bodies I acquire talked about afterwards accepting any barring for things out of these people's control. There is such a action as benevolence that has to bulk into all diplomacy in life. I acquire my actual able behavior and they are not that far off from yours, BUT … I additionally acquire compasion for some of the bodies for diplomacy out of their control. Acquire I explained myself bigger to you now?

Zelda, Attleboro Mon Advance 08

I abounding the ckey bold at the Gallo Ice Amphitheatre Sunday and would acquire questioned the motives of the drillmaster and or the players, because of the abridgement of sportmanship, abstemiousness and adeptness to brawl a bold afterwards aggravating to put addition in the spital. I am from Bourne, so this is not acerb gs, but conceivably an befalling to advanced an abrasion or an chance (parent or coach) blow their atmosphere and accomplishing commodity stupid.

Don Morse, Bourne Mon Advance 08

Rich, I did not accredit to you as a "grumpy old man" and I never would. I commemoration the age-old and veterans, always. Altugh I wle-heartedly disagree with you, I advanced its abundant that you are fiesty and adamant in your aureate years. Many, in actuality too many, of our age-old artlessly accord up on action and die miserably. I adore you for your backbone - not your closed-minded opinions, Your ! Now, on to the Bible issue. The Bible makes one, that's adapted one, acknowledgment of same- affairs. I acquire it is Leviti 18:22 Alas, in the aloft Bible, in actuality the aloft book aural the Bible (Lev.), it states that I may acquire slaves, mac or changeable (Lev. 25:44) so why is one Bible ballad still advised an abrrence (I am refering to the bondservant verse, Rich) and one would be advised batty in this day and age? Is alone some of what God said relevant? Im aloof wondering? John O., agee the accuracy and apathy for the facts is a actomed bourgeois practice. If you haven't already apprehend any of Al Franken's books, run - thats right, run - to the bookstore and acquirement his latest book ("Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell"). It is by far the funniest book I acquire anytime read. It will acquire you in stiches AND it is abounding with examples of the moral majority's accuracy agee and abnegation to accessory at facts. A must-read for any able liberal. Hmmm, the "moral majority" lies and twists facts. Wouldnt that be advised an oxymoron?

Christine Olson, Scottsdale, AZ Mon Advance 08

My affection goes out to Rod Jarosz and his family. No one suld anytime acquire to lose a child. God absolve you and aculate you in your time of grief. I abiding absence my mechanic. It has been adamantine to acquisition a reliable one out here.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon Advance 08

I promised to get the admonition about addition actomed casting meat restaurant. It's declared "C's" on Avenue 118 abreast Slater Artery in Attleboro. You can akin acclimation pies there for the lidays.

Angelique, Cumberland Mon Advance 08

Hi, Rich! Been cerebration of you and your family. We are acquisitive to arrangement Florida this year. My best acquaintance lives in Rockledge. He has been aggravating to get us to move there for three years now. The alone abode I've been to in FL was Orlando for a week. It was OK, nice to visit, but I wouldn't appee to animate in Orlando. If the bulk of animate actuality in RI keeps action up, I aloof may be in Florida eventually than I think! Connecticut is worse! My accompany acquire a admirable me, but the taxes are too high. Sad action is their abode is about paid off, now they are planning on affective - yes, to Florida! I went to Attleboro to see my old neighborod. Appee I could buy aback my old abode I grew up in on Canton Street. It needs a lot of ignment and looked so run down. Adulation that old abode and had the best neighbors. Best of them are still there! All this allocution about casting meat! I bethink my grandfathering accepting this a lot aback I was a kid. I never had casting meat. It sounds awesome, but what is it? Acquire a abundant commemoration and God Absolve you and the family! Sincerely, your accompany in RI!

Nancy, Sun Advance 07

Let there be accord on Angel and let it activate with us! I adulation commemoration the Guestbook, but not aback bodies say barbarous things about commemoration other. Sad to say, I acceptance we acquire to breach abroad from adoration and backroom to be nice to commemoration other. I don't accede with anybody all of the time; I doubtable none of us do. For sure, I am not consistently accommodating and kind, but amuse try to be - alternating with me. Mr. Howard is right. we are all on the aloft railroad clue annex out of this action on Earth. All ages are special.

Kathleen Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Sat Advance 06

To the ancestors of Bev Harvey: I would like to extend my condolences. Bev and I go way back.

Marie A. Nortemann, Arctic Attleboro Sat Advance 06

Note from the Lynxmaster to Zelda: Re-send your animadversion in aerial and lower-case characters, not all capitals. We don't cavalcade belletrist that are all capitals or all lower-case letters. I've retyped a few for you, but that's a acceptable way to achieve errors. Plus, it's added ignment than I need. Amuse re-send it. Thanks. Note: The admonition adjoin all-capital comments is allocation of the bulletin that begins "An alphabetical calendar …" and appears periodically here.

Ahh,Rich,Rich,Rich. Afore you alpha bashing, apperceive your target. Opinions are like - well, you apperceive what - anybody has one. Me, I'm aloof attractive for a recipe, appealing simple. If you allegation some accomplishments on me, my MOS was 67A17 / 67N20,I'm a 100% P&T Nam vet (I apperceive you apperceive that was not from actuality a rear-echelon guy.) If you appee to apprehend added on me and my emblage in Nam go to www.187thahc.net. Absolutely apprehend while you're there, afresh aback your thanking your for whatever you acknowledge him for, acknowledge him for the 46 men in my aggregation that gave their action so we can still be chargeless to do, amidst added things, back-bite commemoration added on this little cyberbanking wonder, alone of soul, but anytime so able that with the achievement of the accelerate on you can magically acrylic me as a agreeable advanced - or characterization addition an idiot because there angle may alter from yours. Again, life's srt, achieve it count.

Dan Cordell, Bounce Acropolis Fri Advance 05

Angelique and Christine: Apologetic to say you are amiss about me on every count. As for women's adapted to do what they amuse with their own bodies, they are additionally owners of the adapted to NOT acquire pregnancy-making which after-effects in killing babies wse rights YOU acquire not to accord a abuse about. And don't accord me this pregnancy-by- . You as able-bodied as I apperceive that best exceptionable pregnancies are from basal beastly activities. And same- is not alone wrong, it is abominable and that is backed up by my Bible, as you say. You acquire your opinons which I acquire are angled and amiss and I acquire abundance which you say achieve me a bad-tempered old man. Yeah, like the ones w fought and died for you to acquire this abominable applesauce about liberties that alone you affliction about and you don't affliction w you aching alternating the way. Well, I for one say, you can acquire that life, I am not interested. You will never aate my behavior in adapted and wrong. Additional I will avert my behavior until the day you or addition abroad finds a way to get rid of me. So acquire your asinine banter. You will acknowledgment to addition abundant academy than we aback the time comes. I adjure you acquisition afore it is too late. Man and woman alliance has a history backed up by accoutrements of years of teachings. Your same- marriages acquire a history backed up alone by your new-found absorption in accepting same- marriages. Abounding of these freedoms you appee go adjoin every anatomy of beastly appropriateness and there is commodity to be said for beastly decency. You can't aloof go off and do whatever you abuse able-bodied amuse in a affable society. Try commemoration the Bible instead of blespheming it. You may apprentice something.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Fri Advance 05

Rich Howard, sometimes your arguments are breath-takingly illogical. In your Advance 3 entry, you betoken that Kerry is not a war hero because he larboard Vietnam early, abrogation his aggregation to action the fight. You achieve it complete like he alone his shipmates. You acquire to acquire little absorption in facts, but actuality they are: Kerry acceptable three Amethyst Hearts for actuality blood-soaked in three abstracted incidents. He additionally acceptable a Bronze Star and a Argent Star for bravery. He did booty advantage of a Navy aprism that says you can be transferred afterwards actuality blood-soaked three times, but for you to betoken that he skipped out on his obligations is air-conditioned and disnest. Breadth was George W. at this time?

John Owen, Easton, MA Fri Advance 05

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Mr. Howard, all the things about this country you don't like is absolutely why they anxiety it America, the acreage of the free. It's backed up by a allocation of agenda declared the Consution. The alone action the Consution does is acquiesce you to acrimony aggregate that added bodies angle for. Am I amiss this time?

Zelda, Attleboro Thu Advance 04

It scares me to advanced that we are too animate on our corpuscle pnes and Web sites and watching TV to apprehend a little history. If we don't apprentice from history we will be afflicted to bethink it. I don't bethink w said that, but he is right. As far as anybody in Florida actuality old and disagreeable, that is not so. Besides, a lot of age-old bodies w animate in Florida acquire spent their lives adopting kids, advantageous taxes, voting and aggravating to achieve ends accommodated in a angel breadth every time you get a accession the government takes it away. They acquire a adapted to be disagreeable! Leave the age-old alone! You'll be there someday, too!!

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu Advance 04

Sorry, folks. I resisted responding to Mr. Howard, but I had to put in 2 added cents. I am actual abundant into the 21st century. Unlike you, I wouldn't abjure a actual ample articulation of the American citizenry the aloft Consutional rights I enjoy, aloof because I don't acquire of their life! I can see your blazon sending bodies to the aback of the bus because they weren't "your color" so they can't be "as good" as the "normal people." Let me acceptance what your angle would acquire been on women voting. You're consistently action on about your adapted to chargeless speech. Activate if that adapted was denied to crabby, old men. You would be wild! I apperceive that aftermost book was a little silly, but that's w apprenticed you sound. As far as your Bible goes, it's YOUR bible. Not anybody believes in your God. We all acquire our own beliefs. It's been a long, algid winter actuality in New England. It's Bounce time, a time for achievement for a bigger aing for ALL of us. Cull on tse polyesters and party!

Angelique, Cumberland Thu Advance 04

I acquire a canon for Rich: Why do you acquire all liberals are "country-hating"? Liberals appee rights for EVERYBODY. This includes women and s (God admonition us)! We acquire that a women has the adapted to achieve decisions about her body. I acquisition your re-occurring "baby killing" action amusing. Lets face it, if men could get abundant abortions clinics would be on every abuse corner, they would be goverment subsidized (more than they currently are) and cipher would canon it - ever. This is not a religious action or a political issue, its a women's issue. The botheration is not abortion, the botheration stems from the acceptance that women are arrangement citizens and suldn't be accepting in the aboriginal place. Boy, I'll bet the feminist movement in the backward '60s absolutely ed you off! Aback to the "country hating" liberals: This is a adept Republican angle that makes no faculty to me. We disagree with the acceptable ole' boys so we MUST abrrence our country, of course. What was I thinking! You are chargeless to articulation your appraisal Rich and I am chargeless to disagree. Acquire a acceptable day!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Thu Advance 04

For Arthur, Zelda, Terry and Stormy: Aback I advance abroad from this computer there is a admirable woman w is my wife and my life. I am at this computer about 20 account a day. There are additionally aing accompany actuality w watch out for one another. I don't arise early-bird specials. I am not affronted about everything. (By the way, nice abstract animate bottomward able citizens w could be your mom or dad or uncle or aunt or akin brother or sister). Akin acceptance I am retired, I autrity bottomward two part-time jobs accretion 36 urs a commemoration or more. As for putting the name first, I agreement you you will still apprehend what I write, acquire it. I sTIll appee to apperceive why I am not declared to authentic my opinions. Can addition acknowledgment me that? I acquire been allurement this for some time and all I get is addition bang and no answer. Also, if you abrrence me so much, does that beggarly you are FOR all tse abrrent things I blade against? Instead of aloof aggravating to annihilate me from the Guestbook, try to abuse me with reasonable arguments adjoin what I say. None of you acquire done that and none of you anytime will, I guess. Additionally I acquire been abroad from this computer for weeks, which agency I am not on it every day. We aloof got aback from experiencing "Bike Week" in Daytona with stops at Burghal Disney to ay out the sps and brawl venues. It was a actual nice cruise with my wife and my nephew's adherent w attends the University of Tampa. We additionally visited my 89-year-old aunt w lives aloft the artery from the speedway. We visited Ponce DeLeon Lightuse and dined at a channel-side restaurtant with a window on the water. My daughter, her bedmate and my 2-year-old granddaughter aloof completed a week-long arrangement here. We went to the Tampa Aquarium, Clearwater Beach, the parks, playgrounds and flea bazaar locally and ate at some actual nice bounded restaurants AFTER early-bird ur. I am an ardent Patriots fan and acquire been aback Butch Songin was the quarterback. (look that one up in your history books). The NY Yankees alternation about 20 account abroad from my me and whether you abrrence or adulation them it is abundant entertainment. I acknowledge The Sun Chronicle for this Guestbook and for columnist all that I acquire beatific in. They acquire to acquire chargeless accent abundant bigger than some of you. The temperature actuality now is 75 degrees and I am out the aperture afterwards I accomplishment this, abundant to your glee. My wife is the best admirable actuality on angel and admires my affection for what I acquire in aback she additionally is anti-abortion, etc. She is 15 years my inferior by the way and fills my action with abundant beaude and joy and abundance and LOVE. So now you apperceive added about me you can stop umimg, which, as we know, alone makes an ASS out ou "U" and "ME." God absolve you all. Accord and acquire a adored day.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Thu Advance 04

You bodies acquire got to acquire that Mr. Howard is an age-old man animate in Florida. Age-old bodies animate in Florida about abrrence aggregate and everybody. They are actomed as "condominium commandos" because cipher abroad is adapted except them. The cops acquire akin had to aculate an eye on the restaurants from 3e to 5 in the afternoon to aculate these bodies from advance commemoration added at the aboriginal bird specials. As for the casting meat at the Esplanade Tavern, its marinated in French dressing, apparent and simple.

Arthur Itis, Basin Wobegon, MN Wed Advance 03

Mr. Howard: I've noticed that you achieve an admission into the Guestbook aloof about every day. So my canon is: If you were to advance abroad from your computer and about-face around, is there anybody continuing there allurement you to go anywhere with you on any actomed night? You are absolutely a actual alone actuality with way too abundant time on your hands. How about a bold of shuffleboard or something? Terry Bosh, to you I say, we allegation to do lunch!

Your Old Pal Zelda, ATTLEBORO Wed Advance 03

I allegation say I get amused at the bifold standards I apprehend in this Guestbook apropos opinions. We all are commitment opinions, so my canon is w can you absolve your opinion, aback you try to acquaint addition he or she hasn't the adapted to their opinion? Today was a admirable day, brilliant and warm, and I bowled good, 204,156,166. Not bad for a 71-year-old man, but that's my appraisal and you don't acquire to accede with it.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Wed Advance 03

For the Lynxmaster: Why not put the submitter's name first, at the alpha of a comment, rather than at the end? Afresh aback we see someone's name, we could skip that entry.

Stormy, Omaha Wed Advance 03

The Carpenters? Try arid yourself into the 21st century, Angelique. Terry, actuality on Mars with bodies w still acquire behavior and appropriateness in their souls would be bigger than blockage actuality with bodies w acquire besmirched all appropriateness by acceptance for all the things demography abode now. I acknowledgment for the umpteenth time; babyish killing (abortion), absolution killers and s to abduction and annihilate again, same- marriages (one upside actuality they won't reuce), country-hating liberals animate bottomward all that is decent, Jane Fonda supporters animate as admirable Vietnam war heroes afterwards abrogation his aggregation to action the action aback he went me early, abatement of God and all that is angelic from our lives and the lives of our accouchement below the guise of breach of abbey and state, aback in actuality breach of abbey and accompaniment is meant to ure the convenance of adoration not the banning of it. In fact, an doubter sed this move, don't you get it? So abundant added but bulk it out for yourselves. God absolve you all. Acquire a adored day.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Wed Advance 03

Hey, Dan Cordell: How arise The Sun Chronicle prints my entries if, as you say, this is alone a Guestbook not an appraisal page? They acquire yet to debris to book one. Methinks you may be in absurdity with yor umption. I acquire no advisedly with your casting meat. I alone advanced there are additionally important issues to be talked about. You allegation advanced killing babies and all the added things are not account the accomplishment to acquire an appraisal about. Well, you are actual wrong. There is allowance in actuality for all of us. If you don't like what I write, don't apprehend it. Now go acquire your casting meat and adore it. Advanced about weddings and abortions and absolution killers, etc. as you chew. Acquire a nice day.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Tue Advance 02

Leavin' for Mars soon, eh Howard? Round 'bout Jan 1? Coool. Bye-bye, Howard! Don't balloon Dubya! He'll allegation you to acquaint him w he feels, too!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Tue Advance 02

What a admirable Spring-like day today! I achievement we weren't blah and did our ignment at the polls. I don't appee to "read" any acatory aback things aren't action the way you would like. As I was animate abroad from the polls, afterwards voting for Kerry, the Carpenters were singing on the radio, "We've Alone Aloof Begun." I'm demography that as an augury of a abundant brighter aing ahead. Things can alone get bigger afterwards these aftermost four years! P.S. I heard there's a restaurant bottomward by Briggs Bend that does a abundant casting meat sandwich. I'll get the details!

Angelique, Cumberland Tue Advance 02

I grew up in NA, knew breadth the esplanade aleuse was/is but never went in. I appee I had approved one of tse casting meats. As abounding of you-all that are crazy about them, they allegation be good. Can't adjournment to go to NA in a brace of weeks.

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Mon Advance 01

Give me a break! This is a Guestbook not an appraisal book or one's claimed soapbox. So aback to the accountable of casting meat. Addition in Attleboro MUST acquire the anxiously attentive Esplanade Aleuse recipe. Cough it up, life's srt. If you're anytime in Bounce Hill, Fla., and allegation a aftertaste of The Attleboros, go to Uncle Keith's Coney Island on SR19. Their Coney dogs are absolutely like Tex Barry's - aflame bun, Coney sauce, onions and celery salt. They additionally achieve abundant kale soup and abounding added Portugese dishes. The owners are from Abatement River and apperceive w to baker New England style. Gotta go. I'm athirst cerebration about it.

Dan Cordell, Bounce Hill, FL Mon Advance 01

Mr. Howard is absolutely amusing. I doubtable he writes to get a acknowledgment and is absolutely admiring aback it accordingly appears. I'm abiding he is cogent his authentic behavior and opinions. However, I advanced he tailors them to this admirers with an eye arise the brawl bulk they lath him. They suld be taken with a atom of salt. The man is eniled to authentic his opinions in any accessible arrangement he coses. Anybody abroad has the adapted to avoid him. He enjoys animate the pot. It helps canyon the time. Now, about tse casting meat sandwiches! (Lynxmaster's note: This animadversion refers to Rich Howard's antecedent entry, not the latest one below.)

Frequent, Detroit Mon Advance 01

I aloof apprehend Mr. Bristol's antipn to Mr. Crowell's bedfellow cavalcade adjoin the Sun Chronicle's atude on marriages. So abounding words and babble about such a simple subject. The apparent and simple actuality is, actuality is wrong. It is adjoin every beastly trait. It is ailing and suld be advised as a sickness. I acquire no advisedly with two bodies of any gender affection commemoration other. No botheration there. But aback they achieve a case for actuality affiliated afresh the bandage has been crossed. W is the helpmate and w is the groom? W gets top announcement on signing for a me and signing the tax return? W lds the aperture for w? W is on "top" if you get my drift? And these are aloof whimsical, asinine questions. I beggarly abracadabra up the images of "unions" is aloof apparent yuccckkk! Crowell and the Christian churches are adapted and Bristol is aloof aba to the atrophy of a admirable country. It is all advancing to a head. Some would and are demography God abroad from us. They are bedlam at our religious commodity and our moral cipher of beastly behavior. They are aborticide "little people" by the tusands. Now they will be prancing bottomward the aisles of the boondocks anteroom to get ancd and added adulteration the ociation we animate in. It is time for the moral majority to allege out and admonition stop this madness. I apperceive Terry and others will abrrence me afresh but I acquire to aculate adage these things because, if not me, w? If not now, when? Our promiscuous, advanced ociation has gone amok and is killing the America I grew up in and loved. I acquire a adapted to be affronted about that and I am. I acquire a adapted to say it and I do. I beg and appeal any w do accede to alpha cogent others that you are ailing of this stuff. Get the babble to the bodies in government w appee your votes. Aloof to see Rosie O'Donnell duke in duke with her "wife" and bashing my admiral was sickening. Breadth does she get off actuality the abettor for behavior in this country? OK, now booty your sts at me all of you w disagree. I acquire taken it so far and will acquire to do so. Aloof advanced about these things. Get on your knees and ask God for an answer. Bye for now and God absolve you all.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Mon Advance 01

Terry, hush. No one is acatory but you. If you don't like what Mr. Howard has to say, no one is autritative you apprehend it. Abound up!

Sicayou, Sun February 29

Sorry, Terry, I didn't beggarly to point out the truth. If it hurts to apprehend the accuracy afresh you are allocation of the problem. And I forgot that in your mind, I acquire no adapted to acquire admission to the Guestbook. Ooopsy, sorry! NOT!

Rich Howard, NPR, FL Sun February 29

I agree, Terry. Aloof not safe to footstep in these waters. A little animated babble aloof isn't aural his ability.

Linda, Attleboro Sun February 29

Just aback from visiting Attleboro and the Esplanade Tavern. My son Keith and I ordered a ablaze beer and casting meat sandwich. Asked the buyer for the compound to allocation with abundant Bedfellow Bookers. He declined. I aloof now searched the WWW with Google and activate two hits, both from thesunchronicle.com. Here's one: "In the meantime, adore these 'Must-do' ideas: Try a sandwich you won't acquisition abounding added places. You gotta acquire a casting meat sandwich in Attleboro. Fabricated from cks of pork marinated in a ambrosial booze served on a Portuguese aliment roll, it's a authentic airiness and adamantine to acquisition alfresco the city. Aural Attleboro, tugh, they'll be featured at summer barbecues put on by the Elks, Angelic Apparition Church, the Portuguese-American Club and added organizations and they're a basal at several bounded cafes. Mark Flanagan." Personally, it's not my allocation of cake. Instead, let me acquaint you of the BEST abysmal sea scallops and able air-conditioned clams from The Alpha Bolt restaurant on Chauncey Artery in Mansfield.

Tom Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA Sat February 28

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Just aback we apprehension it was safe to go aback into the Guestbook, Howard muddies the memories and smacks us in the face afresh with his hate. Shameful.

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Esplanade MD Fri February 27

I would like to say that I advanced our new ambador Kevin Dumas is accomplishing a admirable job. I abiding do accord him credit, accepting to prove himself to so abounding unbelievers. It's acceptable to see bodies our age with ambition, goals and brains. Aculate up the acceptable work, Kevin, you are autritative us actual proud! New atudes and change can be a actual acceptable thing.

Zelda, Attleboro Thu February 26

Same- marriages. A cheat abettor from M. aculation support. (Scary). A cine uming the authentic abrrence suffered for US ALL actuality panned by some for actuality too violent. Acquire they apprehend the Bible? Some of them were not able for the violence? Why not? Bodies lined up in San Francisco two by two of the aloft for marriages. (Yuck). Jobs gone off-s to augment the pockets of acquisitive stocklders and CEOs. (It is declared to clamber down, boys). Misconceptions about Iraq and our purpose there. (Guess they were bigger off below S.H., huh?). Airlines and others gouging so we can "pay for the 9/11 downturn." Gas prices acid up for whatever reasons. Murderers and s etc. accepting off agilely or arise aboriginal to annihilate or abduction etc. again. Advanced lath apathy that victims acquire and ache while autritative abiding their tormentors are adequate to the utmost. Academy admiral with no adeptness to ascendancy ertive acceptance afterwards adversity lawsuits. God actuality trampled on by mislead advanced pinkos w could use God added than some but haven't ample it out yet. (They will). Allowance companies running, (or is that ruining), blossom affliction to the point that doctors are abashed to put a name on what ails you. All this and added and all we are abashed about is casting meat sandwiches? Well, OK, I could use a acceptable casting meat sandwich myself adapted about now. But amuse bethink the added actuality too and act to actual it. Amuse stop the carelessness that is blow all about us. Arise aback to angel and bolt the chance of Soddom and Gomorrah . I'll booty that casting meat sandwich now …

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Wed February 25

Hi, Debbie Stewart: I beatific you an e-mail with some accretion ideas. If you do not get it, amuse e-mail me. I would adulation to admonition you out with some abundant accretion account and abundant agency to save accoutrements of $$$ with bounded vendors and application E-Bay. Thanks.

Melissa Perreault, Attleboro Avalanche Tue February 24

I aloof apprehend the commodity in the "Special Features" breadth of the Web armpit apropos Jarrod's Animate Bedrock Venue on Coffer Artery in Attleboro. Does anyone apperceive if this is the aloft adeptness that, aback in 1968, a cardinal of us adolescence adapted over to the "Suzy Creamcheese Electric Theater," alone to be bankrupt bottomward on the aboriginal night of operation by the blaze department? I'm ytical to know. Thanks!

Kenny Pelletier, Amoroso Land, TX Tue February 24

The Lynxmaster responds: Yes, it is. Afterwards afterwards manifestations as The Downunder, Pete's Galley and others, the aloft bowling alleyway has been Jarrod's for several years now.

It is abundant to see a bi-weekly from aback me. Aculate up the acceptable work!

Caulleen, Greenville, SC Mon February 23

Help! Our babe aloof became affianced and they would like an October wedding. Yikes! If any of you apperceive of some adapted sites for a reception, amuse e-mail me with the names and locations. I would be so belden We are attractive for some abode that would not be added than 45 account from Foxboro/Mansfield. She would like country/rustic. Abundant acknowledgment to anyone w adeptness apperceive of a abode that we acquire overlooked.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Sun February 22

Mr Lynx: Apperception acknowledgment … what does abounding on-line cable archetype mean? Abounding commemoration at what cost? Sounds interesting. Would like some aftereffect info. Thanks

Maureen Nolan Whitty, Myrtle Beach, SC Sun February 22

The Lynxmaster responds: We acquire apprenticed with Newsstand to put the absolute agenda on bandage in a bi-weekly folio format, so you can browse through every folio of the agenda aloof as you could if The Sun Chronicle was delivered to your me that day. This account cable service, acclaim calendar only, will bulk about $15 per month, about the bulk of a account cable to a adamantine archetype of the paper. You will additionally be able to buy cyberbanking audible copies of the paper. If you go to newsstand.com you can see samples of affidavit they lath and booty a admirers tour. This suld be a benefaction for out-of-state bodies w appee to apprehend all the news, for mail subscribers annoyed of accepting the agenda a commemoration late, for subscribers w go on vacation or abroad on business and appee to apprehend the paper, and so on. It suld be accessible to go age-old in March.

Ann Gard: It was nice to apprehend the Guestbook (as I usually do every few days) and see a actomed name. Achievement both you and your bedmate are accomplishing well. As for myself, I'm adequate retirement and befitting busy. With four grandchildren it's not hard. By the way, Mac accelerating with me and we aloof had a 50th chic reunion. Boy, time flies! Also, acknowledgment for accessory my retirement action at Ann's Place. It was absolutely special. Sending commendations and best wishes from Norton.

Gilda Lynch, Norton Sat February 21

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Is it accessible to apprehend Bill Hannan's columns on line? I can't acquisition them. Does Mr. Hannan acquire an e-mail address? Thanks. (Hi, Dee.)

KP, Sewickley, PA Thu February 19

The Lynxmaster replies: Bill's cavalcade is not on bandage at this time, but you will be able to apprehend his columns in four weeks or so aback our abounding on-line cable archetype becomes available. Bill does not acquire an e-mail address, but you can accelerate any accord to news@thesunchronicle.com and it will be anesthetized on to him.

As a altogether present aftermost year,I actomed from my babyish adept accompany in Norton a archetype of the book "Pictorial History of the Attleboros." This year I actomed from them Aggregate II … the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. I was built-in in 1931 so this aggregate was special. Every folio and commemoration was abounding of notalgia. I bought myself a aculative canteen so I wouldn't absence a audible actomed face, and there were many. I was so advantageous to be built-in and aloft in Attleboro and I can now accessory aback any time I appee and bethink tse admirable memories of people, places and things. Acknowledge you, Sun Chronice, for a job able-bodied done and my babyish friends, Pat and Mac, for giving me these treasures.

Ann Gard, West Yarmouth, MA Thu February 19

Blademeat: I acquire the Esplanade Aleuse purchases its blademeat from Furtado's. It comes in big cks and is already marinated. I acquire purchased the 5-lb. accoutrements of Furtado's blademeat from Castro's amalgamation abundance at Canton Square and artlessly add a canteen of beer. Accompany to a abscess and simmer for a brace of urs. Aback I lived out west my mom would acquire Furtado's crico and linguica alien to me via UPS every Christmas. It was such a treat, alternating with some Drakes Funny Basal and Lay's vinigar chips. You can allegedly acclimation from Furtado's on line. Enjoy!

Linda, Attleboro Wed February 18

OK. Blademeat. I activate it on the Net. (Yes, acceptable Portuguese woman I am. Daddy, don't about-face over in your grave …) I acquire never adapted it, so actuality it is again. Or can anyone ask the Esplanade Aleuse to acquire endemic ? FOB Aleuse acclimated to achieve it too. Tim O'Hare, breadth are you ?

BLADEMEAT RECIPE: http://www.portuguese-recipes.com/Pork Caciola Recipe.htm. Acquaint me w it is. Or if any authentic Lonicut about baker can cavalcade endemic or the PA Club's? Please?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Tue February 17

I would like to authentic my ardent condolences to the Gazzola ancestors on the blow of their son, Joseph. I can not activate the affliction of blow a boyish at such a boyish age. I adjure that God will abundance your ancestors in this time of acid sadness. Altugh I never met this boyish man, his ancestors afflicted my life. Accepting developed up in Lonicut, I acquire abounding addicted memories of the animated face of Mr. Gazzola (Joseph's grandfather?) allowance me with my bike bottomward at the Getty station. As a boyish child, I apprehension that he was one of the kindest men I anytime knew. Aback I got to AHS and met his son, Louis Jr., I told him about the nice things that his dad had done for me over the years and I able that it wasn't a balloon of my boyish imagination. Mr. Gazzola, the teacher, had the aloft affable smile and affable disposition as his dad. And, if my anamnesis serves me correctly, Joseph's mother was one of my AHS English teachers. I bethink her admirable fair white smile. Afterwards my sister anesthetized abroad at the age of 25, I came to acquire that God's plan is not consistently arise to us actuality on earth. Some things won't be explained until we can see it "from above." Aculate the acceptance and God bless.

Spit, Mon February 16

You aloof reminded me of the Saay mornings aback I formed at the old Attleboro Cavalcade Of. A few of us would acquire cafeteria breach about 10:30 in the morning and airing over to the Esplanade Aleuse for a abstract and a casting meat sandwich. Man, it's been a connected time.

Tom Fagnand, Kissimmee, FL Sat February 14

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

FYI: Rumor has it that the Esplanade Aleuse will be closing bottomward for acceptable in the abreast aing to achieve way for the new CVNA building. Such a big blow for the burghal of Attleboro and the adept emblage of the tavern.

Linda, Attleboro Thu February 12

I would adulation that casting meat compound too if addition is sharing. I bethink accepting them at the Elks. I haven't been aback to Attleboro in over bristles years. How abundant has changed?

Roland Demers, Vancouver, WA Wed February 11

Yes, acknowledge you, Donna. Mom formed with abounding bodies througut her career. I'm apologetic to say that I do not bethink you off the top of my head, but maybe if I saw you and knew breadth you formed with her. Anyway, there acquire been a lot of tughts, prayers and apropos with the family. Acknowledge you, everyone, for cerebration of us! God bless!

Cyndy (Mello) Lesperance, Meredith, NH Tue February 10

Thank you, Donna, for the nice words and canonizing our mom. The ancestors appreciates your tughts and sympathy. She formed actual adamantine for the doctors in Attleboro and I do bethink you, but I don't advanced the others in the ancestors will. Acknowledge you again.

Kathy (Mello) Eskeli, Woonsocket, RI Mon February 09

To all of my connected absent Attleboro neighbors: How are you all? Is that abode that has the "best" blademeat sandwiches, the Esplanade Tavern, still in buisness? I activate that it is, because I would LOVE too acquire a blademeat sandwich adapted now. Can anybody accelerate me a compound or about 3 pounds of the aces marinated pork? E-mail me, please, and let me know. Acknowledgment alot. I absence you all, my ole' neigrs on Lexington Avenue and beyond.

Gregory S. Perry, Seattle Mon February 09

Love to be in the guestbook. Thanks.

Maureen Nolan Whitty, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 Mon February 09

… and let's add HEBRONVILLE as addition boondocks aces of mention, abnormally the Knight Avenue breadth and Finberg Academy with Ms. Roberts' administering aback in the Thirties.

Tom Johnson, Virginia Bank Mon February 09

Hello, Attleboro! I am apologetic to say that my mother, Rose Marie (Tracey) Mello, anesthetized abroad aftermost Thursday. She was built-in and aloft in Attleboro. I apperceive there are still a lot of ancestors ociates and accompany there and I would like to acquire her obituary acquaint in the paper. I'm cat-and-mouse to apprehend from The Sun Chronicle as to whether or not they will book the obituary. I appee bodies there to apperceive she has ped, because she was a adapted mom to me. Sun Chronicle people, if you apprehend this, amuse get aback to me! Acknowledge you! On a happier note: WAY TO GO PATS! A audible "nailbiting" game! Booty a well-deserved break, afresh do it again!!

Cyndy (Mello) Lesperance, Meredith, NH Sun February 08

I would acknowledge an amend on the cachet of Bliss Scol. Does it acquire a future, or will it be larboard to abatement down?

KP, Sewickley, PA Sat February 07

I acquire aloof abstruse about the abrupt afterlife of Mrs. Rose Marie Mello, a built-in of Attleboro, w afresh anesthetized abroad in Meredith, N.H. Rose Marie was built-in in Attleboro and aloft her ancestors there alternating with her bedmate of 52 years. She formed for abounding of the doctors in Attleboro through the years as a medical secretary and I had formed with her years ago. I would like to accelerate my centermost sympathies to her family, her bedmate Alfred Mello (a TI retiree), her daughters Kathy Eskeli and Cindy Lesperance, sons Dan and Steve. I am actual apologetic for your loss. God bless.

Donna, Attleboro Fri February 06

I was talking to addition from Attleboro tonight and we got to talking all about the adapted places there. I acquire not been in Attleboro for abounding years, but I can bethink it like it was yesterday. I admired growing up there and accepting ancestors about all the time. Afresh we abashed and absolutely absent abstract with all my friends. Canonizing all the places I acclimated to go to - aback in the mid to backward '60s into the aboriginal '80s - fabricated me feel so good. I admired Attleboro and all the bodies there. What a abundant abode to accession accouchement and acquire a family. I appee I could acquire backward there and aloft my ancestors the way I was raised. To all my ancestors that still animate in that area, I absence and adulation you all!

Kathie Forsythe-McDonnough, Marissa, IL Fri February 06

Seems to me that Mr. Lang was adage that Plainville was a abrrent abode to animate because Rich Howard was from there. Doesn't beggarly that Plainville was a bad place. I consistently apprehension Plainville was a actual appealing town. Affluence of acceptable bodies acquire arise from Plainville and Plainville has acceptable memories for them, like Attleboro does for me and anybody else's metown has for them. Also, my condolensces to Kerry and Todd Anderson and their families on the commemoration of their father's abrupt death. It allegation be actual difficult for you. I understand. Aculate the faith, Kerry and Todd. My prayers are with you.

Joy Harris, Ozark, MO Fri February 06

I was acquisitive for this affectionate of acknowledgment - affectionate of takes your minds off of Mr. Howard, doesn't it? I acceptance none of you apprehend any of my comments that began about a year ago or more. I admired Arctic Attleboro, Atttleboro, Plainville, Norton, Mansfield, Taunton, and all tse babyish towns in M. and R.I. I'm animated to apprehend that the abstract of you do too. Stop ganging up on Howard and try and booty a antic or acerb remark. It is absorbing of all the added things I said that you all best up on the Plainville remark! You're consistently putting Howard bottomward so bad that the animadversion was absolutely fabricated in banter arise him. I'm abiding in absolute action you all had commodity said to you as a brawl on words or commodity like it - acquire you not? Acquire me, I would acquire never exchanged my growing up in NA for any added abode I acquire lived. Stop actuality so accursed austere about aggregate - none of us is anytime action to change the angel by putting comments into a Guestbook like this. It is additionally funny w abounding avert a abode that they no best animate in. Mr. Glover, don't booty my comments personally. I could absorb abounding pages on what we do aback we visit, what we did growing up, and what abundant things my accouchement apprentice aback we go to NA and the surrounding areas. So what do you acquire to say about that!

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Fri February 06

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

A little aen on growing up in Plainville for Mr Lang from addition w grew and thrived in that enviroment: Plainville was a admirable abode to accession a ancestors and an akin SAFER abode to be a kid. I had the abundant acquaintance of actuality allocation of a wonderful, aing neighborod. In Plainville anybody looked out for commemoration other. We were advantageous to acquire wonderful, caring adults such as the backward Rita Watson and Ron Fredrickson w gave advisedly of their time to admonition adviser boyish women and men through the Babe and Boy Advance programs. We had boyod dances at the Copse Academy breadth our parents could accompany us, bead us off and KNOW that we would be safe because at some point they would additionally be chaparones. We additionally knew that if we got in aation there was no way our parents would not acquisition out. The adults in boondocks cared, there was no attractive the added way. We had a admirable abbey ociation and while abounding of us may not acquire been of the aloft adoration we all aggregate in abbey activities. Was Plainville, Mayberry? No way! But you suld know, Mr Lang, that some actual wonderful, caring, amenable bodies acquire arise from that "plain" town. I feel apologetic that your time there was not abounding with adored memories. I for one will never balloon Rollie Perrault and his donuts, the adhesive rickies from the Plainville Drug, French chips from Don's Diner, pond on a t summer afternoon in the boondocks pool, ice skating abaft the biologic store, camping abrupt at the Conservation Breadth on Everett Sknner Alleyway or aloof the adeptness to airing to the centermost of boondocks from Sidney Artery and not accepting to anguish about actuality abducted. Plainville is growing by leaps and bounds, but aback I still acquire ancestors w acquire there I apperceive that it is still a boondocks of loving, caring, compionate bodies w appee to accession their kids in a "small, plain" town. Hopefully, aback you get beforehand you will be able to accessory aback and acquisition some adored memories from your childod.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Thu February 05

In acknowledgment to Mr. Lang: Plainville was the BEST abode to abound up. I am so adored that my mom and dad brought our ancestors to Plainville from Attleboro, aback in 1945. We had a boondocks breadth anybody knew and cared about the other. I accessory aback at the years at scol, and it was the best time of my life. The boondocks park, and all the fun we had there. Our church, all the stores, every abode you were, bodies knew you. I aloft my three sons there, and was so animated that they had a advenious to apperceive a boondocks that was babyish and bodies cared about you. I can't say abundant acceptable things about OUR town, Plainville. Would adulation to animate aback there again. I absence it so much. I am bottomward actuality in Florida, but go aback up there every advenious I get. Apologetic that you feel the way you do about Plainville, as you are the loser. Admired the Pats' game. I am still for you and knew that you would do it! Congratulations!!!

Doris Cobb Smith, Deltona, FL Thu February 05

1) So you see, Mr Lang is advantaged to his appraisal as are all of you w altercate his opinion. So he doesn't like Plainville, so what?

2) Actuality in Bucs country I am a boyod in that I acquire been a Patriots fan all of their 44 years. I was at the "traffic jam" bold adjoin the Giants aback they opened Schaefer Stadium. I sat in a bang at Fenway Esplanade aback they played the Bills for a atom in the old AFL playoffs. I saw Joe Namath brawl for the Jets at Fenway his aboriginal year. I adulation the Patriots and acquire my arrangement championship hat and my Air-conditioned Basin hat is on order. I alone appee I could acquire to Dennis & Callahan on WEEI but Infinity Broadcasting has cck-full absolution them adver on the internet. A acquaintance did accelerate me the Boston Herald, tugh, and I acknowledge him for that. 3) Abashment on the Machusetts Supreme court, or at atomic four of them. What a sham. 4) Don Davis, a Patriots adapted teams/linebacker guy, lives bottomward the alleyway in Ancrage Charlotte and attends my sister-in-law's church. I achievement to get to see the amphitheatre aback he gets it. (By the way, he acclimated to brawl for the Bucs and ALMOST animate with Carolina. Wheeeww! 5) If athenaeum of the old "News Leader" are available, you will acquisition me quoted in a front-page commodity accounting by Dick Sherman about that aperture night in Foxboro. Oh, so connected ago. I additionally formed usher/security that aboriginal ision and little old ladies threw beer on me because they said I alone did it to see the amateur free, whch was true. 6) Well, off to the golf course. It is 67 degrees adapted now and the sun is shining. Booty affliction all and God absolve you and GO PATRIOTS!!!

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu February 05

YAY PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!! I knew they could do it. Out actuality in MO. there are mostly Kansas Burghal Chiefs fans. It's been an absorbing season, to say the least! I am so appreciative of tse guys. I anxiety them "them's my boys" here. One of the girls that I ignment with had a Air-conditioned Basin Action and she was the alone one acclaim for the Pats and she said she did that aloof for me! Actual cool. Her bedmate is a big Chiefs fan. Oh well, maybe aing year for the Chiefs, but I advanced not. Let's aculate the bays in New England! Appee I could acquire gone to the arrangement today. Thanks, Oreste, for befitting the comments bottomward a bit. Seems that there are a brace of bodies in actuality that aloof aren't too happy. That's too bad. It's nice to see bodies canonizing what it was like aback in the day. Anyways, I'm animated the Patriots won and I'm acquisitive the aloft for the Red Sox this year. GO PATRIOTS!

Joy (Holbrook) Harris, Ozark, MO Wed February 04

What a abundant comment: We are all like snowflakes. No bulk w abounding there are, there are no two alike.

Stormy, Omaha Tue February 03

Dear Mr Lang: I'm abiding the bodies of Planville are not aated that you don't appee to animate there. So you are a bastille chaplain. In added words you acquire a bound audience. Wppi-dee, sounds a little addled and arid to me.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Tue February 03

I was absolutely abashed at the animadversion fabricated by Bill Lang w said that Plainville was a abrrent abode to abound up. How amiss he is. Ask any of the Guestbook readers w came from Plainville and I ure you they will accede with me that it was the best abode to abound up! The name of a boondocks agency nothing, it is the bodies in the boondocks that achieve it, and Plainville had some of the best bodies I anytime met. There was affluence to do and we were additionally brought up to acquire a bit of adeptness and created our own brawl as well. Abashment on you for apprehension a abundant abode afterwards any adeptness of what it was absolutely like. Also, Mr. Howard did not "grow up" there. Evidently he resided there afterwards he married.

By the way, acknowledgment Pats for a abundant entertaing and aative year! Congratulations!

Karolyn Youngdahl McNamara, Sarasota, FL / Wrentham, MA Mon February 02

Mr. Lang doesn't acquire a clue what animate in Plainville was like growing up. It was a abundant abode to abound up in and I appee Mr. Lang would aculate his barbarous animadversion to himself. I achievement all the bodies w lived in Plainville will acknowledge to Mr. Lang.

Ina (Peck) Riley, Mercer, ME Mon February 02

Dear Bill: I'm so apologetic that you feel that Plainville is a sad abode to animate because there is annihilation to do there. I've never activate myself adored because of things/events accessible to me; bodies and affection can achieve me abundant happier. Conceivably Plainville is no best the boondocks of my memories, but I doubtable that it still has a fair allocation of acceptable bodies w acquire there. I will allegedly never acquire in Plainville again, but that doesn't beggarly I don't like it there. Please, let's try to all be kinder to others in actomed affairs as able-bodied as in this Guestbook. There is annihilation to be acquired by animosity.

Kathleen Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Mon February 02

Terry, can you cavalcade that blademeat compound for us absent locals? And Mr.Howard, what can I say. Life's srt, Chill. GO PATS!

Dan Cordell, Bounce Acropolis Florida Fri January 30

I was gonna anxiety Esplanade Aleuse for the blademeat to see if they'd accelerate me some, but afresh I activate this recipe. I've never approved it out, as I consistently got my blademeat at P-A BBQs way aback when: http://www.portuguese-recipes.com/Pork Caciola Recipe.htm. Additionally for stuffies and clamcakes, try www.newenglandcooking.com. GO PATRIOTS!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Fri January 30

Seems to be a lot added bodies sending in comments lately. Howard has a way of accepting below people's skin. What's the big deal? I acquire been apprehensive for months w old Mr. Howard is and breadth you are from. Acknowledgment for cogent us. Plainville explains it all! That's it. What a abrrent abode to acquire had to live. W would acquire anytime basal to animate in Plainville? There's annihilation there! One developed said commodity about the able but has yet to say what was action on below the bridge. What a addled abode - Plainville. The name says it all. I admired the able breadth - accelerating from Feehan in 1973. I go aback about already a year because my parents are still animate but would never accede affective back. The able is the able and we all acquire some abundant memories but that is all they are - memories. I am a clergyman in a federal bastille now and acquire to many, abounding acceptance and apperceive added than my allocation of sad people. We all had it appealing acceptable - and yes, we are all in allegation of redemption! I advanced there is a acceptable abbey amid in a aloft abundance aloof bottomward from the Chinese restaurant, abreast breadth the old agenda abundance acclimated to be in NA. I can't akin bethink the names of the old businesses any more.

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Thu January 29

Why don't you all abound up. Abdicate nit-picking. Action is aloof too srt.

Karen, Thu January 29

Terry, amuse accord my commendations to your mom and acquaint her Art Carval's babe wishes her a accelerated recovery. Rich, I may not accede with a lot of what you say, but I do feel you acquire the adapted to say it. I advanced that there are abounding of you w are affronted as Rich by the comments you make. I additionally accede with the actuality that he makes this cavalcade interesting. Does anyone acquire any added memories to share?

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu January 29

I would like this Guestbook to acquiesce me to extend my centermost sympathies to Tom, Bob, Bev and Doreen Shuannesy on the casual of their wife and-or mother. I grew up aural suting ambit from the ancestors in N.A. and Bob was co-captain of the N.A. football aggregation aback I was a freshman. We acclimated to go to their me in the Fifties afterwards academy at the allurement of Bev and watch American Bandstand. I acquire a lot of memories of the ancestors and aloof saw Bev's bedmate Rusty at my 45th alliance in November. If any of you see Bob, admonish him that we ran into commemoration added at Waikiki Bank in 1963 while I was stationed there and his abode was in Pearl Harbor. Ahhhhh, candied memories, seems like a billion years ago. In any case, God absolve you all and you are all in my prayers. Sincerely, Dick (Rich) Howard

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Thu January 29

I like to arise to the Guestbook and see if there is anyone I apperceive w visited. I am boyish so alot of what bodies abode about I do not remember. My canicule in NA were in the 1980s and aboriginal 90s afore I moved. I appee added bodies would abode memories from then. What I bethink was Kids Boondocks in Attleboro, Arctic Aerial action to the accompaniment Air-conditioned Basin in '88 (I was in the band), Bliss Ice Chrism abreast the Tri-Boro theater, Camp Elmwood at the Y (when it was still cheap), and Mike Kirby was my CCD abecedary already at St. Mark's, and a lot of added addicted animate memories. My clandestine e-mail is listed below but I cse not not to urance it because I acquire been verbally attacked by addition actuality before. My clandestine e-mail is for friends, relatives, business colleagues. It is not a arrangement for opininated bodies w feel like our e-mails are doors that they allegation afresh beating on to get us to acquire to their appearance and convert. I do not adore this Guestbook as abundant with all the connected whinings. That is what a blubbering room/message lath is for. I do adore commemoration my Sun Chronicle. I accessory advanced to actuality able to apprehend aggregate anon by on-line pay subsciption. Acknowledge you.

meambi, Thu January 29

As I acquire said so abounding times afore in so abounding ways, I am not affronted that you disagree with some of my comments. This, afterwards all, is America and we are declared to adore the adapted to disagree. What riles me is some of you adumbrate abaft this blind of anonominity, acid it like a accouterment of armor while myself and Mr. Owen, amid others, acquire to be up advanced and accessible and accordingly acquire the slings and arrows and adulation as ourselves. I additionally acquire declared that the administrator or editor himself is the one w fabricated the advancement that we aation via e-mail. Some of you debris to do that, but still booty the befalling to accelerate me your abrrence via the Guestbook. Not a akin amphitheatre field. Aback I acknowledgment that, you never animadversion on it, like it was never said. Why is that? Acquaint the administrator you disagree with him also, not aloof me. I advanced sometimes that "spineless" is not a able abundant description. This is like adumbration boxing. So if the casting of "Zelda" from Attleboro still acquire to hide, afresh so be it. But, Zelda, I hereby allure you to "amaze" me. I can booty it.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Thu January 29

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Well, sorry, guys, there won't be any Pats SuperBowl Action in MD for me. I'm in Attleboro, because Mom (86) needs me. She's in Sy for a bit. I appee to acknowledge wever you are that helped her Saay afterwards she anesthetized out in advanced of the Library on Arctic Basal Artery and declared 911. She's accepting bigger and comatose calmly now, new pacemaker bustling along. Still pin to be in the Larson Able Centermost Brawl in March. She knew w abundant I basal sooo bad to be me for this Air-conditioned Basin announcement week, but not like this! Thanks, Mom!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Wed January 28

A while ago Mr. Howard told Ms. Bosh to barrier her anger. Is this not the "pot calling the kettle black?" (in this case, the "crackpot.") Also, Mr. Howard, the name is correct. You may acquire actomed my brother from Arctic Attleboro, Bruce Itis. He was able-bodied actomed about boondocks as he consistently seemed to be benign his sulder.

Arthur Itis, Basin Wobegon, MN Wed January 28

OK, Mr. Howard, the aen I'm "spineless" is because I absolutely don't allegation comments from you on my clandestine e-mail. There are allegedly added bodies that allocation my observations, so maybe you suld booty a footfall aback and see what we see. You do not arise aloft as a actuality that wants to bethink the acceptable old canicule and allocation the memories. So, I acceptance I will acquire "spineless" because you will acquire "nasty." It would absolutely affect you to apperceive w I absolutely am. You do not achieve me actual appreciative at all.

zelda, Attleboro Wed January 28

I disagree with about aggregate Rich Howard says, but I would like to stick up for him a bit here. He tends to get a bit bad-humored at times, but this Guestbook would not be as absorbing afterwards him, and w annoying it would be if everybody agreed all of the time! So, I say aculate on writing, Rich. Anyone w does not like what he says, aloof annal on by.

John Owen, Easton, MA Wed January 28

Well, Rich Howard, you absolutely do acquire a spine. Allbeit one to four paragraphs long. Actuality a Bircher, I apprehension maybe you would acquire some aces opinions. I acceptance not. But now anybody aloof knows your action story, and it's added than I basal to know.

Ed Lace, Grant, AL Tue January 27

I would like to advanced that best of Mr. Howard's comments are actuality blurred and that they are absolutely meant to be acceptable natured, not judgmental. I could be wrong, but I've apparent some bodies acknowledge in the aloft abode afterwards accepting "seen the light." They are so aflame to allocation the bulletin that they get up on their discourse and agilely scream it at anybody and anyone. Certainly, affronted and sin are annihilation to be blah or acquiescent about, but one allegation apprehend that we all abatement abbreviate in God's eyes. It doesn't bulk if you're a in or a splifter, a cheat or a fibber, a Republican or a Democrat, EVERYONE allegation acquire their blemish and achieve atonement. So, Mr. Howard, amuse acquaint us all that you are not the judgmental, lier-than-tu that you acquire arise aloft as, and that you are absolutely praying for commemoration and every actuality you acquire affronted to see the bulletin in their hearts as acutely as you have. God bless!

Spit, Tue January 27

Hey, Terry Bosh, can I acquire that compound for blademeat, I acquire lived in California for 30 years and alone get it aback I go to Attleboro at Esplanade Tavern

Barbara Machado Martin, Corona, CA Mon January 26

Born in Sy Hospital in 1940. Lived in Arctic Attleboro until enlisting in the U.S. Army in 1961. Came aback to the Attleboros in 1964. Lived in Attleboro for two years, formed in Attleboro for 28 years. Afresh lived in Plainville for 18 years and aback to Arctic Attleboro for a brace of years afore architecture a me in Franklin and blockage there for 11 years. Lastly retired and abashed to Florida breadth we acquire been for below than two years. Achieve about three or four trips aback up there a year for visits. I advanced that gives me the adapted to animadversion on my old me breadth and the goings on there, akin if some of you advanced I acquire alone that adapted for some abstruse reason. I don't alpha the arguments. I animadversion on commodity I apprehend or apprehend about and get accursed by some of you for not action alternating with what you allegedly advanced of the aloft situation. Afresh I get aced of arguing and abat your adored Guestbook. I repeat, at atomic I acquire the aback to urance my own name and authentic abode and e-mail address. The actual editor of the Sun Chronicle appropriate we aation via e-mail but you abject wonders debris to acquiesce anyone with an opposing appearance to acquaintance you that way. Appropriately I ataxia your Guestbook with my replies. So, I say, animate with it or get some courage. Acquire a nice commemoration accompany and foes alike. God absolve you all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon January 26

Back to basics! Does anyone out there apperceive of diplomacy for a NAHS Chic of 1969 alliance actuality scheduled? My sister, Linda Tourigny, w lives in San Diego but would like to plan a cruise me, asked me to acquisition out and I ample this would be a acceptable abode to s. Thanks!

Barbara Stanford, Arctic Attleboro Mon January 26

You adeptness appee to ay Reunions below Bounded Commemoration on our me page. Lynxmaster.

We are all like snowflakes. No bulk w abounding there are, there are no two alike. We ALL allegation to bethink that the aing time we try to acquaint others w to think. GO PATS!

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon January 26

Hey, Everybody! Congrats to the Pats! Animated to see a "real team" in the Air-conditioned Bowl. To Bill Lang: If you accelerating NAHS in 1975 we went to academy together, and I too account breadth the added bodies are that acclimated to accord to the Guestbook. I advanced a lot of ociation aloof got annoyed of aperture the Guestbook on a circadian abject alone to acquisition Mr. Howard's annotation to the inidual(s) he currently disagrees with, best of which is pages connected and has no content. No bulk w you are or what your appraisal is or is about he can consistently acquisition commodity to altercate about! To Ed Lace: Any affiliation to Paul? Achievement all is able-bodied in Patriots country - y'all acquire had some alone algid snaps! That's one acceptable action about animate in Dallas - it was 70 degrees yesterday! (Course it's declared to snow today …)Terry: I'd adulation to arise to your Air-conditioned Basin action - sounds like acceptable eats! I'm abiding out actuality we'll be feasting on the actomed Texas book - tacos, guacamole and BBQ. I'll booty stuffies and blademeat any day!

CWM, Dallas Mon January 26

My new e-mail address. Balloon the old one. Go Pats.

Ken Claflin ( Cole), Millinocket ME Sat January 24

I am disgusted with you ociation w were apprently AHS grads about '78. You apperceive aggregate about annihilation and apprehend others to animate by your say-so. Get a life. If you animate in Florida, afresh amuse do so and try to stop cogent others w to animate and what they suld be thinking. Acquire you heard of afflicted autritative behavior? Absorb added time in ay and below on the computer animate your aperture about w amiss people's own tughts and acrimony are. What is it that makes you so right, Mr. Howard? There are some actual nice conversations action on and afresh it comes to your admission and you are arguing with someone. Amuse stop and allocution about affable things. Please, please, please!

Zelda, Attleboro Fri January 23

Mr. Howard: For your information, Mr. Lace's e-mail is le. Not that it is your abode to adviser such things. I am actively alpha to advanced that you conceivably acquire a botheration that needs attention. The able angel is not amiss and, to my knowledge, boilerplate is it accounting that God actomed you as the world's adjudicator and lath or moral ruler. Amuse go aback to actuality the affable little man w aggregate bizarre acceptance of Attleboro in the old days. Abounding bodies in actuality are accepting annoyed of your whining, bad-tempered and cogent the angel w to think.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Thu January 22

Calling God: John Madden was in Chicago to acquaint a football bold one weekend aback he noticed a adapted bang abreast the Bears' bench. He asked a adjacent amateur what it was acclimated for and was told it was a tline to God. John asked if he could use it. The amateur told him, "Sure, but it will bulk you $100." John aching his head, afresh tught, what the heck. I could use some admonition acrimonious games. He pulled out his wallet and paid the $100.00. John's picks were absolute that week. The aing week, John was in Texas aback he noticed that aloft affectionate of buzz on the Cowboys' bench. He asked what the bang was for and was told "It's a tline to God. If you appee to use it, it will bulk you $500.00." Recalling aftermost weekend, John pulled out his wallet and fabricated the call. John's picks were absolute afresh that week! The aing weekend John was in New England at Gillette Stadium aback he noticed the aloft affectionate of buzz by the Patriots' bench. He asked Tom Brady, "Is that the tline to God?" Tom said, "Yes, but it will bulk you 50 cents". John looked incredulously at Tom and said, "Wait a second, I aloof paid $100 in Chicago and $500 in Texas to use the aloft buzz to God! Why does New England alone allegation 50 cents"? Tom looked at John and replied, "In New England, it's a bounded call." GO PATRIOTS!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Thu January 22

Hi, Ed. I acquire been accepting fun with it, too. Kudos to Paul Tetreault. I absolutely enjoyed the commodity about him. My condolences to Sandy Raming and her ancestors on the casual of her Mom. Hey, Rich, are you action to vote for John Kerry?

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu January 22

Always nice to apperceive I can stop by this Web folio for a acceptable chuckle. BTW, my e-mail abode is additionally for clutter mail, so amuse feel chargeless to e-mail me.

AJ, Arctic Attleboro Thu January 22

Call me crazy, but I don't see the botheration with afflicted email addresses. Why allure exceptionable responses? I alone acquire a block on the abominable "stalker" in the group.

angelique, Cumberland Thu January 22

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

Hi, Lorna, abiding is nice to allocution to bodies from me. I'm accepting fun with this Guestbook.

Ed Lace, Grant, AL Wed January 21

Always advanced of the crowd. Abundant News, ets and service. Acknowledge you, Sun Chronicle!

Dayer Le Baron, www.rywallers.com Wed January 21

Hmmmmmmmmmm … addition afflicted e-mail address. Maybe it's a cabal sed by the Tri-Lateral Commission.

Arthur Itis, Basin Wobegon, Mn Wed January 21

Hey, Mr. Howard, this is a absolute e-mail address. It's aloof for clutter mail. If you would like an alternative, I can accord you one aloft request.

Edward Lace, Grant, AL Wed January 21

Terry,I e-mailed you and I am so there. Could you aloof explain one action to me? Why is it every time I go to Metro (now Sppers) I acquire to actualization the man what pastrami is, like it is some foriegn meat, and amuse explain to my fiance that bistro it algid is aloof disgusting. LOL

Michele MacCormack Moran, Brooklyn Esplanade Wed January 21

Ed Lace's e-mail abode is additionally a pny.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Wed January 21

Hey! Anyone in MD/VA/DC breadth w wants to arise over to acquire a able New England Air-conditioned Basin Action with bodies from me, e-mail me. We'll do buffet of actuality from me - clamcakes, stuffies, blademeat…and accompany every abuse Patriots banderole or banderole you have. We'll adhere it all over my barade so all of MD can see! GO PATS!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Tue January 20

Hey, John Owen, wever told you you weren't already on Mars?

Ed Lace, Grant, AL Tue January 20

Wow, Mr. Howard, you allegation acquire backward up all night ciphering, to bulk out Mike Stand. You would do Jethro Bodine proud.

Ed Lace, Grant, AL Tue January 20

Below is my acknowledgment is "Arthur Itis" about his animadversion in the Guestbook aimed at me. It is apparent to see w he is a actuality w hides abaft afflicted names, etc. Furthermore, to allay the editor, I did try to acquaintance him via e-mail but his e-mail abode is additionally a pny. I got it bounced aback to me with the aen actuality "not our tomer." I am not aggravating to actualize calamity here. I aloof appee bodies to apperceive that I do not adumbrate abaft afflicted names, etc. Whether you accede with me or not, you can adeptness me and bang me and exhausted on me, abundance is not a afflicted name and address. If you acquire to acquire annihilation else, acquire some adventuresomeness of your tughts and convictions. Acknowledge You, Rich Howard.

You know, already a guy wrote a letter to the editor apropos the advancing botheration with the bandage anxiety accommodation at the old Advance architecture in Attleboro. He got it through the editor by signing it "Mike Stand." Of course, it took some of us a nano-second to able his cipher and apperceive he snuck "micropne stand" by the editors. In addition instance a guy beatific me an "anonymous" e-mail but his e-mail abode was "DJ10/26." Aback I knew a guy wse name was Darryl James and he was built-in on Oct. 26, lo and bolt addition "cracked code." My point, Mr. Arthur Itis, I achievement you spiral up the adventuresomeness to use a absolute name in the aing and I adjure your aching joints get bigger in time. Regards, John Birch

R. Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Mon January 20

This is to Cathy Bamford. I'm sorry, I don't bethink your aftermost name. I aloof basal to extend my condolences on the afterlife of your father. My affection goes out to you and my prayers are with you and your ancestors at this time. God Absolve You.

Joy Harris, Ozark, MO Mon January 19

GO PATS! Hi, Ed. I do apperceive Terry Bosh and about all the added Boshes. Terry and her brother David in Tallahee are third (I think) cousins. I will acquaint my brother you said accost the aing time I allocution to him. He will allegedly be aback bottomward actuality this summer. Hi, Terry and David.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon January 19

Terry, not actual but aculate trying. Try application actomed faculty instead of acrimony and maybe you will arise up with commodity resembeling meaningful, but your not there yet. Barrier your acrimony and think, Terry think. I apperceive you can do it.

R. Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Mon January 19

Awesome! Our Pats acquire arise through again. Kudos to the aggregation and management! We will be actuality acclaim for them during the Superbowl. How appreciative they acquire fabricated all the admirable sports admirers w adulation them no bulk what they do! Go Pats!

Karol McNamara, Sarasota, FL Sun January 18

Another barter of asinine nonsense amid Mr. Owen and Mr. Howard. Bodies advanced Communism is dead, but Mr. Owen proves that admission wrong, and Mr. Howard reinforces the actuality that the John Birch Association is animate and well.

Arthur Itis, Basin Wobegon, Mn Sat January 17

Mr. Howard: If you collection like you think, we'd all be run into ditches in your wake. How's THAT for meaningful?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Sat January 17

I vote with Terry Bosh. That's a one way ticket, right?

angelique, Cumberland Fri January 16

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

That's it, Mr. Howard, I allegation be a Communist because I do not appee to go to Mars with you and George Bush. And, of course, one of my adept goals is to "get EVERYONE on the accessible dole." Acknowledgment for befitting us amused up actuality in the arctic North. Acquire a acceptable weekend, Rich, and anybody abroad too.

John Owen, Easton, MA Thu January 15

One added thing, Lorna: Terry Bosh. I'm abiding you've apparent her name here. She's my sister in Alabama's best friend. Hi, Terry, I apperceive you're commemoration this. You adulation this.

Ed Lace, Grant, AL Thu January 15

Hi, Lorna. No, I don't apperceive any of them, but to let you apperceive about our aberrant meeting, I was at my acquaintance Dana's use, and Al Bergevine and your brother were visiting Dana. We got to talking and the abstract is history. Acquire it or not, I was a announcer at The Sun Chronicle afore affective south. Next, I went to Angelic Gst, and allegedly apperceive anybody you knew in Lonicut. Forget, Manton, Cordierro, Cloud, Oliver, Hayden, Bregnard, Ruggieo, to name a few. Anybody misses Attleboro, but my sister and best acquaintance from N.H. came to arrangement and stayed. It's a adapted lifestyle, to say the least, but added desireable at best. I'm adored to achieve your acquaintence, abnormally in this aberrant way. Is this Internet abundant or what? Acquaint John I said o. Achievement to apprehend from you again.

Ed Lace, Grant, AL Thu January 15

If in 1492 Queen Isabella apprehension Columbus was basics we would all be animate in Europe now.

Bob Laplante, Arctic Attleboro MA Thu January 15

Answer: "B" Plan a trip. Maybe you will get a new angle and stop ing every time George Backcountry draws addition breath. Additional you will be allowance the abridgement by traveling. The auberge and airline industry will adulation you for it. You know, the ones w suffered because of 9/11 aback G.B. flew into the towers. And was it not G.B. w austere the U.S.S. Cole? Appealing abiding he blew up the Abyssal billet in Beirut and attacked both tse embies. Did he not vote to NOT acquire by all tse U.N. sanctions on Iraq? Yes John, if it is G.B. it is bad and affronted and stupid. Acquaint me the truth, that it is not all political with you. Kennedy basal to go to the moon - O.K., because you were 12? Bush, aback to the moon and on to Mars. - Noooo, actual bad. Go cry in addition else's beer. Oh, and Terry, acknowledgment for the vote of confidence. I am off to Mars. Be aback in time for you to achieve a allusive comment, about two years. By the way, John, I never said I absolutely agreed with the Mars thing. I aloof apprehension it was absorbing that it brought you out of the woodwork to already afresh exhausted on Bush.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Thu January 15

What if we all apprehension like Bush? Activate that the able few years acquire been asperous financially for your family. You had some money adored but it's gone now and you've run up a big credit-card debt aloof aggravating to achieve ends meet. What do you do? (A) Try to cut costs and ignment adamantine to pay bottomward your debt or (B) plan an abundantly big-ticket trip?

John Owen, Easton, MA Thu January 15

I vote we accelerate both George Backcountry AND Rich Howard to Mars!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Wed January 14

Thanks for the heads-up on the Accuweather problem. I'll get a architect on it asap. As anon as I thaw one out.

Oreste P. D'Arconte, Publisher

Question to The Sun Chronicle: How arise the acclimate acceptance on bandage hardly anytime up with the five-day apprehension on the aloft Web site? You acquire accessories about minus, freezing, etc. and a five-day uming lows at 34 or 18 or 24 and highs at 54 and 43 and 38, etc, and brilliant skies. The two acquire not jived for awhile now.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Wed January 14

Well, Mr. Owen, in commemoration to Arnold's election, anybody cannot be aggregate to all bodies now, can they? Unless of advance you acquire leaders like S.H. and Hitler and afresh you acquire no best but to acquire them and their dogma. Acquire you anytime heard of the basal of two evils, or the bigger cice? Acceptance not. As for your angle about spending money actuality on angel instead of e, able-bodied that is the advanced way. Absorb it all on tse w acquire not to ignment and on programs that accord it abroad for annihilation in return. What I appee to apperceive is, afterwards you get EVERYONE on the accessible dole, w do you armamentarium it afterwards a workforce advantageous your taxes? Oh. I get it, Socialism or Communism. Get your able out of the bank actuality on angel and go to Mars with the abstract of us … you may like actuality 12 again.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Wed January 14

Yes, Ed, that was my brother and he had aloof been visiting us. Breadth in Attleboro did you live? You are right, it is a babyish world. I acquire accompany in Huntsville that accord to the cir I acclimated to sing with. They arise up actuality every commemoration to rehe. They are Betty Meyer, Robin Ashley and Naida Williamson. Is there any advenious you apperceive any of them?

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, Tn Wed January 14

Mr. Howard, speaking of mindlessly abetment a ertive political party, I was a bit abashed aback you bidding action at the acclamation of Arnold Schwarzenegger some months ago. He is absolutely advanced and pro-cice. His backroom are not at all in bandage with the ethics you acquire so angrily bidding in this Guestbook. Did that R afterwards his name admission you?

John Owen, Easton, MA Wed January 14

What a abundant time it was in the '70s acknowledging the Apollo missions. We acquired a lot from that program, and will again.

Stormy, Omaha Wed January 14

Time commemoration got it adapted this year! The boilerplate age of the aggressive man is 19 years. He is a srt-haired, tight-muscled kid w, below actomed diplomacy is advised by ociation as bisected man, bisected boy. Not yet dry abaft the ears, not old abundant to buy a beer, but old abundant to die for his country. He never absolutely cared abundant for ignment and he would rather wax his own car than ablution his father's; but he has never calm unemployment either. He's a contempo aerial academy graduate; he was allegedly an boilerplate student, pursued some anatomy of action activities, drives a 10-year-old jalopy, and has a abiding adherent that either bankrupt up with him aback he left, or swears to be cat-and-mouse aback he allocation from bisected a angel away. He listens to bedrock and cycle or hip-p or rap or applesauce or exhausted and a 155mm witzer. He is 10 or 15 pounds lighter now than aback he was at me because he is animate or affronted from afore aurora to able-bodied afterwards dusk. He has aation spelling, appropriately letter-writing is a affliction for him, but he can acreage bandage a burglarize in 30 abnormal and re-emble it in below time in the dark. He can recite to you the clification of a apparatus gun or armament launcher and use either one finer if he must. He abode foxles and latrines and can administer first-aid like a professional. He can advance until he is told to stop or stop until he is told to march. He obeys orders instantly and afterwards hesitation, but he is not afterwards spirit or alone dignity. He is self-sufficient. He has two sets of fatigues: He washes one and wears the other. He keeps his canteens abounding and his anxiety dry. He sometimes forgets to besom his teeth, but never to apple-pie his rifle. He can baker his own meals, mend his own clothes, and fix his own hurts. If you're thirsty, he'll allocation his baptize with you; if you are gry, his food. He'll akin breach his armament with you in the bosom of action aback you run low. He has abstruse to use his easily like weapons and weapons like they were his hands. He can save your action - or booty it, because that is his job. He will about do alert the ignment of a civilian, draw bisected the pay and still acquisition acrid action in it all. He has apparent added adversity and afterlife afresh he suld acquire in his abbreviate lifetime. He has stood aloft mountains of comatose bodies, and helped to actualize them. He has wept in accessible and in private, for accompany w acquire collapsed in action and is unashamed. He feels every calendar of the National Anthem exhausted through his anatomy while at adamant attention, while about-face the afire account to "square away" tse about him w haven't aated to stand, abolish their hat or akin stop talking. In an odd twist, day in and day out, far from me, he defends their adapted to be disrespectful. Aloof as did his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, he is advantageous the bulk for our freedom. Beardless or not, he is not a boy. He is the American Affronted Man that has kept this country chargeless for over 200 years. He has asked annihilation in return, except our accord and understanding. Bethink him, and now her, as so abounding of our boyish women acceleration to the anxiety to avert our nation, always, for they acquire acceptable our commemoration and account with their blood. As you go to bed tonight, bethink them.

Let's not about-face the "moon" action into a political forum. We've been to the moon and spent a abundant accord of money accomplishing so. Now let's fo on application my hard-earned tax dollar on ytic some problems adapted actuality on Earth, no bulk w's in of.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Tue January 13

Lorna Noren: I met a John Carval aftermost summer visiting a acquaintance in Huntsville, Ala. He said he was from Attleboro. He had aloof visited his sister in Nashville. Could this be your brother? If it is, this is a babyish world. By the way, I additionally arise from Attleboro.

Ed L, Grant, AL Tue January 13

Mr. Howard, you Republicans are sensitive. I did advanced Kennedy's amplitude affairs was great. But I was 12 years old. Now that I am a grown-up, I don't get as aflame about emen. I am adjoin any Democrat sending addition to Mars as well. It's not consistently about Democrats or Republicans. Sometimes it's about actomed sense.

John Owen, Easton Tue January 13

Mr Owen: With absorption to the admiral absent to put a man on Mars, I don't advanced it is any added bedlam than Admiral Kennedy's eyes for putting a man on the moon. While the accurate and abstruse allowances that were allegedly able from the amplitude affairs are somewhat questionable, I advanced that with this blazon of vision/plan the appee is the chance itself. Commemoration of us can appraise whether it is a advantageous investment. Absolutely there are amaranthine causes that could use the money. However, the absoluteness is that the government ususally finds a way to spiral them up and lath little admonition anyw (cynical, I know). Maybe we can armamentarium a babyish allocation of the affairs by eliminating our allocation of the U.N., adopted aid to countries that about-face thier backs on us aback we allegation their support, the missle aegis shield, etc… Aloof a tught

frequent, Detroit Tue January 13

I'm with you, Mr. Owen. There are so abounding things actuality on angel that allegation our time, money and attention. One of my apropos is that Mars will become aloof addition planet that we administer to trash. Kudos to the Patriots on addition able win! My fingers are crossed! We displaced Machusians are still huge admirers and are accepting a abundant time bragging. Ya'll breach balmy and booty the time to ay on the old ociation in your neighborods. With their bound incomes abounding are afflicted to acquire amid heating oil and food. Aculate your chins up, bounce will return!

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Tue January 13

Terry, w about, Walt's Buzz Beef on Affable Street, Watson's Berth on Railroad Avenue, the argent railroad berth aloft from Sandy's, aloof to name a few able places to get acceptable eats. And try scrolling able tse bodies w bore you with their abode acation and arguing. It works for me.

Ed L., Grant, AL Mon January 12

Just acquaint us, Mr Owen, nestly, if you apprehension Admiral Kennedy's allegation to put a man on the moon was "loony"? Or is it aloof that this time it is Bush, or a Republican? Did not Kennedy acquire problems actuality on earth? Aloof asking, John.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Mon January 12

GO PATS! I am so appreciative of you. Anybody actuality at ignment was giving me bedraggled looks because I had my Patriots hat on top of my computer. I am amidst by Titans admirers here, but debris to convert!

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon January 12

I animate in the affection of Ravens country, my MD autrization plates say "MASSGRL" amidst by a New England Patriots basin frame, AND I've been aflame my Patriots sweatshirts and banderole all over! I'm so appreciative of them! I told the cop that guards Baltimore Burghal Anteroom that bathing the barrio in amethyst wasn't gonna admonition them Ravens. He doesn't say "Hi" to me anymore… GO PATRIOTS! ALL THE WAY!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Esplanade MD Mon January 12

Congratulations to the Patriots on addition win. There are lots of us Northerners wintering actuality in Florida w are absolutely affairs for our "me team." We abiding are appreciative of them and appee them connected success!

Karolyn McNamara, Sarasota, FL 34240 Sun January 11

Does anyone abroad advanced that Presidents Bush's account to put a man on Mars is loony? It seems to be a huge decay of money and action aback there are so abounding problems to breach adapted actuality on earth.

John Owen, Easton, MA Sat January 10

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters. Thanks.

I haven't looked at The Sun Chronicle for awhile. What happened to all the bodies w acclimated to acquire comments to this Guestbook? I acquire fabricated comments several times over the able year, but acquire heard actual few reactions. I grew up in NA, larboard in about 1978 and acquire lived and formed about the US for the aftermost 25 years.

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Wed January 07

To Frequent: Oh. Thanks.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Wed January 07

The admonition that was blurred was adver to the mayor, burghal lath and academy committee. They all affirmation to acquire not apparent the memo, excerpts of which were arise in the Sun Chronicle. It is authentic to canon why academy administrators and the academy lath did not canon a aloft than actomed appropriation. They cse to absorb the money and not ask why they actomed added than the minimum they acquire been accepting for years. I've been apprehensive aback addition was action to ask this question. The editor and administrator of the Sun acquire yet to canon it, and the citizens acquire yet to ask.

Frequent, Detroit Mon January 05

My sympathies to the ancestors of Ralph Cote. My dad and I formed for Ralph aback he partnered the Cote & Quaglia Aggregation abounding years ago.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon January 05

I acceptance I am missing commodity here, Lorna. Acquaint me afresh w the academy bodies suld acquire actomed that the money didn't exist? It was appointed by the administering w mis-read the state, right? All of that was not activate out 'til afterwards the election, right? Judy Robbins was the mayor, right? And as Harry Truman said on the urance on his desk, "The Blade Stops Here", right? Top dog gets the glory, Top dog gets the blame. Case closed.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Sat January 03

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

Please apprehend what I said BEFORE I said that the academy lath was to blame. Question: If you were actomed money that was not appropriately yours, wouldn't you canon it? In my book, if money were to be actomed to me that I was not declared to get and I didn't canon it, it would be agnate to burglary according to the ethics with which I was raised. The academy lath suld acquire actomed it aback with questions as to the error.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Fri January 02

Well, well, well, Mr Owen, we uredly accede to some admeasurement on something. Maybe this will be a acceptable year afterwards all. Wal-Mart, in my estimation, makes it accessory acceptable on the apparent but below they absolutely don't affliction about the employees. It is 2004. The alone action that counts is the basal line. Unless some bodies advanced acceptance yourself bottomward with all the little badges they get to abrasion on their vests and name tags is a acceptable accord afresh Wal-Mart is the abode to be. Now they are additionally animate out some added "big box" aliment as able-bodied as the little guy. Kids 'R' Us is a acceptable example. I would abrrence to see America covered with coffer to coffer Wal-Marts, but that is the way it is going. However, Sears and some others alone acquire themselves to acation for some of this. The job of a CEO is to acquire a eyes and to feel what is blow bottomward the road. They did not. Wal-Mart came alternating and blindsided KMart and others. Aloof like the Japanese auto industry did to Detroit. Able-bodied that is my take, anyway. Acquire a abundant new year and pray, oops, achievement for the best.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri January 02

Happy New Year to one and all. May your aing years be added adored than all your able years and may all of us accord acknowledgment and blessings to all in our armed armament and ets forces. A adapted absolution to our nation's police, accomplishment and blaze departments. Best of all, absolve these Affiliated States of America and may we animate with addition always. P.S. Absolve the AHS Chic of 1946

Tom Johnson, Virginia Beach, VA Wed December 31

Dear Ms. Lorna C. Noren: I acquire one canon apropos your admission about the $1.1 actor issue. Whaaaaaaat? It is the academy departments fault? Amuse explain. You absolutely acquire me befuddled on that one. See you aing year in the Guestbook.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Wed December 31

Bruce, You may acquire activate a acceptable bulk at Wal-Mart, but my compionate is that they action their advisers actual ailing and drive smaller, locally-owned sps out of business. On the added hand, according to addition announcement on this page, Sears is demography actual acceptable affliction of its soldier-employees while they are confined oversees. There is a lot of allocution on this folio about acceptable old American values. It appears that Sears has them. I will acquire Sears over Wal-Mart any day.

John Owen, Easton, MA Wed December 31

With so abounding bodies blaming Judy Robbins for the $1.1 actor error, I would like to apperceive why the bodies accepting the added money didn't canon why they were actomed so much. If my aggregation gave me an added bulk in my paycheck, the aboriginal action I would do is ask my bang-up why, because, abiding as soting, they will booty it abroad in the aing paycheck if it was a mistake. It is the academy administering that is to blame. And furthermore, why did they alone accord raises to the agents instead of putting it into books and buildings, too?

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Tue December 30

A adored and adored New Year to all, and a adapted acknowledgment to you readers of the Guestbook w e-mailed me apropos Ms. Bea Wood, the aloft abecedary and able of the Plainville Elementary Scols. She will acknowledge the memories you all acquire of her and be admiring to apperceive she has been such an important allocation of so abounding lives!

Karolyn (Youngdahl) McNamara, Sarasota, FL Mon December 29

It saddens me to see the abridgement of commemoration from the on-line adaptation of my metown newspaper. I acceptance the band-aid is pay-per-view? Pay for the commemoration and acquire all that our approved subscribers get? I acceptance the irony in that is that addition there no best has the time to actualization the bristles or six circadian banderole acceptance in their entirety, but already you pay for it, heck, they'll akin actualization you aggregate on auction at Emerald Square and bandy in bounded cine times too. Sorry, this out-of-state aborigine with his affection aback in the Sun Chronicle breadth acutely misses what is action on aback me. But if money is what makes the angel go around, afresh I appee the accommodation makers at The Sun Chronicle acceptable luck on this latest gim. For tse of you w won't be abiding already they go pay-per-view, I aboveboard achievement that on your aing arrangement aback me to the Sun Chronicle breadth you will acquisition the amore and beaude you consistently remembered. You can't and suldn't try to put a bulk on that. Adored New Year everyone. GO PATRIOTS!

Paul DuVarney, Colonial Heights, VA Mon December 29

I achievement anybody had a aces commemoration and is attractive advanced to a healthy, adored and affluent new year! Lord knows we could use it!

C Morrison, Dallas Mon December 29

Happy New Year everyone!

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Mon December 29

Sears? Aback is the aftermost time you set basal into a Sears? I acquire to go aback to the 1970s to advanced of a time aback I went into one, and afresh absolved out ured that my Wal-Mart acquirement was a acceptable one.

Bruce, Providence Mon December 29

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

I agree.

Amops, Fri December 26

Thanks to Rich for advertence me in his aftermost entry. Yes, it is nice to get absolute feedback. Let me activate by adulatory all a Merry Christmas and a advantageous new year. Afore the year is gone, let me accord you commodity to advanced about. If you appee to acquire the apperception of the larboard that is arresting the Autonomous action today, you acquire to apprehend annihilation goes. Their plan is simple: lie, exaggerate, change the subject, adjudge the USA, use aspersing accent in advertence to our leaders, use every aberration of argumentation to win, circuit every absolute action to a abrogating one. Aback you acquire no acceptable account to abutment your contentions that the action is wrong, and your abrrence of blow is so great. you will resort to the above. I acrimony war, but I abutment our troops and what they are accomplishing in accepting rid of an affronted regime. I acrimony war because some of the acceptable will die alternating with the evil, but that is the attributes of war. I abutment the troops as able-bodied as the war they are fighting. I acquisition it air-conditioned to abstracted the two, as some w say, "I abutment the troops but not the war." To me that is like me cogent my son or babe w brawl a sport, that I abutment them but not what they are doing, and afresh action to that bold with a urance that says, "I Abrrence Sports." Do you absolutely belive they will advanced I abutment them?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sat December 20

I acquire you acquire all see the belletrist about w Sears is alleviative its reservist advisers w are declared up? By law, they are adapted to autrity their jobs accessible and available, but annihilation more. Usually, bodies booty a big pay cut and lose allowances as a aftereffect of actuality declared up. Sears is voluntarily advantageous the aberration in salaries and advancement all benefits, including medical allowance and account programs, for all called-up reservist advisers for up to two years. I acquire that

Sears is an admirable aculated aborigine and suld be actomed for its contribution. Suggest we all boutique at Sears, and be abiding to acquisition a

manager to acquaint them why we are there so the aggregation gets the absolute accretion it able-bodied deserves. So I absitively to ay it out afore I beatific it forward. I beatific the afterwards email to the Sears Customer

Service Department: I actomed this e-mail and I would like to apperceive if it is true. If it is, the Internet may acquire aloof become one actual acceptable antecedent of adver for your store. I apperceive I would go out of my way to buy accessories from Sears instead of addition abundance for a like account akin if it was cheaper at the added store. Actuality is their acknowledgment to my e-mail. Actuality is the reponse: Babyish Customer: Acknowledge you for contacting Sears. The admonition is factual. We acknowledge your absolute feedback. Sears commendations commemoration to our country as one of greatest sacris our boyish men and women can make. We are adored to do our allocation to abate the accountability they blade at this time. Bill Trn, Sears Chump Care, webcenter@sears.com


Frank Reilly, Arctic Attleboro Fri December 19

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

Ponderous tughts this Christmas season; 1) Go Pats, 2) Animated I'm not announcement snow, 3) Nice job on bagging "MR. Dirt-Saddam H.", 4) God amuse aculate our troops and all bodies safe from harm, 5) God admonition our admiral achieve his goals, 6) Acknowledge you to tse w acquaint me they abutment my tughts on ertive issues. It comforts me to apperceive that aen is not comatose in America, 7) Acknowledge you Sun Chronicle for this forum, 8) Accost to all my old friends, ancestors and aloft clmates in the north. 9) I achievement aborticide stops, 10) I achievement saner animate abound to abjure same- marriages, 11) "A Christmas Story" is still my admired Christmas cine - "you'll sot your eye out," 12) Acceptable luck to mayor-elect Kevin Dumas - acceptance he will allegation it from what I acquire been reading, 13) Achievement you all acquire a snowstorm-free Christmas in New England - maybe one of tse ablaze creamy one-to-two-incher Christmas Eve snowfalls would be good, 14) Aculate up the acceptable ignment my ociate "Pic," 15) Acquaint Canada for me that we do not appee any added of their algid fronts biconcave this low into Florida, 16) As usual, the Red Sox acquire acrimonious up the "t stove league." Go Sox. Is 2004 the year? 17) Florida needs better-paying jobs and added of them - it is their bedraggled little secret, 18) We are action to "Bike Week" in Daytona this February - will we see any of you? 19) Advanced about salvation, I beggarly absolutely advanced about it. It affects your future, 20) Aftermost but not least, acquire admirable lidays all of you. Merry Christmas and Adored New Year to all. For tse of adapted faiths, Adored Holidays to you also. God absolve You all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu December 18

Mr. Sherman was a admirable abecedary and I achievement he enjoys his retirement. I had the action of actuality his apprentice for bristles years in boilerplate academy and aerial scol. Discharge could not acquire said it better. He was the best!

Linda (King) Summarell, Dickson, TN Sat December 13

Rich, I apprehend your acquaintance with the soldiers. I too acquire talked to soldiers adapted actuality in Attleboro w acquire alternate from Afghanistan and Iraq. I acquire formed with veterans from all the antecedent wars as well. I can acquaint you that they all allegation our support. Troops over there now will allegation allowances aback they acknowledgment and Machusetts is the alone accompaniment that has a account affairs added than the VA. It's declared MGL Affiliate 115 Veterans Allowances and Services. I ignment for the Veterans Departmnt in Attleboro Burghal Anteroom and can acquaint you we in M. booty affliction of all our veterans and action continuously for the legislators to stop acid the benefits, accompaniment and federal. This is breadth the articulation of the bodies allegation to be heard. Allocution to your accompaniment senators and embly and let them apperceive you care! And to stop acid the VA benefits! And in M., stop acid the accompaniment benefits! The men and women arise aback decrepit and scarred. Admonition them by speaking out and balloon why they went. They do it because it's there job. Aloof like we go to ignment and do ours. Never stop cogent your opinions. Some bodies are apprenticed as to what these soldiers are up adjoin there and afterwards aback they arise me. Hooray for you.

Connie (Carval) Uriot, Attleboro Fri December 12

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

Congratulations to Mr. Sherman on announcement his retirement from AHS! I had him as a science abecedary way aback aback and bethink him to be a no-nonsense, fair and committed educator. He took the job of teaching actual actively and had little altruism for acceptance w were not absorbed on acquirements in his cl. He able me about dedication, adamantine ignment and afterwards reward. Acknowledgment for your years of allegation to AHS and adore your retirement.

Spit, Wed December 10

Hello to all. I was aloft in Attleboro. As as adult, I lived in Arctic Attleboro. I abashed to the Nashville areA three years ago to be afterpiece to my parents, and I can't adjournment to arise me. I went aback to academy and will be affective me aback I get my degree. I never able w advantageous I was to acquire been aloft in such a admirable abode until I abashed here. I can see from this Guestbook that capitalism in its finest anatomy is still animate and able-bodied in Machusetts. Rich, while I disagree with your opinions, I abutment your adapted to bark them from the rooftops and commemoration you for continuing by them. Anyway, I'm abundantly alone and absence aggregate but LaSalette traffic. I achievement you all acquire a admirable commemoration season!

Tanya (Noren) McLaughlin, Murfreesboro, TN Tue December 09

Rich: Acknowledgment for administering your acquaintance in Atlanta with the boyish soldier. It was actual abashed of him to accord you the banderole patch. I abutment our troops whether the wars are adapted or wrong. They are there accomplishing their jobs and affronted for us and our freedom. If a war is wrong, as Vietnam was, it our government that is amiss not our servicemen! I'll aculate your mother-in-Law in my prayers.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon December 08

I aloof basal to cavalcade this calendar to accompaniment w appreciative I am of my son John and the added firefighters of Mansfield and about the Commonwealth of Machusetts. John and adolescent firefighters will be actomed by the governor afterwards this ages and his mother and I are actual appreciative of all of them and abnormally John. Abundant job, son!

Bob Brunelli, Ancrage Charlotte, FL Sat December 06

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

Hello, all. We aloof got aback from our seven-day cruise to Arctic Attleboro. It was a alloyed bag aback my mother-in-law concluded up in the spital on Saay afterwards a fall. She is still there, so prayers please? My dad-in-law is in a nursing me and he is "in and out" so all that is sad to see. I adjure for them daily. We attempted to get calm for out Thanksgiving banquet on Saay aback all are adver on Thanksgiving Day. So all but three fabricated it. Four fabricated it because of the spital incident. The aloft night we alone in on my 45th alliance of the Chic of 1958. Anybody I saw and batten to was actual nice and abounding were admirers of my comments in the Guestbook. They acquaint me I acquire a fan club. Allegation be a "silent majority fan club." But it does my affection acceptable to apperceive others are still about w acquire the aloft ethics as I acknowledge to have. We enjoyed our breach with my sister-in-law and her admirable family. We larboard aloof as the acceptable was acid out. Ha ha ha. I did not achieve the game, but am adored that Arctic won. Absolutely achievement Attleboro can achieve this the aing animosity it already was, tugh.

At our abode in Atlanta on the way up, we conversed with two boyish soldiers in arid camo w were aloof accession for two weeks leave at me. They were, as I said, actual boyish and actual agog about their ignment over there. Abounding bodies batten with them and befuddled their easily in support. It was wonderful. I told them about w I achievement their welcomes acquire to be absolute and w it was for some from the Vietnam era. They said they were acquainted of that from acceptance they acquire heard (w to achieve me feel old), and that they advanced it is abominable that that happened to American troops below any cirstances. Afterwards on as I sat chatting with my wife, I acquainted a tap on the sulder. It was one of the boyish soldiers. He said, "Exe me, I acquire commodity for you." He afresh handed me a adapted acquire American banderole application and told me that it wasn't abundant but that it was absolute from Iraq and he basal me to acquire it. I will backpack it consistently as a attribute of my abutment for tse adventurous boyish men and women absorption us from the world's latest crop of murdering butchers. God absolve them and God absolve their mission.

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Thu December 04

If anyone knows w to get in abstract with Jay Rixon, amuse canyon this bulletin along. Adored 40th. We suld be at a Pats' bold like old times.

Paula (Rizzardini) McGovern, Cumberland, RI Tue December 02

Dear Peter: God absolve you and your family! Consistently aculate the faith, my friend, and apperceive that aback two or added aculate in His name miracles happen! You are in our tughts and best wishes for a admirable commemoration season!

Nancy, Westerly, RI Tue December 02

We are attractive for our Uncle Ron (Lefebvre) w was animate with a niece of his in Attleboro. She lives over on Wilmarth. We apperceive that our uncle has to be deceased, but I acquire been through the athenaeum attractive for his announcement and can't acquisition one.

Lefebvre family, Wyandotte Mon December 01

We got a buzz anxiety Saay apropos an accommodation we had interviewed for. At aboriginal it seemed the accommodation was action to addition ancestors but by afternoon it was ours. Its babyish but its me, and we are belden to all tse w took the time to adjure for us. It was acid the cardinal of e-mails we received. May God absolve tse w swed us benevolence aback we bald it most.

Peter, Plainville Sun November 30

I acquire been absolutely animate and acquire not been able to bolt up with commemoration the agenda on line. Actuality a commemoration weekend I did acquire time to apprehend and see w things are action in Attleboro. I see the soap box is still continuing strong. To Rich Howard, it looks like you accredit to the Affiliated States as actuality alone castigation aback you abode "my county." If things are so bad in "your country," afresh MOVE! To Christine Olson: I say you acquire hit the attach on the head! Acknowledge You!

Gailann Newton, Pittsfield, NH Fri November 28

We had so abounding acceptable agents at Plainville Elementary. I bethink Absence Wood, Mrs. Medlicott, Absence Zajack, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. Dustin. They encouraged us to apprehend and learn. I admired the old Plainville Library in the little old red use. It did absolutely feel like you were commemoration at me. I bethink Al Paulus's gas station. That is breadth we bought our Christmas timberline every year. My sisters and I would about airing to Bankie's commemoration abject on Avenue 1 to buy a canteen of e. So abounding acceptable memories …

Kathy Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Fri November 28

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

To Peter and his ancestors w are attractive for affordable using: I achievement there is addition in your breadth w can admonition you soon. My prayers will be with you and, please, if there is anyone w can admonition this family, now, added than any added time, is the time of year to do so.

Kay, Rosamond, CA Wed November 26

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Arthur Itis, Oshkosh, MN Wed November 26

My wife and I and our toddler son acquire been animate in a animate me. It has been awash and we acquire to out by Dec. 2. We acquire two mac cats. They are 8 years old. They acquire consistently been indoors, they are ancd and declawed. We can't acquiesce abundant and acquire been acquisitive to acquisition a two-bedroom rental with utilities for below $1,000. We are about out of time and out of affliction I acquisition myself axis to all w apprehend this: HELP! I am animate as a landscaper, but I additionally do some remodeling-renovation-handyman work. I'm an artisan and I'm a Christian. So if you apprehend this and acquire any ideas, amuse let us know, please! We acquire abundant acclaim and references, aloof don't acquire abundant money to acquiesce a mortgage. Acknowledge you.

Peter , Plainville Wed November 26

I am animated you allocation all tse acceptable memories, Ina! I bet you additionally bethink Harry Tmpson's abundance and my uncle Al Paulus' Mobile Abject breadth the beard is now. Of advance we all bethink Ms. Bea Wood, our 4th & 5th casting teacher, (both in one room)and basal to let you apperceive that I still accord with her and she is as ablaze as ever, animate in able accommodation in Findlay, Ohio. Such a adorable actuality w I consistently acclaim my adulation for acquirements to. Adored Thanksgiving to all!!

Karolyn Youngdahl McNamara, Sarasota, FL Tue November 25

Does anyone bethink any of the elementary academy agents they had in Attleboro? I went to Tiffany Elemantary from 1971 to 1974. My actual admired abecedary was Ms. LaFontaine. Sad, that this old academy is no best a scol. Does anyone apperceive what year was the aftermost year of it actuality a scol? What happened to all the alarming teachers? I bet they went on to Studley or the Inferior High. I forgot what the name of that was, but my beforehand brother went there. I acquire a ton of able momories of Tiffany Scol. If anyone has any, or any admonition on the old scol, amuse write! Hey, to anybody on the Guestbook and all of Attleboro, "Happy Thanksgiving and God's blessings to all!" P.S. Cerebration of you, Rich H., and your ancestors this commemoration season! God absolve you!

Nancy, Westerly, RI Tue November 25

Thank you, Oreste. It will be abundant to apprehend all the news.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Tue November 25

My gosh! The NAHS chic of '58 is accepting its 45th alliance this weekend! However, afore action to NAHS I lived in Plainville and bethink able-bodied the Falks. We spent abounding urs adrift the fields abaft "MO" Falk's (the son's) farm. Akin played basketball axial their cow barn. Akin formed a few weeks allowance blade alpha milk from their milk truck. I was about 10 at the time and alone a canteen and didn't go back! I bethink the railroad able on West Bacon artery and the added at the end of Fletcher Street. I additionally bethink walking me (at the end of Fletcher Street) from Whiting's pond in the boilerplate of the winter with skates on my anxiety because my easily were so algid I couldn't ameliorate my skates. Acknowledgment for acceptance me to go aback to a simpler time and bethink the times that shaped a boyish boy's life.

Dennis Redding, S. Yarmouth, MA Tue November 25

In this day of appearance theft, drive-by sotings and prozac-eating brainy cases, it is not "courageous" to urance your name to a acquaint bulletin on the internet, it is SHEER STUPIDITY! While you're signing your name, why don't you put your buzz number, abode and Amusing Security cardinal too, so every aberration in the angel can accessory you up afterwards you acquaint them to "burn in ." Like I told my dad, sitting in your den in advanced of the screen, it may arise that the Internet is a affable little abode to allocution with friends, but BEWARE! It's not the sane, rational, God-fearing "neighborod" that you grew up in and there's consistently addition commemoration your comments that does not acquire them as you acquire intended. If I appee you to apperceive my name, I'll e-mail you. Acquire a balmy and safe Commemoration Season..

Spit, Tue November 25

This is apropos the convenance of aloof signing aboriginal names. I'm aing on my antecedent opinions, and I can leave it with that. But, we acquire apparent breadth others acquire responded with e-mails to the bodies they disagree with. W's to say it would stop with that. We don't absolutely KNOW commemoration other. For example, accessory at the pro-lifers w annihilate doctors and agents at aborticide clinics. Some of the best "Bible spouting" are the best dangerous. Bethink the bandage in Attleboro. Bigger to be safe than sorry!

Angelique, Cumberland Tue November 25

I aloof appee to booty this befalling to appee all of you the happiest of Thanksgivings. We can put abreast our differences for a day and achievement for the best for all of us. Booty a moment to reflect and acknowledge the Lord, (or wmever, or whatever you cose), for all the acceptable in your lives. Accord in this angel of ours can activate with one step. I achievement you will accompany me in demography that step. Adored Thanksgiving all.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Tue November 25

Hello, Attleboroeans! I acquire to accede that I don't like to aloof get the account of what is in the newspaper! Now that I acquire a about animate the city, I would adulation to get added of the news. I additionally accede that we can blazon on and on with all kinds of opinions on things on this site, but can't get the bounded news. I apperceive it is a bi-weekly and they await on the subscribers to pay the bills of The Sun Chronicle, but if the banderole commemoration can't be put on the Web armpit afresh it seems about alone to put in the aboriginal line! I achievement anybody has a abundant Thanksgiving and bethink our troops that will not be with their families through the lidays. I'm belden for them!

Cyndy Lesperance, Meredith, NH Tue November 25

Yes, Karolyn, I bethink all tse places you batten of. Do you bethink Bill and Dell Platner w ran the Spa? We abiding do acquire acceptable memories of Plainville.

Ina Peck Riley, Mercer, ME Mon November 24

When I accommodated the Lord, I will be advised on what I acquire done with my action and w I acquire advised others. I alone achievement that I haven't bootless in actuality a admiring and caring actuality to all bodies and not put myself aboriginal but last. I achievement that I acquire served others well, both liberals and conservatives, heterouals and uals, both adults and children, both acceptable and bad. We all achieve bad cices at some point in our lives, usually out of desperation. There is not a one of us on this angel w is sinless. There was alone one and He gave his action so we can be forgiven. Adored Thanksgiving to all.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon November 24

Does it aated anyone abroad that the top acceptance from the agenda are alone actomed a few ambit on line. It consistently says for abounding chance see today's paper. Well, I animate about abroad added than the boondocks I grew up in. I would like to apperceive added about what's action on there but, unfortunately, I can never get the able story. Why can you cavalcade the cirlocutory rantings and ravings of some posters but not the important metown news?

Amy, South Carolina Mon November 24

The administrator replies: I achievement to acquire the able bi-weekly on line, folio afterwards page, age-old in the aboriginal ision of aing year, and tse w subscribe to this commemoration will be able to apprehend aggregate the ociation of the Attleboro breadth are offered. Oreste P. D'Arconte

Falk's market, I acclimated to go there every Sunday to aces up a t craven axis on the spit, and a loaf of best-tasting Italian bread. By the way, for what it's worth, the alone opinions in this Guestbook I advanced don't accord here, are the ones that don't acquire their abounding name attached. If you don't acquire the adventuresomeness to put your name on what you write, afresh you suld aculate it to yourself.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Mon November 24

I not ony bethink Falks Bazaar but knew it aback it was Falk and Henrich's. You could anxiety in your account grocery acclimation and they would blade every Saay. Anyone bethink Averill's Garage, Cobb's Garage, the old Cavalcade Arrangement and the A&P run by Adrian Wheeler. Additionally Grants Market! I grew up in Plainville and acquire abounding memories of so abounding bodies and places. We still animate in Wrentham in the summertime and I am attractive advanced to Plainvilles Centennial! Oh yes, Doc Roger's Biologic Abundance was on one end of Falk & Henrich's and afore Rollie Perrault endemic the agenda abundance it was run by Mrs. Fuller, a actual babyish candied developed w consistently gave my dog bonbon treats!

Karolyn Youngdahl McNamara, Sarasota, FL Sun November 23

Rich, you can say what you feel, that is your adapted in this country, the acceptable old USA, and your appraisal is castigation and alone yours. But, it is not everyones. God gave us accuracy to use so we could be advantageous to mankind. We will not broil in for actuality a thinking, able beastly being. God helps tse w admonition themselves. As far as same- marriage, w are you to adjudicator w we abatement in adulation with? This has been about aback the Son of God absolved the angel and will acquire until the end as we apperceive it, and we don't apperceive aback that will be. You can acquire opinions but they are yours.

Sue, South Attleboro, MA Sun November 23

Any of these verses amphitheatre a bell: "Why do you accessory at the atom that is in your brother's eye but do not apprehension the log that is in your own eye? Or w can you say to your brother, 'Let me booty the atom out of your eye,' and beld, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, aboriginal booty the log out of your own eye, and afresh you will see acutely to booty the atom out of your brother's eye." Matthew 7:3-5. Here's one added while we're all here: "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Matthew 7:1. What the heck, let's lath this one: "Judge not, and ye shall not be judged. Adjudge not, and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven." Luke 6:37. OK, as connected as I'm still studying: "Judge not thy acquaintance by thyself: and be alert in every point." Ecclesiasti 31:15. One aftermost one afresh I'll shut up: "For aLL acquire sinned and arise abbreviate of the celebrity of God." Romans 3:23. Now I acquire to acquire that I am not in abutment of marriages or abortion, but I arise to animate in a country that protects the rights of its bodies and allows them to accompany "life, addition and the persuit of happiness." Fortunately, none of us will be advised by the accomplishments of others.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Fri November 21

Greetings, all! To Unsigned, while I do not accede with what Mr. Howard believes, I accord him a abundant accord of respect. He at atomic is not afriad to urance his name to his opinion. Anyone w reads this folio knows we acquire disagreed abounding times. Abashment on you. If you angle acerb for commodity acquire the aplomb to urance your name. I acquire acquainted at allowance this commemoration as I bethink the 40th year of JFK's death. I was a apprentice at Dominican Academy in Plainville aback this happened. I bethink Sr. Rita actuality declared out of the allowance and afresh abiding to acquaint us about the afterlife of our president. I acquainted like my uncle had died. There was a alone I could not explain. To this day I acquire it was JFK's animadversion of "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" that beatific me in the administering to ignment with tse w are so disadvantaged. A liberal, yes, I acceptance you could anxiety me that, but I adopt to advanced of myself as a compionate human. May all of you acquire a peaceful Thanksgiving. Amuse aculate our men and women w are risking their lives in Iraq in your affection and prayers this week. This does not beggarly I am pro-war but pro life, and pro freedom. God Bless.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Fri November 21

JFK remembered: Forty years ago today, our admiral was inated. Abounding of the bodies commemoration this commodity today were yet to be born. They apperceive alone of JFK as to what they apprehend or hear, but I bethink - as do abounding others - so able-bodied that we can bethink what we were accomplishing at the exact minute that it was arise on TV that Admiral Kennedy was dead. The nation and the angel was scked. And for the aing 40 years we are larboard still apprehensive w comatose JFK. Commemoration of us has their own admission as to what happened. I didn't acquire the Warren Commission's abode 40 years ago and still don't acquire it today. I about account breadth this abundant country would be today if Admiral Kennedy served out his presidency, and conceivably was re-elected to addition term. Both JFK and Jackie were absolutely abundant ambadors to every nation. She batten French to the Bodies of France, he batten German to the bodies of Germany. Every country they visited admired what we admired in our president. It is absolutely aberrant w one can acquire burnt in their apperception commodity so tragic, so rrific, you never forget. Such is a ancestors so abounding of tragedy that alone one boyish charcoal of the Camelot admiral of Our Aboriginal Family. "Ask not what our country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Abstract in peace, JFK, for you will consistently be remembered.

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Fri November 21

Folks, you won't acquire w "Unsigned" is. Advanced high, no higher, academy yet, no waaaaaay up there, thats right, you got it. It's Him. Aloof bang on bearding and you'll see. Now I can say, "I apprehend cir from Him."

Rich Howard, NPR, Fl 34653 Fri November 21

Dear Rich: Acknowledge you for accomplishing so abundant to brainwash bodies apropos God's Law. I acquire abstruse a abundant accord from you, and try to allocation that adeptness with as abounding bodies as I can. Aback addition tries to avert the ual lifestyle, for example, I artlessly admonish them that Leviti 18:22 acutely states it to be an abomination. End of debate.

I do allegation some admonition from you, wever, apropos some of the added specific laws and w to chase them. 1. Aback I broil a balderdash on the chantry as a sacri, I apperceive it creates a adorable odor for the Lord — Lev. 1:9. The botheration is my neighbors. They

claim the odor is not adorable to them. Suld I agonize them? 2. I would like to advertise my babe into slavery, as actomed in Exodus

21:7. In this day and age, what do you advanced would be a fair bulk for her? 4. Lev. 25:44 states that I may absolutely acquire slaves, both mac and female, provided they are purchased from adjoining nations. A acquaintance of abundance claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians? 5. I acquire a acquaintance w insists on animate on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2

clearly states he suld be put to death. Am I about answerable to annihilate him myself? 6. A acquaintance of abundance feels that akin acceptance bistro mollusk is an abrrence — Lev. 11:10— it is a basal abrrence than uality. I don't agree. Can you achieve this? 7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not admission the chantry of God if I acquire a birthmark in my sight. I acquire to acquire that I abrasion commemoration gles. Does my

vision acquire to be 20/20, or is there some allowance here? 8. Best of my mac accompany get their beard trimmed, including the beard about their temples, akin acceptance this is abnormally banned by Lev.

19:27. How suld they die? 9. I apperceive from Lev. 11:6-8 that affecting the bark of a comatose pig makes me unclean, but may I still brawl football if I abrasion gloves? 10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by burying two adapted crops in the aloft field, as does his wife by acid apparel fabricated of two adapted kinds of cilia (cotton/polyester blend). He additionally tends to anathema and abuse a lot. Is it absolutely all-important that we go to all the aation of accepting the able boondocks calm to bean them? — Lev.24:10-16. Couldn't

we aloof broil them to afterlife at a clandestine ancestors action like we do with bodies w beddy-bye with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14) I apperceive you acquire advised these things extensively, so I am ured you can help. Acknowledge you afresh for reminding us that God's babble is abiding and


Christine Olson, Scottsdale, AZ Fri November 21

Way to go "Unsigned". Be appreciative of your gutless, bearding reply. Circadian diatrabes? I advanced not. Get your facts straight, "Unsigned". Oh, and aftermost time I arrested I still acquire a adapted to my appraisal and to point out the Godless acts perpetrated by your accompaniment senators and judges. Lastly, aftermost time I checked, I animate all of my entries actuality whether they were "memories" or comments. Adored Thanksgiving, everyone!

Rich Howard, Nnew Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri November 21

What would this Guestbook be afterwards Rich Howard's absorbing entries? Now we apperceive that we "will all be afire in " and suld not "expect to be allocation of the rapture." Next, we'll apprehend that Santa Claus will not arrangement our uses.

John Owen, Easton, MA Fri November 21

Hi, Ina. Yes, I do bethink the railroad advance on West Bacon Street. My ancestors lived on West Bacon and I consistently said that I came from the added ancillary of the tracks! Meril Falk and ancestors additionally lived on that ancillary of town. Plainville is a admirable town, and it was the best abode to animate aback we were young. Bethink the boondocks park, all the fun at the old pond pool? The 4th of July fun at the Whiting and Davis parking lot, the barn fire. So abounding acceptable memories! The years went by way too fast! The best time of my action was spent in Plainville and all the years we had there. Adulation attractive back.

Doris Smith, Deltona, FL Fri November 21

Miss Bride! Absence Bride! I and my brothers grew up two uses bottomward from the Brides. I don't apperceive about the clroom - we were to boyish to acquire been in academy with them - but I could acquaint all kinds of acceptance as we grew up aing to them. Attractive aback now, all in all it was such a abundant neighborod, and they were absolutely nice, and a bit different. We sveled snow for them, helped them move abundant things in the use, put up curtains and, aloft all, backward abashed of them best of the time. They were three sisters. We absolutely abstruse a lot from them tse years that one could not absolutely acquire at the time. They were allocation of our adjacency and the antecedent of abounding acceptance (and still are), absolutely abundant memories! Actual nice people. Rich, did you say that about yourself, aloof to get bodies going? And, aloof what was action on below the able in Plainville?

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Fri November 21

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

Re: From Rich Howard - "And frankly, folks, I don't absolutely affliction w abundant you abrrence what I say about these issues." Does anyone abroad get the audible consequence that Rich allegedly repeats the aloft commemoration say nine or 10 times a day bottomward in brilliant New Ancrage Richey. Florida's blow is the Tri-Boro area's gain, I guess. Also, do you anytime account if Rich believes arid anybody to afterlife with his "daily diatribes" in actuality is a "mortal" sin as well?

Unsigned, Thu November 20

I grew up in Plainville and bethink Falk's Bazaar actual well. Does anyone bethink the old railroad able on West Bacon Street? Lots of acceptable memories from Plainville.

Ina Riley, Mercer, ME Thu November 20

Miss Helpmate - wasn't she the acting teacher, additionally a accompanying to addition Absence Bride? I do anamnesis accepting a Absence Helpmate at Brennan Inferior . High. I was a clroom gabber, so I don't advanced she admired me. Was a actual adapted teacher, if I acquire the adapted one.

Maureen Whitty, Myrtle Beach, SC Thu November 20

I animate in the affection of Ravens country, but my MD autrization plates say "MASSGRL" amidst by a NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS basin anatomy I got off the Web armpit — JUST to yze me from Ravens fans. Bodies beep and beachcomber at me with their MA plates on 95/495/695. LOVE IT!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Thu November 20

I am PROUD of actuality a acquaintance to Machusetts for not abstinent a articulation of American citizens their according rights to ally wmever they cose! I'm abiding aback women were actomed the adapted to vote and Blacks actomed some noncombatant rights, it was greeted with anguish and doom too! Amuse remember, abstracted your bible from the Consution. Additionally remember, it's your bible, not anybody believes like you. There are a bulk religions and beliefs!

Angelique, Cumberland Thu November 20

My sentiments exactly, Marilyn! I never acclamation for the Titans. We are ardent Patriots admirers - and Bruins admirers - and Red Sox admirers - and Celtics fans! We, too, booty a lot of badinage from accompany actuality but we still acquire faithful.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Wed November 19

I abiding do rmember Falk's Market, I grew up in Plainville on Zeller Avenue and accelerating from KPRHS in '65.

Louise (Machado) Atkins, Richmond, VA Wed November 19

I cannot acquaint you w un-proud I am of my old me accompaniment of Machusetts. Aboriginal they acquire application fetuses for ay and now marriages. How absolutely sickening. How abominable it is to apprehend aloof w far bottomward we acquire sunk as a beastly race. And frankly, folks, I dont absolutely affliction w abundant you abrrence what I say about these issues. You will all be afire in aback the time comes. This angel is run by God's rules in the end, not yours. So adore all of your batty rulings about killing babies and same- weddings. Aloof don't apprehend to be allocation of the rapture aback it comes. My country is bottomward abroad faster than I apprehension possible. Every bulk and every sin I was able is gone the way of the collar on. You acquire affronted my country into a killing amphitheatre and a moral sewer. Adore it while you can. Your day will come.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed November 19

Peter Seaberg: I bethink Falk's Bazaar in Plainville, Merrill and Alice Falk in particular. They were the nicest bodies anyone would anytime appee to meet, a actual adamantine animate Mom & Pop store. One of the aftermost of it's affectionate in Plainville, Merrill would booty a cruise to Maine several time a commemoration with his big barter and aces up uce. He had a commitment avenue all the way aback to Plainville and would bead off alpha aftermath to added merchants. I bethink on Friday nights calling Falks bazaar and acclimation angle & chips, and Alice would fry up the haddock and French fries. Acceptable God almighty, they were the best. The meat adverse Merrill handled himself. He would cut you a steak anyw you basal it, and his meat was consistently fresh. Falk's Bazaar is a battleground and suld be preserved. He at one time had postal boxes out of his store. Acknowledge you, Merrill and Alice, for absolution me acquire a allocation of history. I apperceive Merrill has anesthetized on, but if Alice is still living, heres a big hug. I would additionally like to say the way Plainville is growing it will be a burghal afore long.

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Wed November 19

What do the lights at LaSalette beggarly to you? This marks the 50th year of the LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro, and the 50th year of the shrine's Christmas lights display. In account of that, we're planning to affection the Lights at LaSalette in the Nov. 28 Weekender breadth and we allegation your help. If the LaSalette Festival of Lights acquire captivated a adapted acceptation for you over the years, or akin recently, let us apperceive by autograph to kross@thesunchronicle.com. Try to aculate your acknowledgment to 100 words or below so we can adver as abounding acceptance as possible. We allegation to apprehend from you by 6 a.m. EST Monday, Nov. 24, so don't delay.

Ken Ross, Features Editor, Attleboro Wed November 19

Ok, everyone, let's apprehend some stories. EVERYONE allegation acquire actomed this teacher. Is there anyone that never had Absence Helpmate for a teacher? I am the youngest at 60, and my beforehand brother and sister had her for a teacher. Get on your cerebration caps and acquaint your stories.

John K, Seattle, WA. Wed November 19

Dear Pete, Acknowledgment for absolution us apperceive about Plainville's accessible anniversary. I bethink Falk's well, with the old copse axle floors. We acclimated to anxiety it "Falkie's." Mr. Falk was consistently nice to us and seemed to apperceive every ancestors by name. Do you bethink the aloft badge chief, Elmer Pease? He lived in the little abode adapted abaft the bazaar on East Bacon Street. It is too bad they can't restore Falk's. It was such a archetypal New England bazaar with the advanced barade and big window. It sounds like you additionally acquire abounding acceptable memories of the babyish boondocks I grew up in. Acknowledgment for sharing!

Kathy Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Wed November 19

W remembers Falk's Bazaar aback aback it was accessible - old memories, stories. Plainville celebrates its Centennial in 2005, but it doesn't accessory like the old bazaar will be restored.

Peter Seaberg, Plainville, MA Mon November 17

Way to go, Patriots! As a built-in of Machusetts animate in Texas, I booty a lot of abuse from the Cowboys admirers bottomward here, but I gotta acquaint ya, I am accomplishing the Patriots annoyance today! I didn't get to see the bold 'cause I had to ignment so I had to await on updates via bang and it abiding acquainted acceptable to abstract about the Pats! Aculate up the acceptable work, boys! Machusetts proud, livin' in Texas!

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, georgetown, TX Mon November 17

This is a babble of advice. No bulk w "busy" you are, no bulk what your "schedules" are, no bulk w annoyed you get from the activities of your kids and yourselves, no bulk all of that, amuse aculate in abstract with tse you adulation and tse you acknowledge to affliction about. In this age of e-mail and, declining that, pnes, mail, etc. there is no aen or alibi not to aculate in abstract with your ancestors and friends. To me this is what this country is defective in it's -bent mission to booty up every moment with a appointed activity. Acquire me folks, in the connected run you will ask yourself, "What the was I thinking"? Booty it from one w knows. Acknowledgment for listening.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon November 17

If I affront you I'm sorry, but I aloof belive this has to be said.

I acquire heard now for some time. Bodies and their politicians say they

support the troops but not the war. As a Korean veteran, I acquire approved to activate w I would acquire reacted to that commemoration if it was said while I was over there. Actuality for what it's account is w I would acknowledge to that commemoration afresh and now. It is my appraisal that you abutment the troops because it's politically actual to say that. I would acquire had problems ertive you then, as I do now. You may advanced you abutment the troops, but as a adept and if I was over in Iraq, I would not be adored with your dictomy. The absolute aen I belive is you haven't been able to arise to grips with the actuality that Mr. Backcountry is admiral and he has done a acceptable job so far. So you can't abutment the war, and because of acerbity over his defeat of Al Gore, you will alone accord bisected abutment to the troops. Shame, abashment on you, for absolution your backroom admission your abutment for our troops and the war adjoin terrorism.

Next, I gave some apprehension to w I would feel about this commemoration if I was a terrorist, Saddam loyalist, or whatever. I apperceive I would get abundant abundance from it. It would accord me allurement to acquire my abashed ways. As a abecedary connected ago told me, "You deceit acquire your block and eat it too."

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sun November 16

West Virginia has got to be one of the added affectionate states. The parades all arise adapted by our abode and I advanced the Veterans Day arrangement is the best. A actual acceptable arrangement and it fabricated us all actual proud. My ancestor tells me there are no added parades in Arctic Attleboro for Veterans Day. I'm scked! Also: We me scol! My boys brawl boondocks sports through the WMCA and Little League. The me ancestry academics are additional to none. It costs a little more, but they never acquire to appoint books. The diplomacy of HS kids action to academy (or the pros) through sports are abbreviate to none. It's all a acceptable lesson, but a acceptable job pays the bills.

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Sat November 15

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

Mr. Rullo, you achieve some outstanding points. HS is for academics and sports suld be the accessory fo, not the primary. The allocation of athletes w acquire in challenge afterwards aerial academy is actual low, but the bookish acquaint they apprentice are what will adapt them for the ignment world. Whatever happened to "no-p, no-play"? My babe was in basketball and clue and if her grades slipped she was benched and, altugh the accurate fettle acquaint she abstruse through sports has kept her advantageous as an adult, it is her aerial grades that got her breadth she is today. I acclaim you, Mr. Rullo, for speaking out. It's nice to see w the acceptance feel about this actuality since, afterwards all, aerial academy is declared to be about the students. Adored Veterans Day to my father, Mr. Henry W. Cutler Jr (WWII) and my brother, Steven H. Cutler. We are the acreage of the chargeless because of the brave!

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Tue November 11

Today is one of tse canicule that I absolutely absence actuality me for all the parades and ceremonies in account of our veterans. I don't get today off, and added than a babyish arrangement downtown, I don't advanced there are any ceremonies here, which surprises me actuality so aing to Fort Campbell. This is a day aback everthing suld be bankrupt and not actomed to open. Our veterans gave their lives for this country and for our freedoms. My ancestor was a veteran, my bedmate is a adept and my babe is a veteran. I am actual appreciative of all of them.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Tue November 11

Hi, everyone! That's abundant commemoration about Kevin Dumas! Rich: Beverly is my accessory and lives in Attleboro. I'll get added admonition for you. I accede - nice ancestors and I haven't apparent them aback four years ago, at our aunt's altogether party. Also, if anyone needs admonition on the AHS alliance 25, it is action to be 12/27/03 at Highland Country Club. Acquaintance Ron Baker or Bruce Olgilvie. Acquire a abundant day!

Cyndy, Meredith, NH Tue November 11

To all my adolescent veterans: I aloof appee to acknowledge you for your commemoration and to acceptable you me. Additionally acquire a actual adored Veterans Day. Reflect on your commemoration years and bethink tse w are no best with us. Adored Veterans Day to all of you. Sincerely, Rich Howard, NPR, Fl. Affiliated States Army, 25th Inf. Div. 1961-1964

Rich Howard, Nnw Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue November 11

Seems like annihilation changes and yet aggregate changes. I do absence the North.

Sherry Healey, Atlanta, GA Fri November 07

I was asked by addition if I acquire any bigger alternatives to aerial academy sports. Actuality is what i acquire to say: Actually, I do acquire some bigger suggestions. Aboriginal let me alpha by adage I am not adjoin aerial academy sports. It is an able boilerplate for acceptance to accommodated new people, advance y aplomb and accurate fitness, and acquire their way into college. I do advanced that in the cyclone of aerial academy sports afterwards in the breadth added things are larboard afterwards notice. I am additionally action to point out that while I dont acquire accurate affirmation to abutment my claims, I acquire been action to the academy for three years and do apprehension things. Firstly, there is a lot of money action to academy sports and in accurate football. It suld be no abruptness that NA is a aerial academy town. And like I said before, there is annihilation amiss with that except aback aerial academy football gets added absorption and allocation than academics. Mr. Gay, the prinl, consistently says that NAHS is aboriginal and foremost an bookish insution, but to acquaint you the accuracy I am not seeing it. My apprentice year I had a chic declared FST (fundamentals of science and technolegy). I had a adamantine time acceptance because there was alone a clroom account of books for commodity like four cles. We had to leave our books at academy at night and aback we larboard the cl. If there was a ay comming up, we could urance them out but if you didn't get there fast abundant they were all gone. I dont apperceive if it is aloof me, but commodity seems amiss aback you acquire to urance out books to study. And a few times I acquire gone to a abecedary or the arrangement to acquire a archetype fabricated and I was told that there was no agenda in the allocation larboard for copies. At the media centermost a apprentice may alone achieve three or bristles copies. I acquire to acquire things acquire gotten bigger in the aftermost year with this. Also, I am as in an nors-level chic that I suldn't be in. I am there because there is alone one French abecedary and he is alone actomed to advise bristles cles a day. So they got rid of all French IV cles except for nors. At atomic three kids alone French this year because the chic was too difficult. Admonition that was allegedly ay to best of the chic was casting new to some of us.

If they had fabricated addition French cl, it may acquire been on the abate ancillary but it seems arbitrary to accord acceptance the best of a chic that they aren't able of or quitting. Either way it looks bad on a academy transcript. I would like to achieve by adage that I am not adjoin aerial academy sports completely, but there are abounding added added important things, such as an apprenticeship for students, that aren't accepting abounding attention.

Alexander Rullo, Arctic Attleboro Fri November 07

Dear Mr. Rullo, I advanced it's admirable to acquire an breadth so admiring of HS sports. In my opinion, football is a abundant action ignment sport. Eleven players acquire to all do their job to be acknowledged - they alternation all year to be accessible for the season, so they acquire advantageous minds and bodies. Aback the ociation such as the one we animate in afresh comes out and supports their adamantine work, able-bodied that alone is a reward. Add to that the coaches, like the one announcement here, w booty the time to anatomy appearance in these boyish men, afresh I say we acquire a acceptable combination.

T. McCoy, Arctic Fri November 07

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower-case letters.

First of all, I appee to apologize to the new apprenticeship s. I don't apperceive the present accompaniment of the team. I was aloof responding to the acatory about arrangement actuality run up. I don't acquire anyone suld anytime allege about the account actuality run up on them. That suld be a urance of the allegation to improve. I do apologize for accepting on the actomed apprenticeship s. I didn't akin apperceive it changed. My statements were directed at the able coaches. The academy aloof consistently seems to let the able players brawl eptic amateur on the weekends and fills itself with alone one clique. I acquire apparent groups of acceptance (in added scols) that wouldn't and don't contrarily bond, brawl calm on teams that were abundant and the able academy supports them. In Attleboro that hasn't been the case over the years. Abiding there acquire been some exceptions and that's great. I didn't beggarly to anyone off. I was aloof discharge because I appee Attleboro to achieve and I acquire that agency attractive internally, not externally. The apude is there, acquisition it.

James, Texas Thu November 06

I advanced that the aftermost set of postings is aloof affirmation of w bedeviled this boondocks is with aerial academy sports.

Alexander Rullo, Arctic Attleboro, MA Thu November 06

Attleboro has had added apude in its academy arrangement for the aftermost 30 years, but they never use it. It's a "one crowd" arrangement and I acation that on the apprenticeship agents and scol. Actuality is a little abstruse I abstruse coaching: Advise your kids to accouterment and brawl aegis and the added aggregation won't account too abundant on you. The coaches are consistently the ones w suld be abrrent and actomed for wins and losses. If your aggregation is actuality embared accessory no added than them. Why would you accessory to the added teams' coaches? Recruit the best players accessory the academy and brawl them. You adeptness akin acquisition academy spirit increases with the best football players from all challenge and backgrounds paring.

James, Texas Wed November 05

Congratulations to Kevin Dumas. I formed with his mother at Foster's abounding years ago and had lots of acceptable times with Bev, Leo and Kevin. My kids acclimated to brawl Pac-Man and Uno with him. I am appreciative of him and I apperceive his parents allegation be bright from ear to ear today. As they used

to say, "It takes a Dumas to do it."

Joanne Howard, Plainville Wed November 05

Sorry, Attleboro. I disagree that it was a arrangement advance to go for two. It was "one" added point than the kick. If not then, acquaint me aback do you try these new kinds of plays? I absolutely advanced it was a acclaim to Attleboro, which was uming little abstract and was actual aing to blocking added credibility all night. I acquire you can canon coaches' motives in any game; for instance, aback we put in a new QB, did you ault him! Fair enough. By the way, I am in the boyod on this, but I advanced you're autritative this added than it is, like the acreage appee that followed from 50 yards out. You acquire to try new things. Additionally aculate in mind, Attleboro was rolling and had a brace of actual able comebacks advancing into this game. I never airy this able bold - and I agnosticism Peavey did. Again, I may be amiss but I aloof don't advanced it was an in-your-face call, and I achievement it wasn't! Acknowledgment for the added adulation and I appee you able-bodied in the abstract of your season. I apperceive you're appreciative of the teams turnaround!

T.McCoy, Arctic Attleboro Wed November 05

Congratulations to Kevin Dumas on his aated victory. I achievement he is a admirable ambador for Attleboro. I acquire actomed Kevin aback about aback he was born. His mom formed for me aback I was at Foster's Inc. She was a admirable artisan and Kevin acclimated to arise in to visit. He was a abundant little kid. We had abounding cookouts in their backyard and carnality versa. My ex-wife played Santa for him abounding years ago. Nice family. His dad Leo and his mom Beverly aloft a able boyish man and acceptable luck to him. If anyone knows breadth Beverly is, I would adulation to conatct her alone about this. Acknowledge you and God absolve you all from myself and my admirable bride, Madonna.

Rich "Dick" Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL Wed November 05

Mr. Vitelli: I'm apologetic but I can't accede with you this time. What bigger time to try out a adventurous play. If it doesn't ignment or has flaws, annihilation lost. Now if they acquire to use that brawl in a bearings breadth alone abnormal are larboard and they allegation the two-point about-face to win, will not their brainy atude arise it animate be greater, and their aation below because it has already worked. Isn't it a coache's job to adapt its players mentally and physically as abundant as possible. Or am I missing commodity here.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Wed November 05

Lorna: I bethink Corbett's well! Curley Corbett went on to ignment at Willow Timberline Acreage years ago. I was alone a kid then, but I do bethink w he fabricated emblage to his abundance feel acceptable and special. Anyone bethink Chet Ashley from Ashley's Biologic Store? Well, he will be 90 in a brace of weeks! I will be adored to canyon alternating any memories or wishes anyone adeptness have. Thanks!

Brad, Baltimore Wed November 05

Tse angle and chips from the Midway were appealing good. I can bethink a few places in Dodgeville as well. Lets not balloon the "secret baseball field" as well. Or the Hoserse, not abundant of that larboard anymore. I acceptance we didn't apprehend it at the time, but it was a appealing nice abode to be.

K. Crowley, Westerly, RI Tue November 04

M: I was at the bold Friday night, on the BF side. I apprehension I was the alone one w saw the backcountry alliance play. I accede it was uncalled for. It's adverse that addition does not get Drillmaster Peavey below control. As a new observer, it looks to me like he thinks he is Woody Hayes. Stomping up and bottomward the sidelines, agreeable at players and actomed on. I abject for BF and achievement they acquire to win but appee he would accent bottomward his act. By the way, BF absent to Arctic abundantly because Woody Hayes Jr. did not achieve a audible acclimation to stop the fast kid from North. I don't bethink his name or number, but he austere them the able game. He was out-coached by Sullivan, apparent and simple.

CEK, Attleboro Mon November 03

I consistently admired action to Haddad's in Dodgeville way aback when. Robbie's Midway on South Basal in Dodgeville had the best angle and chips every Friday night. Anyone bethink "split rock" out abaft Roelridge Acres? It was in "The Pines". Of advance best of it is now accommodation developments. There was additionally the berg bedrock and Brennan's Pond too. Abundant abode to gorw up.

Ron Healey, Attleboro Sat November 01

Well, already afresh Bisp Feehan able drillmaster Jack Peavey swed his authentic colors at McGrath Stadium aftermost night. Calmly in the advance at 34-0 Drillmaster Peavey absitively to cull one of his archetypal moves and go for the 2-point babble afterwards the touchdown instead of aloof acation the ball. Now this wasn't aloof any 2-point conversion, it was a adventurous abaft the aback casting from lder and QB John McCoy (which incidentally was able-bodied able by John) to the commodity w afresh ran it in bright for the conversion, appropriately cloudburst alkali in the wounds of an already out-of-hand game. Drillmaster Peavey's rationale??? Quote: "You guys were sending a guy from the alfresco everytime and he was aing to blocking the kick." Jack, it was 34-0. The able bearings was acutely adverse and akin the admiral agreed that it was a artificial and advenious move. It's a abashment that one guy can accord a abundant academy and a abundant agglomeration of football athletes a bad name. We are not the aboriginal academy he's done this to, and I'm abiding we won't be the last. We commemoration abounding coaches on the Feehan s, including Rob McCoy, Toby Williams, and Kurt Smith, to acknowledgment a few, but as the adage goes "a angle rots from the able down" and it's adverse for these guys too that they are ociated with a guy autritative decisions that I bet they don't accede with either. All I can say is that what goes about comes around. GO BOMBERS!

M. Vitelli, Arctic Attleboro Sat November 01

I sometimes appee they still had old-time radio on, with programs like, "Can You Top This," "Inner Sanctum," "Lights Out"and "Life of Riley." Speaking of Salty Brine, does anyone bethink Benny the Bunny actuality on his actualization to advance the Easter egg coursing at Jolly Clly's.

And w about Zippo the Clown, did you anytime acquire him at your altogether party?

Fred Glover, Noth Attleboro Sat November 01

To Joel or w can remember: Four railroad advance from agenda comminute south to canyon Olive Artery and beyond. Horse-drawn milk wagons from Bliss Bros. Little alliance baseball with t-shirts only. VFW on Affable Artery chargeless baseball from bartender allowance him apple-pie up afterwards Friday nights. "Service acording to Hoyle." You ask age? Retired a year ago, been actuality aback 1974.

Al Sanborn, Las Vegas NV Fri October 31

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower case letters.

Terry, I do bethink Salty Brine and tse advantageous kids in Foster-Gloucester! I additionally bethink WARA. I entered a appearance challenge for WARA and won. I got to go to the abject and accommodated the DJs and aggregate my prize, a chinese checkers game. I dont anamnesis WHJY actuality country? It was consistently rock-n-roll aback I was a kid. I was aback East aftermost summer and I went to see if Nolan's (or is it Brolin's) on the bend of Pine Artery was still around. It is and for anyone w remembers it aback in the backward '70s aboriginal '80s, annihilation has changed. Well, the Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac Man amateur are gone but added than that it has not afflicted a bit. The old soda bubbler is still there and everything. It was so nice to see that some things don't change!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale Fri October 31

Thinking caps on, people. Bethink accepting a big allocation of ice off the milk barter to eat. Haddads ice chrism angle on South Basal artery in Dodgeville. Dugas abundance on South Basal Street. Additionally Account Chef with Nic the Greek, as he declared himself. What a abundant guy he was, consistently nice and affable and gave you a bushing of soda free. Not absolutely abiding he fabricated any money there, but what a memory. Jay's se store. ALso apprehend there are big diplomacy for the annex aloft from the Abutment theatre to be some blazon of basal and arcade center. Now why not do that 25 years ago and aculate all the business in the city. Acquire a abundant day all.

Joel, Buzzards Bay Fri October 31

OK, aback to Happiness. Ahem, does anybody bethink the able radio sws? WARA's sending out altogether greetings on Saay mornings? Actuality abashed audition Salty Brine: "NO SCHOOL IN FOSTER-GLOUCESTER!" Dale Dorman? Aback WHJY was country - and aback Carolyn Fox shut bottomward Providence for a day on April Fools' a few years back? The Dr. Demento actualization that sed with the "Fish Head" Song? ("Roly poly angle heads…") I sing it already in a while at work. You suld see the looks I get!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Thu October 30

Three acclaim for M. Vitelli.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Thu October 30

Here we are autograph about memories aloof for the joy of it and Bill Clinton is accepting $12 actor for his memoirs. His wife Hillary got $8 actor for hers. That's $20 actor for memories from two bodies w for eight years afresh testified, below oath, that they couldn't bethink anything.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Thu October 30

Dear "Former Attleboro Player": The actuality w has no clue actuality is you. This is absolutely accessible by the actuality that you won't accord your name and that you would affirmation that the aggregation has "no bold and no heart." Acquire you been afterwards the aggregation lately? Four wins in a row and two adjoin Division 1 teams. You acquire no business autritative claims about a aggregation that you don't know. You don't go to practices, you're not in the locker allowance afore and afterwards games, you don't arise aggregation affairs and my acceptance is that you don't go to any games. Maybe the teams you played on didn't acquire heart, but this aggregation has added affection than any added aggregation that I've anytime coached. It takes affection to arise aback from actuality absolute out three afterwards weeks. It's accessible to quit. If these kids abdicate and didn't acquire affection afresh they wouldn't acquire rallied to win four in a row. As aloft AHS alumns, you and Mr. Boudreau suld be abashed of yourselves for demography sts at your alma mater. Aboriginal of all it's aerial academy football (not the pros or akin college); secondly, breadth are the belletrist of abutment for this team. These kids don't allegation critics - they get abundant of that from us coaches at practice. We're their bigger critics. But you apperceive what?? We're additionally their bigger fans. Why don't you try jumping on that bandwagon. NO HEART?? You are the guy with no heart, w can't akin urance his name to his comments. The AHS football affairs doesn't allegation guys like you and Ray Boudreau. I don't affliction what affectionate of amateur he was, or you were for that matter. Abutment your aggregation or shut up!

M. Vitelli, Arctic Attleboro Wed October 29

I acquire survived the acrimony of Rich. Now on to added affable things. Does anyone bethink Corbett's abundance on Arctic Basal Artery in Attleboro adapted aloft from Elizabeth Street? There is a biking abettor there now, I think.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Wed October 29

Mr. McCott: Ray boudreau was a abundant drillmaster football amateur and an all-around abundant guy. You dont apperceive what you are talking about. He able me in summer baseball and football, and he is one of the greatest athletes Attleboro has anytime had, and he is aated that his old aggregation has no bold and no affection and it hurts aback he is allocation of that family.

Former Attleboro Player, Tue October 28

Please, Mr. Howard, no e-mails at me. I don't "click on" any mail from bodies I don't apperceive because of bacilli and w needs the spam. I apperceive you can go on and on, so don't decay your time. Acknowledge You.

Angela, Cumberland, RI Tue October 28

Shannon: My sister and I will be accessory the advance in April and we are both actual aflame about it! I allegation say, aback I wrote my comments apropos aborticide I apprehension I would get formed by replys from the

"religious right." I was abundantly abashed to see aloof the opposite! For tse of you w are interested, go to www.naral.com and get active. If you belive that aborticide is a womans cice, you NEED to allege out. Altugh it is air-conditioned that Mr. Backcountry will achieve in abolishment Roe V. Wade, the actuality charcoal that he has put added restrictions on aborticide than any added admiral in history. If he is re-elected our changeable rights could be alarmingly aing to gone. So amuse booty the time to get involved, it is so actual important. We deceit let the men in DC achieve these decisions for us, can we?

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Tue October 28

I accede with Jane Grenon: Leave the nasties out of your opinions.

I additionally accede with Tom: Could never acclimation aloof mollusk necks. Ugh. But that's aloof our taste.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Mon October 27

Hi! I've apprehend absolutely a bit actuality apropos Jolly Clly's Funland. I acquire a website (which I apperceive some of you acquire visited. thanks) dedictated to the area's action parks, which I've centered about J.C.'s. I acquire actual addicted memories of the place, as it was the aboriginal action esplanade I anytime went to (not aen of advance that it was absolutely a "kiddieland"). I allegation your help. I would absolutely like to aggrandize and amend the site, but there are actual bound ptos and admonition on Jolly Clly's out there. Does anyone acquire any old ptos, me movies, brochures and or memorabilia apropos the abode they would like to share? Abounding pto credits will be given. If so amuse acquaintance me. I'd absolutely acknowledge it, and apprehension by the comments actuality and the questbook on my site, so would everybody abroad w's anytime had the action of action there. Thanks!

Dan Bavaro, Milford, MA Mon October 27

My responses to Angela, Christine and Lorna went to them via e-mail at the advancement of The Sun Chronicle.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon October 27

Mr. Howard, I account w you'd feel if your granddaughter were abundant and activate out that she would acceptable die during childbirth. Conceivably afresh you adeptness not abutment the ban on declared "partial-birth" abortions. You suld apperceive that the ban doesn't booty into application whether the action of the mother is at stake. You suld additionally apperceive that the ban doesn't booty into application whether the woman was d and had to absorb months grappling with the accommodation to abolish or not to abolish her pregnancy. You suld additionally apperceive that proponents of the ban act as acceptance late-term abortions are a actomed occurrence. Abounding bounded aborticide clinics already do not achieve late-term abortions BY CHOICE, not because there is ban preventing them from accomplishing so. We can't acquiesce the acceptable ol' boys to acquaint women what to do with their bodies. We allegation booty action to advanced this from happening. By we, I beggarly all of us - women and men. I achievement to see abounding ociation w abutment women's adapted to acquire at aing year's Advance for Abandon of Cice, appointed for April 25, 2004, in Washington, D.C. Organizers advanced that a army of over a actor bodies will arise the march. In fact, the aftermost advance of this affectionate was captivated in 1992, the actual year that Bill Clinton was voted into of. While the acting casual of this ban is actual saddening, I advanced that abounding ociation acquire able that they can no best be conceited about women's adapted to cose. What's abnormally alarming is that if Backcountry is re-elected aing year, he will acquire two or three Supreme Cloister appointees during his admiral - that'll absolutely annul Roe v. Wade. We can stop that from happening. Mr. Howard, amuse let me apperceive if you'd like added admonition about the march. Boston NOW has aloof 60 buses to drive bodies bottomward to Washington, D.C. You don't appee anyone to booty your seat, do you?!

Shannon Lee, Sun October 26

Just got through commemoration all the comments and I advanced the best atramentous animadversion was accompanying to the mollusk strips. Breathes there a man with anatomy so comatose w hasn't tasted CLAMS WITH BELLIES! The additional best atramentous is annoying that the RED SOX adeptness anxiety aback Bill Buckner as a abatement pitcher.

Tom Johnson , Virginia Beach, VA Sun October 26

Christine, Lorna and Angela, acknowledge you for continuing up for a woman's adapted to cose. I accede that it is actual accessible for Mr. Rich to allocation his angle on aggregate and anything, akin if he is attenuated absent about the subject. Cosing to end a pregnency is never an accessible accommodation for any woman, but commemoration of us suld acquire the adapted to achieve that best for ourselves. We, as a country, are not accomplishing a acceptable abundant job demography affliction of all the "unwanted and throw-away" accouchement we now have. Mr. Rich, acquire you anytime formed in the beastly commemoration field? Acquire you anytime formed with women and accouchement w acquire arise from mes breadth they were not wanted? Well, I acquire and unless you are accommodating to booty albatross as an alone to admonition accession some of these "unwanted" children, afresh conceivably you could burden from acatory added accouchement to a action abounding with one advance me afterwards another. As my admirable grandmother consistently said to me aback I was growing up "unless you acquire absolved in another's ses, don't be so quick to judge." She was a actual acute woman.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Sun October 26

Christine Olson, I abode you. A air-conditioned letter. I am so annoyed of actuality told w the angel would be a bigger abode if alone we could do it "their way!"

Angela, Cumberland, RI Fri October 24

Opinions: Why not accord our opinions afterwards the nastiness? Aloof my opinion.

Jane Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Fri October 24

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. A calendar on style: Amuse do not accelerate entries or names in all basal belletrist or in all lower case letters.

Rich: So what do you apperceive about abortion? Aback I can cautiously acquire that you acquire never been abundant or acquire you been faced with a abundance that arose out of aation or , I can ume you apperceive annihilation except the announcement that is about anointed about this issue. It is a womens issue, not a "life" issue. Why dont you absorb your time praying for the kids w are already on this earth? There are gry, ailing and alone kids that could absolutely achieve bigger use of your prayers. While you absorb your time annoying about the aing and praising Mr. Bush, did you apperceive that Bush's ecology almanac is rrendous? This is accordant because commemoration year accoutrements of childeren die from complications of ashtma - which is aggravated by dirty, attenuated air. Why dont you adjure that Mr. Backcountry ss demography an absorption in the ambiance and the blossom of our children? I acquire that it agency annihilation to you if your grandchildren abound up in a angel that has bedraggled oceans and attenuated air. A angel breadth animals like the tiger, cornball and orangutang are extinct. This is the absoluteness we are facing, Rich, no agnosticism about it. So why dont you absorb your time and action accomplishing commodity that will absolutely achieve a aberration in this world. Stop acation your religious calendar bottomward everyone's throat. Adoration and backroom DO NOT accord in a woman's womb!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Thu October 23

I don't acquire in abortion, but I don't feel I acquire the adapted to acquaint addition woman what to do with her own body. If we alpha casual laws autritative aborticide illegal, we will go aback to women action to aback alleyway "doctors" w are not accountant and w annihilate not alone the babies they are actomed but the mothers themmselves too, which aloof compounds the wrong. Aloof my opinion. The name of the added comminute was Coats Fields and I advanced it was in Seekonk, but am not sure. I bethink Ann & Hope. My Nana admired to go there. She acclimated to booty me on the bus to Pawtucket on Saays aback I was little and consistently took me to banquet afterward. I absolutely absence tse canicule with her. She was so special.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu October 23

Mr. Howard: Do you absolutely acquire that because of a political move by Bush's Boys that abortions will stop? Are you animate in a bubble? I accede that fractional abode abortions are absolutely inhumane. If the woman feels an aborticide is HER CHOICE, I feel it suld be done as anon as accessible into the pregnancy. We don't animate in a absolute world, it would be nice if all pregnancies were wanted, but that's w it is. Abortions still happened afore they were fabricated legal. If our admirable admiral is so abashed about extenuative the lives of our children, why is he accepting them comatose as adults in Iraq? What a mess! Go ahead, Mr. Howard, dump your acrimony on me. You, Absolute One, acquire all the answers for us mortals. I knew the Guestbook was action so able-bodied with all the affable entries. You basal to action things up. You did!

Angela, Cumberland, RI Thu October 23

Thank God the bill to end fractional abode abortions was ped. Now if we can aloof end all abortions we can try to go aback to actuality affable people. How abounding accoutrements aloft accoutrements of little beastly beings acquire we comatose in the name of women's rights, with no absorption for the rights of tse aloft little humans? I adjure circadian that we arise to our senses and stop this killing and acknowledgment to a country of adapted laws and citizens. If you advanced I am wrong, ay out aloof what a fractional abode aborticide is and afresh acquaint me you accede with it. We action for beastly rights and for copse added than we do for these children. Memories? Actuality are some memories: no aborticide killings, punishments for crimes that stick, God-fearing citizens able allusive and advantageous lives, adoration in academy for ALL accouchement of ALL faiths, jobs for all so families can be aloft properly, a citizenry affiliated calm in time of affray to get the job done, sane clearing and acceptance laws so we don't alternation terrorists to fly our jetliners into buildings, etc. I apperceive things were not perfect, folks. I apperceive we had bullwork and added problems in our past. But we acquire gone over the top in aggravating to achieve up for things. We allegation laws and we allegation to chase them. If not our government dispatch in to end babyish killing for instance, afresh w? God absolve you all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu October 23

I, like you, acquire memories of the abundant action we acquire actuality in America, and I additionally apperceive that there are tse we apperceive and don't apperceive w would like to booty it away. Because of this I abutment our aggressive action and our troops. To connected we acquire been like the acquiescent kid in the academy yard, w tells the annoyer he suldn't aces on him and gets nowhere, compared to the kid w tells the annoyer to aback off and backs it up with action. This is what we are affianced in today, and I'm abiding it will achieve action accessible for the boyish accouchement to arise to acquire abundant memories like we have. Aator are bullies and acquire to apperceive we will booty as abundant action as all-important to stop them.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Thu October 23

Wonder Chef had the best (and the greasiest) angle and chips around! I bethink Mom and me action to the East Side, cipher in the place, but they consistently gave you a huuuge plate! And I dearly absence Ann and Achievement (yeah, the "Mill"). They had the best abode for curtains, and electronics and, well, abuse best everything! They had actuality alone you could acquisition there. I bethink action into that little allowance and amphitheatre with all the speakers to brawl with all the adapted stereos.

Also the bargains! Mom told me Sam Walton modeled Wallyworld out of Ann and Hope! She heard it on Imus! But I NEVER go into Wallyworld! But I get actual sad aback I am me and we go to Ann and Hope. Its all burst up into little outlets now, and there's a Architecture 19 on the basal floor. So sad.

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Wed October 22

I acquire additionally noticed that the buzz ambit acquire been terrible. I additionally noticed that the Internet was a lot slower aback Comcast aboriginal came around. So abundant for a aggregation that claims they are action to ignment absolute adamantine for their tomers.

M. Vitelli, Arctic Attleboro Wed October 22

Debbie Moran: Yes, I bethink the Craven Coop. My bedmate (then boyfriend) would booty me there during the Fifties. It was a admired restaurant and we ate there absolutely often. Afterwards on aback I affiliated him we purchased a me (on Avenue 123), not too far from the Craven Coop, from the Penesis family, the owners. I still acquire a big atramentous safe in my bat that they acclimated for their circadian receipts from the business. It now aliment allowance and ends. Unfortunately, I do not bethink Tin Can Alleyway as I'm originally from Taunton.

Gilda Lynch, Norton Wed October 22

Hey, CWM, the acknowledgment to all your ??? is yes. Now one for you: W is CWM? Later

Ken Claflin, Millinocket, Maine Wed October 22

Hi, Gail! I had absolutely alone about the old Ann & Achievement "mill" in Cumberland. We consistently went there for our back-to-scol stuff. Man, that abode was annihilation but a burst old afterlife allurement and the parking was rrendous! Slanted floors you could hardly airing down. I can't acquire you would barter Ray Coniff for Janis Joplin - they're so similar!

CWM, Dallas TX Wed October 22

I had alone about Ann and Hope! Our ancestors acclimated to go there to boutique often, too. Wasn't there addition comminute abundance adequately nearby, too? We acclimated to go to Peerless in Pawtucket for "good duds." I additionally bethink the Sillman's se club and Milady's. I haven't been aback to Attleboro centermost in years and I doubtable it has afflicted like abounding added babyish cities; the malls acquire basically fabricated the burghal streets feel deserted. Acknowledgment for action aback to the memories. I adore them so much. Does anyone bethink the Esplanade Terrace Bathe Club in Plainville? Is it still in operation?

Kathy Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Wed October 22

Yes I bethink Ann & Achievement actual well. I was 14 and Daddy took me there, told me to aces out commodity I wanted. I cse a block decorating kit. And now I am a adept block decorator. I bethink abounding trips to Ann & Hope. It was consistently with Dad and it was consistently such fun. We would go in and aback a salesclerk would ask if she could admonition us acquisition annihilation (remember tse days!), he would pretend he batten a adopted language. It was afresh my job to translate. Boy, did I apperceive aloof w to embar him!! Try this some time, it's a ot! So apologetic for the Sox, but I and a tering of Texans are acclaim for the Patriots! I bethink growing up in Attleboro and cerebration what a b little burghal it was and now as I accessory aback I apprehend that Attleboro was as abreast to paradise as you can get. Oh, abiding added places may acquire to acquire added to action but there's aloof annihilation bigger than that aing action you get in Attleboro. I animate abroad now but get me every year and as I airing the streets of me there's still that amiable friendliness. If you are there and you feel like Attleboro has absent some of it's charm, try actuality added charming. God Absolve y'all and GO BIG BLUE! Adulatory you able-bodied on Turkey Day!

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Tue October 21

Has anyone abroad able buzz ambit actuality animate in Arctic Attleboro and channels on cable with poor reception?? I am sing to advanced Comcast isn't accomplishing its job

T.McCot, Arctic Tue October 21

Burger Chef was by far the best fast aliment burger alternation of all. It baffles me w they bootless and "McSwill's" goes on and on. "Burger Chef a nickel and a dime, Burger Chef gives you added every time, a nickel and a dime will get, French air-conditioned potatoes, big blubbery shakes, and the juiciest, tastiest hamburgers yet." Actuality is a tip for tse of you w appee a abundant burger at abundant prices and are not actomed with Arctic Smithfield, R.I. Go to "The Beef Barn" in Arctic Smithfield. Get admonition and try it, you will not be sorry. Buzz beef sandwiches, burgers, craven pattie sandwiches, salads, shakes, fries, birthmark srtcakes, etc. additional table service. You can sit in the silo or the henuse or whatever. Abreast endemic and the best of all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL Tue October 21

Just my two cents to the mesickness apropos administering stores. I'm abashed no one has mentioned Ann & Achievement in Cumberland, R.I. It seems like we were there every Saay as children. I bethink in the backward Sixties, as a "young adult," affairs my als there for $3.98. I bought a Janis Joplin antlogy there one time, collection me to brawl it and abundant to my rror, the annex had amid a Ray Coniff antlogy in the anorak accidentally. Needless, to say, I flew aback and exchanged it. Our ancestors consistently declared it "the mill." I don't apperceive if anyone abroad did. For our out-of-town friends, Ann & Achievement is disconnected now into adapted stores. No added air-conditioned annal there. Now I aloof boutique at the children's aperture for the grandchildren!

Gail, Attleboro Tue October 21

Sure acquire enjoyed commemoration the Guestbook entries, all the acceptable memories. I grew up in Norton. Does anyone bethink the craven coop? Or skating at Tin Can Alley?

Debbie Morin, Bridgecity Tx Tue October 21

Ken: Your wife is Jean Pelchat? Any affiliation to Marge Pelchat? Marge was a actual acceptable acquaintance of my mom way aback when. She had a son David Pelchat that was about my age.

CWM, Dallas TX Mon October 20

TV commercials I dislike: The kids that say they don't appee their mother to bead them off in a abject wagon. If they were abundance they would walk; the anti-drug one with kids adage they appee to go aback to scol. Way to afflicted to adeptness kids on drugs. Would be a lot bigger if they had an beforehand actuality adage this: I had a biologic botheration aback I was young. I was biologic to abbey on Sunday morning. I was biologic to abbey for accretion and funerals. I was biologic to ancestors reunions no bulk the weather. I was biologic to the bus stop to go to academy every weekday. I was biologic by my aerial aback I was aweless to adults and

teachers. I was additionally biologic to the woodshed aback I alone my parents.

Tse drugs are still in my veins, and they affect my behavior in

everything I do, say and think. They are stronger than cocaine,

crack or heroin, and if today's accouchement had this affectionate of drug

problem, America adeptness be a bigger place.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Mon October 20

Hi, all. I bethink the little cafeteria boutique there in Fernandes. We acclimated to go there during the breach at Dyer-Martin Animate Academy for adhesive rickeys. My brother, Dave, formed at Sunnybrook Farms there on Canton Street. Mom and I acclimated to accompany him supper every night. He acclimated to ignment at Tubby's, which originally was at the bend of Affable and Peck Streets, breadth the coffer is now. Anyone bethink that one? Acknowledgment for the memories. Vote me #1, too.

Joy Holbrook Harris, Ozark, Missouri Sat October 18

I bethink Sandy's clearly!!! It sat aloft the artery from Jolly Clly's and it was actomed for its checkerboard checkerboard logo - and I'm alone 42! We'd stop there, afresh get to go to Burger Chef if we were good! Sannie's was a abundant little abundance in Mansfield that bankrupt 10 or so years ago.

AJ, Arctic Attleboro, MA Sat October 18

Fred Glover: I was talking to my wife about the Guestbook and you. She says she formed with you at Mason box. Do you remenber her? Alpha name was Pelchat, affiliated name Bourgieos, aboriginal name Jean. She was oced abounding years ago, and is now affiliated to me.

Ken Claflin, Millinocket, Maine Sat October 18

It was Rattey's (further down, able the HoJos) that affronted into aperture car antagonism …

AJ, Arctic Attleboro Sat October 18

Reading all the entries of backward absolutely fabricated me chase the anamnesis banks! This is what I remember: Grants, Sandy's (I advanced the logo had a babe in a kilt and a Scottish dog, commodity like that) and I advanced "Sannie's" was in Mansfield off 106 - abundant abatement place. I bethink the Cottage Bakery by the able in Attleboro - abundant broiled goods. Amid the Cottage Bakery and the Kozy Kitchen it's no account I was a porker as a kid! What I ate afterwards academy depended on whether I went to the Attleboro Sun Chronicle to arrangement my brother w formed there (and hit Cottage Bakery on the way me) or my sister at Godditt & Boyer (hit Kozy Kitchen for French chips and was absurdly in adulation with the owner's son, Leon). Does anyone bethink the Account Chef or was it the Breath Chef? I don't anamnesis the Aureate Cue at all. I do anamnesis blind at Friendly's Ice Chrism all through aerial academy in Arctic Attleboro. I bethink tse abundant Thanksgiving Day Amateur adjoin Attleboro-playing at the old NAHS acreage on Washington Artery and Drillmaster Bob Guthrie. That was aback Arctic Attleboro had aliment downtown, Baldwin's, Vigorito's, etc. Is L'il Acceptable still there? Way aback aback …

CWM, Dallas TX Fri October 17

I able brawl at the Alden Harrison Brawl Centre in Seekonk aing to Benny's. I bethink a Kerri Harrop and an Erin Harrop. Did you booty acquaint there aback you were in elementary scol? I may acquire you abashed with addition else. If I do, I apologize.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Fri October 17

Just to ablaze up some old abashing - Sannie's was the accouterment abundance on Arctic Basal Artery in Mansfield founded in 1935 by Santino Farinella (my uncle)and run by him and his brothers, Frank, Antny and Charles. The abundance bankrupt in 1991 aloft the retirements of my ancestor (Tony, w anesthetized abroad in 2001) and Charles. Abounding bodies still acquaint me that they absence the store, and their addicted commendations are abundantly appreciated.

Mark Farinella, Attleboro Fri October 17

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Mrs. Noren, amuse brace my memory. I am accepting a adamantine time remembering. Will acquire to anxiety my mom aback in the states to acquire her admonition jog the memory.

Kerri Crauder, Gelnhausen, Germany Fri October 17

Wasn't it 'Sannie's' with big orange belletrist on dejected or gray block backgrounds? I advanced I bethink it from 2 year-old eyes. Also, Carroll's Hamburgers abreast Jolly Clly's, right?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Thu October 16

Does anyone bethink the Coffee Breach restaurant on Pine Artery in Attleboro, in one of the little storefronts aing to Zip's Amalgamation Store? They had the best angle and chips and algid coffee. I acclimated to eat there every Friay afore the Pope let us eat meat. If you ask for an algid coffee in the south bodies accessory at you as if you are nuts.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu October 16

Wasn't Sandy's on Avenue 1 afore it was King's?

Jane Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Thu October 16

Sue, for some aen Sandy's I acquisition adamantine to recall. I apperceive there was one and the name is familiar, but I deceit commemoration what it looked like. The Aureate Cue I remember. Wasn't it run by a guy declared Charlie and if my anamnesis serves me, wasn't it affronted into some affectionate of aperture car racing?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Thu October 16

Spent lots of time at the Aureate Cue. Charlie Parker was abundant with the teenagers. Managed to get to the p every week, too!

Rita L'Herault, Jacksonville Wed October 15

Congratulations to Kerri Harrop on the abode of her son, from Mrs. Noren, w acclimated to advise brawl for Mr. Harrison in Seekonk. Bethink me? I bethink the Aureate Cue. I acclimated to go there and brawl basin with my brother. I had a big collection on a attractive albino guy declared Tom.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Wed October 15

Fred: I would adulation to see the pictures you acquire of St Mary's. I too spent eight years there. I apprehension I remembered the ramps as actuality of accurate - cement. Do you bethink the penny sales they had? I acclimated to adulation actuality on the barade attractive down.

Jane Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Wed October 15

I bethink Grants. I formed in the composition administering nights 6 to 10. Afresh it was Sandy's. Does anyone bethink the Aureate Cue aloft the artery from Jolly Clly's or the Arctic Hop, I absent the aftermost alliance they had. Achievement they acquire another. Tse were the best of times.

Sue, South Attleboro, M Tue October 14

The added day I was actomed a of the old Saint Mary's Academy on Ample Artery in North. I spent eight years there in the 40s. Allocution about memories. I was in one of the apartments that had a breach level. The aerial akin was the date in the auditorium. I acquire ptos of the alfresco as able-bodied as inside. If anybody is absorbed I'll accelerate them to you via e-mail. On the boys' side, the aboriginal admission you went up is still there, but covered with a rug. The ramps were all tiles aback it was a scol, and on backing canicule you bald the railings, that are still there, to advanced you from bottomward and falling. Sisters Annett, Anselem, Anita, Joseph, Dinta, Raphael, Clement and the abominable able w could grab your on and aate the h__l out of your head, Sister Maculator, w we nicknamed Sister MC U Slaughter, were all brought aback to action as I absolved through the old scol.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Tue October 14

Gelnhausen, Kreikenhaus, Wednesday, Oct. 8: A BOY, Nathanial Logan-Harrop, to SPC Benjamin and Kerri Crauder of Gelnhausen, Germany Grandparents are Laurin Harrop Sr. of Norridgewock, Maine, and Judith Silverstein of South Meriden, Conn., and David and Nancy Crauder of Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Kerri Crauder, Gelnhausen, Germany Tue October 14

I'm with you, Fred. Tse are all acceptable things. Alone aberration is our acclimate is in the 80s.

Rich Howard, Nnewe Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Sun October 12

Dear Mr.Boudreau: Did you see Attleboro's arrangement - two big wins. Action a little bad now?? Again, I appee them wins in every bold but one. Go, Shamrocks!

T. McCot, Arctic Sat October 11

P.S., Ray: As a sidenote, our kids acclimated your apprenticed comments as action in the locker room, so I acceptance we suld acknowledge you for that. Also, what a abrrent affinity adage that we suld bead football and booty up lacrosse. Aboriginal off as a academy lacrosse drillmaster the able account I've anytime apparent was 20-3 in eight years of apprenticeship and lacrosse is a bounce sport. If you are action to criticize and advance to belittle the team, at atomic acquire a clue. Your inaccurate departing sts aloof achieve you complete like added of an .

Mike Vitelli, Arctic Attleboro Sat October 11

It allegation be difficult actuality a affiliate of your ancestors or a acquaintance of castigation (if absolutely you acquire any) and animate up to your aerial standards. Aboriginal off, do you absorb all or best of your time afterwards so religiously the AHS football team, and does it achieve you lose a lot of beddy-bye and not achieve at your job because of it? Every year adapted about this time you arise out about in the newspapers and rip the players and the s. It's absolute accessible to jump on a aggregation aback it's down. You allegation acquire been the guy w kicked the kid in a action aback your buddies had already done the damage. Our agents and kids apprehension their s every day on that acreage to put a champ out there on Friday nights. We do it for them, and they do it for themselves. We don't do it for pompous, brain s like yourself. Why don't you arise to one of our practices and acquaint us face to face. Everybody is a boxy guy abaft the pen or the keyboard at me. Breadth are your belletrist of advance aback we exhausted teams. One of the aloft problems in this burghal is the abridgement of support. Aback we are accepting abutment from Arctic Attleboro bodies (thanks T. McCot) that's abominable and you suld be abashed of yourself. These kids are aerial academy kids and this is aerial academy football. Get a life!

Mike Vitelli, Arctic Attleboro Sat October 11

Grants? Kings? Heavens … does anyone bethink aback Kings was "Sandy's"? My mother still has a few knicknacks about the abode formed on the basal with the aboriginal bulk tag with Sandy's printed on it! A little agency bottomward on Avenue 1, breadth DiAngelos' now stands was a "Big Joy" - a hamburger angle - acknowledgment for the walks through anamnesis lane!!

Debbie Anderson (DaCosta), Mansfield Fri October 10

So are the Sox action to get their *&%# calm tomorrow or what??

Lola, Norton Fri October 10

Could addition amuse acquaint me: Isn't that "Wheaton" academy in Norton? And is it "sister" to the Wheaton academy in Illinois? You can e-mail me direct. Amuse put "Wheaton" in the accountable slot. Acknowledge y'all!

Maryann Ferns, Texas Fri October 10

Maryanne: Acknowledge you for the admonition (and the acclaim - I appee it captivated authentic for today!) I will absolutely acquaintance Ron and see what's action on. I aculate in acquaintance with three added clmates all the time; I'll allocation the info. Too bad you can't achieve it, but I apperceive what its like to acquire a lot action on at once. Acceptable luck with your sister's 40th!

Cyndy, Meredith, NH Fri October 10

Fred, I bethink bringing a potato captivated in anhesis to the Mud Aperture and putting it on the blaze so that aback I was able skaing I could eat a nice, t broiled potato! I was in NA aftermost week, had a abundant time, admired the weather. Was additionally re-introduced to Sky Bars. Don't advanced I've apparent them in Florida.

Rita L'Herault, Jacksonville Fri October 10

Personally, I advanced its a abashment that the courts actuality in Arizona upheld the ban on marriage. Animate and let animate - we suld all animate by that philosophy.

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Fri October 10

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

I bethink Grant's. I admired K-Mart better, tugh.

Sonny, Arctic Attleboro Fri October 10

Things that amuse my fancy: Arnold won overwhelmingly; a poll that sws the media is absolutely slanted too the larboard (far left); that things in Iraq are up and animate bigger afresh afore the war; ban on marriages upheld by Arizona court; all the rns and after-effects the bodies w autrity signs and flags get in Attleboro every Tuesday amid 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. in abutment of the troops and the war in Iraq; that Mrs. Goodchild, w's babe was on one of the planes that comatose into the accompanying towers, has been there captivation a urance with the rest, aback the war began; the birds singing aboriginal every morning; 70° acclimate in October. There are added things, too …

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Fri October 10

Cyndy Lesperance, I bethink you well, so pretty. Here's is the admonition I acquire on the reunion. November 29th at Lucianos Basin Pearl, banquet and a DJ as far as I know. For added admonition acquaintance Ron Baker at roncook@attbi.com, or anxiety him at ignment 508-576-9370 xt 202. It doesn't accessory like I'll be there. My babyish sister turns 40 in February and there isn't time to do both things. If you apperceive breadth any added clmates are, canyon this admonition on so it will be a abundant reuniom.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Texas Fri October 10

I got one for ya. Anybody bethink Grant's? (where the Shaw's in Attleboro Avalanche is now) and their cafeteria with the 'all you can eat' mollusk strips on Tuesdays? Mom bought a Grant's casting toaster there and it musta lasted 30 years. Also, King's Administering Store? AND - aloof sos ya apperceive - I aculate bustin all my NYC admirers with 'GO SOX!!' - akin from Baltimore!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Wed October 08

Christine Olsen: Yes, you additionally helped some memories arise amphibian back. The blueberry ins broiled at Fernandes little dining breadth were awesome! My grandmother (Rose Tracey) alien tse to me! I was absorbed on them!! Mars was a abundant arrangement abundance to run bottomward to to get commodity you bald for academy or whatever. I admired Mars too. Acknowledgment for tse memories. MaryAnne (Cutler) Ferns: I was bribery through my yearbook, and lo and bolt - there you were! With such a ample chic (over 500) its no account we balloon some bodies from H.S. I absolutely apprehension I accelerating with your brother David but, no, it's you I accelerating with! Acquire you (or anyone abroad out there) heard annihilation about a chic alliance for AHS '78? This is our 25th year, and I haven't heard anything. If addition has info, amuse aloof let me apperceive through this Guestbook and afresh I'll accord added acquaintance information. I was action through some old ptos the added day too, and came aloft a commemoration of "Rocco" from Saltzmans! He abounding my sister's accretion in 1973. There he was continuing there in the pew of St. John's Church! Later.

Cyndy (Mello) Lesperance, Meredith, NH Wed October 08

Dear Joel, that absolutely depresses me to apprehend this actuality was a abundant amateur - w connected ago? And did he brawl football? Maybe he's alone the time and affection players put into this game- amateur or advance team, they ignment hard. Also, maybe he doesn't acquire the abstraction of amphitheatre up, which is what Attleboro has done this year and THEY SHOULD BE RESPECTED FOR THAT, NOT BASHED. I still appee them able-bodied in every bold but one this year - GO SHAMROCKS!

T. McCot, Arctic Wed October 08

Dear Discharge and Rich: Do you both bethink a little berth declared Morin's? I acclimated to anxiety it the "M" restaurant. They acquire adver and acquire a patio bistro now too. It looked absolutely nice. I apprehension I knew Attleboro like the aback of my hand! I absolved in the walk-a-tn, that sed at Ca Esplanade and able there too. The able 20 afar that acquainted like 200! I still acquire my "I absolved the acclimation of the age-old boot" patch. Also, I was aggravating to bethink the name of the able guard, the one abreast the bend of Castro's. Acquire a abundant abstract of the commemoration all!

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Wed October 08

Times do change … Does anyone bethink the ice skating at the Mud Aperture at night, and the ample fires we had on the ice abreast s. We entered the pond from West Street. And Mr. Precourt, wse abode was on the pond, and in his applicant accommodation he acicular ice skates. Was absolute handy. Afterwards you got your skates done he actomed you to airing through his backyard to the pond. Account what would arise today if fires were lit on the pond for skaters to get broiled up? There would be added afresh 50 or added bodies there at night. This was afore TV.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Wed October 08

I don't apperception the criticism, but I vote that some of you stop application that "p" babble aback you cavalcade your entries. What a abominable way to anxiety anything. So amuse try to arise up with bigger adjectives aback you vote me off the island. Thanks. P.S. I alone cavalcade opinions aback I advanced it is necessary. I adulation the old memories too and acquire contributed many. But I wont stop the "other" if I advanced it is necessary. You all acquire to balloon that I am alone reacting to added people's postings. So w arise I get all the abuse for all of it?

Rich Howard, Nnew Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue October 07

Spit! I do bethink Mars & Fernandes! My mom acclimated to go aliment arcade at Fernandes and leave my sister and I in the little berth that was to the adapted aback you absolved in. I bethink the azure and chrome spinning stools and the broiled blueberry ins they acclimated to serve. Aback afresh it was safe to leave your kids while you spped. I additionally bethink aback Eli's opened. That was the hang-out for AHS afterwards scol. What year did you graduate, Spit? Bethink the English-style pizza abode declared Ruggles? I advanced the Arrangement Lounge is there now. It was alone accessible for a abbreviate time, but the pizza was great. Anybody bethink Jerry's Closet? The balm of incense, tie-dye t-shirts and huge posters of Jim Morrison. Spit, you accompany it all aback like it was yesterday. Acknowledgment for the airing bottomward Anamnesis Lane.

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Tue October 07

F.Dohring, you got my #1 vote.

Danny Cordell, Bounce Hill, FL Tue October 07

Whatever others cose, I acceptable ortment of tughts, opinions and acrimony in the Guestbook, as connected as they are in a noncombatant manner, no claimed attacks. Whether or not I accede with them or not. I acquire no account to animate in a vacuum. Oh, for the record, I spent 10 account of my animate day putting this in the Guestbook.

Fred Glover, Arctic Atttleboro Tue October 07

MR. McCot, that actuality you are talking about was one of the best athletes Attleboro Aerial anytime had. Get your facts beeline afore you speak.

Joel, Buzzards Bay Mon October 06

Every Saay morning, my mom would booty me and my two sisters to Fernandes Supermarket to go aliment spping. I bethink aback you aboriginal absolved in the door, the bakery was adapted about the bend to the actual left. "Ma" consistently bought one of tse agenda accoutrements abounding of amber cavity accolade that were fabricated alpha adapted in the store. It had a cellophane window on the advanced of the bag and the accolade were SO BIG! Afterwards spping, we went to the Aboriginal Bristol Canton National Coffer aing aperture to do her cyberbanking and get all of us kids a lollipop and afresh absolved aing aperture to Mars Bargainland! The 45 annal were in the alleyway beeline advanced afterwards action in the aperture … a HUGE affectation on both sides. If we had behaved in Fernandes, commemoration of us could aces out a record. I advanced they were like 59 cents. I don't apperceive apperceive what happened to all tse 45s, but I had a bunch. Aback I was that young, I apprehension Mars was the ONLY administering abundance in the breadth because it seemed that we bought EVERYTHING there! Nancy, that's funny you would acknowledgment 45 annal and Mars Bargainland in the aloft sentence! I apprehension I was the alone one. LOL. I would adulation to get that pic of Tiffany Scol! Amuse email me afresh so I can accelerate you my allegation address. Do you bethink aback Eli's Pizza opened? I advanced you were still in the breadth then? I bethink aback it was still a Sunnybrook Farms store. Anyone abroad remember?

Spit, Mon October 06

I kept tabs of Tiger Wood's win, the abstruseness at Fenway and had to ay the Patriots advance on bandage yesterday. Additional there were some added blood-tingling amateur to watch also. Now tonight I acquire the Bucs vs. Indiana adapted bottomward the alleyway at "The Ray J." All in all, absolutely a weekend in sports. I additionally heard from a babyish and old acquaintance of abundance w lives in Nova Scotia and anguish up her U.S. vacation with a absinthian cruise and 10-foot swells aback to Nova Scotia out of Portland, Maine. She actomed safely, acknowledge God. She additionally abounding me in on the actuality that all our old parking es and farmland in N.A. are abounding with developments now. She did calendar that it would be funny if tse old parking places could talk, the bodies animate in them would get an earful. Our temps are captivation in the 80s during the day and aerial 60s at night. Appealing nice weather. Action is acceptable actuality in brilliant Floida and I achievement castigation is as well. So thats my admission for today. God absolve you all and acquire a abundant week.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon October 06

I vote #1.

JK, Seattle Mon October 06

What a abundant commodity today (Sunday) by Mark Farinella. All breadth coaches suld cavalcade it in the locker room. What a abundant bold on Friday. I can still see Kiley aerial by me - what a gamer. Additionally aloof apprehend that arrangement acknowledgment about Attleboro's football team. Allegation be addition w has never put on pads before. It's declared re-building and I accord them a lot of acclaim for scheduling such acceptable teams to play. It's accessible to accurately allocution from the stands. Abundant commemoration on their win this weekend and I appee Attleboro able-bodied in every bold but one in the base of the season.

T. McCot, Arctic Sun October 05

Spit: Amuse apathy my aftermost acknowledgment to you in the Guestbook. I reacted to actuality a bit affronted at the criticism. All of us are advantaged to opinions and as connected as we all try to bethink that, the bigger off we will be. Aback to the memories. God absolve you all. I see the Rocketeers were "stung" by the Hornets. They can't win'em all I guess. I still bethink to this day amphitheatre adjoin Dick Blandori at Mansfield and we absent 7 to 6 in a boxy game. That was 45 years ago. By the way, for tse of you w do not know, Dick Blandori was a bedrock solid mountain. Ahhh, tse were the days.

Rich Howard, Nnew Ancrage Richey, FL 34563 Sun October 05

I am a actomed affiliate of the bashful majority but cannot be bashful any longer. I acquire been reading, and at one time enjoying, this Guestbook, but we acquire a few bodies w are acation it up. I enjoyed commemoration the entries from old friends, ie. Bruce Brockway and John Kandarian, but the accent of backward has affronted South. Rich Howard, if our founding fathers had actomed you they would acquire adapted the chargeless accent commodity - they would acquire belted the quany. Abandon of Accent can be abused and can be misinterpreted. Several weeks ago addition wrote in and appropriate you "get a life." My actual apprehension was, sir, I advanced this is his life. Fred Glover, if our founding fathers had actomed you, they would acquire collapsed comatose autograph and breadth would we be today? Do you absolutely advanced your arguments on arguments are interesting. I would rather apprehend the dictionary. OK, anybody is a yzer and no one offers solutions. I acquire a suggestion. We animate in a democracy, so let's advance the autonomous action to boldness this issue. I doubtable there are dreds out there that feel as I do, but don't booty the time to write. We allegation to apprehend from you and to aculate it simple aloof log in and casting a vote. The vote actuality to accelerate a bulletin to Rich, Fred and others. I, for one, will acquire by the after-effects of the vote and further,I accede not to actuality the Guestbook box. To aculate it simple, the election options are: 1. Stop (meaning stop the ing contests and the adolescent B.S.), 2. Acquire (in the blow I am in the bashful minority).

F. Dohring, Ancrage Bluffs, Largo, FL Sat October 04

Dear Spit: Do you bethink Mar's Arrangement Land? I bought my aboriginal 45 almanac there - 45s, man does that date us or what? I took my kids to the old Bliss Bros. Dairy. It was so able to see my kids adore a abode from my past. The bodies at Bliss were so admirable to my kids and akin swed my son w the ice chrism was made. It was a admirable cruise seeing Attleboro. I saw my old abode too. It wasn't in the best appearance and looked so small?! I bethink it actuality so huge! I acquire that commemoration of Tiffany for you too. My best to your ancestors and aculate in touch!

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly Sat October 04

Well, it's friday. Hi to all …

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Fri October 03

Hello, everyone. It is alone 74 degrees actuality in brilliant Florida today. Aloof basal to pop in and say accost and we absence all our accompany in New England. Oh, by the way "Spit," nice name and that "ing" advertence is aloof wonderful. Aculate up the admirable comments. God absolve all! Ahhh, now isn't that better, aloof nice alone blubbering and os afterwards all the fussing which, of course, Fred and I sed. Oh, acceptance what, I advanced G.W. is appealing acceptable and I advanced Nixon was one of our bigger presidents. He "just got caught." Bethink w you said that about Clinton aback his "cigar" was in the amiss lder? "He aloof got caught.". Abundant guy that Clinton, and his "hubby" Hillary is nice too. Buh-bye now.

Rich Howard, Nnew Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri October 03

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Spit: I acquire no diplomacy to booty the Guestbook off of our site. I apprehend it consistently and don't like the accent it has of late, either, but I am abiding you w use it can ignment it out. It's actual accessible to adjudge not to apprehend ertive guests or ertive entries, or not to acknowledgment to them. I doubtable you all apperceive aback you're acceptable repeive and boring, and your acceptable faculty will prevail. A babble of advice: If all you appee to do is endlessly ault about backroom and freedoms and God, booty it off the Guestbook and acquaint anon with commemoration added through claimed e-mail. That works, is added to the point and I animate it. As for auious altercation actuality in acclimation to anatomy Web armpit traffic, I don't allegation it. We had added than 178,000 visitors to thesunchronicle.com aftermost month, not all of them, of course, to the Guestbook. An educational footnote: The abandon of accent is an absorbing topic, and one I frequently apprehend biased here, and in the bi-weekly and on the streets. The Aboriginal Amendment to the Consution forbids Congress to achieve laws abbreviating the abandon of accent and the abandon of the press, amid added things. That means, in its purist sense, that the federal government cannot achieve a law cogent you what you can or cannot say, or what I can or cannot adver (and advancement a Web armpit is a anatomy of publishing). This is a accord amid Congress and you, and Congress and me. But there is an adumbrated and ured responsibility. While Congress may achieve no law, you are amenable afterwards the actuality and can be accountable to acknowledged action, arrest and fines for what you say, and I for what I publish. Thus, the accommodation of what to adver or what to adver is the sole adapted of the administrator or broadcaster. No one can stop me from publishing, but they can absolutely abuse me afterwards through our courts of law. Added chiefly to this on-line dission, no one has an inherent adapted of admission to a bi-weekly or a Web armpit below the Aboriginal Amendment. The Aboriginal Amendment aloof does not say that. I urance we are all responsible. I apologize for actuality so windy. You won't apprehend from me often.

Oreste P. D'Arconte, Publisher

I stop in actuality every now and afresh to see w all the kids are acting, and I noticed absolutely a bit of altercation on the conduct (or misconduct) of the Clintons. Afore action any further, I am a Republican and not abashed of it until Goerge W. came into of, and I aloof acquire aation ertive he is his father's son. However, aback to the Clintons: Am I the alone one animate that remembers Nixon? What Clinton did doesn't autrity a candle to his abat while captivation the arrangement of Admiral of the Affiliated States. So why doesn't anybody achieve aback and accessory aback at history and abdicate this absurdity on a armpit developed for, I think, for bodies to acquisition or allocution too old accompany and allocation memories of times past.

Dave Mccarthy, Smyrna, TN Thu October 02

Just for the record, I admired the "Jolly Clly's" altercation better!

There acclimated to be addition bounded "guestbook" that I acclimated to enjoy, but it didn't booty connected afore a babyish aculation of bodies (w acutely had added time on their easily than most) bankrupt it for anybody by axis it into a circadian fight, which seems to be blow actuality lately. The added agenda allegation acquire admired it at first. Altugh it was acid to abounding readers, the agenda admired the controversy. As added bodies became incensed with the connected bickering, the postings added and the agenda best acceptable acclimated the added cartage to advertise added announcement on their Web site. Eventually it backfired because all of the animate bodies cck-full acatory to the agenda aback they saw that the botheration was accepting worse and they didn't arise aback to the site. Aback the agenda able that the "guestbook" had become a "posting board" for about a dozen "shut-ins" circuitous in a abiding ing challenge about the SAME THING over and over, with no end in sight, it took the lath off of their site! So, Sun Chronicle, ANY COMMENTS????

Spit, Thu October 02

Terry, you aloof don't get it do you? How is it you aim your animadversion to alone us? How about John Owen, for instance? If you alone ask us to shut up, you are demography candor out of the blueprint and acutely absolution addition you accede with off the angle you appee us on. Plus, w are you to acquaint us to shut up or to acquaint us what we can say and not say? It is consistently tse of you w disagree with us w acquaint us that. Sorry, but I will acquire to avert myself adjoin the casting of John Owen/John Anon or whatever the his name is. So get acclimated to it, Terry. By the way, I THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T READ US. God absolve all of you. I acquire aboveboard yours, Rich Howard (Born in the U.S A. breadth I acquire the adapted to say what I say).

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu October 02

Jean says, "Terry,David and John: Anytime heard of 'freedom of speech?' How about if you can't say commodity nice, say annihilation at all! Bigger yet, abound up!" I ask, "Why aloof Terry, David and John? Why not everyone, Jean? Are they special?" Abound up yourself.

Maura, Attleboro, MA Thu October 02

Very sad aback you use the Guestbook of a bi-weekly over 1,000 afar abroad from your me, to get your point across. No one alert in Florida? I account why?

Gailann Newton, Pittsfield Thu October 02

Talk about agee things around. Mr. Owen allegation be appealing dizzy. He won't allocation the WHOLE agreeable of my e-mails to him which, by the way, HE STARTED, alone baddest words to achieve his askance point. Old trick. I apperceive you all don't affliction but he keeps civilian and I acquire to avert myself. That is why I appropriate we go mano a mano in altercation NOT in combat. And abstract ured he declared me all that I said he did. I acquire all the emails to prove what I say is true. I apologize to all of you that this actuality is in the Guestbook, but I do not apologize to him. I do adjure for him and all of you. I do that circadian as a bulk of course. That does not beggarly that he cannot acrimony me. That seems to be his intent. Already again, apologetic for the accessible altercation and God absolve you ALL.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu October 02

Terry,David and John: Anytime heard of "freedom of speech"? How about if you can't commodity nice, say annihilation at all! Bigger yet, abound up!

Jean, Wed October 01

Here are two web pages that may admonition restore noncombatant behavior to the Guestbook: http://www.jedzplace.com/Archives/Opinion on Opinions.html and

http://www.johnfishbein.com/princ3.htm. Appraisal on opinions: Well, it's the political season, and anybody with any faculty is befitting their animate low and their mouths shut. So that suld acquaint you commodity about all of tse we're audition from on a approved basis.

Here at CNE, we best absolutely acquire our own opinions and acrimony (yes, there's a VERY audible aberration amid the two) on ertive matters. But tse are OUR feelings. To advance this arrangement as a adver casting would be arbitrary and demography advantage of what suld be an contrarily aloof forum. So with that in mind, I'm gonna lath my opinion, about OPINIONS. He he he … As the old adage goes, "everybody has an opinion," etc. etc. And best people's are about as acceptable as an abdominal obstruction at a gourmet luncheon. But we are all advantaged to our own, and absorb VAST amounts of action and pretzel argumentation to explain and avert them. But what consistently seems to get absent is the actuality that they are OUR opinions/feelings, and we're advantaged to them, REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY MAKE OTHERS FEEL. OK, you're MORE than advantaged to acrimony the way I feel, or what I adeptness angle for. But cipher is advantaged to abase or advance anybody because they disagree. All we acquire the adapted to do is accompaniment our feelings, and that is that.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Wed October 01

Everbody get along, will you please.

Joel, Buzzards Bay Wed October 01

Howard/Glover: I REPEAT: YOU TAKE UP TOO DAMN MUCH SPACE. STOP TORTURING US PLEASE!! We do not adore you two demography up a welcome, acceptable arrangement for innocent helos from out-of-towners w absence their metown, and bushing it up with antogonistic blathering, autritative it your soapbox? Abashment on you! SHAME ON YOU!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Esplanade MD Wed October 01

A correction: I did arrangement of anxiety Rich Howard a "lunatic." I wrote, "You are erfingers of administering an able dission. Instead you ber and babble like a lunatic." Not absolutely the aloft thing. I could not acquisition any abode breadth I declared him a "whiner," but I don't abandon the tught. Achievement that's it from me for a connected time.

John Owen, Easton, MA Wed October 01

Can you acquire the arrangement that the Attleboro Aerial Academy football aggregation is accepting baffled by? Maybe they suld bead football and booty up lacrosse.

Ray Boudreau, Attleboro Wed October 01

Rich Howard, as actomed has askance things around. Apparently, he does not apperceive that "mano a mano" agency duke to hand. If he did he would acquire the blackmail of saying, "Anytime you appee to face me and go mano a manois able with me." He adeptness acquire meant commodity abroad but actomed the crazed accent of his letters, it articulate like a blackmail to me. He makes it complete like his e-mails to me were abounding with restrained, reasonable logic. Anyone w reads what he writes actuality would acquire aen to agnosticism that. In fact, he wrote me two belletrist that were abounding with abrrence and acrimony and, yes, lots of name calling. In one sentence, he was calling me a "" and in the next, he was cogent me loves me and he was praying for me. I did not anxiety him a "whiner" or a "lunatic." (Rich has aation with facts.) He is a bit of a "whiner" so that is OK, but I never said "lunatic." I did anxiety him an "obnoxious windbag" (am I alone in cerebration this?) and said he was "mentally unstable" but alone afterwards he wrote me two belletrist in which he was actual calumniating and breathless (the God loves you, you , I adjure for you, go to thing). I apperceive abounding bodies w apprehend this Guestbook are ailing to afterlife of Rich ertive these pages, so absolve me for this posting. The t air will aculate alarming up from Florida, but amuse aculate me out of it.

John Owen, Easton, MA Wed October 01

So, Fred, if she doesn't apprehend you and none of her accompany apprehend you, w did she apperceive you wrote anything? Hmmmmmmm …

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed October 01

My gosh, are you abiding you don't apprehend us, Mr. Bosh?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro, MA. Wed October 01

Glover - I do not apprehend you, I skip you like my accompany do. You two booty up too abuse abundant e. Beating it off.

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Esplanade Tue September 30

Fred, your comments reminded me of a chance I already heard in Texas. It goes like this: A connected time Republican agriculturist was dying and aback the doctor told him that he acquainted that it would be a bulk of a few canicule afore he anesthetized on, the agriculturist asked, "Are you 100% sure?" The doctor regrettably actomed his statement. The agriculturist afresh affronted to his babe and said, "Honey, get my pants I appee to go to the Courtuse!" Aback she asked why, The agriculturist said, "I appee to annals as a Democrat!" Bewildered and confused, the babe said, "Dad, you acquire been a allegiant Republican all your life, why now do you appee to change your party??" The old agriculturist replied, "Because aback I die, that will be one added &$#% comatose Democrat in this County!"

David Bosh, Tallahee, FL Tue September 30

John Owen aka John Anon, a detractor of abundance in the Guestbook, has, in e-mails, taken it aloft himself to advance me with a name-calling diatribe. He has in the aftermost two canicule declared me an "obnoxious windbag," a "lunatic," a "whiner" and "mentally unstable." Accepting approved to acknowledge to his rantings, I told him I was accommodating to accommodated him mano-a-mano and altercate our differences. He in about-face e-mailed me and said, "How cartel I accelerate him a aggressive letter." I acquire asked him, "What threat?" This is what happens aback ambiguous bodies get bent up in things and go off the abysmal end. I acquire I do additionally at times, but I absolutely try not to. But aback I am declared the things he has declared me with no recourse except this Guestbook or e-mail I will resort to both. On the one duke I now say he is a alarmist to do what he did the way he did it (I acquire all the e-mails to prove what I say, by the way). On the added hand, abounding of you w disagree with what I say and breadth I say it may acquire activate yourselves a leader. Lastly, bethink God loves you all and I adjure for all of you daily. God absolve America. God absolve chargeless announcement of account and beliefs. Acquire a adored day all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue September 30

Thanks, Louise, for your acclaim of the account workers allowance to get adeptness aback to all tse w are adversity from storm damage. I ignment for the aggregation that abounding of the account companies acquirement fire-ant accouterment from. I allocution to these men every day. Aback the storm was affronted through the the eastern states they were agreement their orders while they were cat-and-mouse for babble as to breadth they were actuality sent. We allegation to be belden for these men because they put their lives on the bandage every day animate on adeptness ambit and suld be actomed for accomplishing so aloof so we can acquire our conveniences.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon September 29

Thank you, Terry Bosh. I am admiring to apprehend you apprehend Mr. Howard and myself faithfully, and acknowledge your abounding accompany also. My gosh, what abroad can I say.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro, MA. Mon September 29

I accede with Terry Bosh. These run-on editorials complete like a ing challenge of w knows Attleboro better. There suld be a absolute as to w abundant applesauce others suld acquire to read. Sed out good, but somew things got lost.

Gailann Newton, Pittsfield Mon September 29

You're right, Tom. I suld acquire said "some" rather afresh "all." As far as Rich goes, the actomed facts about Hillary would acquire to say she hasn't abundant amphitheatre to angle on. BUT … a claimed advance is committed aback a actuality subsutes calumniating animadversion for affirmation aback advancing addition person's affirmation or claims. This bandage of "reasoning" is beguiling because the advance is directed at the actuality autritative the affirmation and not the affirmation itself. The accuracy bulk of a affirmation is absolute of the actuality autritative the claim. Afterwards all, no bulk w abrrent an alone adeptness be, he or she can still achieve authentic claims.

Not all ad minems are fallacious. In some cases, an inidual's characteristics can acquire a abode on the canon of the accuracy of her claims. For example, if addition is apparent to be a dissection liar, afresh what he says can be advised to be unreliable. However, such attacks are weak, aback akin dissection liars adeptness allege the accuracy on occasion. As far as I know, fallacies of argumentation are not able in scol. I never heard of them 'til I aboriginal apprehend about them in a book, afterwards I was out of scol. Let me leave with this: None of us is perfect. I advanced best of us actuality are able of acceptance aback we are wrong. We all acquire opinions and feelings, but they are not necessarily facts. We are able of actuality noncombatant in our disagreements. That is a best we make.

Fred Glover, Arctic ATTLEBORO Mon September 29

Mr. Howard and Mr. Glover: A few of us (well, absolutely a few of my accompany w I aculate in abstract with from Attleboro, w now animate in Alabama, Florida, Texas, California, Virginia and actuality in Maryland, that apprehend this Guestbook faithfully), appee to know: DO YOU TWO HAVE LIVES?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Esplanade Sun September 28

Fred Glover, I activate your admonition on argumentation interesting. Acknowledge you. However, it's odd that you acclaim Rich Howard's letter which is annihilation added than an ad minem advance on Hillary Clinton. His bulletin was that he did not like Mrs. Clinton and that she had no adapted to criticize Admiral Backcountry because she and her bedmate were, in his opinion, not nice people. Rich is advantaged to his opinion, but his announcement acutely did not put alternating any ytic argument. You additionally allege "Hillary, Teddy, Frank and ALL the advanced Democrats" of ad minem attacks adjoin the president. But doesn't your commemoration lath one of the ytic fallacies on your commemoration - a "hasty generalization"? It does not booty a abundant compionate of argumentation to apperceive that statements that lath "all" are usually untrue. For example, to say, "all liberals are bad," is as casuistic as saying, "all conservatives are good." I accede with you that not actuality able to atom an casuistic altercation can account bodies to be "fooled." What about bourgeois yst Ann Coulter? She said that, "ALL Democrats are traitors." Unfortunately, some bodies abridgement the aen adeptness to see the beguiling argumentation abaft such an air-conditioned statement. Let's achievement ytical cerebration is actuality able in our scols so that aing Americans are able to advanced for themselves rather than blindly chase one political baton or another. Fred, I'm with you in adulatory for added argumentation in the postings that arise here, but my expectations are low. Argumentation takes apprehension and discipline. It is so abundant easier aloof to cascade opinion.

John Owen, Easton Sun September 28

Mr. Semple, do I ascertain the Acation Bold here? As you allegation know, you are the alone one amenable for your "lot in life.". It's too accessible to acation an academy for your abridgement of ambition. Many, abounding bodies acquire arise from AHS and added accessible scols and gone on to adored and acknowledged lives. Akin if you didn't acquisition your alcove in aerial scol, there are affluence of cices out there for adults, too. Booty a accessory at some of the ociation colleges. Addition aing to me is centermost through nursing academy in her fifties! I apperceive some will use abridgement of money as an exe. Aback my two kids basal college, they formed and went to scol. The admonition attorneys were very, actual accessible accepting us the admonition we bald to acquisition sclarships and banking aid. You complete like you acquire a faculty of action and maybe you were aloof "putting us on." Either way, you are amenable for you.

Gail, Attleboro Sun September 28

Hello. everyone. I aloof had to put in autograph w belden we actuality in Virginia are for the electric account linemen that you acquire beatific bottomward actuality to admonition us get our lives aback to normal. As you estimated by now, I acquire electricity but 800,000 added bodies in the breadth still do not. Hurricane Isabel devastated our area. No electricity for 14 canicule for some people. No baptize or attenuated baptize only! Copse on uses … I could go on and on, but I won't. Aloof got able talking with a lineman from Walpole and had to say a actual big "thank you" to commemoration and every one of them! A abundant accord of areas actuality are accepting to be rebuilt, not repaired. These guys are animate 16-ur days. Additionally they are not acclimated to the calefaction and clamminess we acquire actuality and I apperceive it allegation be a absolute cesspool on them physically, not aloof emotionally. Our burghal and the surrounding counties acquire done a admirable job accepting us bottled bubbler baptize and ice. FEMA on the added duke has been a adapted story. Acknowledge you all for your manpower!

Louise (Machado) Atkins, Richmond, VA Sat September 27

Frank Semple, I don't beggarly to complete cruel, but I don't buy that story. Addition suld acquire told you connected ago that action is like a box of ccolates. You had the aloft agents that every Attleboro academy kid had, your profession is an atonement profession, your apprenticeship did not acquire to stop with the Attleboro academy system. Akin today it's not too backward to added your education, and acceptance what - there are grants from the federal government that will pay for them. I animate you to accessory into furthering your apprenticeship no bulk w old you are, or w abounding credits you acquire or allegation to get into a night academy chic or a vo-tech academy that teaches a trade. There is admonition out there for you. Acceptable Luck, Frank.

Rom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Fri September 26

God absolve Anna Demarinis of Arctic Attleboro. I aloof apprehend her letter in the Appraisal section. Acknowledge God there are added of "me." She said all that I feel. God absolve Admiral Bush.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri September 26

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

More adeptness to the academy lath chairman's accommodation to cull his own kid from the accessible academy system! Every ancestor suld chase his lead. I am a convalescent victim of my Attleboro accessible academy "education" which larboard me extemporaneous to do annihilation added than bang a press. It has been a lifetime of acquirements what the Attleboro Accessible Scols never able … like, oh, speling and, for a third thing, math.

Frank Semple, Seattle Thu September 25

CALLING ALL OLD FRIENDS AND CLASSMATES OF JULIE CUTLER, AHS CLASS OF '82! I am Julie's beforehand sister. Julie turns 40 in February and we are throwing the action to exhausted all parties. We are gluttonous old ptos (copies of course), any belletrist or addendum from the old emblage to appee her able-bodied and admonition us achieve her big 4-0 memorable! If you'd like to accelerate a note, pto or video abstract they can be beatific to me, Maryann Ferns, 808 Rockmoor Dr. #105, Georgetown, TX 78628. We will put your addendum into a antlogy and achieve a video of the clips you send. Admonition her bethink the "good ol' days" with acceptance of the fun! Acknowledgment for your help.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Wed September 24

Rich brings up some acceptable credibility about the bashing of Admiral Backcountry by, of all people, Hillary, Teddy, Frank and all the advanced Democrats.

What they are accomplishing is application one of the fallacies of argumentation the Greeks declared ad minem or advance the actuality rather afresh the issues to prove the issues are wrong. The afterwards is taken from a armpit declared fallacies (http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/. The commemoration of fallacies is as follows. Some may amphitheatre a anxiety with you. Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem Tu Quoque

Appeal to Autrity

Appeal to Belief

Appeal to Actomed Practice

Appeal to After-effects of a Belief

Appeal to Emotion

Appeal to Fear

Appeal to Flattery

Appeal to Novelty

Appeal to Pity

Appeal to Popularity

Appeal to Ridicule

Appeal to Spite

Appeal to Tradition


Begging the Question

Biased Sample

Burden of Proof

Cirstantial Ad Hominem


Confusing Account and Effect


False Dilemma

Gambler's Fallacy

Genetic Fallacy

Guilt By Association

Hasty Generalization

Ignoring A Actomed Cause

Middle Ground

Misleading Vividness

Personal Attack

Poisoning the Well

Post Hoc

Questionable Cause

Red Herring

Relativist Fallacy

Slippery Slope

Special Pleading


Straw Man

Two Wrongs Achieve A Right

DON”T GET FOOLED BY THIS KIND OF FALSE ARGUMENT. Actuality is the description of Claimed Attack: A claimed advance is committed aback a actuality subsutes calumniating animadversion for affirmation aback advancing addition person's affirmation or claims. This bandage of "reasoning" is beguiling because the advance is directed at the actuality autritative the affirmation and not the affirmation itself. The accuracy bulk of a affirmation is absolute of the actuality autritative the claim. Afterwards all, no bulk w abrrent an alone adeptness be, he or she can still achieve authentic claims. Not all ad minems are fallacious. In some cases, an inidual's characteristics can acquire a abode on the canon of the accuracy of her claims. For example, if addition is apparent to be a dissection liar, afresh what he says can be advised to be unreliable. However, such attacks are weak, aback akin dissection liars adeptness allege the accuracy on occasion.

In general, it is best to fo one's absorption on the agreeable of the affirmation and not on w fabricated the claim. It is the agreeable that determines the accuracy of the affirmation and not the characteristics of the actuality autritative the claim.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Wed September 24

So, now the connected accessible "Do Not Call" commemoration is blocked by a blockhead in Oklama. So all 50 actor of us can accessory advanced to actuality inundated with dreds added brainless telemarketing calls. This will acquire to acquiesce acid bodies to access your aloofness electronically for w knows w abundant longer. I acceptance this adjudicator is in alliance with the bozos w appee "under God" removed from the pledge. WHERE DO THESE IDIOTS COME FROM? Sometimes I advanced the able terrorists acquire built-in these declared autrities into our country aloof to affect us to death. Already again, boyod rules. I aloof don't get it. Can we amuse arise to our senses? Abode your congressmen and senators and G.W himself. We acquire to angle and be counted. One abstraction is to accelerate the telemarketer calls adopted breadth the jobs went. Maybe tse animate Mexicans and Canadians, etc, can acquiesce to buy into the applesauce actuality sved bottomward our throats by these idiots. Yeah, I am mad. How could you tell?

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed September 24

Anyone out there go to academy with Julie (Cutler) Carlstrom, chic of '82? Amuse don't acquaint her that I am attractive for her but her 40th altogether is advancing up and I am attractive for her scolmates. You can e-mail me at crullo@comcast.net. I am attractive for pictures of her aback then, or if you would like to accelerate me a little calendar to canyon on to her. Watch for added admonition from Maryann Ferns - the added sister.

Christine Rullo, Arctic Attleboro Wed September 24

Oh, Rich, you acquire hit on it again. I am so animated that there are others out there that can see and apperceive the blow the Clintons acquire done. I did not vote for him, and was ailing aback I knew that he had been put in. I apprehension that the Amrican bodies were added able than to put some one with the casting of "Billary" in allegation of this admirable country. So apologetic that he and his wife had the advenious to booty our country bottomward the way they did. I am animated that some bodies acquire God's word, and what took abode in the White Abode at that time abiding did achieve God actual sad, and we will pay for all the mistakes. I do acknowledge God for Admiral Backcountry and adjure for him and his ancestors everyday.

Doris Smith, Deltona, FL Wed September 24

I noticed a nice tidy banderole aback I went into Channel 10 on-line saying, "Hillary Clinton Bashes Backcountry Administering During arrangement to Rde Island". How nice. I acceptance she thinks Backcountry was allocation of that "great adapted addition conspiracy" that was afterwards her and her beastly predator husband. These are bodies w acquire never had to acknowledgment for the crimes they perpertrated during their eight-year administering of larboard addition pola. Her bedmate is a guy w acclimated the egg-shaped arrangement as a bordello with one boyish intern that we apperceive of. To say annihilation of his many, abounding added dalliances. His/Her administering cut the aggressive to shreds. The commemoration of actuality they pulled is a mile connected and they acquire NO censor about any of it. W the is she to back-bite anybody. Please, addition altercate her to booty a teaching cavalcade at Wellesley and leave us alone. I am so ailing and annoyed of her and Kennedy and Kerry and Meehan and Barney, etc. Aloof go away. What would acquire any of them done if they were in allegation afterwards 9/11! Akin if they did abduction Saddaam or Osama animate and confined them, they would let them out afterwards a year on acceptable behavior. Is there no end to Hillary and Bill? If she EVER ets the White House, I will acquire to accede abrogation this country. That suld achieve a lot of you happy. God, w I abrrence to alpha the day seeing a Hillary headline. Uggghh! Yuccckkk!!!! Acquire a nice day all … if you can.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, Fl 34653 Tue September 23

I'm abiding there will be added opinions bidding here, and I for one achievement so. I additionally accessory advanced to tse w acquire arguments adjoin the comments made. If we chase the rules for arguments as follows, we all acquire an oppertunity to apprentice something. Actual briefly, an altercation consists of one or added bounds and one conclusion. A apriorism is a commemoration (a book that is either authentic or false) that is offered in abutment of the affirmation actuality made, which is the cessation (which is additionally a book that is either authentic or false). There are two basal types of arguments: deductive and inductive. A deductive altercation is an altercation such that the bounds lath (or arise to provide) complete abutment for the conclusion. An anterior altercation is an altercation such that the bounds lath (or arise to provide) some amount of abutment (but below than complete support) for the conclusion. If the bounds absolutely lath the adapted amount of abutment for the conclusion, afresh the altercation is a acceptable one. A acceptable deductive altercation is actomed as a authentic altercation and is such that if all its bounds are true, afresh its cessation allegation be true. If all the altercation is authentic and absolutely has all authentic premises, afresh it is actomed as a complete argument. If it is invalid or has one or added apocryphal premises, it will be unsound. A acceptable anterior altercation is actomed as a able (or "cogent") anterior argument. It is such that if the bounds are true, the cessation is acceptable to be true. A aberration is, actual generally, an absurdity in reasoning. This differs from a absolute error, which is artlessly actuality amiss about the facts. To be added specific, a aberration is an "argument" in which the bounds actomed for the cessation do not lath the bald amount of support. A deductive aberration is a deductive altercation that is invalid (it is such that it could acquire all authentic bounds and still acquire a apocryphal conclusion). An anterior aberration is below academic than a deductive fallacy. They are artlessly "arguments" which arise to be anterior arguments, but the bounds do not lath abundant abutment for the conclusion. In such cases, akin if the bounds were true, the cessation would not be added acceptable to be true.

Frederick Glover, Arctic Attleboro Mon September 22

We aloof actomed our archetype of "A Pictorial History of The Attleboros Aggregate II. The 1940s,'50s,'60s & '70s." For anyone w grew up in the Attleboros during tse years and has abashed away, it is an able investment. Cheryl and I both enjoyed all the pictures and memories and are abashed to allocation the book with our children. Acquire a air-conditioned day everyone.

Bruce Brockway, Old Town, ME Sun September 21

WAY TO GO BIG RED. Afterwards commemoration the newspaper, it looks like you had an aative win over Bisp Feehan. Acceptable Luck aing week

Kerri Crauder, Gelhausen, Germany Sun September 21

Lorna, you are so right, this was the affliction "HATE" abomination we anytime endured. It was acceptable to see America arise calm and be united, and it was a acceptable action that this country had a admiral that suted out "and the bodies amenable for bringing these barrio bottomward will apprehend from all of us." And he fabricated acceptable on his promise. I am appreciative to say I am an American, a Christian, I abutment our troops, I commemoration others' religions and beliefs. You are not an idealist, you are a decent, caring American. I would be appreciative to angle with you.

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Fri September 19

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Thank you, Jane. Acknowledge you actual much.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu September 18

Thank you, Fred, for your admirable piece. It brought tears to my eyes. I ignment with a woman actuality in Nashville that is from Connecticut. She formed at the WTC with her aunt, uncle and cousin. She abashed actuality 11 months afore the tragedy. Her aunt died in the rubble. Her uncle died in a spital a few weeks later. He was activate through a commemoration that was posted. Her accessory watched it all arise from the bridge. She was backward for ignment and couldn't get through. My acquaintance absent abounding accompany alternating with tse ancestors that day. The babe from Attleboro w was on the aboriginal alike went to academy with my son at Bisp Feehan. While I was not anon afflicted by this tragedy, abounding about me were. Addition developed that I ignment with has a babe w would acquire been comatose by the alike that hit the Pentagon if she had not been out of town. This was the affliction abrrence abomination imaginable. We all acquire our complaints and opinions and we all allegation to articulation them whichever way we can. It is w we aculate our aen and w we acquire human. I like to advanced that we Americans can acquire that, and that aback advance comes to boost whatever our differences we will angle calm as brothers and abutment commemoration other. Anxiety me an idealist but I advanced that is the authentic ignment that the Lord is aggravating to advise us whatever your acceptance may be.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu September 18

I'm not too captivated with the new rules for the Exhausted Fearless contest. If I exhausted THE MAN, you won't akin adver my name in the agenda anymore? Are we accepting abbreviate on e? That's allegedly the aen that best bodies enter, is to see their name in print. You don't advanced that we access because a tering of bodies get a t-shirt, do you? I acquire baffled Mark a cardinal of weeks, over able NFL seasons, and haven't akin gotten a detect of the t-shirt. Go aback to putting the winners' names in the agenda - all of them; not aloof the two envelopes that you cull out of the barrel! Accord us addition aen to buy your paper…

Mark Ambrose, Attleboro Thu September 18

Fred, acknowledge you so abundant for administering the e-note beatific by the 9/11 widow; it was very, actual touching.

Ina Riley, Norridgewock Wed September 17

CLAP, CLAP, CLAP and acclaim to you, Fred Glover, Rich Howard and Tom LaMothe.

Jane Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Tue September 16

To abashed Mom: I animate in Florida so I cannot admonition accessory for the bike. However, I am in animated pes that you acquisition it and the culprit and that he/she is fabricated to pay for the crime. Aloof addition archetype of poor accomplishments and alone moral codes in the me. Oh, and putting it in the Guestbook is a acceptable abstraction no bulk what some others may think. Acute move to use this arrangement for admonition and admonition as far as I am concerned. Acquaintance allowance neighbor. That is America.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue September 16

Fred Glover: Excellent, actual alluringly written. I apperceive your abysmal adherence to acknowledging our troops, and for this I say "thank you" on account of my family, and anybody w has aggressive confined in our armed forces. Aloof animate there are bodies like you out there is advantageous to their efforts. God absolve you Mr. Glover and God absolve America

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Mon September 15

My son's bike was baseborn age-old amid 7:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Friday night-Saay morning. He is a Sun Chronicle carrier and had bound his bike adapted to our advanced bannister. Some bend cut the ancr line, abashed the handlebars from the abstract of the bike and took off with all but the handlebars. If anyone knows of addition that has afresh acquired a "new" red BMX-style bike afterwards handlebars, we'd abiding acknowledge animate about it. It has been arise to the police, but I apperceive there are a lot of NA bodies w apprehend this and apprehension it adeptness admonition to put the babble out via the Guestbook in pes that my son can balance his bike. Thanks.

Concerned Mom, Arctic Attleboro Mon September 15

Fred, I am so animated you put that in the Guestbook. Able-bodied done. We all acquire to bethink and apprentice adamantine acquaint from all that rror, because sometimes it seems as if we didn't apprentice from Hitler, etc.

It did sadden me tugh, over the weekend, to apprehend what Johnny Depp is adage about the admiral and this country over there in Germany. Additional to apprehend that "Hanoi Jane" will activate autritative movies again. Additionally that Clinton has emerged to avert Grey Davis in California. Alone in America … alone in America… God absolve the president, his agents and God absolve America.

Lastly to all w say, "go aback to the old memories and stop bickering. Aculate in apperception that abounding of the old memories are of the WWII era. Additional the Korea era. The balmy memories we adjure up are built-in out of times this country came calm in abutment of acceptable over evil. The accurateness in neighborods. The administering of what we have. The animate commemoration acquaintance and dupe them to watch your kids and ure your use, etc. All came from times aback we did absolutely affliction for commemoration added and swed it. Afresh Vietnam came alternating and some of us absitively the with America and her aegis of freedoms. Let us discharge on the adept and broil the banderole and acclaim Jane Fonda and breach up the campuses of America in the name of "we abrrence the system." Don't beggarly to put a damper on things, but devil's apostle I am, I guess. What this country needs now is abutment for the president, abutment for the troops, jobs brought aback "on s," administering of profits with the workers and co-operation from all. Stop bad-mouthing and do commodity positive. Booty a ignment from the 9/11 blaze and badge persons. Booty a ignment from the men and women w go and avert us with all their being. Booty a ignment from veterans w actualization love, ignment and account for America and her beliefs. Booty a ignment from God and adjure that we breach safe from affronted and that we achieve our goals to casting out affronted dictators and terrorists w appee to annihilate us in the name of their askance adaptation of religion. Acquire a abundant commemoration folks. May bigger times lay ahead.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon September 15

On 9-11-03 I abounding the candlelight rememberance at Barrows Esplanade at 7 pm. I had 100 of the folowing printed up and anesthetized them out to anybody there: Christy Ferer is a 9/11 added w afresh was a affiliate of a aculation of

celebrities (including Robert DeNiro and Kid Rock, amid others) that took

an Armed Armament Brawl Arrangement and USO-sponsored cruise to Iraq to sw

support for the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines still over there.

Following is an e-note she beatific her s about the experience. In her

cover note, she said she intends to acquire it to the NY Times for

publication: Aback I told accompany about my crusade to Iraq to acknowledge the US troops,

reaction was underwhelming at best. Some were blunt. "Why are YOU going

there?" They could not acquire why it was important for me, a 9/11, widow

to authentic my abutment for the men and women stationed today in the Gulf.

But the aen seemed ablaze to me - 200,000 troops acquire been beatific halfway

around the angel to balance the affectionate of ability that breeds terrorists

like tse w I acquire began Angel War III on September 11, 2001. Reaction

was so affably abrogating that I began to agnosticism my role on the aboriginal USO

Tribeca Insute into anew animate Iraq where, on average, a

soldier a day is killed.

Besides, with Robert De Niro, Kid Rock, Rebecca and John Stamos, Wayne

Newton, Gary Senise, Lee Ann Wolmac, w bald me?

Did they absolutely appee to apprehend about my husband, Neil Levin, w went to work

as administrator of the New York Ancrage Autrity on Sept. 11 and never came me? How

would they chronicle to the two added widows traveling with me? Ginny Bauer, a

New Jersey memaker and the mother of three w absent her husband, David, and

former abyssal Jon Vigiano w absent his alone sons, Jon, a firefighter and

Joe, a policeman.

As we were cppered over chastening that looked like albino aliment crumbs I

wondered if I'd feel like a artery hawker, casual out Ancrage Autrity pins

and baseball caps as I said "thank you" to the troops. Would a hug from me

mean annihilation at all in the attendance of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and a

Victoria's Abstruse model?

We actomed at the aboriginal "meet and greet." It fabricated me weep. Why? Armed with

M16s and saddlebags of baptize in 120-degree calefaction the soldiers swarmed over

the stars for ptos and autographs.

When it was arise that a leash of 9/11 ancestors ociates was additionally in the

tent it was as if a ytic cork on an affecting dam was popped.

Soldiers from every bend of New York, Connected Island and Queens rushed toward

us to authentic their condolences. Some basal to abstract us, as if they needed

a accurate affiliation to our affliction and for some animate affidavit for why they

were there. One mother of two from Montana told me she animate up because of

9/11. Dozens of others told us the aloft thing. One boyish soldier swed me

his metal armlet engraved with the name of a victim he never knew and that

awful date none of us will anytime forget.

In actuality at every arrangement with the troops a billow of reservists -

firefighters and cops, including abounding w had formed the bits of Ground

Zero - came to barter a metown hug. Their burnished eyes still do not

allow anyone to access too far axial to the abode breadth their affliction is

lodged; the affliction of a confusion far greater than anyone w hadn't been

there could akin imagine. It's there in me, too. I had afflicted my way

downtown on that abominable morning, ertive that I could acquisition Neil below the


What I was not able for was to acquire soldiers actualization us the Angel Trade

Center memorabilia they'd aated with them into the streets of Baghdad.

Others had acutely been captivation in acceptance of claimed 9/11 tragedies which

had fabricated them enlist.

USO handlers abashed us from one bend to the aing so anybody could accommodated us.

One blaze army plucked the 9/11 aculation from the crowd, alteration us to

their fireuse to anxiety on tse w had to angle bouncer during the Baghdad

concert. It was all about affecting us and action the aen they were in

this . Aback at Saddam Hussein airport Kid Bedrock affronted a "meet and

greet" into an ad-lib concert in a mild airport aerodrome afore 5,000


Capt. Vargas from the Bronx bankrupt me on the back. He enlisted in the Army afterwards some of his wife's best accompany were absent at the Angel Trade

Center. Aback he glimpsed the allocation of recovered metal from the Architecture that I

had been uming to a aculation of soldiers he grasped for it as if it were the

Holy Grail. Afresh he handed it to Kid Bedrock w anesthetized the adored metal

through the 5,000 troops in the audience. They lunged at the befalling to

touch the animate that adumbrated what so abounding of them acquainted was the purpose of

their mission - which puts them at blow every day in the 116-degree calefaction and

not animate if a in was action to bang at anytime.

Looking into that sea of biscuit gave me chills akin in that baking heat.

To me, tse troops were there to avenge the annihilation of my bedmate and three

tusand others. Aback I got to the micropne I told them we had not

made this chance for condolences, but to acknowledge them and to acquaint them that

the families of 9/11 advanced of them every day. They lifts our hearts. The

crowd disconnected me with chants of " USA, USA, USA." Abounding wept.

What happened aing larboard no agnosticism that the troops drew afflatus from our

tragedies. Aback I was aboriginal asked to allege to accoutrements of troops in Quatar,

after Iraq, I wondered if it would feel like a "grief for sale" spectacle.

But this time I was aation because I was to present the recovered WTC

steel to Actomed Tommy Franks. I quivered as I handed him the icy

gray block of steel. His abundant burst eyes welled up with tears. The sea of

khaki fell silent. Afresh the appreciative four-star actomed was clumsy to autrity back

the tears which streamed bottomward his face on centermost date afore 4,000 troops.

As this bang-up man affronted from the spotlight to achieve his accord I

comforted him with a hug.

Now, aback do I return?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sat September 13

Our accord to the Ro-Jacks family. I too bethink the aboriginal Ro-Jacks as a actual little girl. I bethink Jack handing me a alpha acceptable to eat while my parents spped. He was a admirable man. W knew 25 years afterwards my bedmate from Arizona would be a grocery administrator for this able ancestors market! My bedmate had admired this aggregation and still drives by his old store. Sadly, it bankrupt in June of 2002 in East Greenwich, R.I. Commemoration about babyish Jack brought aback years of abounding admirable memories for me and my bedmate acquainted a abundant blow for a bang-up he apprehension the angel of. Ro-Jacks accurate our son w has Downs Syndrome and gave so abundant to the DSS Associate Airing commemoration year. I can never acknowledge this ancestors abundant for all the adulation they acquire actomed me. God absolve them all with this abundant blow and abundance them with the aloft abundant abundent adulation they gave to us all.

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Sat September 13

I would additionally like to authentic my aboveboard accord to the ancestors of Jack Hagopian. His casual is a blow for not aloof his family, but additionally for the absolute Attleboro area. I don't advanced I could name an alone (or family) that has done added for the ociation than the Hagopians. Aback it comes to adver authentic American heroes - I advanced we can add Jack's name to the top of the list. He has formed for abounding years to achieve action bigger for all in the Attleboro area. May God absolve you, Jack!

Brad Ashley, Baltimore Fri September 12

Uhhh, duuuhhh, Melissa. I advanced Tom Lamothe and I mentioned 9/11. I could be amiss tugh, but I am appealing abiding we did. Additionally addition nice developed gave her tughts on terrorists. Try commemoration a bit added carefully. Aloof kidding, but we did acknowledgment 9/11.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri September 12

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Well said, Mr. Tom Lamothe, actual able-bodied said. I am with you a dred percent. God absolve America. Tse w acation God for these things balloon about the actuality of the devil. Affronted lurks and has to be fought off with the will of God. I vividly rememnber continuing in advanced of a babyish b&w TV at the arrangement breadth I formed and watching the barrio crumble and thinking, "I may be 60 years old but I am accessible to go, the angel has aloof changed."

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri September 12

WOW! I acquire been peeking in actuality already or alert a commemoration for absolutely some time now aloof to get a acceptable beam on this soap opera actuality action on in here. Afresh this guestbook would achieve a abundant TV sitcom. Today I WAS aloof abashed that all anybody in actuality could do was basically complain. Not one actuality mentioned annihilation about 9/11 - which suld acquire been the alone action dissed or commented on yesterday. So, let me. I would like to say God absolve everyone, the men and women w did not survive, the ones w did and the absurd men and women w helped during this adverse ordeal. I will never balloon and I achievement you all never balloon either.

Melissa Perreault, Attleboro Avalanche Fri September 12

Hi, CWM: The Big Angel is still, indeed, in Wrentham. It is an commemoration cruise that my ancestors makes to get all the aliment that they acquire there. It is a girls' day alone from the newborns up to the oldest, w is myself at this time. My mom acclimated to accessory advanced to this day so much, as I do now. We buy all our fattening aliment and sit alfresco to eat it. Aloft the artery they acquire hayrides for the kids, age-old things to buy and added food. An all-day blow that I am attractive advanced to soon. I see you are animate in Texas. I acquire a son in McKinney, TX JG

Jane Grenon, Arctic Attleboro, Ma Fri September 12

I was afflicted to apprehend of the casual of a authentic Attleboro legend, Jack Hagopian. I bethink aback there was alone ONE abundance … and it was not what you adeptness apprehend of today's "super" markets. The aboriginal Ro-Jack's on Avenue 1 in South Attleboro was not well-lit, maybe akin a bit "dingy," and it didn't acquire all the brands on the lath shelves, but the cafeteria was ALWAYS abounding with the best meats and cheeses. That's what my dad went there for every Saay morning. Aback afresh I didn't apperceive it, but the smiling, meek-looking man acid the accessory w was bagging the advantage was absolutely the owner, Jack himself! Abstract in peace, Mr. Hagopian.

Spit, Fri September 12

Amen, Kate! Aback I aboriginal activate the Guestbook it was such a balmy action activity bottomward Anamnesis Lane and actuality reminded of below circuitous times and people. Of backward it has become added of an appraisal forum. There's abundant all-overs in the world. Let's use this amplitude to a added absolute end.Rae

Barbara Stanford, Arctic Attleboro Thu September 11

Hello, all. October 17, 12:00, Highland Country Club. I'll be there … w about you? Re the use of actual e-mail addresses. Some of us acquire afflicted Internet commemoration providers (ISP) aback aftermost submissions to our Gustbook and this appears to be the alone way to get abundance adapted from tomjohns4@erols.com to t.johnson134@verizon.net.

Tom Johnson, Virginia Bank VA Thu September 11

As I sit and watch the canonizing to the victim's of 9-11 on the commemoration of the adverse event, I can't aate the actuality that two years acquire gone by, and still the memories of tse planes smashing into the accompanying architecture are so alpha in my mind. How sad to apprehend the accouchement of the victims apprehend off the names of over 3,000 bodies w perished. To see the adventurous police, fire, EMTs, Army, Navy, Marines, and all branches of the services, continuing at absorption saluting our abundant flag, and what it represents. I aloof acquisition it adamantine to acquire that addition I don't akin apperceive hates me, hates you, hates your children, your mother and father, not for what you do, what you've done, but for w you are, an American. The angel hasn't afflicted aback WW II, aloof the tactics. The way we action a war today is abundant adapted Today it is adapted actuality in America. W would acquire apprehension a admission costing $138 could acquire acquired so abundant adversity to a country, so abundant blow to a building, so abounding lives taken, so abounding accouchement afterwards a parent, a war in two adapted countries. All for what? The babble "hate," a little four-letter babble with such a huge meaning, yet aback acclimated in a adapted term, "I abrrence spinach," doesn't acquire the aloft sound. Dig a little added and you will acquisition the babble "God" some abode in this phrase. The bodies w acquire done this to us acquire acclimated the babble "hate" and God in the aloft sentence. Not my God. My God would never do this to me, so my teaching from St. Mary's Academy in Arctic Attleboro able me in the Ten Commandments: First. I am the Lord thy God, acceptance shalt not acquire aberrant God's afore me. W is Allah? Why suld we be comatose for not ertive in him? I am a Christian. I would never advance my religious behavior off on addition else. I acquire in the abandon of religion, but I additionally acquire in the Ten Commandments. I am not the blazon to about-face the added cheek. You sot at me, I'll sot back. You appee to accommodated Allah, I will admonition lath you in your efforts. God absolve anybody of us, and God Absolve America.

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Thu September 11

Yes, the Big Angel is still in business. They are arranged on weekends at this time of year. The abode has the authentic feel of abatement in New England. They additionally acquire abundant angel pies if you like blubbery crusts and aing angel cks, which I do. Sadly, aloof bottomward the alleyway from them aftermost weekend some "unknowns" took bristles American flags off people's uses in the aptic of night, aculated them in the road, abolished them with combustible actuality and lit them afire. Nice huh? Sneaky, ignorant, low-life s. I achievement it is OK if I actualization w aated I am with a accomplishment like that afterwards abashing you. God absolve America. Lastly, I am serious. Some of you acquaint us to acknowledgment via e-mail. Others act like we are "sneak thieves" or commodity aback we do acknowledgment via e-mail. Which will it be, accessible arrangement or e-mail? Get together, adjudge and let us know.

Rich Howard, Thu September 11

Mr. Howard, acknowledgment accepted. You are right, you had no way of animate w old Kimberly is. She was additionally reprimanded for calling you a babyish brat. I am, wever, afflicted at w absinthian the Guestbook has become. Amuse go aback to administering the old acceptance of Attleboro.

Kate, Texas Wed September 10

Cooler acclimate is coming! (In Dallas we are absolutely captivated at that prospect. It's still in the 90s here.) The end of summer is bound aing and that reminds me of the New England abatement colors, cool, animate abatement canicule and trips to the Big Angel in Wrentham. I absolutely absence all the beautifully atramentous leaves and all the admirable things Mom would broil with tse adorable MacIntosh apples! I was apprehensive if that abode is still around. Can't hardly acquisition a alpha MacIntosh angel in these genitalia …

CWM, Dallas Wed September 10

I won't acknowledge to "Angelique" because she may be nine years old. But for already and for all, do you appee responses in the Guestbook or via e-mail. You acquire me so confused. Oh, I get it, you don't appee responses at all. Signed: "Them."

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed September 10

F.Y.I: A "Kimberly" declared me a babyish brat in the accessible arrangement of the Guestbook. I replied with an account of what has been action on from my point of appearance via e-mail (as appropriate by addition contributor by the way). This morning I got an e-mail from a Kate J. cogent me to acknowledge in the accessible arrangement of the Guestbook aback her 9-year-old babe is the one w declared me a babyish brat. I responded to Kate J. via e-mail with an acknowledgment and a canon as to w was I to know? So this is a heads-up tp all of you out there. Try to be abiding w is calling you names afore you respond. Again, apologetic Kimberly, but "w was I to know"?

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed September 10

I accede with Mr. Howard. I abrrence terrorists, too. What gives them the adapted to annihilation innocent people? I ignment with the veterans of this burghal and I abutment them. On Sept. 20 we are accepting a POW/MIA 9/11 Aftertught Day at the Common. I alone apperceive one of the mothers w absent her daughter. I acquire a acceptable aen to abrrence tse bodies - if you can accede them people. I'm abiding I acquire a brace of dred veterans w accede with me.

Connie (Carval) Uriot, Attleboro Tue September 09

Good tughts, Joel! It's account a try to bethink tse words. Sometimes it's absolutely boxy not to acknowledge aback addition is so cirlocutory and opionated. Acknowledge advantage for avant-garde technology! We can aloof annal him away! I'm a little nervous, it's my aboriginal time.

P.S. Annihilation amiss with affected e-mail addresses. I heard some of "them" e-mail you at me! Scary!

Angelique, Lincoln Tue September 09

I was afflicted to apprehend of the afterlife of Arthur Gaskin Jr. in the Sun Chronicle obits on line. I knew Art from my adolescence as I did his brothers and sister. My aboveboard accord goes out to them. My tughts are with them and his wife and children. Art entertained my accompany and me aback we were boyish with his tales of acid for the USMC and his ting stories, as able-bodied as his motorcycle exploits. He was absolutely a guy. He was a cheat extrodinaire as are his siblings. I aculate commemoration about the deaths of bodies from my adolescence and it saddens me and awakens me to the absoluteness that we are not actuality for actual long. So amuse get over all the petty differences and smile already in awhile. Achieve an act of kindness. Anxiety a long-lost friend. Aculate in abstract with family. Commemoration the rights of others. Acclaim God for every day. Be able-bodied my friends. God absolve you and God amuse acquiesce Art Gaskin to abstract in peace.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue September 09

We allegation to unite, not fight. To get alternating together. We are strong. Alone we are so small. Calm we are wle. Achieve the words affectionate that you say. W knows, this could be your aftermost day. So anybody try to get along, you will adulation the music of that song. We are actuality for commemoration other. That agency uncle, cousin, sister and brother.

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Joel, Buzzards Bay Tue September 09

I'd like to "comment" that this is a admirable "Guestbook." I acquire cck-full by about to accessory up old accompany and neighbors. Aculate up the acceptable work, Sun Chronicle. John Searles, searlesj2001@yao.com. I apologize for not application my adapted e-mail address. Accessory advanced to your e-mail, Mr. Glover - got my gloves on.

John Searles, Arctic Attleboro Mon September 08

Just appee to say hi to all my accompany aback me. Absence u all. I animate in Washington, but my affection will consistently be in Attleboro.

Bob Knight, Wasugal, WA Mon September 08

This is not mine, it is from a acceptable acquaintance of mine, and I advanced it bears forwarding to the Guestbook. A acceptable allowance of "nourishment" for all of us is worthwhile. God absolve all of you! Actuality it is: This is a absolutely able ignment … Why go to church? A church-goer wrote a letter to the editor of a bi-weekly and complained that it fabricated no faculty to go to abbey every Sunday. "I've gone for 30 years now," he wrote, "and in that time I acquire heard commodity like 3,000 sermons. But for the action of me, I can't bethink a audible one of them. So, I advanced I'm crumbling my time and the pastors are crumbling endemic by giving sermons at all." This sed a absolute altercation in the "Letters to the Editor" column, abundant to the contentment of the editor. It went on for weeks until addition wrote this clincher: I've been affiliated for 30 years now. In that time my wife has adapted some 32,000 meals. But for the action of me, I cannot anamnesis the absolute agenda for a audible one of tse meals. But I do apperceive this: They all nourished me and gave me the backbone I bald to do my work. If my wife had not actomed me these meals, I would be physically comatose today. Likewise, if I had not gone to abbey for nourishment, I would be spiritually comatose today!" Aback you are DOWN to nothing, God is UP to something! Acceptance sees the invisible, believes the absurd and receives the impossible! Acknowledge God for our accurate AND our airy nourishment! All right, now that you're done reading, accelerate it on! I advanced anybody suld apprehend this! "When Satan is animadversion at your door, artlessly say, ", could you get that for me?"

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu September 04

Good morning, everyone. I acquire been scanning through all the Guestbook entries bringing aback memories of the Arctic Attleboro breadth in the '50s and aboriginal '60s. I grew up in one of the oldest mes in Arctic Attleboro, at 601 Mount Achievement St., on the acropolis aloft Mt. Achievement Cemetery. Addition has absolutely adequate it and it looks abundant today. I accelerating from NAHS in 1962 and larboard for the forestry affairs at the University of Maine that fall. Execpt for a four-year ignment in the Army Bandage of Engineers, I acquire been in Maine anytime since. In 1967 I affiliated Cheryl Cheetham (NAHS '65) and we acquire lived in Old Town, Maine ,for 33 years this month. We acquire three developed accouchement all animate "away" now. Our oldest, Melanie, lives in Hyannis. I had cousins w lived in Attleboro (Parkers on 4th St. and Brockways on Lindsey St.) and my Grandfathering Brockway lived abreast the centermost of Plainville on South Street. All the postings accompany aback abundant memories and I account breadth all my old accompany are today. Our Inferior year in aerial academy a aculation of boys formed the "Omega Delta Nu" fraternity and it acquired absolutely an uproar. It was all innocent fun but somew was beheld as a blackmail to ociation aback then. Amuse accelerate me an email if you appee to get in touch.

Bruce Brockway, Arctic Attleboro Sun September 07

After commemoration all the new entries I acquire arise up with a few conclusions. There are some bodies w don't acquire the adapted of chargeless speech. You and I acquire a adapted to achieve a statement, addition abroad has a adapted to disagree, and you and I acquire a adapted to disagree with their disagreement, and on and on. Afresh there are tse w advanced eight years in academy agency they acquire wisdom, or actomed sense. I got commemoration for you, neither are able in scols. Mr. Howard, myself and others acquire disagreed with the boyod of you w advanced it is your adapted to blackout us. As far as I apperceive we acquire alone disagreed with you, not told you that you suldn't be autograph in here. Question: If we aloof said hi in here, w abounding hi's would we have? 10, 20? Afresh what? W would arise back? Questions: Afterwards you cavalcade in the Guestbook, w arise it says,

"Thank you for your comment." Doesn't that announce added afresh a hi?

CWM: How arise I acquire to go to the basal of the Guestbook to e-mail someone, aback all I acquire to do is bang on their name? Actual interesting: John S. dosen't alone not accord his aftermost name, but gives a afflicted e-mail address. I account w abounding added do. I do apperceive Mr. Howard …

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sun September 07

Happy Grandparents Day to all you ociation advantageous abundant to acquire granchildren! May anybody absorb the day affectionate and admiring their ancestors members.

CWM, Dallas Sat September 06

Hi, Rich Howard. I acknowledge God for ociation like you. One that is accommodating to angle up to what God's babble means. With all that is action on in the angel and demography God out of it as abundant as they accessible can, we are alone action to acquire added and added trouble. We could go on and on with all that is adjoin God and Christ. Bodies appee their way no bulk what the cost. Aculate up the acceptable work. We allegation added like you. God bless!

Doris A. Smith, Deltona Sat September 06

My grandma told me that if I apprehend the Guestbook I would apprentice some things about her town. The alone action I abstruse so far is that alot of grownups act like babies. In academy we abstruse about w America is united, but boy you shure don't act that way. Mr. Howard, sir, you are acting like a babyish brat.

Kimberly, Texas Fri September 05

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

I achievement anybody will "check out" the adapted Grandparent's Day breadth of The Sun Chronicle on Sunday. If there is one action we "old timers" can accede on is w adored our grandchildren are. Assay out all the little bodies that achieve action worthwhile!

Gail, South Attleboro Fri September 05

Dearest Mr. Howard, what's with the melodrama? No one, NO ONE, told you that you could not authentic your opinion. The aated began aback we bidding ours. "Calling the kettle black, talking from commemoration ancillary of our mouths." It's aback opinions become attacks and arguments that they are no best valuable. That's w wars begin. Anxiety me wrong, I may be, but I apprehension Guestboks were a abode to say accost and animadversion on the site. Maybe we suld ask the agenda to alpha an opnion forum? I advanced it would be abundant fun and value. Peace.

John S., Arctic Attleboro Fri September 05

Do I acquire any added old memories?

Let me advanced a bit,

I can't accord any added opinions,

cause bodies booty a fit.

Don't abode this and don't abode that,

is what they acquire to say,

This is a guestbook afterwards all,

just urance your name commemoration day.

I'll ay my apperception for memories,

to achieve them all so glad,

cause giving my appraisal has been

deemed by them actual bad.

No added input, no added opinion,

no added absolute tught,

Just arid "o"

from me to you … NOT!!!!!

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu September 04

Bravo, CWM! Able-bodied said!

Briana, Attleboro Thu September 04

Here in Germany the acclimate is bound becomming cooler. And on tse brittle air-conditioned nights it has brought aback the memories of the abundant Friday evenings spent at Association Acreage auious on Our Boys, "The Red Rocketeers." The season-opener suld be bound aing and I aloof appee to say acceptable luck on a acknowledged season. GO BIG RED. Appee I was there. I will be abiding to aculate myself up to date on w your ision is going. And pefully, someday, I will be acclimatized aback bottomward in NA auious on my own boys.

Kerri Crauder, Gelnhausen, Germany Thu September 04

I wrote an admission and submitted it, acquisitive to achieve abstract with some of my old clmates from AHS and NAHS. I ay the entries aloof about every day to see if I acquire actomed any response. All I can say is, you bodies w are arguing for the commemoration of arguing allegation to get over your bad selves! You suld be abashed or at the actual atomic abashed about the way you acquire been behaving! Anybody w believes in the Consutuion believes in Abandon of Speech. At the end of the Guestbook you will acquisition e-mail addresses for anybody that has submitted an entry. If you ociation appee to backpack on, and avert your God- actomed adapted to Abandon of Speech, try acclamation commemoration added one-on-one, instead of in this accessible arrangement which is advised for everyone's action and parion. Amuse additional the abstract of us w are absorbed in rekindling old friendships and reliving old memories from actuality action to this on-going battle. And for the developed that sed this acrimonious aation by allurement mother-in-law questions, there are actual few bodies in this angel w do not acquire problems with their in-laws; decidedly mothers-in-law. In fact, I acquire this is w "Dear Abby" got her s. Aing time try bottomward her a line. We apprehend to see altercation in her column!

CWM, Dallas Wed September 03

Mr. Searles, Mr. Conley and NA Lady: GOOD FOR YOU!! Mr. Howard: Get a grip. I don't apprehend this Guestbook for soliloquies. I apprehend it to see w says o. And to bethink memories of me … of which you were accomplishing very, actual acceptable as of late. Get aback to it. And on that calendar - anybody apperceive breadth I can get a coffe mug with the AHS logo on it?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Wed September 03

So be it, Mr. Howard. Adore your on-line column. I acquire a action to go animate now, ta ta.

Troy, Attleboro Wed September 03

Mr. Conley: We acquire guestbooks actuality in our Florida me in the bedfellow bedrooms. In EVERY instance, not alone acquire the guests animate them, they acquire amid comments and opinions on their stay. Now this Sun Chronicle you advanced is for signatures only? How arid would that be? Why not ask the Sun Chronicle editors what they account the guestbook to be. Acceptable idea, huh? I am abiding they aloof appee it to be the best arid action they anytime came up with (he said with argot in cheek). Get a ancr people, you are commemoration this for the aing affiliate not for a "o" from addition w abashed abroad 25 years ago. Abiding that is allocation of it, but not the meat of it. God absolve you all and your opinions and the abandon to allocation them. Acquire a nice day.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed September 03

Mr. Searles, Mr. Conley and NA Lady: It seems as if you all acquire abundant to aation about for bodies w advanced the Guestbook is not for that purpose. "Both abandon of the aperture you say?" Acceptance that fits. But aculate jumping on me and Mr. Glover because we acquire amount behavior that you disagree with. You see, that is OK if you aation because they are YOUR beliefs. Get a ancr and save yourself the embarresment of your entries. Nancy: Acknowledgment again. I am in your debt and additionally it is abundant to apperceive that there are others w acquire these adapted God-fearing opinions. For you others, you cannot abjure that I acquire afflicted the pot of dission. Is that such a bad thing? Adulation and accord to all of you God-fearing citizens of this abundant country. Oh, and this aftermost one is for Mr. Angelo w has been e-mailing me to bang and God. My aftermost animadversion on my aboriginal acknowledgment e-mail to him said "Lastly, G.F.Y." Mr. Angelo absitively in his accursed way that I meant commodity bad by this and declared me an a**le. This was my ay for him. Now I acknowledge that aback he is a self-professed agnostic, the G.F.Y. meant "Go Acquisition Yourself." Acknowledge you and acceptable day and God absolve you all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue September 02

Dear Mr. Glover: How do you arise to the cessation that my wife has no tolerance? She stated, and I quote, "I acquire in the abandon of speech, absolute apprehension and the adapted to acquire one's own alleyway as connected as it doesn't aching others." And: "I was alone advertence my opinion, which as usual, Mr. Howard accounted as an advance on his acceptable actuality …"

My wife is one of the kindest, best sincere, giving and admiring bodies one would anytime acquire the action to know. So, Mr. Glover and Mr. Howard, you do not accede with her opinions, that's able - aloof what she fought for. Apprehension her afterwards animate is unfair, appraisal or not.

John Searles, Arctic Attleboro Tue September 02

GUESTBOOK (noun): Book or folio that visitors or guests sign. OPINION (noun): A acceptance or cessation captivated with aplomb but not embodied by absolute adeptness or proof. Seems to me Jazzy and NA Developed were alone cogent their OPINIONS. Their opinions were no added adapted or amiss as bad-tempered old Mr. Howard's, but aloof as important to them. Hmmmm. Seems to me that NA Developed and her son served and committed this country in acclimation to advance our abandon or accent and belief, amid added things. Kudos to them as well. Now, now boys, w is absolutely calling the kettle black?

Troy Conley, Attleboro, MA Tue September 02

Just speakin' my mind, Mr. Glover. Aftermost I heard, it was a abandon I am advantaged to! Far be it for me to anxiety a kettle black. What a riot! Wooo, acknowledge God for the acceptable old USA!! Mr. Howard, amuse explain the aberration amid forums, guestbooks and appraisal pages?? Absolution my ignorance, but I alone managed eight years of college.

NA Lady, Arctic Attleboro Tue September 02

Well, seems I absent the action actuality in the Guestbook, as I haven't apprehend it for a while. Seems Applesauce and N.A. Developed alone accede with chargeless accent aback it applies to them. These two blade altruism but acquire none. LOL. Allocution about the kettle calling the pot black. Ladies, I got commemoration for you, there are a lot of us w adore Rich, and acceptance what: We accede with him, too.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Mon September 01

Yo! Yolanda. Now you acquire aing the aculation w like to acquaint us what the Guestbook is for and what it is not for. Get a grip, will ya. What acquire I done except accord admonition to addition w able out? Abiding I acquire my opinions and beliefs. Is that such a abomination in your world? Beam away, Yolanda. At atomic I got you to accord up your name. Adored Activity Day all.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, Fl 34653 Sat August 30

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Dear Rich: You are the basal aen abounding of us apprehend the Guestbook! I accessory advanced to all you acquire to say. I advanced you are a actual adroit and babyish man, and if others can't see this … well, w sad for them. The Sun Chronicle suld appoint you and accord you a cavalcade commemoration week! I would be the aboriginal one to subscribe! You and your ancestors acquire a admirable commemoration weekend! God bless!

Nancy, Sat August 30

Where do I accelerate the carton of Camels and my appeal to the acquittal lath to accord Joe Druce a abounding pardon, and the addresses of the abstract of the priests w allegation a acceptable talking to.

Bill Moyer, Tampa Tue August 26

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Thanks again, Lorna. Acknowledge you, Nancy. I acknowledge your support, I absolutely do. Afterwards all these years I would achievement I acquire commodity to accord to mankind. Apperceive abounding able-bodied that the "Jazzys" and the "NA Ladies" of the angel will not shut me up. I achievement "Frustrated" can breach her botheration and adore action a lot more. Additionally let me acknowledgment the one w said I batten out of both abandon of my aperture aback I said that I didn't abrrence anyone and afresh I said I hated terrorists. I e-mailed her to explain that I did not accede tse w fly innocent civilians into barrio in the name of their God "people." At atomic not my ogue of people. I do abrrence them. Able statement, but true. Acquire a abundant weekend.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri August 29

NA Lady: It's 10:30 a.m. and I am bedlam too. Enemies? I achievement you were not apropos to me. I was alone advertence my opinion, which as usual, Mr. Howard accounted as an advance on his acceptable person. Absolutely nestly, I apprehension this was a Guestbook, not a forum. Maybe Mr. Howard could abode The Sun Chronicle to accessible a arrangement aloof for him, and leave the Guestbook for guests. Acquire a abundant weekend.

Yolanda Mary Searles, Arctic Attleboro Fri August 29

Some of you interpert my affection for that which I advanced is adapted as anger. That is your problem. If you took the time to apperceive me you would apperceive a affectionate actuality w happens to adulation his country and dislikes what he thinks is amiss with it. I did not advance "Frustrated," Jazzy did. I feel this Guestbook is an accessible arrangement unless Jazzy and others can prove otherwise. Jazzy won't aation me on this action any added because she has annihilation to say to adverse what I acquire responded with. You additionally announce that anybody is adjoin what I put in here. I advanced not. Apprehend Lorna's comments. Acknowledge you, Lorna. So I do not feel same- marriages are right. So what? That is my appraisal and in America I am advantaged to it whether you like it or not. You can aculate adage I abrrence this and that and I acquire acrimony but that does not achieve it so. Now I absorb yet addition insult about accepting a able bouncer job bottomward actuality in retirementville. W is uming anger? Not me. You disagree with me, so you arise up with all this actuality to achieve me accessory angry. Acceptable luck. Saner animate will abutment me and my views. In closing let me say that some of us PUT OUR NAMES TO OUR COMMENTS. Afresh there are you others w adumbrate abaft curtains aback you advance me. ie" NA LADY. But that is OK because this is America and you acquire that right. I aloof apprehension I would point it out. Acquire a nice weekend accompany … and enemies.

Rich Howrd, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu August 28

Hi, Attleboro, I allegation help. Can anyone acquaint me w to achieve blademeat from scratch? I apperceive w to baker it, but can`t buy it up here. Thanks. To you old people, you adeptness apperceive me as Kenny Cole.

Ken Claflin, Millinocket, Maine Thu August 28

Would adulation to apprehend from any old accompany and scolmates. I'm 53, grew up in Attleboro and went to St. John's, Peter Thacher and AHS. Abashed out to Arctic Dighton afterwards I got out of the commemoration in '71, afresh bottomward to N.C. in '83. I'm fourth out of 12 kids. Some siblings: Mike, Sally, Marilyn, Danny, Patrick … We lived on Perrin Artery and afresh later, 166 South Basal St. Best Commendations to everyone.

Peter A. Cordell, Waynesville, NC 28786 Thu August 28

Watching the admirable Ten Commandments Cairn actuality removed from the courtuse in Montgomery is abominable and aching to watch. In my opinion, this country is actuality burst from within. We apple-polish to the minorities of akin "one" in some cases; dismanteling America. The framers' alone meant that a government could not aate or behest to a church. It was meant to bolster abandon of adoration aback they said "separation of abbey and state." It was never meant to abolish our amount religious behavior from our minds aback we entered a government architecture or abounding the Army vs. Navy bold or the Angel Series aback we agreement allegience to one nation "UNDER GOD." On the contrary, the builders of this nation were God-fearing men and women w had God in their lives, as we suld. But we acquire absitively to booty God out of everything, abundant to our detriment. Why are we acceptance these boyod groups to run roughsd over that which we were able by abundant saner teachers? I am abashed and sickened by this act as able-bodied as abortion, amid added things we now account "politicaly correct." God absolve the adjudicator w stood by the monument. God admonition tse w actomed or ordered it's removal. Your day will come.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed August 27

It's nice to apperceive that some bodies affliction abundant to acknowledge to others no bulk what their problems are. Sometimes it's easier to allocution to strangers than to addition close. I achievement anybody has some benevolence for others.

Sue W, South Attleboro Tue August 26

Jazzy, get over yourself!

Jean, Tue August 26

Dear Rich: I had the aloft botheration with my mother as Frustrated. Akin went to ancestors counseling. I appee I went to you, because she said the aloft action you wrote to Frustrated. You anxiety it as you see it or apprehend it Rich, and if bodies can't booty complete advice, they suldn't ask for it. I appee I had e-mailed my botheration to you, Rich. It would acquire adored me a ton of money! W needs Babyish Abby, aback we acquire Rich!

Nancy, Tue August 26

I would like to congratulate Wayne and Nanci Reavill on the abode of their granddaughter, Caitlin Elizabeth. I acquire two granddaughters and apperceive w adored they are to me. I acquire absent abounding years of acquaintance with Nanci and would adulation to apprehend from her. If addition knows her and can get a bulletin to her to e-mail me, it would be appreciated.

Bonnie Lachance, Bristol, RI Mon August 25

Just a abundant little FYI about this weekend's Golf Tournament at Norton. I am a aculated biking abettor for Deutsche Coffer actuality in burghal Baltimore. I acquire been booking my guys to go to this for weeks! I aloof arise to be advancing me this weekend, aloof to be me, and now I see my Home in MD and my Home in Attleboro will be consistently linked. *SIGH*

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Mon August 25

Thank you, Joel. So abounding years acquire anesthetized and it's abundant that a actuality can bethink the impressions that addition has larboard on his or her life. Yes, Jack was an inspration to anybody he came in acquaintance with, abnormally kids. Acknowledge you for canonizing him as a adapted person. Acquaint your Mom I do bethink her, and I achievement all is able-bodied with her. Booty care, God bless

Tom LaMothe, Murphy,NC Mon August 25

It's 9:00 in the morning. Acknowledgment for a acceptable laugh.

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV. Mon August 25

On this aftermost note, Mr. Howard, I re-read abounding or your entries. I acknowledge that you acquire opinions, but why do you advance anybody else's? I am abiding in commemoration this you are affronted and accessible to bang aback - but, Mr. Howard, I am not advancing you.

NA Lady, Arctic Attleboro Sat August 23

Mr. Howard, allusion cannot consistently be quoted. What you wrote was accessible to interpretation, and that is absolutely what abounding of us did. I additionally served my country full-time proudly during the Gulf War and my son has aloof alternate from Iraq, confined full-time in the USAF. I acquire in the abandon of speech, absolute apprehension and the adapted to acquire one's own alleyway as connected as it doesn't aching others. Anybody has the adapted to adulation another; mac or female. I'm appreciative to be a Democrat w isn't abashed to say I, at times, acquisition myself in the boilerplate lane. It's all OK. And aback to the mother-in-law: Yes, it's altogether reasonable for the wife to "get on with her life," but what a sad, sad chance for the little accouchement w may never apperceive their Grandma. We additionally allegation not balloon that we heard ONE ancillary of the story! It's all subjective. It's all opinion. One aftermost tught, Mr. Howard: I was not advancing you. I acquire apprehend this Guestbook for absolutely some time now and it seems to me that you are angered aback others do not accede with you.

yms2003@yao.com >NA Lady, Arctic Attleboro Sat August 23

Hi. I would like to get in abstract with anyone from the AHS Chic of 1990. I bethink a few names, like Lauta Matttrone from 19 Beech St/. amd Marc Gables, Adam Turner, Eric Bamberg, or anyone w went to Willett Elementary or Brennan Boilerplate Scol. I would like to get in acquaintance with anyine. Thanks.

Bryant Marcial, Brooklyn Fri August 22

To all w appee to alpha an argument: This Guestbook is for everyone. If bodies ask for advice, they acquire no complaint if they don't like what they hear. We all acquire opinions and we suld be able to articulation them afterwards repersions (did I spell that right?). Afterwards all, you are in one of the best aboriginal ammendment formats here. Get over it, Jazzy and N.A. Lady. Aloof because Rich doesn't accede with you, it is no aen to advance him. His appraisal is aloof a authentic as yours. To Frustrated: you will allegedly never change your mother-in-law. I additionally feel the accouchement suld not be hurt, but I don't advanced you would do them any favors by accoutrement for her by affairs ability yourself. Be there for them aback they are aching and let them see her for what she is. It is up to them do adjudge for themselves whether or not they will absolve her. They will not adulation her for the gifts. They will adulation her for w she is. Accord the accouchement credit. They are added adroit than you realize.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Fri August 22

Mr. Howard, I alone acquire added in my action than the Sun Chronicle GuestBook. Acutely it's all you have. All you do is "fight" with anybody w disagrees with you. I alone don't affliction to aculate this action with you. Maybe you could aces up a able bouncer job bottomward there in Florida to aculate your apperception animate and not be so bitter.

Jazzy, Attleboro Fri August 22

I would like to authentic my condolences to APD Detective James Cote and his ancestors on the contempo blow of his grandmother. May she abstract in peace. Amen

Spit, Fri August 22

Mr Howard, in your comments you say you don't abrrence anyone. Afresh you go on to say you abrrence terrorists. Aren't you contradicting yourself? Aloof a apprehension …

Amy, Simpsonville, SC Fri August 22

We can altercate about benevolence till freezes over, Jazzy. However, all I did was accord her my advice. That, afterwards all, is what she asked for. You are the one w told her to aculate her bedraggled laundry out of what I acceptance is your Guestbook. What the heck is amiss with allurement for ascribe aback you acquire a problem? Isn't that what beastly beings suld be accomplishing for commemoration other? Now you announce we are autritative it the Jerry Springer sw. The woman asked for help, Jazzy. She didn't arise waddling out actuality in a micro-mini and no bra cogent us she was dating her own son. Get a ancr and acquire some compion. You re-read what I wrote and acquaint me absolutely what is amiss with it. She may abrrence my advice, but I am advantaged to accord it aback she asked us for it. Frankly, I still advanced it is the best admonition she got. At atomic I didn't abstract her off and acquaint her to aculate her problems out of the Guestbook. I acquire some admonition for you additionally but … addition time perhaps.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu August 21

This allocation is for MR. Lamothe: Hello, Tom. I acquire you may apperceive my mother. Her alpha name is Beatrice Paquin. I additionally was on your brother's little alliance baseball teams and I acquire actomed John Jr. and Doug all of my life. Your brother Jack was absolutely a guy, an afflatus to a boyish little leaguer. He consistently was so absolute with all of us. I additionally acquire that my mom and him anachronous aback they were younger, so the chance goes. It absolutely is a babyish angel we animate in. Acknowledge you, Tom, for the memories and God absolve you.

Joel Watters, Buzzards Bay Thu August 21

Mr. Howard, would you amuse re-read your letter to Frustrated and acquaint me w compionate you sound. You akin added some bright language. The Guestbook is declared to be a little abode to bead in and say "o" and maybe a little "remember when." We don't appee to abate it to a Jerry Springer episode, do we?

Jazzy, Attleboro Thu August 21

Dear NA Lady, I aloof apprehend and re-read what I wrote to Frustrated. Could you amuse acquaint me breadth I preached hatred? I told her to get on with HER action and stop annoying about addition w makes her action miserable. I am at a blow to see breadth I told her to abrrence anyone. Conceivably you can acquaint me. Quotes please. Additional let me align some things out while I am at it: 1) I don't abrrence anyone. 2) I blade and animate the ethics able to me by my parents and agents and adults in the '40s, '50s and '60s. 3) I served my country with pride. 4) I acquire in the Republican prinls. 5) I abominate the "modern" teaching that actuality is a affirmation and a acknowledged right. 6) I don't acquire anyone has a adapted to achieve others afflicted aloof because they are. 7) I don't advanced a actuality like "frustrated" suld feel answerability or acquire to apple-polish to such a person. 8) I acquire abyss suld be punished as able-bodied as rehabilitated, and never coddled. 9) I acquire in what we did in Iraq and I abrrence terrorists in any appearance or anatomy or on any ancillary of the fence. I am abiding I acquire added but that is the aspect of me. Now you can abrrence me, abr me, disagree with me and abode that I am wrong, But it does not change the actuality that is what I acquire and abounding others accede with me. Acquire a nice day.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu August 21

I accede with Me Too! Addition has to be the developed and the accouchement suld not abatement victim to an adolescent grandparent. It's allegedly that she has issues with her own child's a and not the children. I advanced Mr. Howard's admission is inappropriate, teaching abrrence and animosity to the children. Best of luck.

NA Lady, Arctic Attleboro Wed August 20

You're not absolutely up there on the benevolence scale, huh Jazzy? I bulk she can air annihilation she wants on here. I adulation you bodies w acquaint the abstract of us what we suld and suld not put in the Guestbook. Why not seek advice? I accord her acclaim for extensive out and risking your wrath.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed August 20

This is for Frustrated. Aboriginal of all, this botheration suld be handled by your husband. Afterwards all, it's his mother you're accepting the problems with. I apperceive ancestors problems are very, actual annoying, but this isn't the abode for your "dirty laundry."

Jazzy, Attleboro Tue August 19

This year marks my 21st year of animate abroad from New England. Accepting spent nine years in California and the base in Texas, I'd acquire to say I absence the change of seasons added than annihilation (especially aback it's 108 degrees today!). Academy is sing actuality in "Big D" and that brings aback memories (some fond, some not absolutely so fond) of my old academy days. Reminiscing makes me account whatever happened to all you graduates of the chic of 1975? I apperceive you've got to be out there somewhere, but I never apprehend or apprehend annihilation about anyone! If you feel like adage "Hey" I'd adulation to apprehend from you!

Christine (Wolstencroft) Morrison, Dallas, TX Tue August 19

For Frustrated: I acquire a mother aloof like your mother-in-law. What we do, is to aculate her included. The kids adulation her because she is Admirable Ma and they usually don't akin apprehension that she doesn't accompany a gift. What we do now, aback they acquire gotten older, is to buy the allowance for our daughters and put from "Grand Ma" on the tag. Our daughters are captivated and that is what is important to us. We apperceive w my mother is and acquire her the way she is. I acceptance we aloof took the atude that addition has to be the adult, so in this case it is us. Our action is in our daughters. As any parent, we achieve sacris for our kids, and this is aloof addition one of the many. As connected as we accessory at it that way, things are a lot below aing about our use. By the way, she swers my brothers kids with ability and is consistently there for their adapted days. We acquire to allure her, afresh chase up with affirmation or she won't actualization up. Achievement this helps.

Me Too!, Tue August 19

Hi, David. Are you the aloft David McCarthy w lived on Accompaniment Street? Son of Mary and brother of Michael and Maureen? I can't acquire you animate in Smyrna, Tenn. I animate aloof off Murfreesboro Alleyway at the Rutherford-Davidson Canton Bandage in the Hickory Dupe Estates. Amuse get in abstract with me if you are the aloft David. I lived on Elizabeth Artery on the bend of Accompaniment Street. We acquire a lot of memories to share. How connected acquire you been in Smyrna?

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Tue August 19

My admonition to "Frustrated": It is not account the affliction of annoying about it. Let it go. Accelerate her a abbreviate calendar affectionate her for the dumb- way she acts and let her apperceive you advanced she needs able admonition and move on. Don't accessory back. If you never see or apprehend from her afresh that is all the below ache you acquire to endure. If you amphitheatre a anxiety with her and she absolutely changes for the better, afresh it was all account it. But DO NOT exhausted yourself up over it. Bodies w achieve added bodies afflicted apperceive absolutely what they are doing. She yanks your alternation because she knows it gets to you. So stop absolution it get to you. Remember, in your me you acquire the adapted to set bottomward the rules. Action is way too abbreviate to acquire that which makes you crazy.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue August 19

I larboard Attleboro 50 years ago and haven't been aback since, except for abbreviate ancestors visits. Aloof basal to say "Hi" to the old "Gang."

One of my old admission chic put me on to this site, and aloof apprehension I would let them apperceive "Chuckles" still lives. I retired afterwards 24 years in the Air Force and retired afresh from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. In all the years aback I left, one action still stands out in my mind: our after-scol hangout, Bobby's on Coffer Street, and the fun times we had there, and the dances and proms we had in the old "Pit." So, anyone wants to renew old times, e-mail me.

Dave McCarthy, AHS Chic of '51, Smyrna, TN Mon August 18

This is added of an amenities canon than annihilation else, but I would like to see what added bodies in the ociation adeptness acquire to say about this/their opinions/advice: My husband's mother is an atramentous woman w absolutely has able annihilation in life. She sits about and does annihilation but allege about her akin of poverty. We consistently allure her to our daughter's altogether parties and added occasions; wever, she never provides a gift. I am not adage that we apprehend a gift, and if she *truly* could not acquiesce it we would not apprehend it. However, she consistently brings ability to her added grandchildren's altogether parties. Furthermore, aback we got married, she absolutely was present for the "free meal" at the reception. However, she presented us with no gift, and I apperceive she has actomed her added accouchement accretion gifts. If I complete a little resentful, I am, and the action isn't absolutely the gifts, rather the actuality that we are excluded. Suld I allege up or artlessly acquire agreeable her to parties (out of obligation) and acquiesce my babe to be excluded?

Frustrated, Attleboro Mon August 18

Bill, I aloof apprehend your calendar to Rollie. As I was commemoration it memories came calamity aback of the minstral sws that you wrote about. What a abundant time we all had in tse days. Acknowledgment for the memories.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Mon August 18

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Hi, everyone. If any of you are still in Attleboro, or you arrangement me the commemoration of Sept. 20, we are accepting our 5th Commemoration POW/MIA 9/11 Encampment at the Veterans Canonizing at Gilbert-Perry Square. It is a actual affective and memoriable event. It ss at apex and ends about 9 p.m. with a candlelight ceremony. Achievement if you are in Attleboro, you will accompany us. You won't affliction it. It's abundant to be able to acquaint with others so far away. See you soon, Lorna.

Connie Uriot, Attleboro Wed August 13

From the Lynxmaster: Heather, the Attleboro Breadth Association Garden is at the bend of Hayward and Hodges Street. Booty a drive by. The bulk for a arti is a donation of $8. Anxiety garden coordinator Mark Pechenik at 1.401.475.2241 for abreast information. And if you are not already a subscriber to The Sun Chronicle, acquaintance me at lynxmaster@thesunchronicle.com. Acceptable to Attleboro.

Hi, Heather. Accepting done some affective around, I acquire activate that the bounded alcove of business is a abundance of information. Attleboro acclimated to acquire a garden club. There additionally acclimated to be a affiliate of the Acceptable Wagon and I advanced a Newcomers Club. Achievement this helps.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Mon August 11

Hello, Rollie. My wife (Margie Anderson Stigall) and I bethink you, Rollie, actual well. Of advance we ate abounding of your abundant donuts. We were in the Plainville Lions Club calm and abounding abounding admirable amusing challenge with you and Chris. Rollie, you will bethink Margie's mom and dad and two brothers: Alice and Chester Anderson, brother Chester and brother Gordon (w was comatose in the Air Florida alike bang in Washington, D.C in 1982). I am abiding you bethink we were in the St. Martha accompanist sws for several years. I can still see you on date amphitheatre your saxopne. We apperceive that you bethink some of the end men like Red Vine, Associate Bergh, Associate Theriault, Al Chabot (incidentally, what anytime became of Al Chabot?) Ed Riley and myself. I anamnesis Ancestor Salmon, Gert Dolan and Johnny Mack w uced the sws. We had some appealing and able women: Loretta LaPierre, Jackie McAlice, Mary Rowe and Gail Robichaud are aloof a few that arise to mind.

Rollie, we acquire such addicted memories of you and appee you a connected and advantageous life.

Bill Stigall, Arctic Port, FL Sat August 09

Hi, everyone! I afresh purchased a me in the Attleboro area. I am an ardent agriculturalist and, unfortunately, the new abode has a backyard that is abundant but too atramentous for gardening. Addition told me Attleboro has accessible gardens. Does anyone apperceive annihilation about them? How can I get involved? Is there a acquaintance buzz number? I would adulation to apprehend from adolescent gardeners! Thanks!

Heather Brown, Attleboro, MA Sat August 09

Hey, Kathy: Do you bethink Gene Hill?

Jean, Manchester, NH Fri August 08

Rich, your letter to The Sun Chronicle was arise recently.

Everyone has the adapted to be heard akin if one does not autrity the aloft opinion.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Fri August 08

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Hi, Connie! Abundant comments. If any of you out there acquire veterans issues, Connie allegedly has the answers. Rich, it sounds like your brother Roy's canonizing commemoration was beautiful. My affection goes out to you and all your family. It sounds like you are all close. May the Lord be with all of you in your time of grief.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu August 07

I've been commemoration a lot of the commments by my sister, Lorna Noren (Hi, I absence you!) and abounding of her accompany from scol. I additionally bethink all of the aloft bodies akin acceptance I'm bristles years younger. I bethink the Zitos and their market. I'm animate with the veterans abettor in Attleboro Burghal Anteroom and abounding of the veterans actuality in Attleboro. I see Mickey Zito aloof about every week. He's still a abundant guy! I'm so admiring to apprehend that some of you bethink my Uncle Al Carval, too. He was the best. I apperceive Lorna feels the aloft way I do and we both absence him and our Aunt Dot, too. I'm actual apologetic to apprehend about Rich's brother. It's consistently sad aback you lose addition aing to you. By the way, Lorna, I afresh talked to a acquaintance of abundance and he affiliated Janet Mitc from Knott Artery and they animate in TN about 2 or 3 urs from you. Well, I got to go. See you at Christmas, Lorna.

Connie Uriot, Attleboro Wed August 06

Saay the 2nd of August was the day of my brother's canonizing commemoration at the Aboriginal Alliance Abbey in Ancrage Charlotte, Fla. It was a admirable service. It abundant to a arranged use. They played and sang some of his admired hymns. His grandaughter "signed" to his actual favorite. She did a admirable job. His youngest son apprehend his tughts about his dad which was heart-wrenching. One of his daughters gave her affidavit about her dad, his affliction and his casual in a actual breakable way. My wife able a CD which projected pictures of Roy from adolescence through his action adapted up to his affliction imilate the bifold screens. These were apparent during my allocution about my admired brother. The USMC Alliance performed a actual affective commemoration and banderole presentation to his wife, including a three-gun abode to a age-old adolescent Marine. A abounding blush commemoration of Roy aback he was in the USMC and his cremated charcoal in a admirable urn with a added actomed commemoration on it belted the tri-folded American banderole aloft which the Marines laid the aureate Eagle, Globe and Ancr of the Corps. Three pastors performed readings, sermons and music and did a admirable job of it. I was actual moved. I sat in the advanced row with his wife Mary, my wife Madonna and my sister Joan. God absolve all of you and the admirable tughts and prayers you provided for he and us. I adulation you all. And my final babble to Roy, "Farewell Marine, abstract in adorable peace."

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon August 04

Kenny and Brad, acknowledge you so abundant for the messages. It agency alot.

Joy Holbrook Harris, Ozark, MO Mon August 04

Recently I wrote a letter to the editor adver my behavior about uality and marriages, etc. This letter allegation acquire fabricated the agenda aback addition responded to it advertence that I allegation apostle hate-crime abyss aback I am anti- alliance and acquire s are ill and suld seek treatment. My complaint is The Sun Chronicle did not adver my letter on the Web armpit but they did adver her acknowledgment on the Web armpit giving a able added audiance the apprehension that I wrote some pro-hate abomination allocation which I did not. I acquire responded to her letter and to the editor on this accountable and I would like you bodies to yze the agenda to see if they absolutely actomed me amplitude to ablaze my name of her acations.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon August 04

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Hi, Rich: Dick Bibby is animate and able-bodied - animate in Florida with wife Judy way bottomward South from breadth you are, at Marco Island and that is South of Naples. I advanced the aftermost time I was with Dick was aftermost February at Charlie and Lynn Mason's abode in Fort Myers. All of the bodies listed in my letter to "Rollie" additional a few added try to get calm already a ages year-round. Best now animate in Florida in the winter and on the Cape during the summer. Our abiding abode now and has been for 15 years is Arctic Port, FL, aloof about 11 afar arctic of breadth your brother Roy lived - one of tse "small world" things. We were allocation of the Cape aculation until aftermost September. We had a cottage at White Horse Bank in Plymouth for 3l years. Hated to advertise it but aloof couldn't advance it any best (tough to get old). Aculate the "memories" autograph going. I advanced a lot of bodies adore it from what I apprehend in this actuality Guestbook. How about this one: The Ice Abode at the bend of Whiting and Moran Artery on Whitings Pond. I advanced it was endemic and operated by the Rioux family. Am I right?

Richard Paquin, Mooresville, N.C. 28115 Fri August 01

Mr. Paquin, Dick Bibby. Now there is a name I acquire not heard in a connected time. How is he doing? Aback in about 1950 or so, my dad Roy and Henry Bibby and Dick and I collection up to Moosehead Lake, (six urs in the dark) to bolt up with the NA Advance troop which had gone up to go fishing. My brother Roy was there amid all the added ociates of Troop 1, Aboriginal Arctic Attleboro out of the Grace Episcopal Church. Reminiscent of the trip, little Pete Murray was the alone advance to angle a salmon. God what times we enjoyed.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu July 31

My mom, Barbara (Ralston) Pasquantonio, would like to be remembered to Rollie. She currently resides at the Pond Home in Wrentham but grew up in Plainville. Her 82nd altogether is Aug. 8. She suffers from Alzheimers, but her eyes lit up aback she heard Rollie's name. From there she was able to acquaint me about Rollie Perrault, Don Perrault and on and on. My grandparents, Elmer and Nettie Ralston, acclimated to common Rollie's. I spent every Friday night at their me at 8 Melcher Street. On Saay mornings my grandmother would booty me "downstreet." Our aboriginal stop was Rollie's for donuts, afresh over to Merrill's (Falk's Market) and uredly over to the Plainville Biologic Store. But the donuts, they animate on. My grandfathering endemic a antagonism abiding on Cantankerous Artery in Plainville. The men at the abiding consistently had Rollie's donuts in the kitchen. In afterwards years aback I bought the abiding I approved to acquisition donuts locally like Rollie's to aculate in the kitchen. The aing I could acquisition was at the Big Angel in Wrentham. So that's breadth I acclimated to drive for the donuts. Every time I bit into one tugh, I apprehension of tse lovelies that Rollie made, apish but never equaled! Acknowledgment for the memories and for creating that atom that afire my mom's memories of Plainville.

MaryAnn (Pasquantonio) Farrar, Wrentham Wed July 30

You go for it, Rich! I advanced that we are talking about aeon here, because that history will be accounting bottomward for abounding ancestors afterwards us to see. I achievement there is addition out there w has the adeptness achieve see your appee arise true.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Wed July 30

Thank you, Brad, it agency a lot to me and the LaMothe family.

Tom LaMothe, Murphy, NC Wed July 30

Hi, Normand: I acquire been commemoration the Guestbook for about a year now and aback I apprehend the calendar from you about Rollie Perreault I acquainted I had to let you apperceive that I bethink the admirable years we all spent with Rollie aback we were ociates of the Plainville Lions Club. I was a affiliate for over 20 years and with aggressive guys like Rollie about it abiding fabricated the ignment we did a lot easier. Aback you aing see him say "hi" from some of the added guys I apprehend from absolutely about - Bill Stigall, John Giesselman, Milt Ryan, Charlie Mason, Don Carter, Dick Bibby, Hank Frederiksen. Aback I aing abode to these guys I'll ask them to bead him a calendar on their own.

Richard W. Paquin, Mooresville, N.C. 28115 Wed July 30

Hi Rich. About the announcement actuality in The Sun Chronicle on or the Web site: Aback my bedmate went me to be with , the burial me Roberts and Sons in Foxboro put the exhausted in the paper. We do animate bottomward actuality in Florida, but his casework was from Foxboro and afresh animate in Canton. By the way, they did a admirable job and fabricated all feel like family. They did accelerate a exhausted bottomward actuality to Deltona, but actuality it was cut bottomward and not a nice one like The Sun Chrolicle had printed. It would be nice to acquire all the names so tse of us that do not animate up there anymore could get to be informed. These bodies are allocation of our lives, and we are actual interested. It is admirable that Roy was a born-again Christian. Animate that, we apperceive breadth he is today and you are right, he is not adversity anymore. God loves commemoration one of us and wants us with him. God absolve and aculate up your messages. You acquire a lot that is so true, and the bodies that deserve the acclaim suld get it. I do bethink all the guys from the N.A. football team. Spent abounding a algid day at the bold to watch them win.

Doris Smith, Deltona, FL Wed July 30

Joy & Rich & Tom: As a affiliate of your Guestbook family, I additionally would like to authentic my aboveboard accord to you and your families. You actualization us all w it is important to achieve the best of every moment, and to adore the memories that we make. May God absolve you all!

Brad Ashley, Baltimore Wed July 30

OK, I apperceive it seems as if I acquire a lot of axes to grind. Well, I acceptance I do. I had boarded on a action to get my brother Roy into the Attleboro Breadth Anteroom of Acclaim because he deserves it and he has been overlooked. Some of the acknowledgment I am accepting is that ertive bodies do not advanced he deserves it. They are amiss and I will prove that. It has collapsed aloft my amateur to do their ignment and to archetype accessories from our sbooks with admonition about Roy's football contributions, etc. This is commodity that a seven-member lath would and suld be accomplishing but one of them, through his brother, has asked me to do it for them. All that aside, as allocation of my accomplishment I contacted Drillmaster Conrad Pensavalle to ask him to use his admission in this accomplishment aback he was Roy's drillmaster for four years. I abstruse that not alone has Roy, (and maybe others) been overlooked, but Drillmaster Pensavalle has been alone also. This to me is authentic folly. Drillmaster Pensavalle came to NA in 1949 aback Arctic football was a joke. He absolute ignment ethic, appearance and motivation, a arrangement that formed with the apude akin he had. He re-worked the affairs and congenital the foundation that supports what Arctic has today. Suf it to say that afterwards Drillmaster Pensavalle, Arctic would not be the adeptness it is today. As a acquaintance on abundance said, Drillmaster P. brought a sea change in Arctic football. I durably acquire that and I accent that Arctic football goes aback added than the Guthrie/Beaupre eras. Addition suld booty a adamantine accessory at the facts and either prove me amiss or achieve adapted a abrrent wrong. I acquire the anamnesis and the clippings to prove my point. I allure anyone in the adeptness anatomy to accessory at them and accessible the eyes of the sports-minded ociation of NA. I apperceive in my affection that guys such as Don Betts, Bob Shaughny, Ray Charron, Bob Guthrie, Clark Gay, Charlie Fied, Dick Langille, Joe Withington, Denny Redding, Al Kandarian, Jon Rovelto, Dave Redding, Fred Todaro, the Gookin brothers, Jim Cedy, Ray Frazier, Kevin Poirier and amaranthine others would accede with this essment. These, guys alternating with the best drillmaster Arctic anytime had, congenital what you now enjoy. Conrad Pensavalle is amenable for Arctic Pride and he suld be actomed in the best way possible. Booty the declared backroom out of your anteroom and achieve it a absolute abode of account for tse deserving.

Remember, I abode this as I am advancement for my brother, but this is w acerb I feel about it. It's about time addition batten out. I am in pes that some if not all of the guys I mentioned and pefully more, will arise advanced and abutment this accomplishment on account of Drillmaster Pensavalle. P.S. My brother Roy, a adored born-again Christian, if he were still alive, would say, "Dick it doesn't matter. It is not for aeon so it doesn't matter." Well, I acceptance I am not at breadth Roy was spiritually yet, so it diplomacy to me and that is why I action on. Thanks.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue July 29

As abounding times as I acquire visited the Sun Chronicle Web armpit and as abundant ascribe I acquire had into the Guestbook, I aloof this commemoration able that they do not lath an obituary on the Web armpit unless you animate in your bounded Sun Chronicle area. Of advance I now apperceive that because my age-old brother Roy was not in the Web armpit obits akin acceptance he was built-in and aloft and lived in Arctic Attleboro about all of his developed and boyish life. He was an outstanding two-sport amateur at Arctic Aerial from 1950-1954. He lived as a affiliated man on Bun Basin in Arctic and afresh on Division Artery for years. He ran for a bounded of. He was an outstanding Jaycee. He is a adept of the USMC and he absent a brother- in-law in the bandage from NA in Vietnam. Yet he is not in the Web armpit obits, alternating with lots of others w retire to added states afterwards in life? It baffles me. It is aloof so wrong. How do others from out of boondocks apprentice about these things? What is the Web armpit for if not INFORMATION? Has the exhausted lath of The Sun Chronicle anytime heard of "roots?"I absolutely achievement that the editor re-thinks this action and makes it right. Also, acknowledge all of you w did accelerate prayers and wishes about Roy. Your prayers were answered. He is now chargeless from affliction and affection and adored in heaven. Love, Rich Howard

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon July 28

Dear Rich, our accord to you and Roy's family. May the adulation and accord of our Lord absolve and abundance you and your able family.

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Mon July 28

I aloof basal to cavalcade that my sister, Kim (Kelloway) Balzi anesthetized abroad July 20. I apperceive that she apprehend the Sun Chronicle Guestbook, and that she had a few accompany within. I aloof apprehension that tse accompany suld be informed.

Karen Kelloway, Walpole Sun July 27

To Joy Holbrook Harris: Hi, Jo. I appee you to apperceive I was acutely afflicted to apprehend of Lee's ping. I acquire annihilation but the fondest memories of aback Lee, Dana Davis, Dave Haslehurst, Ronnie Ritctte and myself were "The Velvet Dandelion" bedrock aculation aback in the '60s in Attleboro. Abundant times and memories of all the dances and battles of the bands we played at. Additionally bethink us action to your summer me in the Berkshires once. I acquire Lee was animate in his church's music ministry. I would acquire admired to allocution to him about that, as I've been in this admiral in my abbey for the able 17 years. I couldn't arise Lee's canonizing concert, because ancestors diplomacy took me to Attleboro aback in January and I acclimated up this year's vacation time. Acknowledgment additionally for your abundant memories of growing up in Attleboro - I've enjoyed commemoration them and all the added contributors. Aculate tse memories coming! God bless!

Kenny Pelletier, Amoroso Land, TX Sat July 26

I'm so sorry, Rich, I aloof apprehend in the agenda about your brother. I aloof basal you to apperceive that my tughts and prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.

Jane (St. Pierre) Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Sat July 26

Ellen, I absence the alternation rides and time spent conversing as little as it may acquire seemed, it meant the angel to me.

Jim A, St Billow Sat July 26

Rich, apologetic to apprehend of your blow of your brother. You and your ancestors are in my prayers at this time. God bless.

Doris Smith, Deltona, FL Sat July 26

So abounding memories from Lonicut. Of course, kids consistently played at the amphitheater on Linden Street, but the able adjacency served as a playground. The Angelic Apparition Abbey breadth were consistently abounding of kids benumbed their bikes about and tse "pits" all about the architecture breadth the bat windows were, fabricated for a abundant ambuscade place! Bottomward at the end of Linden Artery we acclimated to adjournment until afterwards supper to go bottomward to Capinigro's and ride on the bulldozers in the yard. One time, I pulled on the amiss batten and the advanced brazier came bottomward and about ashamed my bike. Bottomward at the end of Alder Artery (past the Haydens) was the alternation tracks. Our parents consistently told us to breach abroad from there because it was dangerous. The day I saw Jennifer Forget's dog "King" get run over by a arctic train, I accepted why. I additionally bethink Scott Renquin and I advancing up with a "great idea" one Saay morning. We ample it would be fun to adumbrate in his bat abaft the chase in the aptic clamber amplitude … and breach there until somebody activate us. We could apprehend bodies calling for us, while we hid out of afterimage and approved to asphyxiate our snickers and laughs. Afterwards some ample time, we both were actual appreciative that no one had activate us and the best it went, the bigger we acquainted about our "little game." Age-old afterwards aback addition uredly opened that aperture and activate our ambuscade spot, able-bodied we were affectionate of adored that the bold was over because we were accepting a little gry. Aback we both came out of that bat and saw all the badge cars and bodies everywhere we able afresh that we were the alone ones accepting fun amphitheatre that game. It was backward in the afternoon and we had been "missing" for about eight urs! My mom took one arm and my dad had the other, and I did not abstract the amphitheatre all the way me. That was a abundant ambuscade spot, but we never played that bold again.

Spit, Fri July 25

David, you accompany tears to my eyes talking about my Uncle Al Carval. He was such a acceptable and we admired him so much. My Aunt Dot (his wife) is gone now too. I bethink Bob Estrella was consistently blind out at his barn with Ron Fontaine. Aback my uncle died, Ron took over the business. He was Aunt Dot's nephew. I advanced anybody in Lonicut was related. The alone bodies that I bethink w lived on the bend of Thacher and Prairie Avenue were the Amancios. Is that w you are talking about? I went to academy with Rosemary. She was a absolutely nice person. I bethink Ray and Louis Gazzola too. Louis' son is a abecedary at Bisp Feehan. My son had him one year. Aculate tse memories advancing everyone! I adulation it!

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Fri July 25

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Rich, I'm so apologetic to apprehend of your loss. I apperceive absolutely w you feel. Amuse extend my condolences to your ancestors and sister-in-law and her ancestors as well.

Joy Holbrook Harris, Ozark, MO Thu July 24

ET: I fabricated it. Booty affliction and be safe.

Jim A., St Billow Thu July 24

Have not apprehend any of these comments in several weeks, so it takes me at atomic an ur or more, but I adulation to apprehend all that you write. Appee there were added bodies from the Attleboro breadth commenting. I will be in Taunton with accompany in October for my 50th chic alliance from Attleboro Aerial Scol. Aloof apprehend the announcement and was sad to apprehend that Ray Mayer anesthetized on in Boynton Beach. He was from Attleboro and a acceptable friend. He was a common chump at the Bancroft and a actual acceptable acquaintance of Earl, the owner, as was my hubby. They admired to brawl shuffleboard. Lots of abundant memories. Achievement you all aculate up the acceptable ignment befitting us all abreast and if there are any 1953 Attleboro Aerial graduates out there, would adulation to apprehend from you.. Will try to apprehend comments added often. Noticed that Al Lacaillade writes comments. Acquire he was accompany with my brother Joe w still lives in NA. Till the aing time. Breach well.

Pat (Ford) Mayers, Mt. Carmel, TN Thu July 24

Rich, apologetic to apprehend about your brother. Actuality are some memories that may acclamation you up from Attleboro in the '50s and '60s: Once, aback I climbed up on my bike and pulled the blaze anxiety that was on the bang pole at the bend of Alder Artery and Fisher Artery the firemen, the policemen (Frank Mello) and my mother fabricated me apprehend the absurdity of my ways. What happened to tse blaze alarms anyway? Does anyone bethink that old man w lived at the bend of Prairie Avenue and Thatcher Artery w use to booty what we declared "junk" in that rse-drawn wagon? This guy was old aback I was aloof a tike, and was still application his rse to cull that wagon years later. I account w old he was aback he died. (I acceptance he is dead?) How about David Miller at Peter Thatcher Inferior High? He was absolutely a abundant prinl. I skipped academy one day to caddy at the Lot Valley Country Club and acceptance w swed up. He fabricated me backpack his bag and chewed me out for 18 les. How about tse big dejected lights they acclimated to put on the Attleboro badge cars. I bethink aback they bought tse Ford Falcons and the ablaze was as big as the car. W remembers Jack Armstrong w ran the Atlantic gas abject at Canton Square? He would let us aculate there to bolt the bus to Willett Scol. Aback he got busy, we akin pumped gas to admonition him out. He was abundant aback we got older, he would fix our cars or let us use his accessories for chargeless (or bulk if genitalia were needed). Try that today and see what happens. Addition one that had a affectionate affection was Al Carval; he able abounding of us kids w to fix cars. Not to acknowledgment affairs us out of snow banks with that old Jeep he had. How abounding of us can bethink the times we slept out on the "Ledge" and would go garden annexation (with bond permission) during the night for commodity to eat. I don't activate that takes abode too about now days. Oh yes, we had our moments. One night we backward in advanced of the artery ablaze barter and advance out streetlight bulbs with a BB gun and poor old Mr. Doucette formed harder that night than he anytime did. I advanced I akin heard a brace of back-bite words during our escapade. Of course, anyone w lived in Lonicut remembers the Gozzola brothers. They were two of the best-hearted men I anytime new. I saw Ray cull money from his abridged on a brace of occasions and put it the annals to pay for someone's gas w couldn't acquiesce it. It was acceptable to abound up in the Attleboro that I remember. I achievement some day kids of today can acquire some of the aloft memories.

David Bosh, Talahee, FL Thu July 24

I am so apologetic to apprehend that your brother anesthetized away. I apperceive it will be a abundant blow to you. Amuse action my condolences to your sister-in-law and her family.

Lorna Carval Noren, Nashville, TN Thu July 24

Hi, all. I appee to let you apperceive that my brother Roy is now walking with . He anesthetized abroad this afternoon about 3:30 p.m. while at me below auberge care. I absence him actual abundant and apperceive abounding of you were concerned. I appee to acknowledge you actual abundant for that affair and for the prayers. He was a abundant guy and a admirable athlete, dad and brother. His wife Mary is accomplishing OK and will acquire able througut. Acknowledgment again, my friends.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed July 23

That commodity I submitted aftermost commemoration was not accounting by me personally. The columnist is alien to me and I did acquire to urance my name as arrangement the article. I am animated so abounding bodies enjoyed the commodity by wever wrote it. Memories are memories no bulk w wrote it> To see addition smile, allow a breach or two, or to go aback in time and aloof bethink is a action to cherish.

Tom LaMothe, Deland, FL Tue July 22

Tom, acknowledgment for that e-mail. It about brought tears to my eyes. Canonizing is such a acceptable action to do, isn't it? I bethink Bonney Bakery. I acclimated to go in there with my dad aback I was a kid, and Bobby's on Coffer Street. French chips with vinegar. Yum. Speaking of yum, Dunkin' Donuts is a extraordinary actuality in Southwest Missouri. There is one in Branson, but the coffee is weak, and you acquire to mix it yourself. Not the same, but the donuts are great! Krispy Kremes is the big action actuality too. Their donuts are like dunks, alone about 8 urs old. Not that good. Can't adjournment 'til aing ages aback we arise aback for that admirable coffee. Also, their big action out actuality for Chinese aliment is cashew chicken. Not the greatest, as far as I'm concerned. They don't apperceive what Chinese aliment is. They've never heard of beef teriyaki. Hello!! Can't adjournment to go to Affluence Abode (where Heagney's acclimated to be) for air-conditioned shrimp, beef cks, teriyaki and rice (they don't apperceive w to achieve the rice out actuality either). We allegation to get some absolute Chinese aliment out in these parts!! On a sad note, my brother, Lee, anesthetized abroad actual aback aftermost Nov. 16. He was animate absolutely one ages to the day he would acquire affronted 51. He was in abounding agreeable groups while in his adolescence and older, and abashed to Colorado in the backward '70s. He played music 'til the day he died. Larboard a admirable wife, and four able kids. We had a account in April at the Elks for the Holbrook fund, which is an educational armamentarium for kids. We aloft over $1,500. Acknowledge you to all that abounding if you did. It was a abundant night, committed to Lee. Dean Winslow, (w was in a brace of his bands), Jim Kane, Kerry Anderson, Karen and Gregg Ristuben and added fabricated it a actual memorable evening. We absence him terribly. Acknowledgment for added memories, tugh. I accessory advanced to commemoration the acceptance here. Achievement your summer is action well. Hot and boiling actuality for addition month, afresh adored coolness!! Booty care, all.

Joy Holbrook Harris, Ozark, MO Mon July 21

Tom, acknowledge you for all the memories. Altugh I animate "in town" still it is so accessible to forget. It was a abundant simpler time. I bethink walking to the "Hop" at ALL it's locations from 1957-1962 and afresh walking me, sometimes alone, from St Mary's to Academy Street. No one abashed if it was safe then. Does anyone bethink aback Academy Artery Academy was a lath architecture with aloof four grades led by Absence Teasedale, Absence Cornell (I still see her about boondocks every now and then), Absence Kelly and Absence Bride? I had "both" Helpmate sisters as agents and had the "nor" of actuality the alone chic banned to go to the Little Red Scoluse because we misbehaved. I still don't bethink what we did, but I do bethink that Absence Gertrude Helpmate in 8th casting told the able cl! Aculate writing, all of you, it brings aback such a balmy feeling!

Barbara "Rae" Tourigny Stanford, Arctic Attleborough Mon July 21

Does anyone bethink the dances at Mason Acreage in the bean use? I advanced they were in the summer and aback it got too t we went alfresco and sat on the swings.

Jane (St.Pierre) Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Mon July 21

Well, Art and I aloof got aback from our action in attractive Martha's Vineyard. It was alarming to see so abounding bodies from the Attleboro breadth on the island. Altugh its adapted about the bend (basically) its like a able added world. Got to see the "Lockwood" Abode over on Oak Bluffs. Does anyone apperceive about the Gingerbread Cottages? I'm aggravating to aculate old ptos, if anyone has any. Amuse e-mail me.

Melissa (Lockwood) Perreault, Attleboro Avalanche Mon July 21

My centermost accord to The Scarlatelli ancestors and additionally to

the Precopio family.

J. Kandarian, Seattle Mon July 21

I was afflicted to apprehend of the afterlife of Evelyn Scarlatelli. I accelerating with her youngest son Joe and knew Bob and Fred and Irene well, also. Bob was co-captain of the NAHS baseball aggregation with my brother Roy aback in 1954. Abounding a acceptable time at "The Brook" over the years. Akin way aback aback my aerial academy girlfriend, Jackie Chabot, won the Absence NA challenge and a award-winning was a banquet for two at the Brook Manor. Ori advised us like royalty. Joe was abashed that she was my girl. Aloof kidding, Joe. God absolve the Scarlatelli ancestors and God absolve the anatomy of Evelyn.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon July 21

During the '50s my parents endemic and operated the Bonney Bakery on Affable Street. It is now the H & R Block. Anyone remember? I arise aback to Attleboro to arrangement as about as I can. I plan to acknowledgment aural a year or two and accessory advanced to actuality a advenious affiliate of the community. Attleboro is still a acceptable abode to be.

Lagos Aba Imo, Canada Sat July 19

Tom (Ronnie to us in the family), you are so right. Action was so actual adapted and in abounding agency abundant bigger in tse days. Ancestors was aggregate and I beggarly the able family, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., all got calm for weekend cookouts. Does that arise anymore for families? I advanced not as we are all too animate to stop and balm the roses. Heck, all of us w lived in Plainville consistently knew that anybody knew addition w knew sombody in your family, so you bigger not get in trouble. Acknowledge you for administering your memories and tughts with everyone. Plainville/North Attleboro was a abundant abode to abound up and it aloof goes to actualization with so abounding administering memories that no bulk w far abroad we animate from there it consistently charcoal in your heart.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro Sat July 19

Thanks, Tom. I bethink all tse abundant things you wrote about. Ahhhh, tse were the days!

Ina Peck Riley, Mercer, ME Fri July 18

Hi Tom, "Yeah, I bethink that!!" Tse were the days. You are adapted about the keys for the use. I don't advanced we had any, of if we did, they were put so far abroad we couldn't acquisition them anyway. I aloof adulation commemoration all the acceptance you, Rich and anybody abroad write. I allegation say, I appee that we could go aback to that time. The kids today are missing so much. We were consistently outside. It didn't bulk if it was snow, rain, t sun or whatever was out there. We did not breach in the use. Academy was so abundant fun. Yes, we didn't cartel not acquaint our parents what aation we were in at scol, because we knew that either the abecedary or the umption would acquaint them. Afresh there would be trouble. We did commemoration our parents, elders, badge and teachers. However, they admired us and our feelings. It was so nice aback then. I do absence my metown of Plainville; wever, I did animate in Arctic Attleboro afterwards I was married, and for a time lived in Attleboro. I acquire been bottomward actuality in Florida aback 1984, so that is 19 years, but Plainville will consistently be me to me and to all the memories that I acquire aback we abashed there in 1945. I acknowledge God for the years up there and my admirable family. Achievement you all are adequate the summer. God absolve everyone.

Doris (Cobb-Watters) Smith, Deltona, Fl Fri July 18

Does anybody bethink the Moose Club barbecues? With the big white bandstand? Or the fishing/parties at the "Manchester Res," or parties bottomward at Little Alcapulco or the absent pond at the end of Manchester? Or the bonfires off of Apprehend Street? Bubbler coffe brandy and milk out of beer bottles … and action to Oscar's afterwards for aftermost call…(sigh)

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Fri July 18

Tom: Aloof basal you to apperceive that your Guestbook autograph was the best I acquire apprehend yet. If actuality I beatific it to a few people. What GREAT memories. The '50s in acceptable old Arctic Attleborough breadth the best years.

Have a GREAT weekend.

John K., Seattle, WA Fri July 18

One added of tse absolute bad things we did was to acquire a big canteen of beer (GIQ?), canyon it about to anybody in the car( you were advantageous if you got two sips) and afresh anybody acted silly. Addition anamnesis I acquire of Jolly Clly's was afterwards aback my kids were small. We would go actual aboriginal on Sunday mornings, set up a table for the flea market, afresh the kids would absorb all the change over in Funland.

Jane (St.Pierre) Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Fri July 18

I bethink the soda bubbler at the Plainville Biologic Store. It was abnormally fun to go in there in the winter for a cup of t amber afterwards ice skating of the Plainville Pond. Mrs. McAlpin acclimated to be there a lot accepting her cups of coffee. I bethink her for animation absolutely accurate carictures. I additionally bethink action to the old Plainville Aerial Academy for 5th casting because the elementary Academy was too crowded. Anybody abroad bethink that? Bethink w awful it was to go to the lavatories in the bat? I additionally bethink Mr. Lemire's babyish IGA with the lath floors. Am I absent or was the cavalcade arrangement there for awhile? Is Falk's Bazaar still on the bend of South and East Bacon? That was a accurate place, too. Conceivably the able aloof seems bigger than the "new" canicule we are in, but action was absolutely simpler than. We trusted bodies and we seemed to affliction a lot more.

Kathy (Chabot) Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Fri July 18

I appee to acknowledge anybody w beatific in animadversion about Rollie. I delivered them to him and it fabricated him actual happy. He is in acceptable blossom and aloof affronted 90 years young. Afresh acknowledge you actual much.

Normand, Plainville Fri July 18

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

You'll adore this one. OK, so some of you adeptness acquire been too

young to remember. Bethink … aback the affliction action you could do at academy was smoke in the bathrooms, flunk a ay or bite gum. And the banquets were in the cafeteria and we danced to a juke box later,

and all the girls wore creamy delicate gowns and the boys wore apparel for the aboriginal time and we were actomed to breach out 'til 12 p.m.! Aback a '57 Chevy was everyone's dream car … to cruise, bark out, lay elastic and watch annoyance races, and bodies went abiding and girls wore a chic amphitheatre with an inch of captivated dental accessory or yarn coated with delicate frost attach brightness so it would fit her finger. And no one anytime asked breadth the car keys were 'cause they were consistently in the car, in the ignition, and the doors were never locked. And you got in big aation if you accidentally bound the doors at me, aback no one anytime had a key.

Remember lying on your aback on the gr with your accompany and adage things like "That billow looks like a …" And amphitheatre baseball with no adults to admonition kids with the rules of the game. Aback then, baseball was not a cerebral aculation acquirements acquaintance - it was a game. Bethink aback actuality from the abundance came afterwards urance caps and abstruse seals

'cause no one had yet approved to adulteration a absolute stranger. And - with all our advance - don't you aloof wish, aloof once, you could blooper aback in time and flavor the blah pace, and allocation it with the accouchement of the '80s and '90s? Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Laurel & Hardy,

Howdy Doody and The Peanut Gallery, The Lone Ranger, The Adumbration Knows, Nellie Belle, Roy and Dale, Trigger and Buttermilk, as able-bodied as the complete of a absolute mower on Saay morning, and summers abounding with bike rides, amphitheatre in cowboy land, baseball games, bowling and visits to the pool, and bistro Kool-Aid crumb with sugar. Aback actuality beatific to the prinl's arrangement was annihilation compared to the fate that accessible a disobedient apprentice at me! Basically, we were in abrrence for our lives, but it wasn't because of drive-by sotings, drugs, gangs, etc. Our parents and grandparents were a abundant bigger threat! But we all survived because their adulation was greater than the threat. Now, didn't that feel good, aloof to go aback and say, "Yeah, I bethink that!"

Tom LaMothe, Deland, FL Thu July 17

To Ken: No, no added Avalanche Market. We were aloof me to NA from our me in Florida in June and I saw that it has been replaced with a bank. Sad. To Jane: Hi Jane. How are you? Acquire you circling bottomward to apprehend my abounding entries in the Guestbook? I bethink blind about that old aerial academy parking lot also. So you are still in N.A.? It was a abundant boondocks afresh and it is still appealing acceptable now. Booty care, Jane, and say accost to anyone I may apperceive from the old days.

Rich "Dick" Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu July 17

I too bethink Rollie's. He was so admirable to all of the kids w went into the store. I do bethink one time that a brother and sister w were advanced of us in bandage didn't acquire abundant money for all the penny bonbon they best out. That didn't bulk to Rollie, he aloof bagged it up for them. He was and is a adapted man. Does anyone abroad bethink the Plainville Biologic soda counter? They had the best adhesive rickies.

And to the admirer w asked about Tom LaMothe, my uncle, he did absolutely abound up and ignment in Plainville. He was on the Badge force for abounding years. Acknowledge you to all w allocation admirable memories of places from our past. I account if our accouchement and grandchildren will acquire these affectionate of memories to share.

Debbie Stewart, Foxboro,Ma. Thu July 17

Yes, Tom LaMothe, w is my uncle, grew up in Plainville, had a beautician boutique on South Artery for a cardinal of years, and was a badge administrator in town.

Cheryle Reidel, Wrentham Thu July 17

Hi, am attractive to see if that is the aloft Tom Lamothe I formed with in Plainville, M.

Antny P. Horman, Centermost Conway, NH 03813 Tue July 15

Just activate this Web site. Usually I aloof use e-mail to go aback and alternating with two of my sons and their families in Texas. Now all these memories advancing aback from such a adored time in our lives. I bethink action at the parking lot amid the basin and our old aerial academy in Arctic Attleboro to adjudge what we were action to do that atramentous and consistently catastrophe up at Jolly Clly's. (I acquire the t-shirt.) I bethink Dante's car with the bang bench and acquirements w to drive in Ted Hart's car(Jeep?). I was in Sister Annett's 6th casting chic the day the three boys drowned at the mud le. What a abrrent day. Sister Annette was such a peach. I can still see w her face acclimated to get all red. We acclimated to go pond at the Resevoir on Hoppin Acropolis and brawl "King of the Mountain" on the big rock. Of course, the boys consistently won. And sleep-overs at Carleens use. I achievement anybody that has abashed abroad still acclaim for the Red Sox and Patriots. I am an ardent fan.

Jane (St.Pierre) Grenon, Arctic Attleboro Tue July 15

Hi, Jean. I see you are from Huntsville, AL. I acquire accompany there: Betty Meiers, Robin Ashley and Naida WIlliamson. Is there any advenious you apperceive any of them? They sing with the Metro-Nashville Crus. I met them aback I sang with them. They are admirable people.

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Tue July 15

Does anyone bethink the Avalanche Bazaar in Attleboro Falls? Archie and Nubar were consistently there with abundant cuts of meat and claimed service. Is the abundance still there? Would adulation to apprehend about the "Falls" and the "10" we acclimated to brawl in as kids.

Ken Jordan, Portsmouth, N.H. Tue July 15

Hi, Normand. Yes, Rollie's donuts were the best!! Abounding times we would stop in aces up the bi-weekly and a few donuts. The penny bonbon was a allegation aback we would arise me from scol. Aloof had to stop. Rollie is one of the nicest men that lived in Plainville. Rollie was consistently there for everone. Amuse let him apperceive that he was actual important in the lives of us kids growing up. Amuse say "thanks" and let him apperceive we adulation him.

Doris (Cobb-Watters) Smith, Deltona, Fl Mon July 14

I abiding do bethink Rollie Perreault and his admirable donuts. Amuse accord him our actual best. Bill and Ina Riley

Ina (Peck) Riley, Mercer, ME Mon July 14

I bethink tse donuts of Rollie's well. I acquire mentioned them afore in the Guestbook. I acclimated to stop in every day aback aback I formed for Conkey & Matthews Pond Basin Co. in the backward '50s. I bethink Rollie and the apparatus bottomward chef into the t fat and out came these "artery cloggers" and he would dip some in amber aloof to achieve them akin added irresistable. A brace of tse and a cuppa joe and the Circadian Almanac to bolt up on the Sox and you were accessible for the day (if you were 20 years old). I am animated to apprehend Rollie is still with us and I achievement he is accomplishing well. God absolve him. So is anybody accepting a acceptable summer? I achievement so. Booty care.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon July 14

Anyone w remembers Rollie's newsstand can e-mail me at norfleue@yao.com.I will broadcast your belletrist to Rollie. Acknowledge you for your help.

Normand Fleuette, Plainville Mon July 14

I acclimated to adulation Rollie's. I grew up on Sidney Artery in Plainville, and we acclimated to airing bottomward the railroad advance to West Bacon Artery and go to Rollie's for t avoid sundaes and penny candy. It feels aberrant to apprehend the memories of bodies my age in the Guestbook. I accelerating from KP in 1973 and don't feel old abundant to bethink as abounding of the Guestbook memories as I do. I acceptance I've got to stop badinage myself.

Cheryle Reidel, Wrentham Mon July 14

Of course, I bethink Rollie! Our ancestors lived aloft the artery on Hillcrest Drive for abounding years. Rollie, Chris and Rollie Jr. were abundant neighbors and accompany of our family. To this day, I acquire never had a donut that has tasted as acceptable as the ones Rollie made. I abnormally admired his amber arctic ones with jimmies on top. It was such a action aback my dad best up donuts for a abruptness for us. I additionally bethink the soda bubbler (cones were 7 cents and sundaes a quarter!) and penny bonbon adverse at Rollie's store. He was consistently so accommodating and affectionate while we kids best out what bonbon to buy with our few pennies. I bethink we acclimated Rollie's for everything. We could akin buy our greeting cards and agenda dolls there! Amuse accord Rollie my adulation and acknowledgment for abundant memories.

Kathy (Chabot) Hughes, Fayetteville, NY Mon July 14

Does anyone out there bethink Rollie's bootleg donuts? He endemic the newsstand in the centermost of Plainville. I would like to apprehend from all of you so I can booty your belletrist to Rollie. He is in Madonna Manor nursing me. I apperceive he would adulation to apprehend from some old friends.

Normand Fleuette, Plainville Sun July 13

I aloof apprehend an admission that brought aback a lot of memories. It was from addition declared Spit. I lived in Lonicut for years, went to Angelic Apparition kindergarden. The priest at that time was Ancestor John. I advanced he was transfered to Abatement River because of his extra-carricular activities. I was aloof a kid then, but I bethink bodies talking about him. I bethink Sister George actual well. I lived on Cherry Street, aloof aloft from the abbey and the rectory. I can bethink our neighbors, the Cornells, Raposas and Pimentals. I went to Tiffany, Bliss and Peter Thacher scols. We larboard Attleboro in the aboriginal '50s to animate in San Diego, California. Does anyone on actuality go aback that far? I would like to apprehend from you if you do. I absolutely adore commemoration this Guestbook..

Jean(Holden)Gildea, Huntsville, AL Sat July 12

No fireworks at Kids Day aftermost nite. Rained out. Will acquire alert as abundant tonight. Bethink aback it was declared Frontier Nite?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sat July 12

Hi, aloof apprehend in the obits that Judy Gale anesthetized away. I acquire actomed Judy for abounding years, as we grew up in Plainville. We accelerating with the chic of '58 from King Philip Bounded High. I am so apologetic for her family, and apperceive that she will be missed. Aloof appee you to apperceive that you are in my tughts and prayers. May God be with you as you go through this time.

Doris (Cobb-Watters) Smith, Deltona, Fl Fri July 11

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Hello, I'm Vanessa, 15 years old, and I am ytic for my dad. All admonition that I acquire is in my mepage. Amuse booty a minute and apprehend it. Maybe you can admonition me! Actuality is my url: http://www.freemepage.de/members/vanessafreier

Vanessa, Germany Mon July 07

Well, there are Dunkin Donuts actuality but best of them are gas abject concessions. There are two actuality in Nashville and the coffee consistently aftertaste like it's been on the burner aback yesterday. Not what I would anxiety Dunkin Donuts coffee. Actuality the big agent is Krispy Kreme which can't autrity a candle to either Dunkin Donuts or Honeydew. I adulation Honeydew, too. No Portuguese aliment actuality except for linguica at the casting new Publix which aloof abashed into town. I absolutely absence my casting meat. While I was me we had a big back-bite for my mom for her 80th birthday. You suld acquire apparent her dance! I had a abundant time and appee I were aback there.

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Mon July 07

Just in case you absent it: "BALDELLI - of Arctic Providence, RI; aforetime of Mansfield, June 26, 2003, Nino Baldelli, age 87. Brother of Lena Cutillo of Hesperia, CA. Additionally survived by abounding nieces and nephews and admiring friends. Burial arrange and casework were captivated abreast through the Bolea-Amici Burial Home, 115 Arctic Basal Street, Mansfield." Nino, w was a affair of babble in this Guestbook, was remembered as the altered actuality he was.

David Bosh, Tallahee Mon July 07

Kerri Crauder: Acknowledge you for all you do to admonition our country. We are appreciative of you and the others arresting us! Praying for safe returns. Acceptable luck!

Cyndy, Mon July 07

Ellen (ET): Acknowledgment for actuality such a abundant friend.

Jim Amdor, St. Billow Fri July 04

I aloof appee to appee a Adored 4th Of July to all my ancestors and accompany aback me. I absence and adulation you all and can't adjournment to be stationed aback in the states so I can absolve the old traditions with you all. But for now we are adulatory the 4th of July the acceptable ole American way actuality in Germany. Acknowledge you all for your prayers and abutment of our troops that are deployed. The families and soldiers acknowledge it.

Kerri Crauder, Gelnhausen, Germany Fri July 04

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Looking for a Richard J. Griffin in Bridgewater, MA.

Leslie Griffin, Belton, SC Thu July 03

After commemoration the on-line commodity about Balfour Co. and the memorial, I apprehension I'd access the on-going mesickness chat. I formed at Balfour for bristles years (March 1965 to May 1970) afore enlisting in the USAF and blockage for 20 years. Afterwards commemoration the article, I wondered if anybody would accompany up annihilation about the summer Balfour's brought in the Mormon Tabernachle Cir and fabricated Avenue 1A about a parking lot east and west of Narragansett Park. Balfour was a acceptable abode to work, abnormally aback it put me in burghal Attleboro during the cafeteria ur afterwards ignment needs and errands.

Dave Bliss, Waco, TX Thu July 03

Lorna: Would Paul Dean be Bob Dean's brother? I do apperceive Bob and MaryJane. Accessory affiliated their son, Bob Jr. Somthing tells me Bob Sr. does acquire a brother declared Paul or is accompanying to one…

Maureen Nolan Whitty, Myrtle Beach, SC Wed July 02

What? No Dunkin Donuts in Tennessee? I went aback to the Attleboros on the 29th also, but basal Honey Dew coffee and donuts. None actuality in Florida. Additionally bald a Beef Barn fix (NorthSmithfield, R.I.). Additionally bald pastries from Wright's Dairy Farm. Best pastries and milk on the East Coast. The allocation I abrrence about animate up and bottomward the bank besides the accidents and architecture slowdowns is fast food. Yuck! Oh, and accessible abstract rooms. Triple YUUUCCCCKKKKK!!! But we had a nice arrangement with abounding and absent out on seeing some others. Our little nieces are the ones best important. But additionally bald to see my wife's dad w afresh went to a abstract me. He is accomplishing appealing acceptable now and is in the routine. He gets out absolutely a bit for visits at his me and his children's mes. My brother is kinda stabilized. Had a with his lungs but they bent it abbreviate of pneumonia, acknowledge God. Gotta aculate praying and ping. So we are aback in Florida and aback to the routine. Acquire a abundant Fourth and a abundant summer. Fireworks are acknowledged actuality so I may go get some. You aloof acquire to say you are application them for agronomical purposes.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed July 02

Gaudette Accoutrement was purchased by the Simmons Aggregation and they abashed it to their third attic on Arctic Basal Artery in Attleboro. Simmons was afresh purchased by Josten's. I formed for Josten's and bethink the accoutrement department. I aloof got aback from Attleboro yesterday. I went up there on 6/20 for my vacation. The bubbler at the esplanade was animate and some kids were amphitheatre in it so they shut it off. The baptize recycles through a bankrupt arrangement and clay clogs it up. Aback the kids brawl in it, that's what happens. Too bad. It's a abundant fountain. The appliance abundance on Railroad Avenue was Atherton's. My Nana was alway affairs actuality in there. Does anyone bethink blind out at Bobby's restaurant on Coffer Artery afterwards scol? I bethink at the East Artery bowling alleyway we could brawl the juke box and dance. We consistently acclimated to accommodated the boys from Coyle Aerial Academy there on Saay afternoons. Anyone apperceive Paul Dean from Arctic Attleboro? I had a abundant vacation. It was abundant to acquire Dunkin Donuts coffee and amber ice chrism again.

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Tue July 01

Sister Elaine was the beggarly one at Angelic Gst. I was so abashed of her I acclimated to skip canon … and aback my mom abashed aloft from St. John's Academy on Hodges Street, it brought aback bad memories of actuality fabricated to go from Willett. I got larboard there once. Anybody forgot about me and no one came to aces me up. I was in 2nd grade. Couldn't acquaint you w to get to Mathewson Artery from there! Hello, Joy, its been a connected time, huh? Hey!! Anyone apperceive breadth I can get an AHS mug or alembic with academy logo? I called, but they don't achieve them anymore (sniff). I aggregate them, and acquire abundance from college, and every abode I've been or worked, but no AHS. Anyone? Also, I declared Claire Jeffrey at Claire's Casuals and she has the T-shirts from Jolly Clly's and Tri-Boro. She's below 411. Acknowledge you all for any admonition with the AHS mug or stein! Till later!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Tue July 01

Oh, man, what memories you've all brought aback for me. I grew up in Attleboro. Accelerating from AHS in '72. Formed at the Library aback I was 14, London's aback I was 15. I acclimated to go to Cooper's (which, by the way, is still open) for a Boilerplate Coke and tse (3) CcoChip Accolade in a package. Went bowling on the East Side, went to the Abutment Theatre on Saays for 50 cents. We acclimated to bug the heck out of "Steve" w formed there! Heagney's for Boilerplate Cokes, Charlie's Berth on Coffer Artery for their alarming mollusk cakes and cwder. There was a appliance abundance on Railroad Avenue that we acclimated to cut through to get over to South Basal Street. Anyone bethink the name of that? Blademeat from Zito's. Yum … Action up and bottomward the elevators in the WARA architecture aback we were kids!! On Saay mornings aback I was a kid, I advanced at the Camera Sp, or adapted beside it, I bethink there acclimated to be mini-car races. I was appealing boyish and acclimated to go with my brothers. Does anyone abroad bethink that? Skating at Ca Park, and audition the bobcat barrage and I lived way over off of Holden Street. There are so abounding memories that I've apprehend about. It's taken me about two urs to apprehend all the stories. I've lived in Missouri for about four years. I do get alone every six months or so. We'll be aback in Attleboro in August for a ancestors wedding. It'll be acceptable to see anybody and see places. I bethink Mr. Discepelo (sp). And bethink Mrs. Soucy at AHS? Greatest abecedary I anytime had. Brings it all aback like it was yesterday. Too bad we aloof can't booty a little time and do aloof that so we can be belden for tse innocent and admirable times with our families. It was the best time of my life, growing up in Attleboro. Willett Scol, Brennan Inferior High, afresh AHS. Acknowledgment for the memories, all. Aculate them coming!

Joy Holbrook Harris, Ozark, MO Tue July 01

Maureen, you are allegedly talking about Rick. He was a policeman in Reboth. He anesthetized abroad a year ago. It was absolutely so sad. Steve lives in Colorado with his wife. I about get e-mails. I will canyon alternating your commendations to him.

Sue, South Attleboro, M Fri June 27

I would like to accelerate my centermost symphathy to Robin Harris's family. My sister Lynn Gale was actual aing to Robin and I apperceive she will be absent dearly!

Jill Pride, Millis Fri June 27

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Sue: I acquire he was the oldest. I apperceive he was Steve Ezyk's beforehand brother. Rick, maybe? He was the admeasurement of a linebacker. Abundant guy! If you aculate in abstract with Steve and Barbara, be abiding to let them Apperceive I said hi.

Maureen Nolan Whitty, Myrtle Beach, SC Thu June 26

Thank you to the Bourque ancestors of Accompaniment Bandage S for allowance the burghal to accessible the Lee's Pond basin and to aculate the South Attlebnoro annex library open.I am abiding there are abounding accouchement and their parents w are belden for this gift. As a aloft South Attleboro aborigine with abounding ancestors ociates in the area, it was heartwarming to apprehend about your generosity.

Gailann Newton, Pittsfield, NH Wed June 25

Maureen, what Ezyk guy are you talking about? I acquire cousins with that aftermost name. And, yes, David, Sister Rose Thelma was the beggarly one. I basal to abdicate kindergarten because of her. Aloof came aback from a cruise to Georgia. Saw my accessory Harry Sayles w acclimated to animate in Attleboro. He is accomplishing abundant bottomward there. Additionally brought my accessory Pat a bodice from Claire's that says Boro Drive-In. She was thrilled. Acceptance we all had our memories there, huh?

Sue, South Attleboro Wed June 25

Roy Phipps additionally disqualified the old "Y" on Elm Artery aloft from the blaze abject in my day. The ociates calendar was a dejected calendar with increments of 10 cents alternating the edge. Roy would bite out addition accession aback you gave him your dime until your ante were paid up. Addition aprism was "stay out of the weight allowance unless you are an adult." So we had the half-size basketball court, the ping pong tables and the game/rest allowance in the corner. Rick Lincoln and I had a fistfight at the ping pong tables over a babe while in inferior high. The men w lived in the accommodation aloft the artery would arise in and for a dime they got a towel, a tiny bar of soap and a swer. The Aboriginal National Abundance was aing aperture and I would absorb my allowance on a pint of boilerplate ice chrism and eat it on the old huge barade of that "Y." I bethink Arthur the Greek's abundance actual well. That is breadth we got the peas and peasoters. He acclimated to be in the centermost but afterwards he abashed to Richards Avenue aing to Ernie's beautician boutique aback Ernie Sr. and Jr. ran it. Ernie gave me a crew aloof afore I went to basal training and aback I got to Fort Dix I was the alone guy there w was pulled out of the crew line. They said I didn't allegation one. That adored me 90 cents. Yes, they answerable you for tse haircuts. The Iaconis ancestors were actual nice people. Bob, Ernie's beforehand brother, was such a nice guy. He anesthetized abroad from blight a few years ago and it makes me sad to advanced my brother is action through agnate adventures now. I am still in N.A. until Sunday morning aback we able aback to Florida. My sister-in-law allows me to aculate in abstract with the Guestbook with her computer. Abiding is t up here. I can't adjournment to get aback to Florida to air-conditioned off. Until aing time all. Booty care.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed June 25

Yes, the Coffer Artery Scol, about forgot that, as I went to St. Mary's on Ample Street. Condos now. I basin with a woman w lives there now. That seems strange. I account if there is anyone out there w remembers the canteen dances at the YMCA in Arctic and Attleboro. Aback I went Roy Phipps was in allegation in North. You could go alfresco and smoke, but the arch booze was Coke. Roy's babble was the law, and no one questioned it. Drugs were commodity a doctor gave you. How about Arthur the Greek, an his adorable bake-apple and vegetables on the basal Street.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Tue June 24

Fred: Additionally the Coffer Artery Academy which sat in aback of the Wood Scol. Big and lath with tse advanced staircases. My kindergarten was there. It had a big arch congenital on the floor. I skipped aboriginal casting and got kept aback in fourth (it bent up with me). That is breadth I met one of my best pals, Rick Lincoln. In the Wood Scol's 5th casting we met Laurie "Wink" Macdonald, w became our best friend. He is a istant now. A brace of years ago he had the abstraction of action at the Wood Academy for a 50th alliance of the day we met. We did and we absolved about N.A. canonizing the acceptable old days. We absolved Association Acreage and the burghal breadth and concluded up in Roy's Beautician Boutique breadth I bankrupt out old sbooks of our youth. Connie Pensavalle came in for a crew and aing in. Bill Joyce swed up. We had a admirable time and relived lots of memories. It was a abundant abode to be a kid. The abundant allocation is, we all acquire our own adaptation of "our Arctic Attleboro" in our minds. Memories which can balmy our hearts and lift our spirits. As the aftermost bandage of my chic ode states, "The able is over but still we will be, N.A. '58 for eternity." Aculate the memories rolling, folks, it doesn't pay annihilation but it helps aculate you young.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 346563 Tue June 24

Holy Apparition Kindergarten will consistently be a adapted abode for me. Growing up in Lonicut, it served as an addendum to the amphitheater on Linden Artery by acid through the ballfield and manuevering through the chainlink fence. Oh, yeh, and Angelic Apparition Kindergarten was additionally the alone abode that I anytime tasted a bar of soap! LOL … As I recall, Sister Elaine was not the atomic bit adored about my use of the Saviour's name to authentic my fustration at not actuality able to breach axial the lines! (Thanks, Dad.) If I remember, there were two sisters. One had me by my earlobe, while the added put the bar of soap bottomward my throat. In the abundant words of Rosanne Rosannadanna, "I apprehension I was gonna die!"

Spit, Mon June 23

G. Mostert: I don't apperceive annihilation about Gaudette Leather, but I do apperceive absolutely a bit about Holland. I lived in Amersfort for 4½ years. I admired it over there. Abundant Country, abundant people. I abiding absence that admirable cheese. Sue: Sister Rose Thelma, was she the babyish attenuate one with a BIG beggarly streak? If that is the one, afresh I am abiding she gave me a active or two. Sister George was a candied developed with a affection of gold. I bethink aback the P-A club bought them a casting new 1960 Chevy abject wagon. They were so excited, they aculated all us kids in the abject wagon and took us all the way to Ca Esplanade to see Frosty and the added animals.

David Bosh, Mon June 23

Hi, I acclimated to animate in Arctic 13 years ago and formed for Gaudette Leather. Does anyone of you apperceive if they're still there? Adulation to apprehend from the bodies I formed with over there. Adulation to apprehend all the acceptance about the Attleboros. Aculate going. Greetings from Holland, Gerdy

G. Mostert, Swifterbant Sun June 22

David: Yes, I bethink Sister St. George and she was a peach. How about Sister Rose Thelma? She reminded me of the witch in the "Wizard of Oz."

Sue, South Attleboro M Fri June 20

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

I can bethink autritative agenda helicotors and sending them out the window of the allure chic at old Norh High. And if the wind was right, they would achieve it to Sales Dairy's parking lot aloft the street. If there are any 1951 clmates out there w would like to acquire a commemoration of e-mail adresses let me know. We aloof had an breezy aculation at the Ponderosa in South Attleboro. There were alone 11 of us, but we all had such a acceptable time we appee to do it afresh this year. Charlie Lockhart came from the accompaniment of Washington. Does anyone bethink the old lath academy abode on Academy Artery with the huge blaze escape out back. Acquire a nice weekend.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Fri June 20

Hi, all. We are abrogation for Arctic Attleboro aboriginal tomorrow morning, (Friday the 20th). We will be aback in Florida on June 30th or July 1st. Buh bye 'til aing time.

Rich Howard, NPR, FL 34653 Thu June 19

Lorna, yes, I bethink the skating pond at LaSalette. We did acquire a lot of fun there. I acclimated to go there with Teddy and others. Do you bethink Carolyn Yoe, she acclimated to skate there too? It seems like a lot of the kids that we went to academy with would accommodated there and skate until actual late. I additionally bethink the Fireside. I absolutely formed for Roland Tondreault (sp) (Fireside Motors) for a abbreviate while afore I went aback in the Air Force. It is funny that you suld acknowledgment Rda; her sister is Jane (Sousa) Johnson w asked the canon about the deliveryman. Jane, you're busted! Rda and I were accompany and we acclimated to abode to commemoration added aback I aboriginal went in the Air Force. Jane, accord my best to Rda and acquaint her we would like to apprehend from her. Acknowledgment for cogent me breadth Teddy is, we absent abstract and I will accessory him up soon. I was thinking, does anyone bethink Sister George? She ran the Angelic Apparition kindergarten breadth I blossomed as a ion! That Nino, he did like new Corvettes. I bethink one time he got a collapsed annoy on Canton Artery and pulled a little "fold up" motor bike from the block and off he went. He abiding was abounding of surprises. I allegation to achieve a corrections here, it was Jane Levitt, not Joan Levitt. Until aing time.

David Bosh, Tallahee, FL Thu June 19

OMG! I aloof apprehend they're acclimation the bubbler in advanced of Ca Park! I bethink actuality so babyish I bald Mom to autrity my duke so I could angle and watch it ! Wow … Anybody apperceive the aftermost time it spouted?

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Thu June 19

I bethink Fireside Motors but not Wightman's Diner. I acquire to bethink my grandmother cogent me that Lou Costello affiliated a babe from Arctic Attleboro and that she knew his wife. I adeptness be accepting aqueduct dreams but I do bethink her adage commodity about that. Does anyone bethink the skating pond at LaSallette Shrine afore they put the Rosary Airing in?

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Wed June 18

Hello All! I am aback now, and suld be blockage around. I can now apprehend all the admirable memories that all of you acquire beatific in. Rich, I do appee that I could bethink things like you do. Aback you and the abstract acknowledgment things, yes, it comes back. So abounding acceptable years. All the admirable people, ancestors and accompany that are mentioned. Acknowledgment for befitting this going. I did acquire to go aback to Foxboro the frist allocation of May, as my bedmate anesthetized abroad and was animate up that way. It was nice to see the ancestors and so abounding friends, but a sad time. However, my bedmate LeRoy (Bud) Smith had been ailing for abounding years. It is acceptable to apperceive that he is not adversity anymore. This able June 14 was up in Rising Sun, Md., for my son Ken's wedding. Haven't apparent some of the ancestors on the Watters ancillary in abounding years, so it was acceptable to acquire the ancestors calm again. I am captivated with my new daughter-in-law and do appee them abounding years of beaude with God's blessings. Rich, am animated to apprehend that your brother is accomplishing better. God absolve commemoration one that reads the Guestbook. Acknowledgment again.

Doris (Cobb-Watters) Smith, Deltona, FL Tue June 17

To Anonymous: Yes, I bethink the Fireside. It was a restaurant on Avenue 1 abreast Arn's Cabins & Motel. I advanced I was alone in there once. It became Fireside Motors and still is, I think. Aftermost time I was there, they were accepting a singles night and I was "between wives." What a waste. Afresh I activate my authentic adulation w is now my wife of 15 years the way you are declared to, absolutely by blow and through a brace of alternate friends. I advanced God played a big part, too, because she is my allowance from Him. Heck, I about bethink Wightman's Berth on Avenue 1. Some acclaimed bodies acclimated to go there during the vaudville circut days. I bethink my parents cogent me about seeing Abbot and Costello and others in there.

Rich Howard, New PortRichey, Fl 34653 Tue June 17

I bethink the Bates Amphitheater breadth amphitheater acts were captivated on Friday nights afore the movie; also, a animation for a bag of advantage above-mentioned to the matinee on Thursdays. How about the blaze aing aperture to Woolworth's. I advanced it was the Adams Biologic Store. It's abundant to apprehend about everyone's memories!

Al Lacaillade, Tucson, AZ Mon June 16

I am attractive for a acquaintance name and buzz cardinal for the NAHS chic of 1978 alliance committee. We suld be adulatory our 25th this year and I absent the 20th because I don't advanced anyone had my abode in Florida. If anyone knows of anyone w could acquaintance me by e-mail I would acknowledge it.

Mary MacIntyre, Largo, FL Mon June 16

Ron C., I absent your e-mail address. I'm action to be in Bounce Acropolis attractive at some backdrop in the abreast future.

Dan Cordell, Mon June 16

Great site, Fred Glover! Acknowledgment for administering with us. Some absolute nice pictures on the site. I acclaim anybody to booty a accessory and urance the book.

Melissa Lockwood, Attleboro Avalanche Mon June 16

Rich: Do you bethink a abode declared The Fireside?

Anonymous, Mon June 16

Hello, all. Aloof appee you to apperceive that we will be in the Attleboro breadth from 6/20 through 6/30 and afresh aback to Florida. So I will be abroad from my computer for a bit. But amuse don't stop the memories because I will allegation commodity to apprehend aback I get back. Yes, Christine, I do bethink the eucalyptus aroma. Funny story: I formed in the 25th Division clified bulletin center. Our "vault" was an old applicant cooler, so no absolute bang in it. We had a babyish fan on the attic to advance the air around. It had no urance "cage" awning on it. Our abettor kicked it over by blow one day and was apparent by us block the fan about the attic aggravating to stop it afterwards blow his fingers. We let this go on for awhile afore one of us absolved in and pulled the plug. Not surprising, tugh, aback this is the aloft abettor w somew animate for 100 jerry cans (gas cans), and could not arise up with them. So he was accession jerry cans from wherever he could to put a cavity in his debt to Uncle Sam. Acceptable old Scfield Barracks, me of the 25th Infantry Division, Tropic Lightning, Accessible to Strike, Anywhere, Any time. Aloha, Christine.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon June 16

I noticed that the Melnyczuk ancestors is mentioned at this site. We'd adulation to apprehend from them, we may be relatives! Amuse arrangement our ancestors Web site. Visit: http://www.melnyczuk.com

Tania Melnyczuk, South Africa Sun June 15

Nino Baldelli … wow, a bang from the past. Can't bethink his wife's name, but they lived adapted aloft the artery from me om Pine Street. What a babyish world. They were abundant people.

Pat Mayers, Mt Carmel Sat June 14

I achievement you all w don't animate in the Attleboros are able to accompany this up. As I advanced you will adore w the Attleboros are surporting our troops. Amuse let me know. There is a aculation of us w angle captivation flags and signs every Tuesday, 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. at Gilbert-Perry Square in Attleboro. http://community-2.webtv.net/picadot/THEATTLEBOROS/

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sat June 14

I remeber Nino Baldelli and his Corvettes. I am abashed he didn't get popped in the adenoids by added people. He had absolutely a reputation. I additionally bethink the commitment man. His name was Harold Sousa. His babe Rda accelerating with me in 1964. Do you bethink her, Dave? I bethink all the bodies you mentioned. The twins' names were Fran and Deb Walker. I bethink the dances at the YMCA, too. However, the Arctic Hop was abundant better. I apprehension the Arctic Hop was lots of fun, too. Teddy Chamberland was absolutely a heart-throb. I admired the way he danced too. He lives in Milton, Fla., now and I advanced he is a cop there. David, I bethink Adrian. I advanced he was my dad's cousin. I additionally bethink skating at Ca Park. That was so abundant fun. I aloof adulation the memories. Rich, you are adapted about Saltzman's. I am not abiding if the architecture advancing bottomward is the old Esplanade Auberge or if that was aing door. We had some abundant aliment burghal aback then. There was the Ablaze Weave, The Laure Sppe, Browns, Milady's and w about White's Music Store, Sillmans and Jay's Se Store?

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Fri June 13

Jane: Yes, I do bethink Zito's delivery. They did it for years at my use. Bulk of fact, I acquire a Eyzk guy was the one for a connected aeon of time. Was abundant accepting that, eh? All my mom had to do was leave the money on the counter. Wouldn't advanced of it today!!

Maureen (Nolan) Whitty, Attleboro, MA Fri June 13

I was commemoration the comments about the "good old East Side" and sed to accessory aback on all of that! My ancestor formed at Rocco's afore aperture his own abode on Pine Artery abreast Nolan's Spa! Bethink Zip's? Zip acclimated to be declared "The ambador of the East Side!" I accelerating AHS '72 and bethink Jolly Clly's and the like. Absolutely absence the acceptable old days!

Don Laferriere, Reboth Fri June 13

Hello, my Brother David! I wrote you aftermost ages to acquaint you I abashed into a abode of my own in Maryland. I acclimated my ATT abode but Mom said you acquire too abundant clutter e-mail so you may acquire deleted it. She additionally said you were commemoration this. I will accelerate afresh with pics of my abode and Melinda's wet Graduation Party. Accelerate my adulation to Tracie, Erin and Bryan and Jennie! I bethink Zito's Market. The alone abode my Dad (Freddy Bosh) would let my mom buy blademeat. I additionally bethink the Bliss milk man and tse blubbery bottles with the agenda cull tabs (tell me w didn't acquire the cloistral aluminum box aing to their advanced door?), beeping or babble below the archways, Woolworth's and tse blueberry ins with absolute adulate and a coffee milkshake in tse little "cage" gllders and twirling on tse red stools till I got addled and fell off, action arcade to the A&P and still actuality little abundant to sit in the basket, aback me and Linda Lace would booty the bus "uptown" to go to the sidewalk sales, to Coney Island and acquire lunch, sleeping over for the fishing derby and NEVER akin fishing, Spatcher Pool, the "Park Puddle", every 4th of July at Hayward acreage (I still get abashed and dejected 'cause I'm too far abroad to go anymore, and my ancestors tells me about it), the TI outings to Rocky Point or Lincoln Park, audition the bobcat barrage on t summer nights, action skinny-dipping in our basin in the boilerplate of the night because my mom doesn't advanced we will EVER allegation air conditioning (let her animate here!), the Bang of '78 aback we absolved all the way flush from Snell Artery for a bisected gallon of angel juice, the bodies w absolved all the way from South Attleboro to buy beer from Castro's Bazaar that had bankrupt two canicule before. Damn, I absence me …

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Fri June 13

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Topsy's Craven Accommodation on Avenue 1 in South Attleboro, now there was a abundant treat. I advanced it was 85 cents for a chicken-in-a-basket. This was connected afore Kentucky Air-conditioned Chicken. Alone action was, your fingers got so anointed amid the craven from the bones. To this day I abrrence accepting aliment on my fingers, aberration that I am. Ma Glockner's was a acceptable abode to go, also. No menu. Aloof sit and adjournment for the "berched" craven banquet to arrive. And w about tse biscuit rolls. Yum, yum. Sandy's restaurant on Turnpike Basin was addition favorite. How about Dario's on Bun basin in West Mansfield. Craven and ss with rolls, adulate and fries. All you can eat and he meant it. Dario looked a lot like Associate Hackett and aloof as funny. Afterwards aerial academy I was animate at architecture pools with Duke Davignon and added guys. Sometimes we would get a day off and adhere about the French Club and Duke would say, "Lets go the the Brook for lunch". We would all go to the Brook Manor and Ori would set us up in the lounge and accompany us buzz beef and we would acquire brandy and cigars like we were kings of the hill. Duke and I acclimated to go up to Colrain, M., to deer coursing in December. Slept in the unheated bunkuse of the Pioneer Valley Dude Ranch. Atramentous blade bouillon for supper and venison steaks. Never got a deer. Came aing but no deer. We acclimated to pheasant coursing on all the NA farms during bird season. All uses now, I suppose. I can't activate to acquaint you some of the times we had bottomward the Cape during pool-building season. I am still animate acceptance and abuse advantageous to be at that. If you drive bottomward Avenue 28 able all tse motels you will see my ignment in best every basin alternating the road, except for the ones Amby Murray built. Oh well, off to bed. Till aing time. Adios, amigos.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu June 12

Rich, there was one action that you didnt acknowledgment about Sclfield Billet and Wahiawa: the smell. It is the aboriginal action I advanced of aback I bethink about that allocation of the island. There was consistently a able balm of eucalyptus. The eucalyptus copse were everywhere and their balm permeated the air. Do you anamnesis this from your years in Wahiawa? Also, I bethink the sidewalk sales in Attleboro. We acclimated to accessory advanced to them every year. I bought all my ses from Sillman's and my clothes from London's and later, London's West. My mom knew David London and in my blooming year we bald a mannequin for the AHS Thanksgiving day arrangement float. Mr. London lent me the mannequin. Unfortunatly, the boys (s) absitively to abort the mannequin afterwards the arrangement and I had to apologize to Mr. London and explain what happened. He was actual understanding, as I recall. Hey, can anybody acquaint me if Cooper's Commemoration angle is still around? In the '80s that abode looked like a time ize aback to the '50s. We acclimated to go in and buy abysm cigarettes. Cooper's was the alone abode in boondocks you could buy them. Lastly, my mom basal me to achieve a correction. I said beforehand that she had formed at Jolly Clly's; wever, I was mistaken. Are you adored now, Mom??

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Thu June 12

I acquire a anamnesis for you. Does anybody out there bethink the deliverymen from Zito's Market? Bodies would leave their doors afar so the deliveryman could leave the aliment in the use. If anybody remembers, amuse let me know. Thanks. Also, I advanced the memories everybody is talking about are GREAT. Adulation commemoration them. Aculate up the abundant work.

Jane (Sousa) Johnson, West Wareham Wed June 11

Max: I bethink tse canicule able-bodied in Korea acceptance I was there in the '60s. Account mail. Now friend's kid there, and if he is abreast a computer can abode and get a acknowledgment in minutes.

RJ, OMaha Wed June 11

Hey guys, the at Zito's was none added than Nino Baldelli. Little guy with a yen for able women and Corvettes. I anachronous his step-daughter Gerri for a time in the backward '50s. They lived on Pine Street. He additionally got into the antagonism chic aback tse little racers were popular. They raced them on a T.I. parking lot on Sundays. He looked appealing absurd in his antagonism helmet with artificial tels aerial in the breeze. Go carts, thats what they declared them. I bethink one day he absolved out of Saltzman's adjoin Heagney's aloft the corner. A car cck-full and a guy got out and popped him adapted on the nose, got aback in the car and collection off. Looooooong story. Rocco the mananger of Saltzman's would acquire me put a affected grave and flags and white cantankerous in that corner-door window on Canonizing Day weekend. I acquire a commemoration of he and I continuing in that actual aperture on the sidewalk. Bethink tse sidewalk sales? They were absolutely fun to work. Lots of bodies attractive for bargains in burghal Attleboro. Yeah, Roger Balloon and Densmore's Commemoration Stand. All his sons formed there one time or another. Nice group. Bob Chartier became a -kisser at Fosters for years. Arenberg Engraving, Doug Gard's place, John Astin Engraving, Guyot Bros., so abounding added little sps accomplishing ignment for the bigger ones. Engraving, bean setting, polishing, plating, enameling, amaranthine little affairs and men autritative a animate from it. Oh well, time marches on …

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed June 11

I apprehend he commodity in today's agenda about the burghal not accepting the funds to aculate the city's pools open. It would be a abashment to aculate them closed. As a boyish growing up in South Attleboro, I went to Lee's Pond Basin every day it was accessible during the summer. I abstruse to bathe there below the admonition of Mrs. Maney. It was the best abode to breach air-conditioned and out of trouble. My mother knew absolutely breadth we were and w connected it took to airing me from the basin aback it bankrupt for the day. In the boondocks I animate in now (pop. 2,500) actuality in NH, our basin is a biconcave out breadth of the Suncook River. The boondocks maintains it through the Parks and Recreation Department. There is a fee of 50 cents per day for accouchement up to 15, $1 per day for adults or you can pay $25 for a ancestors canyon for the able summer. My able ancestors swims there may times over the summer. Our families actuality in boondocks are best adored to pay these fees. With the fees, the boondocks pays for lifeguards. The breadth surrounding the basin is gry, has barbecue tables, volleyball court, a amphitheater and off to one ancillary some abundant fishing. There are additionally pond acquaint offered. I achievement the burghal of Attleboro finds the funds to abutment these pools. Akin to allegation a babyish fee to account costs would admonition I am sure.

Gailann Newton, Pittsfield, NH Wed June 11

In acknowledgment to tse of you allurement about my brother: He is accomplishing actual able-bodied because the calmness of the situation. Acknowledge you for asking. He had an arrangement at the VA spital in St. Pete bygone and addition at the Moffit Blight Centermost in Tampa today. So he and his wife and one babe and one son and my sister spent the night actuality with us aftermost night aback we are afterpiece to both tse spitals than they are in Ancrage Charlotte. His larboard ancillary is still immobile. His able is shaved. His booze are high. His action is strong. He is an inspiration. We went to banquet aftermost atramentous at the Inn on the Gulf in Hudson and I wheeled him bottomward to the bank to see a admirable West Florida sunset. We will see them all afresh at a Father's Day cookout at his added daughter's abode in Cape Coral. I will absolutely canyon alternating all of your acceptable wishes. Acknowledgment again.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34563 Wed June 11

As I recall, Rocco Jr. was comatose adapted in advanced of his Dad's beautician boutique afterwards rear-ending a car on his motorcycle? I'm academic that it allegation acquire been in the aboriginal '70s? Does The Sun Chronicle acquire archived files on line?(The Lynxmaster responds: Sorry, the on-line files don't go aback that far.)

Spit, Wed June 11

RJ from Omaha, Hawaii 5-0? You are a baby. Aloof kidding, but get this: There was no such actualization aback I was there. The actualization of the day in tse years was "Hawaiian Eye" with Troy Donahue, amid others. Troy acclimated to adhere about the airport aback the casting would arise to Oahu for accomplishments filming already a year. He waited for bodies to atom him and ask for autographs. My wife at the time, Ginny (Dunn) Howard from Pawtucket, formed at the National car rental berth at the airport. She and the others acclimated to airing by him and achieve acquire they didn't accept him. It collection him nuts. That was the old airport with all the amphitheater bamboo look. I admired that airport. I bethink aback they brought that old ship, "The Avalanche of Clyde" into Honolulu ancrage with a fireboat salute. They refurbished it as a museum. It is still there. We additionally abounding air sws at Hickahm Field. My ociate Jon Copse and I were walking bottomward Kalakaua Ave in Waikiki one day and actuality comes Bob Shaughanesy from acceptable old Arctic Attleboro. His abode was in at Pearl. Ran into Timmy Maloney the aloft way on the seawall at Waikiki beach. Sammy Smith from NA was a aboideau Abyssal at Pearl. God, tse were the acceptable days. I was confined my country and animate in Waikiki all at the aloft time. Acclimated to get up at 4:00 a.m. to get accessible to bolt the aggressive bus up to Scfield Billet and I would acquire to this radio abject that played brawl als all aboriginal morning. The old Bill Cosby actuality and Bob Newhart, etc. Funny stuff. We played racquetball adjoin the walls at Fort DeRussy on weekends, in bald feet. We were nuts. Acreage problems in the rain forests nestled amid the abundance ranges. Prisoner-of-war training. Jungle warfare training. We additionally visited the connected aback alone coffer defenses alternating the cliffs attractive seaward adjoin Japan, alone pillboxes with the turret slits and the decayed axis mechanisms still in place. Acquire you anytime been aloft aerial amphitheatre on the Big Island of Hawaii and watched a argosy abode or a cruise abode admission from the the sea? What a sight. Some of the aerial amphitheatre on the aable craters of Hawaii and Maui are 10,000 anxiety aloft sea level. Alert as aerial as Mt. Washington. Adequate a burger and steak chips or onion rings at an alfresco bistro on the bandage at Waikiki was one of my admired treats. The Hawaiian Islanders of the Pacific Bank Alliance (farm aggregation of the Angels), were an bargain action also. Bobby Knopp played additional base. I bethink him because he fabricated it to "the bigs." The old Aloha Stadium which is connected gone was me akin afresh to the Pro Bowl. We acclimated to aloof airing up and actualization aggressive I.D. and they would let us in. I was told by locals that the aboriginal Sixties on Oahu were abundant the aloft as the Forties. The big changes came with the Japanese abridgement in the backward Seventies until they bottomed out in the backward Eighties. They wrought abrrent changes to Waikiki in the way of high-rise tels, etc. Additional they bend you out of the way to get a bigger accessory at the Arizona aback you motor out to the canonizing in Pearl. Some affirmation it is because of they animate a awkward action in Japan with little room, but I say there is no alibi for causticity no bulk what, abnormally at a abode breadth their predecessors austere accoutrements of U.S. sailors to death. Well, I acceptance I suld leave allowance for others actuality on the pages of ye S.C. Guestbook. Till afterwards my accompany and additionally my enemies …

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed June 11

Ok, now to try to bolt up. Cindy: I advanced we did acquire a brace of cles together, but gosh that was a connected time ago. Lorna: I bethink Mr. LaPierre, the constable w absolved a exhausted I additionally bethink able-bodied amphitheatre about Chartley Pond and the abundant ice chrism at Bristol Farms. Terry: I can't acquire your 41! Pat: I bethink Zito's Bazaar and the that formed there consistently bought a new Corvette every year, and the Attleboro Aerial basketball amateur in the Armory on Pine Street. How about the skating at Ca Esplanade at night and bubbler that abundant t ccolate! It consistently tasted so acceptable aback it was cold. And to John Lepper, my old acquaintance and fishing buddy, congratulations on your success. Morin's banquet was additionally a abundant abode to get coffee milk and angel pie in the summer. The Charlieburgers were the greatest. My accessory Adrian was the chef there, so I acclimated to stop by and arrangement him already in a while. I bethink the Abutment Theater. I ran adapted accurately into one the tse canteen doors one Saay and acquainted like fool. They were declared to be accessible afterwards the movie! Roger Forgette's little abundance breadth you could get a 3-cent bonbon bar and a nickel Coke. Teddy Chamberlain, Bobo De Mayo, Bob Chartier and Martin Davies were some of the kids I remember. Kim Keeler, Joan Levitt (sp) and Leslie Burke were abundant to brawl with at the Friday night YMCA dances. Patty Wendling (w was already my girlfriend), Fran and Debbie (the twins) were acceptable dancers, too. Hunting on Ambador Brennan's farm, accepting my beard cut at Rocco's. (I went to academy with Rocco Jr.) John Cummings arrant because I aching his aerial aback I sang in the fifth casting in Ms. Clarke's cl, the day that Bernadette Renquin absent her brother in a car crash. The day that Army Pvt. Bob Fregon (sp) was comatose in a alike bang on his way to Germany and w sad we all were. Mostly, I bethink that Attleboro was a ancestors and we cared for commemoration other. You could airing into the Mayors arrangement and he was animated to see and allocution to you. WARA consistently actomed us to arise in and watch the DJ, akin aback they were on the air. The A&W Abject Beer Angle and tse abundant "Black Cows". Yes, I abashed at Jollly Clly's too, and acquire abounding memories of the fun we all had there. Rich, you suld abode a book. Acknowledge you to all my old academy mates and accompany for the memories and to The Sun Chronicle for sting this armpit breadth we can arise calm from about the angel to bethink commemoration added and the abundant abode we grew up.

David Bosh, Tallahee, FL Wed June 11

The Wrentham tornado was in 1953. I was affronted in Korea at the time and didn't get babble 'til July in our account mail.

Max Sarazin, Eastham Wed June 11

Just adulation commemoration all these memories y'all share. Does anyone apperceive breadth the Jolly Clly's t-shirts can be bought?

Sue Whitney, Greenville, TX Tue June 10

I apprehend the commodity about what you call, the "Saltzman building" advancing down. That was not the Saltzman building. That was the architecture Saltzman's Men's Abundance was afflicted to move to aback they were afflicted out of the absolute Saltzman architecture on the bend of Esplanade and Pleasant. London's was on that block with Charles Amalgamation Store. Saltzman's allowable the appearance to the RR arches and Peter's Bake-apple Angle and the Camera Sp, etc. I know, I formed a part-time job for Saltzman's for 15 years afore they were afflicted out. What you anxiety the Saltzman architecture was alone except for the auto aggregation and they brought action to it afore they were afflicted to aing with every added abundance in burghal Attleboro by the aperture of the mall, amid added things. I don't know, aloof the way it is written, makes it complete like Saltzman's ran bottomward a architecture and gave a me to pigeons, aback in actuality they served the animate man of Attleboro for decades bartering affordable ignment clothes, suits, shirts, ties, socks, jeans, etc. They deserve to be remembered in a bigger light. By the way, what is the aing of the Advance architecture and can I attack the handle of the detonator?

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue June 10

Rich, what memories. Lived there 5 1/2 years, with the military, too. Bethink all that. Marched in arrangement with my Cub Scouts. Guys at the end of the arrangement were accretion cannons, aback cck-full affairs them and ran and jumped over my wife and babe w were sitting on the curb. They account what happened. Afterwards they arise they were filming a amphitheatre for Hawaii 5-0.

RJ, Omaha Tue June 10

Dennis Redding: The Worcester and Wrentham tornado hits were the aloft year. I bethink Iwas at Billy Gaskin's sister Betty's abode on Mirimichi pond with a agglomeration of guys. The basin all of a abrupt went collapsed as a table top and the billow went over our heads. It had aloof afflicted bottomward at Wampum Bend and askance a few uses, one of which is now Tosie's Mustang Farm, and afresh pped up afresh and anesthetized over Mirimichi. By the way, I acquire a bi-weekly commemoration of you my mom beatific me while I was in Hawaii. In it you are Cadet Redding stationed at James Connally AFB, Texas, in navigator training. I will ay my mom's added sbooks to ay the tornado dates for sure. Her sbooks lath our sports history at NAHS and so abounding added things that happened through the years in the NA area. I acknowledge God she kept them. Oh, and no, folks, I do not await on them for my stories. I absolutely do bethink aggregate I acquire accounting so far. Don't ask me why, but I do.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue June 10

Hi, Pat. I bethink Zito's Market. We consistently spped there. I bethink Mr. Zito giving us all popsicles in the summer. Aback my Dad was in the TB spital he had the Knights of Columbus accelerate us a Thanksgiving binet and afresh afresh at Christmas. They were a abundant family. I Bethink Mrs. Zito and their sons, Mickey and Ray. I acquire apparent Mickey a few times at the new VFW on Esplanade Artery aback I acquire gone me to visit. Rich, w is your brother?

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Tue June 10

Must say, its fun accepting my anamnesis tweaked. Let's see if I can do a few. The action amphitheatre in aback of the pumping abject on Whiting Street, and in advanced of Columbia Field. Afterwards a adviser for a bounded action club was built, I think, on top of it. The babyish pond aing to Whitings that Rich referred to was Blacks Pond or added frequently declared "the Mud le". Three kids fell through the ice there in 1952. They were all in Sister Annetts chic at St. Mary's Scol. I was animate at the Aboriginal National on Elm Artery aloft from the blaze station. One was a boy from the Acropolis ancestors in the Falls. Oh, Rich, I took over amphitheatre Santa bottomward boondocks from Henry Bibby. I did it for a few years. Some of you adolescent ones may acquire had me at your altogether parties. I did magic. Balloons. And the Bite and Judy sw. I went by the name of Zippo the Clown. How about Rose's jitney ancd on the bend of Coffer Artery and South Washington, adapted abreast the bubbler at the admission to Angel War I park. Aftermost but not least, the acid ambit in the bat of the American Legion, that was breadth the boondocks anteroom parking lot is now. Acquire a abundant week.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Tue June 10

Had to get on and apprehend some added acceptable stuff. Several of you mentioned the Abutment Theater. Actuality is commodity you allegedly do not apperceive or remember: the canteen doors and the connected stairs to avenue the theater? Bethink aback they put in lath doors? Apperceive why? My brother and I went to the movies on a Sunday afternoon and aback we larboard he fell bottomward the stairs and went through the basin gl. Had 52 sches in his arm. Hence the lath doors. Not a acceptable memory, but the amphitheater itself was great. My mom and I went on Wednesday nights. They gave abroad dishes and we never absent a night. Additionally bethink Zito's bazaar on Pine street? Best meat in town. We lived on Pine artery for years. Afresh abashed to South Attleboro during our aerial academy years. Lived on Reed Street. Anyone out there from that area? Adulation all that you write. Aculate it up. Fun to apprehend about the past.

Pat (Ford) Mayers, Mt. Carmel, TN Mon June 09

OK, actuality is a canon which adeptness amplitude everyone's memories. Aback we aloof "celebrated" the 50th commemoration of the Worcester tornado can anyone bethink the year of the Wrentham tornado? It was the one that went through the dupe at Wampum Bend (Wrentham Village now). I acquire to anamnesis amphitheatre a Little Alliance baseball bold at Association Acreage and watching this mive atramentous billow canyon aloof to the north. If my anamnesis seves me correctly, it would acquire been 1952. I had consistently ociated the two in the aloft year but I would acquire been too old for Little Alliance in 1953 (yes, I am ancient). While I'm here, I'll add addition memory. My brother and I acclimated to adjournment abreast the long-since-removed railroad able at the end of Fletcher artery in Plainville and then, aback a alternation came by, we would jump in an aperture amid the able and the RR ties. It was SCARY. And for you "youngsters" commemoration this, do not advance to achieve this achievement - leave it to the professionals!

Dennis Redding, South Yarmouth, MA Mon June 09

Christine and Bill: We acclimated to go into the tels on Waikiki and acquire to the best brawl either from aural or from the bank itself for free. We acclimated to say w the tourists were advantageous through the adenoids and there we were afterwards a dime to our name (military pay), adequate the aloft music. One auberge had a lounge below the barn breadth with a window abaft the bar and you could see bodies pond and ing underwater. Air-conditioned stuff. Of advance we body-surfed Dusk Bank on the arctic coffer because we could not acquiesce surfboards. I bethink Mr. Kaiser of the old Kaiser Aluminum and Kaiser-Frazier auto acclaim lived in a accommodation two streets from breadth I had a collapsed apartment. All his cars were blush and he had jeeps with blush binding over your head. His secreatry collection a blush Kaiser with a gold brand on the dashboard anecdotic it as his. My acquaintance was an Air Force carrying pilot w flew aback and alternating to the mainland. He would accompany us alpha bake-apple from California. We went to his aggressive accretion with the aloft swords and all. Iolani Palace, Aloha Tower, The Avalanche of Clyde, Akla Wai C, University of Hawaii, The Punchbowl, Tantalas Trail, Hannama Bay breadth Elvis filmed "Blue Hawaii", Pali Tunnels (Wilson), the Pali itself with it's abiding acbent winds, Rabbit Island, Koko Head, Diamond Able Crater, International Bazaar Place, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Fort DeRussy, Honolulu Zoo, Tokiwa's Japanese bar with adulatory teryaki steak strips for appetizers, Mai Tais, the old airport with the bamboo look, sipping a Mai Tai on a lanai overlooking the Pacific dusk while the bendable tones of Hawaiian music wafted in the air, Pearl ancrage afore the Arizona Memorial, Scfield billet with its quadrangles and an beforehand lath banter architecture out in the 4th Cavalry breadth with a affected aperture abreast the aperture claiming it to be the aboriginal cannon advance from a Japanese alike while on the way to Pearl on Dec. 7, 1941. Actuality on the cat-and-mouse commemoration at the cavalcade library to booty out a archetype of "From Actuality to Eternity" which I acquire apprehend abounding times. These are my memories as able-bodied as bulk more. I admired it there. I admired the weather, the history and the feel of the South Pacific way of life. Ahhhhhh, candied memories.

Rich Howard, New ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon June 09

Christine, haven't heard acknowledgment of the Ambador Auberge in Hawaii, aback the '70s. We backward there in '74, aback igned to Hawaii with the USAF.

RJ, Omaha Sat June 07

I went aback to NA aftermost commemoration to arrangement my parents. I was consistently attractive about for the places others are talking about in these entries. Ratty's is now a dog abode and admonishment place. The farms of Aerial Aerial Artery are still there but accessory mostly alone of people. Red Bedrock Acropolis and the old Boro Drive-In are so afflicted now that you could hardly acquaint what they acclimated to accessory like. From the "new" basal bottomward to Newport Avenue seems annihilation but sps, restaurants and added stores. The dupe abaft the WWI park, from the aback of Watery Acropolis to Landry Avenue is actuality cut up for uses that allegation go for $300,000 or more. Rich, don't balloon Hunting Artery (where I grew up) acclimated to be bankrupt for sledding too! They advertise Jolly Clly shirts. My mother got one for my brothers and I. The abode of the "garbage man" is still standing.

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Sat June 07

Oh, wow! The memories abiding do fly aback some actomed places are mentioned. I remeber Bliss academy and Babe Scouts in the 4th casting with Maureen Medieros. Hi, Maureen. How about Mr. Rose at Thatcher? Yes, Maryann,- I bethink him. I advanced David was in my grade. Did you animate over abreast Lot Artery growing up? I acclimated to go sledding at the golf advance over there. I lived on Tiffany Artery from '73-'80. Afore that I lived over on Northfield Alleyway off Pike Avenue. I bethink skating at Cooper's Pond all day long, and walking me with cold, aching feet! But, I wouldn't change that for anything! I bethink spending many, abounding canicule over at the Morin's use. Hi, Leslie! We would sit up in the angel copse bistro apples all day and "hang-out" in their big backyard every day! I can't say that I bethink the Abutment Amphitheater with the pencil boxes aloof afore academy ss, but I do bethink sitting in the barade and bottomward airheaded over the rail! I ignment in a academy now and see the elementary academy kids arise in with the Bold Boys, CD players and ATTITUDES! I can't acquire the way some of these kids are actomed to be so disrespectful! The kids haven't changed, the parents acquire changed! Kids still appee to be circuitous in whatever is about them, we aloof didn't acquire the technology growing up that the kids today have. I will admit, my daughters are 15 and 16 years old now. They acquire their allocation of technology accessible to them; wever, the aboriginal and foremost action they apperceive is respect! I don't apperceive what the kids will be like in addition 20 years if this abode is growing up with atudes. I bethink advantageous $100 for my aboriginal car in 1976. So what if it died at every cartage ablaze in town. I wasn't abashed about addition advancing up to abuse me. Now, I acquire to anguish about if my babe has her corpuscle buzz with her or not! She has a 1999 agent that has payments! The angel has afflicted so much, but one action that hasn't afflicted is the affair and absorption of adolescent "Attleborians" aback it comes to pain. Rich, God absolve your brother. I too lath him in my prayers. Acknowledgment for allowance to aculate this Guestbook an agreeable abode to visit!

Cyndy, Meredith, NH Sat June 07

Joel, that able breadth you batten about was my me abroad from me for the 28 years I formed for Advance Metal Products. I was in design, sales, purchasing, embly planning, inventory, sample bandage design, amid added things over the years for them. I had abounding a Tex Barry Coney Island t dog and abounding a burger from Morin's and abounding a bite and bendable booze and bi-weekly from Densmore's. I never had Rocco cut my beard because I went to others in the area, like Jack Andrews a few streets over. But I knew Rocco from my 15-year ignment as a part-time salesman at Saltzman's Men's Store. I formed there every Saay and Wednesday nights. I could use a Charlieburger adapted now. Afterwards 28 years I was "downsized" by Bill Boots w had in me years afore and already declared me his best admired agent (but not to my face). I had abounding achievments while there. I declared on and tom advised for several key accounts and I had a architecture of abundance arise by Sarah Coventry in a bisected folio ad in Seventeen Magazine. The items were actuality modeled by Linda Day George and her bedmate Christopher George. But as they say, aing one aperture and accessible another. Attleboro as I knew it has afflicted so abundant from the active and active centermost and advantageous jewelery industry that it is about unrecognizable. So actual sad. Akin years afore that, my dad managed the Attleboro Overland Dealership breadth a accouterments business is now. Councilman Bert Lambert was the owner. At one point they akin were way advanced of the curve. They alien Borgward automobiles from Sweden. A chic car but no one accepted affairs adopted cars yet. This was afore Volkswagon adapted the American highways and afflicted our auto industry forever. No one can accompany aback any of these times we bethink about now. But they were aative times, advantageous times and fun times. I advanced my abode was the aftermost one that could buy a use, get married, acquire kids, augment everyone, acquire TV and two cars and a pet on one income. Boyish care? Isn't that what mom did? Daycare? Aloft thing. Actuality is addition chime for you to recall. "Robert Anteroom this ision will accord you the reason, low overhead, aerial quality". And another, "Burger Chef a nickel and a dime, Burger Chef gives you added every time. A nickel and a dime will get french air-conditioned potatoes, big blubbery shakes, and the juciest, tastiest hamburger yet". "Thhh thhh thhhhaaaa thhhhaaats all folks".

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, Fl 34653 Fri June 06

Hi, Al. I grew up on Mathewson Avenue until 1970. I was 2 in '64! I bethink the cartoons, and Roxy Picci, and I bethink my mom bringing me to the Abutment Amphitheater aback I was about 3 to see "Bambi". I bethink cogent her I had to go potty, but went up on the date to abstract the awning - the backwoods was afire and I basal to abstract the alarm (I'm a blaze sign, Aries) Couldn't bulk out why it was cold! Boy did I get spanked for that. Christine: I'm AHS 1980. I'll be me this weekend to see my abundant niece alum from Bristol Aggie, and to action with my family. They are all up there. Too bad I can't be me added about to re-live some of the memories we all are dregdging up!

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, MD Fri June 06

Is it aloof me or what? I can't bethink what I had for cafeteria yesterday, but I can aing my eyes and acquaint you commemoration and every inch of commemoration and every pen at "old" Ca Esplanade (before they put the fence about it). I absolved through that esplanade on my way to Cyril K. Brennan Boilerplate Scol. My mom would acquire aerated my base with the exhaustion corrupt if she knew I fed my cafeteria to tse two gibbons monkeys in the bend cage EVERY morning! Hahaha. Terry Bosh: I acquire to bethink a Bosh ancestors animate in Lonicut bottomward abreast the PA club and the alternation tracks??? I advanced you were a little beforehand than me. I bethink that I had a 91 bowling boilerplate in the "after-scol" alliance at the Attleboro Bowl-A-Drome … usually two approach urance and an 8 box. Rich Howard: I was afresh anecdotic the "garbage man" to a acquaintance w grew up on the West Coast. He didn't acquire such a allegorical man anytime existed. As kids, we would be amphitheatre and suddenly, out of nowhere, a sweaty, grisly-looking man covered in an arrangement of colors with a big elastic cuff on would arise in the backyard! We would consistently run out to the advanced to see the barter and what was advancing out of the absorb pale. Yum! I additionally acquire actual addicted memories of Bristol Farms and Chartley Pond. I bethink snowmobiling with my dad from the Wading River (par 3), aloft the alleyway abreast the meat sp, aloft the arctic pond abaft the ice chrism angle and aback again. And anybody will be adored to apperceive that I acquire aated on the ancestors tradition. To this day, I still beep my rn aback anytime I go through the arches in the centermost of boondocks in accolade to my backward dad w consistently took acutely abundant action at alarming the bejesus out of any adverse b w happened to be axial aback he was action through. Thanks, Dad

Spit, Fri June 06

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Memories. Pat, add castigation to the book. Mr. Picchi at the Abutment Amphitheater or walking through the adit at the alternation abject and babble as loud as you could to apprehend it ec. Tex Barry's on Abutment artery or Rocco's beautician boutique and Heagney's on the corner. How about the Craven and Cavity on Pine Street?

Joel, Buzzards bay Fri June 06

Ah, Rich, you absolutely do allegation to abode a book. Your anamnesis is not alone acceptable it is astounding to bethink so abounding little details. Pat, your anamnesis of Bristol Farms ice chrism brings aback a lot of memories for me. My grandfathering acclimated to angle in Chartley Pond. I bethink demography him bottomward there and sitting at the water's bend while my dad helped advance him off in the rowboat he had. We would afresh get ice chrism and sit below the trees. They additionally had the best craven bloom sandwiches I acquire anytime eaten. Morin's brings aback memories of arcade burghal with my accompany on Wednesday night and accepting Charlieburgers afterwards the aliment closed. We acclimated to airing burghal and me afresh afterwards aptic and never anguish about anyone aggravation us. I bethink Mr. LaPierre, the constable w absolved a exhausted burghal and stood in the box to absolute cartage afore the cartage lights were put in. I was aloof a little babe then. They were giving abroad pencil boxes at the Abutment Amphitheater aback afresh too. It bulk 25 cents to get in. The Sun Chronicle has no abstraction what this Guestbook has done for me. Thanks, Mr. Editor! Breadth are Mt. Carmel and Turtletown, Tennessee? I am in Nashville.

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Thu June 05

Terry: It's funny that you'd accompany up the pencil boxes from the Abutment Theater. Aloof a few weeks ago I watched the 75th commemoration of the Three Stooges on television. As I watched the sw, it brought aback some abundant memories of the theater. It was about 1960-1964 aloof afore the alpha of the new academy year. The abrrent sounds of radio jingles (Robert Hall, I believe) reminding all of us kids that academy was aloof about to activate and the end of summer was here. For kids my age it was a abrrent time. However, there was one aftermost bit of fun larboard afore that abrrent time aback the academy accretion would already afresh amphitheatre their abrrent anxiety to cl: The Abutment Theater's Saay pencil box betrayal and all-day animation sw. I bethink continuing alfresco the amphitheater with my accompany from the Lindsey Street, Karen Artery area. I can still anamnesis the action of the bandage affective and the apprehension of what was action to be axial of the air-conditioned pencil box (usually an eraser, protractor, a brace of pencils was all independent in that admired sliding agenda box.) If that wasn't enough, there was consistently the actuality that you knew you were about to be entertained for urs by Curly, Moe, Larry and occasionally Shemp, alternating with a aggregation of cartoons. All of this for below than a buck. I apperceive my parents admired it. Activate several urs of accord while the kids were off to the movies. Ahhh, the acceptable times aback then.

Big AL, Utah Thu June 05

Terry and Debra, we are from the aloft era. I bethink Frosty and the pencil boxes that the Abutment Amphitheater gave out. I accelerating from AHS in 1987, w about you? Rich, I admired Hawaii also. Hawaii is a actual adapted abode and I absence it every day. I additionally lived in Waikiki, on Keoniana adapted aing to the Ambador Hotel. I met my bedmate in Hawaii. He played football for the University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors but his ancestors (and mine) lived in brilliant Arizona. Aback he accelerating we absitively to move aback to Arizona to be aing to our families. I would LOVE to actuality added about your time in Hawaii. I absence it so actual much!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Thu June 05

Ahh, Spit, did we abound up together? Do you bethink the pencil boxes the Abutment Theatre gave out at the alpha of scol? Abundance was red, and I advanced my Mom still has it (and I'm 41!). Also, the Burger Chef on the East Side, the bubbler out advanced of Ca Esplanade working, the A&P on Affable Street, aback I lived on Snell Artery accepting the bonfires up at Baptize Tower Acropolis (Ides's Hill) and sliding bottomward that arctic acropolis 'till midnight. Ahhh, aback we were candied and innocent …

Terry Bosh, Brooklyn Park, Md Wed June 04

Does anyone bethink a donut boutique on the basal artery in NA declared Jimmies? This would acquire been in the aboriginal to mid '50s. It was a tiny little abode and alone awash two kinds of donuts, apparent block or amber arctic block donuts. The donut apparatus and fryer were in the advanced window. They were the BEST! Does anyone abroad bethink Jimmies????

Kay Kenngott, Rosamond, CA Wed June 04

Rich, you allegation be the aloft age as me - "old" - because I bethink all the bodies you knew andg about with, alone your anamnesis is a little bigger than mine. Could be the baptize you're drinking. It about sounds like "true confession" time for all the pranks we did in Arctic Attleboro and Plainville. Does anyone bethink John Adams w was a badge administrator in Arctic Attleboro? Well, John bought a new car and ancd it abaft the badge abject on Mason Avenue and went out on patrol. John consistently larboard the keys in it because w would abduct a car out of the badge station. I did. I collection it about the bend and ancd it abaft the bowling alleyway and afresh declared Lt. Norm Amnion w formed the midnight about-face and ran his tag and told Lt. Amnion that I had the car cck-full in Plainville. He came aback with the registered buyer as John Adams! Poor John had a fit. I told him that it was all banged up. Needless to say, John never larboard his keys in it again. Sgt. Frank Gookin was in on the escapade also. Anyone bethink Soupie Campbell, he larboard NAPD and went with the Registry of Motor Vehicles aback in the aboriginal '70s. Rich, apologetic to apprehend about your brother. I bethink him, I will bethink him in my prayers. My brother Jack anesthetized abroad aftermost commemoration afterwards abounding years of illness. He too was a hero in abounding a kid's eye. He able Little Alliance baseball and Pop Warner football. I abiding will absence him. Iit's never too backward to achieve tse buzz calls to say, "Hey, aloof calling to say hi, and I adulation you." I appee to booty the time to acknowledge The Sun Chronicle for this absorbing folio and to all the ociation out there for bringing aback the time of our lives to be relived one added time. Seems like we all had a acceptable action with affluence of acceptable memories.

Tom LaMothe, Turtletown, Tn Wed June 04

I adulation this nostalgia! I grew up in the '60s and '70s, admission from AHS in 1979. I bethink visiting Frosty and the "rain forest" at Ca Esplanade and Santa in his little hut in the centermost of town. Did we basin in Attleboro, or at the ten pin lanes in Arctic Attleboro? Bethink action to the Abutment Theatre at the end of August to watch cartoons and get a pencil box for scol? We had fun watching parades on Canton Street, action to the sidewalk sales in the centermost of town, visiting my grammie on the East Ancillary of town, and skating at Bobby's Rollaway. I admired action to Bristol Farms for ice cream, Jolly Clly's, Spatcher Pool, LaSalette Shrine, Eli's pizza and the summer commemoration affairs at the library (remember a sticker for commemoration book read?)I appee I had added time to arrangement these places aback I arrangement my family! Acknowledge you for absolution us allocation our memories!

Debra (Milligan) Stauble, Amherst, NH Tue June 03

Does anyone bethink "the debris man"? You would acquire a brazier in the amphitheatre at your abode with a blooming cast-iron lid and pedal. That is breadth you put the garbage. A guy woud arise about in a barter and aggregate everyone's debris and booty it off to Baluckies Pig Acreage on Watery Hill. What an balm the barter and the pig acreage had on a t August day. How about the boondocks dump on Mount Achievement Street? You would aculate the debris and off to the dump on Saay morning with Dad. As we got beforehand we taped flashlights to 22 rifles and went to the dump at night to sot rats. Now this is the aboriginal "talkin trash." Ha ha ha.

Remember if a acclimated car fabricated it up Watery Acropolis it was a acceptable buy? Bethink the acclimated oil in the canteen jugs that were awash at gas stations for 10 cents a quart? Adolescence bought it for their clutter heaps. How about action into the gas abject and saying, "a buck's account please," and they pumped it and did the windshield and arrested the tires. A acquaintance of abundance had a '39 Mercury that bald work. He had it done at a barn but couldn't acquiesce to pay for it so he aloof larboard the car there and never collection it again. Now apperception you, I advanced 1939 was the aboriginal year they fabricated Mercuries. That buggy would acquire been account a affluence today. My aboriginal car was a '47 Ford convertable with a bang seat. My brother able me to drive in that car. His one ignment was, "Don't apperception the guy abaft you, aloof pay absorption to what's in advanced of you." I bethink aback Arctic had a alternation abject on Broadway and Joe Martin got Tom Dewey to achieve a attack whistlestop there. I was 10 years old and listened to my aboriginal political accent that day. The Canonizing Day ceremonies at the cemeteries were consistently actual adapted to me. Akin as a kid with my busy bike I was abashed by the abstraction of sacris so that I could be free. The flags, the parades, the amphitheatre of taps. What adapted acrimony they adjure up in me. The Mt. Achievement Cemetary is still one of my admired places to arrangement in my old me town. Jack Auty had a adage for Friday nights aback we were 16 and aloof sing to drive. He would say, "Put on your white shirts and Levis, guys, were hitting the diners tonight." We would go up and bottomward Avenue 1 and stop at the diners and acclimation "a cuppa joe." Man, we apprehension we were something. A big cruise was animate to Crecent Esplanade for a night of boring girls and benumbed the coaster. Every Sunday night Joe Withington, Ross "Berry" Asher, the Grimaldi brothers, Walter Fawcett and I would go to the Providence Reds ckey bold at the old arena. A algid beer at The Penalty Box bar afterwards the bold and aback to J.C.'s for a burger. Admired tse Reds. Thats all for now, folks. Booty care.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue June 03

Christine Rullo, I bethink the Rochas and Mrs. Axon and, yes, Sabby, and I bethink the time you were bubbler amber milk at Sabby's abode and you laughed so adamantine it came out your nose. Bethink the DaCostas, Rusty, Diane and Charlie. Bethink Finburg elementary academy and Mr. Bradshaw the janitor. And w could balloon Mr. Rose at Peter Thacher boilerplate scol, he was so cute. Bethink that abode on the bend aback it was so admirable and had such admirable anniversary gardens. That developed abiding had a blooming thumb. Acknowledgment for the memories.

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Tue June 03

Wow, what a lot of memories. Appee there were added about Attleboro. I bethink Ca Park, Richardson Academy and Attleboro Aerial Academy with addicted memories. And, of course, bike riding. Aback I was about 10 years old my dad animate bikes on Saay and Sunday afternoons for 35 cents an ur. Needless to say it was a advancing business. He additionally had two tandems, which was a admired and animate afore the rest. My dad formed at Morin's Restaurant for abounding years. I still adulation to go there aback I acknowledgment to Attleboro. I will be abiding this year in October for my 50th chic reunion, and allegedly the last. IU lived in Florida for 32 years, and actuality in Tennessee for seven. I still adulation New England, but additionally adulation Tennessee, as it reminds me of New England in lots of ways. My brother still lives in Arctic Attleboro and his kids and grands are aing by. Abundance tered. I am attractive advanced to annex aback in October and achievement to see lots of clmates. Achievement to see added Attleboro bodies on this armpit in the future. Will tune in afresh soon. Adore every one of you. Aculate the acceptance coming.

Pat Ford Mayers, Mt. Carmel, TN Tue June 03

Oh, w I adore the Guestbook's abounding trips bottomward "Memory Lane." I grew up in Plainville during the '50s and '60s and acquire annihilation but acceptable memories. I affirm that aback I shut my eyes I can balm the alpha donuts at Rollie's. I bethink the 7-cent ice chrism cones and the 25-cent sundaes. Action seemed abundant simpler then. Doors were afar and a acquaintance would absolutely booty your clothes off the bandage and bend them if a abrupt cloudburst came up and you weren't me. Everybody was a acceptable neighbor; Don's berth was consistently there with their coffee pot in times of aation or sadness. Do you bethink Miner's appliance abundance in Arctic Attleboro? They gave abroad miniature Lane cedar chests for graduation. I additionally bethink arcade at the Nifty Nook. Best of all, wever, were the bodies of our towns. They gave me a able alpha in life. Acknowledgment for the memories, abnormally to Rich Howard.

Kathleen (Chabot) Hughes, Fayetteville, NY 13066 Tue June 03

Christine, Babyish world. I spent two years in Hawaii. Genitalia or all of 1962, 63, 64. Lived on Lewers Artery in Waikiki and afresh on Kailuha Artery adapted abreast the AlaWai C. I was stationed at Scfield Billet with the 25th Infantry Division. mY brother-in-law, Paul Robitaille, was at Kanae Abyssal Bandage Air Abject with my sister at the aloft time. He was afterwards comatose in Vietnam in February of 1968. I admired Hawaii. We had some abundant times there. In October of 2000 I went aback with my wife, sister-in-law and niece on the four-island cruise. Waikiki had afflicted a lot but my old apartments were still there. I swed them the Punchbowl National Cemetary of the Pacific and they were awed. Additionally the Arizona Canonizing blew them away. I acquire a blur I took of JFK in a celebration in Waikiki in August of 1963. He was comatose in November. See, you mentioned Hawaii and a able bulk of new memories abounding aback to bore you with. So I will stop now but I can add added afterwards if you wish.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Tue June 03

Hi, Lorna! I acquire lived in Arizona for three years. I spent the antecedent seven years in Hawaii. The acclimate actuality is a trade-off: Winters are aces but the summers are . In the winter I advanced the accommodation is account it. In the summer I don't! My ancestors is actuality and, in all nesty, that's what diplomacy best so I stay. Rich, I am with the others, you SHOULD abode a book. With the mesickness chic action on adapted now, it would be a abiding hit!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Mon June 02

Thank you for your prayers for my brother Roy. For tse of you w don't bethink him, he was absolutely an amateur for Arctic Aerial aback in the aboriginal Fifties. He was a fullback on the football aggregation and the catcher on the baseball team. Went on to brawl football for UM for one ision but afresh aing the USMC and served aboard aircraft carriers. He is a abundant guy and my alone brother and I acknowledge the tughts and prayers. I for one advanced he belongs in that Attleboro Breadth Anteroom of Acclaim for his addition to Arctic football and alone achievement he does get voted in soon. Yes, McNally's was a abundant abundance to go to. "Snap" Nolan is a abundant guy. There were so abounding adjacency aliment in tse days. Every gas abject had a e apparatus that for 5 cents you able into the icy baptize and got a e to die for. We acclimated to bolt crayfish in the river beside McNally's. We fished at Turnpike Basin and "The Rezzie" on Nate Whipple. We swam there too, akin acceptance it was taboo. We ice-fished Bun Basin and Whitings Pond. I will never balloon the day we were amphitheatre pond ckey on the little allocation of Whitings and a boyish babe fell in and drowned on the big part. Poor Lt. Bradley gave her mouth-to-mouth to no account and cried the able time. Sadly, if the kid with her had run over the acropolis amid the two ponds to acquaint us we would acquire had her out of there in a jiffy, but we did not apperceive it happened 'til the sirens arrived. The kid had acted on apude and run me to acquaint his mom. On a lighter note, boilerplate or orange es at the bounded soda fountains, penny bonbon at the Bus Terminal and, yes, pinball machines (TILT) and attractive at amber b s in the pto magazines. WOWEEEE! I acclimated to go the the Saay matinee at the Association Amphitheater and arise out on a summer's day and get an burning cephalalgia from the t sun. Afresh I would airing me with the guys and balloon I had larboard my bike in the alleyway at the Commemoration Bureau. We had poppies growing in our aback backyard but we didn't apperceive you could get "high" on them in tse days. Acid through backyards to get to academy or the basin was actomed and no one cared. Animadversion bottomward chestnuts and stringing rawhide through them and amphitheatre "chestnuts" was all the rage. You approved to bash the opponents chestnut and breach it. Afterwards a ertive cardinal of misses it was his turn. How about "marbles"? There was a bold that able you the rigors of bank at a boyish age. There was the time Charlie Gookin blackmailed me and took my Lincoln Log abode and set it afire with lighter aqueous and said, "the Indians did it." Columbia Field, Rose Field, Association Acreage and Mason Acreage … boy what memories tse places ld. Hours and urs of amphitheatre ball.

I can still anamnesis the balm of affidavit t off the columnist and t broiled atom at The Commemoration Bureau. A nickel bag of atom and a bubbler e … heaven from the age-old easily of Mrs. McCabe. Acquirements to sot basin at Lucetti's Basin Parlor and cerebration w developed up you were because they akin let you in. "Rack boy, arbor 'em up." One adjacency kid w was beforehand got us all to smoke for the aboriginal time. I won't acknowledgment his name. I advanced he lives in Plainville now. "Wing" and "Keg" cigarettes, about 19 cents a pack. Acknowledge God I acquire been smoke chargeless now for many, abounding years. So abounding memories and so abundant baptize over the dam. Bob Laplante, acknowledgment for the name of Franklin Hardware. I bought a ckey face affectation for goalies there aback as a boyish boyod because Jack Creed had gone to basic academy and abstruse to lift the bogie and hit me in the face while I was amphitheatre goalie. It was a big arced block of ablaze artificial and a able protector. As for Wright Chevrolet, my brother Roy anachronous Priscilla Wright on the sly for four years of aerial academy because Fred the dad didn't acquire of her seeing a non-Catlic. We were not actomed to say Wright Chevrolet in our use, you see. My dad awash Ford ucts. He formed for Suttell Motors in Pawtucket and afresh for Attleboro Overland In Attleboro, both Lincoln-Mercury Dealers. He was a advocate afore that and collection Santa in on the ok-and-ladder at Christmas time. Henry Bibby was Santa and he patrolled the burghal Washington Artery breadth with a big sack of candy. Until aing time, folks, you all booty affliction of yourselves. Acknowledgment afresh for the prayers for Roy.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon June 02

You absolutely accompany aback the memories of adolescence aback you allocution about the sledding at Turtlott's acreage on Aerial Aerial Street. I had a acquaintance wse ancestors endemic that farm. It was great. We would sled all day connected and sometimes at night, and our parents would accompany t amber and acquire a blaze on the top of the acropolis and we would all aculation on the sleds and toboggans and abroad we would go. The ascend aback up would be aloof as absorbing as action bottomward the acropolis if you weren't advantageous absorption to breadth you were going. Bethink tse argent aerial saucers? Aloof put a little wax on the basal of tse and they absolutely flew. I additionally bethink action to the movies at the amphitheater downtown. Mr Glaiel was a character, I bethink him well. I additionally bethink the penny bonbon stores. I went to John Wood Academy and for the aboriginal three years I was there we had to go to the aerial academy and eat lunch. I bethink a few times there were bomb scares there and we would get our lunches chargeless and ice chrism sandwiches as well. All of this was so connected ago, but commemoration about it all makes the memories so alpha and ablaze and added admired than ever. Acknowledgment Rich and Bill for autritative me bethink all of tse alarming times of childod.

Bonnie Lachance, Bristol, RI Mon June 02

Today thesunchronicle.com had a abundant pto of a fox continuing at the admission of Ca Esplanade (taken by Mark Stockwell). How did you arise to bolt that one? Also, any advenious you will accompany aback the ptos breadth you already had on line? I absolutely enjoyed that section! You do a abundant job befitting us in abstract with our old metown and I aloof appee to acknowledge all circuitous in this circadian task! It is abundant appreciated!

Brad, Baltimore Sat May 31

Must say I acquire enjoyed the belletrist here. Helps me to bethink things I had forgotten. I was built-in in my grandfather's abode on ample st. abreast Columbia field. I went to St. Mary's and afresh to Arctic High.

Do you bethink McNally's in the Arctic End - the penny bonbon adverse and the best ice chrism there was. He alone bought the ice chrism with the able chrism agreeable there was at the time. How about the algid beck that augment the basin in Painville? Benumbed our bikes to Basin Archer.

Walking the railroad advance for afar (were we smarter or added authentic aback then, I don't bethink anyone accepting hit by trains). Benumbed our bikes bottomward the aback ancillary of Watery Acropolis arise 152 (Kelly Boulevard) was a thrill. Adulation to apperceive w fast we were action by the time we hit the bottom. Yes, tse 4th of July celebrations in Plainville were great. I bent the anointed pig in 1948 or 1949 there. I got to aculate the pig and a baseball animate by all the Red Sox players. There is a chance that goes with that, but I'll save that 'til later.

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Sat May 31

Maryann Cutler, bethink Sara Lomas or Sabby to us? How about the Rocha's snowmobiles? Bethink aback they awash us alpha blah on the cob for I advanced $2 and you got 13 not 12 ears? Bethink Mrs. Axon sitting on her achieve and she gave us vitamin C and we apprehension they were candied s. Bethink Julie at St. John's Church?

Christine Rullo, Arctic Attleboro Sat May 31

Rich, I will aculate your brother in my prayers.

Ina (Peck) Riley, Mercer, ME Sat May 31

Rich, w about Franklin hardware, and Wright Chevrolet, the aboriginal abode I saw a Corvette.

Bob Laplante, Arctic Attleboro Ma. Fri May 30

These memories are so great. How sad that kids today acquire so abounding accessories that do all their cerebration for them. We consistently had so abundant to do afterwards television, computers and corpuscle pnes. Bethink aback you best up the buzz and there was a absolute actuality there allurement "number please"? I bethink so abounding of the places mentioned actuality - Cowboy Town, Del Ranc, the Bite Shack, A & W Abject Beer Drive-In on Canton Artery in Attleboro. I acclimated to apprehend the bobcat barrage from my abode on quiet nights, too. How about the cars we had aback then? I admired my 1969 Alleyway Runner. I lived abreast Willett Scol. I feel advantageous that all my ancestors is still aback there so I can arrangement often. My mom hated the bank but already every summer we would get to go to Norton Backlog if it wasn't polluted. Ha! Hey, Christine, I lived in Scottsdale for a year up at Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road. How connected acquire you been there? I admired Scottsdale but not in the summer. I was aloof bottomward in Tempe and Mesa on a allocation cruise for my company. I could acquire looked you up. Rich, I will adjure for your brother. Blight is a awful ache and a cure needs to be found.

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Fri May 30

Dear Rich Howard: I adulation audition all you acquire to say! I bethink all the fun places and challenge as if they were yesterday. You suld abode a book and I appee a copy! Amuse let all of us apperceive w your brother Roy is doing. Befitting him in my prayers. Babyish Spit: Haven't heard from my old acquaintance in awhile. Achievement all is acceptable with you and your family. I acquire that pto of Tiffany scol. Allegation to apperceive breadth you appee me to accelerate it, so get aback to me. Accord Karen a hug from me! Oh, and I bethink the Basal Challenge too! Bethink the Wizard? He was something. This WWF actuality is not as aative as Able Jay Strongbow! I had a affiche of him years ago and he was such a hero! I account if he is still alive? Booty care!

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Fri May 30

Yes, Bill Lang, Sledding at the acreage on Aerial Aerial Street. But in my youth, the boondocks bankrupt Leonard Artery for sledding. Maybe the actuality that Carl MacDonald, the badge chief, lived on Leonard helped. Maxie Lewis's ancestors lived on the bend of Grove and Broadway. Sadly, I bethink aback Maxie Jr, died of an advenious drowning during summer vacation in Maine. Nice ancestors too. So sad. I additionally bethink Mrs. Gert Gookin's bootleg abject beer. We acclimated to admonition her cap the bottles with the one-at-a-time capping machine. Her son Kenny and Charlie had ming pigeons in a big accommodation out back. They additionally had gvines. Yum, yum, all tse big dejected concords. Every adjacency had a store. Little markets abounding with all sorts of aliment and sawdust on the meat allowance floor. Some markets had commitment boys accompany the advantage to your door. My grandma would anxiety the bazaar and the buyer would abode the acclimation up on a amber agenda bag and put it up for you and acquire it delivered. Try accepting that commemoration today. How about the pea soters? We would get pea soters and a bag of peas and get in aation with them post-haste.

How abounding bethink the discourse challenge on Leonard Street? Every year we would application on autritative this absurd lath apparatus with babyish carrying auto that would sureley bang and breach afar during trials. Climbing people's bake-apple copse and bistro unripened bake-apple was one action we could acquire done witut. Man did we get sick. Action pond at Rocky Dundee and acquisitive leaches did not attach themselves to you was addition bleeding adventure. I cut my basal appealing abominably at the backlog on Nate Whipple in NA as a aerial academy senior. Jackie Reynolds, a clmate, ancd it up and afresh went into nursing. She's up in Maine now adequate the icy blasts of New England. Hi, Jackie. I affectionately anamnesis the bike boutique on the artery that afar the Wood Academy from Sacred Affection Scol. Rollie Calendar was ardent with Judy Milne and bought her a chaplet there. It was absorbed with staples to a calendar which was printed "5 cents." To affect her, he put a "2" in advanced of the "5" with a pencil. Mrs. Moriarity would autrity cloister for us adolescence in her me on Leonard Artery also. She was absolutely a lady. She had able sons w looked afterwards her afterwards on, Jeff, David, Kevin and Jack. Jack became a Navy pilot and afterwards captain of the Carrier JFK and afresh an admiral. Wow, what a career he had. OK, I am out of acceptance for now. Bolt you all later.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Fri May 30

Ahhh, Tom and Rich, you accompany a smile to my face with all your air-conditioned memories. I absolutely bethink sitting in a tub of baptize to compress tse Levis. Do either of you bethink the Plainville pool? As kids we acclimated to go bottomward and absorb the day. They never had a lifeguard, we aloof watched out for one another. Aculate tse memories coming, I'm adequate them so much.

Ina (Peck) Riley, Mercer, ME Fri May 30

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Ina, yes, of advance I bethink "Vig's." Also, the Boondocks Boutique run by George Glaiel w additionally bought the Association Amphitheater in it's aftermost years. Bethink Orent Bros. run by Aaron Carmen w lived aloft from us on Grove Street? In tse days, Levis were $3.98 and Wranglers $2.98. We got Levis two sizes too big and sat in a tub of baptize to compress them. This was way afore pre-shrunk and pre-washed, etc. Afresh you had the Six Little Tailors and Kinney Ses. My dad acclimated to achieve me get back-to-scol pants at Six Little Tailors and block them up below my armpits so they would aftermost two or three years. Thanks, Dad. There was additionally Aglae's Hat Sp, Electric Se Repair run by Mr. Tifticshan (sp), Flagg's Bakery, Fonsie Dion's Beautician Sp, The French Club, The Horsese Club, Scfield Accouterments and addition accouterments abundance wse name block my mind, and so on and so on. We acclimated to go into the alleyway amid the Chronicle architecture and the bowling alleys on Abbey Artery and watch Joe King typeset the circadian paper. Big Al Martin captivated cloister in the advanced arrangement with his big cigars. My dad additionally acclimated to sot actionable skyrockets bottomward Grove Artery on the 4th of July by putting them in an alone e canteen and lighting the fuse. We would accompany these fireworks in from Maine breadth they were legal. Grove, Leonard, Division and Aerial Streets were the centermost of action in my adolescent years. We played bang the can, clutter tag, adumbrate and seek, cycle the bat, bisected ball, abstract football and whatever abroad we could advanced of adapted on the street. How about tse roller skates with the key that beggared imilate your se. Additionally w about advance mowers with no motor or announcement the snow with the atramentous svel. We did acquire a sidewalk break guy in NA tugh, so not alone the artery break abounding in the end of the driveway, the sidewalk guy did too. Afresh there was the alarming Columbia Acreage abaft the electric aggregation breadth in H.S we toiled day afterwards day at football convenance in August. Helllpppp, waaaaater … In tse canicule they apprehension it was bad to let you booze water. My God, it's a account w!e all didn't die of dehydration. OK, I'm outta actuality for now …

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu May 29

Yes, Roy Lockwood is still acid hair! The Arctic Attleborough Beehive was on the bend of Division and Broad, catastrophe at Dean Court. I grew up on Dean Court.

Rita L'Herault, Jacksonville Thu May 29

Rich Howard needs to abode a book! All these abundant places. What about sledding at the acreage on Aerial Aerial Street. What was the name of that place? Turtleottes (sic)?

Bill Lang, Beckley, WV Thu May 29

Ina, I advanced it was Linley's Gas Station. He awash Christmas copse in December. That is breadth we got ours. It was a amphitheatre adapted out of the movie, "A Christmas Story," adapted bottomward to the collapsed tire. Lavery's Amalgamation Abundance was on the bend abreast Linley's. Acknowledgment for the breadth of the Bee Hive. Now I bethink it better. Yes, tse 4th celebrations in Plainville were awesome. They drew absolutely a crowd. Bethink the carnivals that set up in the Arctic Aerial Parking lot aback it was Arctic High? That was afore they congenital the boondocks pool. I fell off the monkey confined at that boondocks amphitheater in NA abreast Association Acreage and they woke me up with smelling salts. The aing time I smelled smelling salts was not far abroad from that spot. In the old aerial academy gym, Dick Treen agape me out algid while boxing. Phewwwww, added smelling salts.

We acclimated to brawl football for NAHS on Friday nights or Saays and afresh brawl afresh in artery clothes at Association Acreage on Sunday afternoons for urs. Jack Valade, Peter Valade, Wink MacDonald, Rick Lincoln, Ray Frazier, Billy Gaskin, the Harris brothers, the Fawcett brothers, the Poiriers and sooo abounding more. Man did we acquire fun. We additionally snuck into the boondocks basin afterwards urs for some actionable swimming. I can bethink the cruiser spotlights animated aloof over our animate while we were absolute quiet until they collection off. Eddie Clark, God abstract his soul, able me w to e at that pool. Afterwards in action he pulled me out of Bun Basin aback I was run over by an outboard motor. He collection me to Sy. I had a seven-ur operation to abolish cartilage chips from my elbow. Acknowledgment again, Ed. Ahh yes, so abounding acceptance and so abundant fun aback then. Yes, I would do it all over afresh if I could. Amuse adjure for my brother Roy w is actuality advised for blight actuality in Florida. We allegation prayers and we allegation a lot of them. Acknowledgment friends. Added later.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu May 29

From HoJo's to the Boro … boy, has that amplitude of alleyway changed! My Dad acclimated to adulation action to Lum's on Friday nights to get the "beer-battered" angle n' chips. If he had time (and he consistently did), he'd stop at Peg Leg Pete's Restaurant (right about breadth Pride Dodge is now) and cke bottomward a algid one while I best three songs in the jukebox for 25 cents. Then, aback he was " acceptable and ready," we'd get over to the Basal Event! The abode breadth I befuddled the mive duke of none added than the allegorical Able Jay Strongbow, one of the greatest wrestlers to anytime do the "rain dance" in the ring! Jack Witchsi's was the abode to be aback I was a boyish boy. It was pro sports adapted actuality at me every Friday night! I can still balm the popcorn. Mmmmmm …

SPIT, Thu May 29

What about Hi Lo meat bazaar in Arctic Attleboro? Every Saay we would go to Stop & Boutique to buy advantage and afresh go to Hi Lo about the bend to get the meat. Additional they knew your name and what # you were.

S. Gosselin, Ellicott City, MD Thu May 29

Tom, the Bee Hive was a babyish restaurant aloft from the old blaze abject in Plainville. As teenagers blind about there, we would acquire an acclimation of french chips and a boilerplate e. See, Doris and Rich both bethink it. Doris, the name of the bodies w owned/ran it were the Crottys. Their babe June was a chic advanced of me. Rich, Tom and Doris, do you bethink Lindley's barn and Vigorito's accouterment abundance in Arctic Attleboro? I bethink the Del Ranc and Fred Benker's gas station. Bethink Al Cohen's gas abject on South Artery in Plainville? Also, w could anytime balloon the 4th of July in Plainville? What a admirable time we consistently had, the big alarm the night afore the 4th and the night of the 4th, a huge fireworks display. They were both captivated at the Whiting & Davis parking lot. Acceptance this is abundant memories for one night - adore everyone's memories.

Ina Riley, Mercer, ME Wed May 28

Tom LaMothe, the al says the aftermost owners, ABC Amuts, bankrupt J.C.'s bottomward in 1981. Charlie Nasif awash it in Feb. of 1972 to the aboriginal of the new owners. I bethink the Del Ranc in Plainville. It became a absolute ability abundance afterwards that. Now it is gone. I can still see Ed Leger's El Camino ancd in front. Ed is gone additionally now, God abstract his soul. From my afterwards years, we enjoyed some acceptable times at the "Club One" on Avenue 1. It became "Joe's 320" afterwards on. Now waaaay back, I bethink the Swboat restaurant and bistro on Avenue 1. It was shaped like a ship. My dad's old Lafayette car bankrupt bottomward alternating the artery in advanced of it for the aftermost time. He larboard it there and we acclimated to drive by in our Packard and watch the seasons change on it. Leaves in the fall, snow in the winter, weeds growing up and over it in the summer, etc. How about Howard Johnson's in NA breadth 1 and 1A converged. CVS now. Had a lot of backward (or early) breakfasts there, as able-bodied as at the Minute Man. In H.J.'s the waitress would leave the pot of coffee on the table for you. Ina, breadth was the Bee Hive? I bethink it but cannot abode it. There was additionally an accommodation architecture in Arctic Attleboro about in the about of the St. Mary's abbey breadth declared the Beehive because of the abounding apartments in it. The added day I said "Angelo's Pizza", I meant "Aldo's Pizza." I additionally said "The Plainville Diner" aback in actuality it is still "Don's Diner." I will additionally say that Mike's Donuts and Muffins" was far bigger than the Dunkin' Donuts that sits in its abode now aloft from the Dairy Queen in NA. I bethink the DQ aback it was a two-window stand. We would brawl Pony Alliance baseball at Mason Acreage and airing all the way to the DQ for a ample cone - 25 cents and a basal tall. Added afterwards ociation …

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Wed May 28

Susan Smith, I don't apperceive why I deceit bethink Jolly Clly's! My mom formed there aback she was a and we afresh actomed a amalgamation from ancestors in Attleboro which included the Jolly Clly's book and Bodice alternating with an A&W Rootbeer Angle T-shirt. My mom additionally formed there as a teen. Rich H. mentioned that he too has the Jolly Clly book. I'm abiding we accede Rich that the book is a keeper! Altugh I dont bethink Jolly Clly's, I do bethink w "safe" I consistently acquainted growing up in Attleboro. I played alfresco with my accompany every day in

the summer. You knew it was time to arise me aback the streetlights came on. I additionally abstruse to bathe at Dodgeville basin and spent balmy summer evenings at Avalanche Pond pond with my family. In the winter, we would sled at Lot Valley. Does anyone bethink Devil's Run? Yikes, that was scary! We would additionally ice skate at Brook Haven Pond in the Brook Haven accommodation complex. Growing up in Attleboro was the best! Grandma Karen, I too can bethink audition the bobcat barrage on quiet summer nights and I spent abounding a dollar at the Abutment Theater. As I anamnesis I actomed my aboriginal kiss in that theater. Such abundant memories. Acknowledgment for the cruise bottomward Anamnesis Lane!!

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Tue May 27

Yes, Ina, I am with you. I do bethink the Bee Hive in Plainville. I can't bethink the name of the bodies that endemic it, but I advanced they had the bowling alleyway in Arctic Attleboro. They had a babe that went to academy in Plainville and I advanced she adeptness acquire been in your cl. That is if my anamnesis is correct. All the places that acquire been mentioned I bethink well. Acceptable memories. Do you bethink the Bite Shack? That was aloft from Wilkins Airport. I admired animate in Plainville and that was the best time of my life. So abounding acceptable bodies that lived there. A acceptable place, too, for accouchement to abound up. The old Plainville Aerial Academy … Tse were the days!

Doris (Cobb-Watters) Smith, Deltona, FL Tue May 27

Tom Lamothe, according to the booklet, "Jolly Clly Memories," it opened in 1954 as a soft-serve stand. The aing footfall was burgers, fries, etc. and THEN the pizza abode was congenital aing to it. As for the Bee Hive, I do uley bethink it. My brother w is four years beforehand than me acclimated to common it with his crowd. I cannot anamnesis the breadth but I will ask him aback he lives bottomward the alleyway from me in Ancrage Charlotte. His name is Roy. Some of you allegation bethink him. Addition atom aback I was absolutely boyish was Mike's bend bazaar on Broadway in Arctic Attleboro. Acclimated to go there for Devil Dogs and a Coke. Total: 10 cents. My mom acclimated to say, "Where ya goin, up Mike's bottomward Jake's to get a batter of abdomen cakes"? How about the ice barter in the summer and the guy would let you acquire the chips on the aback of the truck. (Boy, am I old). We would summer in Old Orchard at a berth or cottage. You would put the urance in the window aback the ice man came to ample your "icebox." The urance had numbers on it to acquaint him w abounding pounds of ice you basal that day. "Cookie" was our mailman on Grove Street, Art Chabot collection the Cushman bakery truck, Mr Spadoni came about in a meat barter affairs meat aperture to door. Cipher bound their doors. Our abode didn't akin acquire aperture locks. We would go off for a commemoration or two and aggregate was in it's abode aback we got back. Try that today. We acclimated to aggregate Popsicle sticks on the 4th of July and anatomy replicas of the Plainville alarm in the driveway. Lighter aqueous and a and , burning mini-celebration. A big day was packing a cafeteria and biking up to Sayles Dairy Acreage and accepting an ice algid orange booze or milk out of the barn's applicant acknowledgment for a nickel and accepting cafeteria in a hay field. I'll never balloon the day Skippy Billinkoff advance me in the with my own Daisy air rifle, or as we declared them, BB guns, afore one of tse excursions. I was sitting in one of tse old canvas backyard chairs, canvas aing adjoin my , and boom. He said he did it because it aloof looked too appetizing not to. Yes, I still allege to him. As an adult, he became one of the abounding owners of that actual abode on Grove Street. Added afterwards folks, if you are absorbed … See, folks, I CAN allocution about things added than the war. C'mon, accompany in.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL Tue May 27

Does anyone bethink the Del Ranc Drive-In on Avenue 1 in Plainville, abundant air-conditioned Clams? How about Fred Benker's Gas abject at Avenue 1 and Avenue 106 in Plainville? Old Al would pump a buck's account of gas and ablution your windshield. How about tse Friday night brawl on Abbey Artery in Arctic Attleboro, Curtis Commemoration Angle on Arctic Washington Artery in the centermost of town, boilerplate es with a exhausted of ice cream. I acceptance I will acquire to ask Rich Howard (The Adept of Knowledge) aback it comes to Jolly Clly's. What year did Jolly Clly's open? I apperceive he sed off with aloof bendable ice chrism afresh went to pizzas. Also, what year did the abode close? Achievement I don't you like Ina did me on that Bee Hive Restaurant. Thanks, everyone, acquire a safe Commemoration weekend. Ina: The Bee Hive Restaurant in Plainville? Wow, you got me on that one. OK, I accord up, It allegation acquire been a "ney" of a abode for me not to bethink that one. Amuse let us know.

Tom LaMothe, Turtletown, TN Sun May 25

Hi, sunchronicle.com Guestbook! I've been commemoration The Sun Chronicle aback 1990, the aboriginal time i visited my brother, Bruce Caiger, at his new me in Attleboro! And aback 1999 I can apprehend The Sun Chronicle on line. Consistently nice to apperceive whats blow "at me"! I consistently like actuality in Attleboro, feels like me, altugh I grew up in Wrentham and acquire been animate in Germany now for abounding years! Sadly, my Brother Bruce was comatose on this day aftermost year. The Sun Chronicle arise that additionally aftermost year. He will consistently be actuality acceptance in my heart, and absolutely in a lot of people's hearts in Attleboro w knew him well! And I still like to bang into the sunchronicle.com already in a while to see whats action on in Attleboro. To everybody there, acquire a nice canonizing day weekend!

Travis Caiger, Bremerhaven, Germany Sun May 25

OK, I've been alert to all the addicted memories and now I'm aba mine. I grew up on Oakhill Avenue. In the summers my brothers, sisters and I acclimated to airing to the Dodgeville basin for pond lessons. On the way we acclimated to aggregate soda bottles which we acclimated to banknote in at the blaze abject on Thurber Avenue. God absolve tse fireman, they acclimated to backpack bonbon and we'd barter in our bottles for candy. Afresh there was Mrs. Hadad's store. We could get penny-candy there. Bethink aback bonbon was a penny and milk at academy was 2 cents? How about aback babysitters got $1 an ur? Bethink aback the brawl bulk $20 a brace and included banquet and a band. A tux was $35 and a clothes was $50. I apprehend about that the boilerplate brawl this year bulk $900 for the tux, clothes and flowers and doesn't akin lath dinner. Times acquire abiding gotten added big-ticket but they can be aloof as memorable and adapted for the kids advancing up, and adverse to actomed belief, you don't acquire to absorb alot of money to achieve a kid feel like a actor bucks. I acquire grandchildren now and altugh he couldn't acquaint you w abundant the jeans I bought him for his altogether bulk or what the characterization says, he could acquaint you w abundant fun it was. We blood-soaked them aback we had a baptize pistol action over the weekend. Time is still the best admired gift!!

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Sun May 25

I bethink the BeeHive and The Rome. Bench at the Rome with the checky tablecloths and the wax decrepit off tse straw-covered wine bottles which now captivated candles. I additionally bethink Rollie Perrault's fresh-made donuts at the Plainville Commemoration Bureau which is now a pizza place. How about Ippolito's Restaurant adapted aing door? By the way, the Minuteman Berth itself is ancd in Plainville center, as the Plainville Berth now. I bethink aback they abashed it. Is there anyone out there w remembers my dad's barn on Avenue 1 in NA? It is, or was, Able Canteen now. It was Roy's Garage. This was a looooong time ago and I acquire the commemoration postcards of it to prove it. How about the old "Y" aing to the Aboriginal National abundance aloft from the axial blaze abject in NA. The A&P was on the added ancillary of Washington Street. W.T. Grants, Woolworth's, Oren Brothers & J.J. Newberry all in NA center. To say annihilation of Jack & Harry's, Carroll Cut Rate, The Boondocks Sp, The Bus Terminal with it's penny bonbon counter, the Commemoration Bureau with its t broiled peanut apparatus in the window and many, abounding more. I can see the aliment now all alternating Washington Street. I can see the crowds lined up to get into the Association Amphitheater aback a new commemoration came to town. The centermost was animate and abundant during Christmas arcade ision and on Thursday nights aback they backward accessible till 9:00. I formed at Pete's Hat Boutique on Abbey Artery animated ses. They paid me $5 a commemoration additional my tips. Roy's beautician boutique is there now. Is he still acid hair? The Universalist Abbey was aing to what was the Attleboro Savings Bank. I abounding Sunday academy there. A acquaintance of abundance reminded me of sitting on the backyard of that abbey bedlam while commemoration the first-ever action of Mad Magazine. Wow, the memories are calamity in. Gotta go and leave allowance for others. Bye for now.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Sat May 24

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Reading the Guestbook brings aback a lot of memories. I was built-in in Attleboro. My ancestor was a policeman actuality until he retired. At that time cops formed alone and absolved a beat. His exhausted was the East Side. I haven't apparent any comments about the Abject Beer Angle on Canton Street. That was my aboriginal job. I was 15 years old. It was a lot of fun. I went to Tiffany, Richardson, Peter Thacher and Attleboro Aerial Academy (it was alone 2 years old then). Abashed about JC all the time, Rattey's and the Blush Elephant as a teenager. Bethink ice skating at Ca Esplanade and on quiet nights could apprehend the bobcat barrage from my use. Bethink action to the Abutment theatre with my mom and her accepting a banquet plate. Action to the Chinese resturant and afresh action grocery arcade at the A&P on Wednesday nights with my parents. And the abode to go academy arcade was Burghal Attleboro, Childrens Sp, Miladys and London's. There are lots added memories, but I'll save them for addition day. My accouchement were aloft actuality and went to the bounded scols and enjoyed all the acceptance I told of growing up in Attleboro. I now acquire six grandchildren and I am adopting two of them, a set of 3-year-old twins. So, I will activate addition chance bottomward anamnesis lane as I re-tell the acceptance and allocation my adventures in this town.

Grandma Karen, Attleboro Fri May 23

I enjoyed banquet bench at the Rome cafe. I acquire it's been bankrupt for several years. Aback in the '40s and '50s It was a abundant abode for spaghetti and meat!

Al Lacaillade, Tucson Az. Fri May 23

Thanks to Rich Howard, "Big" Al and Bill Lang for all the memories. I was brought up in Plainville and able-bodied bethink the drive-in, Wilkins airport, Cowboy Boondocks and all the added abundant things that fabricated growing up in a babyish boondocks so memorable. Does anyone bethink the "Bee Hive" restaurant in Plainville?

Ina (Peck) Riley, Mercer, ME Fri May 23

Hi, Brad, I acquire what you're adage about Attleboro. I adore demography my grandchildren biking bottomward tse safe streets you mentioned. We're consistently at the bounded playgrounds. But aback you're an beforehand boyod or boyish developed you appee added than that. If you don't acquire a car, or accompany with a car, you're out of luck. As I said, Attleboro is abundant for the boyish ones. The adapted antic leagues are the best. Attleboro Adolescence Soccer and SAGRA in South Attleboro acquire gotten my commemoration for years! They are aloof an archetype of tse admirable bodies w accord their time. I'm so belden I can bethink tse "happy days" with my grandchildren. Acquire a wonderful, connected weekend!

Proud Grandma, Attleboro Fri May 23

Bill: I bethink Cowboy Boondocks well. It was aloof about a mile from the Plainville Drive In. The aboriginal time that I went there I was aloof a little kid, it was my birthday. I was about 6 or 7, so that would put it about 1958 or '59. I rememeber a ample corrective cowboy that stood in the acreage as you approached the entrance. Axial they had Old West sot-outs and a lot of the attractions that best action parks had at that time. For a boyish kid it was annihilation but acceptable times, abundant fun! It allegation acquire afflicted me in one way or addition because now I animate out West with the buffalo, antelope and absolute cowboys.

"Big" Al, Utah Fri May 23

Mr. Bill Lang: Not alone do I bethink Cowboy Town, my aerial academy sweetheart acclimated to ignment there. I would go and aces her up afterwards work. There is a rental aculator adeptness there now. Jackie Chabot and Carlene McDonald both formed there. They had some able acceptance about tse "cowboys," too. It was real. It didn't aftermost connected but the old urance backward up for years as a reminder. It was on the bend of 152 and Avenue 1 aloft from breadth the Boston Tropical nursery is now. Carlene lives in Nova Scotia now, but does anyone apperceive breadth Jackie Chabot is? Aftermost I heard she affiliated an Army administrator declared Gula, I think. I bethink aback we were in inferior aerial or aerial academy she won a Absence Arctic Attleboro challenge sponsered by Ligget's Biologic Abundance and we went to the Brook Manor for a banquet as allocation of the prize.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, F; 34653 Fri May 23

Does anyone bethink a abode declared Cowboy Boondocks on Avenue 1 in Plainville? Or was this abode aloof in my little kid mind?

Bill Lang, Beckley, West Virginia Fri May 23

Grandma, sounds like you adeptness be blind out with the amiss crowd. Sometimes you acquire to footfall aback and leave afore you absolutely acknowledge what you had. Did you anytime get up actual aboriginal as a boyish and go fishing on the aboriginal day of fishing ision - and aloof adore a admirable bounce day? (I never did bolt anything.) Or aloof airing through Ca Esplanade with friends? Or ride a bike for urs on "safe" streets? If you didn't, afresh you absent out on some of Attleboro`s finest features! Animate in Baltimore now, I acknowledge the actuality that you don't acquire a annihilation amount of 300 annually, a accomplishment you don`t acquire to absorb abundant time cerebration about. So, get out there and adore your admirable and safe city!

Brad Ashley, Baltimore Fri May 23

Huge congratulations to my nephew Alex Rullo on accepting his driver's license! Let the hawkeye nights begin. And an akin bigger congrats to the AHS Chic of 2003, which includes my admirable neice, Brandy Cutler. Way to go, girl! I am appreciative of you!

Maryann (Cutler) Ferns, Georgetown, TX Fri May 23

Felecia Romano: A accolade to a admired one wse action was too srt. You are admired as a mother, sister, cousin, and a friend. "Wherever a admirable anatomy has been no bulk w aflutter the alleyway … there is a aisle of admirable memories." Adulation you always,


Jean Masterson, Manchester, NH Thu May 22

Every time I drive by the Christmas Timberline Sp, I can still see the amphitheater adapted at the basal of the HUGE awning at the Boro Drive-in! My mom acclimated to put us all in our pajamas (with the feet!) and we'd booty every pillow off of all the beds and aculation into the "beach wagon" … blind out the aback window. Summer nights at the drive-In!

Spit, Thu May 22

Lorna, I bethink Wilkin's Airport well. Acclimated to stop and watch the planes also. How about Art's Mobil Abject on the bend of Apparent Artery and Kelly Boulevard? His wife fabricated clamcakes and he would go to the window of the abode and say, "Ruth, accelerate out a dozen." Afterwards actuality built-in and aloft on Grove Street, my dad abashed to Bun Basin and we would baptize ski in the summer and brawl pond ckey and ice angle in the winter. I additionally bethink action to the accessible bank and advantageous a nickel to canyon through the aboideau at Bun Lake. It was Morin's Lakeside and beach. Did the aloft at Basin Archer in Wrentham. Additionally at Bun, there was a little abundance on Apparent Artery run by a atramentous woman declared Mary. She awash candy and animate rowboats for a ision a day. It was adapted by the little able abreast Oakridge Avenue. A acquaintance of abundance in Attleboro beatific me a Boro Drive-In Bodice recently. Additionally a Jolly Clly Bodice and the Jolly Clly book. I acceptance they are accepting a nostalga chic in the Attleboro area. I bethink as a little kid action to the Boro Drive-In aback they were architecture it because our neighbor, Mr Frank Gookin, was an electrical architect on the job. (His son is Frank Gookin Jr. the retired badge baker in N.A.) He would actualization my dad about and I would brawl in big crates abounding with that harbinger actuality that accessories came arranged in in tse days, like the leg lamp in the movie, "A Christmas Story." We all acquire these acceptance and memories. Abundance uses of the "good old days." I alone appee we could aback to the boyish w abundant fun we had and what it was like, or that they would akin care.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu May 22

I'm not a Arctic Attleborough native, and apologetic I don't apperceive of these places first-hand. I adore actuality on the NORTHstalgia planning lath and acquirements added about what NA acclimated to be like. I grew up in Brockton, and there was nothing. We had to biking go get to annihilation fun. We'd go to Paragon Esplanade (on Nantasket Beach, it's now condos), Lincoln Esplanade (which is absolutely a abject sight) and akin Ca Park.

Louise Cote, Arctic Attleborough Thu May 22

Reading the Guestbook over the aftermost brace of months has brought aback alot of acceptable memories. Christine, w could you not bethink Jolly Clly's? I bethink action with my parents and brother and adequate the rides. Don't absolutely bethink Lincoln Park, but I've got lots of acceptable memories of Rocky Point. Sometimes I appee they'd accompany these parks aback for the adolescent abode to adore insead of traveling to N.H. or Six Flags in western M. Acknowledgment for the memories.

Susan (Smith) Hunter, Stoughton, MA Thu May 22

I adore the mesickness as able-bodied as the "next guy" but I do bethink Attleboro not alms actual abundant for the beforehand adolescence and boyish adults during the Sixties. We had to go to places like Newport, Providence or Boston for some night life. I don't advanced things acquire afflicted that abundant aback then. At atomic now they acquire the basal and the theatres in Arctic Attleboro. Here's acquisitive for a brighter aing for Attleboro! Our epitaph will be to actomed consistently as the abode with the bandage and the S&M action intruded on by the bounded "Barney Fifes"!

Proud Grandma, Attleboro Wed May 21

Thanks to all for bringing aback such admirable memories. Does anyone bethink the old Wilkins Airport on Kelly Boulevard in Plainville? I bethink endlessly there on Sundays on the way to my grandmother's acreage on Messenger Artery to watch the planes booty off and land. And w about the Boro and Plainville drive-in theaters?

Lorna Noren, Nashville, TN Wed May 21

Brad, the aftermost time I collection alternating Avenue 6 or 6A adjoin Abatement River and New Bedford, I saw the Lincoln Esplanade roller coaster abashed up out of awkward weeds and such like a apparition of the able …

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34563 Tue May 20

I bethink action to Lincoln Esplanade as a boyish - the huge roller coaster and all. But, I'm animation a bare on breadth it was located. And what adeptness acquire taken it's place. Does anyone know? Thanks!

Brad, Baltimore Tue May 20

Louise: Yes, Ratty's, Sayles Dairy, The Minuteman Diner, Frates, Franz Dairy, Angelo's Pizza, The Red Bedrock Diner, Wally's Restaurant with it's alfresco duckpin bowling alleys, Lucetti's basin Hall, Wamsutta Biologic Store, Liggets soda counter, Brennans Pharmacy, Jim Battersby's Diner, I bethink them all. It was the greatest abode in the angel to abound up in. I apperceive it still is a abundant abode but annihilation can yze to the '40s and '50s in N.A. The Additional Angel War years through Elvis. Aative times and annihilation able us for what was yet to arise … the '60s, Vietnam, hippies, abstract dodgers, chargeless love, anniversary power, Charles Manson, whew! I'll booty the '40s and '50s any day.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Mon May 19

Louise, I bethink the Minuteman Berth and Ratty's. Wasn't Ratty's one of the aboriginal places to serve you burgers in your car? Tse were the days.

Ina Riley, Mercer, ME Mon May 19

It's so nice to see bodies talking about "the acceptable old days" in Arctic Attleborough. While I'm not a native, I adulation this town! If you bethink Jolly Clly's, what about Minuteman Diner, Sales Dairy and Ratty's? I appee anybody to apperceive that DANA (Downtown Associates of Arctic Attleborough) will be captivation NORTHstalgia, a cornball accessory aback on Arctic Attleborough, on Nov. 1.

Louise Cote, Arctic Attleborough Fri May 16

To Fred Glover: I acquire the booklet, "Jolly Clly Memories," through the affection of a acquaintance of abundance in Attleboro. This is a al fabricated for the Arctic Attleboro Historical Society. It has abounding pictures in it of J.C.'s through the years. One of which is a commemoration of Charlie Nasif and Benny the "Jolly Clly" talking Bunny. You suld get a autrity of this booklet. It is great.

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL 34653 Thu May 15

Re: Jolly CllY's. I bethink aback Charlie Nasif opened the two-window soft-serve ice chrism angle for the purpose of announcement the soft-serve machines he was selling. If I bethink correctly, the aing action he did was to pave the absolute acreage and autrity the block brawl of the century. From that moment on he "owned" the teenagers of the area. A business ability is what he was. Jolly CllY's parking lot became "American Graffiti" East as I accessory aback on it. I was sitting at me alone one atramentous aback Charlie declared me with the commemoration that my sister had aloof gotten into a appealing bad blow while axis into his parking lot. My parents were off for the weekend and my brother was abroad in the Marines. It was up to me, the babyish of the family, to get bottomward to Sy spital and see what was what. I will never balloon the afterimage of my sister with missing teeth, a burst adenoids and claret everywhere. The agents bald permission to put her out to re-break her adenoids aback into place. They said I could not accord that permission. What followed was a diatrabe from me that somew ertive them to do it. My aing memories of J.C.'s were abundant nicer, but I do bethink the caring and absorption Charlie Nasif swed at out time of trial. That was a connected time ago and I never forgot it. He was a acceptable man and a acknowledged one through adamantine ignment and a caring atude. We absence you Charlie Nasif and we absence the abode that was axial to our boyod years. As Bob Achievement would say, "Thanks for the memories."

Rich Howard, New Ancrage Richey, FL Wed May 14

I acquire a canon for all w bethink Jolly Clly's. Do any of you bethink Benny the Bunny w acclimated to be there at Easter?

Fred Glover, Arctic Attleboro Tue May 13

Angelique | Angelique Boyer!¡ | Pinterest

… I was too boyish to bethink Jolly Clly's but I abiding do bethink Lincoln Esplanade and moreso Rocky Point. We acclimated to bathe in the alkali baptize pool, ride the Abysm and the Musik Authentic afresh gorge on the best aces mollusk cakes and cwder. Tse were the acceptable times. It's so sad to see Rocky Point in anarchy are there any diplomacy to accompany it aback to its aloft glory?

Christine Olson, Scottsdale AZ Tue May 13

The Jolly Clly armpit is



Terry Bosh, Sterling, VA Tue May 13

I bethink action to Jolly Clly's with my abode cards and actuality able to ride the rides for chargeless for every "A" you had. Not abundant like that for our kids today. Too bad. Gave us commodity to accessory advanced to with all the adamantine ignment we had to do to get that "A". I absence that esplanade and additionally Rocky Point and Crescent Park. The abysm ride, the coffer banquet anteroom and the brawl are all addicted memories now. Crescent Esplanade had abundant mollusk cakes too!

Gailann Newton, Pittsfield, NH Mon May 12

OMG! I looked at the Web site

http:/me.att.net/~d.bavaro. See the pictures of the old haunts - Rocky Point, Jolly Clly's, Lincoln Park! Too bad they accessory so abandoned. Rocky Point had the BEST mollusk cakes in the world. I bethink action to Jolly Clly's and accepting the greasiest onion rings …

I couldn't akin adeptness the counter, I was so young! I advanced my sister met my brother-in-law there…

Terry Bosh, Sterling, VA Mon May 12

I aloof had to animadversion aback I sed commemoration about Jolly Clly's. I larboard Plainville over 30 years ago, but I affectionately bethink Jolly Clly's. Also, our 1965 chic cruise from KPRHS was to Rocky Point. We all had such a acceptable time! The aftermost time I was me, about a year ago (and I still anxiety the breadth me), I could not acquire what an atrocity the abode had affronted into. I acquire annihilation but addicted memories of growing up in Plainville. I advanced it is a admirable abode to accession children.

Louise (Machado) Atkins, Richmond, Virginia Mon May 12

Hi, David. You are right! It's fun to apprehend from old academy friends. I got an e-mail from your sister this morning. We talked about the PA Club, Lonicut and the B-B-Q's every summer. I do acquire a accessory Bunny. Her dad was my father. She lives in Rumford, R.I., now. She affiliated Charles Basin and has lived there aback she was married. We were in Tallahe for alone a year and a bisected but it is actual admirable and I admired it. I fabricated some abundant accompany there. I sang with the bounded affiliate of Candied Adelines and we had our own quartet that performed all over Tallahee. It was abundant fun. Acquire you eaten at the Florida Grill out on Appalachi Parkway? They acquire a abundant breakfast and fresh-squeezed orange juice. None of my accouchement abashed there. I do acquire two accouchement w animate actuality in Nashville. Actually, one lives abreast the MTSU campus in Murfreesboro which is not far from Nashville. It's abundant to apprehend from you. Aculate in touch.

Lorna Noren, Nashville, TN Mon May 12

Nancy, I would adulation to ay out that Web armpit but the abode you quoted seems to be wrong, can you or anybody get me the actual Web address.Thanks.

Christine Olson, Scottsdale, AZ Mon May 12

Just basal to achieve a brace of comments. Aloof abashed aback to the breadth about two months ago afterwards animate in Florida for about three years. Acknowledge you to the Sun Chronicle for their on-line archetype for tse of us that appee to aculate in abstract with what's blow aback in our metowns while animate abroad from the area. Also, I acquire noticed a few comments in this Guestbook in absorption to the Ole Jolly Clly's. I bethink action there as a kid with my dad, w hand-painted best of the signs for Jolly Clly's. What a fun abode to go on the weekends while growing up as a kid. It is a abashment that it has been such an atrocity for all of these years afterwards its closing …

Karen, Walpole Sun May 11

Hi, Lorna! I do bethink you. I achievement the years acquire been acceptable to you. It is acceptable to apprehend anatomy old academy friends. I adore commemoration this Guestbook from time to time and it's consistently bigger aback addition I bethink says a few words. Hey, does anyone bethink aback the Mouseketeers came to Richardson Scol? Lorna, I animate off the Parkway, in the Camelot Esplanade area. We acquire a affiliated babe and her bedmate here, and addition babe in Lubbock, Texas, breadth my wife is from. Acceptable to apprehend from you and I appee you and castigation the actual best. Say, do you acquire a accessory Bunny?

David Bosh, Tallahee, FL Sat May 10

To all of you action esplanade fans, w like me acquire adapted memories of Jolly Clly's and Rocky Point: I acquire activate a Web armpit with some admirable ptos and some sad ptos of these action parks. I myself appee they would both be restored. There needs to be added places like this, breadth parents can spent added time with their kids. Nowadays you see no affection time with family. Accessory at this Web armpit and let's accompany "family" aback to what it suld be. http:/me.att.net/~d.bavaro.

Nancy Zazzera, Westerly, RI Sat May 10

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

Hi, Terry, I don't advanced we anytime met. I was alone 7 years old aback we abashed abroad from Lonicut to the added ancillary of town. Jolly Clly's was THE abode to go! Abnormally afterwards the Arctic Hop. I acquire abounding abundant memories. I achievement wever bought it does commodity acceptable with the property. It has been an atrocity for abounding years. You're adapted about the kids growing up afterwards you. I acquire additionally absent a few ancestors and acquire not been able to get aback for the funerals. That absolutely hurts! I'll be up on June 20. John and Rich, you allegation to let it go! You will never accede so aloof accede to disagree. Alone a vote will change things. Action is too abbreviate to aculate arguing about commodity you will never resolve. Peace.

Lorna Noren, Nashville, TN Thu May 08

Briana: You're right, sometimes we aloof acquire to let go. The old Jolly Clly's is absolutely an eyesore, but addition owns it. If they booty the urance down, and addition buys it and appee to put commodity there, they would acquire to go to heck and aback to put up a new sign. By abrogation the old sign, they can put up about whatever they want, and adduce a "grandfather" clause. Not actual fair, or actual pretty. At atomic they took bottomward the building.

G. Martin, Arctic Attleborough Wed May 07

… Hi, Lorna, this is David's sister. You affliction to abode him and say o! I apperceive what you beggarly tugh, I larboard me in 1994 also, but go aback every 3-5 months. I absence it too. My babies (great nieces and nephews) are growing up afterwards me! I apprehend on actuality that Jolly Clly's was sold. Anybody apperceive whats is action in it's place? ALso, TI abrogation … wow. I did my time there … the "graveyard' about-face in Architecture 12, admired it! Afresh the architecture in Mansfield breadth they beatific you to die … or get layed-off due to your acting cachet expiring. What a abode …

Terry Bosh, Sterling, VA Wed May 07

Reading all the comments in the Guestbook brings aback lots of memories for me, too. I bethink Sunday concerts at Ca Park, Watson's Diner, the Old Morin's, Heagney's and Bobby's restaurants and administering chips (with vinegar) and boilerplate es. I haven't been abroad that long. I larboard in 1994. I consistently apprehension I would be adored to get abroad and now I can't get aback to arrangement about enough. All my ancestors is still there except two of my four accouchement w are actuality with me. I'll be visiting there in June. I bethink David Bosh. How do you like Tallahee? I lived there for a year and a half, 5/95 through 10/96. I lived East of Capitol Amphitheater off of Miccosukie Alleyway … Acknowledgment for alert to this alone Attleborean.

Lorna (Carval) Noren, Nashville, TN Tue May 06

Can anyone acquaint me aback the "final remains" of Jolly Clly's will be removed? It was a abundant abode to accompany the kids and the pizza was fabulous! It's aloof an atrocity now. Thanks!

Briana, South Attleboro Tue May 06

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

In acknowledgment to Al Lacaillade, Tucson, Az. Sun April 27. In 1964 and 1965 I served aloft in Viet Nam and Thailand. I additionally actomed a $5 ay from Attleboro acceptance and it was a acceptable and much-appreciated gift. To acknowledgment your question, I acquire it was adjourned by the Attleboro Association Chest. Your comments brought a smile to my face and aftertught of the addicted acrimony of acknowledgment I acquainted aback I actomed my $5. No, it wasn't a lot of money, but the adeptness that addition cared was account millions. Animate that we were remembered because we were from Attleboro able a able faculty of acceptance to a ociation that cared for its own. I acquire not been aback to Attleboro aback 1982, and don't apperceive if the Association Chest akin exists today, but one of my best active memories is seeing the commemoration of men that served in WWII on the Account Cycle on the Attleboro Common. I grew up animate that our burghal actomed and remembered it's own for commemoration to the nation. Times acquire absolutely changed. It seems that tse of us w bethink the acceptable things that Attleboro absolute in us no best animate there.

David Bosh, Tallahee, FL Thu May 01

I would like to add one of my addicted memories of Attleboro to the connected list. In 1954 I enlisted in the Air Force and the afterwards year, about Thanskgiving, I actomed a ay for $5.00 from the "boys in the commemoration fund." I advanced that's what it was called. This connected for several years. My wife and I had little money at the time and $5.00 may not acquire like abundant by today's standards, but it was then. Accepting that ay every year at Thanksgiving for several years is still a actual addicted memory. I don't anamnesis w it was adjourned or sponsored, mayby addition abroad has a anamnesis of this and adeptness know. Acknowledge you, Attleboro, for all the memories!

Al Lacaillade, Tucson,Az. Sun April 27

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle.

That "slave sp" has actomed abounding locals their livelyod for a abode and a half. My Mom and Dad both formed there in the '70s and my brother is one of tse "drones" that you mentioned with 30-plus years at TI adapted out of AHS. Oh, and by the way, all went to ignment at TI of their own chargeless will. No one afflicted them to aculate action aback every morning. My parents admired animate so aing to me for a adapted wage. And sure, it was not bio-chemical ysis, but best workers aloof a abbreviate abode ago were "blue collar," not the college-educated type. I'm abashed as we acquire acquired in our ability to accord our kids added opportunities for banking success, we, as a workforce, acquire become somewhat babyish with absorption to chiral labor, and what today would be admired as a abject job. That's why all the ignment is abrogation the country.

spit, Thu April 17

I apprehend with absorption about St. Mary's Abbey in Arctic Attleboro. The aftermost of the "sisters" abrogation for greener pastures, w sad!! I went to St. Mary's as a child, with the Sisters of Mercy teaching. I got to apperceive the abbey actual well, with my parents at atomic already a commemoration actuality declared bottomward for what they anxiety now a parent-teacher confrence. Acceptation no boldness to the agents of today or the parents of accouchement in today's society, but the jails would be abounding if it wasn't for nuns and parents. What a aculation of committed agents they were. I acclaim them and my parents w aloft eight accouchement with a religous education, austere disipline and commemoration for others. I abiding achievement the Sisters of Mercy arise aback to the convent, and acquire to brainwash in the Attleboro area. One aftermost note, (only because the nuns are watching over me): If I acquire affronted anyone commemoration my articles, I apologize.

Tom LaMothe, Deland, FL Thu April 17

Hey, Spit: The acknowledgment to the actomed problems at Brennan adeptness be to accompany aback an "old" prinl, but there are actual problems that allegation be addressed. What about the abecedary w activate the note? He handed it off to a secretary and did nothing; the teacher's abutment is accoutrement it up. What about the secretary? She larboard it in a aculation of messages; the secretaries abutment is accoutrement it up. How can the actomed able do commodity about an action cipher aated to acquaint him about? The botheration is accessible - there is no commonsense amid the s!

G. Martin, Arctic Attleborough Wed April 16

Aaaaaaaaah!… the old days. I bethink accepting up in the boilerplate of the night (3:30 a.m.!) to anemic my atom at Simmons Pond for the commemoration "Trout Derby." The absolute coffer was lined with anglers by the time the sun came up. Kids were babble aloft the pond to commemoration added and absence rocks aloft the water. I account why we never bent anything?!? I was out and about a few years aback and I aback affronted about to acquisition myself face to face with the developed w acclimated to be at the window of the OLD Ca Esplanade "Snack Shack" that acclimated to be adapted aing to the pool… remember? Her and her husband(?) were ALWAYS there! Aloof cerebration of it, I can balm the popcorn! She hadn't afflicted a bit. She looked the aloft as she did aback then! I had to acquaint her w abounding adored memories she had actomed me in that one abrupt instant. Oh, and by the way, the band-aid to accepting Brennan Boilerplate Academy aback to acclimation is simple. Accompany aback Mr. Discepolo(sp?), aloft carnality able from the '70s. I acquire he accomplished the rank of Reich Marshall anon afterwards he and "General" McCarthy took command there. LOL!

Spit, Tue April 15

An alphabetical calendar of out-of-town and bounded visitors to the Guestbook follows the comments. Comments acquire acquaint for at atomic a ages and are printed periodically as Belletrist from Home on the Appraisal pages of The Sun Chronicle. The memories and comments about changes in the Attleboro breadth are actuality acquaint best because of the continuing comments from visitors.

Yea, I can anamnesis the canicule animate in Attleboro. Mostly the acceptable ones, like action fishing out on Orrs pond and aback they were announcement through tse rocks to anatomy I-95 and achieve the backlog abaft Mello's farm. The bake-apple stand, Affable Artery Pharmacy, Densmore's and Blackburn's, 5&10s and all of the added stuff. Aback aback you were authentic dejected or a red. Gee, isn't it admirable that you can now say what you appee and not be abashed of repersions because we're all Americans actuality now … Bob Mason, fomer aborigine of a astonishing abode to abound up in.

Bob Mason, Fayettveville Thu April 03

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shaken a bit.

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Skip Youngdahl, Florissant, MO


Paula M. Zimlicki, Baton Rouge, LA

Nancy (Griswold) Zazzera, Westerly, RI

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