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Trendy haircut with a long fringe for little boys

Have your family’s anniversary apparel best out, but still chief on how to appearance your tot’s tresses?

Luckily, hairstylist Cozy Friedman is beginning with cool, kid-friendly ideas.

From a beautiful top bond for girls to furry bangs for guys, the buyer of kids salon chain Cozy Cuts and columnist (Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girl’s Hair) shares six easy-to-style ‘dos.

Check them out below:

The Basic Bun

This ballerina-inspired hairstyle is a air-conditioned accessible yet chichi way of bathrobe up your little babe for a party. Accomplish it added blithe by abacus fun, blatant clips or a account headband, and the appearance will not alone attending ambrosial — it’ll accumulate the beard off her face!

Step 1: Starting with clammy hair, adjust through to bland and abolish tangles.

Step 2: Accumulate beard in a apart ponytail. If your little babe has bangs, let them adhere bottomward naturally. Position the ponytail area you appetite the bun to be on the head: low at the nape, average of the head, or aerial on the crown. Defended with a ponytail holder.

Step 3: Twist the ponytail into a bound rope, complect it about itself at the base.

Step 4: Constrict the ends of the complect into the ponytail holder at the base. Again defended the bun by blame blockhead pins into the beard at the bun’s abject on all sides. Lightly flow the bun with beard aerosol or spray-on beard beam to lock in the style.


Side Swept/Shag Style

Let’s not balloon about the boys! One of the best accepted boys’s hairstyles year-round is the tousled, furry look. The boy bandage look, if you will. This air-conditioned appearance works with best beard types — it’s abnormally accessible aback a crew is growing out. Let him adore accepting blowzy beard — it’s contemporary and looks absolutely effortless!

Step 1: The best important affair about this attending is how it’s styled. Besom the beard from the top and abandon absolutely advanced over the forehead and ears.

Step 2: Choose a artefact based on the array and breadth of the beard — thicker beard should use a gel, while thinner, beneath beard can use a administration chrism like our So Cozy® Kooky Kiwi Administration Cream. Apply a atom of administration artefact on your easily — a nickel-size to a quarter-size depending on the breadth of the beard — and advance the artefact analogously on your hands.

Step 3: Run easily through the beard from aback to front, giving it a piece-y attending while befitting it in place.

Courtesy Artisan

French Complect Headband

This is a appearance you’ll apprentice for your babe and again appetite to abrasion for yourself! It’s absolutely fuss-free, but adds that absolute little blow that’ll accomplish her angle out in style. Girls can abrasion the complect with their beard bottomward or up, or alike in addition complect à la Katniss Everdeen. You can add chaplet and barrettes for adorned flourish.

Step 1: Alpha with clammy beard (either towel-dried or misted) and use a wide-tooth adjust to detangle the hair.

Step 2: Use a fine-tooth adjust to draw a accumbent band beyond the acme from the top of one ear to the top of the added ear. From the line, adjust the beard advanced to the face. Pull the beard in aback of the band into a ponytail holder or jaw blow so it stays out of your way.

Trendy hairstyle for young boys

Step 3: Choose which ear you appetite the complect to alpha from. Tilt the arch so the ear you’ve called is adverse up against the ceiling. With your child’s ear agee up, alpha authoritative the braided chaplet application the beard in advanced of the part.

Step 4: Once you’ve accomplished the added ear, defended the complect with a ponytail holder. If you like, constrict it abaft the ear and pin it in abode with a few blockhead pins. Abolish the ponytail holder or jaw blow acclimated to authority the blow of her beard and appearance as you like. Finish by abacus sparkly or adorning hairpins through altered genitalia of the braid.


Spiked Hair

We get bags of requests from little boys who appetite to fasten their hair, abnormally about the holidays. The annoying attending is easiest aback a fizz cut begins to abound out, but you still charge continued abundant beard to assignment with. Dramatic or natural, there’s a lot of means to assignment this rockstar style.

Step 1: Application a kid-approved gel, like our So Cozy Administration Gel, alpha with a division sized bulk in your easily and run it through the hair, motioning up appear the centermost of the arch to accomplish the Mohawk. Use as abundant gel as you charge to defended the look.

Courtesy Artisan

Heart Braid

This candied complect is one of my signature styles, and is absolute for the holidays. It’s a affirmed hit for every little girl! Plus, braids are huge this season, so your little one will be on top of the trend.

Step 1: Starting with clammy hair, use a wide-tooth adjust to detangle the hair. Then, application a fine-tooth comb, allotment the beard bottomward the average of the head. Blow one ancillary up appropriate aloft the ear.

Step 2: On the added ancillary of the part, use the accomplished adjust to accumulate a attenuate area of beard from the crown. This area should admeasurement about 2 inches from the aerial to the top of the head.

Step 3: Divide this area into three, and activate a French complect starting at the acme and arched against the temple, again against the aback of the head, like the top affiliate of a heart. You will be appropriation beard into the complect alone from this ancillary of the part. Leave no apart beard in advanced of the ear.

Step 4: Aback you ability the centermost allotment at the aback of the head, defended the complect with a ponytail holder. If the beard is actual long, end the complect about mid-ear; the ends will adhere bottomward the back.

Step 5: Unclip the beard on the added ancillary of the allotment and echo the process. Defended with a pony appendage holder.

Step 6: Join the two ends of the braids calm in the aback with a ponytail holder to anatomy the basal point of the heart.


Quarter Up

Have a coiled babe on your hands? This appearance is perfect. They accept the accustomed aggregate and arrangement to accomplish it work. And this mini-ponytail appearance is so accessible to actualize — and works abundant for adolescent girls because it helps to keeps beard abroad from the face and out of the eyes.

Step 1: Starting with dry, detangled beard besom or adjust the beard beeline aback and activity a area off the crown, about countenance to countenance in width. Pull the beard aback no further than 1.5 inches and to the side. Choosing how far aback and how far off to the ancillary will depend on the hair. For girls with beneath bangs, you may charge to accumulate the beard afterpiece to the hairline.

Step 2: Accumulate sectioned beard into a ponytail holder, bow, or scrunchie to actualize a mini ponytail at the top of the head. For added volume, accumulate the ponytail added about to accord the advanced of the beard a little height. Adorn with a fun ponytail holder or beautiful clip.

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