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The newest appellation in the Utano☆Princesama adaptable bold alternation is the aboriginal to be appear globally, and we got the adventitious to booty an absolute bastard blink at the game!

“Utano☆Princesama Shining Live” is the newest access into the Utano⭐︎Princesama series, which encompasses video games, alive music performances, manga, CD releases, an anime series, and soon, a movie. UtaPri, as it is affectionately accepted by its abounding fans, focuses on your alternation with its stars, a casting of appetizing illustrated boys who aloof so appear to be singing sensations. (The hint’s in the name -Utano⭐︎Princesama means “Princes of Song”).

▼ Unlock and accomplish songs to become an idol sensation!

Although the alternation has been adequate success in Japan back its aboriginal bold appear on the Playstation Portable in 2010, it has afresh amorphous to be enjoyed by non-Japanese admirers with the localisation of its anime series. And now, the aboriginal of the series’ amateur to see a localised, all-around absolution is aloft us with the accessible adaptable app “Utano☆Princesama Shining Live”, due for absolution on iOS and Android soon. The all-around adaptation of the bold will be accessible in English and Traditional Chinese for the all-around bazaar (excluding Japan and Mainland China.) Ahead of the release, we were arrive to an absolute sneak-peek affair at administrator KLab’s HQ, area we got to go (literally!) hands-on with the honey-voiced hunks themselves!

▼ Our hosts provided iPhones with the bold pre-loaded, and we got to comedy for about 15 minutes!

The balloon began with a abbreviate tutorial on the concert achievement accent game, and again the boys accomplish their introduction. Anniversary one is admirable to attending at, with active and audible personalities. Famous Japanese seiyu (voice actors) accommodate the articulation overs for the boys, and anniversary ancillary adventure is absolutely voiced, although the capital adventure and accident belief are alone partially voiced.

The gameplay bend will be accustomed to those who comedy beheld novels or adaptable amateur – you advance in the story, unlocking costumes, new songs, collectible photo cards, and a deluge of added agleam items with which you’ll be able to advancement your boys. It’s all actual advantageous stuff, and acutely has the abeyant to become instantly addictive.

▼ Anniversary boy has a audible attending and personality.

Another arrant affection is the adeptness to use your phone’s camera to booty a selfie with your favourite boy superimposed on screen.

▼ Our anchorman grapples with avant-garde technology. You can compression and clasp your UtaPri hunk to move him and accomplish him bigger or abate on the screen.

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Besides the archive of catchy, upbeat idol songs, addictive accent bold allotment and agleam treasure-collecting aspects of the game, the capital agreeableness point of  “Utano☆Princesama Shining Live” lies in the boys themselves, and the relationships you can anatomy with them as the player. Picking a favourite boy aboriginal on and unlocking all of his claimed secrets and allowances is one of the added advantageous means to play. Also, you can access bonds amid the guys themselves, which will advance them to bead anytime added adorable nuggets of annual on anniversary added and the dynamics amid altered members.

The guys additionally buzz candied nothings and admirable soundbites in your ear during your one-on-one time with them. KLab were affectionate abundant to set us up with a behemothic touchscreen and headphones so we could absolutely asperse ourselves in this experience.

▼ The boys acknowledge to your touches in decidedly astute ways. When we approved patting this hotty’s air-conditioned hair, he purred his approval… *blush*

After actuality accustomed abounding time to sample the game, get to grips with its addictive accent game, blow and crowd the boys a bit, and bandage bottomward adulatory colour-coded cupcakes, we were accustomed to accept a abbreviate Q&A with the developers. Here, we abstruse that the all-around absolution will accumulate up with the Japanese absolution in agreement of new appearance and stories, so you won’t be missing annihilation by opting for the all-around version!

▼ Cupcakes and cuties, perfection!

If you’re a fan of Japanese ability at all (and back you’re annual SoraNews24, we’re academic it’s a safe bet!) again this is the absolute befalling for you to get a mega-dose of it. Comprising Japanese pop, anime, otome games, and the apple of accepted articulation actors into one package, “Utano☆Princesama Shining Live” is a abundant way to asperse yourself in Japanese ability while additionally maybe acquirements a bit of Japanese and acceptable your circadian activity with admirable idol boys in your pocket.

“Utano☆Princesama Shining Live” is due for absolution anon and is accessible on iOS and Android in English and Traditional Chinese. Follow the official cheep annual @shininglive_en, Facebook page, or analysis out the official website for more!

A big acknowledge you to KLab for agreeable us!

Game Screenshots ©SAOTOME GAKUEN  ©KLabGames, added photos ©SoraNews24

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